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ANNEXURE • Questionnaire

Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce, Shimoga





Aims and Objectives of the Project Report Scope of Study Methodology Adopted Limitation of the Study

Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce, Shimoga


Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce, Shimoga


Shimoga 4|Page . it odds to the personality of an individuals and act as a means of quick transportation. This topic offers details. Two wheeler is also convenient and comfortable for everyone. I have selected this topic my project report. In modern world. the city has a business of different kind and provides shelter for various professionals and others even in the field of agriculture it has developed to great extent b providing encouragement to plantation crop such as areca nut. Shimoga. the people in the city and remote area are having a craze of purchasing a two wheelers. situated with hill. and mountain. As a result the people will have a craze of purchasing four wheelers and two wheelers.INTRODUCTIION TO PROJECT REPORT Shimoga is a beautiful city. In fact it has become a fashion to ride the two wheeler in the city. coconut etc. One of the dreaming bikes of younger as well as elder generation of the word. two wheelers has become more popular specially among the middle class and rich class people of the city. 1. the two wheeler have become so popular that it is deemed to be the best means of individual transportation in the city. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. I arising marketing of two wheeler in general and market performance and market shares of HONDA CB UNICORN and also study of market position of SONA HONDA. Honda CB UNICORN. But to increase the importance and demanded for two wheeler in the Malnad city of Shimoga. located in a heart of Malnad.

More stress is given towards the case study of Sona Honda as Shimoga to study the marketing performance of HONDA CB UNICORN bike in Shimoga City. Sona Honda bike. Shimoga 5|Page . improving of models. • • To provided certain valuable suggestion for the successful marketing of the bike by adopting To analyze the marketing strategy of Sona Honda. • To analyze the sales performance of two wheelers in Sona Hond. It’s competition in present market and also in recent planning of two-wheeler in India. • To analyze the problem related to marketing of two wheeler and specific problem confronted by Sona Honda. suitable marketing strategy. Shimoga. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. to give suggestions for improvement of marketing strategy of SONA HONDA Motors. To know about the different mother bike in India. To Partial fulfillment of the requirement of the BBM degree. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT REPORTL The aims and Objectives of this Project Report are as follows. • • To know the consumer performance toward.This Project report attempts to bring about details regarding history. • To study the history of two wheelers in general.

SCOPE OF STUDY: The scope of this project contains the customer performance towards HONDA CB UNICORN at SONA HONDA in Shimoga City. Thus two wheelers have become necessity and luxurious item to the majority of population. Sona Honda Shimoga to improve the quality and to push up the sales of HONDA CB UNICORN. This report contains survey findings of middle class and rich class consumer in order to get a better view of the Topic. Shimoga 6|Page . India is the most popular country with over 60% of the population belongs to the middle class or a bit lower middle class. This report also includes the efforts that have been taken by the HONDA MOTOR CYCLE AND SCOOTER INDIA PVT LTD. They cannot afford to buy a car which is most costly compared to a two wheeler. Now rich class people also prefer the two wheelers. The two wheelers being a long lasting product the survey includes the part purchases and a few prospective buyers of the product. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.

Shimoga 7|Page . LIMITATION OF STUDY: This project report has some limitation they are as follows. their sale analyzes and other details have been collected from dealers of motor bike. This creates a bias in response. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Therefore there are chances of influences becoming unsuitable in such markets environment which have completely a different set up of market trade. Shimoga. Primary data have been collected through the personal interview with selected owners. There are many chance of customer justifying the purchases whether it is wrong or right.’ It is not possible to get exact correct information from the common man regarding technological aspect fully. The scope of the stud is limited to Shimoga cit only and influences have been drawn with the help of the opinions of the respondent of Shimoga City. But attempt have been made to see that bias doesn’t take place and extract answers to make the study as realistic as possible.METHDOLOGY: In this Project Report both primary and secondary information have collected to bring out this Project Report. Questionnaires are prepared in structural manner and issued to respondents for the purpose of analyzing the market performance of SONA HONDA. The selection of respondent was made on the basis of seminar.

Shimoga 8|Page . Even though this project is subject to the above limitations. it is not possible to get an over all view of the society towards two wheelers. all necessary attempt have been made and precautions have been taken rare out bias and extract correct so as to make this study as realistic as possible.Since this project report covers the middle class and rich class buyers. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.

CHAPTER-2 HISTORY OF TRANSPORTATION AND MOTOR CYCLES  History of transportation Development of Transportation Development of Automobiles History of motorcycle The Development of the machinery Manufacturer of two wheelers in India.      Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Shimoga 9|Page .

although for two decades. In spite of the modernization. Shimoga 10 | P a g e .History of transportation: Transportation has its own historical background. there was much experimentation in the construction of vehicles’ powers by the internal combustion engine. the electric motor are few land mark in transportation the greatest breakthrough man in the technology of flight-promise of 21st Century approached to be capped by the rocket engine by this man was free from dependence on the earth atmosphere sand permitted him to visualize travelling to the other place. the wheels. Development of Transportation: Before the close of 19th Century. man has been able to move him powerfully influenced by ease in any surface of the earth. the stream engine the internal combustion engine. It is a conveyance and the act of transporting from time immemorial. man by harnessing nature whether it be directly or indirectly has explored and exploited the resources of the earth. The full import left by other forms of transport was not until the motor car was mass produced. the sails. Before the first world war road transport which had began to Enrich the roil and waters made great strides between the war and challenged rail at Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. We can see the activity of transportation from the time of civilization transportation means nothing but movement of man and his material from one place to another in any part of the earth.

the term covers a range of machine from 50cc. Edward butter. These entire vehicles certainly require fuel. the British 10000cc. as his known to all the natural resources of the petrol and diesel being consume rapidly which alert us the new fuel for which experimentation is going on for instance of solar energy is trying to be experimental with. They are essential fuel required for automobile operation but in the present circumstances.the chief of both passenger and goods in the two decades following world war second. An Englishmen. motor cycle. Shimoga 11 | P a g e . designed to be operated on ordinary road may be called an automobile.V. TWENS. History of motorcycle: A motor cycle is a vehicle in which the principle of bicycle and internal combustion engine are combined. Italian M. According to service rendered the general motor vehicle may be classified into several types’ motor car. AUGUSTA representative the term motor cycle also cover motor scooter which have until from 50cc to 250cc. but the first motor cycle to appear publicity was on built by ‘Goltlied Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. piston displacement tor bellow (mopeds or motor cycle) to 1000 cc multiple cylinder models of which the US HARLEY DAVIDSON and Indian V. square four aerial and the 4 cylinders. Development of Automobiles: Automobile is nothing but a self propelled passenger’s vehicle. The internal combustion engine generally in a gasoline engine. This fuel may be either petrol or diesel. scooters etc. built the first motor cycles in 1884.

French and Belgium designers and motorcycles manufactures and use of motor cycle increasing steadily throughout first 30 year of the 20th century. young people had always been quick to appreciate it. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Motor cycle did not attain even slight public popularity until towards the end of 19th century. there is no doubt that it was firmly established in the 2nd of the 20th century the motor provided a mean of individual power transport combining reliability. in the united states the years after the world war 2nd witnessed a revival of interest that could be compare with the western Europe. later motorcycle engine units were carried in twin tubs card less were build up from tubing joined by either welding or brazing. Wuthembua of Germany in 1885.Damier” of cons tract. Shimoga 12 | P a g e . In both world wars. an appreciation of the value of two-wheeler laid the foundation for the remarkable revival of public interest in motor cycle. were widely use for military purpose and after world war second. mopeds and scooters. the continuing popularity of two wheelers transport has been question. Advantages moreover the sporting and travel appeal of the two wheelers expended yearly. Although at time. motor cycle. Development of machines: The development of motor cycle users study in the formative years positioning of te power unit varied but by 1910 designing has recognized that the most practical point was low and central. Economy and comfort.

shock observers. Shimoga 13 | P a g e . compression firing being on both strokes through a succession of passenger wall and parts. plastics and fiber parts. The industry purchases tires and tubes bearing speedometer. In the foreign section steel sheet are converted into needs like body cover. seat etc scale unit.Early single colander commercial motor cycle persistence in the second half of the 20th century. cables from recognized industries and they purchase wirings. where as they purchase carburetor from worlds best manufacturer like “SPACO”. Most models of than 250cc were four stroke in which value we employed with the compression firing in one direction (upward or downward) only many bellow else capacity were two strokes. wheel drums etc. gear units. “MICRO 130” “ORBITAL” because this is the part which help for better mileage. Manufacture of two wheelers in India: Most of the two wheelers industry doesn’t manufacture all the parts. some industry purchased spaces from small scale industry because to develop small-scale industries as per government industry. chasses and then welded it is then pointed through electrolysis Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. horns. the European method of ration an engine is by the volumetric displacement of the position in cubic centimeter. which has capacity to manufacture the right quality and quantity in a given time. They place order to best industry. bulbs. These two wheelers manufacturer industry manufacture only the main part like engine.

Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. The horse power rating state is used in some countries include the united state. Then the parts are assembled in the assembled section. The combustor was compact and reliable instrument measuring the sparely the preposition of fuel and air admitted the engine cylinder for expansion and able to serve indefinitely without major adjustments. Combustion and ignition were greatly improved over even the method of year earlier and be little resemblance to the sedimentary forms an pioneer motor cycles. The vehicle is then taken to test drive on test track. Elementary tube ignition given way to advance form of electrical generation by means of the magnetic or an induction coil. a rough equivalent in between 8 to 10 HP per 100 cc for model with 2 to 3 cylinder. Multiple cylinders ensure smooth running and because light weight models were cheap to run and easy to maintain. arrow had won for them for most position. If the vehicle perform well their standard vehicle is ready for dispatch. Two of the formats British design the4 stroke 100 cc water cooled velocity (E and the 2 stroke 250 cc aerial).process. Shimoga 14 | P a g e . The magnet was either separate piece of mechanism drive from the engine by means of grassing a chine or more integral with fly wheel.

CHAPTER-3 INTRODUCTION TO PRODUCT Introduction Technical Specification Feature Standard test condition     Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Shimoga 15 | P a g e .

Shimoga . Shimoga at 2004. This is a twin advantages by feature totally the choice one bike of the years.1 cc with 4 stroke air cooled OHC single cylinder engine with mileages of 60 KMPE (In Indian mode) this is one of the India most a prestigious tribute to a technologically superior bike. This bike is very powerfully it can reach 60 KM Speed with in a 5 fraction of seconds. This is introduced by HONDA Company Limited. This is Japanese technology Model bike. This is the 149. Technological specification:WEIGHT AND MEASUREMENT Kerb Weight Length Width 139 Kegs (Kick) 142 Kg (Self) 2090 MM 750 MM 16 | P a g e Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. This is a style bike. This is the first diamond shaped technology bike and very comfortable bike. This bike is and jested b over drive and business standard Motoring. This bike have a facility of the self starter and full up table so it is very rush free bike so it is bike of demo. Honda CB UNICORN is the first Tuff up tube and MONA SUSPENSION used bike of the India it is a Powerful economical and stylish bike of this bike is Manufacture by taking in the mina of both college student and officials its suits both category people because of its power and unbeaten style.Introduction to Product The Honda CB UNICORN was first introduced in SONA MOTORS.

m0 1.Height Wheelbase Fuel tank capacity Reserve PERFORMJANCE 1095 MM 1340 MM 13 Ltr 13 Ltr Accelerator (0-60 KM) 5 sec Mileage BODY Frame Front suspension Rear suspension Front tire Front break tier Rear break type Advanced design demand Frame telescopic frock Advanced technology more suspension 2.8 K.m) Paper type cv type Constant Mesh. Shimoga 17 | P a g e .3 ch.3 bhp@8000 rph (9.qm @ 5500 rph (12.75-18 240 MM disk 130 MM Drum 60 KMPL ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION Engine Type Displacement Net Power Torque Air filter Corroborator Transmission 4-Stroke air-cooled OHC single cylinder 149.1cc 13.9 K. 5 Speed gare Gear Shift Patter 1 down 44P Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.

the CB UNICORN boasts the best pick up in its class with cutting edge technology like cv carburetor. The CB UNICORN is a perfect fusion of sporty and macho design. pulse exhaust system and offset crank.5 Ah ()Kick) /12-7 Ah (Self) Head lamp Haloquen 12v/35 w . Style: Showing off the best in international styling the CB UNICORN is intensely to make head turn. with technologies like 5 speed gae box roller rocker arm and malty mapping the CB UNICORN is engineer to ensure a perfect balance of pick up and mileage. So its sit and relax while you zoom off to your destination. 3. each and every part is simply a work of art that excellent style. Mileage: The CB UNICORN delivers. Pick up. 2 way air jackets. an incredible 60 Kms to a liter with its aerodynamic body and a newly developed engine from Honda that develop high torques at a low RPM.2. Clocking 0-60 in amazing 5 secants. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.Electrical Ignitions Stating Battery Features 1. Shimoga 18 | P a g e Digital CDI (multi Mapping) Kick/self 12. From a racy front face and masculine fuel and to the sleek rear cowl and unique mono suspension. 2.

further add to the style appeal. a strain and fatigue free posture for long drives. Convenience: The CB UNICORN comes with a multitude of convenience. and also provide ample space for the rider and pillion but enable. every part of CB UNICORN exudes style in addition the all new sleek graphic. classy double tail lamp. drive the CB UNICORN all about the attention to detail Fitted with the stale of the art mono suspension and a strengthened and more flexible demand frame.4. Which offers you ease of starting up just at the push of a button? Fatigue free riding posture: Ample seating & pace and comfort riding position based on the human engineering provide. CB UNICORN has a self start version. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. which minimizes in silence of sadden puncture by 70%. Stability: Crafted to render only the smoothest. Mono –Suspension for comfort riding: State of the art mono suspension fitted on a tough yet flexible diamond frame gives the smoothes drive in all Indian riding condition. Racy front face. a state of the art primary kick and storage place under a seat. turn by flouting the best in international styling. fatigue free ride for both rider and pillion ever on long drives. aerodynamic cowl. Shimoga 19 | P a g e . It is the only motor cycle in India that comes equipped with a puncture resistant up tube in te rear tire. It take all kind of road shock with absolute ease in any Indian riding condition. New age stunning look: CB UNICORN can make head.

The phenomenal straight-line stability and able handling strong engine performance couple with technology wizardry. ride even in heavy traffic. Honda CB Unicorn is the first full tube bike in India. The HONDA CB UNICORN also offers the best technology for your money with a cv carburetor and a digital ignition. The HONDA CB UNICORN comes out to the best double digit BHP 4 stroke bike & in the country. The CB UNICORN comes out in top speed and initial pickup of 0-60 Km speed within 5 seconds. The vibration dampers on the handle ensure a vibration free aril for stability and a fatigue. The CB UNICORN’s digital ignition is the most advanced ignition system in this shoot out and kin to mapped ignitions in cars. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Shimoga 20 | P a g e .Vibration free dampers. Standard test condition: Important and special features: The power of HONDA CB UNICORN is four superior to any other bike in the test. Yet unseen on any Indian two-wheeler manes enough of a case to make it our choice. And its fuel efficiency cements its position further without a doubt.

Shimoga 21 | P a g e .CHAPTER-4 A PROFILE OF THE COMPANY  Introduction History Honda Products   Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.

weeklies. Only Japanese technology and spares are used in their two wheelers.507$ and with the production capacity of 3. They started sponsoring motor rallies. DIO. Its manufactory vehicles in India are CB UNICORN. Now company is planning to introduce new 125cc bike named SHINE. HONDA company is not concentrating more on TV advertisement but are giving add only dailies and Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. In 1981 the company started a marketing department because of the competition in the two wheeler industry. Shimoga 22 | P a g e . Their dealers are the authorized person to deal with finance for their regions. All the machines of products are Japanese model.6 million vehicles per year. is a newly established company. Here they manufacture both scooters and bikes. Ltd. Honda Company Limited network is all over the country sales service and spares. A company was international market and when the sales were zooming the annual sales of the company was 86. and motor cross this company finance their own manufactured products. Then it was concentrated only on fourwheeler but after it started concentrate on 2 wheelers in all over the world. It is a branch of Honda Company. ACTIVA. and ETERNO.The Profile of the Company: The Honda Motor Cycle and scooter India Pvt. The Honda Company was establishing in 1981. But in India they were started introducing their two wheelers after 2000. It is a highly technological basically company.

HONDA CB UNICORN It is stylish and powerful bike of the year. 4 stroke engine first time in India available in the electrical starter as a separate model. CB UNICORN is the indeed good bike. Shimoga 23 | P a g e . tuff-up tube and demand shape frame structure. also cashed the digital ignition system. CB UNICORN is the product of HONDA Company Ltd. 1 choice of the youth.Honda Company Limited Manufactures the following Vehicles 1. Biking biggest price of the year goes to the technology brilliance CB UNICORN which is an proficient motorcycle are any India has ever seen. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. having speed gear. The CB UNICORN has a 15cc 12 BHP engine that give you inscrutable power. This determines the optimum ignition timing with variable speeds to give you image power and pick up and intelligent corroborator that ensure every drop of fuel is utilized for unmatched fuel efficiency of 60 Kmpl. It is a 149. However the added auto decompression gives on easy kickstart always. its technologic at edge over other bike is in its built in computer. CBZ. and PULSUR. APACHI. if you are looking for a bike which does not compromise on power and mileage than year choice is restricted to just one. CB UNICORN facing a competition with its category bikes like. This is No. 1 cc engine. But its average sales compare to other bike is high because of its some special features like mono suspension. 1 bike position among all leading auto magazine is it them any surprise that CB UNICORN is so popular today among the Indian youth. Rarely has there been a unanimous choice for the No.

2. Tank capacity. The 80% sale of Honda two wheelers belongs to HONDA Activa. space under seat box multi reflector light etc. It blends the look of motor cycle with the comfort of scooter. electrical start. Shimoga 24 | P a g e . DIO _Get notice One look at the DIO will tell you it’s more an accessory than a mere convenience as India’s first motor scooter. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. 3. the DIO is it. It has a specialty like tuff up tube. this quality us to have the last world on style. It is designed for all category and all age people so it has a good demand in market. The body mounted hand lamp and sleek indicator leap right of the front. It is a power of scoter of 102 CC with a 6 ltr. If there ever existed an attention magnet. Ample legroom gives you an elegant poise. The body tapers into the tail light and at continue to draw attention of course. HONDA ACTIVA: Designed for every one Honda activa is the large selling scooter in India.

CHAPTER-5 A PROFILE OF SONA HONDA  Introduction to SONA HONDA Organization chart of the firm Price list of the two wheels of SONA HONDA The sale figure of the brand vehicle The sales figures of the HONDA CB UNICORN     Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Shimoga 25 | P a g e .

The credit of the success of goes to this person for his remarkable involvement in setting of the foundation for marketing Honda two wheeler. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Dio. Shimoga 26 | P a g e . SONA HONDA is the main branch in Shimoga for selling HONA bikes and spare parts and service to Honda two wheelers. Now Sona Honda mainly concentrating on the only 4 Honda two wheelers namely.H. It was started on July 2004 by the name SONA HONDA. SONA HONDA not only concentrate on the sale of the two wheelers it also concentrate on the spare parts and service to its customer. After the incorporation of the firm it is looked after by the some directors and managing director. Honda Activa. Like SONA HONDA in Shimoga Honda Company has a main branch in other districts of Karnataka they all are interrelated with SONA HONDA for to maintain demand and to increase the sale of HONDA two wheelers such main branches which inter connected with SONA HONDA are as follows. Road in front of Shanthi Agency. HAJI SULAIMAN is the active person of the firm he working as a managed director of the Sona Honda. HONDA ACTIVA is their main product because 80% of their sale contains Activa. SONA HONDA is the authorize dealer of the HONA two wheeler’s It is a Japanese based company.PROFILE The exclusive show room is set up in B. Honda CB Unicorn.

Mysore . Competitors: SONA HONDA is the recently established firm. lighting and other expenses. Shimoga 27 | P a g e .Tumkur . 250000 on the working capital and remain on the furniture. Scurry deposit.Bellary . salary.Mandya Capital an investment of the capital investment was made by HONDA Company through is share capital and remaining investment is made by the some director of the Sona Honda.GEM MOTERS NANDI HONDA ` PALACE HONDA SHREE HONDA CENTURY MOTORS SAQUR HONDA .00.Davanagere . In which they invested 30. now a day for to stand in the marked for any product and firm is difficult job because of compotators. SONA HONDA form the beginning facing computation from other showroom some of the important are  SUPREEEM MOTORS  SHANTHI AGENCIES  SANDESH MOTORS Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.000 on the land and building.Hassan .

The plant layout of the SONA HONDA 5 2 3 4 6 8 7 4 9 1 2 Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. which is also purely based on Japanese technology. cash section. Shimoga 28 | P a g e . Infrastructure system of the firm 1) Land and Building: The firm has a sufficient space for the land and building. waiting place. KARTHIK MOTORS Now firm planed to introduce two more types of two wheelers of HONDA Company. Now a day SONA HONDA also started reaching its 80% of target sales. The whole building is divided into three section first past consist for vehicle display. counter section. and chamber for manager and second section is kept for spare part display and spare parts storage and last section is kept for service area which contain some machinery and usage.

1) Vehicle display area 2) Customer waiting place 3) Manager chamber 4) Spare counter and storage area. Having special facilities like. Shimoga 29 | P a g e . average electricity bill. The firm gets 1000 as a Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Power: In the firm electricity plays on important role as service the product by electronic machine. showroom consumer power 60 to 100 units. 5) Counting section 6) Workshop supervisor office 7) Minor repair section 8) Major repair sector 9) Work table 10) Oil storage section. car washer set and plug checking machine. The electric power requirement of the firm is of 15 K. Machinery: The firm has well equipped machinery with water washing machine and special too with hand tools.v. These tools are used in service facility given to the vehicles. air compressor.

:Plug cleaner 8.Bike lifts 13. Pressure washer 3.Office staff of the firm. Tools equipments 9. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Shimoga 30 | P a g e . Gas analyzer 10.Hydraulics press 11. Parts cleaner 4.In case of machine or equipment boreal down they lake rapid action and call expert of that machine to repair it as son as possible so they can give quick service to the customer.Generator 14. Bench drilling 6. 1. Bench grinder 5. Air Compressor 2. Hand driller 7.Nomadic press 12.

MEMBER` Managing director Sales department Sales manager Receptionist Cashier Accountant DMS operator Spare department Spare manager Spare PRO Supervisor Spare assistance Service department Service manager Supervisor Mechanics (head Mechanic) Washing boys 1 2 4 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 No. Shimoga 31 | P a g e . of POSTS 1 Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.Office staff and workers of SONA HONDA include 19 peoples they are as follows.

Organization chart of the SONA HONDA SONA HONDA OWNER MANAGING DIRECTOR Service Department Accounting Department Spare Department Sales Department Service Manager Accountant Spare Manager Sales Manager Supervisor Clerk/ Computer operator Spare PRO Cashier Head mechanic Spare supervisor BMS Operator Spare PRO Spare Assistant Receptionist Washing Boys Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Shimoga 32 | P a g e .

46.53 5 Temp Reg. 350 350 350 350 350 1 year extendable warranty 375 375 425 400 750 Smart card 300 300 300 300 300 DD Chequ e 35 35 35 35 65 On Road Price 54.699 Insura nce 1238 1166 1542 1260 3124 Road Tax 5240 4960 8595 5310 90.828 1.823 CB UNICORN CB SHINE CBR 250 Sales figure of the CB UNICORN during the year 2011-12 of SONA HONDA MONTHS April May June July August September October November December January February March SALES 15 18 14 16 19 15 19 17 14 10 17 18 Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.70.483 1. Shimoga 33 | P a g e .864 75.766 55.678 64519 47.Price list of the two wheelers of SONA HONDA Name Activa DLX DIO DLX Code SCV110 SCV100 FA CBF 150 MA CBF 125 A STD ExShowroom Price 47.719 51.181 44.

Charting showing sales of CB UNICORN in the year 2011-12 CHAPTER-6 Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Shimoga 34 | P a g e .

MODERN MARKETING CONCEPT ‘ • Meaning and definition Modern Marketing Function of Marketing • • Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Shimoga 35 | P a g e .

Hence modern marketing is consumer oriented in its approach. In the sense it don’t refers to the above. Hence according to the modern marketing the firm makes an organized effort to satisfy the firm makes an organized effort to satisfy the consumer needs are desires. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. but it refers to the whole regions in which the buyer and seller. are interacted with on another. According to the PHILIP KOTEER “A market is an area for potential change i.e. according to this view a purpose of the business is to create a customer creation of customer means identifying the needs of customer and organizing the business according to meet the needs. Shimoga 36 | P a g e .MODERN MARKETING MEANING AND DEFINITIONS: The term marketing refers to gathering of people for purchase and sale of goods or service. and sellers interested in terms of purchase and sale of goods and service the negotiation may be face to face or through communication”. MODERN MARKETING CONCEPT: After 1950 the marketing is not just a physical process of exchanging goods and service but more than that. But for the marketing students it is used on the economic sense. a group of buyer.

E. the market research and collects information about their wants. In what quality of the product is decided after knowing the consumer behavior. with the consumer. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Modern marketing begins and end.In the words of J. Today before commencing the production. Features of Modern Marketing: Modern marketing is consumer oriented in part business of objective was to maximize profit and to increase the sales. Distinguish between rational and modern marketing. Shimoga 37 | P a g e . Traditional market is concerned with a more physical process connected with the exchange of goods and service. Hence modern marketing proceeds and succeeds production. Such a survey helps to sell the product easily for profit. PALE “Marketing is that pat of business activity through which human wants are satisfied by the exchanging of good and service. Every firm undergoes. This is because it is the consumer who determines that what should be produced and sold in the market. all efforts are to be mad to know the want and need of the consumer. It is concern with the creation of customers connected with exchange of good and service. But the aim of the modern business is to satisfy their needs and hence it is consumer oriented.

II. The assumptions of this philosophy are as follows. It aims at increasing firms profit as well as consumers satisfaction. 1. 1. 2. distribution and sale of good. 1. A mere good product is not enough but need aggressive advertising sales promotion and publications are top importance. It is concern with the production. It succeeds. • Producing the best product • Finding the buyer for the product • Convincing the buyer to buy the product. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. 2. It having short term goods. It succeeds both under seller market. Shimoga 38 | P a g e . It is concern with the distribution and sale of goods and products. IV. and buyer market. Sales Orientation: The failure of a production of a production oriented reshuffle give birth to the philosophy of the sale orientation. It aims at increasing the profit of a firm. and seller. 2. only in seller market. needed by the consumer. III. 1.I. 2. It is having long term goods.

and excavation of the consumer. Selling 4. for consumer welfare like pollution free environment and quality of human life. Shimoga 39 | P a g e . FUNCTION OF MARKETING: The various marketing functions are 1. preferences. By this method. which are capable of satisfying the taste. Hence social welfare becomes added dimension. Assembling 5.Consumer orientation: In this philosophy only such products. and wants should be know first and matching the products accordingly this concept care. Storing 8. Social Orientation: This concept was during 1870-1890 during that period there is an understanding that the consumer need. are brought into the market. Warehousing 9. To produce these types of products the marketing manager has to conduct the various type of survey and he should have to collect market information from various sources. Facilitating functions Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Functions & Physical supply 6. Functions of exchange 2. Transportation 7. the products can be produced which will satisfy the consumer needs. Buyer 3.

10. buying and selling are insupportable and both happen at same time.Financing 11. it is defined as the personal and impersonal process of assigning persuading a perspective buyer to buy the commodity.Market information 13. However under competition selling function is more complicated. retailer manufactures etc. seller is the person who sells the product.Standardization and grading.Risk bearing 12. its aim is to create and for a product and find buyers. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. It is carried out by whose sellers. Shimoga 40 | P a g e . Function of exchanging: Buying: Buyer is the first step of marketing function. The very objective of marketing to sell the product at a profit. and buyer gets the ownership of the product. Selling: Selling and buying are compliment to each other in business selling function is very important. Assembling: Assembling is concerned with collection and contraction of goods of the same time from different source at a place for further moment.

Functions of physical supply: Transportation: Here the good, are transpired from the place of production to the place consumption proper arrangement of transportation of goods, to the market is important. The cost of transportation is justified by the creation of place utility. Storage and warehouse: It is another function which involve holding and preserving of good, between the time of production and the time of there are the goods are preserved in order to carry from times of plenty to the time of scarcity. It helps consumer to purchase in small qualities as and when needed. Facilitating functions: Financing: Money is essential for transfer of goods and from producers to buyers. Finance is needed for middlemen and finally consumer. There is a gap of period between purchase of raw materials and finished goods are also till the consumer purchases it. This waiting period by undertaking financial position giving loans without credit. Goods move very slowly to the market and supply would be unpredictable. facilitate, marketing operation. Hence the credit is the lubricant that

Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce, Shimoga

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Risk Bearing: Here the risk means possible of lose and it happens due to unexpected happening F.E. : Goods may lost, destroyed, destroyed by fire, water, floods, earthquake etc., lose may also occur due to price fluctuations, changed in demand, bad debits sometimes, the government policy may also be the reason for business lose. Market information Accurate information is essential for marketing success. A

businessman should have the knowledge of market conditions to make plans and policies. Information even helps to solve many marketing problems. However the information should be accurate, adequate, and complete and up to date for any decision. Standardizations and grading: Standardizations means establishment of certain standard, based on the physical property of the product, standard, are set up by giving colour, size, shape, taste, strength, weight etc, hence the standard indicate an idea of uniformity. Short outing the goods according are the established standard and classifying them to different groups cons states grading helps in identifying the quality of the products. E.g.: Various types of cements are having their grades which insists the quality and performance of the cement which construction process..

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Importance Consumer behavior Determinant of buyer behaviors, internal factors Psychographics Conclusions

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preliminary to their production of goods. purchase consumer and tell other about “Product and service” each element of this definition is important. one can exist without the other. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Consumer behavior towards two wheelers Consumer behavior is comparative a new field of study. economics theories for more than a country have emphasized the fundamental proposition that economic endeavor is built round the production of goods and service for the satisfaction of human wants. customer as they become aware of evaluate. Shimoga 44 | P a g e . Many business concern have. It has assumed growing importance under market oriented or customer oriented marketing planning and management buyers market for many product and the growth of consumerism and consumer legislation since 1960 have created special interest in buyer behavior and the formulation of marketing mixes to respond favourable buyer behavior in the market place. therefore have giving greater thought to the stud of consumers needs and wants. Buyer behaviour is defined as all psychological and physical behaviour of potential.Importance: The importance of the consumer in our economic society has long been recognized. usable management understand of consumer behaviors to develop successful programmer can be obtained form behaviors survey. A mutuality of interest has been recognized between consumer and producers. It is the attempt to understand an predict human action is the buying role.

Inputs 2. Consumer behaviour is basically social in nature.Buyer behaviour involves both individuals (Psychological) process and group (social) Process. The model of behavior is a stimulus responds model. Buyer behavior includes communication. Hence social environment plays an important role i shaping buyer behaviour. purchasing and consumption behavior. Processing 3. Shimoga 45 | P a g e . He responded to stimulus or input and may purchase some products or service of interested to marketing management. Feedback loop Response may be division to Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Under Systems of buyer behavior have 1. Determinants of buyer behavior: Buyer behavior is a process consumer are subjected to various stimuli. Buyer behaviour is reflected with awareness right through past purchases evaluation indicating satisfaction or non satisfaction from purchase. The consumer mind is regarded as black box as we cannot see what is going on in his mind. Outputs 4. purchase or not to purchaser.

The output in form of buying a product is the object of the marketer.Buyer behaviour is an orderly process where by the buyer interested with his or her in environment making a purchase decision on products. Socio-cultural factors a) Family b) Reference group c) Social class d) Culture Environmental factor a) Economics b) Technological. a) Motivation b) Perception c) Learning d) Attitude e) Personality. legal and political factors Buyer behaviour is also one of the important marketing stately. Internal or individual factor or psychological factors. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. But this project is only a stud of consumer psychological behavior. Shimoga 46 | P a g e .

Motivates acts as a arriving force in the how toward purchase action. Motivation has direct cause and effect relationship motivation is the drive to act to move to obtain a good goal or an objective. It suggest that the reason behind consumer action are basically cognitive. Stimulation response learning theory is varying useful to modern marketers. personality traits and by outside influence such as culture and marketing effort motivation is buyer behavior is concern with the reason with the reason that interprets buyer to take certain action. learning theory is central topic in the study of human behavior learning is defined as all changes in behaviour that results from previous experience and behaviour in similar situation. but they involve a dynamic interact between the person and his or her social environment. Shimoga 47 | P a g e . It is perception. Buying is erotically affected by the learning experience of buyer. stimulate response.INTERNAL OR INDIVIUDUAL FACTORS PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTOR a) MOTIVATION: When a person perceives & stimulus he or she or may not move to respond the each a stimulus. b) LEARNING: All the things of buyer behaviour have been primarily based on learning model viz. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. It refers to a change in behaviour or reasoning thinking information. processing and of curs perception. attitudes.

D) PERSONALITY: In general perception and predisposition (attitude and beliefs) lead collectively to a constant response by the individual to environment. Personality is a complete psychological concept. Attitudes affect both perception and behavior. In general attitude is a state of mind a feeling. The primary feature is self concept to new person sees himself and how he believes others to see him as a particular time. It measures people action in term of It is good psychological factor combined with demographic factors. It indexes a pre disposition to behave is same way.C) ATTITUDE: Social psychologist attitude as an emotional predisposition to respond positively or negatively to an object or class of object predisposition can be through categories of meaning stored in the memory of the person and it is based in previous experience previous posing the person to behave in a specific manner towards a certain object in the environment. We change our attitude and belief slowly. PSYCHOGRAPHICS: Psychographics are life time marketing a new technique for analyzing and predicting consumer behaviour. This consistent pattern of behaviour is termed as personality. combination of demographics & psychological factors determining Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. A life style is a technological way of living in a dynamic society. are very important in explaining buyer behaviour. Shimoga 48 | P a g e . attitude. For ex once a consumer developed a brand loyalty it is hard to change is attitude and belief towards brand is unbelievable to him.

have proposed hire purchase scheme. companies. Now as the cost fuel is increasing drastically more and more consumer.consumer behaviour. CONCLUSIONS: The psychology of consumer towards two wheelers is: a) Luxurious b) Costly c) Inadequate fund d) Necessity. income) offers marketers life style dimensions. A profit of consumer based on life style can give a adequate portrayal of consumer as human beings the whole number model behaviour psychologist or life style of people tell us how people spend their money what are their opinion of social and political issue. activities. with the rapid growth of finance companies instability of finance at a very competitive terms have become popular and on average of 30 to 40 percent of the potential buyer apt for this facility Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. education. Shimoga 49 | P a g e . combined with chemo rat factors (Age sex. opinion. experia moderns prefers 100cc vehicle for the speed and other reason some other prefers four wheelers for the comfort. The necessity of the two wheeler scores over the other 3 points for the dynamics society two wheelers are considered to be luxury. For the benefit of consumer who are not having ad3quate fund. statements. interest. occupation. In easier days most of the people looking for two wheeler with the above 150 cc engines.

Shimoga 50 | P a g e .CHAPTER-8 ANALYSIS OF STUDY OF CONSUEMR ATTITUDE • Occupation Respond age group Educational qualification of the respond Different brands of vehicles possessed by the respondent • • • • Income of the respondent’s Source of vehicles information Opinion about Honda CB UNICORN Facilities expected from dealers • • • Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.

Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Shimoga 51 | P a g e . In our study the occupation of the respondents has been classified into 5 categories as shown in the following table. As for to twowheeler concern there are is dealer in the city. To find out the consumer attitude towards two wheelers that is motorbike a survey was conducted in Shimoga City. craft or trade of an individual. If not they are planning to purchase one. which an individual become completely engaged. Individual and group who satisfied their needs by obtain products and value from enterprises evolved in the manufactory of such products or provision of such service are called consumers. Among them there is a great need for two-wheeler Almost every family owns one. In case of the stud of the consumer behavior the responded plays a vital role. It also devolves the habitual employment. In this chapter we have analyzed the data of respondent.Analysis Study of Consumer Attitudes In case of studies of consumer behaviour the respondent play vital role. It is an Instruction of lively wood and an essential factor in a society. Occupation: Occupation refers to kinds of work. This would necessitate obtaining the accurate demographic sealing technique was made up of for this survey and the number of respondent chosen was so. profession.

No.TABLE-1 Classification of respondents Sl. Shimoga 52 | P a g e . 1 2 3 4 Occupation Government employee Business Student Any other Total No of Respondents 10 15 15 10 50 Percentage 20 30 30 20 100 Respondents of age group: Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.

The following table reveals the specification of respondents according to their age. No. 10% them belongs to 34-40 group and remaining to 10% belongs the group 41 and above. Chart Showing Classification of respondents based on age Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. 1 2 3 4 Age group (in year) 18-25 26-33 34-40 41 and Above Total No of Respondents 15 15 10 10 50 Percentage 30 30 20 20 100 This table indicates the age group of respondent out of which 80% of respondent belongs to 18-25 group 15% of respondents belongs to 26-33 group. Shimoga 53 | P a g e . TABLE-2 Classification of respondents based on age Sl.

Education qualification of respondent: The qualification of respondents has been classified in to 5 categories as shown in the following table. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Shimoga 54 | P a g e .

Shimoga 55 | P a g e . 1 2 3 3 4 Education (level) PUC Under graduate Graduate Post graduate Others Total No of Respondents 05 10 20 10 05 50 Percentage 10 20 40 20 10 100 TABLE-3 Indicates the educational level of respondents. No. 10% are ducted unto PUC and 20% are under graduate and 40 percent are educated unto degree and 20 percent are educate unto post graduation and 10 percent have other qualification Graph showing Classification of respondents on educational qualification Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.TABLE-3 Classification of respondents on educational qualification Sl.

Shimoga . No. 1 Different Brand HERO No of Respondents 23 Percentage 46 56 | P a g e Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.DIFFERENT BRANDS OF VEHICLES POSSESSED BY THE RESPONDENT TABLE-4 Owners of different brand of vehicles Sl.

It is the income that reflects the standard of living in a society. The following table presents monthly income of the respondent. TABLE-5 Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. The status social of individual different account of income variation within the same occupation.2 3 4 5 BAJAJ TVS YAMAHA OTHER BRANDS Total 14 05 03 05 50 28 10 06 10 100 Graph showing Owners of different brand of vehicles Income of the Respondent Family income is considered to be one of the main determinants of thon social and economical position. Shimoga 57 | P a g e .

40 percent belongs to the income group of above Rs. 700000-90000 and the remaining 10 percentage belongs to the income group of above Rs. 500000-700000. 1 2 3 4 Income Groups 30000-50000 50000-70000 70000-900000 Above 90000 Total No of Respondents 15 10 20 05 50 Percentage 30 20 40 10 100 TABLE-5 Indicates the income groups of respondents the total respondent 30% belongs to the income group of Rs.. 90000. 30000-500000.Classification of Respondent based on Income Sl. 20 percent belongs to the income group of above Rs. No. Graph showing Classification of Respondent based on Income Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Shimoga 58 | P a g e .

Shimoga 59 | P a g e .Sources of Vehicle Information The number of source gathering the information about the product or model by the prospective buyer. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. the degree of the impact of these sources of information and buyer purchase decision making is illustrated in table 6.

Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.e. 20 percent of respondent have come to know about this vehicle by watching advertisement and remaining 20 percent of respondent choose this vehicle by other sources. 1 2 3 4 Friends Friends observation Advertisement Any other Total No of Respondents 15 15 10 10 50 Percentage 30 20 20 20 100 TABLE-6 Clearly indicates that the sources of information is large by a observation factor which amounts to 30 percent. No. other influencing factor ID through friends i. Shimoga 60 | P a g e .Table-6 Sources of information about the vehicles Sl. 30 percent of the respondent have chosen it.

Shimoga 61 | P a g e .Graph showing the Sources of information about the vehicles Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.

1 2 3 4 OPINION Excellent Good Not bad Ineffective Total No of Respondents 15 25 05 05 50 Percentage 30 50 10 10 100 Line Diagram shows the Opinion about HONDA CB UNICORN TABLE-8 Facilities Expected From Dealers Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. No.TABLE-7 Opinion about HONDA CB UNICORN Sl. Shimoga 62 | P a g e .

Graph showing the Facilities Expected from Dealers Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. go to other facilities. Shimoga 63 | P a g e . 04 percent of the respondents. 20 percent of the respondent feel that guarantee is important. 1 2 3 4 5 After sale service After sale service periodic checking Installment facility Guarantee Any other Total No of Respondents 20 10 08 10 02 50 Percentage 40 20 16 20 04 100 According to above table 40 percent of respondent feel that an after sale service is essential. No. 20 percentage of respondent feel that periodic checking is important. 16 percent of the respondent feel that installment facility is important.Sl.

Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Shimoga 64 | P a g e .

SUGGESTION AND CONCLUSION • Summary of Survey analysis General suggestions Conclusion • • Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.CHAPTER-9 SURVEY FINDING. Shimoga 65 | P a g e .

SUMMARY OF THE SURVEY ANALYSIS: After the survey was conducted the following conclusion were drawn. quality. off course this may be part of the reason. Among 50% respondent 90% were owner of two wheelers and rest of the respondents. Now a day since cost of the fuel very high even though CB UNICORN is fuel efficient. Shimoga 66 | P a g e . 50 While considering the overall point most of them found HONDA CB UNICORN is worth for its price. performance. but for as Sona Motor is concerned most of the customer are satisfied with their services. From survey it is also learn that advertisement as a media is not enough to know about the model more demonstration about the product should be given. were still willing to purchase a bike among than again majority of them preferred HONDA CB UNICORN not because of its easy availability or style. And most of the customer are satisfied with their dealer service even though some respondent have expressed their dissatisfaction about their dealers. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. looking and durability. More than 70% of the respondent ops for a more fuel efficient bike. The consumer were much satisfied with their purchase of HONDA CB UNICORN and these who willing to buy it would also prefer the HONDA CB UNICORN. but still some customers have expressed that the mileage is good. but the actual reason was because of its.

At present customer buy spares from the local market because they are low priced. To maintain the quality where of the manufactures fail when they look more turnover or when their product is having a good demand in the market.Most of the consumer gives more preference to the style and customers are satisfied with their dealers but they want guarantee of the product and guarantee of dealer service. Once a manufacturer gets a top position in the market many of them fail to maintain the quality of the model. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. SUGGESTIONS IN GENERAL: To after accessories at discount price to customer. but customer forget that these spares part are not equivalent qualitative to those which are sold by authorized dealer To conduct free service camp and to give discount for the spare parts purchase during that period. This should be avoided so that they can maintain and improve their turnover. Every one prefers for two wheelers or bike for necessary. manufacture should conduct free service at least once in year at the dealer point and these service campuses should be supervised by the company service engineers. Shimoga 67 | P a g e . The dealer should improve the display of two wheeler in their show room so that customer will be attracted towards the dealer should light the advantages of the model when compared to other models.

So the advertisement should give all the particulars. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. To improve advertising the strategy in the media most of the customer buys their two wheelers after having a complete knowledge of the model. special feature and other specification. Shimoga 68 | P a g e .To insist the dealer through out the country to use a particular colour for their building and also a particular pattern and size for their names and emblems of the company through which a customer can identify the UNICXORN dealer without any difficulty. about te model regarding to cost factors.

It is preferable to have a service team for each area or region. And it is preferable to give credit facilitate for the spare parts purchased. Dealers feel that there should be proper supply of spare parts and there should be more margins for them. The dealer feels that there should be adequate supply of models with different colour to meet the customers’ choice. Shimoga 69 | P a g e . So that they can give discount to the customer and with the help of the discount they can complete in local market. There by there is a lose to the dealer and to the company. Company should give incentive for record sale done by the dealers so that they are interested to do more sale and also they can earn more profit.CONCLUSION: Dealer’s feet that at there is good supply of two wheelers but dealer feel that the supply should be stream lined so as to meet the customer demand. Because if the supply is delayed the customer may choose other brand. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Companies’ service engineers should visit their dealer at least twice in month so that the customer can have a direct contact with them and the customer can know betters about their vehicle.

There by dealer loses the sales and also customer gets a low quality spare parts. so that there will not be any price difference. Shimoga 70 | P a g e .The government should reduce the tax on both vehicle and spare parts so that they are available to the customer at the economical rate. Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Since the dealer investing a lot of money if the product does not give any satisfactory results the customer loses faith with dealer and the company. Because of higher tax customer prefer to buy the spare parts at local market. Dealers want their company to maintain the highest quality against lowest price so that the customer will be benefited. Government should make uniform tax policy throughout the country.

Shimoga 71 | P a g e .ANNEXURE • Questionnaire Bibliography • Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.

Age group : : : : a) male ( ) b) Female ( ) a) 18-25 ( ) c) 30-35 ( ) 5. A.CONSUMER QUESTIONNAIRE Dear respondent. The information supplied by you will be kept confidential and will be used for only academic purposes. R 1. Yours sincerely Sandesh. for my project report kindly fill up the questionnaire and give suggestion for the study. Name 2. Educational Qualification: a) PUC b) Graduate c) Under graduate d) Post Graduate e) Any Others ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 72 | P a g e b) 25-30 ( ) ` d) 35-above ( ) Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce.T.C. Sex 4.C . Address 3. Shimoga as a part of my BBM course. Shimoga. I am a student of final year BBM. Shimoga . I have selected “MARKETING OF HONDACB UNICORN” – A Case study of SONA HONDA.N.

If Yes name the brand a) Honda c) TVS d) Bajaj e) Hero b) Yamaha ( ) f) Any other ( ) 10. Shimoga 73 | P a g e . Do you have a Credit card a) Yes ( ) b) No ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 9.000 b) 50000-70000 c) 70000-90000 d) 90000-12000 e) Above 12000 ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 7.6. If no are you willing to purchase? a) Yes ( ) b) No ( ) Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Occupation a) Government b) Private c) Business d) Profession e) Agriculture f) Student ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) a) 30.000-50. Income group (Per Annum) 8.

Shimoga 74 | P a g e . In case the vehicle you have was not in the market then which vehicle would you like to buy? _________________________________________________________ 12. Year of Purchase 13.11. Factor you observe while selecting the vehicle rank them in order of your performance a) Price b) Appearance c) Technology d) Durability e) Quality f) Mileage g) Color h) Reserve i) Less Repair () () () () () () () () () Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Which Brand would you select : a) Honda c) TVS d) Hero ( ) ( ) ( ) b) Yamaha ( ) e) Any Other ( ) 12.

Have you Heard of “HONDA CB UNICORN” 1) Yes () 2) No ( ) 15. What is your opinion about HONDA CB UNICORN a) Excellent ( ) b) Good c) Not Bad ( ) ( ) d) Infective ( ) 18. Type of Purchase a) Cash ( ) b) Loan ( ) 17.14. If Yes How? a) Friends b) Observation ( ) ( ) c) Advertisement ( ) d) Showroom visit ( ) e) Any Other service ( ) 16. What facility do you expect form your dealer? a) After Sales service b) Periodic checking c) Installment facility d) guarantee e) Any other () () () () () Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. Shimoga 75 | P a g e .

Do you find anything superior to the HONDA UNICRON. Shimoga 76 | P a g e . a) Yes a) Poor Service b) No checkup c) Expensive d) No facilities f) Any Other b) No ( ) () () () () () 20.19 Are you satisfied with your dealer service. What are your valuable suggestions for improving HONDA CB UNICORN Acharya Tulsi National College of Commerce. If no what are the factors? e) Delay in service ( ) 21. You need two wheelers because? a) Necessity b) Style c) Prestige () () () b) No ( ) d) Other reasons ( ) 24. a) Yes ( ) 22. If yes in what aspect a) Price c) Style ( ) ( ) b) Quality of Performance ( ) d) Any other ( ) 23.

BIBLIOGRAPHY MAGAZINES NEWSPAPERS JOURNALS & MAGAZINES : BUSINESS INDIA MARKETING MANAGEMENT : Philip kotler • Company circulars • Auto car India • Auto spot • Free Ads • Over Drive INTERNET 1. Shimoga 77 | P a g e .com Acharya Tulsi National College of 3. www. www. Wikipedia HONDA MOTORS 2.