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Quotation N2012708 Standard package

Part number 00003050 Description The SITEX CP200D X-ray set featuring: An end-grounded rod anode 200 kV / 4.5 mA insert - 0.8 mm (Be) Focal spot size 1.5 mm (IEC 336) - angle beam 60 x 40. kV range from 10 to 200 - mA range from 1 to 10 Maximum anode dissipation 900 watt 42 mm steel penetration at 200 kV 4,5 mA (700 mm FFD, Film D7 pb, D=2,0, T=10 min.) 100% duty cycle at 30C ambient temperature - air cooled. Current & voltage stability < 0.5% 2.0 mSv/h maximum leakage dose at 1 meter Working ambient temperature : -25C to 70C Weight 12 kg fully shielded & carrousel, guard-rings excluded Sizes () 140 X (L) 715 mm without guard-rings - IP65 weatherproof 00003020 The PowerBox Standard Control Unit offering: Input line from 85 to 264 VAC - 45 to 66 Hz selector free Power factor 99% - maximum input power 1350 watt 1 kV step tube voltage keyboard selection. 0.1 mA step current tube keyboard selection Line regulation better than 0.5 %. Keyboard selection of exposure time from 5 s to 99 min 59 s. 20 keys sound & tactile membrane keyboard system. 2 off 64 x 128 pixels daylight vacuum fluorescent displays. Selective automated warm-up procedure with data recording. Database facilities with 5.000 records. 00003021 00003022 00003373 00003024 00003060 START, STOP push buttons, Line ON/OFF, standby keyswitch A 1.1 kg - 10 m power supply cable for SITEX CP. A 4.2 kg - 20 m tubehead / PowerBox interconnection cable for SITEX CP A bag for SITE-X CP cables and accessories A set of SITE-X CP / PowerBox user's manual in English The SITEX CP200D / PowerBox as above 0 0 0 0 32.990 0 Unit price* 0

99999999 00003071 00003072 00003406 00000666 00003075 00003434 00003074 00003073 00003438 99999999 Additional diaphragm for the CP200 - per unit (specify film size & FFD) Flashing light (50.000 hours Ultra LED) for SITEX CP with 20m cable Audible / flashing light for SITEX CP with 20 m cable Magnetic magnet for either flashing only or audible flashing light beacons Tripod for the Flashing or Audible/flashing light beacons PELICASE (1730) for CP200, PowerBox, cables, beacon & its tripod (L 95 x l 69 x h 36 cm) Alucase for as PELICASE 1730 content + CP200 tripod stand complete (L 108 x l 58 x h 50 cm) Exposure time computing software loaded in the PowerBox Tripod stand for the SITEX CP 20 m extension SITEX CP / PowerBox cable Additional 5 meters section to STD SITEX CP / PowerBox 20 m cable...per add. 5 m section: 240 930 1.690 140 80 1.790 1.850 490 2.340 1.220 160

* The prices mentioned here are the ICM list prices. In case they differ with the prices mentioned on the first page of a quotation, the latter shall prevail. ** Unless explicitely mentionned in page n1 of a quotation, these accessories are not included in the price quoted. The prices of these accessories are valid only when purchased with a standard package

ICM General Sales Conditions

1. PRELUDE The present conditions govern all sales of Industrial Control Machines sa, in abbreviation ICM. sa and hereinafter referred to as ICM. The rule cannot be departed from regarding a specific sale except by particular conditions expressly accepted in writing by ICM. The attention of the Buyer is drawn to the fact the placing of an order implies the unqualified acceptance on his behalf of the present conditions and the renunciation of his own buying conditions 2. FORMATIONS AND CONTENTS OF THE CONTRACT 2.1 Unless stated otherwise, all contracts are considered to have been concluded in Belgium. 2.2 When an order has or has been preceded by ICMs offer, the contract is said to be perfect, when the Buyer, after having placed a written order with ICM, has received an order acknowledgment. 2.3 In case of divergence between order and order acknowledgment, the acceptance of the order by ICM determines the contents of the contract, unless the Buyer has refused in writing within fifteen (15) calendar days. 2.4 Any order having been accepted by ICM cannot be cancelled unless by written agreement beforehand by ICM, subject to the entire costs resulting from the cancellation is taken in charge of by the Buyer. 2.5 ICMs offers, estimates, order acknowledgments are strictly limited to the supplies and/or the performances that are expressly mentioned. 3. DOCUMENTATION 3.1 The characteristics and all other indications that appear on ICMs technical and commercial documentation are indicative only and do not have any contractual value except when expressly indicated on the ICMs order acknowledgment. 3.2 The documentation supplied to the Buyer is established in accordance with the standards, technical specifications and norms used in Belgium at the date of formation of the contract. It remains ICMs exclusive property. 4. SALES MODALITES 4.1 Unless stated otherwise on the order acknowledgment, all sales are reputed to be concluded ex-works. 4.2 Each term defining the methods of sale foreseen on the contract will be understood in accordance to the INCOTERMS published by the international Chamber of Commerce and in force with the date of formation of the contract, except for the term ex-works which of express convention between the parties means packing not included, and the whole of it means acceptance of each party of the obligations respectively put into their charge by the said INCOTERMS. 5. DELIVERY PROPERTY RIGHT RECEPTION 5.1 The delivery of the products is considered to take place when put at the Buyers disposal in accordance to the modalities of contract sale. 5.2 ICM reserves the right to make partial deliveries with corresponding invoicing. 5.3 ICM retains to property of the sold products until entire payment of the price, in principal and accessories. Late or non-payment of any one of the due payments could lead to the claim of the products. The buyer nevertheless assumes, starting from the putting at disposal on the sense of above mentioned, the risk of deterioration or loss of the products as well as the damages that they could cause. 5.4 All products are sold controlled by ICM without the Buyers reception operation. If ICMs order acknowledgment foresees reception of the products, the latter without any contrary clause, will include the usual tests in force, defined in the conditions of the contract. The reception operations will be carried out at ICMs Head Office and at the Buyers costs at a maximum of fifteen (15) working-day notice starting from the emission date of the written convocation for reception and according to the final arrangements on the contract. All reception will immediately be the object of a signed record by the two parties. 5.5 If the Buyer, duly warned, does not present himself at the reception at the specified notice, the reception will be carried out by ICM and a record will be sent to the Buyer, who will not, in any case, contest its contents. 5.6 If the Buyer considers that the products delivered do not correspond with the specifications mentioned on the contract, he will warn ICM by registered mail with receipt acknowledgment, sent within 7 calendar days starting from the reception of the products at the latest. 6. DELIVERY TERMS 6.1 Unless otherwise stated on the order acceptance, the time-limit for the delivery starts from the last of the following dates: a) Reception by ICM of all the necessary information to be able to carry out the order correctly. b) For all the sales that foresee the following: reception of an deposit on the letter by the Belgian Bank confirming the said credit and its acceptance by ICM. 6.2 ICM reserves the right to proceed to the delivery before the expiry date on the contract. 6.3 The time-limits for delivery comprise that the annual holidays are not included. 6.4 A delivery delay cannot in any way cancel the contract, or hold back any payments due. All penalties for late payment will have to be specially agreed upon by both parties before the conclusion of the contract and will be the object of particular arrangements in the latter. If no agreement has been concluded regarding this matter, the Buyer is reputed to have renounced to all penalty for late delivery. order c) For all the sales that foresee the following: notification of the opening of documentary 7. PRICE

Quotation N2012708

7.1 Unless otherwise stated, the prices of products contained in ICM's offers, estimates or order acknowledgment are to be understood "ex-works" excluding VAT, packing, installation costs or putting into service and training costs. 7.2 These prices are revisable on the rise or on the fail without notice and at the suit of ICM up to delivery date foreseen in the contract. 7.3 The taxes in force at the time the invoices are made-up, are invoiced and have to be paid entirely according to the methods of payment described on the contract. 8. PAYMENTS 8.1 Unless otherwise stated in ICMs order acknowledgement, the price is to be paid according to the following methods of payments: a) minimum to be invoiced: 50.00 b) Apart from the deposit on the order which is to be paid by bank transfer, the price is to be paid by endorsed draft at 30 days billing date or for sales outside the EEC, by irrevocable and confirmed documentary credit, negotiable at sight against remittance of the documents. 8.2 When specified in the contract, the account remains valid for the whole order and is not, in any case, a reason for renouncing to the said contract. 8.3 In case the Buyers payment is late, ICM can choose whether to hold back the carrying out of its own obligations until full payment of the outstanding amounts due, mainly increased with a 2% interest per month late, or to cancel the contract in the eight (8) days after the delivery date of a normal notice by registered mail, telex, fax or by e-mail remaining without result and to obtain reparation of the entire prejudice submitted. The buyer will have to reimburse ICM with all the damages and interests caused by the cancellation of the contract. 8.4 The cancellation of the contract for any cause whatsoever does not violate the credit already owing between parties. 9. GUARANTEE-RESPONSIBILITY 9.1 Except for particular conditions that exclusively apply to its distributors and governing the application of the guarantee during time of stocking, ICM guarantees the buyer its products, except the CP120 and CP 160 Batteries, against the conception vice, manufacturing or material revealing during a twelve (12) months period starting from the date of the original invoice. When the guarantee is at stake, the said period is not extended. 9.2 The guarantee described hereabove covers exclusively and according to ICMs choice, the exchange or the reparation in its factories or those of a third party duty approved and authorised, of products or spare parts recognised as faulty by ICM after being sent back to ICM or a third party duly authorised by ICM. The shipment costs are exclusively in charge of the buyer of the said products or spare parts. Such exchanges or reparations including production costs are free for the buyer. 9.3 In no such case will ICM assume Responsibilities greater than the ones described hereabove and will especially not be held for any compensation towards the Buyer for accidents towards people, damages to goods other than the products, and/or lack of profit resulting from the immobilising of the products for any reason whatsoever. 9.4 All transport, stocking, installation or use of non conform products according to the rule and to ICMs technical specifications communicated to the Buyer, as well as all repair operations carried out by the Buyer or by a third party not allowed by ICM, loses all benefit of the guarantee. The following is especially excluded from the guarantee: all damages that take place after a violent shock which involves the breakage of the X-ray insert and/or the break-down of the high-voltage transformer. Lastly, all accidents that consecutively give way to normal use of the products, of an evident lack of upkeep, or any overheating whatsoever caused by the unplugging of essential safety devices, use of material or components supplied by any suppliers other than ICM, and this, the Buyer included, will not be able to claim the guarantee. 9.5 The performances of the products are only guaranteed in the limit of those expressly described on the order acceptance. 9.6.ICM grants a 3 months guarantee period for the Batteries CP120 and CP160. 10. ACT OF GOD In case act of God is an obstacle or generates unreasonable costs to carry out the obligation stated in the contract, the time limits for carrying-out these obligations will be extended to the duration of the said event and will be carried out spontaneously as soon as closed. ICM shall immediately warn the Buyer of the intervening of an event of act of God, as well as its closure. Would the act of GOD be prolonged for more than six (6) months, ICM reserves the right to end the contract by simply notifying in writing without having to ask for cancellation at the Law-Court. 11. REEXPORTATION 11.1 Except by written agreement beforehand by ICM, all exportations of our products outside the EEC are forbidden. 11.2 In case the re-exportation of a product reveals impossible because of Belgian or Foreign legislations, ICM reserves the right to cancel the contract without this cancellation entailing any compensation whatsoever. 12. APPLICABLE LAW AND COMPETENCE The contract is ruled by the Belgian Law. All contests will be of competence of the Law-Court of the district of Lige, even in the case of impleader or plurality of defendants and in the case of referral.

ICM general sales conditions v1.0 as of 21/12/12

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