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Facility Layout - Objectives, Design and Factors Affecting the Layout

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Management Basics Management Functions Planning Function Organizing Function Supply Chain Management | Inventory Management | ERP - I | ERP - II | Business Process Management | BPO | Disaster Recovery | BCM | Project Management | Production Management Six Sigma - Introduction | Six Sigma - Define Phase | Six Sigma - Measure Phase | Six Sigma - Analyze Phase | Six Sigma - Control Phase | Six Sigma - Team | Import & Export Management Staffing Function Directing Function Controlling Function Organizational Behaviour Motivation Interpersonal Leadership Relationship Communication - Basics & Team Building 0 Tw eet 0 Share 6 Strategies ValuesLike & Ethics StumbleUpon Business Communication Conflict Management Managerial Communication Workplace Politics Introduction Time Management Negotiation Corporate Etiquettes Public Relations For an organization to have an effective and efficient manufacturing unit, Corporate Dressing Risk Management it is important that special attention is given to facility layout. Facility Personality Development Crisis Management layout is an arrangement of different aspects of manufacturing in an Organization Culture Workplace Violence appropriate manner as to achieve desired production results. Facility Organization Management Virtual Teams layout considers available space, final product, safety of users and Change Management Public Administration facility and convenience of operations. Organizational Diversity Non Profit Organizations Decision Making An effective facility layout ensures that there is a smooth and steady Marketing flow of production material, equipment and manpower at minimum Marketing Management Consumer Behaviour cost. Facility layout looks at physical allocation of space for economic Marketing Research Sales Management activity in the plant. Therefore, main objective of the facility layout Advertising Management Retail Management planning is to design effective workflow as to make equipment and Mass Communication International Retailing workers more productive. Strategic Management Services Marketing Corporate Governance E - Marketing Production & Operations Management Corporate Social Integrated FacilityMarketing Layout Objective Ads by Google Responsibility Communications Competency Relationship Design Layout Management Customer A model facility layout should be able to provide an ideal relationship between raw material, equipment, manpower and Brand Management Management Layouts Layout final product at minimal cost under safe and comfortable environment. An efficient and effective facility layout can cover Strategic Brand Relationship followingMarketing objectives: Management Management Business to Business Marketing Production & Leadership Operations Management Brand Multi Level Marketing To provide optimum space to organize equipment and facilitate movement of goods and to create safe and Operations: Policy and Strategy Social Media Marketing Market Segmentation comfortable work environment. International Production Management Product Management Managing Technology in OM To promote order in production towards a single objective Value Analysis To reduce movement of workers, raw material and equipment People Management Effective ProductManagement Design To promote safety of plant as well as its workers Personnel Process Design and Analysis To facilitate extension or change in the layout to accommodate new product line or technology upgradation Human Resource Management Integrated Product Development To increase production capacity of the organization Human Resource Development Facility Location Compensation Management Facility Layout An organization can achieve the above-mentioned objective by ensuring the following: Job Analysis & Design Demand Forecasting Performance Management Better training of the workers and supervisors. Capacity Planning Based Assessment Competency Creating awareness about of health hazard and safety standards Aggregate Planning Employee Development Optimum utilization of workforce and equipment Materials and Resource Planning Training & Development Encouraging empowerment and reducing administrative and other indirect work Production PlanningManagement and Control Participative Operations Scheduling Employee Relationship Factors affecting Facility Layout Waiting Line (Queue) Management Management Inventory Management and Just In Career Development Facility layout designing and implementation is influenced by various factors. These factors vary from industry to industry Time Talent Management Warehouse and Materials Management but influence facility layout. These factors are as follows: Human Capital Management Material Handling Knowing Your Employees The design of the facility layout should consider overall objectives set by the organization. Maintenance Policy and Repair Employee Behaviour Optimum space needs to be allocated for process and technology. Quality A Tool for Achieving Workplace Efficiency A proper safety measure as to avoid mishaps. Excellence Employee Engagement Overall management policies and future direction of the organization Quality Control Techniques Knowledge Management World Employee Class Manufacturing Retention Work Study Industrial Engineering Design of Facility Layout Social and Entrepreneurship Quantitative Techniques Youth Entrepreneurship Principles which drive design of the facility layout need to take into the consideration objective of facility layout, factors What is Learning Curve ? Operations influencing facility layout and constraints of facility layout. These principles are as follows: Reliability and Redundancy Supply Chain Management Inventory Management Flexibility: Facility layout should provide flexibility for expansion or modification.

Facility Layout - Objectives, Design and Factors Affecting the Layout



Facility Layout - Objectives, Design and Factors Affecting the Layout

Enterprise Resource Planning - I Space Utilization: Optimum space utilization reduces the time in material and people movement and promotes Enterprise Resource Planning - II safety. Business Process Management Capital: Capital investment should be minimal when finalizing different models of facility layout. Globalization Business Process Outsourcing Design Layout Techniques Disaster Recovery Management Business Continuity Management There are three techniques of design layout, and they are as follows: Project Management 1. Two or Three Dimensional Templates: This technique utilizes development of a scaled-down model based on Production & Operations approved drawings. Management Management Information System 2. Sequence Analysis: This technique utilizes computer technology in designing the facility layout by sequencing out Business Process Improvement all activities and then arranging them in circular or in a straight line. Total Quality Management Six Sigma - Introduction 3. Line Balancing: This kind of technique is used for assembly line. Six Sigma - Define Phase Six Sigma - Measure Phase Types of Facility Layout Six Sigma - Analyze Phase Six Sigma - Control Phase There are six types of facility layout, and they are as follows: Six Sigma - Team Import & Export Management Line Layout Finance Functional Layout Financial Fixed Position Layout Management Cellular Technology Layout Financial Accounting Combined Layout, and Portfolio Computerized Relative Allocation of Facility Technique Management Economics

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