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Course Units Prerequisite Semester/SY Instructor & Department Head Dean Course Description : : : : : : CE 55-Foundation Engineering 2 CE 35 & CE 36 -Soil Mechanics CE 47- RC Design 1 First Semester, 1998-1999 Engr. Tomas U. Ganiron Jr, MSCE Engr. Jose M. Segovia, MSEE

Bearing capacity of foundation soils, shallow and deep foundations; foundation settlements; soil improvement; design of spread footings, combined & strap footings, mat foundations; retaining walls & pile foundations. Course Objectives Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to do the following: 1. Understand the geology era, origin and nature if the soil stratification and ground water condition 2. To know which foundation is the most economical where the super structure load, subsoil conditions and settlement shall be consider. 3. Gain knowledge in techniques of sub surfaces investigation, excavation, drainage, bracing and stabilization
Course Distribution Week 1 2 TOPICS Orientation 1. Sub surface investigationMethods and equipment, objective and data interpretation, explanatory program. 2. ExcavationsProcedure and precautions, shoring and under pinning, sheeting and bracing, Caissons, and cofferdams. 3. Footing and soil bearing capacitiesTypes and adaptability, footing design for allowable soil pressure, footing design for uniform settlement. 4.. Footing and soil B.PCombined footing 5. Pile foundationTypes of properties, installation of piles, choice of type of pile. 6. Factors determining types of foundationssteps of choosing type of foundation, Bearing capacity 7. Types of foundation in the sandSignificant characteristics of sand and silt, footing in the sand 8. Types of foundation of clayfooting clay Prelim Examination 9. Retaining wallssoil pressure and Types of retaining walls Design of Bearing Wall Modes of Failure in Retaining Wall Design of Cantilever in Retaining Wall Design of an L shaped in retaining Wall 10. Footing for BuildingsStructural design for wall footing, structural design for combined footing,

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Midterm Examination Design of Wall footing with axial load &bending moment Design of rectangular combined footing supporting tied and spiral column Design of rectangular combined footing supporting two tied column Design of rectangular combined footing supporting wall and tied column 11. Structural design for pile footing (Footing on Piles) Structural design for pile footing, structural design for raft foundation Bridge PiersMethod of constructions, drilled Piles Bridge abutmentsColumns and retaining walls actions, anchorage 12. Flexible earth- Retaining structuresBehavior of flexible earth-retaining structures, tie back bracing systems. Final Examination

Textbook Foundation Analysis and Design by Bowles


Geotechnical Engineering foundation design by: Cerenica Construction and Geotechnical method in foundation Engineering by: Korner
Grades Distribution Components Seatworks/Short Quizzes Projects Assignments Attendance Prelim Exam Midterm Exam Final Exam Total % Distribution 10 4 4 2 15 15 50 100