ROBERT JACKSON 7th District – Manhattan Co-Chair
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FERNANDO CABRERA 14th District – Bronx Co-Chair


**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** March 21, 2013 New York, NY – It is both alarming and troubling to hear that accusations of racism are being thrown at our colleague, Councilwoman Margaret Chin. Since her election in 2010, her character, honesty, integrity and fortitude as a representative of all of her constituents has shone brightly. As co-chairs of the Black, Latino and Asian Caucus of the New York City Council, we have worked hand-in-hand with Councilwoman Chin as members of the Executive Committee. We have worked together to ensure that cultural institutions are protected and open to the public, that youth services, immigrant services, HIV/AIDS services, and criminal justice services—to name a few—are targeted toward the communities that need them; specifically communities of color, and low income. Councilwoman Chin has been a vocal member of the Caucus in its stance to support changes to stop-question-and-frisk; a policy that disproportionately targets our communities. As an officer of our Caucus, the Councilwoman has provided leadership and direction in producing an employment and small business development expo that specifically targeted job seekers and business owners in communities of color. This is a just a snapshot of the work that the Councilwoman has done as a member of our Caucus, and her advocacy and legislative ability in representing Council District 1 goes even further. Collectively, this Caucus represents over 4.8 million New York City residents and 27 of 51 Council members across all five boroughs, with the sole purpose of supporting, strengthening and amplifying the needs of the diverse populations of this City. As Co-Chairs of our Caucus, it is unbelievable that such claims of racism would be made toward someone with a record and a career that speaks firmly of her support of diversity and inclusion. In Unity,

Robert Jackson Co-Chair

Fernando Cabrera Co-Chair

250 BROADWAY, ROOM 1818, NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10007 | 212-341-9583

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