Written by R. Mike Lyons

Draft #3 February 21, 2011

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FADE IN: INT. DINING ROOM - DAY The family, DAD, MOM, the LITTLE GIRL, and LITTLE BOY, sit at the dining room table. In front of each is a neatly laid out fast-food cheeseburger, except for Mom who has a giant plastic bowl of a salad. CUT TO: BLACK SCREEN SLATE: " "><" " SLATE: " "I" " INT. MASTER BEDROOM - DAY The bedroom is the definition of contemporary minimalism. The little girl, around 10 years old, goes through a closet filled with men's suits and women's dresses. INT. LITTLE GIRL'S ROOM - DAY The room is every little boy's nightmare. Unicorns, rainbows, and Barbies cover the floors and walls. Mom, late 30s, sits Indian-style in front of the closet. INT. MASTER BEDROOM - DAY The little boy, seven years old, moves suits on the hangar rack. The suits move left, then right. INT. LITTLE BOY'S ROOM - DAY Sports decor and camouflage stylize the room. Dad, early forties, walks into the closet and becomes hidden by the clothes and toys inside. MONTAGE - DRESS-UP NOTE: The outfits are too big for the little boy and girl, and too small for the mom and dad.

2. -- The little girl tries on a floral-print dress with a sun hat that has a flower on a ribbon. She's not too certain about it. -- The little boy wears a black suit with black pants and a blue tie. He tries his best to come off as a confident CEO. -- Mom continues to sit in front of the closet, looking at all the options in front of her. She plays with her hair as she looks. -- The little girl wears a white peasant shirt with blue jeans. Cute, but not what she was going for. -- Mom wears a denim skirt with a pink shirt featuring a character from a children's TV show. To her, it's not quite right. -- Dad grabs a pair of blue jeans and a yellow shirt. He lifts his arms, Superman-style, and runs out of the closet. -- The little boy comes out with the same outfit, but with a red tie. He checks to see how handsome he is in it. -- The little girl is back to the floral dress, minus the sun hat. She half-smiles, sighs, and walks out. -- Mom, still in her last outfit, puts her hair into pigtails. There, now it looks right. -- The boy goes back to the blue tie. Perfect.

-- Dad looks in the mirror to check his outfit. DAD I'm a banana! END MONTAGE CUT TO: BLACK SCREEN SLATE: " "II" " INT. KITCHEN/DINING NOOK - DAY The little girl stands on a step stool, leaning over the stove. She picks up what she was making - two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

3. She carries them over to the table where the little boy sits, reading the financial section of the newspaper. One plate for him, the other for her. They sit at opposite ends of the table. EXT. PLAYGROUND - DAY Mom and Dad skip to a park playground. It's a beautiful sunny day, and they have the entire playground to themselves. INT. PLAYROOM - DAY The little boy sits at a scribbled-on desk. Crayons and paper are scattered across it. He holds a cell phone to his ear. He slams the phone shut, picks up the papers and storms out. EXT. PLAYGROUND - DAY Mom and Dad race each other down two slides adjacent to each other. INT. KITCHEN/DINING NOOK - DAY The little girl stands on the step stool over the stove, again. There is nothing on top of the stove. The little boy walks in. LITTLE GIRL Hey, honey. She gives him an unreturned hug. As she lets go, he heads over to the table and sits down, placing the papers on top of the table. EXT. PLAYGROUND - DAY Mom and Dad play on a teeter-totter. INT. KITCHEN/DINING NOOK - DAY The little girl takes a seat across from the boy and stares at him lovingly. He starts going through the papers - they're childish drawings of a family holding hands.

4. EXT. PLAYGROUND - DAY Dad pulls on Mom's pigtails and runs away. INT. KITCHEN/DINING NOOK - DAY The little girl gives up and leaves the table with a sigh. EXT. PLAYGROUND - DAY Mom and Dad lay down next to each other on the grass staring at the clouds in the sky. Mom kisses Dad on the cheek. He wipes it off - yuck! CUT TO: BLACK SCREEN SUPER: " "III" " INT. CAR - DAY The little boy drives with the little girl in the front passenger seat. Mom and Dad are in the back seat. DAD ...and then I let go of the swing and jumped like fifty feet in the air. It was scary. FLASH - Mom and Dad are now in the clothes the kids were wearing and the kids are in the clothes the parents were wearing. DAD (CONT’D) But not too scary though. And Jason, oh yeah, my friend Jason was there, and Jason was like 'that's awesomely wicked!' FLASH - The parents and kids exchange places in the car. DAD (CONT’D) Anyways, long story short, that's how I closed the McAllister deal. Dad looks into the rear-view mirror at his kids with a smile. They're looking out the windows. His smile fades.

5. EXT. DRIVEWAY - DAY The car pulls into the driveway. The little boy and girl jump out and run inside the house. Still in the car, Dad looks over at Mom. it's forced. MOM I'm proud of you, sweetie. She kisses him on the head and messes with his hair. smile from her, and then she gets out of the car. Dad stay behind. Another She smiles, but

After a moment, he gets out of the car. CUT TO:

BLACK SCREEN SUPER: " "IV" " INT. DINING ROOM - DAY Dad, the little boy, and the little girl sit at the table. A glass of milk is in front of each of the children. A bottle of beer is in front of the Dad, and a glass of wine is in front of the lone empty chair. Mom brings out two white paper bags. She pulls out one wrapped hamburger and places it in front of the little boy. She neatly unwraps the burger and places the bag of fries next to it. She repeats this for the little girl. Dad is handed his food to open himself. Mom grabs a giant plastic bowl of salad out of the other bag for herself. They proceed to eat in complete silence. FADE OUT.