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FEMALE LABOUR INTRODUCTION In female labour I am focusing on prostitution and sex trafficking.

Firstly, I will define the meaning of prostitution and prostitutes. Their conditions and position in the society and how society regard them. I will also define the role of the state in the condition of prostitutes and I will define the venereal diseases act that came up during colonial period and their effect on the prostitutes. In the end I will show their plight through the three bollywood songs that were related to the institution of prostitution. The songs are:     Mar Dala- devdas Man sat samandar dol gaya- chameli Agle janam mohe bitiya na kijo- Umrao jaan Tumhari mehfil mein- Umrao jaan

from being punishable to a regulated profession. The alternative word used for prostitutes is whore. ‘pro’ meaning “up front” or “forward” and siture defined as “to offer up for sale”. The person who receives payment for sexual services is called a prostitute. a sex worker also means anyone who works widin the sex industry or whose work is of sexual nature and is not limited solely to prostitutes. Most sex worker activists group rejects the word “prostitute” and since the late 1970’s have used the term sex worker instead.Prostitution is the act or practice of providing sexual services to another person in return for payment. The legal status of prostitution varies from country to country. We have seen that there is a shift in image of prostitute as an innocent victim of social injustice to one that portrayed as a threatening social problem. A literal meaning can be: to put up front for “sale” or to “place forward”. The word prostitute is derived from the latin word prostitute. . We have seen that during colonial period the institution of prostitution was supported by the state in the beginning and they do not interfere with this but when venereal diseases spread like an epidemic they condemn prostitutes. However.

They divided them into two categories: first. They face violence from police and criminals. officials and the people in power called them the army of fallen women. They had many physical and mental problems. The question of white and black. who will serve the European aristocratic class. In present times the sex workers live in a coercive environment. They were subjected to internal examination in which they were humiliated.They restricted their movement and locked them in hospitals which were set up for this cause. During colonial period they started registering the prostitutes and differentiating the common prostitutes. It gave them opportunity to dictate the life of these women. The first class prostitutes were not allowed to have sexual intercourse with the native men. who will serve only natives. The state. It is witnessed that the black women was subjected to mote humiliation than a white woman during the medical examination. This also had a race angle to it. second. If they were found out guilty of such act they were punished and fined. The female sex workers had right to:  Bodily integrity  Pleasure .

According to the state officials the institution of prostitution should be eradicated because it is evil and will taint the society. Why? Because she sell her body for earning her livelihood. They see a prostitute as someone inferior. Livelihood  Self. The girls were kidnapped at a very tender age and sold into this institution. But this is only the one side of a coin. The society should be broad minded in it’s approach. The society does not see their earning as honest. The state and it’s officials have definitely had the double standards and they are manipulating the society for their own good. It is also viewed as a darker side of globalization. In a way they are ones who are responsible for their condition and position in the society. . From outside they are against this institution but internally they are the ones who are supporting this. But will it not taint the society when they themselves go to them for the sexual favours. In public they say that they will eradicate this social evil and will find them the respectable jobs. But she is like everyone else.determination  A safe working environment The problem lies here in the perspective of the society. The other part of it is sex trafficking which is also known as the forced prostitution. no reputation and without respect.

There are no rules to dictate his life but in fact he dictate the rules. what is proper and what is not. In patriarchal male dominated society the controlling of female sexuality is the symbol of their male power. The woman should be faithful to his husband to towards her duties. and female prostitution has long been identified as form of deviant behavior that separates the sexually ‘pure’ good woman from the sexually promiscuous ‘bad’ woman/whore. But it’s not a necessary condition for a husband as he can take as many mistresses as he wish. The society will dictate it’s terms that how should she will behave. strength and dominance. The man is always free from this burden. it has also created opportunities for traffickers to make use of the social vulnerabilities of many women to entice and coerce them into increasingly lucrative sex industry. In our society the women were seen as mere chattels in male hands .On one hand globalization.economic reforms has created paid jobs for women and facilitated women’s mobility across the borders and within in search of employment. The freedom was never given to females in our society because according them they will become stray and that won’t be allowed. The control of female sexuality has been one of the easiest form of patriarchal dominance. along with macro. On the other hand. The burden of the morals and values are always placed on the a woman’s shoulder. It shows his masculinity.

strategic or structural. The flow of human trafficking for sexual exploitation involves almost every country in an intricate web.000 are trafficked across the international borders each year. They are treated as slaves without wish and will. Trafficking og females to feed the sex industry occurs both domestically and internationally. The former are event related and involves a specific . The roots of trafficking are structural and systematic and prevention efforts must address some of the fundamental issues that render women vulnerable to sex trafficking. The intensive use of internet to promote the global sex industry is also a major facilitator of female sex trafficking. but is believed that between 600. education and wage employment. The shame and stigma associated with female sex work and illegality of prostitution in most countries worldwide had pushed the activity underground. 70% are females and 50% are children which are sold into commercial sex trade. This include the profound disadvantages for women in terms of poverty.trafficking measures are immediate/ reactive. They do not have free will. Regional statistics on female sex vary and difficult to estimate with precision. This had resulted in trafficking becoming the primary means of forced recruitment in to the global sex industry.who can direct them as they wish. The anti.000 and 800.

This type of work came under lawenforcement sectors of the government.individual or a group. Few NGO’s work in this area. . These activities require an urgency of rescuing a girl or a woman from the recruiters and preventing possible trafficking incidents. The rescue operation demands – immediate shelter for potential victims and it is offered by NGO’s.

If they are leading a comfortable life that doesn’t mean everyone had a comfortable life. Poverty and unemployment often leads to this. Either they were kidnapped at very tender age. forced into it or took it as last resort. But in eyes of society it is not respectable occupation but they do not understand that every picture can’t be perfect. . In the picturisation of these songs the women who were singing are all victims of the institution of prostitution.The interpretation of songs: All these songs are related are related to brothels and bars. They don’t see that it can be their last resort. They failed in seeing the hardships of this occupation.