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Essential Skills And Attitude Of A Manager — Presentation Transcript

  1. Essential Skills And Attitude Of A Manager 2. Who is a Manager? A manager is a member of an organization who works by coordinating with his subordinates in order to achieve organizational goals.                            3. Manager is classified into three levels. 4. What does a Manager do? 5. Responsible to make efficient use of resources. 6. Can work with people. 7. Decision-making and problem solving. 8. Strategic planning and goal setting for the organization. 9. Builds and maintains relationship with customers . 10. What attitude should a manager own? 11. An Attitude of gratitude Strong ambition Great Potential Never give up 12. The attitude of team is the reflection of manager’s attitude. 13. 14. Be informed - A well-informed manager can easily and effectively attract and inspire his team members. 15. Be strategically sound - A strategically sound manager anticipates things before they happen and is prepared to face any new situation. 16. Be entrepreneurial – Develop an entrepreneurial attitude to explore innovative ideas and take the business processes forward. 17. Welcome change – Cultivate openness to create a healthy and positive work environment. 18. Be self confident, optimistic and competitive. 19. Take Decisions – Carefully weigh all resources and available information and take decisions without any bias. 20. Be inclusive - Never blame subordinates for team’s mistakes. 21. Fine-tune Communication Skills. 22. Work on relationship-building abilities with customers. 23. Be a good listener - Listening skills help strengthen relationships and resolve conflicts. 24. Enhance project management know-how – Focus on team, task and individual needs. 25. Learn how to manage the team. 26. Become problem solvers – This helps run a business more effectively. 27. Have good motivational and leadership skills . 28. Multitasking – This can be achieved by effective time management and proper planning. 29. Be creative and develop new ideas to take business to great heights.

www. 32.commlabindia. “ Behaving like a manager means having command of the whole range of management skills and applying them as they become appropriate ”. labor market and companies’ evolution Networking learning opportunities Self-diagnosis and Self assessment     33.   30. Be an effective influencer for more interactions with employees and customers 36. Be aware of tools and techniques like conceptual and competency skills to resolve conflicts.commlabindia. Managers should know HRD systems like: Competency approaches to training Organizational and individual learning principles Competence evaluation and assessment tools New trends in training. . -Herbert Simon 31. learning methods. Quality Audit skills ensure the overall standard quality with productive business outcomes. please visit http://blog.commlabindia. To read more such articles.