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Science or religion?
Modern science is a successor of occultism, alchemy and magic and have nothing in common with Christianity. That is such states also Nikolai Berdyaev, an expert on Marxism and the neognostic trends, as well as Alexandrian in his "History of Occult Philosophy". There can be no dialogue because the science assumes that God does not exist, or if He does, He stands apart from interfere in the world and the laws of the world. Through science man wants to take the place of God; to control and manipulate the forces of nature at will (passionate and selfish) and create life, trying to imitate the act of creation; to control human beings and to destroy free will, to dictate who is born and who shall die. Regardless of researchers creed, the scientific research is anti-Christian. Brother, For many the claim that science is anti-Christian seems shocking, because so were we educated, in the humanist-rationalist spirit. For many science became a kind of religion, but unfortunately too few of us distinguish between the results of observation and interpretation of these observations. More of this, science, understood as scientific research in various fields of knowledge, is not only observation but also technology. A technology used for the control and manipulation of natural forces and human person. Berdyaev says knowingly, that science has its roots in alchemy and magic. Same thing is said by researchers of the occult philosophy. In order to understand the relationship between them we must know what is magic and what is science as a whole. If magic is to control and use at will of the forces of nature and the human psyche, deepening a little science we see that science in general is aimed at making available to the initiated (in science) man the theoretical elements, and through the technology of the practical elements of control and manipulation of the forces of nature and the human psyche. After understanding this is not difficult to recognize in science the old practices and aspirations of magicians of all time. However, something is different, namely the methods used, i.e. technology. The popularization of scientific knowledge among the masses caused the magic to be popularized and presented in a rationalistic form more easily accepted by the religious consciences. But it is still magic. On the other hand, we see that throughout history alchemy and the occult have established the scientific research based on the idea that to man is hiding something. And here we remember the evil temptation of the devil in paradise, when he made man to believe that God is jealous and hide knowledge from humans. In the scientific research realm man believes in the right to discover what's hidden by divinity. And it does not matter that the researcher is an atheist or believer. He is driven by the desire to become a god controlling the creation, surrounding nature and man. I will not go into details now, but if someone is interested in developing subject, I will. I shall conclude with a few questions. 1. What is the good for human salvation of the research into quantum physics and the huge amounts spent in building laboratories and particle accelerators? To find what? And for what? Do seek this research funders faith in God? No! Rather they seek to defy God, Creator of all things visible and invisible.

2 2. What is the use of genetic research with breaking the divine commandments? Do help they with something to strengthen the faith of researchers and funders? No. The goal is occult and evil. The ultimate goal is to imitate the Creator and to defy Him. It's an old desire to occultists, especially among Kabbalists (Hebrew esoteric philosophy) to create a golem. Or armies of human beings that can be completely controlled by magical actions. That is the deal of today technology. You can add to this the biotechnology research and the prothesis. The goal: creating cyborgs, bionic men and super-human. (It is not SF, watch the scientific documentaries). Maybe that the donors and the researchers should come closer to God? No. They defy God and promotes an antichrist moral through birth control, abortion and contraception techniques (see the Gardasil vaccine), selective births, creating children with certain characteristics desired by parents, excluding fetuses showing (according to researchers) genetic diseases, eliminating future individuals with violent tendencies, antisocial or criminal, etc. 3. What use is to salvation of research in psychology, cybernetics, neurology and deciphering brain map? All these are aimed at mind control, brainwashing and discovery techniques that can be controlled by human behavior and human transformation into a being easily mastered and enslaved. 4. What use is to salvation the experiments and research in medicine, aimed to organ transplantation? Human salvation? Coming near to God? No! The researchers and their funders feel like gods that prolong or shorten life as they wish on others through new scientific euthanasia techniques or selective killing by viruses artificially controlled or knowingly spread. Nothing in this research does not seem to me to be according to God. Let us remember that by science or sciences we do not understand just observing natural phenomena or human behavior, but also the willingness of researchers and their funders to control and manipulate the forces of nature and the human psyche, i.e. the interest in magic. Brother Titus, science is not just observation of laws established by God to rule the world, but also the interpretation of these observations, which is not Christian. Why? Because science by definition excludes faith in God, Creator of all things visible and invisible. I have shown in my previous message which are the origins of science, and that they are not Christian, but anti-Christian. On technology, we can make the observation that it is not created for Christians, for our soul benefit to approach God and our salvation. And even if in daily life we are using the technology available at our fingertips does not mean that we can judge otherwise the science origins and purposes of those who fund it. Brother, the fact that we use the Internet as a communication does not mean that we can change the origins or causes that led to it and nor can we in any way limit or guide its use. We use it because it is available, but not safe for us or other Christians. Now we can use, but no one guarantees that one day there will be not censored. Already some Satanists in the EU want net censorship. Do you think that against pornography, or violence, or sects, communism, nihilism and other pagan philosophers? No! The censor is primarily aimed at us, Christians. Try and answer the question: who are the funders of research in the sciences (genetics, medicine, neurology, quantum physics, astronomy, astrophysics, aerospace, microelectronics, information technology, etc.)? And what is their purpose? Do they seek God? Their goals are not humanitarian but

3 downright satanic, i.e. anti-human and anti-Christian, a rebellion against God the Creator of all things visible and invisible. Judge the facts after the goal and not what it seems to us that is good. You know that the world can live in peace and quiet without the researches of E. Fermi, N. Bohr, Einstein, Edison, J. Watt and A. Turing, without filling the space around the earth with garbage and satellites. If we still have the ability to look honestly and we compare with the man 50-100 years ago we shall found that the technique handicapped us. It made us addicted to it. The whole society is dependent on the technique and technology! The problem arises because the pace of development and our inability to adapt to the new environment. How many people today are willing to live humanely? Simple and peace, reconciled with himself, with others and with God? We are 6 billion people, of which hundreds of millions are treated by the donors science like animals sacrificed for the good of mankind better (i.e. theirs). Several other billion live in poverty and Middle Ages conditions, without benefit of the fruits of science. And where is the high degree of wealth? There where Christ was banished from the family and society. Through the existent science and technology man is exploited more and more severely, but subtle. And the direction we are heading is that of a slave society, in which will be allowed to live only those good at work and healthy. For the rest are prepared euthanasia techniques. Science funders and all so-called scientific research consider us animals, only good for work, without soul and without freedom of choice (watch documentaries). The psychology is rewritten just to prove that man is not created by God, but is the result of evolution; that he has no free will, but he is a person programmable just like a computer is programmable. And for that, donors spend billions of dollars to discover how man can be reprogrammed. All these seem to you according to Gods will? Not to me. On the contrary, it seems that all this is a sign that those donors are possessed by Satan. In fact some have admitted mentors in another dimension of reality (as they like to express themselves). They do not believe in God because they believe in aliens (i.e. demons). It is much to say brother, if it would be to judge things spiritually, in the spirit of the Holy Fathers. I think you know that holism, as quantum physics, is based on Taoist philosophy and Eastern philosophy in general. (See the writings of Fritjof Capra, one of the new age movement theorists.) And how much is left to be said for clarifying those who are still skeptical. Today R.O.C.1 organizes conferences on the relationship between science and religion, but how many of our poor brothers of the Patriarchate, Christian theologians, know that the originator of these dialogues was H.P. Blavatsky, the founder of modern Theosophy. Brother, dialogues of this kind are theosophical targeting or otherwise said, new age. How sad is that we Orthodox have come to promote in the Church the new age philosophy, Gnosticism and theosophy! Why be afraid to confess the truth? We are afraid that we will be ridiculed or pointed with fingers? So what? Are we ashamed of truth and orthodoxy? And who still has doubts, let him seek, or better to pray, because prayer will enlighten us and through it we will know the truth.

Romanian Orthodox Church.

4 Agreed, brother Ctlin, to take care not to confuse cause with effect. But let us examine carefully. From my point of view, as an orthodox: 1. the cause is the human desire of rebellion against God, the humanist-rationalist human desire to become a God through knowledge (gnosticism). 2. the purpose: magic, i.e. to control and manipulate the forces of nature and the human psyche, in the donors wish to transform human beings into slavery. Beloved, let us pray God to enlighten our minds and keep us from delusions and traps. Do not forget that actions are judged by intention and not by appearances. And the intention was bad from the start. Both the cause and purpose are bad. Let us not be deceived! Do not forget that every sin is covered well and allowed appearance. Let us remember that the road to hell is paved with wannabe good intentions. Do not be naive. Science is neither Christian initiated or funded by Christians or Christian controlled. Science, as a system, carry on Gnosticism and magic. If it would be to do the balance of victims, we should realize that science killed more lives than it saved. And it continues to make victims. Currently percentage mortality is not given by incurable diseases, but the reckless use of technology (traffic accidents, cancers caused by misuse of telephones, artificial food, drugs, cosmetics, etc.). AIDS is an artificial virus created with the help of science to kill innocent people for the sake of an idea (creating heaven on earth). HBV is controlled spread also with technology and science, with the same purpose to kill. Cancer can be cured, but not like this. Why? Because there are too many people on earth. What is the healing? Among other B17 vitamin. So, the Satanists who run the world through finance (they are even worshipers of Lucifer) have cure for AIDS, for they created the virus. They have remedies for cancer, but do not want to produce, because no interest to heal but to kill. Let you know that poison can be served in beautiful and attractive packaging. Tragedy and the irony is that we voluntarily buy this as food. We know that poisons us and yet we let ourselves be deceived by taste and uncontrolled lust. I do not require anyone to believe without checking what I have said. Investigate and find out, look (for the truth) and you will find. Do not be fooled by the media. What we are serving in science is just what they (donors) want to know and believe. Oh God, enlighten our minds lest we fall into deception. For Satan walks like a lion roaring knowing not whom to swallow more, and will attempt to deceive even the elect. Brother, To want to cure diseases, to maintain a clean world and to have food is not bad in itself. Bad is the way the rebelled man chose against God. Do we need more reasons to understand how harmful are the drugs of today? It is enough to read the side effects on the leaflet. How many effects are not hidden from the eyes of consumers! It would have been more useful if pharmacology would not be departed from traditional medicine and phytotherapy. Clean environment. But is not guilty industrialization of environmental pollution? Science and technology have led to environmental degradation. If today are full of garbage, this is due inventing all sorts of polluting and non-degradable materials. That is why we pay the comfort very expensive. God is the one who makes all fruitful grain, not man. Look how the land lies fallow! Look at our agriculture was destroyed so as not to compete with those that produce artificial food with the help of science and technology, and genetically modified soybean oil, color and seasoned with all sorts of

5 poisons. Without this evil knowledge we had prosperous agricultural yields. On the other hand, using science and technology to destroy forests and farmland, the place is taken by industry, housing and highways. And so comfort is paid dearly both by we and the generations that will come after us. If people would be faithful, thy ought not need artificial food, because God would bear fruit in deserts too. And if we would be faithful and fulfill the commandments of God, there would not be so many diseases in the world. The world would certainly be a lot cleaner. Berdyaev was not an orthodox philosopher, but a philosopher convert from Marxism, who adopted a Gnostic conception of the world and who guessing the new age to come, dreamed of a mystical adogmatic Christianity, a world without hell and eternal torment. Here are the comments he made: "There are occult traditions for thousands of years - a jelly hidden underground world culture. This can not be denied even by the most bitter opponents. But today the occult acquired outer popularity, raising interest in wide circles and it is exposed to the danger of become fashionable. In all likelihood, occultism is both strength and fashion of tomorrow. The currents of Theosophy, oriented towards masses, are popularizing occult teachings, especially the eastern ones. The materialistic Europe which betrayed the faith in Christ, receives Oriental spiritualism easiest, reconciling it with its science." "Theosophy wants to bring the modern man to the mysticism and religion without sacrifice, without waiver, the line of least resistance, the path of evolution, not catastrophe." "Occultism knows the mystery of the cosmos, but without the mystery of God and the mystery of Christ, without Logos, without the original endowment effect." "Strictly speaking, occultism is found outside the religious revelation is out of religious grace." "Today no one can deny the occult sphere in knowledge and occult in action, in the relationships between people and their relationship with nature." "Mystique is the communication with the divine. Magic is almost materialistic, it refers entirely to the astral plane. Magic is communing with nature. Mystique operates in the sphere of freedom. Magic is still in the area of necessity. Magic means acting against nature and domination over nature through the knowledge of the mysteries of nature. Magic is deeply related to science and technology. Magic was just that - pan- science of nature and pan-technology, unique key to all the mysteries of nature. Natural sciences and technical forgot their origin: they come from magic. Natural sciences with their practice, are longing, like magic, to dominate nature. Contemporary science inherited from the dark magic the avid thirst to possess nature and get out of it what will give human strength. The whole psychology of natural sciences and techniques of nature is akin to dark magic. The old magic imperceptibly turned into modern technology and released enormous magical forces, whose meaning is unclear to contemporary conscience." "When great Pan returns and nature will revive for the Christian world, magic too will inevitably reborn . Science and technology will turn into magic, will know the living nature and enter into practical communion with nature spirits." Titus, you say: "Then, I do not think you understand my position: the devil deludes with his science exactly those who do not have that knowledge. Sciences empowers those who posses it upon those who do not." This is the faith of the Magi and the Gnostics. A Christian should not think so. What you said is correct, but for a magician, an alchemist and occultist, not for a Christian. This power is promised to man by demons, not by God. The first part of your statement is true. Satan deceives exactly those who have not science. How? Making them believe that if they acquire it they shall become strong will and possess others. In

6 reality science only gives the illusion of power in exchange for soul loss. The second part of your statement belongs to the devil. With it deceives those naive and weak in faith. The Christian rules the world through love. He who loves is stronger than all, even if his body is shatter in pieces or burned as the St. Polycarps. Today the phrase often mentioned by you is formulated as: "Information empowers those who have against to those who do not." For acquisition of information is increasingly a knowledge and an attempt to control others through her intercession. Alvin Toffler wrote on the subject showing how the world will be changed by technique. Science and religion converge only in theosophical perspective. If Christianity is not just a religion among other religions, especially since there can not be convergence between science and Christianity. Brother Titus, what you say seems nice, but you forgot one essential thing: when Adam received the commandment he was in heaven before the fall. Then he was able to rule the world through the gift of God, not through science. Therein lies the problem, science is trying to give human the possibility of control of the world without care for moral condition of man. I said "science tries to give", actually Satan is the one who tries to give man trying the control of the world, enslaving him further. Brother, this is further the temptation from heaven: you will be like God, without His help. Your exposure is from human positions educated in the humanist-rationalist spirit, because so teaches us the modern education system, separate from the Church. You say: "It's good to know the above? It's good that we've got them? It depends on what we do with what we know. We can use those things to manipulate some consciousness. But we can use the aforementioned things to protect us from those who manipulate our consciousness. The choice is ours, but only if we have that science that allows us to choose." This logic is of a Humanist-rationalist sort, that is devilish. Remember what the serpent said to Eve: "You will be like God, knowing good and evil." He promised knowledge, science, and likeness of God. This is science! Human desire to be like God without God. Brother, we do not need this humanist-rationalist science to know the world, it is enough for us the chaste Christian live for to know what is good for salvation and living. Because a without knowledge God will lead the world to destruction. The Savior urges us quite clearly: "Seek first the kingdom of God and all everything else will be added unto you." Even Sorin-Gabriel understood better how things are. If someone has cancer and seek remedies, I recommend vitamin B17 in its natural state, otherwise he should pray more for God to forgive his sins and make him worthy of His kingdom. What really stupid that we cling to life! Life is a gift from God. We seek to live our lives as much as He ordains us, fulfilling His will and avoiding to harm. And if we have fallen, let us repent and ask forgiveness for our trespasses. Brother, the Orthodox Christian who truly lives his faith does not fear death nor clings to this life. Fear in the face of death is arising because of the from sins. And when God calls you should not say, "Wait!" but "Lord, I'm coming now!" We pray God to give us life health, but if He decides otherwise, we get what we been decided by God, because all things are ordained for our good.

7 Do you want to know something, cancer can be treated without drugs. But how many know how? Then, in order to heal you must remove the causes. But unfortunately today man does not want to give up the comfort technology that led to the initiation of cancer. Brother Titus, if you will study more you shall understand that science is magic. But for this you must know what is magic and what is science, otherwise how can one compare a known fact to one unknown? Gnosticism is what it is just by distorting the truth. If we judge the Gnosticism after the truth which this accepts, there not would be Gnosticism any longer. It would be orthodoxy. So, your statement that "not all Gnostics say is false" is false. Following your logic many argue that ecumenism is good just because it has good parts. Others go further and say that all religions are good, that everyone is saved in his religion. The truth is that everyone is condemned in his religion. Salvation is only in Orthodoxy. Science as a whole is anti-Christian, but you should not understand that unless you try to live and think in the spirit of true faith, the spirit of the Holy Fathers. Brother Titus, you state that: "The fruit that we all ate when Adam did not gave us science but precisely will, for good and bad but will not led to science but to will. If you convicted science and not sentenced will, then I do not say anything, I do not know what arguments to make any further." 1. The fruit was eaten only by Adam and Eve, we bear only the consequences. 2. Eating the forbidden fruit gave no science (promised by the serpent) nor will. 3. Man was created with free will and not received it through obedience to Satan. (That's what the Gnostics say, for them the snake is human liberator). 4. I blame modern science because it led further the occult and magic practices. Free will is part of our being and we can not miss it. In fact our concern should be to educate our willingness to always choose to obey God's commandments. So, in order to compare two realities you must know them. It is a matter of elementary logic. You must not practice magic to know her. There are two ways of knowing: prayer or documentation. Father Basil Dear Titus, Father Basil is quite right in terms of modern science. This past week I attended a lecture given by Virgiliu Gheorghe, famous author of the volume "The effects of television on the human mind." I was almost dumbfounded by what is "capable" TV for human health both biological and spiritual (whatever the issue). Please read books or go to a conference of him , you will understand a lot. Take a few areas, for instance: - Telecommunications (telephony, television, satellites, radios) I was talking with an important director of DRTV and he told me that all relays tv, especially the one on Istria, have powers not enormous, but huge (of the order megawatts), and they have some statistics showing that the influence of these radio and television waves are totally unfriendly (eg. common in the that village Istria-Buzu, all young families for decades since it was put - have only girls - the director said that he suspects what "science" calls - chromosomal deviations and?? completely silence!!). Here's a perfect case of "beneficial knowledge." What is believed to bring "joy and eliminate loneliness" in

8 people's homes, affects them irreversible. Another case - a guy who was working next to the station from Cheia has leukemia, and he was just a worker there. So great is radioactive flow of these antennas that on the antenna surface up to a few tens of meters away from good, no birds flying, and one who "dare", the keepers broom her flakes at end of the month. GSM antennas located on blocks are real bombs, recent cases of leukemia. Satellites - can emit electromagnetic radiation flux at enormous quantities as to cause anxiety to a specific area (this is provable). - Medicine (vaccines, drugs, equipment) - no longer need describe any that you find on the net a lot about them. - Food how many E's and many other poisonous food we find on market... Thus, all these basic "elements" of "modern science" do not bring a good thing overall, but just get to act like "something" that demands something in return - namely, the health. - Construction here the thing is relative, because there are still plenty of medieval buildings to give speechless many modern architects, even not understanding how people build them only with "turn the meter and pencil." Whatever someone is trying to find some "benefits" of time, long-term physiological implications are unimaginable. Audio-visual science - is "bad in and of itself" and is the best technique to cause brain state of involution, even simple condition, vegetative at the psychological level it cause social changes that are disastrous for inter- human relations - mismatch to the environment, loss of memory and judgment, impaired decision makers, loss of self-control system by transferring personal authority and more that lead to nerve cell damage in record time. Aviation science - to see the film "Global dimming" and see how many complications produce those "traces" left by airplanes in the sky, especially in highly industrialized cities where air is almost unbreathable. (During the events of 9/11, ground planes could lead to climatic investigations revealing - the temperature dropped a few degrees only on that day - which is unthinkable) Atomic science - the discovery of the atom and nuclear fusion - "bad in self" - except nuclear bombs, nuclear plants are true "time bombs" that always can produce devastating effects. To assign to something that can cause more harm than good quality of "good" is an unconsciousness (how much damage caused the Chernobyl reactor in its area?). Nuclear reactor disaster at a power plant would cause more harm than mankind for thousands of years than those "benefits" divided into decades. The examples could go on... "Can you imagine some Orthodox bishop condemning Giordano Bruno to the burning at the stake? Personally, I can not." Virgil Cndea on a conference said about it, that a guy/maybe a friend - who did a paper on G. Bruno wrote about it that actually being in front of the Inquisition, death was not attracted to him by

9 the discovery issues, but because he declared himself in court occultist and for his practice of magic. He was sentenced as a magician, according to his creed rather than "discoveries" that we know better who made them to him. And Virgil said also that the Enlightenment people for to have "evidence" has changed official documents, but could not all of them. And you know where that guy got out after the book? 2 meters underground, being found shot in the library toilet. Interesting, is not it? I wonder whose reality we live? "Science is not the source of evil..." If you do not believe what I said, then maybe you'll believe St. Nilus the Athonite: "By 1900, going to the half of the eighth millennium from creation, that will change and will be unrecognizable. When the time comes near coming of Antichrist, the human mind will darken all the bodily passions of fornication, and much unbelief and iniquity will be multiplied. Man will become then unrecognizable, changing people's faces, and it will a confusion between the faces of men and of women, because of the shameless clothing and the hair form. People of that time will embitter like wild beasts, being deceived by the Antichrist. They would not give respect to older parents and love will perish. The Christian shepherds, bishops and priests will be people with vainglory, than too few, completely unable to distinguish recognize the right way from the left side. Then the customs and traditions of Christians and of the Church shall change. Purity will perish from men and transgression will rule. The lie and love for money will reach the highest level and will be woe to those who gather money. Fornications, sodomy, theft and murder, in that time, will be on all roads. For committing these great sins, people will be deprived of the gift of the Holy Spirit, which they received in Holy Baptism and the rebuke of conscience. Churches of God will be deprived of faithful and pious priests and will be woe to the Christians who will be in the world, because they will lose completely the faith, seeing in no one the light of knowledge. Then they shall go to hidden and sacred places (monasteries and hermitages), to find solace soul of many disturbances and temptations which they will encounter daily, but will not find relief because everywhere will be setbacks and follies. And all this will be because Antichrist will rule over all, will reign throughout the world, will show signs and wonders to deceive people with deception and cunning, in order to invent and speak to each other from one end of the earth the other (phone, radiotelephone, television, o.n). Then they fly through the air like birds (planes o.n.) and will swim like fish in the deep sea (submarines o.n.). And all this will make people living in peace, knowing that they are deceptions of the Antichrist. And so much shall submit the science of the enemy, as to deceive the people through illusion, to not believe in God worshiped in the Holy Trinity. Then, seeing the over kind God Teacher the doom of humanity, He will shorten the days for the few who will be saved; for the Antichrist will force his servants to deceive - if it were possible - the elect too. Then without warning two-edged sword comes and kills deceiver and those who serve him." So, what about the "science based radio telecommunications"? Is this science "bad in self" or not? I say yes, because we clearly see where it comes from, who it belongs (the idea which was embodied in the finding here comes from the devil) Fortunately, we can indeed realize that this is a field of luciferic science. All the best, best in Christ our God, "The fruit that we all ate when Adam did not gave us science but precisely will, for good and bad but will not led to science but to will."

10 Theologically speaking, it's a huge mistake, it seems clearly that you lack patristic training. Adam in Heaven had the divine seal of many gifts (immortality, incorruptibility, full health, etc.) These gifts operate as law between himself and creation. Ex: the animals recognized Adam as a master because of the seal (of the commandment - that is vivid and permanent in creation, going through it from one end to another). He did not need "science" because all around (water, fire, earth) were obeying him. The image and divine resemblance, as well as the command were enough to make the link between Adam and Creation. Adam gives name to the animals not by science, but as he thinks fit (as it comes to mind). Working in the Garden of Eden did not involve "science" because it was a pleasure working, a relaxation (see what says St. John Chrysostom), did not define a purpose (eg. to live, survival). Only after the fall comes the science of "earth", to make the cursed land to give "thorns and thistles" fruitful, to "know" the seasons and all ordinances of the earth. Here we can speak of instinct of "survival", the man looking through the science to find an way easier of living. Good and evil, "the tree of knowledge" even pave the way to science, man begins to think what he must do to survive the new situation, putting his willingness at work. By the fall, to man is revealed a new world, transformed by the power of sin, a hostile world, painful, full of sighing, a world where "stomach is hungry", "disease seizes body", "pain framed", all these giving a touch/beginning of "science" of what you have to do to survive. What you stated above in that passage is "Protestant theology." Sorin Gabriel