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It is a matter of great honour for me to present before my humble readers this project based on the study of Advertising Agencies. The foregoing presentation is an honest and painstaking effort on my part in black and white about the colourful world of advertising agencies. The data collected by me is both primary as well as secondary. I have taken assistance from knowledgeable and apt taskmasters shouldering work f great responsibility in some of the reputed advertising agencies. However, with due respect to the urge of these agencies for maintaining secrecy about their operations and financial data ,I also had to resort to secondary sources for obtaining data like newspapers, magazines and the websites of these agencies. Although the information obtained from secondary sources may prima facie seem to be paralysed by window dressing, to be absolutely frank with my understanding readers, it has been discovered that this data is as reliable as the one I have obtained from the horses mouth for other agencies. Due to paucity of time and reluctance of certain internationally acclaimed advertising agencies in co-operating with me for this project due to some obvious reasons on their part ,I have been able to cover in this project a study of 6 agencies. But the foregoing pages will warrant my painstaking efforts and the extensive study undertaken by me for each of them. So, with due respect to my patient readers for the time they will spare for my project and with confidence flowing through my nerves that both the time and patience of my readers will not be tried and tested and but duly rewarded with the intensity of my efforts , I carry you gracefully into my world of advertising agencies


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. OBJECTIVE : To study the various advertising agencies; the ones having local operations as well as the ones have international scale of operations, their modus operandi, styles and the manner of functioning, their profiles, their upswing and their downfall and last but not the least their position in the world of advertising on the basis of the contributions to the ad world and society at large. 2. METHODOLOGY : In order to achieve the above-mentioned objective and finish the study to perfection, I have made a judicious and a balanced use of primary sources as well as secondary sources of data collection. Well, the primary sources comprise of personal visits to the administrative offices of some known advertising agencies and a direct communication with the persons who were knowledgeable and in-charge of the operations. To facilitate in my operations, I had first chalked out a detailed questionnaire covering in length all questions that would serve the purpose in the most efficient and productive way. The preparation and the formulation of the questionnaire was on the basis of many considerations viz., the time that the answeree would require to give me the required answers, the importance of that time and the cost involved. A copy of the said questionnaire is included elsewhere in this project as an Annexure. Although the efforts were directed basically towards obtaining information required for the study from primary sources to the maximum possible extent, due to factors like lack of co-operation anticipated from stalwarts and internationally acclaimed agencies, considerations of these agencies over secrecy of data regarding their operations, lack of time for answering the questionnaire and unavailability of the persons-in-charge, I

also had to resort to secondary sources like websites, magazines, newspapers etc. Bibliography of these sources forms a part of this Project for ready reference of the reader. A sample of six agencies was chosen on the basis of their scale of operations, reputation and quick accessibility.

During the course of this study I have observed many a facet of the advertising agencies ----- their strengths, their weaknesses, their opportunities and threats which deserve a mention : Most of the advertising agencies are basically interested in catering to just the needs of the consumer irrespective of the nature of the product or service proposed to be advertised. The primary objective of the agencies is basically profit generation and profit maximisation. The agencies conduct a SWOT of the client but not of the product at the time of accepting an assignment. There is not much of a dynamism in this agencies as far as expansion plans are concerned, diversification objectives are involved or specialisation motives are in question. Not much is done by these agencies for the social welfare and advertising of social values The agencies are highly committed to their activities but sometimes they tend to be over-professional in their attitudes, over-reserved in the choice of strategies, overconfidential in their operations and over-aggressive in competition. human of Not many agencies are laying too much emphasis on selection of proper cost control.

resources or managerial personnel. They appear over-burdened by objectives

There is not proper training imparted to people working in the modestly positioned advertising agencies. Due to this, there is lack of specialisation, improvisation and dynamism.

The following are recommended in view of the importance and the strategic position occupied by these agencies :

The advertising agencies should function in a healthily competitive environment rather than in an aggressive world of cut-throat

competition. The agencies should definitely give importance to profit the same time function in public interest as products is concerned. advertised at the time of accepting assignments analysis of the clients. motivated and educated for the roles they perform them to specialisation and perfection. avenues, creating mew markets and pursue global themselves and for the country at The advertising agencies should also have a perspective of tapping There should also be a provision for staff training whereby the maximisation but at far as charges and quality of

The agencies should also conduct a SWOT analysis of the products

to be alongwith the routine SWOT

staff is properly in the organisation leading

new expansion for the benefit of large.

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Table of Content Topic Research Methodology Introduction Profile Introduction to Advertising Agencies Functions of Advertising Agencies Model Organization Structure ADVERTISING AGENCIES XEBEC The Whereabouts Modus Operandi The Canvas on which Xebec paints its product How can I know about Xebec? SWOT Analysis Case Studies Awards and Achievements Whos who in Xebec Divisions of Xebec List of Clients CARAT The Whereabouts Modus Operandi SWOT Analysis List of clients CANCO The Whereabouts Modus Operandi SWOT Analysis Canvas on which Canco paints its product How can I know about Canco Organization Structure Facilities offered by Canco Awards MCCANN - ERICKSON History Whos Who Modus Operandi SWOT Analysis MUDRA History

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Pioneers in Advertising Agencies Divisions Founder List of Awards Major Clients Organization Structure SWOT Analysis of Advertising Agencies-Comparative Study Statistics Comparison between Gross Income of Top 25 Agencies Growth of Advertising Agencies Top 20 Advertising Agencies Top 20 Advertising Spenders Agencies Ranking 2001- Top Ten Multinational Advertisers 2001- Top Ten Advertising Agencies Comparison of Agencies on the basis of Worldwide Gross Income Graph of Growth of Agencies Suggestions and Recommendations Conclusion Annexure Bibliography and Webliography

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The project deals with the study of advertising agencies encompassing a multidimensional discussion on the whereabouts of these agencies, their modus operandi, their manner and coverage of operations, their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities available to them and the threats posing obstacles in their journey to the max. This study shows the diversity underlining their operations and at the same time the unity in aims, objectives and target. As during the preparation of this project, some inevitable obstacles and natural hindrances restricted the scope of this study just as these agencies are restricted by many environmental and socio-economic factors, nonetheless, its a sincerest attempt to do the best possible justice to the said topic.


(1) Xebec (2) Canco (3) McCann-Erickson (4) Carat (5) Percept

(6) Mudra


The data required for this study as per my vision was collected from the following two types of sources : (1) Primary Sources (2) Secondary Sources Primary Source of data collection was tapped in the following manner :

(1) Personal visits : This was given the topmost priority. Well, any information from the horse's mouth gives a touch of reality, practicability and conviction to every study and this aspect made it an area of key importance. I visited three agencies viz., Xebec, Carat and Canco, though I approached many others including the topnotch like Ogilvy & Mather, Mudra, Lowe. However to my utter disappoinent and ill-fate, I never succeeded in getting appoinents from the ones. In the agencies I visited, I contacted those taskmasters who were holding positions of no less importance and who had a thorough knowledge of the environment of their respective agencies, the operation, the style of working and the clientele. At the same time, I found these people quite enterprising, professional-to-the-core in their approaches, knowledgeable, speech-conscious and very co-operative. I basically got answers to all the questions that were put in the questionnaire in an unhesitating and amicable way. (2) Sending questionnaires : To those organisations that showed their firm unwillingness in attending to me personally, I sent my questionnaires through internet to the key personnel in an attempt to convince them into giving some information about the agencies for whom they toil. Some replied back courteously; either disclosing their helplessness in giving information or informing me to surf their websites and get all possible information to my uost satisfaction (an advertisement for advertisers).

Secondary sources of data collection : On account of the cold shoulder given to me by the media-giants and their contemporaries, I had to resort, as also advised by some of them, to secondary sources of information like newspapers, websites and books for supplementing the information obtained from primary sources and sometimes for the main information. Honestly, the information obtained from the websites was detailed and sufficient to an extent that would even surpass those of primary sources. In the ocean of the information that the websites contained for each agency, I had to fathom for the most precious gems which required crisp editing, preciseness and good scissor-work. Also newspapers like The Economic Times and its supplementary called Brand Equity did leave their imprints on the papers of the project to follow and their contribution to this presentation cannot undermined and unnoticed. Help was also taken from books based on advertising and marketing to give a better appeal to this study and enrich it with more detailing and liveliness.

The cummulative result of primary sources of data collection and secondary sources is obvious from the pages that follow. However, I have been able to generate sufficient information and moreover, in detail from all the sources employed in an endeavour to leave no stone unturned in justifying the selection of this topic and advertising agencies, at large. Though marred by some obstacles, I am convinced that my painstaking efforts and drops of sweat that have made the papers intangibly wet and the ink of the pen go dry will convince my patrons carrying good doses of expectation from this project. 5. DIFFICULTIES FACED : 1. Stipulations and urge for strict adherence to the length of this project upto a maximum of 80 pages forced me to run the merciless scissor on many points. The pen was on but the papers were gone.


Lack of co-operation from the stalwarts and the internationally acclaimed

ad-giants has been the biggest obstacle in the way. Though, they are very much justified and I give due consideration to their urge for maintaining confidentiality about their operations and financials, I still believe that had this information, however explanatory it is, been obtained from them directly, it would have definitely made neighbours' envy and owner pride. 3. Unavailability of concrete sources of secondary data was another hindrance. Though websites form an exception, barring them there was hardly a source that carried some potential in meeting the requirements. Prestigious publications like A & M have faced shut doors of printing presses and a replacement is still hiding in some unknown corner of invisibility. In a nutshell, all these ingredients which have gone into the making of this recipe wait a verdict from the readers for their taste.

The word that bridges the gap between no more to know more- Advertising. and further between know more and grow more. Knowledge is power, they say and today the biggest weapon of power in anyones hands is that of advertising. Just as water is to a fish, advertising is to business; something without which the basic question of survival is bound to rise. In this jungle of name and fame, where every creature confidently defies William Shakespeare when he says, Whats there in a name there is definitely everything attached to name and its this name which gives you fameAnd what gives an identity its name? Well, the only golden word Advertising Definitely roses will not smell less sweet by any other name but businesses will undoubtedly go back to the coffers if the world forgets their names and to keep them alive in the minds of billions, you go for publicity. Today everyone advertises from crches to crematorium ,from hotels to hospitals, from clubs to pubs,from marriage bureaus to lawyers well name it and you have it. Everyone needs recognition, from a 6 month baby in the cradle to a 60 year old preparing

for a graveyard, from a beggar to a billionaire everyone wants you to recognize in a train or in a plane , irrespective of what you are. In the yesteryears , everything was considered fair in love & war and advertising . It does not mind if you have to pull someone down, important is that you should rise. And who helps you to project yourself in the public, who brings you from the greenlight to the limelight, who brings you from the darkness of ignorance to the light of recognition? Obviously, the advertising gurus seated comfortably in their mind-blowing offices These Advertising Agencies may be raking in big moollahs but no one can question their contribution in enabling the business to burn their choolahs .Today there are the movie moghuls and cricketing badshahs dancing on their fingertips, models and celebrities weaving their irresistible web of magic around people like us. Well, necessity is the mother of invention and our necessities have opened the doors of prosperity for these agencies. Be it a product or be it a service, they have the magic formulae for everything and mind you, these formulae really work on our minds as is clear from our very own experiences. And sometimes their roles really makes a layman wonder as to what would have happen to those hundreds of unsung brands appearing as faces in the crowd on some rack or shelves of a huge supermarket or a not-so-popular stores if these agencies would have never risen from the sands of time. Today, the exposure of every individual to advertisements and advertising has increased manifolds than what it was in the past. Kudos to these agencies ; at least they have turned out to be major trend-setters and torch-bearers for people like us showing us the way to the magnanimous world of sophisticated products & services. However unethical and materialistic these agencies may be, at times in a bid to grab the lions share of the buyers market, it is doubtlessly certain that without these agencies we would have never


come out from the age of transistors to reach the modern age of home theatres. Well, every cloud has a silver lining to it. Who can forget the extent and the manner in which Reliance Infocomm marketed its Wireless in Local Loop (WLL) Technology on the onset of the launch of its mobile service. Irrespective of the post-use catastrophes, the impact of solid marketing & publicity on the minds of an ordinary laymen for whom having a mobile in hand was nothing less than wearing a gold ring in the ring finger is reflected in the way such a person is today using a cell phone. The hype was created by the agencies like Xebec Communications who advertised the product of one of the Fortune 500 Companies of India and the hysteria still continues. Today, may products like chocolates and butter come to be identified by their brand names like CADBURYS & AMUL. On the other hand, many others are identified by their slogans, catchlines & punchlines devised by the advertising wizards like BLACKMAGIC MOTION PICTURES for their clients products like Hamara Bajaj (Bajaj Auto), Utterly Butterly delicious Amul (Amul), A gift for someone you love(Cadburys), Yeh Dil Maange More (Pepsico) , Taste the Thunder (Thums-Up) etc. Before we go ahead with the discussions about the advertising agencies & the brains behind them, its pertinent to bring to limelight the benefits which we, as a society, are deriving from these agencies and the not-so acceptable traits. PRESENTING... The pros (1) Creating awareness : Due to the increasing role of the advertising agencies and so-called dominion over our minds, today the level of consumer awareness could be well adjudged from the fact that even a toddler identifies in the spur of the moment an ad of Cadburys chocolates or Amul Butter been run on the screen of the idiot-box ornamenting our spacious drawing rooms.

Enabling wider choice and access to products :


So many products and so many ads for each of themleaves the poor customer gasping for some free space. Well, with the bombardment of so many commercials, universal hoardings, from advertisements stuck on the walls of the building compounds to those stuck on the walls of the railway comparents, the customer has multitude options and ample of choices to really get better than the best. Well, people are after all paying handsomely for their requirements and they deserve choices and options. But, it all owes to these agencies who have spread out before us 10 different types of toothpastes for making out teeth the whitest and the hardest, 100s of moisturizers for giving the best glow to our skin an all sorts of luxuries which have become more necessary than the necessities. (3) Uplifent of standard of living : Well, its said that Money makes a mare go. Today, this not be any more emphasized as everyone knows that depending on the financial background, people can get the best of everything. From a cycle to a car, or from a dhaba to a restaurant, the customer knows where he is the most comfortable and is ablebodied to plan out his budget as he knows the price tags stuck on every product and service. And all this, is possible because of the constant exposure to media and publicity. (4) Necessary for the growth of the businesses : From the Ambanis to the paanwalla, from the Bachchans to the street-actors, every soul is convinced of the power of these agencies in giving them a larger than life size image. Every business house, big or small, though cutting the cloth according to the size of its coat, needs the services of these agencies to project its brand image before the laymen and convert these laymen into prospective and from prospective to loyal customers for their products and services. Revenue generation is the prime objective behind every business and to rotate the wheel of success, its important for them to use the services of these think-tanks and always remain on the topmost rank. The cons..... (1) A cold shoulder to social responsibilities :


The advertising agencies today are not performing to the non-material welfare of the society. Their commitents and obligations to the society are mani-fold. Being the torch-bearers of the world of publicity and media, they are on a huge platform from where they can spread messages of public interest in every nook and corner of the country. Alongwith their professional assignments for profit maximisation, they can also design propagandas for conveying important social messages like harmfulness of smoking and drinking liquor, abolishing evil practices and dogmas deeply rooted in the blood of the rural illiterate, importance of a nuclear and small family etc. Accepting these assignments for a social cause will not create a dent in their pockets but will surely go a long way in revolutionising thoughts, attitudes and mindset of every Indian. (2) No SWOT of products advertised conducted : All the advertising agencies are conducting a SWOT analysis of the prospective clients that approach them with a product or service meant to be advertised but no one is bothered about a scrutiny of the products to be so advertised. It is not their business, perhaps it is anti-business; that's the feel and the flavour.


The American Marketing Association, defined advertising as any paid form of nonpersonal presentations of idea, goods or service by an identified sponsor.In other words we can say that Advertising is brand building through effective communication


The global market has expanded manifold in the last few decades. More and more products are being launched practically everyday. The companies are engaged in cutthroat competition to highlight their products to the forefront. Herein enters the glamorous field of advertising. Advertising is actually brand building through effective communication and is essentially a service industry. This requires the help of the media

to reach more and more people to communicate brand effectiveness and here advertising agencies comes picture. The role of advertising agency has been accepted because it provides specialist services to the companies, which have inadequate services of experts for the promotion of their goods and services. Many institutions have established the services of advertising agencies to make their products and services known to the potential consumers.


The advertising agency performs all the managerial functions. Some of these are planning, creation and execution, co-ordination, accounting, media, research and internal control.

Planning: The advertising agency plans the advertising campaign. The management delegates the responsibility of advertising planning and execution to the agency. The agency must have a fair knowledge of the firms products, its history, the present market conditions, distribution methods, price level and other conditions. A successful advertising programme is built on the basis of these data. Creation and Execution: Specific advertisements are created. The advertising copy is written; the layout is prepared; illustrations are drawn; photographs are finalized; and a correct mechanical form for running it in the selected media is produced. The advertising agency prepares a suitable advertising copy for insertion in all the media. Co-Ordination: The advertising agency co-ordinates several activities. It often works with the clients sales force and distribution network to ensure the long-run success of the advertising programme. The combined efforts of sales persons, distributors and retailers ensure maximum sales. Ideas, media, copy and decisions are co-ordinated properly to project and implement the advertising programme. Accounting: The advertising agency maintains proper accounts in co-operation with the client. The account executives see to it that the agency keeps to the stated plan. The accountant is in charge of the administration of the advertising programme on the agency side. A misunderstanding arising between the agency and the client is eliminated by the accountant. The amount of fees received from

the client and the payment of taxes, bills and other charges are accounted for by the accountant.

Media: The advertising agency selects the media or a set of suitable media for the client to reach the right type of audience which is an important factor in media selection. The rates, circulation, population, audience, income and other important information are collected for the purpose. It has to see to that the media plan is carried out properly which is devised to implement the campaigns communication objectives. The media experts know all about the media and their coverage. They prepare the schedule of advertising, publication, data on printing and the time available from television and radio. Research: Research is a key function in an advertising campaign. The decisions on creativity and media selection are taken on the findings uncovered for research. Research makes every decision systematic and logical, based as it is on facts and figures. Internal Control: The advertising agency manages its employees, finances and other resources effectively and economically. It conducts the business behind the scenes and exercises proper control over activities and funds. Public relations, sales promotion functions and client contacts are maintained by the management for the effective operations of the advertising agency.






















Chairman & Managing Director (Chief Executive Officer)


Management Accounts


Client service Director

Media Director

Creative Director Studio Films Print & Production

Media Controllers Group Account Manager Media Supervisors Account Supervisor Media Planners Account Executives Media Media Media Buyers

Associate Creative Directors

Creative Group Heads


Art Directors



20, Santosh Heights, 1st Floor, 39/4, J.N. Marg, Opp. Apsara Theatre, Pune 411 037.

Jain Chambers, 1st Floor, Next to Saga Shopping Centre, S.V. Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai 400 050. Incorporated in the year 1991, this rapidly-growing FULL SERVICE Agency located at the above-mentioned places has today achieved for itself a decent position in the jampacked arena of the biggies and is continuing its progressive march. It is solely indigenous with no foreign collaboration or foreign equity participation ; something really very praiseworthy.

Being a truly professional & competitive in approach, Xebec Communications has a well-defined and a well-organised method of operations. When the prospective client approaches them for getting his purpose served, they conduct a SWOT analysis prior to acceptance of any assignment. Although, this SWOT Analysis is not at all a cumbersome and patience-testing exercise for the client, it is designed in such a way that the agency gets a total assurance of the output. The agency first understands the requirements of its customer and gets a complete profile about the product or the service to be advertised from the horses mouth. Further, it

makes a complete assessment of such a product or service, based on the representations and the explanations given by its client in terms of the life of the product, its marketability and its commercial value. Continuing on these lines, the agency also makes an assessment of the requirements of the client, their budget, cost constraints etc. Finally, last but not the least, the agency makes an estimate of the benefits, both monetary as well as non-monetary which it is subsequently in the long run, going to derive out of every such assignment. On the basis of such a study made about the product, its target audience and the psychoanalysis of the creator as well as its creation, the agency then selects the type of media which is the most appropriate one in terms of the cost constraints laid down by the client and accordingly intimate the client about the cost-benefit ratio of the entire exercise. So, its a thorough professional approach wherein the client is rest assured about the benefits he is going to reap from the seeds he is planning to sow in the field of advertisement. Ultimately, its not a no-win no-lose situation for both of them but is entirely a winners outcome.


Xebec provides its customers with a wide-range of media to select from viz., in fine print, or on celluloid like television, radio, theatres etc.


Well, being professional and competitive in approach, it is Xebec who approaches its prospective clients and not wait for the the clients to fathom for it. So, the client does not have to run in sun and shower for finding a proper canvas for its product. Xebec provides all the facilites for its client coupled with a very co-operative in-house, interactive response and hospitality. As far as a payment term is concerned, Xebec also takes care of the pocket-size of its customers. So on one hand, it gives you the option to pay the entire fees in lumpsum, on the other hand it also extends credit to its continuous and creditworthy customers.


STRENGTHS : The agency first understands the requirements of its customer and gets a complete profile about the product or the service to be advertised from the horses mouth. Further, it makes a complete assessment of such a product or service, based on the representations and the explanations given by its client in terms of the life of the product, its marketability and its commercial value. Continuing on these lines, the agency also makes an assessment of the requirements of the client, their budget, cost constraints etc. Finally, last but not the least, the agency makes an estimate of the benefits, both monetary as well as non-monetary which it is subsequently in the long run, going to derive out of every such assignment. On the basis of such a study made about the product, its target audience and the psycho-analysis of the creator as well as its creation, the agency then selects the type of media which is the most appropriate one in terms of the cost constraints laid down by the client and accordingly intimate the client about the cost-benefit ratio of the entire exercise. So, its a thorough professional approach wherein the client is rest assured about the benefits he is going to reap from the seeds he is planning to sow in the field of advertisement. Ultimately, its not a no-win no-lose situation for both of them but is entirely a winners outcome. WEAKNESSES : Xebec is facing a major problem of Time Management i.e. it is over-dependent on its staff. Hence, the quality and the efficiency of its human resources always causes some sort of a problem in making and implementing fast decisions. Again, multiplicity of brains, though an asset for any organization is also sometimes a hindrance in its development when the agency is not able to reach to a definite conclusion about its strategies and policies in the nick of the time due to conflicting ideas presented by its too many decision-makers. As it is aptly quoted, Too many cooks spoil the broth


Secondly, as far as client servicing is concerned, Xebec does not make adequate attempts to update its services. This is the main reason why this organization though reputed, is not able to expand its paraphernalia. Lack of creativity is also a major backdrop in its success story. Next, Xebec has also failed to make any renowned celebrity from the fields of cinema, sports, politics or business as its brand ambassador as other reputed agencies in this world are in a practice of doing. Hence, the agency fails to create a long-lasting and huge appeal for the products of its clients amongst the masses. As far as the profiles of the team members of Xebec are concerned, the people in the topmost levels of organizational hierarchy who are mainly shouldering the responsibility of devising strategies, policies, media plans, client servicing, account planning, market recognition and strategic decision-making are not from the fields of management or advertising. Though, they may be well-groomed for excellence in the environment in which they are functioning, there is always an undisputed difference between those able-bodied people who are from the field of management and those who are not. And finally, in this field of cut-throat competition where agencies rise and fall like a pack of cards day in and out, you definitely need professionals and professionalism in your approach at the time of decision-making and implementation of ideas. OPPORTUNITIES : There is a tremendous scope for diversifying its paraphernalia as currently Xebec is just specializing in one particular media. Secondly, by recruiting and taking more benefits from services of professionals in this field, Xebec can overcome its problems of Time Management and slow decisionmaking. Instead of having too many heads with different contents in them, it can always go for quality staff.


Xebec can also concentrate on making some of the eminent personalities as its Brand Ambassador, which it has already started as is evident from its forthcoming contract with a cricket star named Salil Ankola. If it continues to do so on these lines it can lead to more aggressive response for its clients products and services. THREATS : Xebec also does not make a SWOT analysis of its clients at the time of taking an assignment. This also exposes it to a major threat of losing its own ground in its field as not many of its clients are too reputed, well-organised and aware of their requirements. Another major threat to the growth and development of Xebec is its over-dependence on Print Media. That is to say, Xebec has not taken too many efforts of diversification and growth into other media. It is quite understandable that in todays world to remain sellable in the market you have to keep on diversifying yourself into other fields which this agency is not very much keen in today, there is a definite threat on its future existence. Survival is first, growth afterwards and just trying to be a master in one amidst a crowd of experts who are Jack of all trades is not at all a good sign for any organization.

1. 1.1 Brief Associate Kimberly Clark with personal hygiene by a campaign encouraging people to adopt health habits and educate offices and hotels about the importance of giving their employees and guests access to hygiene products. 1.2 Execution A Poster Campaign placed in and around washrooms (where Kimberly Clark's products are most used)reminding people about the importance of personal hygiene with a byline by Kimberly Clark.


1.3 Result A direct association between Kimberly Clark and personal hygiene and increased usage of Kimberly Clark products and supplies. 2. KINETIC 2.1 Brief Relaunch Kinetic Honda Marvel and build on Kinetic's reputation as an all family 2 wheeler maker. Create a new buzz around the Marvel as an exciting bike. 2.2 Execution A series of concurrent road-shows and test rides all over India handled by our events division with live performances by India's most exciting and talented performer - REMO - to stir up the excitement. 2.3 Result Excitement about Marvel and renewed interest in the scooter and Kinetic. 3. THYSSENKRUPP 3.1 Brief To occupy mindspace as a core infrastructure sector/industry player. 3.2 Execution A creative campaign in Indian and foreign magazines and journals closely targeted at industrial decision makers. 3.3 Result Increased awareness of ThyssenKrupp activities and brand recall as a hi-tech German company. ThyssenKrupp continues to be a valued client. 4. INDIACOM 4.1 Brief Build the INDIACOM brand as a most easily accessible and widely disseminated yellow pages directory.


4.2 Execution Strategic press spots and hoardings timed with the beginning and end of the bookings period designed to drive demand for ads and insertions and increase awareness of the INDIACOM edge. 4.3 Result More recall for the INDIACOM brand as the most easily accessible and widely disseminated yellow pages directory resulting in more placements in their directory. 5. LIPI DATA SYSTEMS 5.1 Brief Position LIPI as a total data solutions company with a wide range of high quality print solutions for small businesses and corporates 5.2 Execution A creative campaign focusing on the flexibility of LIPI printing solutions. 5.3 Result Increased awareness about the LIPI brand name as a provider of superior printing solutions. 6. INTELLIGENT INVESTOR 6.1 Brief Raise Intelligent Investor's profile through high powered personal finance exhibitions in the metros. 6.2 Execution A series of full page ads in outlook and Intelligent Investor designed to engage the readers attention by trumpeting the sheer volume of financial services and free advice on offer. 6.3 Result A tremendous response to the personal finance exhibitions leading to increased awareness about Intelligent Investor and an increase in its brand equity.

7. CENTURION BANK 7.1 Brief Establish Centurion Bank as a one stop shop for all banking needs with superior banking services for small customers. 7.2 Execution The target audience was identified as the small customer who was perhaps not getting the best service in big banks. The creatives were designed to inform him about Centurion Bank's thrust towards them. 7.3 Result More new accounts for Centurion Bank with its brand firmly established among the smaller customers. 8. DISHNET DSL 8.1 Brief Leverage Dishnet strengths as the only DSL high speed ISP provider in the country. Target soho and heavy net users promoting the benefits of high speed access. 8.2 Execution A creative campaign bringing out the cost and speed advantages of broadband. 8.3 Result Increased interest and awareness about broadband Internet access, establishing Dishnet DSL as the pioneer in broadband technology and generating inquiries and sales. AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS : Best Radio Jingle [A refreshing jingle for Electronica Leasing & Finance Ltds Fixed Deposit Schemes] CEAD - Best Radio Jingle [An innovative jingle for Kinetic Spark which was set in a folk tune] Trade Fair/Exhibition Design

[First prize for Kinetic Honda stall at Auto Expo 98] [First prize for Impressive Stall & Innovative Displays at TECHEX-6 at World Trade Centre, Mumbai, November 98]

WHOS WHO IN XEBEC ? People make all the difference, nurturing talent and allowing space for independent thought and initiative are our hallmarks which explains the low attrition rates. Key people behind the success of Xebec are Kiran Bhat - Chief Executive Vincent Sebastian - Branch Manager Anil Bhat - Executive Director Radhika Akolkar - Account Director

Samir Wagh - Manager (Media & Events) Sandeep Ghodke - Art Director Anil Rane - Asst. Art Director Praveen Meloth - Sr. Account Executive DIVISIONS OF XEBEC M.A.R.S. Our in house Research division - an independent profit centre - allows clients to identify customer preferences, trends, deliver a more focused message and track customer response. M.A.R.S. delivers professional research services within the Xebec umbrella. M.A.R.S. Services: Qualitative and Quantitative Research... Dipstick Studies... Focus Groups... Pre and Post Launch Surveys / Studies... Feasibility Reports... Customer Satisfaction Surveys... Dealer Audits... STELLAR - P.R.

Abhay Bengeri - Branch Director Bhavana - Sr. Account Executive

In today's fast paced media driven world with shrinking attention spans, PR is an important vehicle to increase mindspace and mindshare. Stellar is a Xebec group company run by experienced PR professionals with strong contacts in press and TV for national coverage. CUSTOMER CONNECT C2 is Xebec CRM arm with specialized Direct Marketing and Customer Response skills.



CARAT MEDIA SERVICES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Barodawala Mansion, 81, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai 400 018 India. Email : Website : CEO: Sulina Menon Email : Carat India - New Delhi Address : E82A, Greater Kailash Part-1, New Delhi, Pin-110048, India Tel No : (91) 11 629 4112 Fax No : (91) 11 629 3680 Email :

Website: Website: Carat is operated by AEGIS MEDIA which operates alongwith Carat 2 other reputed worldwide organizations viz., Vizeum & Postersope Worldwide.

Being a truly professional & competitive in approach, CARAT has a well-defined and a well-organised method of operations. When the prospective client approaches them for getting his purpose served, they conduct a SWOT analysis prior to acceptance of any assignment. Although, this SWOT Analysis is not at all a cumbersome and patiencetesting exercise for the client, it is designed in such a way that the agency gets a total assurance of the output.


STRENGTHS ability to understand and exploit the opportunities of the evolving media market is key to their future success. Media communication, and assessing its short, medium and long-term effect, is becoming central to every business.

1. Carat has a very educated and well-groomed set of clientele. They know that the


Carats aim is to deliver business advantage for its clients through effective communication programmes that maximize return on invesent. This means partnering with its clients to produce sustainable improved sales by building brand loyalty, value and awareness. They combine insights into brand, media and consumer behavior to spark innovative media solutions that are unique to every brand. The Carat approach to communication planning gets results.

3. The marketing strategy of Carat is defined as a 360 communication. This means exploiting the whole range of media channels available to a brand which is fundamental to building effective communication strategies. As messages reach consumers in new and different ways, they can refresh and renew a relationship, create excitement and loyalty, even advocacy for a product. The task is to build a programme which engages consumers with the brand and reveals the inherent

values in a product or service that cause consumers to say "That's for me". In a nutshell, this type of a strategy helps in building a brand loyalty and the customer starts relating himself with it. 4. Carats clients are very much impressed with its ability to work as an international team. The breadth of their service and their strong coherent network give Carat the scope to truly partner international advertisers who are winning the race for global media effectiveness. 5. Every brand, market and competitive situation requires a unique solution. Carat has a rigorous and proven framework to develop innovative and creative media solutions throughout its network. Its approach extends across all media - 360 communication. It works with a suite of sophisticated analysis tools and research, helping it to understand consumers and to design media campaigns that deliver measurable improvements in its clients' business. 5. Incisive management of media delivers business advantage to Carats clients. Carat has invested over US$30 million on research and tools to manage and measure media effectiveness, across traditional and online media channels. 6. Consumers' relationships with brands and product sectors need to be linked to their relationships with media and attitudes to advertising. Analysis using tools such as Charisma and Ad-itudes helps Carats clients reach their core targets more effectively and develop strategies to attract new customers. WEAKNESSES 1. The major weakness of Carat is diversification. Carat has grown, flourished and made a tremendous progress in the field of electronic media only. However, for a long-term and sustained growth and development it is the need of an hour for every agency to stretch its arms and reach out for the world through all possible avenues. 2. Carat does not have a broad clientele base which means that it does not enjoy a very diversified brand loyalty.


1. Carat has tremendous growth and diversification opportunities in the field of advertising specially because of its skilled labour force and dynamic vision. 2. Carat has international tie-ups which means that there is ample of scope for it to diversify its operations and tap the market worldwide.

1. Carat is specializing only in electronic media. This overdependence on one media only is definitely fatal for future growth and sustained development. Today, there are many new entrants in the market and these agencies are making progress by heaps and bounds in all types of media. Carat needs to tap other media also to emerge as a genuine world leader. 2. Being a multinational agency, it is extremely difficult for small customers to approach this agency for their requirement. Carat should also concentrate more on Indian market which has a very large base of clientele. Firms worldwide have also established themselves firmly in the Indian Market which if Carat cannot do or does not do will hamper its growth and development process.

Adidas Fiat Suchard Merloni Cable & Wireless Danone Group Diageo Henkel LVMH Beiersdorf Carrefour Nissan EMI Group Kellogg MannesmannBertelsmann Coca-Cola Pernod Ricard Ferrero International Kraft Jacobs Vodafone BMW Club Med Pfizer


Philips SmithKline

Renault Beecham

Sara Lee Telefonica

SCA Walt Disney



518, Tulsiani Chambers, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021. Incorporated in the year 1985-86, this rapidly-growing FULL SERVICE Agency located at the above-mentioned place alongwith branches at Bangalore, Chennai & Delhi, has today achieved for itself a decent position in the jampacked arena of the biggies and is continuing its progressive march. It is solely indigenous with no foreign collaboration or foreign equity participation ; something really very praiseworthy.

Being a truly professional & competitive in approach, Canco Advertising Pvt. Ltd. has a well-defined and a well-organised method of operations. When the prospective client approaches them for getting his purpose served, they conduct a SWOT analysis prior to acceptance of any assignment. Although, this SWOT Analysis is not at all a cumbersome and patience-testing exercise for the client, it is designed in such a way that the agency gets a total assurance of the output.



1. Canco is a full-service agency providing all types of services related to the field of advertising & marketing to its clients. 2. It conducts a SWOT Analysis of its clientele to assess their strengths and weaknesses. It also first understands the requirements of the client, their knowledge about the field of advertising, the characteristics of the products and services to be advertised by its client, the type of target market and the cost constraints under which its client is functioning. This overall study about the client and its products helps Canco to devise and develop a proper marketing and advertising plan for its client which can optimize clients returns in the restrictive environment in which it functions. 3. As far as offering facilities to clients are concerned, amongst others, Canco also provides its client the facility to make payments of its fees in installments which goes a long way in helping the client overcome its financial hurdles, if at all posed on him. This is a major breakthrough in client servicing and definitely is a major weapon in anyones hands to have a stable and a loyal base of clientele. 4. The top level of organizational structure in Canco consists of people who are professionals having the academic qualifications which are must in this field. Understandably, on this account there is bound to be professionalism in the approach, attitude and decisions made by the agency for its growth and development. 5. Canco offers its customers a wide selection amongst the media for canvassing their product or services. It advertises in newspapers, uses electronic media and also provides the facility of online advertising. As the choices are more for the customers, depending on their requirements, the characteristics of their products and their cost constraints, it helps them in selecting the proper medium for advertising their product or service.

1. The biggest weakness of Canco is its organizational structure. The organizational structure is such that people who are at the top most level in the hierarchy and

who are professionals in this field are few whereas the line staff is quite much. This may lead to centralization of decision-making and an obvious influence of one or two people in policy decisions. Centralization of decision-making and authority being given to only few can prove to be disastrous for the growth of the organization. 2. It does not have a very broad base clientele. The list includes just a few major names like HDFC. This means that the agency does not enjoy the patronage of many of the big names and is dependent on the patronage of privileged few. 3. CANCO has not hired any of the eminent celebrities for endorsing the products and services of its clients. This is why the appeal created for the products and services of its clients does not reach to a large group of masses. 4. In this world of cut-throat competition where it is important for every agency to have some sort of transparency which will make popular its strategies, achievements, client patronage, diversification in services offered, CANCO has not made any effort to bring itself in the limelight. With no URL and no other self-advertisement, it still lingers in some dark corner of isolation. OPPORTUNITIES 1. With professionals at the decision-making level, CANCO has an opportunity to expand its operations and diversify itself into new avenues if it makes a concentrated effort on improvising the strength of professional staff. 2. Making use of the brand image of some celebrities for endorsing the products of its clients can give it an upper hand and help in having more reputed customers into its kitty. 3. It can project its achievements before the public and through the medium of website can lend more transparency to its operations. On these lines, this agency is working presently and a website is in the development stage. THREATS


1. CANCO, though making use of print and electronic media for advertising products of its clients is a Jack of all trades, master on none. Specialisation is required in at least one sphere for expansion and further diversification. 2. The strength of the staff and the quality of human resource is also a major hindrance it is growth and development. When decision-making is centralized and that too based on few brains, there is bound to be lack of impulsiveness, aggression, timeliness and dynamism. 3. CANCO is suffering a big threat from other agencies operating in the same set of environmental conditions who are constantly offering more and more services to their customers and diversifying themselves day in, day out.


CANCO provides its customers with a wide-range of media to select from viz., in fine print, or online through the medium of internet, hoardings, pamphlets etc. external advertising like


Well, being professional and competitive in approach, it is CANCO who approaches its prospective clients and not wait for the the clients to fathom for it. So, the client does not have to run in sun and shower for finding a proper canvas for its product. CANCO provides all the facilities for its client coupled with a very co-operative inhouse, interactive response and hospitality. As far as payment terms is concerned, CANCO also takes care of the pocket-size of its customers. So on one hand, it gives you the option to pay the entire fees in lumpsum, on the other hand it also extends credit to its continuous and creditworthy customers.


ORGANISATION STRUCTURE Mr. Ramesh Narayan, (Managing Director)


Creative Director (1) Mr. Dhananjay (2) Mr. Arun

Copywriters Neelam

Total Staff Strength

: 24


CANCO fixes the budget for its client depending on the requirements of the client, the characteristics of the product to be advertised, the target customers, the marketing strategy, the aggressiveness or otherwise of the advertising campaign, the type of customers to be targeted, the cost constraints of the environment in which the client is functioning etc. Based on this study, the budget is given by the agency to its client.


a. Given by Alert India, Non-Government Organization (NGO) which creates awareness for leprosy . b. Given by Advertising Club, Mumbai



McCann-Erickson WorldGroup was chartered in 1997 as a new model for integrated marketing communications. The WorldGroup was created by uniting best-in-class marketing communications firms in a range of disciplines behind a common mission and vision. In only a few years, McCann-Erickson WorldGroup has emerged as one of the world's leading integrated brand communications organizations--in global size, in professional quality, and in the number of clients we serve with multiple-communications services. Each WorldGroup agency retains the best of its distinctive heritage. Most notably, McCann-Erickson, is currently celebrating its 100th anniversary, representing a century of innovation and excellence in advertising and communications The rich histories of the member agencies of World Group provide the foundation for the WorldGroup's unparalleled expertise and their unique shared culture. In its brief history, the WorldGroup has cultivated a common culture across its global network, based on shared strategic tools and a shared vision for effective marketing communications.



Arther DAngello Eric Einhorn


Max Gosling

Peter Hamilton

Robin Kent

Bill Kolb Ben Langdon

Pamela Maphis Larrick Marcio M. Moreira

Jens Olesen Dr. Joseph Plummer Stan Rapp Joe Torre Chris Weil



McCann-Erickson WorldGroup's unique and proprietary shared tools help unite different marketing communications disciplines. They unite professionals in different offices around the world. They provide a common "language" for diverse teams working together for common clients. Our tools also set us apart. They are disciplined yet flexible. They combine our best practices with our cutting-edge thinking. We have specialized tools in various disciplines, but the centerpiece is the holistic Brand Optimization Map. Building off of the foundation of the Road Map to Effective Communications, The Brand Optimization Map incorporates the thinking behind the best strategy and planning processes of various disciplines into a unique, universal strategic service. By offering a holistic, integrated approach to strategy development, creative execution, and campaign evaluation, the Brand Optimization Map service can generate brand ideas that have the potential to solve clients' fundamental business problems and position their brands for long-term growth.


By systemically linking supply activities from sourcing and manufacturing to distribution and customer orders, corporations have successfully solved what is called the supply chain. By enabling "just in time" delivery of products or services to meet demand, this process benefits marketers through increased efficiency, productivity and lower costs. But in today's competitive marketing climate, with a renewed focus on building customer and top-line growth, demand creation is, arguably, the new success factor. To meet this important business need among all types of manufacturing and service corporations, McCann-Erickson WorldGroup has developed a service that links demand creation

activities to make them more synergistic and powerful, thus helping corporations to create enduring marketplace growth. This proprietary service offered by McCann-Erickson WorldGroup is known as Creating the Demand Chain. This service, also known as the McCann Demand Chain, provides marketers with all the critical steps in demand creation in a cohesive, effective, and optimized manner. The ultimate benefit of the McCann Demand Chain service in whole, or in part, is to improve demand creation for companies and brands, increasing the sale of products and services and optimizing top-line revenue. Creating the Demand Chain encompasses a linked set of services involving six "links." Importantly, marketers can leverage the McCann Demand Chain service as a whole, or in part, since many of the service components can be adapted to the marketer's existing company activities. These six service elements encompass Demand Vision, Brand Idea, Resource Optimization, Brand Contact, Relationship Management and Demand Performance activities. While this service and its component services are delivered through an array of marketing communications operations across multiple channels, their unique linkage makes them more than the sum of the parts. Each element leverages proprietary, market-tested McCann-Erickson strategic, collaborative and measurement tools; and each is supported and optimized by specialized expertise, resources, creativity, software and infrastructure.

Brand Optimization Map

The Brand Optimization Map (BOM) has been created by McCann-Erickson WorldGroup to provide our corporate clients with a new, more inclusive approach to strategy development, one that fully recognizes the evolving nature of brand communications. This strategy development service recognizes that brand marketers around the world are in a changing relationship to their customers. The Brand Optimization Map thus takes a broader and deeper strategic perspective to account for the new realities facing marketing-focused businesses today, including their required coordinated usage of a full range of marketing communications disciplines.

In today's highly demanding business environment, the focus has shifted away from improving profits through operating efficiencies to generating top-line revenue growth. Demand creation is the new priority. Demand creation in the new marketing communications environment has become especially challenging. The technology revolution has surrounded customers and consumers with a plethora of information and entertainment options, and, as a result they have become more elusive. The consumer is firmly in control. They expect choice, information, speed of service, and ease of acquisition. This new multi-channel environment adds a whole new dimension to the challenge of marketing integration. And with critical mass so hard to achieve, integration has become the new imperative. Traditionally, the focus of integration has been the development of a common brand platform or idea to unite the marketing message across multiple disciplines. This integration of content is still a core priority. But today, given the confusion of marketing channels, the increased sophistication and scope of all our marketing communications disciplines and the emergence of new internet-based business models, there is a demand for a new kind of integration - the integration of resources. The Brand Optimization Map is a unique service that brings together these two fundamental needs in integration, content and resources, under a unified strategic framework to optimize the marketing communications plan. It leverages proprietary strategic principles, tools and software that identify marketing priorities, optimize budget allocation and leverage the full spectrum of marketing communications disciplines for what they do best, in the right "proportions." The Brand Optimization Map also introduces a proprietary method of evaluating the ROI of the fully integrated marketing program. From a standpoint of "the user," The Brand Optimization Map is intuitive in concept, but sophisticated in its ability to embrace the complexities of the new marketing environment. It facilitates collaboration, idea generation, resource allocation and creative execution. It is flexible in its ability to be used locally or regionally, for brands, subbrands or marketing initiatives, and for any specified marketing period.


McCann-Erickson World Group uses The Brand Optimization Map service to leverage the specialized talent and creative energies of all our marketing communications "corridor" centers of expertise while working collaboratively with our clients to create powerful brand communications strategies. The following are the key steps of The Brand Optimization Map service:


In order to create big ideas, we must step back and look at the big picture. To this end, BOM's Brand Health Check service offers a due-diligence process for assessing the overall health of a brand. The Brand Health Check service factors in evolving consumer perceptions, industry trends and competitive pressures. By forcing answers to critical questions, it provides the clarity to recognize major brand opportunities and solve brand problems. Using the framework of McCann's Universal Marketing Drivers - a set of marketing objectives that are common to all marketing communications disciplines regardless of media and message specifics - the service captures the essence of the competitive marketing situation and diagnoses priorities for both content and resource integration.

McCann Pulse
McCann Pulse serves as a leading-edge method of generating consumer insight that informs marketing innovation and execution. McCann Pulse insights feed the development of brand imagery, new products and services and channel strategy. The McCann Pulse service output is based on consumer dialogue held at McCannErickson offices around the world and is reported on the company intranet. Regional decisions can be made through the collection of key market data, and they in turn are used to create a comprehensive global picture of evolving trends. The focus of McCann Pulse is as much on the here and now, as where things are heading. Through proprietary probes, it uncovers what is important in the lives of consumers, how they view the world changing and what their evolving goals are. These issues direct us to new product, service, and communications ideas.

This McCann Pulse service provides the consumer backdrop for the evaluation of the Brand Opportunity as well as development of the McCann Brand Idea, via the Brand Footprint and McCann Selling Strategy service components.


The Brand Optimization Map platform for content in marketing communications is determined by the Brand Footprint - a statement of the desired meanings, values and personality of the brand - and the McCann Selling Strategy which determines a powerful strategic idea for creative execution across all marketing communications disciplines. The Brand Footprint uses McCann's Brand Archeology techniques to uncover the full depth of meanings and values associated with the brand through the eyes of its customers and consumers. The McCann Selling Strategy draws on this "brand insight" to determine where the brand needs to be in the future, thus creating a relevant and credible strategic platform to "propel" the brand towards its destination.

McCann Fusion 2.0 is a proprietary marketing mix software model that provides the optimal allocation for each marketing discipline to attack the stated marketing challenge. It looks at the marketing picture "top down," through software that captures relationships between our marketing communications disciplines and the Universal Marketing Drivers in the context of each category and country. The input to McCann Fusion 2.0 is the Brand Health Check. The output is a benchmark budget allocation across marketing disciplines for Brand Optimization. As a complement to this "top down" evaluation, McCann's Marketing Task Cycle works "bottom up" to determine the ideal role for each marketing communications discipline. The Marketing Task Cycle identifies the barriers that need to be overcome, and assigns the marketing that can best overcome them. This ensures we address critical brand needs and leverage our marketing communications disciplines for what they do best, and to the extent that they can make a difference.


The McCann Brand Clout Index

The Brand Clout Index measures a brand's competitive ability to attract and retain customers in the marketplace - both currently and in the future. It can be used to help quantify the Brand Health Check and to track the performance of an integrated program. Thus it serves as the performance benchmark of The Brand Optimization Map. The McCann Brand Clout Index, managed by NFO WorldGroup research, is currently being rolled out of test market.

Road Maps to Effectiveness :

The Road Map to Effective Advertising The Road Map to Effective Communications Why the McCann Road Map Service was Created: Consumer behavior is harder to understand and predict. Media is proliferating. Distribution channels are changing. And competition is increasingly fierce. In this fastmoving environment, it is no wonder many established brands lack a powerful strategy, often lose direction and many new products fail to connect with customers. To navigate the ever-changing landscape, McCann-Erickson WorldGroup has developed The Road Map to Effective Advertising and, for total marketing communications programs, the Road Map to Effective Communications. This comprehensive service of proprietary tools is designed to create effective advertising and communications strategies that make an impact in today's cluttered marketplace. The McCann Road Map service results in communications strategies that create loyal customers when audiences are moving targets and strengthen core brand values. McCann Erickson WorldGroup recognizes the need for consistent, tested methods and tools for creating communications that build brand value around the world and across marketing communications disciplines. The McCann Road Map service is used globally to ensure the consistency and high quality of communications programs around the world. It is also used throughout the WorldGroup's range of marketing communications companies to make certain that integrated marketing campaigns work in synergy. The McCann Road Map's Key Components:


The Road Map to Effective Advertising, the prototype system on which The Road Map to Effective Communications is based, is a full arsenal of services to guide the creation of effective communications. It begins with the development of consumer and brand insights and ends with the evaluation of the ideas that are used to create customers and build brand values. Components of The Road Map to Effective Advertising include: McCann Pulse -- the on-going exploratory service for gaining an in-depth understanding of consumer trends in order to develop relevant consumer insights. Brand Footprint -- for articulating the core brand essence that allows a brand to travel successfully across marketing landscapes. McCann Selling Strategy -- for converting consumer insights and brand essence into a focused communications strategy that is unified by a single, driving selling idea. And finally, McCann AdWorks -- a qualitative consumer validation and feedback process to assess the effectiveness of marketing communication campaigns.

McCann Pulse
McCann Pulse is the regular monitoring of collective cultural undercurrents at work on global consumer groups. Its goal is to better understand how these undercurrents affect consumers and their consumption; whether observed crosscurrents are connected or isolated; and whether they represent a momentary fashion, a sustainable trend, or a real cultural shift within a market. McCann Pulse is a proprietary service that provides complete immersion in the lives of consumers through ongoing monitoring and personal dialogues. Following are the three components of McCann Pulse: The Pulse of Popular Culture In-depth analysis of the content and symbolism of the various forms of media that both reflect and influence consumers. The Pulse of Observers of Change Ongoing dialogues with leading-edge thinkers whose fields of interest relate to our target consumer groups. The Pulse of the Consumer


Unconventional dialogues with selected consumer constituencies that probe personal insights and what is new in their lives. Pulse can offer clients: Insight into new values, ideas and trends An ability to talk more accurately in the language of consumers Consumer perspectives of major marketing issues or events Context for new creative ideas Brand Footprint The Brand Footprint service uses a tool that defines a brand's essence, so that marketers can manage and build their brands most effectively. It provides a clear understanding of which values need to be protected and leveraged in brand communications. And it helps charter a brand's growth into new territories, from expanding a brand in new geographic regions, to establishing it across multiple product or service categories, to extending it to an electronic marketspace. As brands expand, their value and meaning are often put at risk. These risks stem from the need to reconcile a brand's heritage with product innovation, and from the need to reexpress the brand in the context of new competitive sets, new cultures, and new media. The Brand Footprint service is designed to protect the equity of the brand by conveying the brand essence clearly and succinctly, but with enough texture to inspire a range of marketing activities, from product development to integrated communications. The Brand Footprint articulates the three most central brand meanings and its three most prominent personality characteristics. McCann Selling Strategy The McCann Selling Strategy is a service that is single-mindedly focused on generating brand-building ideas. Ideas that attract customers. Ideas that build corporate and brand franchises. And ideas that create marketplace dominance for clients. While traditional strategy has often been highly analytic, the McCann Selling Strategy offers imaginative conceptualization. It is guided by the McCann Selling Strategy platform, a process of analysis and idea generation that helps move a brand from its current position in consumers' minds to a desired perceptual space.


The McCann Selling Strategy uncovers the motivations of conceptual target audiences and results in a strategic concept that pinpoints a Selling Idea. Unlike many traditional strategy briefs that are formulaic, the McCann Selling Strategy is a dynamic and living process. It's a way of thinking, working and creating as a team. It is a discipline pursued with passion - - that ensures that we stay true to our role of creating ideas that add perceptual value to clients' brands. McCann AdWorks As the last stage of the Road Map to Effective Advertising service, McCann AdWorks tool ensures more effective marketing communications by providing feedback from consumers to a proposed campaign expression of the Selling Idea. McCann AdWorks service is tailored to a specific product, a market situation, a cultural environment. Unlike most leading ad testing firms that offer a simple go/no-go decision on creative work, McCann AdWorks is designed to help us understand whether we have communicated the Selling Idea we set out to communicate, whether the Brand Footprint is understood and if the campaign is entertaining. With McCann AdWorks, we can take the lead in facilitating a real-time discussion about advertising effectiveness and help clients make the right decisions that lead to advertising, direct marketing or other marketing communication work that produces great marketplace results at the earliest stages of creative development. The McCann Road Map service of proprietary tools has proven valuable to a range of McCann-Erickson WorldGroup clients around the world. We believe that, as competition escalates on a global scale, our Road Map service will become even more valuable in the future.


Today, consumers take functional features, benefits, quality, and a positive brand image as a given. What they want are breakthrough service offerings, cutting-edge products, and brands that they can relate to, connect with and incorporate into their lifestyles. Increasingly, marketers understand that consumers are living human beings with experiential needs: consumers want to be stimulated, entertained, educated and challenged. They are looking for brands that provide meaningful experiences and thus become part of their lives.

The degree to which a company is able to deliver a desirable consumer experience - and use brands to do so - will largely determine its success in the global marketplace in the future. Trained to think of marketing and branding in terms of experiences, Momentum Experiential Marketing Services create unique, nearly impenetrable emotional bonds with consumers. These bonds are based on consumers' real experiences with the brand on every interactive level. Momentum Experiential Marketing Services are designed to deliver the brand experience during both the pre-purchase period (brand in mind) and the post-purchase period or consumption period (brand in hand). At Momentum, we know that companies that spend money on acquiring customers (brand in mind) but fail to deliver on the brand promise (brand in hand) will ultimately fail, causing high dissatisfaction and high brand switching. STRATEGIC APPROACH TO DEVELOPING THE BRAND EXPERIENCE Our goal is to have the brand embody an experience that is valuable, optimal, and cannot be duplicated by competitors. MOMENTUM EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING SERVICES The ultimate goal of Momentum Experiential Marketing is to create holistic brand experiences for customers. Our strategic approach is guided by a simple formula: Brand = Reputation (in the marketplace) + Promise (to the marketplace) + Experience (of customers) BRAND = REPUTATION (in the marketplace) The first step is to develop a Brand Footprint. The Brand Footprint is Momentum's unique tool for defining a brand's essence. The Brand Footprint is a coherent statement of a brand's meaning and personality. Specifically it embodies: What the brand "means". What the brand "means" is what a brand gets credit for in the eyes of consumers - its reputation across a number of key dimensions. For example, Bayer means aspirin, doctor recommended, and prevention against heart attacks.

What the brand "is". What the brand "is" is how we would describe the brand's

dominant personality traits - generally those that correspond to its principal meanings. For example, Bayer is experienced, safe, and versatile. BRAND = PROMISE (to the marketplace) The Brand Footprint provides critical insight into how the brand is perceived in the marketplace; this understanding allows us to build meaningful relationships with consumers. The relationship is a promise that their experience with the brand will be personally relevant, consistent, meaningful and memorable - an experience that will be sought after time and time again. A Brand Promise is essentially a reason for being, a company's long-term ambition for their brand. It encompasses how the company views its industry today and tomorrow and the role they want their brand to play in it. It seeks to carve out a premium, nonduplicable point of differentiation in the marketplace. A Brand Promise sets forth the foundation needed for organizations to focus in on how they want the external world to view the brand, redesign operations and strategies in order to deliver on the promise, and then develop marketing communications to fit with the image they are trying to portray. A Brand Promise incorporates every aspect of a brand's business model in order to create a holistic brand experience for the consumer. At Momentum, we know that public impressions of brands are based only in part on communication and public images. More than anything, they are based upon the daily explicit and implicit interactions that people have with a brand. In other words, the Experience. BRAND = EXPERIENCE (of customers) Experiences are personal events that occur in response to some stimulation (e.g. as provided by marketing efforts before and after purchase). An experience involves the entire living being and can be infused into a product, used to enhance a service, or created as an entity into itself. Experiences provide consumers a way to engage physically, mentally, emotionally, socially or spiritually in the consumption of the product or service making the interaction meaningful and real. A comprehensive set of Momentum Experiential Marketing Service Drivers creates the optimal consumer brand experience for your product or company.

Momentum Experiential Marketing Service Drivers , Communications Advertising Promotions Co-Branding Events Sponsorships Product Placement Visual/Verbal Identity Name Logos and Signage Product Presence Product Design Packaging Brand Icons Web Sites and Electronic Media Site Dynamics In summary, to effectively develop a brand experience that is meaningful and continually sought after, we must: Fully understand the meaning of the brand, its personality and what consumers Relate the brand to the consumer in unique, consistent, relevant and meaningful Realize the promise in every interaction the consumer has with the brand - The Experience. Developing a sound strategy will allow us to determine the best way to actualize the promise as part of a full-scale consumer experience platform. Momentum Experiential Marketing Services enable us to bring the experience platform to life. are willing to give the brand credit for in the marketplace - Brand Footprint. ways, creating a non-duplicable point of differentiation - Brand Promise.

Brand Citizenship
Why the Brand Citizenship Service was created:

Due to the revolution in global communications and commerce, McCann-Erickson WorldGroup recognize that there has been a sea change in the perception of brands. Brands, these global icons, have become the new symbols, the new coats of arms that represent vast global constituents. They cross borders and national culture at will. They are neither products nor companies; they are worldwide constituencies of millions around the globe bound by common beliefs, values and point of view that transcend all traditional boundaries. They have become repositories and symbols of a global community of individuals who share core values, lifestyles and beliefs. Brand Citizenship is a service that facilitates the development of marketing and communications strategies in this ever more global constituency led market environment. It begins with the development of new mindset tools, and practices before moving on to how brands and corporations should operate in a world where brands begin to supercede states and other organizations. Brand Citizenship utilizes the very latest thinking in considering the brand in its new environment. The role of the brand steward in worldwide constituency management is examined: in particular how he identifies his citizenship, and the means and methods to enter a dialogue with the citizen. Analogies are drawn from the past in order to gain fresh insight on the role and the responsibilities of the brand steward - someone we come to consider more akin to a leader of a nation rather than a manager of a product. Attention is also given to the role of the employee who plays a vital part in Brand Citizenship by creating and perpetuating the brand. The Brand Citizenship Service incorporates the use of other McCann-Erickson proprietary tools such as The Brand Footprint and The Selling Strategy (as detailed in The Roadmap to Effective Communications) in the process of managing global Brand Citizenships. This process is broken down into three key areas - citizenship definition tools, communications corridors and a pervasive worldwide system. The Brand Citizenship Service has proven valuable to a range of McCann-Erickson WorldGroup clients around the world. We believe that in the increasingly competitive global village in which we operate, our Brand Citizenship Service will become even more valuable in the future.


SWOT ANALYSIS:STRENGTHS:1) Planning is a major strength of this agency. This is because Mc Cann is the only agency whose president is the planner.

Also, as far as overall account planning ability , Mc Cann Erickson stands 4 th amongst all advertising agencies worldwide.

3) On the creative ability front, Mc Cann Erickson bags third position in the list of top ten advertising agencies. 4) Mc Cann Erickson is a worldwide organization with its roots firmly penetrated into the soils of advertising and marketing with many subsidiaries and group concerns , Mc Cann Erickson has aggressively tapped the world market and consolidated its ground in all spheres. 5) Mc Cann Erickson is a highly professionally managed organization. Its executives are its major assets as is clear from their contributions to Mc Cann and their portfolios.

In India, an overall basis i.e. on the grounds of quality of client servicing, overall creative quality, account planning, overall partnership, media, market recognition, overall organization/people, billing procedures, management of financial dealings with clients &logistics, Mc Cann stands 4th in the list of Top 20 agencies.

7) Mc Cann Ericksons biggest strength is the quality of human resources it possesses. With people like Sorab Mistry who is the CEO South-Asia Mc CannErickson , Santosh Doshi, Prasoon Joshi and Chintamani Rao, Mc Cann not only races ahead of agencies like Contract , Mudra and Leo Burnett but also has a huge potential for the future. Prasoon Joshi, earlier creative director of O&Ms Mumbai Office, now a national creative director of Mc Cann Erickson is the second amongst Indias hottest creative directors. In a short period of time, he has managed to upstage a number of heavyweights to sit pretty at number two on the list of most admired creative directors. WEAKNESSES:-



Client Servicing is a major weakness for Mc Cann Erickson. On grounds of client servicing, Mc Cann is the 5th position in the list of 15 advertising agencies; way behind agencies like JWT, O&M, Lowe &Mudra.

2) Also, though McCann bags the third position on grounds of creative ability, it is mainly due to the strength of its Coke campaign and to a lesser extent the work on chlormint.

As far as media planning is concerned, universal McCann is not very strong. Its on the 9th position and just followed by R K Swamy .In terms of market recognition also, Mc Cann is not very commanding. McCann Erickson hasnt bagged too many awards and its also not very strong at managing its P.R


Universal McCann also lags behind most of its competitors in media buying and planning. That is to say, it does not incur much of an expenditure on advertising i.e. buying media, research and development.

OPPORTUNITIES :1) McCann Erickson is a worldwide organization ; having its branches in many parts of the world. With international tie-ups and subsidiaries in every nook and corner of the world, McCann is in a very strong position to fruitfully tap the resources unique to every country and also make an optimum exploitation of the conditions and the environment prevailing in each of these nations. 2) McCann is empowered with professionals having diversified experience and skills in the field of advertising and marketing. This can be utilized by the organization in overcoming its above-mentioned weaknesses to a greater extent. 3) Empowered with a worldwide reputation, McCann is also capable of diversifying into other sectors of advertising and marketing and also other forms of media. Besides, being an organization of international repute, it is also capable of recruiting some of the best people in the industry on whose individual strengths it can continue to remain a world-leader and a trail-blazer in this field. THREATS :-


1) If McCann does not improve its client-servicing, then it can prove to a major threat in the growth of the organization. This is because of the fact that most of the other organisations who are close competitors of McCann have already improvised on their client-servicing abilities. 2) McCanns poularity is mainly due to some of its successful campaigns. It has still to improve a lot on its creative abilities. Barring a few clients like Coke and Chlormint, the other ad campaigns of McCann have lacked creativity. So in order to remain in the top frame, McCann has to concentrate on its creativity. 3) Lack of proper media planning is also a major threat for McCann. It has to improve a lot on this aspect to survive the competition.


It was a rather humble beginning ;No thunder, no lightning, no guardian angels showering of blessings In 1980, Mudra had one client - Vimal and a 500sq.ft. Office Its objective was very simple To create the best contemporary advertising which Mudra did. Mudra really is not sure if it made the advertising fraternity sit up and take notice But others definitely did which explains how nine years hence, Mudra was the largest Indian advertising agency And today, 23 years hence, Mudra have 125 clients nationwide And 3 agencies, 8 offices and 6 divisions in India and an equity partnership with DDB Worldwide And a capitalised billing of Rs. 7.8 billion And a portfolio of some of Indias best brands And Agency of the Year awards six times And if its words are not enough, here are a few from its clients

If youre looking for an agency that can be part of hits own team, that cannot be called an agency, but is a part of its family. That treats its products as their product and whose people will work as if theyre working in its organization, theres only one agency. That is Mudra. -Piruz Khambatta, CMD Rasna Enterprises Ltd. Theyre completely involved in the brand. They take an active role and see them as a partner. -Amit Jatia, MD McDonalds Hardcastle Restaurants. Spirit Every brand has a descriptor. Every brand has a baseline. And being in the business of creating them makes Mudra eligible for four Made in India Mudra was created by a group of individuals whose only credentials were being Indian and knowing India Together they took India to the Indian and went on to become the largest Indian advertising agency Mudra (starting with the name) is made in India, for India, by Indians Success is Mudras Oxygen It is constant discontent and craving that has taken Mudra where they are It has forced them to continually raise their own benchmarks thereby helping them stay ahead of the competition. Success is what keeps them going, success is what they keep going for


In an industry that sets trends, to be a trendsetter is no mean achievement. Yet, in the 23 years of its existence, Mudra has set trend after trend. To the extent that if it is something new, Mudra is somewhere in the picture. Here are some of the examples : It was Mudra that first gave India double spread colour ads It was Mudra that first sponsored commercial telecast of a major sporting event with the India-West Indies series of 1983

It was Mudra that first branded a public issue, `Reliance Khazana' It was Mudra that made India's first telefilm, `Janam' It was Mudra that gave Doordarshan `Rajani", the serial that heralded a new consumer awareness in India It was Mudra that gave India its first academy for advertising Institute of Communications, MICA It was Mudra that gave India its first transnational agency, Mudra International It is Mudra that gave India her first advertising archives, the MAGIndia The Mudra

DIVISION PROFILE Public Relations: Horizons Horizons is Mudras PR division. Currently, it has three full service offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore with access to human resources and infrastructure in Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Chennai, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur and Pune Horizons is an affiliate of Porter Novelli International the world's third largest PR network spread across 40 countries worldwide. Over the past ten years, Horizons has been instrumental in helping clients from various industries enter the Indian market. And having worked with a range of clients gives Horizons the experience to handle projects of any kind and magnitude. Horizons handle the Public Relations activity not only for some of Mudra's clients but for a large number of other corporates as well. Activities include communications strategy, Media relations, corporate communications, brand communications, event management, sponsorships, Employee communication and Crisis management.

A.G. Krishnamurthy :58

We are not really sure whether the local astrologer saw what the boy born on the 28th of April, 1942 at Vinukonda in Andhra Pradesh would go on to achieve nor whether Shri A. G Krishnamurthys teachers saw that their student would go on To make advertising history In 68, he joined Calico Mills in Ahmedabad and in 72, moved to their advertising agency, Shilpi Advertising In 76 he moved to Reliance Industries as their advertising manager Four years later, on 25th March, 1980, he founded Mudra Communications. This is where the story begins: Once he said that as a result of all the years he spent in Ahmedabad, a little bit of the Gujaratis entrepreneurial spirit has rubbed off on him May be such things do happen Shri Krishnamurthy started with 1 brand, Vimal The chain he set up today has a 125 links, a 125 clients In 91, he created the Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA), the only advertising school of its kind in Asia A couple of years later came Mudra International, again the first time an Indian agency had opened shop abroad In 95 Shri Krishnamurthy was nominated Advertising Person of the Year by A&M, Indias leading marketing journal In 97, he was inducted into the Calcutta Ad Clubs Hall of Fame In 98, the British magazine Media International nominated Shri Krishnamurthy as one of the 25 key figures in the international advertising industry In 99 he was awarded the AAAI-Premnarayen Award in recognition of his pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial vision After an eventful stint spanning 23 years as Chairman and Managing Director of Mudra, Shri A G Krishnamurthy retired on 31st March 2003

Mudra has collected many accolades over the years including the "Agency of the Year" award for 6 years besides the induction of Shri A.G.Krishnamurthy (CMD) into the Calcutta Ad Club Hall of Fame; his being chosen as the Ad Person of the Year by A&M;

his nomination as "one of the 25 key figures of the international Ad Industry" in 1998 by British Magazine - Media International; and the AAAI-Premnarayen Award in recognition of his pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial vision 1993 | Total awards 55 1994 | Total awards 52 1995 | Total awards 84 Agency of the Year - A&M Agency of the Year - Bangalore Ad Club 1) Agency of the Year - A&M 2) Advertising Person of the Year (A.G.Krishnamurthy) - A&M 1996 | Total awards 90 1997 | Total awards 67 1998 | Total awards 87 Agency of the Year - Calcutta Ad Club Agency of the Year - The Pioneer Hall of Fame (A.G.Krishnamurthy) - Calcutta Ad Club The British magazine "Media International" nominated A.G.Krishnamurthy as one of the 25 key figures of the international advertising industry 1999 | Total awards 60 AAAI - Premnarayen Award 2000 | Total awards 72 2001 | Total awards 50 Creativity 31, USA 2002 | Total awards 27 Agency of the Year - Delhi Ad Club A.G. Krishnamurthy in recognition of his pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial vision (36 Awards of MAG) (16 Awards of MAG) (7 Gold Awards) (2 Awards of MAG)


Product/Service Category Adhesives Air Coolers Airline Anti-Infective Prickly Heat Antiseptic Creams - Heel Care Antiseptic Lotion Automobile Dealers Brand Name Jubilant Symphony Air India ItchGuard DermiCool Krack SR BoroSoft Popular

Client Name Vam Organics Symphony Ltd. Air India Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Popular Vehicles & Services Ltd.

In 1988, Mudra decided to collaborate with an international agency an agency with the vision, experience and determination to set standards for the profession .That agency was DDB Worldwide, part of the Omnicom Group. This affiliation gives them access to the best creative product, latest information technology, media modelling, direct marketing and other international advertising and marketing inputs But the theme that binds them together is their definition of advertising. The concept of the Third Dimension as they put it, and Return on Invesent (ROI) as their colleagues at DDB see it. Over the years, the interactions have led to a better creative product and a better understanding of product categories It is this spirit of trying to be the best at everything one does that today binds Mudra and DDB together INTERACT VISION: Interact Vision Advertising and Marketing (P) Ltd. was the combination in 1992 of two Mudra Group companies, Interact and Vision. If there is anyone today who can claim to be as close to India and Indian values as Mudra is, it is Interact Vision This tradition has helped shape its characterThe agency does not just take on an account It adopts the business sharing the burdens, responsibilities, rewards and disappoinents. Today, the Interact Vision portfolio includes several multinationals as well. At Interact-Vision, the stress has always been on effectiveness .This they did by never losing sight of the three factors that have contributed to our effectiveness - relevance, impact and focus. In 1980, Mudra started with a modest turnover of Rs.30 lakh in the first year of operation The first few years indicated a placid growth rate of 25% From 1985 onwards, turnover accelerated at a furious pace


Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer Mr. Madhukar Kamath

Executive Director & Chief Creative Officer Mr. Alan DSouza

Executive Director & Head

Leadership, Learning & Change Mr. Prabir Purkayashta

New Initiative Mr. R. Lakshminarayanan

Total Branding (South) Mr. Dilip Upadhyaya

Branches Bangalore & Chennai Vice President S. Radhakrishnan Branch Director Ashok Vidyasagar Hyderabad / Kochi Vice President Mr. Bal Deshpande Manager Mr. G. Serenity

Kolkata Mumbai CFO Hemant Mishra Director Amritendu Roy President Jude Fernandes

AhmedaBad Exe. Vice President Mr. Chandan Nath



S. No. Basis Name of the agency National Agencies Mudra Canco International Agencies Carat McCann Ercikson

Xebec 1 Does the agency conduct a SWOT Analysis of its clients i.e. whether it assesses the strengths, weaknesses of its clients and whether it makes an assessment of the level of knowledge possessed by its client pertaining to the field of advertising Does the agency have any international tie-ups









This is an international agency with subsidiaries all over the world Mostly the clients are multinational Large Yes Electronic

This is an international agency with subsidiaries all over the world Mostly the clients are multinational Large No There is no such one media in which this agency specialises As far as the top level of management is concerned, it consists of professional people as is reflected in the approach and the decisionmaking activities of the agency. The founders of

4 5 6

Does the agency enjoy patronage from any multinational clients ? Scope of operations Does the agency specialise in any one type of media ? Media in which the agencies specialise




Medium Yes Print

Large Yes Print

Medium No There is no such one media in which this agency specialises As far as the top level of management is concerned, the office-bearers are professional people having an academic background in the field of management or marketing

Quality of human resource

The top level of management does not comprise of people who are from the field of adveritising or who are having some sort of an experience.

As far as the top level of management is concerned, it consists of professional people as is reflected in the approach and the decisionmaking activities of 63

As far as the top level of management is concerned, it consists of professional people as is reflected in the approach and the decisionmaking activities of

Though they may be wellgroomed in their decisionmaking abilities and framing of policies, they don't have that proper academic background

the agency

and having an experience in this field. However, the number of people in the top level who have the decisionmaking authority are too few and the line staff is relatively much

the agency

8 9 10 11

Decision-making Area of operation Clientele base Transparency operations of

Largely centralised Local as well as international Broad based The agency believes in making its operations transparent as is quite evident form the fact that a lot of information can be obtained by any one from various sources like websites, personal visits etc. Mostly corporates

Decentralised Local as well as international Broad based The agency believes in making its operations transparent as is quite evident form the fact that a lot of information can be obtained by any one from various sources like websites, personal visits etc. Mostly corporates

Largely centralised Local Not broad based Although the agency has not created any website (which is presently under development) being a local and a smallsized agency it is possible for local and medium-sized prospective customers to avail of its services. Every type of customer from individuals to corporates.

Decentralised Mostly international Broad based Though, the agency has given plenty of information about its operations on websites etc. it is practically difficult for a small prospective customer to hunch out for them

this agency were themselves men of dignified stature, personified background and dynamic entrepreneurs. It is basically because of the foot-work of these founders on which the successors have tread and led the agency to great heights of name and fame. Decentralised Mostly international Broad based ; throughout the world Though, the agency has given plenty of information about its operations on websites etc. it is practically difficult for a small prospective customer to hunch out for them


Types of customers catered to Whether the agency has engaged the services of any celebrities for endorsement of its clients' products and services ?

Mostly corporates

Mostly corporates





No information available

No information available


S.No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

COMPARISON BETWEEN GROSS INCOME OF TOP 25 AGENCIES GROSS INCOME (Rs. In lakhs) (2001) JWT 20743 O&M 12587.4 Mudra 10696 FCB-Ulka 8648.4 Rediffusion DY & R 7520.4 McCann-Erickson India Ltd. 6183.6 R K Swamy / BBDO Advertising 4415.9 Grey Worldwide (I) Pvt. Ltd. 4250 Leo Burnett India Pvt. Ltd. 3759.1 Contract 3209.8 Euro - RSCG 3060 Pressman Advertising 2928.4 MAA 2676 IB&W Communications 2665.7 Triton Communications Pvt. Ltd. 2186.2 Ambience D'Arcy 2180 Bates India 2107.2 Percept Advertising Ltd. 2076.6 Saatchi & Saatchi 1599.8 TBWA Anthem 1438.9 Everest 1329.6 Madison Communications P.Ltd. 1148 SSC & B Lintas 1120 Publicis 1108.1 Quadrant 985.8 AGENCY


21000 20000 19000 18000 17000 16000 15000 14000 13000 12000 11000 10000 9000 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0


Grey Worldwide (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Triton Communications Pvt. Ltd.

Saatchi & Saatchi

IB&W Communications

Euro - RSCG


Madison Communications P.Ltd.

R K Swamy / BBDO Advertising

Rediffusion DY & R

McCann-Erickson India Ltd.

Ambience D'Arcy

Leo Burnett India Pvt. Ltd.

TBWA Anthem

Pressman Advertising

SSC & B Lintas

Bates India


Percept Advertising Ltd.


Growth of Advertising Agencies : The XIIth Agency Report of A&M magazine makes the remarkable disclosure that the ad industry remained steady in 2000-01, with a growth figure of 23.51 per cent, only slightly less than the XIth Agency Report's figure of 24.83 per cent for 1999-00. No surprise there, given that the ad industry growth rate is typically four times the economic growth, in any country (though India had a higher ration during the mid-1990's boom). The magazine has made a shift in the reporting emphasis following change in accounting policies of many agencies, from capitalised billings earlier to gross income. "This makes no difference to the agency ranking, since it was always done by gross income - which is









the audit-certified figure that agencies submit to A&M. But it does influence the way we speak of the industry's size," the survey said. In rupee terms, the Gross Income of the Top 100 agencies stands at Rs 12,753.60 million for 2000-01, as compared to their total of Rs 10,325.81 million in 19992000. In terms of Capitalised Billings (Gross Income multiplied by 6.67), the industry figure for 2000-01 stands at Rs 85,066.51 million. Together, the Top 5 participating agencies this year, HTA, O&M, Mudra, FCBUlka and Rediffusion DY&R (Lowe Lintas opted not to participate), account for 47.2 per cent of the Top 100's total Gross Income. WPP Group has penetrated India so well (with HTA, O&M, Contract, Fortune, Equus and Rediffusion DY&R) that it has a 34.7 per cent share of the Indian ad pie in 2000-01 with five participating agencies in this year's report. More than half the Top 100 agencies (62) have grown between 0 and 40 per cent. Eight agencies have growth rates above 100 per cent - Bates, Capital, Rashtriya, MX, Brand.comm, Quiksel, Triple ESS and RMG. Of the Top 100, 13 agencies have reported negative growth - Impulse, Interact Vision, National, Crescent, Thumbprint, Elegant, Shells, Avishkar, TV ADS, Siddhartha, Batha, Wide Reach and TAS Vision. The big surprise comes from Moulis Euro RSCG, which jumps from No 44 to No 17. The Havas umbrella seems to have worked some wonders. In the globalisation era, big agencies have found it impossible to survive without any foreign partnership. That's the power of globally-networked advertising agencies still the biggest force of change in Indian advertising, a decade after the market was thrown open to foreign invesent. Though Indian agencies have no real cause to rejoice as growth may not be anything compared to the advertising exuberance of the mid-1990s when growth peaked at 49.5 per cent in 1994-95, but it is good by global standards, the magazine noted while releasing the survey report


Top 20 Advertising Agencies

RANK 1999-00 2000-01 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 11 10 15 11 10 12 12 13 13 14 16 15 18 16 44 17 -18 17 19 19 20 AGENCY Hindustan Thompson Associates Ltd Ogilvy & Mather Pvt Ltd Mudra Communications FCB-Ulka Advertising Ltd Rediffusion-DY&R McCann Erickson (India) Ltd R K Swamy/BBDO Advertising Pvt Ltd Grey Worldwide (I) Pvt Ltd Leo Burnett India Pvt Ltd Contract Advertising (India) Ltd Euro RSCG Advertising Pvt Ltd* Pressman Advertising & Marketing Ltd MAA iB&W Communications Pvt Ltd Triton Communications Pvt Ltd Ambience D'Arcy Advertising Pvt Ltd Moulis Euro RSCG Advertising Service Pvt Ltd Bates India Percept Advertising Ltd Saatchi & Saatchi Ltd

Top 20 Advertising Spenders

RANK 1999-00 1 2 3 4 -5 2000-01 1 2 3 4 5 6 COMPANY YR. ENDING AD SPEND CHANGE OVER PRVS YEAR (%) -5.60 10.30 -0.96 21.71 70.16 13.59

Hindustan Lever Colgate-Palmolive India ITC Dabur India LG Electronics India Nestle India

Dec 2000 Mar 2001 Mar 2001 Mar 2001 Dec 2000 Dec 2000

696.58 213.96 183.32 146.08 131.4 128.46

6 7 --9 8 12 -14 25 10 -17 --

7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

McDowell & Co Bajaj Auto Maruti Udyog Herbertsons Britannia Industries Godfrey Phillips India Marico Industries Godrej Industries Telco SKB Consumer Healthcare Tata Tea Hyundai Motor India Hero Honda Motors Reckitt Benckiser India

Mar 2000 Mar 2001 Mar 2000 Mar 2000 Mar 2001 Mar 2000 Mar 2001 Mar 2001 Mar 2001 Dec 2000 Mar 2001 Mar 2000 Mar 2001 Dec 2000

118.94 102.53 88.20 85.93 85.29 85.15 79.82 77.54 71.89 69.36 64.63 63.73 61.12 61.01

26.60 13.62 34.39 13.16 10.75 30.94 36.03 106.55 47.56 61.98 -5.22 222.52 30.57 8.48

Source :


Agencies Ranking ( on the basis of services offered) Ranks (On the basis of) Creativity Client Ability 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Servicing 2 3 5 6 1 4 9 15 14 8 7 10 11 12 13


O&M Lowe McCann-Erickson Contract JWT Mudra Leo Burnett Publicis Ambience Enterprise Nexus Rediffusion DY & R FCB-Ulka Grey Worldwide R K Swamy BBDO Bates Euro RSCG

Planning Ability 2 3 4 6 1 7 8 15 11 10 5 13 12 9 14

On the basis of topography

O&M Lowe JWT / HTA Contract McCann Leo Burnett FCB - Ulka Mudra Publicis Ambience Grey Worldwide Rediffusion DY & R Bates India Saatchi & Saatchi * NA = Not Available West 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 NA* NA* NA* North 1 3 2 6 4 8 7 5 NA* 10 9 NA* NA* East 1 3 2 5 9 NA* NA* 6 NA* NA* 7 4 10

2001 Top 10 Multinational Advertisers (Ad Age International Nov 11, 2002)
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Procter & Gamble Co. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$3,820.1 million General Motors Corp. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$ 3,028.9 million Unilever. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$3,005.5 million Ford Motor Co. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$2,309 million Toyota Motor Corp. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$2,213 million AOL Time Warner. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$2099.8 million Philip Morris. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$1,934.6 million Daimler Chrysler Worldwide advertising expenditure US$1,835.3 million Nestle SA. Worldwide advertising expenditure US$1,798.5 million Volkswagen Worldwide advertising expenditure US$1794.1 million Major Advertisers by Region

2001 Top 10 Multinational Advertising Agencies (Ad Age Intnl., April 2002)
1. 2. 3.

Dentsu. Worldwide gross income: US$2,078.1 million McCann-Erickson. Worldwide gross income: US$1,857.9 million BBDO Worldwide. Worldwide gross income: US$1611.7 million

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

J. Walter Thompson. Worldwide gross income: US$1,536.1 million Euro RSCG: Worldwide gross income: US$1,441.2 million Grey. Worldwide gross income: US$1,321 million DDB Needham. Worldwide gross income: US$1,214.6 million Ogilvy & Mather. Worldwide gross income: US$1,135.4 million Leo Burnett. Worldwide gross income: US$1,072.3 million Publicis Worldwide. Worldwide gross income: US$1,066 million

COMPARISON OF AGENCIES ON THE BASIS OF WORLDWIDE GROSS INCOME S.No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Name of the Agency Dentsu McCann-Erickson BBDO J. Walter Thompson Euro RSCG Grey DDB Needham Ogilvy & Mather Leo Burnett Publicis Worldwide Gross Income (Rs. In millions) 2078.1 1857.9 1611.7 1536.1 1441.2 1321 1214.6 1135.4 1072.3 1066


Worldwide Gross Income

2100 2000 1900 1800 1700 1600 1500 1400 1300 1200 1100 1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0

Gross Income

J. Walter Thompson

DDB Needham


Ogilvy & Mather



Name of the Agency

GROWTH OF ADVERTISING AGENCIES Year 1939-40 1949-50 1959-60 1969-70 1979-80 1983-84 1987-88 1990-91 1991-92 No.of Agencies 14 61 74 108 168 310 460 568 588 Year 1992-93 1993-94 1994-95 1995-96 1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 1999-2000 No.of Agencies 591 620 651 702 718 741 750 757


Publicis 10


Leo Burnett


G r o w t h o f A d v e r t is in g A g e n c ie s
800 700 600 500 40 N o. of Agen c0ie s 300 200 100 0 1 9 3 91- 9 4 91-9 5 91- 9 6 91-9 7 91- 9 8 31- 9 8 71-9 9 01- 9 9 11-9 9 21- 9 9 31-9 9 41- 9 9 51- 9 9 61-9 9 71- 9 9 81-9 9 9 40 50 60 70 80 84 88 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 2000

Y ears


The world of advertising and advertising agencies has experienced a revolution. Its a jungle out here, the one who slays survives. In an attempt to be fiercer and outsmart the competitors, today the agencies dont spare a second thought in going to any heights. Quality is compromised, games are played and the poor customer is made the scapegoat. Code of conduct is restricted to paper, the reality is different and darker than it appears. We may find agencies doing some honest business but the names are few and heard once in a blue moon. In a bid to conquer the world, we have seen many a agency becoming Alexander. In view of the current scenario and with a vision of the future, the following recommendations can be cited:1) Agencies should accept more social responsibilities and endeavor towards their maximum fulfillment. They can win the game by winning the customers. Feelings should not be encashed and emotions should not be auctioned. There have been recent cases of

agencies making misuse of situations of immense tension and riots in propoganding their product in a bid to rake in a big fortune. 2) Agencies must be made to contribute a fixed percentage of their gross incomes for advocating social cause. This will also help agency earn a very good patronage and maximize customer loyalty. 3) There should be certain standardization of fees and benchmarks should be laid down for the advertisements that are put on display on our minds, in aspects of quality, vieworship. 4) They should improve their accessibility and transparency. Though big agencies cater to the needs of the elite, they should also be available to the less deprived ones too. Education and knowledge should be spread through these agencies in the form of advertisements. 5) Products and services should be made to pass through several tests before they are put to display. Also a SWOT analysis of the product or the service to be advertised should be made. 6) After sales-service should be improved and customers should be spontaneously attended to in times of dissatisfaction and appeal. 7) Services provided should be diversified and new avenues should be tapped for own growth and for providing better service to everyone. 8) Outsmarting competitors in a bid to capture the market at the cost of quality and customer well-being should be replaced by healthy competition and a humane touch. 9) Co-operation should be provided at all levels and accessibility even to the master minds should be improved for better management and better relationships.


From the study presented hereinabove, we come to know many faces of the multifaceted world of advertising agencies, some dark horses and some aggressive lions. Each and every agency is a world in its own ----- with uniqueness in its modus operandi, variance in their aggressiveness and intensities and relativity in their positions. From agencies catering to the needs of localised with a modest level of infrastructure and human resources, we have seen king-size ones who make it to the Cannes every year. The aim is the same, the game is different. The goal is the same, the ball is different. The mission is the same, the vision is different and the objective is the same, the perspective is different. They are all preparing the same dish to satisfy guests like us but their recipe is unique. Their manouverability, vulnerability to threats, opportunities, strengths and their intrinsic weaknesses posing obstacles in their journey to the sky all vary drastically and understandably. though the blood running in their veins is the same, their brains are unique thinktanks. Whatever may be the unity in diversity, the world of advertising is

very much flambouyant, enthusiastic, glamourous and appealing and so is the fantasyland created on our minds by the advertising agencies. It's only because of these advertising agencies that we are subject to mind-boggling bombardment of commercials and advertisements. This bombardment has not only increased the level of awareness amongst us but also the stupendous technological, industrial and commercial development but has also given a new makeover to our static lifestyles. If knowledge is power, then we are so empowered due to the powerful impact of the medias on our minds, bodies and souls. Although for these professional-to-the-core agencies, its nothing but a mint, for us its a revolution. Revolution resulting into evolution --- of products, services and people. Just like food without salt is indelible, a day in one's life without an exposure to some new advertisement is unbelievable. Just as every coin has two sides and every person has two faces, a fair and a dark one, so do these agencies. All that glitters is not gold and all that is unrequired is also sold. These advertising agencies have doubtlessly opened many new paraphernalias and made the wind of revolution blow on our continent. They have enlightened the entire country, made the life of an ordinary laymen extraordinary, raised the standard of living, helped in the economic and commercial development, unfolded a red carpet for new ideas, imagination, innovations and qualitative sophistication but then they sometimes appear in front of our eyes as skeletons dressed in bridal vein. Why is it so? Some call it over-professionalism, others call it over-materialism but then we all know that today everything is fair in love, war and advertising. Every agency wants to pull down the other to make it to the top. Well, in this cat-race and times of cut-throat competition, the common layman always gets the maximum benefit since he is responsible for the bread and butter of these agencies. however, it is also pertinent to note over here the fact that many a time the audience is subject to foul-play. Unfortunately, in an attempt to scale the highest peak, the consumer is made a dumping ground where even garbage is covered by garland for easy dumping. The agencies make use of super-humans in the field of cricket, movies, T.V. sops to endorse the products and services of the companies which may also be of a sub-standard quality for they know that imitation and emulation is in the nerves of every Indian and that glamour always has a mesmerising, hypnotising impact on nerve cells. It is a very sorry state of this industry that following

ethics is itself unethical today, and ethical is considered as impractical. The books propose, the crooks dispose. And every damage to health and peace is backed by the sincerest of the justifications and the most convincing demonstrations churned out from the advertising gurus' brain factories. Take the incident-of-the-day case of soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi. Brands of multinational giants and advertised so appealingly that they have created an appalling effect. Too late to realise the fact (or is it ?) and too late to affect the producers' and marketers' images. Well, it is certain that many injurious products are also publicised as items of harmless consumption and the buyer is an easy prey to the bombardment of sophisticated publicity.What is required of these agencies is to unearth the deeply buried ethics and codes of conduct under the burden of over-professionalism, over-materialism and selfish profiteering. Though profits are the key benchmarks for every company, no profit can last on dissatisfaction and denudation of consumer and his welfare. "A stitch in timesaves nine" and "it is never too late to mend". It will announce a bright future for producers and advertising agencies that advertise their products and services if they stitch one button before the shirt becomes buttonless. And ...... buttonless shirts are immediately discarded.

ANNEXURE Questionnaire sent to the advertising agencies GENERAL INFORMATION

Name of the agency. Date of incorporation. Location. Foreign collaboration, if any? Number of branches and the location of their subsidiaries What type of advertising agency (Full service, creative boutique, specialist

agency, agency network, subsidiary of large agencies, in house agency)?



Name your top clients Cost-Benefit Analysis for the agency as well as for its clients. Do you make an assessment of strengths & weaknesses of the clients If a client uses an ad agency to place its ads in different media, how is the What alternatives are available to a client for placing an advertisement ? How does a client approach you for placing an advertisement? Regarding settlements of your charges, is it done on a lumpsum basis or in How many clients you have who go for a continuous advertisement

bifurcation of the budget done

instalments basis or it finally depends on your clients convenience. package and how many just put it for once ?

The top team (name of the directors such as media art production so on) Give a brief profile of the each of the director , such as their experience in the ad agency Its total staff (organisation chart can be presented)


The medias through which you place the ads for the clients Which is the most widely used media and cost-benefit analysis for placing an ad through that media for the agency as well as for its clients How do you approach celebrities for endorsing the products/services of your clients Names of the celebrities who have worked for your agency

Its various services Duties and function of ad department


Awards won if any, best campaign, or any other relevant data

What are the types of problems you generally face in this industry ?

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