Mrch 22nd 2013

by return email - Thanx for your quick response. This is in response to what appears at face value to be a grey issue

Can you confirm the location of the incident also some more details about the case would be of help. As far as i see it, everything that happened before filing with Gordo is not prosecutable by your Office. This past struggle is not irrelevant tho because without it, you wouldn't be asking me for more info. – There is no law against slavery in Canada, because the new Charter struck down Sec 8[2] CCC as not applicable because of a case law precedent on abortion and a Rom 7 prophecy of abandoning the Lord's Day Act: the courts decided that we the citizens wanted to abandon England's concept of God in 1985 and this was just an excuse to enslave everyone under the 1985 Bank Act that basically said that our money was upheld by England's concept of God and that means we the people chose to be the chattel that backs the money and everyone became a slave 'in' Canada, after Jan 1st 1985, but then I left Canada in November 1984 because in my case i refused to become a SIN number, and none of these changes affected my freeman status because i was outside Canada during this time. – I returned to Canada in November 1999 - Everything that happened to me here was legal because an AG said so, and all my case law proved is that Democracy is dead and there is no exception to the rule that everyone is a slave because an AG has the power to do just that. – All of this perversion of law happened during the entire time Gordo was Premier of BC His Bill 1 of the Supremacy of Parliament constitutes Treachery under Commonwealth Law. In BC, it constituted the perfection of the Nineveh Archetypal form, and that's why i'm here.
Now that Gordo is High Commissioner 'for' Canada, means he is in Commonwealth jurisdiction, and i did my best to entrap him in committing a crime of state, under Commonwealth Law, and thru creative malfeasance, a plausible excuse for not being able to comply due was created by not giving them enough time to issue me a travel document. Great, i love it, they keep falling into my trap. – As i suspect, there is no Order of the Garter at the High Commission 'of' Canada's Office; they are Special Agents, who willingly accepted to be stripped of any power they once vested. – As a freeman, i can demand the intervention of the Order of the Garter to act on my behalf and until told otherwise, i stand under the Lord Advocate of Scotland and his AG because you are Senior Officers of the Order of the Garter, who hold a fiduciary trust to enforce the fact that you cannot ignore my inalienable right to travel anywhere in the Commonwealth. – I'm constantly amazed as to how doors open at the right time to press the Gentle Spirit, but regrettably no one takes them. In this situation i see such a path opening. – Since the Order of the Garter is now informed of a need to act, then now they can remind Gordo that he's obligated to deliver travel documents or the location of the incident is created. – In the event that he refuses, then you can charge him on the testimony of 2 or 3 witnesses or he can comply with your trust, by issuing me travel documents, and in this way we find out the answer to the riddle contained in Rom 9 where it reads just like my Statement of Birth - 25 As he says in Hosea: “I will call them ‘my people’ who are not my people; [37300] and I will call her ‘my loved one’ who is not my loved one,”[37300] - A California Judge in Dec 2008, rejected the offer contained in the next line NAMELY: 26 and, “In the very place where it was said to them,‘You are not my people,’ there they will be called ‘children of the living God.’ – This passage is at play right now. And the next line says bad first fruit strikes. – Line 33 says They stumbled over the stumbling stone. 33 As it is written: “See, I lay in Zion a stone that causes people to stumble and a rock that makes them fall, and the one who believes in him will never be put to shame.” – I’m convinced that the Stone of the Scone is this stumbling block. The fig trees will be sprouting new shoots next week in Vancouver, and i actually still see a path where everyone is saved, in spite of the fact that eventually only a remnant will be saved if nothing happens.

As i see: You're being offered an egg by the Creator to return to being with God - By upholding God's Creation we augment Abraham's trust of upholding God and in this way we return to the mindset of the ancients and be with the Living God.
Everything is in place for you and me to witness who triggers a rebellion this Holy week. Let it be clearly understood, I accept that by the fact that i'm delivering the new Covenant and i have a birth # of 000665 means i'm predestined and that 2Thes2 says that's predestined for destruction, by being taken out of the way. The offer is to surrender to the power of the Gentle Spirit, and in this way he can destroy the evil in mankind and in this way God can have mercy on us all. By definition, Divine Intervention will make this happen. Look around is everything not imploding?
- You're supposed to know that my message is the real thing by it's beauty. - As to Rom 13, i'm here to do good, and i must do very dangerous things during Holy Week, - As i said 'rejoice the Nineveh Empire is about to be destroyed.' I accept that no one in the world will believe in me, but Romans 7thru13 implies that some 'body' will eventually believe me. - i really am a stranger to this land, and what i'm doing is not about me, and - i accept that the very notion that it could not be about me is absurd to what people expect - i accept that 1Cor1 says the new Covenant is a mystery that cannot be conceived by a human. - i accept that delivering the other everything happens over my dead body - i accept that as to Rom 13 i'm sent to make an offer to do good, and all sin will be forgotten. - i accept that i have held back till the dread of shrinking was overwhelming - i accept that failing to press my purpose is a crime unknown to mankind - i accept that the dynamics of what will happen are irrevocable - i accept that it's not my choice - i'm just a slave to righteousness


There is no substitute for good first fruit
Judgement Day is a promise given by God that happens before we self destruct

This said, I'm here to assure you that no one known when THAT DAY happens, not even the angels. In the event that nobody lifts a finger to help, this Holy Week means i'm just putting another brick in the wall of Isaiah 59. In my count, this is the 4 th time i press those big buttons, and I have never been able to predict when good first will happen, and i thank God for another day, yet i yearn for the Promised Land and in this way i govern myself accordingly. Sincerely, without frivolous or vexatious intent marc boyer 1 of many