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When he first got to know her, it was as a fan.

*Flashback* She had been commenting on his cyworld for as long as he could remember. After he had made the very first post, there she was, leaving a comment about how he’d always have her support. Since then, whenever he posted a new entry, she would comment. Sometimes it would be a paragraph, sometimes a sentence, or even just a ^^ but no matter what it was, she would leave a comment just to let him know that she was still around. 1 year passed, then 2 and 3; and even though Super Junior had undergone many changes, everything on his cyworld remained unchanged. As usual, she would leave a comment after each cyworld entry and even though he never ever responded, he was grateful that he still had her support. Then on the 15th of November 2008, there was nothing. He had posted a photo that he had taken, and he expected her to comment as usual, but the comment never came. 3 days passed, and after a week, he began to get worried. Previously, when she had known that she’d be unable to comment, she would always mention in one of her comments that she’d be away for abit. But this time, no such comment was left. Sure, it was ridiculous of him to be so concerned about someone who he hardly knew, and he had never even talked to her for heavens sake. But for some reason, he just couldn’t shake the sense of uneasiness that surrounded him. After not hearing anything for 2 more weeks, he had lost weight and even the other members had noticed that he seemed to be more distracted than usual, whether be it on variety shows, or even just in practice. Finally, he could no longer bear the suspense and ignored the inner voice inside of him telling him not to be stupid, sending her a private message on her cyworld asking her if she was okay. He didn’t hear anything back for the next 4 months. The 3 rd album had been released but there was nothing but silence on her front. He had just logged into his cyworld after a jam packed week when he noticed that he had a new private message in his inbox. “Hello! I’m sorry for making you worry...Don’t be worried – I’m back again! Basically, I fainted one day and after running many tests, the doctors found out that I had a rare genetic disease. My parents then immediately flew me out to undergo treatment overseas...I was in the hospital all that time so I didn’t really have access to the internet and couldn’t leave my usual comments  I’ve better now though and I see you guys have released a new album! Congratulations! ”

he asked her where and she described the scenic place to him. she was a little on the skinny side. “Yea. the tension on his shoulders finally dissipated and a small smile formed on his face. He could see for himself that she was fine. obviously pretty sick if she had to stay in hospital for 4 months. He found her under her favourite tree by the lake 5 days later. Every Sunday afternoon. This became a weekly ritual for them. standing at the altar watching his beautiful bride come towards him. the awkwardness passed and soon. and even now.But she said that she was better now”. Realising that there was someone in front of her. one part of his mind argued. she soon became so much more than just a fan to him and he only became conscious of that fact when she disappeared from his life. *End flashback* Yes. Now. he messaged back saying that he was to glad to finally hear from her and innocuously asking how she spends her days nowadays.He breathed a sigh of relief. she tilted her head up to see who it was. Well. So. “How sick? Well. casting a shadow over her book. Suddenly. Initially. they were chatting comfortably about daily happenings. 6 weeks passed before he finally got up the courage to officially ask her out. but she might just be telling you that to stop you from worrying”. and he contemplated on whether he should introduce himself or not.” he scolded himself. he was glad that he took the opportunity to introduce himself. he finally walked up to her. her lips formed an ‘o’ in surprise. he thought that she looked beautiful but you could tell that she had recently lost alot of weight. he first got to know her as a fan. the thought came that he could go visit her to see how she was really doing for himself. After worrying for so long. but without realising it. in addition to still being his number one fan. 5 years later. But after hesitantly talking for 20 minutes. that was his immediate reaction anyways. As now. When she had replied that she spent most of her days now reading outdoors. it was awkward. After 10 minutes of debating with himself. using her hand to shade her eyes from the sun and when she saw that it was him. “She was sick?” he thought to himself. she had become so much more. When he first saw her. . he would come to the park to look for her and they would spend the next few hours talking. his other side countered. Yah .