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(503/846)CR#1. Snowmaking machines work by spraying a mist that freezes immediat ely on contact with cold air.

Because the sudden freezing kills bacteria, QuickF reeze is planning to market a wastewater purification system that works on the s ame principle. The process works only when temperatures are cold, however, so mu nicipalities using it will still need to maintain a conventional system. Which of the following, if true, provides the strongest grounds for a prediction that municipalities will buy QuickFreeze's purification system despite the need to maintain a conventional purification system as well? (A) Bacteria are not the only impurities that must be removed from wastewater. (B) Many municipalities have old wastewater purification systems that need to be replaced. (C) Conventional wastewater purification systems have not been fully successful in killing bacteria at cold temperatures. (D) During times of warm weather, when it is not in use, QuickFreeze's purificat ion system requires relatively little maintenance. (E) Places where the winters are cold rarely have a problem of water shortage. Ans: C ============================ (503/846)CR#2. Homeowners aged 40 to 50 are more likely to purchase ice cream an d are more likely to purchase it in larger amounts than are members of any other demographic group. The popular belief that teenagers eat more ice cream than ad ults must, therefore, be false. The argument is flawed primarily because the author (A) fails to distinguish between purchasing and consuming (B) does not supply information about homeowners in age groups other than 40 to 50 (C) depends on popular belief rather than on documented research findings (D) does not specify the precise amount of ice cream purchased by any demographi c group (E) discusses ice cream rather than more nutritious and healthful foods Ans: A ============================== (504/846)CR#3. Suncorp, a new corporation with limited funds, has been clearing large sections of the tropical Amazon forest for cattle ranching. This practice continues even though greater profits can be made from rubber tapping, which doe s not destroy the forest, than from cattle ranching, which does destroy the fore st. Which of the following, if true, most helps to explain why Suncorp has been purs uing the less profitable of the two economic activities mentioned above? (A) The soil of the Amazon forest is very rich in nutrients that are important i n the developmentof grazing lands. (B) Cattle-ranching operations that are located in tropical climates are more pr ofitable than cattle-ranching operations that are located in cold-weather climat es. (C) In certain districts, profits made from cattle ranching are more heavily tax ed than profits made from any other industry. (D) Some of the cattle that are raised on land cleared in the Amazon are killed by wildcats. (E) The amount of money required to begin a rubber-tapping operation is twice as high as the amount needed to begin a cattle ranch. Ans: E

============================= (504/846)CR#4. According to a prediction of the not-so-distant future published in 1940, electricity would revolutionize agriculture. Electrodes would be insert ed into the soil, and the current between them would kill bugs and weeds and mak e crop plants stronger. Which of the following, if true, most strongly indicates that the logic of the p rediction above is flawed? (A) In order for farmers to avoid electric shock while working in the fields, th e current could be turned off at such times without diminishing the intended eff ects. (B) If the proposed plan for using electricity were put into practice, farmers w ould save on chemicals now being added to the soil. (C) It cannot be taken for granted that the use of electricity is always benefic ial. (D) Since weeds are plants, electricity would affect weeds in the same way as it would affect crop plants. (E) Because a planting machine would need to avoid coming into contact with the electrodes, new parts for planting machines would need to be designed. Ans: D ===============================