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a VII-a avansai (L1) / a VIII-a nceptori (L2) I.Imagine you are at a holiday resort. Write a letter to your friend about the location of the place, your accommodation, the weather, the sights, your activities, the people there, the food and your plans. End the letter by recommending the place to your friend. 20,00 points:

II.Complete the dialogue with the waiters replies 15,00 points: Waiter: A table for James: Thank you. That would be great. two, sir? Waiter (1): James: Yes, some sparkling water, please. Waiter (2): Samantha: I want something healthy like a tuna salad to start with, then the lemon chicken with steamed vegetables as a main course. Waiter (3): James: Well, I think I'll have the baked salmon. No, maybe the roast lamb. Actually, I think a steak might be nicer. Waiter (4): Samantha: For goodness sake, James. Make up your mind! Waiter (5): James: Yes. I'd like the steak, please. Waiter (6): James: Well done, please. Waiter (7): Samantha: Er. Sorry, I've changed my mind. I'd prefer the grilled octopus and a chefs salad, please. Waiter (8): Samantha: A bottle of red, please. I like red wine. Waiter (9): James: No, thank you. I think we need some time to decide! Waiter (10): III.For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first sentence, using no more than three words 15,00 points: 1.Jeff was the only student who forgot the test. - Everyone remembered the test . 2.Annie is a reliable person. - You can . 3.Celia is buying a small apartment. - Celia has decideda small apartment. 4.We havent got anything in the fridge. - Weve gotthe fridge. 5.I saw one of my teachers. - I saw a . 6.Chemistry is Traceys best subject. - Tracey is very . 7.Patrick said hed stolen the bike. - Patrick admitted . 8.There were lots of people in the restaurant. - The restaurant was . 9.I havent got any money in my wallet. - Ive gotin my wallet. 10.A friend is looking after the baby while I`m out. - A friend isfor me. IV.Fill in the blanks with only one word each, so that the text should make sense 10,00 points: Parliament is the (1)important authority in Britain. It first met (2) the 13th century and (3)powers have developed in time. Britain did (4) have a written constitution, but it had a set (5)laws. Technically, it (6) made up of three parts: The Queen, the House of Lords (7)the House of

Commons. The United Kingdom is (8)constitutional Monarchy. The Queen (9)very little direct political power. She reigns, (10)she doesnt rule. She fulfils important ceremonial and formal roles with respect (11)the Government. She is also Fount of Justice, Head of the Armed Forces and has important relationships (12)the established Churches of England and Scotland. The House of Commons consists (13)650 MPs Members of Parliament elected (14)the people in general elections (15)are held at least every five years. The party with the most seats will form the government and its leader will (16)Prime Minister. The functions of the House of Commons are legislation and scrutiny (17)government activities. The House of Lords is the second house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom and is also commonly referred (18)as the Lords. Membership of the House of Lords was once a right of birth to hereditary peers, but following a series of reforms the House now (19)almost entirely of appointed members. As of January 2009 the House of Lords has 743 members, 97 (20) than the 646 seat House of Commons. V.Turn the verbs into the present tense simple/continuous; past tense simple / continuous; present perfect simple / continuous 10,00 points: Yesterday, while I (1) ( walk) down the street I (2) ( run ) into an old friend of mine. At the beginning he (3) (not recognize) me but when I (4) (call) his name, he (5) (stop) in surprise. Hi John, how (6) (.be) you? I (7) (not see) you for ages! I (8) (be) fine, thanks. I remember the last time we (9) (meet) was in 1990. Where (10) (hide) all these years? VI.Read the text below and use the words in capitals to form words that fit in the gaps. The words in capitals are given in the order you need to use them EFFECT, CARE, ORGANISE, MAJOR, CULTURE, KNOW, COMPETE, OBLIGE, ANNOUNCE, RECENT 10,00 points: 1.A strong painkiller is the most way of getting rid of a headache. 2.You should consider your options before making a decision. 3.Many youth offer summer enrichment programs. 4.The mayor won by a overwhelming in last week' s elections. 5.The two countries have overcome many of their differences. 6.Everyone should have basic of first aid procedures. 7.The winner will spend two weeks in France. 8.It is our to protect the environment. 9.The police made an about the arrest this morning. 10.Scientists have ... discovered another planet in our galaxy. VII.Ten words should not be in the text below. Find them 10,00 points: Besides being the capital of the England, London is also the capital of the UK. It was founded by the every Romans in 43 A.D. and was called Londinium. In 61 A.D. the town was burnt down and then rebuilt by the Romans with a wall at surrounding it. That area within the wall is now called the City of a London. When William the Conqueror conquered England in 1066 he made London his base and he was built a fortress where the Tower

of London now stands and he was crowned in the original Westminster Abbey. During the Tudor period in the 16th century London has became an important economic and financial centre. During the Elizabethan period the first theatres were built of. 1666 was the year of the Great Fire of London, which destroyed most of the city, but when it was rebuilt in a much safer way. In the 19th century, during the Victorian period, London was one of the most important centres of the Industrial Revolution and the centre at of the British Empire. Today London is a cosmopolitan city and its population there is almost 7,000,000. Not: Timp de lucru 3 ore din momentul distribuirii subiectelor; se acord 10,00 puncte din oficiu.