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GUIDE TO STABILITY DESIGN CRITERIA FOR METAL STRUCTURES Fifth Edition Eaited by ‘THEODORE V.GALAMBOS 00239925" ® JOHN WILEY & SONS, INC. Mow York - Chichester -Welnholm- Brabane Singapore Toronto \ nase “Thon iri on pe thn Cae ‘Saar ed Ss a ech 1 Gl Ses Cap ho att ‘tre pce en manos Pato stn gpa SS rey ea ear 3 end rs en MA etme covered Is sold wth he wading tht the pe hot emg So ‘Snir sng oh pst aes hg ec of ee be teue he ero omar tal row les Lr of Cine Cap i Pain Dts 4-703 191 mn CONTENTS FOREWORD NOTATION AND ABBREVIATIONS (CHAPTERONE INTRODUCTION u 2 3 ‘4 Le The Mat Colum Scope and Summary of he Guide Mechanica Properties of Stactaral Metals Definitions Postboeklng Behavior Credits for the Chapters in the Fifth Eton ofthe SSRC Gade (CHAPTERTWO STABILITY THEORY n 2 Introduction Iifsreaton Bkling Limit Load Beekling (CHAPTERTHREE CENTRALLY LOADED COLUMNS uM a as a6 Introduction sate Clans Bulk Cotumas Mil Building Colmes Giuyed Towers Research Neos ‘CHAPTER FOUR PLATES 4“ 2 ao 4a 4s 46 Introduction Local Bacling and Postbucking Strength of Paes Interaction Between Plie Emons ‘Local Buckling and Postbucklng tenth of Stoned Plates Bucking of Onbotropic Plates. Lately Loaded Pats Commpreion 12 1 15 1st 19 ip CHAPTERFIVE BEAMS 52 Elute Latra-Trsonal Buckling 53 tncatieLatrl-Torional Buckling 554 Bracing Requirements 55. Design of Lately Unsupported Beams 61 tnvoduction (62 Web Buckling as a Bass for Design 163. Shear Strength of Pte Gide: 464 Ginders with No Intermediate Ssfeners 165. Sto Plate Shear Walle {66 Bending Strength of Pte Girders {61 Combined Bending and Shear (68 Plate Girders with Longitudinal Sienes 169. End Panels {610 Dain of Steers 6.11 Panels Under Edge Loading 61 Fatigue 6.13 Design Pinples and Philosophies 614 Girders with Corugated Webs 615 Research Nesds CHAPTERSEVEN BOX GIRDERS. 1 ntodtion 72. Rass of Design 13 Bucking of Wide Flanges TA Bending Sength of Box Girdes 1S. Shear Suength of Box Gide 16 Combined Bending and Sher Strength of Box Girders {LT nvenoe of Torsion on Strength of Box Girders 19. Unsilfened Diaphragms 710 Siiened Daphras ZL Research News a0 28 m ma 20 2 251 26 26 a nm 20 21 ae 2a 2 a 9 34 36 CHAPTEREIGHT BEAM-COLUMNS 1 etodction 2 Seength of eam Columas 3. Uniasal Bending: n-plane Strength 4 Uniaxial Bending: Latera-Torsional Buckling 85. Bguivalent Uniform Momeat Factor 6 Biaxial Bending 87 Design of Beam Cums KS Speci Topics CHAPTERNINE HORIZONTALLY CURVED STEEL L-GIRDERS 91 ntodetion 365 92 Analysis Methods 366 92 Stability of Curved Cinder Bridges x 94 Ukimate Strength sod Design Recommendations mm 95 Diaphragms, Cross Frames and Lateral Bracing mm 946 Concading Remarks mm CHAPTERTEN COMPOSITE COLUMNS AND STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS. 383 101 Introdostion 30 102 Cros-Ssctonal Suenath of Composit Sotions a7 103 Fore Transfer Betucen Concrete and Stel se 104 Othe Considerations for Coss Sectional Srength es 105 Length Ems 395 106 Design Approaches ao 10.7 Databases and Cabration 06 108 Suucturl ystems and Connections for Compost and Hybrid Stroctares 08 109 Summary 40 CHAPTERELEVEN STABILITY OF ANGLE MEMBERS a0 1 neoduction a8 112 Review of Experimental and Analytical Research 419 13 Single Angle Compresion Members roy 114 Curent Indsy Practice for Hot-Rolled Single-Angle Members inthe United Sates 9