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2006 Machining/CNC/CAM Roundup: Vendors Reference Guide

December 2006

A designer can use the most sophisticated tools available to make the most intricate and detailed models. A design can be tested, modeled, altered, and shared among the office with the latest software on the market. But until it is sent to a machine shop to be built, it is still just a design. Welcome to CAM, where digital designs cross the boundary from CAD to real-world parts and products. In our 2006 Roundup we have an overview story detailing the background of CAM, as well as discussions of two upcoming issues in the field, the loss of experienced machinists and the possibility of one day exporting CAD geometry directly to the machine tools. In addition to the overview stories is a profile of local machine shop CNC Lathe Specialties and an interview with its owner Kevin Burrows. Also, included is an interview with Brad Cleveland CEO of Protomold where he explains how a secret process is changing the way molded parts are made. We also have two white papers one detailing the trend towards digital manufacturing and another that explains how digital laser scanning can streamline the production process. To complete the package is our annual CAM vendor’s guide with information on over 20 different companies.

1 Machining/CNC/CAM Guide

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and Internet RS 232 Downloadable Tutorials. Drawing Tools for rectangle. simulate NC programs with millions of cuts. create report. Internet Live Tech Support. All aspects of simulation captured. verification. training classes. Complex & advanced CNC control & NC program features simulated. can be shown in user-customizable docs. 3 Axis Milling. Automatic Geometry Cleanup/Erase Doubles. Solid models or surface models 5 unique or strongest PREPROCESSING features? Reads the CAD data and then builds it into shapes. Runs on 1. There is no preprocessing. No Dongle. 512MB RAM. 727-489-0003 Features provide easy error identification. Creates accurate. phone & e-mail support. We include a direct interface to AutoCAD. Run Time Estimate. not the individual lines and 513-831-8800 2 Machining/CNC/CAM Guide © 2006 ConnectPress. online files. IBM AIX. Automatic Updating Service. Bryan Jacobs info@cgtech. DXF. 4th Axis Wrapping Native CAD/CAM interfaces allow user easily setup VERICUT within CAD prog. Free Customization.4 GHZ /512 MB RAM. or file size. N/A Tutorials. VDA. dynamic checking all moving comps. EdgeCAM. 2D & 3D Tool Path. IGES. Automatic Spiral & Horizontal toolpath. Simulate unlimited linear. TIFF.AppliedProduction. collision detection algorithms. OptiPath mod optimized NC prog. Gear Generation. Help Files. STEP. cont. Email. Identify features to inspect and inspection methods. Fax. rotary axes Communication options? Help/Support tools? Works with most DNC software. Automatic Hole Removal.sld prt * AutoCAD DWG * Rhino CAD 3DM Parasolids x-t & x-b. Library 100s control models.1050 Simulation capabilities? Operating system? Minimum hardware requirements? Price? Web address Contact Email Phone ProFab displays the machine cycle and allows you to edit it if need be. Phone. all rights reserved . machine cycle optimization. 16K color graphics card Contact company www. Automatic Lead In/Out 2 Axis Lathe. & KeyCreator. operations.cgtech.753.500 and up www. BobNest. Easy to build a virtual CNC machine for sim. Material removal. Accurately reps machine's motions. Windows Environment. any NC program format. ACIS. AUTO-DIFF module comparison between desired finished results (CAD model). optimization. Fast. Self Paced Training CDs. Windows Standard Windows based computer $2. Ltd. copying parts with the tooling data. consistent process regardless # of motions in NC prog. BMT ASCII Text CDA-CAM CG Technologies VERICUT Native interfaces to CATIA V4 & V5. On-Site & Live Internet Training N/A N/A N/A Contact Company www. interactive capability to arrange the sequence any way you like. best feed rates. GIF. Reads APT CL. Can graphically model complex tool assemblies for simulation. UGS Import: STEP. Pro/ Joe Bucalo sales@AppliedProduction. sim cut workpiece. SolidWorks. No Maintenance Fees 5 unique or strongest PROCESSING features? Automatic tool selection. User interface can be customized. Pocketing with island avoidance.Questionnaire Product Name? Which Native CAD files can your product read? Which Neutral CAD files can your product read? Data type product uses? Applied Production ProFab None. custom machine configurations. SAT. JPG. Sun Solaris 1GHz or faster processor. BobART * SolidWorks / . 4 Axis Wire. 949. Hole Patterns. Collision detection logic. In-House. All programming work is then done on these shapes. MasterCAM. measurable cut features from mach. Turret punch presses and laser machines (2 axis) No Cost. simulation. DXF Bob CAD/CAM BobCAD-CAM 21. HPUX.bobcad. Feature editing option. Sim. Solid Edge. Thread and lead IN/OUT 5 unique or strongest POSTPROCESSING features? How many and which axes can your product handle? There is only one feature to our post processors: to generate the correct code for the machine including all the machines optional bells and whistles. analysis Windows XP/2000/XP64. User is Able to edit while in CAD window. STL models. photorealistic images of Robert Brucker robert@bobcad.. ProFab takes the data as is and figures out what to do from the data. Best graphics quality. spindle speeds.

UGS: 2D & 3D. Easy Post modification. NC code N/A Free personalized training. tutorials. surface. V5 3D. Parasolid : 3D. Strong tools for Engineering changes. history of construction. Ltd. Verification module includes patented “cutter view. Fillet “rest-material” removal available. UGS. Patented method for accurate flank-milling of ruled surfaces. Windows XP64 Pentium 4.cimatrontech. Parasolid import through CAD Translator module. AB. Powerful Hybrid modeling tools in NC. online HELP files. electronic or printed manual.. various styles of round blade edges automatically. Bundles are available www. Vda 3D. Empower 3D. Multi threaded programming for fast 5 axis calculation. STK and design files Microsoft Windows XP/2000/NT Any modern PC Annual license . VDA. Multiplatform and a modular and deep range of data exchange solutions. Dxf 2D. 3D. Yes Operating system? Minimum hardware requirements? Price? Web address Contact Email Phone Windows 2000. DWG. SI and PAC None Datakit CROSSCAD by DATAKIT Pro/E: 2D & 3D. More than 140 translators are available as stand alones or 781-937-4646 Translators can be used by end users or integrated as components by Software companies Help on line. added stock models automatically. Unisurf 3D. 3.$17. Patented collision detection and avoidance. RhinoV3. wireframe.Questionnaire Product Name? Which Native CAD files can your product read? Cimatron Technologies CimatronE CATIA V4. Medusa: 2D. Advanced native translators. Pro/E. STL Surfaces. 4 & 5 Axis How many and which axes can your product handle? Communication options? Help/Support tools? Simulation capabilities? Excellent simulation. CATIA V5. Inventor 3D. surface 5 unique or strongest PREPROCESSING features? Fully associative between Lisa Sterling info@cimatrontech. less than perfect imported data. Step. integration material is available for Software companies Preview is available for most of the translators Windows. Solidworks: 3D. Microstation. Francis Cadin fcadin@datakit. Excellent High Speed solution. text tables of surface grid data in special format Wireframe. Dwg:2D & 3D IGES. solid. STEP. No required drive surfaces or curves for cutter orientation Automatic tool-path creation by choosing strategies optimized for impellers and blisks from 20+ years of customer feedback. measure or modify the relevant files. CAM and Drafting. Available plunge-mill roughing 5 unique or strongest POSTPROCESSING features? 2. positioning 6th axis available Get critical information needed to build a part or an assembly and to visualize. CATIA: V4 2D & 3D. Acis Mel Platt mp@conceptsnrec. Linux None Depends on translators. attributes. SAT. DXF. (Hybrid system) IGES. email or phone support P3MAX module for animated surfacemode verification and VERICUTcompatible toolpaths. Cadds 3D.” look down tool axis with part moving 3 through 5-axis continuous. 5 unique or strongest PROCESSING features? Realtime Stock tracking. Fast implementation of design revisions and changes. Analyzes and avoids machine axis 805-722-2780 3 Machining/CNC/CAM Guide © 2006 ConnectPress. No Coordinated motion in five axes. data of dimensioning. Solid Edge: 3D. Parasolids Concepts NREC MAX: 5. 2GB Ram. JT. Step. The translators benefit regular updates and upgrades to take into account new releases of Cad software and new format. Adaptive Feed control. Not concerned Not concerned N/A Context sensitive Help. SolidWorks. all rights reserved . Remote web access support. Solids. Supports “lollipop” style cutters for deep cavity milling. Highly efficient electrode solution. perpetual license available www. webinars. Set 3D. Unique machining strategies. annotations and tolerancing (FD&T) and specifics dedicated to certain fields Not concerned Which Neutral CAD files can your product read? Data type product uses? IGS. STL 2D. Tech-Support staff w/extensive.000 www. industry experience.500.conceptsnrec. V5 2D. Tool vectors smoothed to reduce machine acceleration spikes.datakit. 128mb video card Average = $15. Simple to use machining templates. Creates model automatically from geometric data tables. variable fillets automatically. XP.

Granite N/A Solids integration with leading CAD packages. training classes and handbooks. Pro/E. Milling – 2 .com Peter Dickin marketing@delcam. UGS. NC Machine tool builder. software maintenance updates.Questionnaire Product Name? Which Native CAD files can your product read? Which Neutral CAD files can your product read? Data type product uses? 5 unique or strongest PREPROCESSING features? PowerMILL Delcam CATIA. upfront integration of machine device with process. Ltd. IGES. Mouse – with wheel.delcam. Explorer 5 or above. machine reach ability tests. 20+ years of post processor creation. AutoCAD. EdgeCAM Simulator – 3d visualization w/ full machine tool movement STEP. 2-axis simultaneous indexing and 5-axis machining. Easy for the end user to make or edit the post processor. Mill/Turn – C. UNIX. 500Mb Ram Price? Web address Contact Email Phone From US$ 9750 www. STL Surfaces.NET Framework version NC Kishore nc_kishore@delmia.5 axis. Creation or Editing of post processors using a graphic user interface. Part Modeler. SolidWorks. 17” color monitor or larger. DXF. Spaceball. Support for our entire product via the code wizard. Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron processor. but not limited by a CL file. Y & B.delmia. Graphics card capable of 1280 x 1024 high color and 64mb memory. Automation of repetitive machining with flow-chart technology Single environment. Reseller and Direct Tech Support staff. Automatic recognition of holes and other features DELMIA DPM Machining .com 248 205 5273 Windows 2000 SP4 and XP Pro Current Intel Pentium compatible. Strategy Manager 248-356-8800 or 866-433-4322 4 Machining/CNC/CAM Guide © 2006 ConnectPress. Parasolid. "What's New" publication with new releases. Windows 800GHz. SolidWorks.edgecam. 1GB disk space. Design capability to add new machine tools. VDA-FS. Parallel or USB port for EdgeCAM security key. Feature mapping into process definition 5 unique or strongest POSTPROCESSING features? Proven. Cimatron. STEP. providing Clean posts. Code Wizard. with 5 axis simultaneous. Min. . Pro/Engineer. Post processors are integrated.. the toolpath remains associative to the original CAD model. SDRC. NVIDIA Graphics Collision 519-974-8088 or +44-121-766-5544 Contact company www. ACIS. DWG. Full support for multi-axis milling. up to 5 axis simultaneous. Inventor. Turning – 2 . Feature driven tool paths. VDA-FS 2. 512mb of RAM. Rhino IGES. Full integration from the Tool library complete with Technology data to the Machine kinematics.1 or higher EdgeCAM is a modular based pricing www. 3-axis machining plus. Local phone support from 150 offices worldwide Download site for new versions User forum. including positional and continuous 5-axis More than 5-axis milling machines Communication options? Help/Support tools? Simulation capabilities? DNC and similar devices supported Context-sensitive help. direct post processing & interactive collision avoidance. each kernel is licensed and natively used in EdgeCAM. STL N/A Automatic Feature recognition & feature knowledge build-up 5 unique or strongest PROCESSING features? Wide range of machining strategies. Solid Edge. High-res simulation N/A On-line documentation & hotline support & intuitive messages Operating system? Minimum hardware requirements? Windows XP 1 Gb RAM. Free points or Geometry related positions. PARASOLIDS. 4-axis rotary machining. NC Machine Simulation Solutions are Multi-CAD compatible EdgeCAM EdgeCAM: Solid Machinist. "Getting Started" doc. Machine graphics and kinematics. Comms Setup Wizard Software Help files and tutorial support website. STL. Automatic feature Tracy Pringle tpringle@edgecam. Comprehensive range of model repair options. Full simulation and verification for machine 5-axis. Solid Edge. ACIS. Tool path which are associative with native 3D model revisions. so if the CAD model changes it notifies the user and at a click automatically updates the toolpath to the changes. Tool Path control. EdgeCAM has integrated mill – turn processing. all rights reserved . reliable posts available for most standard machine tools Support for many CAM cycles Fast generation of Gcode from CAM toolpaths All posts fully customizable Post-writing service for non-standard machines Process to feature associative link maintained How many and which axes can your product handle? 2. especially for high-speed and five-axis machining Flexible editing to optimize efficiency Fast calculation and recalculation times Support for wide variety of cutter types Efficient ordering of toolpaths to minimize air cutting. features Fast accurate data translation Very tolerant of poor-quality data. Ability to use arbitrary stock size. Parasolid. Pro/Desktop CATIA IGES. solids.4 axis.

DNC and similar Serial & Network communication. STEP AP203 & AP214. True knowledge programming once features and material are identified. Ltd. EZTURN. G-Code to DXF conversion. Physical file exchange Balloon Context Sensitive Help. Thousands of post processors included with the software at no additional cost.. FeatureRECOGNITION SolidWorks. icons. Solid Edge. Solids Simulation Toolpath Verification Windows 98 or higher Pentium class processor Memory: 512 or higher Hard disk space: 80 meg or more 32-bit Color Graphic Adapter with Open-GL support Express packages $1000. Feature-based programming allows you to program by identifying 1020 features instead. Metallic Windows 2000. www. XP and above Pentium Blaine Duke (805) 523-0004 or (800) 654-9399 5 Machining/CNC/CAM Guide © 2006 ConnectPress. Profiler supports interactive features identification. Part library recall lets you save all or part of your programming for future parts. Sales Department info@GibbsCAM. Rhino. 3D. VDA Solids. Turning: 2-4 axis simultaneous Wire EDM: 2-4 axis simultaneous. Part Compare.featurecam. Inventor. Parasolid. Supports sub-routines. tool holder display. Postprocessor includes Feedrate optimization for sharp corner deceleration and for max horsepower.ezcam. Powerful simulation options including 3D RapidCut and Part Comparison.2261) Contact vendor. FilterMAX Rhino 3DM. Engraving cycle: TrueType fonts as tangent arcs. SolidWorks ACIS. Supports canned cycles Unlimited and all RS-232. Multiple Process Programming. Configure your own template-based posts. VDA-FS Point lists. 1024 x 768 Display. Custom post processors provided with maintenance. wireframe Powerful importing options with all CAD programs. Feed rate optimization based on tool loads.335. Associativity between geometry processes and toolpath supports iterative improvements. Milling: 2-4 axis simultaneous. Solid. all rights reserved . 3-. and menus. DWG. Hole Wizard – automatically generate hole processes. IGES. Toolpath optimizer converts point-topoint G-code to tangent arc moves or Christopher Lalashius salesusa@ezcam. Copy/Paste Rhinoceros wireframe and solids. Gears/Splines/Cams Geometry Creation FeatureCAM FeatureMILL. 4th axis featues: wrapping with 2D or 3D curves using Radial Wall option and Surface Machining. Visual Basic Automation Interface. SolidWorks Assemblies. EZ-EDM. UGS. SolidWorks SLDPRT & SLDASM DXF. Surface. files that are up to 98% shorter. Comprehensive On-Line Help Special Purpose Tutorials as PDF Files ”Show Me” Animated Tutorials Graphic Toolpath Verification Plotting. STL. ACIS 212-452-2460 Powerful range of capabilities that is easy to use. Wireframe. Live online training classes. Geometry Wizard – spreadsheet for creating geometry. ACIS. Integrated manufacturing modeling. Thread Milling with custom parameters. Automatic tool selection. Integrated Spreadsheet Operations 877. Store/Retrieve Process. Contact vendor. 3D Profiling: Left/Right Offset. IGES. 2D. TextCAM.DELCAM1 (877. DWG. Wireframe. Inventor. 4-axis and 5-axis positioning Gibbs & Associates GibbsCAM AutoCAD DXF/DWG & Mechanical Desktop. 500 MB Hard Disk Space. 512 MB RAM. CATIA V4. Solids Extensive range of powerful capabilities to import data. Parametric Modeling for editing parts and FeatureCAM updates the program automatically. Windows-based wizards. What-you-see-is-what-you-machine factory supplied posts. Windows XP Depends on configuration. Libraries have hundreds of postprocessors.000 www. Wildfire. Feature Recognition takes parts from imported solid models to NC code. DXF. surfaces. Toll-free phone and email support. 2-. Internet Discussion Groups Process Simulation. Getting Started Book with Introductory Tutorials. Parasolid. 5 unique or strongest PROCESSING features? 5 unique or strongest POSTPROCESSING features? How many and which axes can your product handle? Communication options? Help/Support tools? Simulation capabilities? Operating system? Minimum hardware requirements? Projection Machining cycles: smoother finish using analytical surface calculation compared to faceting methods. 32 MB Graphics Memory Price? Web address Contact Email Phone Starts at $3. Context Sensitive On-Line Docs. Inquire on other pricing www. onsite training classes and automatic upgrades. CATIA V4 & V5. APT CL support.GibbsCAM. FeatureCAM determines roughing and finishing passes. 16-bit Resolution. CATIA V5. Machine Simulation Windows 2000. IGES. 5 axis indexing EZ-DNC Express G-Code Editor and RS232 comm module with customizable DNC parameters. Internet Support Center & Solutions Knowledge. Powerful 3D machining strategies customize the machining processes. Ability to create new posts or edit existing posts included with software.Questionnaire Product Name? Which Native CAD files can your product read? Which Neutral CAD files can your product read? Data type product uses? 5 unique or strongest PREPROCESSING features? EZ-CAM EZ-CAM Products—EZ-MILL. 5 axis indexing. and Mesh Integrated CAD with Dynamic Preview and multiple Construction / Machining Coordinate Systems. 3D Rapid Cut. create families of parts. Surface. Parasolid. Pro/E STEP. SolidEdge. Post Processor Editor: unlimited power with VB interface. Automated Feature Recognition of holes. FeatureTURN.

HP-UX. IBMAIX.mastercam. IBM) (IMSpost). IMSverify). Full machining of any file 800-228-2877 6 Machining/CNC/CAM Guide © 2006 ConnectPress. Contact company www. Pro/E. ACIS N/A N/A Fully associative toolpaths. HP. APT/CL. MasterCAM MasterCAM Andy Brewster andy@ims-software. Coordinate frame transformations. Printed User Guides. High-speed machining suite. NC post-processing to convert APT/CL from all major CAD/CAM systems to Gcode for any machine tool. N/A Comprehensive on-line help. full machine simulation with collision detection. 2-3 axes machining to multi-axes apps. one integrated platform. Sun Solaris 2. UNIX (SGI.000US N/A info@mastercam.. rotary axes pre-positioning and winding. SolidWorks. Supports advanced machine tool features like tool-tip programming. IMSverify: recommended 1GB memory. CNC controllers and machine tools. all rights reserved .com Phil Masella marketing@icam. Annual Maintenance and Support for product updates and technical support by phone. 978-556-0077 Windows XP or better 512 Mb RAM. over-traveling and rotary repositioning. STL N/A CNC verification with solids material removal. graphical machine tool 514-697-8033 Unlimited linear and rotary axes N/A Full online help & printed documentation Full 2-through 5-axis N/A Full interactive help Simulation capabilities? Full CNC machine simulation with collision detection Solids-based verification as well as toolpath backplotting Operating system? Minimum hardware requirements? Price? Web address Contact Email Phone Windows (IMSpost. Rhino IGES. Windows 2000/XP/2003. IMSverify APT/CL from all major CAD/CAM systems STL. NURBS interpolation and arc fitting of point-to-point data. SGI-IRIX Minimal hardware capacity is required N/A www. Solid Edge.ims-software. high-end graphics card $2. Advanced multi-axis toolpaths. Linux (IMSpost) IMSpost N/A. Virtual Machine. CATIA. comprehensive "point and click" Wizard to generate advanced NC postprocessors quickly and effectively. Change recognition. 1Gb available hard drive space. Virtual Machine enables NC programmers to graphically simulate and test programs easily and automatically.$30. Control Emulator N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A IMS IMSpost. Forward-looking optimization with path planning. Parasolid.000US . APT/CL Machine G-code. CAM-POST. email & fax Virtual Machine unites advanced NC post-processing.Questionnaire Product Name? Which Native CAD files can your product read? Which Neutral CAD files can your product read? Data type product uses? 5 unique or strongest PREPROCESSING features? 5 unique or strongest PROCESSING features? 5 unique or strongest POSTPROCESSING features? ICAM CAM-POST. Sun. N/A How many and which axes can your product handle? Communication options? Help/Support tools? Supports all major CAD/CAM/PLM S.

Custom post processors in text format. FreeForm 5-Axis. hyperMILL® in thinkDesign®. For multiaxis turning and Swiss apps. SolidEdge. Flexible blending constructions for curve and surface. IGES. Control of toolpath between adjacent multi-axis drill STEP. Hybrid surface/solid modeling. Parasolid. Knowledge Based 410-527-9999 7 Machining/CNC/CAM Guide © 2006 ConnectPress. Material removal simulation including precise machine models and collision detection. CATIA 4 & 888-270-6878 or 215-643-5077 Starts at $3500US www. Discussion areas.levine@openmind-tech. 512RAM. UGS. Turn. SwissCAM. Autocad Which Native CAD files can your product read? Which Neutral CAD files can your product read? Data type product uses? 5 unique or strongest PREPROCESSING features? Inventor. FreeForm. Michael Huggins sales@cadcam4u. Patented Visual Synchronization Methodology. Automated processing of repetitive features. ftp. Training guides and tutorials on ftp or sales. 2 -22 axis simulation. Vast Library of robust. X_B. 2000 P4. Dedicated machining strategies for niche markets. Advanced. For milling operations. 5 unique or strongest POSTPROCESSING features? Unique “Config-by-Click” post customization.. hyperVIEW solid material Alan Levine alan. Surface. Resellers. FreeForm. Parasolids. 256 MB VRAM w/OpenGL. Inventor DXF.Questionnaire Product Name? Open Mind Tech. Advanced and Full Machine simulation modules to provide varying levels of 3D simulation.000US to $50. Configurable post language. Tutorials. Support is fully automated and can be emailed directly from the Technical Support menu. DXF. Turbomachinery. it supports up to 5-axis milling. Pro/E Wildfire. Process large 5-axis parts very fast. Global Shape Modeling. Phone. Books. 5 unique or strongest PROCESSING features? Patented Divide and Conquer Programming Strategy. cylinder heads.dptechnology. Turn-Mill. STEP N/A N/A STL. implementation.americas@openmind-tech. Surface Machine from any pattern. Actual formats read may depend on which hyperMILL platform is used. How many and which axes can your product handle? Communication options? Help/Support tools? Simulation capabilities? Operating system? Minimum hardware requirements? Price? Web address Contact Email Phone Direct sales/service. Utilization of local coordinate systems and 2D cycles on arbitrary frames. Point lists Cutter path generation for NC machining Automatic Geometric Feature recognitions. Real-Time Windows XP. SolidWire includes: Gold. SolidMill includes: Production. SolidTurn includes: Traditional. email. VDA WireFrame. In Wire EDM. VDA. CATIA V4 &V5. It is a Windows-developed system and operates on all Windows platforms 98 and higher. X_T.000US or more. ACIS. Simulation matches code for any machine. with machine modeling and collision checking. hyperMILL®. 2-axis through 5-axis milling and drilling 781-239-8095 or 270-912-5822 fax Axis limitation is dependent on application. Powerful Surface Machining Algorithms. Unified post-processor for indexing and simultaneous apps. Ltd. hyperMILL® in Inventor®. Automatic handling of multiple channel output. SolidMillTurn includes: Tradtional. SolidWorks. Parametric solid modeling. 2000 or XP 100 MB RAM. tire molds. SolidWorks. field tested multi-axis turning post processors. Auto multiaxis tool orientation determination. PartMaker: Mill. it supports full 4-axis operations.5D through 5-axis machining. Data export to Vericut Windows XP Windows 2000 1GB RAM. STEP. Solid Automatic Programming of standard feature. DVD reader.partmaker. USB or parallel port $3. internet On-line and context sensitive help. Standard training manuals Surface-based internal simulation. www. Large User database of shared information. Utilization of advanced control functions like TCPM. Complete and full knowledge base with automatic tool creation. it supports any range axes. Swarf milling strategies with stop surfaces. hyperMILL® in Wildfire PartMaker PartMaker. 5 Axis toolpath from 3 axis machining. 100 Hard Disk Space 2 to 22 axis mill lathe wire Built in DNC On-line Help. On-site training. Production. GOOD VGA card Price Ranges provided upon request www. Production. Advanced Rest Machining with corner removal. Post not dependent on intermediate file format Customized Setup sheets from MS office. Dealer. Hanan Fishman info@partmaker. Basic. 40 GB disk for programs and data. Pro/E. User customizable simulation for any machine. Platinum plus. FreeForm 5-Axis UGS. Direct 1800 Full feature simulation. Ethernet adapter. WireEDM Precision CAD/CAM DP Technology. Consistent user interface for 2. Pro/E.cadcam4u. Tricordal Machining.openmind-tech. MS Office and VBA interface Solids Based feature programming. Database for storing machining macros that are applied to geometric features. depending on bundles and configuration www. N/A Robust on-line help. IGES. all rights reserved . consulting.

Pro/E IGES. ERP integration All processes: milling 2.x_b). CATIA V5. Solids Strong CAD functions for filling holes. Automatic tool holder collision avoidance. Define multi part machining from a single instance. Automatic Electrode Extraction. Full-featured cutter path animation with VCR-like windows dialog control. 3axis and 3+2 axis milling. NC Documentation makes customized reports. STEP Wireframe. Windows 2000. 2 ½. design conferencing. Library of components: tools. Parasolid Solid models. Associativity: changes reflected in deliverables. Display & check rapid traverse motion. 2-1/2 axis. How many and which axes can your product handle? Communication options? Help/Support tools? 2.x_t & . real-time. solid and facets Integrated system from art to part . Easy to customize. A "What's New" 781-370-6369 $19. 24/7 tech support. fixtures. patterns. Associate type of material with the model. SofTech ToolDesigner. Support for all file formats. None Complete multi-media HTML-style help. NC simulation & post-processing Automatic clean up of remaining 888-294-9450 or 248-269-8380 Regular Windows based file transfer Complete online documentation. drilling) to complex 5 axis milling or lathe with live tooling ( 248-351-9300 8 Machining/CNC/CAM Guide © 2006 ConnectPress. CDRS.g. CADDS 5. change management. laser. surfaces. turning. Windows XP 2Ghz Processor. 90MB disk space. trim. punch. rotation & discrete point editing. Linux and UNIX (HP. OpenGL graphics. CD manuals. Post process to any machine. 512MB RAM. all rights reserved .com Jim Lindsay amt-sales@softech. Ability to deform interior fillets for dies for Backdraft analysis 5 unique or strongest PROCESSING features? Dynamic Stock Model for most efficient roughing.Context sensitive "What's This?" help. Tool Design. Reporting of any design errors in part file Knowledge-based system automatically suggests solutions based on preferences & shop rules. Wireframe. STL (SLA). XP & XP x64 Intel Pentium 4. ACIS. Trochoidal movements. Advanced with C++. Automatic process documentation. surface. VDA. knowledge database. translation. VDA. moldbase.ptc. 3. Progressive Die: Expert Moldbase. Complete application:toolpath creation. 3+2. UGS.0000US and up www. Complete Mold Design. Computeraided Verification CATIA V4/V5. High speed machining. processor or higher.htm Windows 2000. NC Sheetmetal. Surfaces. custom UI. Canned cycles and Circular Interpolation supported. USB port Starts at $3. Auto saving & archival of all electronic data. SofTech ExpertCAD IGES. Open GL graphics card Ala carte and package are available beginning at $4. punch press. Plastic Advisor. DXF. On-site or classroom training & engineering support. videos. Access to tools for PDM. GRANITE 2D & 3D data. SUN) www. Simplify overdefined surface data. local resellers Prospector Softech Sescoi WorkNC CAM/CAD software Which Native CAD files can your product read? Which Neutral CAD files can your product read? Data type product uses? 5 unique or strongest PREPROCESSING features? Parasolid (. Stock definition by specified block size or constant amount of stock Nicole Rowe nrowe@ptc. 5 unique or strongest POSTPROCESSING features? 5-axis milling machine angular limits considered. www.7 million colors.5 axis. Custom post processor with unlimited warranty for each license & a library of free post processors. “What’s new” and tutorials Simulate cutterpaths through. Automatic remachining cutterpaths. Remaining stock model technology shows the state remaining stock. Advanced low level control toolpath: customize. Suite of cutter path editing tools includes trimming.495US www. Javascript API. Quick Start HTML multi-media tutorial. IBM. mirroring. SGI.ICEM. Process capture & re-use in XML. 5-axis with as much ease of use and flexibility as 3-axis. wireframe Transform model into initial machining position. Production Machining. Toll-fee Help Desk sup port. CATIA V4. Graphics card capable of 16. Automatic feature recognition for holes. Email for problems or questions. mirror. CDROM. STEP. Complete Machining.. waterjet. or advanced kinematics with sub-spindles Make flat ASCII files for NC machines Tutorials. AUTOCAD DWG. online help files. IDEAS.. translation. XYZCB). Rigorously enforces strict verification of all cutter paths. Zbuffering option provides unambiguous feedback.995US. Pro/E IGES. Wizard-based user interface. including 5axis Operating system? Minimum hardware requirements? Price? Web address Contact Email Phone Windows.ptc. Basic 2 axis (laser. Jeff Jaje info@sescoi. FTP site. Toolpath transformation: subprogram. Ltd. Prospector handles 2-axis. PARASOLID. Collision checking to milling machine model. drilling.sescoi. Arcfitting and NURBS interpolation supported in the post-processor. 4 and simultaneous 5 axis Simulation capabilities? Material removal simulation with VERICUT for Pro/E from CGTECH bundled in all manufacturing options. UGS. Basic tools for automation: mapkeys.Questionnaire Product Name? PTC Pro/E: Machining Solutions: Prismatic & Multi-surface Milling. Full suite of 3D & 2-1/2D machining strategies.ProspectorNC. Extensive use of Windows interface. Feed rate changes displayed graphically. rotation.

Parasolid. 2-5 axis milling. Euclid. PTC. CADDS. including user defined. 512MB Ram. As add-on $3900. DWG. High Speed machining. Up to 5 axis including True Machine Simulation. 4 & 5 axis continued turning. Instant definition of Coordinate systems.. Pro/E Part & Assembly. Creates its own Sales sales@teksoft. Tools. VDAFS. AutoCAD. Hotline for customer needs Complete simulation of the part. IDeas. Dynamic zoom and pan whilst cutting. CADKEY DXF. 2 axis on Fabrication Turning. Inventor Part. Surfaces. One software solution for machining of all parts (2. fixtures and the machine itself. Communication options? Help/Support tools? RS232 and DNC at no additional cost N/A Simulation capabilities? Operating system? Minimum hardware requirements? Price? Web address Contact Email Phone 8 simulation options including full Machine Simulation. Ltd. 2-5 axis milling with both indexing and full 5 axis simultaneous motion. IGES. More than 20 finishing toolpaths for complex molds. Turning wand mill turn with CY and B axis control and sub spindle. 3D rest material and comparisons between cut stages. DWG. UGS N/A Simulation 5 unique or strongest PROCESSING features? Automatic feature recognition. 2 & 3 axes milling. Bundled with a full seat of SolidWorks starting at $6800. aerospace parts etc. Complete associative between the CAD and CAM. User configurable post included. free viewer for exchanging parts. VRML Wireframe. all rights reserved . Point Clouds Live inside the SolidWorks window on the SolidWorks model either part or an assembly. Feature based machining. Stock machining. UGII. includes full collision detection against the part.topsolid. Drive profiles and sketches without the need for a SolidModel. Parasolid. STL. 480-367-0132 Windows PC with a Pentium 4 processor. Graphics card with 64MB Ram Based on modules www. Simulation comparison between the machined part and the molded part Over 3. Hard drive of IG Depends on the country. DNC. Pro/E. By working with machine manufacturers and customers who have complex machining needs we generate the most efficient post-processor. Solid Edge Part & Assembly. 4 & 5 axis continued milling. Extremely fast processing with compiled option post. Optional Translators for CATIA V4 & V5. ACIS. tools and machine Windows 2000 and XP 1Ghz or greater. Toolpath verification. mill/turn and wire EDM. Leverage all the power of SolidWorks and its other 3rd party applications Toolpaths include 3D roughing on a Solid or Surface Model without the need for feature recognition. Subroutines and canned cycles supported. Toolpath is associative to geometry. Turning toolpaths developed in conjunction with Cutting Tool manufacturers. www. Full video training on Milling Customer support threw Certified VAR's. CATIA Graphics. turning. Step Ap203/314. UGSII. DWG. Model transfer via the internet. Machine simulation. ME10 DXF.teksoft. Knowledge based library of Machining Processes. How many and which axes can your product handle? Up to 5 axis on Mill and Turn. Parasolid.000 post processors available at no cost. DXF. CADKEY. 5 axis). Thousands of posts available. Solid machining 5 unique or strongest POSTPROCESSING features? Graphical toolpath editing. Batch mode posting. Up to 4 on EDM. Library features and machining Ellen Marie Hickey em. Machine simulation through 5 axis. Knowledge based Machining. Inventor.Questionnaire Product Name? Which Native CAD files can your product read? SolidCAM SolidCAM SolidWorks Part & Assembly. 5 axis automatic hole recognition with automatic tool selection. options chosen www. 2 & 4 axis wire USA Bede Kortegast bedek@solidcam.hickey@topsolid. User definable libraries for speeds and feed. machining processes. Fixtures. ISCAR etc. STL. Feature based modeling. Boolean operands. Solids. Surfaces and Solids Runs native inside of SolidWorks or as standalone. Multi Window. RS232 TekSoft CAMWorks 888-225-2865 Extensive online tutorials for all modules. 3. Pro/E Part & Assembly. assemblies and kinematic parts. STEP. STL Wireframe. FABWorks SolidWorks. TopSolid-Missler TopSolid’Cam IGES. Parametric part design. Unique control of multi axis +33-1 60-87-20-32 9 Machining/CNC/CAM Guide © 2006 ConnectPress. ACIS Which Neutral CAD files can your product read? Data type product uses? 5 unique or strongest PREPROCESSING features? CATIA. Same Applies to both the AutoCAD & Inventor integrations. VDAFS. Ethernet. Windows XP and above Same as on the SolidWorks web site. STEP. Acis. Completely integrated solution.

surfaces. access to UGS’s Global Technical Access Center Machine tool simulation is driven by G-codes (after post-processor) Windows. Graphical Post Builder application included with all packages.UGS. 2-5 axis typically but theoretically unlimited N/A On line help. Feature Based. Mill-turn. RAM = 512 MB min. All in one. Unix Processor = 2 . all rights reserved . Post processing.. High level of automation with programming tools like UG-Open and CAM wizards.$25. Ability to use facet. 3 Axis Machining. Machine tool support kits offered for advanced machines. Parasolid Solids. faceted models Option for fully integrated CAD on same software base (NX).500US . STEP. 2. Advanced Machining Pro/E. Fully customizable. Drilling. Tooling and CAM. Packages: 2 ½ Axis Machining.5 to 5 axis 714-952-6518 5 unique or strongest PROCESSING features? 5 unique or strongest POST-PROCESSING features? How many and which axes can your product handle? Communication options? Help/Support tools? Simulation capabilities? Operating system? Minimum hardware requirements? Price? Web address Contact Email Phone 10 Machining/CNC/CAM Guide © 2006 ConnectPress.0 GHz. Associative tool path. NX. Simulation and Verification. solids and surfaces in one part.paradise@ugs. Data repair for mismatched surfaces. Complete associativity between CAD. Shop Documentation output Vynce Paradise vynce. JT. easy to use. role based UI.000US www. Design updates are quick to make and easy to track. Advanced high speed milling support with proven machining parameters. CATIA. Multi-channel post structure. Turning.Questionnaire Product Name? Which Native CAD files can your product read? Which Neutral CAD files can your product read? Data type product uses? 5 unique or strongest PRE-PROCESSING features? UGS NX CAM and NX CAM Express. Associative integration with Solid Edge. wire-frame. Solid Edge DXF. Mill-Turn Machining. 100 GB disk space 40 GB min $7. WireEDM. IGES. Output from post used to drive machine tool simulation (G-code). Ltd.