Date Sheet/ Mar 2013


Conduct Branch-I
Proposed THEORY Date Sheet for End Term Examinations (MAY - JUNE 2013)

Programme: MBA (Regular /Financial Markets)/B. Tech. – MBA (Dual Degree)

Date/Day 27.05.2013 Monday

SEMESTER-IV (FT & FM)/ SEMESTER-X (B. Tech. – MBA Dual Degree) (10.00 A.M. to 01.00 P.M.) MS-204 Business Intelligence and Applications BMS-504 Business Intelligence and Applications MS-206 Business Intelligence and Applications (2006-2009) MS-212 Retail Management BMS-512 Retail Management MS-208 Retail Management (2006-2009) MS(FM)-204 Behavioral Finance MS-240 Web Technologies BMS-540 Web Technologies MS-230 Web Technologies (2006-2009) MS-220 Project Planning and Analysis BMS-520 Project Planning and Analysis MS-214 Project Planning and Analysis (2006-2009) MS(FM)-220 International Financial Management MS-244 Global Competitiveness & Strategic Alliances BMS-544 Global Competitiveness & Strategic Alliances MS-232 Global Competitiveness & Strategic Alliances(2006-2009) MS-232 Team Building in Organizations BMS-532 Team Building in Organizations MS-224 Team Building in Organizations (2006-2009) 1

SEMESTER-II (FT & FM) / (02.00 P.M. to 05.00 P.M.) MS-102 Management of Technology Innovation and Change MS-102 Management of Technology Innovation and Change (2006 – 2009) MS(FM)-102 Management of Technology Innovation and Change

28.05.2013 Tuesday 29.05.2013 Wednesday 30.05.2013 Thursday 31.05.2013 Friday 03.06.2013 Monday

MS-104 Financial Management MS-104 Financial Management (2006 – 2009) MS(FM)-104 Investment Analysis and Management #


MS-106 Marketing Management MS-106 Marketing Management (2006 – 2009) MS(FM)-106 Marketing Management MS-108 Business Research MS-108 Business Research (2006 – 2009) MS (FM)-108 Business Research

2013 Tuesday 12. Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring BMS-522 Mergers. Human Values & Ethics MS-216 Rural & Social Marketing BMS-516 Rural & Social Marketing MS-212 Rural & Social Marketing (2006-2009) MS(FM)-216 Options Trading Strategies # MS-236 Front End Design Tools BMS-536 Front End Design Tools MS-236 Front End Design Tools (2006-2009) MS-222 Mergers.06.06.2013 Monday MS-112 Human Resource Management MS -112 Human Resource Management (2006 – 2009) MS(FM)-112 Human Resource Management MS-114 E-Business BMS-510 E-Business (B.06.06.2013 Friday 17.2013 Thursday 07.06.04. Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring (2006-2009) 2 MS-110 Operations Management MS-110 Operations Management (2006 – 2009) MS(FM)-110 Commodity Markets # 11.2013 Friday 10.06.2013 Wednesday 13.2013 Monday MS-206 Strategic Management BMS-506 Strategic Management MS-202 Strategic Management (2006-2009) MS(FM)-208 Tax Planning and Management MS-214 Advertising & Brand Management BMS-514 Advertising & Brand Management MS-210 Advertising & Brand Management (2006-2009) MS-238 Software Project Management BMS-538 Software Project Management MS-228 Software Project Management (2006-2009) MS(FM)-206 Surveillance in Stock Exchanges # MS-226 Financial Derivatives BMS-526 Financial Derivatives MS-246 Distribution & Logistics for International Business BMS-546 Distribution & Logistics for International Business MS-234 Distribution & Logistics for International Business (20062009) MS-230 Organizational Development BMS-530 Organizational Development MS-222 Organizational Development (2006-2009) MS(FM)-210 Depository Operation # MS-208 Corporate Social Responsibility.06.2013 Thursday 14.2013 Tuesday 05.Tech-MBA 10th Sem) MS-114 E-Business (2006 – 2009) MS(FM)-114 Introduction to Derivatives-Equity Currency # and .06. Human Values & Ethics BMS-508 Corporate Social Responsibility.06. Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring MS-216 Mergers.2013 Wednesday 06.06.

06. 2013 For any clarification and query please contact: Conduct Branch – I 011-25302263 (A. – MBA (Dual Degree) program latest by 28th March.06.2013 Friday Lamba) Officer Incharge (Conduct) (Prof.D.2013 Thursday 21.06.2013 Tuesday 26. Tech.06.2013 Monday 25.2013 Tuesday 19.2013 Wednesday MS 248 Foreign Language BMS 548 Foreign Language MS 236 Foreign Language (2006-2009) MS-228 Strategic & International Human Resource Management BMS-528 Strategic Human Resource Management MS-220 Strategic Human Resource Management (2006-2009) MS-218 Internet marketing BMS-518 Internet marketing MS-242 Knowledge Management BMS-542 Knowledge Management MS-224 Insurance & Risk Management BMS-524 Insurance & Risk Management MS-218 Insurance & Risk Management (2006-2009) MS-250 International Business Negotiation BMS-550 International Business Negotiation MS-234 Behaviour Testing & counseling BMS-534 Behaviour Testing & counseling # Examination would be conducted by NSE Note: Any representation regarding the proposed dates/ paper etc.18. may be forwarded to the Controller of Examination / Officer Incharge (Conduct) through the Coordinator-cum-Convener of MBA (Regular/Financial Markets)/B.2013 Wednesday 20. Pravin Chandra) Controller of Examinations 3 .

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