Com” A Project Report Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of award of MBA Degree



Gandhinagar. JULY 2006


We hereby, declare that the Summer Project Report titled “Report on customer satisfaction at ICICI Direct.com, Rajkot is original and has not been published anywhere. This has been undertaken for the purpose of partial fulfillment of Gujarat University requirements for the award of the Degree of Master of Business Administrations.

Date: Place: Gandhinagar

________________ Yogesh Bhatt

___ ____________ Umesh Pal


Practice makes a man perfect. Training in a one of the major player of online trading, has indeed been very interesting and a good learning process for me. This practical training makes it easy job to understand the work methodology of the company and candidate can get detailed knowledge about specific specialization area. It is a famous saying in Japan that the person who has read 1000’s of pages is not worth that the person who has traveled for 100’s of meters. This indicates the importance of exposure to the practical life. Knowing the importance of practical knowledge this M.B.A program is having an integral part training of two months as a practical fulfillment of the course and that’s why we get the opportunity of working with ICICI Web trade Ltd. One of the members of ICICI Group.


Prepared by:Yogesh Bhatt. how to deal with the subordinates.  4 . Like how to behave as an employee in the organization.We have tried our level best to collect the information. We feel nice that we got a chance to work with the organization which is a market leader in its segment. In the mean time of our summer project we have learned many things. The report is made on the basis of the discussion with executives of the company and other source of information. In an organization each small things is important. All the required relevant information has been obtained from the company. how to get work done. This exercise has helped us to sharpen many skills.

Umesh Pal. S G Das(MBA Coordinator). Ranjani (Placement Coordinator) as well as all others members of the institute. Firstly We are very grateful to Mr. Acknowledgement is not a mere formality but a genuine opportunity to thank all those people without whose active support. as the organization for our Summer training.Chinnam Reddy (Director). Mrs. this summer internship project would not be possible.  5 . who gave us this excellent opportunity to join ICICI Webtrade Ltd. Dr. S.

And it is engaged in the online share trading business. Mr.com). Special thanks are to all the other staff. During the project we  6 . Leader.Words defeat us in expressing my deep sense of gratitude for Mr. Girish Iyer(Senior Officer). Friends for all the encouragement. In the summer project we have analyze many thing. whose ICICIDirect. inspiration and motivation. We learned a lot from their wide knowledge and experience. we also like to thank those who have helped us directly or indirectly for their guidelines and support. ICICIDirect) continual support and practical guidance enabled us to overcome all the challenges posed during this project. Finally. Vimal Vyas(Team Nirav Shah (Unit Manager. The organization in which we have work is the market leader in its segment. Colleagues.

have learn many things and many real aspect that help while working in the organization.com In the market. Due the advantages that online share trading offer there is huge scope for this industry. As and when the competition increase. Also there are lot more other services like Online invest in mutual fund. One of the services that we find attractive in it is. Online IPO. invest in Govt. Service offered by the ICICI web trade is good compare to others. Kotakstreet etc. ICICI Web trade is also known as ICICIdirect. brokerage is likely to .com is slightly higher than the other player. infrastructure problem. 5paisa. And Industry is likely to increase decrease. Brokerage of ICICIdirect. Mobile alert etc.  7 in the future. online purchase insurance scheme. Sharekhan.com. bonds. and low bandwidth and low speed. There are many other players in the market like Indiabulls. There is bright scope for the industry in the future. But there are lot many hurdles in the path of its success like internet penetration.


The concept was visualized by one bill porter. The major players are ICICIdirect. Just imagine. 5Paisa. Kotakstreet.Com. Who provide online quotes and trading services to giants like Fidelity. a Physicist and inventor with more than dozens patent to his credit. he had to pay a broker so much money for stock transaction. like a dream come true.The history of the online trading began in 1983. Charles Schwab and Quick & Reilly. This led Bill to wonder why. and someday every one would have their own computer. as an individual investor. And today we can see. Online trading has become a smart way to invest in stocks. And amount will automatically debit from your bank account. Sharekhan. where you log on to your account and get live quotes of all script. You don’t need to go to a broker’s place or even don’t need to give cheque for payment. With incredible foresight. What began with a single click over 22 years ago has now taken the world in its storm. when a doctor in Michigan placed the first online trade using E. Indiabulls. he saw the solution at hand.com etc. By just a click you can place your buy order instantly.com. You can have complete information of your De-mat & Bank account with a just a click. get advise online and also research report on your investment choice and then if you are interested then. Today there are as many as 50 companies who provide internet base trading facility. It seems a  9 .Trade technology. Then invest in stock will be easy and convenient through it.

as long as you have internet access one can do transaction in the market. Joint. Now it is possible. Date of Birth etc about joint holder. thanks to technology which has turn dream in to reality today. One can open multiple account with him or her as the first name in the De-mat account. Now there is no more need to go physically to a broker’s office. De-Mat Account. There are three basic things requirement for online trading. Bank Account 3. One has never thought in dream that by Sitting at home or office or even from your car. Sole proprietorship etc.  10  . To do online transaction is fairly simple. Citizenship. 1. 2. In case if joint account one has to provide certain information like Legal name .com one can do transaction in the stock market. Concept of Online Trading In the past one has no other option but to contact their broker to do transaction or even to know price of a particular script. Once one has opened account from online broker like ICICIdirect. You can open multiple type of account like Individual.like really a dream. Online trading Account 2. Address. The internet brings data to the investor and online trading enables to trade on a click.Residence Proof.

3. when 100 shares of Reliance  11  . Development of Online Trading in India The security & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) approved the report on internet trading brought out by SEBI Committee on internet based trading and service in January 2000. which will route client order to exchange trading system fro execution. then amount is automatically credited to bank account of that person. Like wise if any person sells shares. After opening of account. Online broker will provide Username and password using which one has to login to the website for doing transaction. Thus client sitting in any part of the country would be able to trade using the internet as a medium through broker’s internet trading system. Unless and until one does not have username and password one can not login to the website.After opening online De-mat account one can access his/her de-mat account anywhere from the world as long as one can have internet facility. If one buys share from the market then there is no need to give cheque. Internet trading can take place through order routing system. Amount is automatically debited from the bank account of that person. It was stared way back in February 2000 with the kochi based Geogit securities conducting the first net base transaction .

Sharekhan.com. Compared to western countries online trading is still infancy in India. In total trading per day.was traded by the SEBI chairman D R Mehta for Geojit chairman A P Kurin. The launch of ICICI direct. Online trading is slowly attracting investor fancy in India. there is very small contribution by the online industry. Advertisements in the print and electronic media have raised curiosity of investor. Now there are about 50 players in this online share trading market. Indiabulls. 5paisa. Like ICICI direct. And then gradually it started to add more and more new services. Kotakstreet etc.com was in January 2000 and it stated its operation from April 2000.com.  12  .

4.Com ICICI Bank Login Other Day to day Bank Information information Buy\Sell informati on Order informati on Order Confirmatio n Invest or Web Server of ICICI Direct. How Online Share Trading Works At ICICI Direct.co m Order Confirmati on Web Server of Stock Exchange  13  .

com. first and for most thing require is Username & Password. After login to the system one can do the transaction one wants to do. then and then only one can do transaction. There are lot many other facility also that one can use like Invest in Mutual Fund. Mobile alerts. Invest In IPO . In that condition one has put new request through the help of customer care executive. invest in Commodities. When first go for login. Derivatives. Then Username and password will be verified by the web server. Sell.  14       . Like Buy. If Username and password provide by person both are correct. If one is fail to provide Username and password within three (3) trials. Get quote of particular script etc. For doing online transaction one must have an Online Account. Without which one can not do transaction. Web server automatically locks one’s account for security purpose. It first connects with the web server of ICICIdirect. Buy Insurance Scheme. When one login to the system to do transaction. Investment in Govt. using that one can do transaction online.

Name of script and Name of Exchange like BSE or NSE.  When one puts any order for buy or sells then the web server of online broker sends all necessary information to the web server of particular exchange like NSE or BSE web server. of Shares). Market Buy If one wants to buy any script in two following ways. by putting specific limit of  Buy shares shares.  15  . etc. And one can not do further transaction. 8% Govt. Bonds. The below is the procedure for buy at current market prevailing price of shares. Postal Schemes.  Directly buy at current prevailing price of shares. With these information Balance in bank account of user is also checked by the web server  If one does not have sufficient bank balance in one’s account then one can not buy.  When one wants to buy any script from the market then one has to provide Quantity (No.Schemes like Kisan Vikas Patra.

 16  .  Again. If one have sufficient bank balance. Then these information are passed to the interconnected web server of Particular exchange like BSE or NSE exchange. And if all information are correct then order is placed. all these information are verify by the web server of Stock Exchange.

The “Confirmation” is passed to the particular user who has placed the order for buying. Brokerage. other charges. web server of particular exchange sends the “Confirmation” of order executed.    17  . time of buy etc. One can have complete information about order like buying price. Security transaction tax (STT). Service tax (ST). to the web server of Online broker let say ICICIdirect. After execution of the order.com.

Of Shares 500 330 1000  18  Buy / Sell Sell Sell Buy Exchang e NSE BSE NSE . Example: Transactions on the day 01/07/2004 at ICICIdirect. At the end of each day after closing of market this process happens. At then after particular stock exchange update one’s information.com Script Name Reliance Ind. At the end of the day sum is calculated of shares buy and shares sold of different companies in NSE or BSE exchange by an investor through the broker. If one has buy share from BSE then broker will send the all detail of buy of that customer to BSE. It is nothing but maintaining account of investor.Settlement Settlement is one of the crucial procedures done by the online broker. Day trading transactions are not taken in to account in the settlement. ITC IFCI No. Broker calculates this sum for all customers who have done transaction on that particular day. Broker just sends all the information of all transaction one has made to the stock exchange. In the settlement only calculation is made of shares that one has buy or sell on the deliver basis (Cash).

ITC Gravity India Reliance Ind.Gravity India NTPC ONGC Reliance Ind. 2500 500 10 1000 130 500 1000 Sell Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Sell BSE NSE NSE NSE BSE BSE BSE  19  .

Reliance Ind. By the settlement the broker only sends.If there is transaction for the same script for buy and sell both in the same exchange then the difference of no. Script Name Reliance Ind. information about the remaining difference only. of shares are just pass by either broker or stock exchange. Like in our example different scripts are. Script Name Reliance Ind. Gravity India ITC IFCI Difference 500 2000 200 1000  20  Sell Buy Sell Sell Buy Exchang e NSE BSE BSE NSE . In our example the broker only sends the following details to respective stock exchange. Gravity India Gravity India ITC ITC Buy 500 1000 500 2500 330 130 Sell Sell Buy Buy Sell Sell Buy Exchang e NSE NSE BSE BSE BSE BSE So for the Reliance Ind. and other scripts for those there is no need to pass the information about both the detail about buy of 1000 shares and sell of 500 shares.

NTPC ONGC Reliance Ind. 500 10 1000 Buy Buy Sell NSE NSE BSE  21  .

Generally it is between 250 and 600 Rs. While doing online  22  . Factors Kept In Mind While Selecting Online Broker  Brokerage : It is important that one keep in mind that one of the main factors to look while selecting an online broker is brokerage.375% of amount. per annum.75 %.5.  Refresh Rate : Refresh is rate at which information of your website get updated automatically.50% and 0. So before selecting player ask for your suitable scheme.  AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge) : While selecting online broker Annual Maintenance Charge is also one of the crucial thing to look for. Make sure that brokerage what they are offering and what they actual charge is same. Some times there are various scheme and brokerage are also differ from scheme to scheme. The more your turnover the less brokerage will be.04% and 0. And for day trading is between 0. Brokerage in the market are varies according to your turnover changes.14%.com is 0. Generally brokerage in the market for delivery base (Cash) is between 0. And for BTST that is provided by the ICICIdirect.

trading refresh rate of your web site is very important. And there are many players that provide facility to do transaction in both the exchanges BSE and NSE. that facility is provide by your broker. to do any simple transaction one has to follow long procedure.  User Friendly Design : One should make sure that website of online player which you have selected is user friendly.  23  . Though after opening account. people who don’t know much about computer can also handle it easily.  Capacity : Website of online broker should be such that . Some times it happens that.  Dealing Exchange – NSE / BSE : Some online players only provide facility to do transaction only in BSE or NSE. And the design of the website should be such that. company invites customer to see demo of their website. And it should have minimum chance of crashing the system. in case many user login at the same time then web server of website should be capable of handling large number of users. So make sure that exchange in which you want to do transaction. Some times it takes too much time to update any information. It also must have large capacity for data storage. Some times one has to “Refresh” manually many times to see prices of particular script.

 Security or Reliability :
The website of online broker should be secure enough that none can access information of another user. It must have proper antivirus software and also firewall software installed so that none can access other’s information. And also website must have other security also.

 Research Report Facility :
Website of online broker should have facility of large information about companies. If one wants to see information regarding company then one should be able to get it from the website. It should have large database that contain full information about companies. One should also have facility of making charts of company’s information like profit, Share Price, Sales, Cost, and Expenditure etc.

 Other Facilities :
Website of online broker should have some extra facilities other than buying and selling in equity market. One should look what extra facilities website offer. Like ICICIdirect.com offers  Call & Trade Facility  Cash on spot  Mobile Alerts  Portfolio Management
 24 

 Online transfer of Shares  Online IPO  Trading in BSE and NSE  Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST)  Online invest in Govt. security and Bonds  Online purchase of insurance scheme  Online invest in Mutual funds

6. Things To Be Looked While Doing Online Transaction

Remember your username and password. Never gives your password to any one. And never write password or username at any place. Never keep name or surname or some thing that can be easily cracked by other as your password. If it is possible avoid doing transaction from Cyber café. Make sure, computer from which you have login has enough precaution or security parameters. When one puts any order then before proceeding further, make sure that information which you
 25 

have entered is correct. And confirm details before placing any order.


Clear the temporary memory of the computer after completing your all transaction. If you are not well versed with the system then avoid doing transaction from the website. You can use Call & Trade facility to do transaction Never ever give your password, even when you call to customer care help line.

 Change your password at regular interval.

After completing your all transaction make sure that, you have logged of properly from the website.

7. Product Offered By ICICI Direct.com



Derivative s

Mutual Fund



Cash Margin PLUS Margin BTST Spot Cash

Future Option

Purchase  26  Switch In \ Transfer In SIP Out & SWP Redemption

which is generally done with the intention of taking delivery of shares or monies. Simply put we offer you a product for every investment need of yours Trading in shares ICICIdirect.You can also do an intrasettlement trading upto 3 to 4 times your available funds. which allows you to invest in Shares. 2) Margin Trading :.com offers you various options while trading in shares.Through MarginPLUS you can do an intra-settlement trading upto 20 times your available funds. 1) Cash Trading :. 3) MarginPLUS Trading :. 4) Spot Trading :. MarginPLUS will give a much higher leverage in your account against your limits. wherein you take long buy/ short sell positions in stocks with the intention of squaring off the position within the same day settlement cycle. Derivatives (Futures and Options) and other financial products. When you are looking at an  27  .A product for every need: ICICIdirect. Mutual funds.This facility can be used only for selling your demat stocks which are already existing in your demat account. wherein you take long buy/ short sell positions in stocks with the intention of squaring off the position within the same day settlement cycle.com is the most comprehensive website.This is a delivery based trading system.

the price moves in your favour (i. have been enabled for futures trading. you can now trade in index and stock futures on the NSE. you make a profit. In futures trading.immediate liquidity option. Trading in FUTURES is simple! If. which meet the criteria on liquidity and volume.Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST) is a facility that allows you to sell shares even on 1st and 2nd day after the buy order date. 'Cash on Spot' may work the best for you.  28  . money is credited to your bank a/c the same evening & not on the exchange payout date. 5) BTST :. The ICICIDIRECT UNIVERSITY on the HOME page is a comprehensive guide on futures and options trading. you take buy/sell positions in index or stock(s) contracts having a longer contract period of up to 3 months.e. Calculate Index and Know your Margin are tools to help you in calculating your margin requirements and also the index & stock price movements.com. rises in case you have a buy position or falls in case you have a sell position). On selling shares through "cash on spot". during the course of the contract life. without you having to wait for the receipt of shares into your demat account. TRADE IN DERIVATIVES FUTURES :Through ICICIdirect. Presently only selected stocks. This money can then be withdrawn from any of the ICICIBank ATMs.

There is no obligation on the buyer to complete the transaction if the price is not favorable to him. you have to place certain % of order value as margin. For this. Investing in Mutual funds  29  . The Buyer of a Call Option has the Right but not the Obligation to Purchase the Underlying Asset at the specified strike price by paying a premium whereas the Seller of the Call has the obligation of selling the Underlying Asset at the specified Strike price.OPTIONS :An option is a contract. which is called premium. which gives the buyer the right to buy or sell shares at a specific price. To take the buy/sell position on index/stock options. you can leverage on your trading limit by taking buy/sell positions much more than what you could have taken in cash segment. you can create positions under OPTIONS and take advantage of more trading opportunities. By paying lesser amount of premium. The Buyer of a Put Option has the Right but not the Obligation to Sell the Underlying Asset at the specified strike price by paying a premium whereas the Seller of the Put has the obligation of Buying the Underlying Asset at the specified Strike price. With options trading. on or before a specific date. the buyer has to pay to the seller some money.

HDFC MF. Get to know the performance of your investments through online updation of MF portfolio with current NAV.ICICIdirect. Birla Sun Life MF.You may invest/purchase Prudential ICICI MF. You also get control over your investments with online order confirmations and order status tracking. JM MF. are the Mutual Funds available for investment. Principal MF. Alliance MF. Franklin Templeton MF. Standard Chartered MF etc. ICICIdirect. Sundaram MF. IL & FS MF. Franklin Templeton MF. Alliance MF.Hassle free and Paperless Investing.com. Birla Sun Life MF. With the inclusion of Standard Chartered MF. HDFC MF. IL & FS MF etc. Once you place a request for investing in a particular fund. Sundaram MF. without the hassles of filling application forms.com brings you the same convenience while investing in Mutual funds also . there are no manual processes involved. You can invest in mutual funds without the hassles of filling application forms or any other paperwork. Prudential ICICI MF.com offers you various options in Mutual Funds :1) Purchase :. Your bank funds are automatically debited or credited while simultaneously crediting or debiting your unit holdings. You need no signatures or proof of identity for investing. you can now invest on-line in 20 mutual Funds through ICICIdirect. Principal MF.  30  . JM MF.

the period of investment and the frequency of investing and submit.You can convert your existing Mutual funds into electronic mode through a transferin request.com. 5) Transfer-in :. Just fill in the investment amount. ICICIdirect.  31  .com will do the rest for you automatically investing periodically for you. You can redeem the mutual fund units through ICICIdirect. 4) Systematic withdrawal plan :. You can switch your monies online from one scheme to another in the same fund family without any hassles. IPOs and Bonds Online You could also invest in Initial Public Offers (IPOs) and Bonds online without going through the hassles of filling ANY application form/ paperwork.SIP allows you to invest a certain sum of money over a period of time periodically.Redemption :-In addition to giving hassle-free paperless redemption.This allows you to withdraw a certain sum of money over a period of time periodically. ICICIdirect.com offers faster liquidity.To suit your changing needs you may wish to shift monies between different schemes. 2) Switch :. 3) Systematic Investment plans (SIP) :. The money will be credited to your bank account automatically 3 days after the order placement date.

Get in-depth analyses of new IPOs issues (Initial Public Offerings) which are about to hit the market and analysis on these. IPO calendar. and IPO analysis are few of the features. which help you. recent IPO listings. 8. keep on top of the IPO markets. Why Online?  32  . prospectus/offer documents.

 Paperless & Hassle Free Work : Now there is no more need of filling those cumbersome forms for transfer of shares. Even while enjoying holidays in Switzerland.  Time Saving : As now there is no need to go physically to broker’s office for doing transaction. Reducing Transaction Cost : By the use of online trading there is no more need to go physically to the broker’s office. you can do transaction from your De-mat account. There is also no more need to go for giving and taking cheque of payment. By the sitting in office or home one can do transaction. Now there is no need even for writing cheque to broker for the payment. So now it will save transaction cost that you made by going to broker’s office.  33  . Application for IPO and delivery slip and others. Like petrol expense if you go by vehicle or any other expense. It will save your time that you waste in going and coming from broker’s office.  Access From Anywhere : Now you can access your De-mat account from any part of the world as long as you can access internet.

Day’s high. One can also make out analysis from the available information for the use of investment purpose. There is information about 5000 companies on ICICIdirect. By the use of portfolio one can know how Day to Day script price of your portfolio.com website. In one portfolio one can keep 20 scripts in one portfolio. 52 weeks low etc. you have to do that before closing of broker’s office. Off Market Facility : Now there is no more tension of doing transaction like applying for IPO or putting any limit in off market hours. But now you can do all these even at 12 clocks in the night. You can use off market facility at any point of time after closing the market and before opening of the market. There is facility of creating such 5 portfolios. One can have A to Z information about the company. Percentage Change in price.  34  .  Research And Report Facility : If you want to see information of any company then there is easy access to information directly from the website. Early if you want to put limit for tomorrow. 52 weeks high. Every time it shows you current price. Day’s low. One can know how much profit or loss one has made.  Portfolio Management : One can create portfolio of their own. Regardless of how busy you are.

Now can see exact price at which you have placed order. You can have all the information of your transaction you made since you have opened De-mat account. Complete Transparency : There is complete transparency in the online trading. In online trading there is facility of “Trade Book” that stores all your selling transaction. When you place order to the broker you don’t know the price at which broker has place order. Incase of online trading you can know exact price at which you buy or sell. Some times they play game with us.  No Need To Maintaining Records : There is no need to keep records of the things which you have buy or sell. Like they use our Demat account for settlement of their shares. There is also facility of “Order Book” that keeps all information of all the order you have placed whether the order is for buy or sell.  35  . It stores information of limit that you have put.

With the direct touch to broker. For that one needs fast execution of order and high speed. broker usually knows your portfolio personally. Compare to west countries internet usage in India is very less. Internet facilities in India are not much satisfactory in terms of speed and bandwidth. So there is lot need to improve in this area. Now after starting of Broadband facility and leased line facility. one can get better advise which really beneficial to the customer. But there is still problem in connecting to internet. Generally people are using internet facility from office. there is some relief to the problem.  36  .  Lack of personal touch : When one do online transaction there is lack of personal touch. In case of dealing with the broker. Problems with the Online Trading  Internet Literacy : People in India do no have much knowledge about computer and internet.9.  Low Bandwidth and Low Speed : In online trading one needs fast speed for executing order one needs second by second rate of script. Very less people are using internet from their home.

 37  .

There is still problem of accessing internet from remote areas.12% for day trading. HDFC etc. Simple broker charges 0. Though now days this number is increasing.02% to 0.50% for delivery base (Cash) and 0. but still there is lot moiré need to improvement in the infrastructure. Online broker are charging high brokerage compare to simple broker. Relatively High Cost : When one deals with the online transaction the cost one has to pay is higher compare to one that deals with the simple normal broker. Annual maintenance charge is also less compare to online broker.  Infrastructure Problem : In country like India there is a huge problem of infrastructure.  Payment Problem : If one wants to do online transaction one must have any bank account in some specified banks only Like ICICI. Brokerage is high especially for delivery base (Cash). One must have computer for doing online transaction and country like India there are only some person using computer for transaction. Without which one can not do  38  .20% to 0.

Once this problem will solve it will easy for one to do online transaction.  39  .online transaction.

com is market leader in the market and it has about 47 % of total market share.  Major players in the online share trading in India are. Compare to west countries the day trading (Intra day) amount is also very small.com etc ICICI direct.com. Most people are accessing internet from their working place. Mostly young people & NRIs using internet for online share their transaction. ICICI direct. KotakStreet.10. then the number of people who will use online share trading will increase drastically. In west countries people do speculation so much. Indiabulls. Once the accessing place will change to home from working place. Sharekhan. So the contribution of the day trading is huge there. Online Share Trading in India  There are about 50 companies in the online share trading market. There very small number of people who are accessing internet from their homes. Compare west countries number of people who are using internet are very small.5 lacs customers. It has about 6. Number of  40      . 5paisa.

11. Comparison of various players Particular stock exchange A/C opening charges A/C annual charges brokerage charges Cash Trading Margin BTST Demat A/c Charges Demat charges 2nd Year onward Demat Transaction charges Buying Selling Deposit for Trading Method CallTrade Facility Billa and Statement Risk Monitoring Systen Saving Account Magin Amount ICICI direct. Global trust.5 0.com NSE & BSE 750 0 0.1(On each leg) 0 300 0 0 Yes Software Load on Your PC Yes Yes No Citi Bank. there is only 6-8% contribution by the online share trading.  Out of total volume of share trading per day.HDFC.people who are using internet above 40 for online share trading very small.04 or 25 No deposit Login and Trade Yes No No  41  .04 or 25 0.Min.amount 0 299 0.50% o.75% 0.1(only on 1leg) All share can be sold 0 450 Nil Nil No deposit Login and Trade Yes Yes Yes ICICI Bank NSE 750 0 Share Khan HDFC securities NSE 750 0 1000-5000=25 1000-5000=7.IDBI 5000 No.

Questionnaire : PURPOSE: To measure the satisfaction level of the existing customer of ICICIdirect.com PERSONAL DETAILS • NAME : • AGE • SEX : : • QUALIFICATION : • OCCUPATION :  42  .12.

000 to 2.000 and above 2.com • • • • Daily 3-4 days weekly monthly 4.00.Since how long you are using our service? • • • • Less than 2 months 2-6 months 6-12 months > 1 year 3.00.000 to 5.000 5.From where do you mostly log on to our web site  43  .00.00.000 1.000 2.Income level • • • • Below 1.1.00.How frequently you access our website & other online services provided by ICICIdirect.00.

• Home • Office • Cyber café 5.How many demat a/c do you have other than ICICIdirect.com demat a/c. 6. • • • • Zero One Two More than two 7.What do you like the most investing through ICICIdirect.com • • • • • Safety Convenience Independence Trust Speed  44  .How did you invest before investing through ICICIdirect.com • Investing no where ( beginner ) • Investing through traditional broker • Investing through online services provided by other players.

Where do you invest the most? • Delivery trading • Day trading • MFs • IPOs • Bonds • Derivatives 9. Rate research section of our web site in terms of satisfaction & reliability Excellent 1 poor 5 2 3 4 11.8. How do you rate our existing online share trading services Excellent 1 2 3 4 poor 5 12. What type of investor are you? • Long term • Short term  45  .Rate our customer care department in terms of services provided by them Excellent 1 2 3 4 poor 5 10.

From which of these investment options you consider to invest and earn the Maximum profit? • • • • • • Delivery trading Day trading MFs IPOs Bonds Derivatives  46  .13. Since how long you have been into share trading? • • • • 0-6 months 6-12 months 1-2 years >2 years 15. What is your risk appetite? • High risk • Low risk • Medium risk 14.

1 lac Use % duration customers <2 Months 33.33 .13.33 2-6M 33.33  About 60% customers are below income level of Rs.33 6.12 M 20 >1 year 13. INFERENCES & CHARTS Income Level Below 1lac 1-2 lac 2-5 lac > 5 lac % customers 60 33.66 33.33  47 6 .66 0 Income Levels 0 Below 1lac 1-2 lac 60 2-5 lac > 5 lac 6.

Use duration 13.4 days Weekly 66.33 20 <2 Months 2-6M 6 .33 33.66 3 .4 days 20 Weekly 13 Monthly 0 Frequent access 13 20 0 Daily 3 .12 M >1 year 33.66 Monthly  About 66% customers are accessing our website daily Log on %  48  .33  About 66% customers are using our services since last 6 months % Frequent custome access r Daily 66.

33 20 6.place Home Office Cyber café customers 6.com beginner Traditional Broker Online services by other Broker % custom ers 73.66 20 beginner Traditional Broker 73.com 6.33  About 73% customers are log in to out website from office Investment way before icicidirect.66 Investment way before icicidirect.66 Home Office Cyber café 73.66 73.33 20 log on place 20 6.33 Online services by other Broker  About 73% customers are beginners  49  .

33 46.66 40 0 13.33 Independe nce 33.66 0 1 2 >2 40  About 46% icicidirect.Demat a/c other than ICICI 0 1 2 >2 % Custom ers 46.33 Dem at a/c other than icicidirect.33 trust 0 speed 0  50  .com 0 13.com % Most liking customers safety 13.33 convenien ce 53.com customers are having demat a/c with only icicidirect.

% custome rs 53.Most liking 0 33.33 13.33 speed  About 53% customers are taking icicidirect.33  51  .com services because of convenienc Most investment option delivery Tr.33 safety convenience Independence trust 53. day Tr.

MFs IPOs Bonds Derivatives 20 6.66 6.66  52  .33  About 53% customers are investing through delivery trading.66 0 delivery Tr. MFs IPOs Bonds Derivatives 20 53. day Tr. Rate customer care department 1(excellent) % custome rs 26.66 0 Most investment option 6.66 6.

33 40 5(poor)  About 66% customers are satisfied with our customer care department.66 1(excellent) 2 3 4 13.2 3 4 5(poor) 40 13.66 13.33  53  .33 20 0 Rate customer care department 20 0 26. Rate research section 1(excellen t) 2 3 % custome rs 33.33 46.

33 1(excellent) 2 3 4 46.66 46.66 0 33.33 6.4 5(poor) 6.66 5(poor)  About 80% customers are satisfied with out research section Rate online share trading Severice 1(excellent) 2 % customer s 46.66  54  .66 0 Rate research section 13.

66 1(excellent) 2 3 4 5(poor) 46.66  About 92% customers are satisfied with our overall online share trading service Type of investor long term Short term % custom ers 66.3 4 5(poor) 0 6.33  55  .66 33.66 0 Rate online Share Trading service 06.66 0 46.

66  About 66% customers are investing for long term % customer s 13.66 Risk appetite High risk Low risk Medium risk Risk appetite 13.33 20 66.33 20 66.Type of investor 33.66 High risk Low risk Medium risk  About 66% customers are willingly to take medium risk  56  .33 long term Short term 66.

33 6.How old in share trading 0 -6 m 6 .12 m 1 .66 33.66 How old in share Trading 13.com customers are new in share trading business More profitable %  57  .33 6.33 40 13.2 Years > 2 Years % custome rs 33.2 Years 40 > 2 Years  About 73% of the icicidirect.12 m 1 .33 0 -6 m 6 .

66 0 Delivery Tr. Day Tr.option Delivery Tr.66 0 6. MFs IPOs 66. 14. MFs IPOs Bonds Derivatives customers 66.66 Bonds Derivatives  About 66% of icicidirect.66 6.2 lac  58  2-5 lac >5 lac .66 6.66 0 More profitable option 6. Day Tr. BI-VARIATE ANALYSIS Risk <1 Appetite/Incom lac 1.66 0 6.com customers are believing delivery trading as more profitable option.66 6.

66 % 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%  When investors are new to the share market.  So.com we need to target beginners for Wise investment a/c which provide facility for trading in IPOs.33 20% % >1 year 13. according to product of icicidirect.6 6 . Bonds.33 % 0% 26.e level High Medium Low 13.  When they get adapted to share market.665 0% 0% 0% 6.66 % % 0% 0% 0% 0% 33. generally they like to invest in IPOs.66 % 0% 0% 2 . MFs.33 % 5  Low income (< 2 lac) investors are taking medium risk. they increase their investments in delivery trading. Day Tr.66 % 6.33 % 0% 0% 0% 6.66 6. MFs.66 % 6. MFs IPOs Bonds Derivatives <2 m 6.66 40% % 6.12 m m 13.  59  . Investment/us e duration Delivery Tr.66 % 6.66 % 6.

and need convenience while traveling frequently during daily working hours. day trading and services of wise investment a/c.66% 26.66% 0% 6. marketing strategy should target the customers who are busy.66% 0% 0% .66% 0% Independ Tru ent st 13.33% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% Spe ed 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%  More customers are satisfied with the services provided by icicidirect. and independence. Research section / Investment 1(excellent 2 3 4 5 (poor) Long term 26.3 1(excellent) 35 2 0% 3 0% 4 0% 5 (poor) 0% Convenie nce 20% 26.66% 20% 6. Online services Safe (satisfaction)/liking ty 13. Investors who are already in the share market they should be targeted for I-direct a/c which provide delivery trading.com because of convenience.665 0%  60  Short term 6. So.33% 13.665 6.66% 6.

Competition in the market is increasing day by day.  61  . Long term investors are satisfied with research section provided on the website icicidirect. There are lots many players in India in this market and still many are preparing to come. There are new technologies coming in the market that will solve the problem. The current trend in the market is like doing things online. so we can attract long term investors by convincing them through our quality research work 15. so the development is not up to its mark of this industry. As people are more and more information seeker.. Future Of Online Share Trading Future of the online share trading in India is really booming. Currently there are problems of internet penetration and infrastructure problem etc. more and more people are joining in this revolution. then payment and now it is online share trading.com. People are making decision on the basis of the information that they analyze. But things are now changing rapidly. First it was mail. People want a huge database that provides information about the companies and other things like Indian capital market and foreign capital market.

 62  . Facilities are also likely to increase that are provided by the online share brokers. Brokerage is likely to decrease in the future. And new changes are likely to come as and when there is technical up gradation.Due to the competition and other factors. because technology plays so much important role here. The whole online share trading industry scenario is changing at rapid speed.

As a company is engage to online share trading. Sometimes customer is not treated well.com has high brokerage especially for delivery base (Cash) transaction. For increase in its sales. one has to wait a long time in queue and also have to face other problem also. 5000 in their saving account quarterly. computers. One of the reasons why so many customers not want to join with ICICI direct. Suggestions  Compare to other online broking firm ICICI direct.16. In case customer do not have any account in ICICI bank. Because when one call for “call & Trade”. It needs to improve customer service like “call & Trade”. Sometimes customer gets irritated by the behavior  63        . It does not have any other source of market information. As company is paying so much telephone bill. Some times some employee has to wait outside office. it needs to decrease brokerage for delivery base (Cash) transaction. so that bill will reduce.com is that one has to maintain Rs. Office do not have enough infrastructure like sitting arrangements. why doesn’t it select any scheme? .

 64  . 17. Though you will be there for short time for summer you have to follow rules and regulation.of employee. First the most wonderful thing. it creates bad impression of organization.” It was the totally new thing for us as we don’t have faced this kind of thing ever in our life. And according our point of view our product was the tuff product to sell in the market compares to others. what we found was that “Working in the organization was totally different from learning management in the college. Each people behave differently in the organization. So one can not do the transaction one wants to do. The atmosphere in the office was nice and all employees in the organization treated us a friend. Learning & Experience As the one of the most crucial part of the summer project was the wonderful as well as tuff experience that we have felt. Every one in the organization is not always same. You have to keep many things in mind while you working in any organization. During the project we have also experience the hard work of selling the product.” Another important thing is to obey rules and regulation of the organization.  Some times website work very slowly. Some times employee behave very rudely with customer so. One thing that we have learned was that “How to get your work done from others.

hindubusinessonline.investopedia. There is one fine saying about experience that “Experience is the best learning”.com http://www.Our product has immense competition from others.com http://www.outlookmoney. And now we have that learning with us and it helps us to help us in the future.icicidirect.blonnet. but we still manage to sell. Bibliography Websites :http://www.com http://www. so it was really hard to sell the product.com http://www. 18.com  65  .

Search Engines :Yahoo Google  66  .

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