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QC - 9.

0 Test management Tool concepts QC Site administrator - Create domain - Group of project - Create Project - empty Project Edit the project Rename project Delete project (you can not restore the project) Remove project (Recycle bin - you cen restore it back) (dbid.xml) Restore Project - restoring from the recycle bin Deactivate project - prevents user to login from the qc screen) Activate Project - Makes the project available to all the users Store project in the repository - yes or no - Create users Associate users to the project Making an user as administrator Setting of password. - Licenses - defect and full license - Site connections - No. of users connected to the QC at any of time. - site analysis - Gives information on how the licenses are managed for Quality Center - site configuration - Default settings Quality Center - Customization Project users Project groups - TDadmin - Project Manager - QA Tester - Developer - Viewer Disadvantages of default group you cannot change the privilages of any default group - how deactivation or activation works - how the project administrator works Requirement how to create top level requirement sub requirement - control the process - BA should not able to make the not reviewed to reviewed. - Saleshead should able to make it as reviewed To do the field control 1. goto groups 2. Select the group for which we need to control 3. Select the module for which we need to control. 4. select the field which needs control 5. to the right side of the field you get transition rule. 6. Add/modify and change the rule. Test Plan Subject Folder - (Module) subfolder - (Scenarios) TestCase DesignSteps Format of TestCase

you can mandatory (Required) 2. Select the table .Available ExpectedResult . System defined fields 1. History 5.Field not available . Defects.TestName TC Description . Pre requisite as memo field. memo. User defined fields 1.Design Steps Inputs .Field not available . You can make a field as search 3. 2. create fields 2. formating (masking).list box Prerequisite .Description Priority . history webinar@softsmith. list box 6. userlist.searchable. create a new field Go to customization Select PRoject entities.string.Test. date.Text Box TestSteps .com . TestSteps. Defect management Creating defect Controlling the defect tracking Defect reports sriramank@softsmith.ScId TCaseId . Requirements Scenarios Execution Prioritise the test case On execution. you can change the logical name 5. we have shown for priority field for a test case 7. reporting the defects from the execution module. number. Masking the field 4.Available with no change To 1. 3. required. Requirements. 4.