Written by R. Mike Lyons

Based on: "Dead Man's Hand" By Jeff Kerr

Draft #3 May 2009 +1 (719) 310-6660

FADE IN: INT. BASEMENT - NIGHT Five guys, CHRIS, ANTHONY, KYLE, GREG, and DAVID, sit a mildly furnished basement playing a game of five-card draw. CHRIS That stupid sonuvabitch. I swear, if he weren't dead, I'd kill him myself. Chris looks at his cards and places two face-down on the table. Kyle takes the cards and gives Chris two back from the top of the deck. ANTHONY Will you lay off already? CHRIS Kiss my ass, Anthony. If I want to be pissed off at Jimmy for killing himself, I will. KYLE (soft spoken) Will you both shut up? He's fucking dead, and that's all there is to it. GREG Jesus, Kyle, don't sound so excited. Everyone but Kyle chuckles. DAVID Dude, it was just a joke. Come on, man. We're all a bit on edge about this shit, but, dude, would it kill you to crack a smile? KYLE The stupid shit killed himself over a damn woman. I'm tired of talking about him, that's all. I'll take two. Kyle lays two cards on top of the discard pile and gives himself two new cards. CHRIS He's still a pussy for what he did.

2. ANTHONY Alright, man, all damn night you've been going on about Jimmy. Every word out of your mouth has been how pissed off you are with a dead guy! DAVID (nodding) He's right. What gives? CHRIS (looking back and forth between David and Anthony) He was one of my best friends! How should I feel? His stupid bitch of a girlfriend cheats on him and he hangs himself! And I should just forget about it? To hell with you two. Anthony looks at Chris and places his right hand on Chris's back. ANTHONY Dude, I'm sorry. I... I didn't mean anything by what I said earlier. CHRIS Don't worry about it. just bet already. Ten. GREG Everyone

DAVID I'll raise to fifteen. Anthony, Chris, Kyle, and Greg all call. David wins with a two pair: an ace of spades, clubs, an eight of clubs, an eight of spades, diamonds. David starts taking chips from the Everyone starts handing their cards to Greg. deck over to Greg. Greg deals out the cards. GREG (while dealing out cards) It's sad as hell, though. I mean how bad off do you have to be to think you can't live without someone? an ace of and a jack of table. Kyle passes the

3. DAVID I'll take one. David slides a card over to Greg. David. Greg hands a new card to

CHRIS Yeah. I mean, I knew he was pretty busted up about it, but not like this. I think if I could have just one more chance to talk some sense into him... GREG I know what you mean. I've been thinking the same thing myself. I mean, come on! She cheated on him! You think it would be better he found out now she was a slut than later when he was more invested. Hell, maybe it's better for me that I'm single now. Greg and Anthony clink their beers together and drink. Anthony puts his beer down in mid-swallow and hands two cards to Greg. Greg hands two new cards back. Two. CHRIS Greg gives Chris two cards.

Chris places two card face-down.

KYLE Who cares what he did to himself? Kyle folds without looking at his cards. GREG (while exchanging his cards) Did you hear she intends to go to the funeral? Really? Nope. CHRIS You're kidding.

GREG Got that tidbit yesterday.

CHRIS Well, I hope they kick that bitch out the second she walks through the door. Her, and the guy she slept with, whoever it was. (MORE)

4. CHRIS (CONT'D) God, I'd love to find that little prick and wring his scrawny little neck. ANTHONY I keep trying to figure out who it was. I mean, who'd be such a jerkoff to do something like that? Everybody knew they were together and how much he cared about her. GREG Is anybody going to bet here? Fine. Fold. DAVID Fifteen. ANTHONY

CHRIS I'll raise you ten. I call. Call. GREG DAVID

Greg won with a three of a kind. Greg slides the deck to David and gets his chips. Everyone else gives their cards to David. David shuffles and starts dealing. ANTHONY So have you heard anything about this guy? CHRIS Other than he has a death wish? What's with you, David? DAVID Nothing. I just don't like that kind of talk. I mean, what would you do if you actually knew the guy? Would you kill him? CHRIS You bet your ass I would. What kind of low-life scum would sleep with another man's girl like that?

5. GREG I hope that asshole is truly feeling like shit right now. Everyone nods in agreement except for David. DAVID That's just not cool. CHRIS That guy did something that made our friend kill himself and you're standing up for him? David stands up and pushes his chair away from him. DAVID I'm outta here. Screw this. David throws his cards to the ground and walks away from the table. CHRIS What the hell? What's this about? DAVID You want to know what this is about? CHRIS Yeah, I do! DAVID I slept with her! her. I slept with

CHRIS You're kidding me, right? gonna kill you.


Chris runs around the table. Anthony jumps in front of Chris to block him. Anthony tries to grab Chris, but Chris pushes Anthony to the side. CHRIS (CONT’D) Get outta my way! Greg gets up from the table to stop Chris, but couldn't reach him in time. Chris reaches David and punches him in the face. David falls to the floor on his back. Chris gets down on top of David and starts to throw punches at him. David lifts him arms in self-defense, but never fights back.

6. Everyone else rushes towards the fight and try to pull Chris away. Anthony and Greg are each able to get one of Chris's arms and pull him off of David. Kyle goes over to check on David. CHRIS (CONT’D) Get the hell off me! Let go! David gets himself turned over to his knees. Blood trickles from his nose and mouth. David's breathing is labored. Chris is back over by the poker table. Anthony and Greg are no longer holding him as tight, but are still on either side of Chris. Chris is staring at the floor. ANTHONY Just calm down. Dude, look what you did to him. He's your friend, what the hell is the matter with you? Look at him, dammit! Look at him! Chris looks at David. CHRIS Why'd you do it? do it, man? Huh? Why'd you

DAVID (crying) I don't know. I don't know why it happened. She came over, she wanted to talk, one thing led to another... I'm sorry, Chris. I don't know why it happened, but I regretted it the second I did it. When I heard what Jimmy did, I damn near killed myself, too. If... If you can never forgive me, at least know I'm sorry. Chris gets up and walks over to David. CHRIS Here. Let me drive you to the hospital. I'll take care of the bill. Chris offers his hand to David. the offer. David reaches up and accepts FADE OUT.

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