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The Indian capital markets have seen a lot of economic swing since last decade but still it has been flourishing with rapid transformations. Reforms are continuing and are bringing a lot of change in structure, process and governance of capital market. This is helping Indian capital market to gain an image of mature market place in the capital markets of the world. The working mechanisms are now more flexible and transparent. The stock exchange has been corporatized too. Other than this new instruments like index future, index options, derivatives etc. has been introduced.

Out of the major players showing their presence in the financial markets, Fullerton Securities &Wealth Advisor Ltd is one of India's fastest growing private sector financial services companies; it is a one-stop-shop, providing end-to-end financial solutions including web-based services.

The objectives of the research were to create awareness about various products and services of the Fullerton Securities &Wealth Advisor Ltd and to know about the investor behaviour and their preferences towards investment decisions and considerations. Other than this, the research included the study of position of Fullerton Securities &Wealth Advisor Ltd in the market and its comparative position with other players. Descriptive research was used in the whole project. The data was collected through meeting investors and potential investors in Bangalore and questionnaires were filled on the basis of their responses. The collected data was analyzed using percentage method and statistical tools.

Various findings were derived which revealed perception and behaviour of investors and potential investors toward financial market. Other than this, the attitudes of investors were also observed towards Fullerton Securities &Wealth Advisor Ltd based upon the findings, various suggestions were given with a view to improve the Position of Fullerton Securities &Wealth Advisor Ltd in the market.

As a result of research, it was concluded that Fullerton Securities &Wealth Advisor Ltd has a good brand image to the existing clients, but it still has to work upon in various areas to excel in the financial sector.

This report is structural as well as procedural study about the extent of flexibility and transparency present inside the framework of financial industry. Organization is constantly changing. These changes often result from events which alter the establishment status in some way such as the introduction of new technology process changes organization merges or restructuring.

Fullerton Securities &Wealth Advisor Ltd in its span of seven years has undergone many innovations whether it is in its field of technologies or whether it is customer satisfaction. In this period of our training I have learnt all the operations done by Fullerton Securities &Wealth Advisor Ltd i.e. opening of DEMAT account, filling forms, verification of the form, rectification of the form, checking the status of the clients, handling the queries of the customers, gaining knowledge about the various products of other companies for which Fullerton Securities &Wealth Advisor Ltd is doing cross-marketing like IPO, Commodities, Derivatives, etc.

During my project I also came to know about the customer service which the company provides to its customers. As far as data collection is concerned we have both primary as well as secondary data in this report. I have collected primary data by interactive sessions with the working officials of the company and secondary data are collected which are more qualitative in nature from the manuals, internet, corporate articles and other preserved data by the company.