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Tanna Boran, CLC, MSLC Switchwords is the name given to one-word positive affirmations by which the conscious mind can talk to and direct the thought patterns of the subconscious mind making healing and change much faster, simpler, and more profound. The subconscious mind will accept a single word more readily than wordy affirmations. Its like flipping the switch on! I have prepared for you here a complete list of switchwords. Use these any time you want to facilitate healing and well-being. You dont have to believe in them for them to work; prove it to yourself.

ON: To create new ideas. To secure transportation. To nourish ambition. To build, produce. To wake up. COUNT: To reduce smoking. To make money. GIGGLE: To get in mood for writing. To visualize what you desire; to "try it on" emotionally. LEARN: To stay young and to look young immediately. To feel free. CONSIDER: To be a good mechanic. To find the logic that validates a desire or an intention within you. Relief from doubt. OFF: To break a bad habit. To get to sleep. To release revenge motives. DONE: To meet a deadline. To keep a resolution. To build willpower. To transmute faith into knowing (relief from hope). HO: To cause a sigh, for the purpose of relaxing. FIGHT: To win in a competitive game (POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVE: TAKE) To upset an opponent in a competitive game. CUT: Relief from excessive behavior, expense, emotion. MOVE: To display pep and sudden energy. Relief from inertia and feeling tired.

ELATE: To turn a setback into an uplift. To turn a breakdown into a breakthrough. CARE: To remember, in sense of memorize. REACH: To remember something forgotten. To find lost or misplaced article. To solve a problem. To invent. To fix something mechanical. To contrive escape. Find your vocation. CANCEL: To prevent a person or action from annoying one. To obliterate a negative thought. To dispel a worry. To avoid poverty or debt. To eliminate fear of strangers. Relief from fear. GIVE: To sell. To help others. To provide value fulfillment. WATCH: To acquire a skill. To call forth information from within. To learn a system's philosophy (business, religious, etc.). JUDGE: To love to read. Relief from confusion. To release pre-conceived beliefs. BE: To maintain good health. To banish lonesomeness. To achieve peace of conscience. To banish fear of defeat in competition. To accept the disapproval of others without disapproving of one's self. TINY: To be kind. To conduct oneself with good manners. To enhance relationships.

SWIVEL: To relieve constipation. Relief from fear and depression. To let go of a person, situation or emotion that is no longer desirable. ALONE: To heal a physical or emotional injury. To nurture self or another. Relief from long-standing emotional pain. SAVE: To stop drinking. To cultivate selfappreciation. Relief from vindictiveness. Relief from blame. TOMORROW: Relief from remorse. To regain hope. Relief from pessimism. THANKS / THANK YOU: Relief from regretting. To count your blessings. To express appreciation. SMILE: To ease disagreeableness. Relief from habitual criticalness. DUCK: Relief from hypersensitivity. To detach from being criticized or judged. POSTPONE: To prevent pouting streak. Relief from pouting. Relief from dependency in self or others ADJUST: To handle anything unpleasant. To successfully meet a physical challenge. To assume or carry a burden UP: To dispel an attack of the blues. To lose inferiority complex (may lead to anger). NOW: To act on good impulse. PRAISE: To stop faultfinding. To make oneself physically attractive. To attract another person. DO: To eliminate procrastination. FOR: To promote. To appreciate. To be appreciated. SCHEME: To advertise. To design. RIDICULOUS: To secure publicity. STRETCH: To retain good feeling or sense of well-being. To hold a thought in your mind CHANGE: To get something out of eye. Relief from ache or pain in any part of body. Relief from undesirable circumstance or thoughts CHUCKLE: To turn on personality. To be light-hearted. TINY: To turn on politeness or courtesy.

TAP: To convert another. To hold your attention on what you desire BLUFF: Relief from nervousness. Relief from conscious fear of criticism, failure, bad luck, etc. DIVINE: To call forth extra personal ability. To work miracles. To know yourself GUARD: To preserve personal safety. To turn the attention of another away from you COPY: To acquire good taste FOREVER: To keep a secret. To nourish an ambition. COVER or OVER: To subdue inner excitement (works before anticipated unpleasantness, in the middle of upset and even after an upset in order to regain lost composure) ("inner excitement" meaning anger, outrage, contempt, performance anxiety, conflict, lost temper, hate, aggression, feeling overwhelmed or rushed, etc...) PUT: To build. To create anything, a book, meal, website, outfit. SPEND: To dress better. To beautify your home. ADD: To find percentage. WAIT: To learn a secret. To allow manifestations to come easily. BETWEEN: To improve mental telepathy. To communicate with another telepathically. CONTINUE: To swim. To develop or enhance endurance. To function well in any new area of endeavor. SLOW: Relief from impatience; to have patience. To be wise. Relief from confusion. To receive guidance from within or "chance" encounters SUFFER: To have or handle prosperity. To have or handle success. ATTENTION: Relief from carelessness. To maintain careful focus. AROUND: To improve perspective. To reach for appreciation; (relief from optimism). HOLD: To build character. To focus on an ideal. For emotional stamina.

UNCLE: To stop self-sabotage. To ward off "apartness" of the personality just as the negative factor is entering (use cover or over if the condition is already strongly felt). Engaging the unconscious in helping the mind to let go of negative beliefs TAKE: To develop leadership. To be an effective leader. To deflect influence from others FIND: To build a fortune. SWING: To develop courage. LISTEN: To read the future. To understand the essence of an idea or conversation. To see false logic clearly. TOGETHER: To do anything. To find happiness within. To harmonize with the self. To harmonize with one's desires ACT: To become an orator. To personify a desirable trait. For speaking to another with confidence. To relate to another who feels differently than you, without absorbing their emotions PERSONAL: To publish a successful newspaper. To disseminate popular information widely. SOPHISTICATE: To publish a successful magazine. To be well received as a visual artist. CROWD: To make your children obedient. To elicit cooperation from another. WITH: To be compatible with others_A harmony meditation for humanity ( visualize the earth and all inhabitants )_A vibrational harmonizer for your desires (visualize the car you want, etc ) SWEET: To be soothing to others. To provide energetic support for areas of trauma (hurricanes, landslides, war, etc. SHOW: To be pious. To impress others. NEXT: To complete a lot of detailed work easily and well. To perform well in a known endeavor. HOLE: To create appeal (to be attractive to others, and also to attract what you desire from life: use while visualizing what you desire). WASTE: To appear rich. To feel rich. To become rich CURVE: To create beauty

CLASSIC: To appear cultured. To feel socially poised. REVERSE: Relief from grudge holding. DOWN: Relief from insecurity; to discover your own worthiness. To reduce bragging. MAGNANIMITY: Relief from pettiness. To feel generous. SHUT: Relief from aggressive feelings. Relief from the habit of complaining. Relief from feeling critical CIRCULATE: Relief from loneliness. To be your own best friend. For peace within. Freedom from fear and guilt. CIRCULATE may be the most important switchword published to date in finding your own power. CONFESS: To end aggression. CLEAR: To dispel anger. CONCEDE: To stop or avoid an argument_Relief from feeling the need to justify. BOW: To see yourself in others. Relief from arrogance. Relief from self-hatred. DEDICATE: To release the need to control others. To love without fear. HALFWAY: To make a long journey seem short. To maintain emotional balance in unpleasant conditions. To break a complex task into easily completed steps. QUIET: To quiet the ego. To clear the mind. Relief from overwhelment. Relief from needing to be "right." POINT: To improve eyesight. To discern truth. To finalize a decision process. RESTORE: To restore fairness. To create win-win negotiations. OVER: To end frustration. To shift attention away from unpleasant situations or emotions. OFFER: To be fair minded, win-win oriented. To not be greedy. HOME: To locate or create a home. To appreciate your home, or any home. To feel grounded. HELP: To eliminate indecision. To open yourself to invisible intervention (often others will suddenly show up to help you). Relief from feeling overburdened. Relief from financial uncertainty. Relief from anxiety or confusion.

REJOICE: Relief from jealousy. GO: To end laziness. For provision of ones lifestyle. For means to achieve a desired goal. To alter a good circumstance to a better one. LOVE: To generate, radiate or experience love. To have a loving relationship with another. To appreciate another person or thing. RELEASE: To be magnetic. To attract others. To naturally have what you want come to you. ZEN: To switch into a meditative state. Relief from worry. FORGIVE: Relief from resentment. Relief from a desire for revenge. DELICIOUS: An intensely wonderful feeling. An emotional stepping stone from gratitude into joy or appreciation. STEADY: For physical balance. PLETHORA: A strong inner knowing that there is an over abundance of anything wanted; money, relationships, vitality. To know and feel abundance in all things OWN: An understanding that to mind your own business will result in immediate peace. To center in oneself EASE: To experience OR express physical well-ness, financial plenty, emotional peace, social grace, and smooth logistical proceedings. FULL: To experience OR express satisfaction on any subject. To have more money. To have more relationships. To increase or celebrate an emotional bond in an existing relationship. Relief from a feeling of "lack" HOKEY POKEY: To enjoy your sexuality. To introduce the element of playfulness into a moment. To be childlike. To have or express joy in life. To connect to the divine

HELLO: To appreciate an event, idea, person, etc. To express pure desire for something that you see or envision. YA BAASIT: To have or express creativity. To have or express abundance. To notice that something has or will be expanding in your experience. NAMES AS SWITCHWORDS James Mangan also suggested calling to oneself the qualities of others that we desire within our selves, such as "to smile": use the name of a person who is usually smiling when you see them, or "to stand up straight" use the name of a person with good posture. User reports indicate that this is also true with other qualities such keeping a clean house in an easy manner (Use the name of someone that you know who does this with ease), being an efficient administrator of human relationships (Use the name of an especially effective administrator) or even matters involving a great deal of paperwork and details (Use the name of an especially pleasant and efficient executive or secretary). SANSKRIT SEED SOUNDS AS SWITCHWORDS Seed Sounds are Ancient Sanskrit words that represent Universal sounds of creation. These sounds are identified from ancient times to be universal utterances are the effect and create invisible and physical reality in powerful ways. In some cases Seed Sounds are actual sounds made during the process of physical creation being made manifest. For centuries in the past Seed Sounds were passed from master to student only after extensive personal tutelage, with the imparting of the seed sound being contingent upon a large material contribution to the teacher. We have found a reliable and knowledgeable source to share this powerful information with you, if you want to work with stronger, more ancient energetic disciplines.