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Career Objective:
Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in the Information Technology Industry that offers professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible.

Educational Summary:
B.Tech (EEE) 63.8%, Year: 2008 2012. JNTU Univ. Intermediate 70.4%, Year: 2006 2008. S.S.C 79%, Year: 2005 2006.

I got the first prize in a national wise Technical Quiz competition. I have participated in many events in state & national wise competitions. I worked as a main organizer for open house which was conducted by our college in 2012. Technologies known
Operating System

: Power System, Electrical Machines

: Windows Xp and Windows 7

Utility Packages

: Ms-Office

o Good Communication Skills. o Versatile to any technology. o Studious, Adaptable &Flexible to Zonal Timings.

Academic Project:
Project name:

Three Phase To Five Phase Conversion by Using a Special Transformer Connection (Jan 23 to March 25)

Team size: 4. Duration: 3 Months


The first five-phase induction motor drive system was proposed in the late 1970s for adjustable speed drive applications. Since then, a considerable research effort has been in place to develop commercially feasible multiphase drive Systems .Multiphase (more than three phase) systems are the focus of research recently due to their inherent advantages compared to their three-phase counterparts. The multiphase motors are invariably supplied by ac/dc/ac converters. This is a special transformer connection scheme to obtain a balanced fivephase supply with the input as balanced three phases. The fixed voltage and fixed frequency available grid supply can be transformed to the fixed voltage and fixed frequency five-phase output supply. Since input is a three-phase system, the windings are connected in an usual fashion. Three separate cores are designed with each carrying one primary and three secondary coils, except in one core where only two secondary coils are used. Six terminals of primaries are connected in an appropriate manner resulting in star and/or delta connections and the 16 terminals of secondary are connected in a different fashion resulting in star or polygon output. The connection scheme of secondary windings to obtain a star output. The turn ratios are different in each phase. A five-phase induction motor under a loaded condition is used to prove the viability of the transformation system. It is expected that the proposed connection scheme can be used in drives applications and may also be further explored to be utilized in multiphase power transmission systems.

Personal Profile:
Full Name Father Name DOB Gender Nationality Address : Uday Kumar. Anthati : Satyanarayana.A. : 28 Sep 1991. : Male. : Indian. : 11-10-770/13, Raparti nagar, Bypass road, Khammam-507003.

Languages Known : English, Hindi, and Telugu.