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Idigo ice cream strategically change

Executive summary
The report had analysed the full issues of the companies and the market of the relevant industry. Seeing the whole study one should find the expert views and ideas relevant to issues which was acknowledge the plans of the company in which is more concerned to the revenues of the company as well as maintaining the customer. The explanation by the different experts and business philosopher has mention in the report which would study the strategy of company. There are various strategy and analysis techniques and tools develop by the experts of marketing in order to maintain the product and services more sustainable. In this report the whole strategy planning is shown with the execution level of decision making by the new CEO, as what changes in the management been shown. The environmental scanning would show the merits and demerits of the company so it would be real easy for the company. Looking to the fast food industry one should reveal that ice – cream markets are very much seasonal and obvious. The each country and region places more importance, as the companies situated in the hot region and country where the weather is milder will make the company work more sustainable. The international markets of the ice cream are not so much develops but the companies like marks and spencer holds the huge name in it.

The idigo ice cream incorporated is just the concerned about the making of the ice cream and delivering to the customer in the store as well as the home delivery. The idigo ice cream company is also providing the services of catering in the different functions in order to build the products and services. This company is looking forward for the manufacturing of ice cream in the whole country, but due to lot of the substitute products available in the market the company leader needs to bring certain managerial changes, this company hire new leader, as this leader is not the scholar in the same industry but the sense of studying the market is more powerful. The leader should over look towards the strategy issues such as key issues. These key issues make the company strategy more planned and unique; so that company hold the strength to make more profits in the future with gradually increase the market share of the company. As the company CEO, the CEO should hold the details study of the company and its strategies for the previous years, even it should measured its strategies using the tools and techniques which are design by the experts of business leaders. This company should analysis using the planning techniques of the strategy and look forward to the issues which are important for proper design.

Strategic Management

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motivate & involve. Provide a basis for more detailed planning.and a risk. This may not be a recipe for success. It also can cause some internal conflicts .often the decisions about what business to NOT compete for or activities to NOT do.What is a Strategic Plan? Entrepreneurs and business managers are often so preoccupied with immediate issues that they lose sight of their ultimate http://www. Strategic Management Page 2 . but without it a business is much more likely to fail." Peter Drucker "An effective strategy is an integrated array of distinctive choices about which markets a company serves. and conflicting priorities. A sound plan should: Serve as a framework for decisions or for securing support/ provides a sense of direction and purpose behind which all activities can be aligned." Prof Jan Rivkin A good strategy will have 3 key elements: Creating a clear strategy for an organization has many advantages .planware. Stimulate change and become building block for next plan. conflicting opinions. what unique value proposition it offers to the customers. The best strategic decision is only an approximation . Assist benchmarking & performance monitoring. The ideal aim is to establish a unique and valuable proposition involving the activities of the organization. That's why a business review or preparation of a strategic plan is a virtual necessity. "One always has to balance conflicting objectives.htm The effectiveness of any plan is dictated by the amount of work which goes into the planning process. Explain the business to others in order to inform. and how it arranges its functions to deliver that value.

http://www. In this kind of products make close substitute products are available which makes the customer mind change and understand the proper implications of customer thinking. promotions. The company holds less marketing strategy as the company is not dealing with the customer directly some times. The main strategic requirement of the company is to look forward and work towards the statistics issues regarding the management of the company. the idigo ice cream should think about the whole sales ice cream. there are different store should be open as ice parlour as well as the products should be distributed to the different retail store such as departmental and store and fast food store etc. There is no proper marketing strategy and budgets are been prepared which would make the company to design the launching of its services in the best way. competition puts extra pressure on top management. and vision as it is very much important for the company. and other markets such as hard drinks etc. energy drinks. methods of Indigo ice cream strategic issues There are different issues which was faced by the idigo ice cream was. It is just as important to include the ''soft'' views and intuitions of those in key positions throughout the organization as the traditional hard data. manage and use information into targeted. no cost leadership strategy etc. There are no budgets been measured that how much the time one should be looked. The products should be available with the different services and products. Every Strategic Management Page 3 . such as example is like soft drink markets. The more successful organizations are those that gather. technology. The need to keep thinking about your business and how it is equipped to cope with the demands of the market and customer needs and expectations. no marketing strategy. There are no promotions done by the company which should be done and these issues make the company more compatible. Task 2 Social mission for strategy The company should work in the mission. As in consideration with the retail industry. actionable activities.solutions4training. close substitution products. there are several availability of the advertising scheme.The constantly fast-changing world we live in demands a clear organizational strategy. but the company should do advertising more powerful because through advertising the awareness of the products are been viewed in the market of the company. retail industry.

as the CEO of the company Abraham it had over view the social mission of the company and tries to applied in the strategy. and serves the customer and society in the best possible manner. They track industry and competitive trends. such as chief executive officer. It addresses the basic question that faces all strategists: What is our business? A clear mission statement describes the values and priorities of an organization. A mission statement identifies the scope of a firm's operations in product and market terms. With this decision of the CEO there are lot of changes in the company had been notice from this one of the it was it had become more authentic for the customer and make customer feel like more importance. Through the social mission strategy the CEO had made the social marketing concept more clear in the ice cream corporation of idigo. president. philosophy. A good mission statement describes an organization's purpose. The customer is considered as the partners of the company. The mission of the company is also important because it made the company objectives work on that path which the main purposes of building of the company. Mission is considered as the one stone of the foundation of the strategic management. and develop creative action plans. executive director. According to Vern McGinnis. Strategists are individuals who are most responsible for the success or failure of an organization. had its vision building which they should be looking forward to build up to that much level in the functioning of business. develop forecasting models and scenario analyses. as the company mission is mostly to deal with each and every customer up to excellence level making satisfactory products with full potential services. There are lot of the social responsibility coming in the business which should be taken care of at the time of uplifting the business. a mission statement should Define what the organization is and what the organization aspires to be. chair of the board. Strategists are individuals who form strategies. A mission statement broadly charts the future direction of an organization. analyze. Strategic planners usually serve in a support or staff role. customers. Without the mission the company holds no aim or the purpose to do business and the objectives are also not been decided this can make more authentic in the matters of expanding the business as well as enlarging the business activities. Mission statements are "enduring statements of purpose that distinguish one business from other similar firms. products or services. and owner. chancellor. spot emerging market opportunities. As in these companies the whole history is left for the using in the planning of strategies. markets. or entrepreneur. identify business threats. and main components of delivery business. Developing a mission statement compels strategists to think about the nature and scope of present operations and to assess the potential attractiveness of future markets and activities. and basic technology. Strategic Management Page 4 . and organize information. The CEO has to develop the main strategy looking towards the company’s mission. Strategists help an organization gather. Strategists have various job titles. as this marketing concept made the social responsibilities of the customer more authentic. evaluate corporate and divisional performance.

In this ice cream corporation the working was done the basis of informal organisations structure. But i would recommend to the firm to change its organisations structure because this structure is very much personally and complex if the unit plans to expand. like the formal structure is quite important for the large scale units because there are lot of the employees which should be allocated to one position for the certain level of work. A good mission statement reflects the anticipations of customers. This concept of the mission is build up by the company where the importance is shown to customer rather than holding the necessary things for the company. In this work flow is very much of confusion. The structure of organisation is very important for the successes of the business. as this company hold more than certain amount which would deliver the concept of social marketing. and Be stated in terms sufficiently clear to be widely understood throughout the organization.De limited enough to exclude some ventures and broad enough to allow for creative growth. Serve as a framework for evaluating both current and prospective activities. Distinguish a given organization from all others. and importance of social mission. There are lot of the companies who hold all the necessary information regarding the company. There are lot of experts which are thinking that organisations should in the more national ways such as informal way is also important for the team to achieve their plans and goals. The CEO should try to change the organisation structure in to the formal structure this structure makes the functioning and working of the units in more better and formal way. The companies hold the power of organising which should be taken care of first as one of the experts shows the importance of the organisation Strategic Management Page 5 . There are no specialisations of the employees as everyone in the company can change or shift their places when they plan to work at different level of the unit. the operating philosophy of organizations should be to identify customers' needs and then provide a product or service to fulfill those needs. It shows the whole flow of the work. as which employee is line up where with what kind of activities. Rather than developing a product and then trying to find a market. Task 3 The organisation structure In every business houses the structure of the firms is very important as this structure is making the working and functioning of the operations.

much stronger but less-organized firms. Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors. being located in the same area. E. the ninety divisions could perhaps be regrouped into ten SBUs according to certain common characteristics such as competing in the same industry.html Strategic Management Page 6 .  http://www. A wellorganized firm generally has motivated managers and employees who are committed to seeing the organization succeed. Lumpkin and Eisner (2007) “Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantages”.html  (1998). and in some cases defeating. P.  Dess. Thus the structure of idigo ice cream should be formal which i would recommend to the CEO for the better strategic plans and working of the company more effectively. New York: McGraw Hill  Porter.scribd. This change in structure can facilitate strategy implementation by improving coordination between similar divisions and channelling accountability to distinct business units. There are countless examples in history of well-organized enterprises successfully competing against. M. There are various aspects which make the organisations feels keep the informal structure that is because of its various advantages but this advantages fails in long terms aspects. In the ninety-division conglomerate just mentioned. Free  Anderson D and Dawes S (1994) “Strategic information management: conceptual framework for the public sector” 335-353. Resources are allocated more effectively and used more efficiently in a well-organized firm than in a disorganized firm”. Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors. E. New York: The Free Press  Kotler. Social Marketing: Strategies for Changing Public Behaviour. The SBU structure group’s similar divisions into strategic business units and delegate’s authority and responsibility for each unit to a senior executive who reports directly to the chief executive officer. M. Reference  Porter. New York: The Free Press. New York: McGraw Hill. (1998).structure by saying that “The purpose of organizing is to achieve coordinated effort by defining task and authority relationships. or having the same customers. Organizing means determining who does what and who reports to whom. 1989.

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