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Traffic analyzer for automotive communication protocols

The frames exchanged between various ECUs in the car have certain meanings. This is hard to decipher when reading only HEX values. The project has the goal to develop a tool that can ease the analysis efforts. The tool shall be able to parse frames used for diagnosis (over CAN communication protocol) and to identify the meaning of the frames. The frames will be interpreted (hex to text) based on a dictionary described in XML format. One of the challenges in the communication technologies is to adjust the right size of the bus. In theautomotive industry, the information exchanged on the bus (IDs, data, recurrence of messages) is described in a.dbc file. The project goal is to develop a tool which shall be able to calculate on theoretical basis the bus load of a certain bus, based on the information in.dbc file. The main use case of the tool is to calculate the busload, based on different scenarios that are described by user in format to be defined in XML file. The goal of the project is to extend the current functionality of a previous project which is able to simulate some DC motors. The extension of the functionality will imply the optimization of the power consumption and HW updates on existing board plus some updates in the SW routines. The purpose of the project is to develop a microcontroller code that will control the voltage of a solenoid based on the adc readings of the coil voltage. The solenoid is a transducer device that covert energy into linear motion, usually represents the actuator part of a relay. The project implies creating a simplified bootloader that is able to load and execute an application from RAM. The application should be able to run on two tasks at least. The bootloader is a low level application that runs when the microprocessor is initializing. The main purpose of the bootloader is to load the main software application. The bootloader loads the application via a standard communication protocol(e.g.:CAN,RS232) The goal of the project is to implement the scripts for a Matlab application. The scripts should generate test vectors based on the given Matlab model hierarchy. The software is becoming more & more complex and it is difficult to test it. The target of this project is to take the scripts and put them in an agreed format so that they can be introduced in a tool that search scripts by the their functionality. The manual testing is tedious and time consuming, so a script for generating testvectors for existing code is necessary. The script will analyze the structure of the code, determine the unreachable code, and generate testvectors for reaching 100% coverage. The required steps to achieve this target are: - Browse trough existing scripts and understand their functionality - Design a general format for the scripts - Adapt the scripts to the format and add necessary comments to the scripts - Introduce the scripts into the search tool - Improve the search toolerce,e-banking etc.


general development practices code generation data mining XML parsing




CAN bus load analyzer


general development practices data mining CAN protocol




Motor simulation with electronic load

hardware layout C uC

A. hardware design basic knowledge layout basic knowledge B. basic software development (drivers) general development practices




PWM Voltage Control Solenoid


- practical implementing of controlling algorithms




Bootloader on CAN


RAM and Flash mapping CAN protocol linker directive syntax PowerPC architecture Working on Dual Core uC - Matlab API - algorithms for test vector generation




Matlab Model Based Test Vector Generator

Matlab scripting (basic)




Script search tool

- C# programming skills - OOP knowledge

- Automotive Project Platform - Powertrain Hybrid Electric Vehicle Test Platform - Python Language




Graphical User Interface for DOORS Database

The project should include the following features: - Import data from xls to DOORS Database depending on some conditions. - Incorporate already existing scripts for generating DTC List document that is being sent to Customer (Daimler) At this moment we receive the attributes for DTC information from the customer in an Excel file. In order to be compliant with our development cycle we should have this information in our requirements database, in DOORS. Therefore we need an automated mechanism to introduce this information from Excel file to the DOORS data base. IBM® Rational® DOORS® is requirements management software optimized for the needs of complex and embedded systems development.IBM Rational DOORS software enables you to capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to requirements and helps you to demonstrate compliance to regulations and standards. A Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is set in a vehicle's onboard computer when a fault occurs in any monitored system. The code number corresponds to the type of fault, and can be used to diagnose the problem. When an engine is running and the computer detects a problem in one of its sensor or output circuits, or even within itself, it will set a trouble code. In some systems, the trouble code number is retained in memory. In others, the trouble code is not stored but is regenerated when a mechanic runs the system through a special self-diagnostic test.

- C programming skills - OOP knowledge - Basic knowledge about web based systems - Experience with GUI interface

Programming skills



Summer Practice Projects 2013 - CAR Iasi

Application deadline - 20 March 2013

Tel: +40-232-30-7504

Preferred programming . Mysql they have developed. We already have a version which is able to perform a specific task. delete. single and conference calls and also different operations (connect. to provide quick access to the existing technical languages: PHP. but the history gets deleted by command covlmgr --clear.conti-online. This project proposal is to develop an interface used to automate the execution of boring or long tasks with the least posible user interaction... CSS.have an interactive graphical interface Mysql . Actually we need to listen over ethernet and serial (RS232) ports and record relevant data. Using a web based application it is the easiest way to based systems grant access to the database for all persons involved and to offer a simple to use & friendly GUI. there is the need to centrally manage (plan and implement) the required training programs and the skills of the people. SW Module Test for Peugeot multimedia project The project's aim is to use the Bullseye Testing Technology for the SW Module Testing.frincu@continental-corporation. language or C programming The idea of this project is to create an intranet interface which will provide the possibility to vote the favorite skills photos participating in a photography contest. Requirements analysis & management C++ 1 16 Automation of Infotainment Test Cases for The goal of the project is to develop automated test cases using internal and external Continental tools (e. It also allows colleagues from the same or from a different team to share concepts and ideas that base on a web dedicated language. now we want to extend it to perform generic tasks. The simplest way to achieve this goal is . The resulted application will be used by the entire team. Fiat multimedia project. Bullseye is a tool that displays and calculates the code coverage for a certain source file based on the number of decissions(e.Basic knowledge about web score obtained by each photo. languages: PHP. Advanced programing Project Lifecycle Scripting C++ 1 13 Record & Run Testing Tool . preview and classification) . For the connectivity area there are executed a lot of automated test cases for sms and phone book synchronization. Project Title Description Knowledge Requirements Knowledge acquired by the student at the end of the project Required technical test No of students/project 9 Interface for photography contests (for voting. The purpouse of the project is to implement an application which shall allow remote controlling of two RF(Radio Frequency) signal generators. voting and classification of the photos.. . For most of these operations it is necessary to write&update automated test cases.Java) New way for solving integrated in our intranet. The main feature of the project is connecting a phone to the car via Bluetooth. Curently we can only check license usage by running command covlmgr --status. based on a set of requirements and specifications. Testcases will have to be created using a dedicated tool for automated tests. The scope of the project is to improve the testing of the vocal commands of an automotive infotainment system. The current intranet web based implementation does not graphical programming allow us to have a user friendly interface for viewing. Bluetooth phones can be used with Bluetooth-enabled cars to allow drivers to select contacts and dial using either voice recognition or controls mounted on the steering wheel and to carry out their conversations handsfree. set favorite. Depending on the testcases. During daily life in IT world we descovered that many tasks could be done faster in an automatic way. The application will be designed starting from the specifications received from our System Test Engineers and will be implemented based on the API(Application programming interface)provided by the generator's manufacturer.g. disconnect. . The project requires to use the current testing methods in order to develop inovative ways to find as many as possible software bugs.Knowledge in Visual Studio/Eclipse and C++/C# /Java programming usage is required.g. : CANoe) for multimedia FIAT projects.Experience with GUI interface The scope of the project is to take-over some existing variants of the above described applications and to add new features.C#. based systems It should: .No.g.statements) Bullseye is a tool that displays and calculates the code coverage for a certain source file based on the number of decissions(e. Using a short-range wireless signal.QT. Inside large organizations like Continental Automotive Iasi.statements) The goal of the project is to create a script that can continously monitor license usage and store historical data.Basic knowledge about web to create databases and to permanently update them. The project should be able to do a classification based on the .20 March 2013 Tel: +40-232-30-7504 cristina. pack it into xml files and use for regressions test cases for the next baseline. adaptations in the C++ framework will have to be implemented. C++ C++ 1 14 Remote Control Generator C++/C# Radio Advanced C++/C# C++ 1 15 Speech automated testing C++. CSS. web development 1 10 Web application for training management and video sharing web development 1 11 Smart testing for smart phones Basic knowledge of testing Advanced Testing methodology Software Project lifecycle Testing knowledge 1 12 AutoTasks Object oriented programing (any of following C++.Preferred programming The usage of video content is helpful to spread knowledge. if / while . Bluetooth technology opens up a whole new world for cell phone users.Experience with GUI interface .CAR Iasi Application deadline . . CakePHP know-how. -XML (DOM and SAX) generic so it could be reused also in other vote casts or purposes. To save time for writing new automated test cases we are going to develop a tool that can be used for recording a manual use cases and generate an automated test case (Record/Playback mechanism). The automated tests will have to be performed and interpreted on weekly www.) for the trusted list of Bluetooth devices. Testing knowledge Automotive knowledge Testing knowledge 2 17 C&C++ SW Module Testing knowledge C&C++ 1 18 BullseyeCoverage license monitor Java Java 1 Summer Practice Projects 2013 .Programming skills in In Continental we often organize photography contest. especially those behind the wheel. . SW Testing C++. . SW Testing. This shows the current status. if / while .

C&C++ 2 Summer Practice Projects 2013 .prepare USB/SDCards formated with required filesystems and different media content for specific tests. -cyclomatic complexity The project wants to develop profile execution times and memory consumption in the (MMP + VP2) speech system via specialized tools and code inspection. Perl. .com career-auto-iasi@continental-corporation.). Bash…) .suggest solutions which may subsequently be implemented and verified C++ C++ 1 20 SQL Static Code Checker >medium scripting languages > SQL advanced topics (Python.Rights management (for tools and by respecting the confidentiality of information and internal regulations that you have access to inside the shared drives). -possible proposals for SQL code optimization. have initiative.Install.English . multitasking skills infrastructure of a global company . .No. company. Perl. mind.20 March 2013 Tel: +40-232-30-7504 cristina. The application will be used to: .Find solutions for clients requests (debug and repair tools.Helpdesk support: Track the incidents from the customers and assign them to the proper group Visual Basic. with initiative.Manage the assets for SW Tools.Manage the access rights (for tools and shared drives).discover bottle-necks. .Enthusiastic. . Java.Develop or maintain small tools and . search for documented enthusiastic. C++.Contact person for IT and system services for the supported tools tools. scripts.Train and support people for proper usage of the tools. .g. configure and maintain SW . significant memory www. languages – e. scripting and Configuration Management systems . C++/C#.CAR Iasi Application deadline . . memory leaks .document findings . clear communication and diplomacy.g.Develop or maintain small tools and scripts. -unused table columns. As a member of ETV support group you will be responsible to keep the business in perfect running conditions. be open to changes and suggestions.). . The tool must: . C#) > parsing algorithm and design patterns >SQL medium knowledge Java 1 21 Speech performance analysis C++ C++ memory optimization techniques performance improvement techniques C++ 1 22 Software Support in Powertrain Iasi BU ETV support group (Engineering Tools & Verification) assures the support for the tools and equipments used by our colleagues from Engine Systems (ES) and Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) business units. Ruby) > improvement of programming and/or programming languages( languages Java. diplomacy. etc.Install. . .Solutions for clients requests (debug therefore the key aspects defining the ETV spirit are the willing to learn and to help. etc.frincu@continental-corporation. Main tasks: programming I25(e.perform insert and eject of the media device (USB or SDCard) from the Media Device. . The project implies to develop a static code checker that parses the SQL files in order to identify possible problems like: -unused tables. Project Title Description Knowledge Requirements Knowledge acquired by the student at the end of the project Required technical test No of students/project 19 Media Precondition Automatic setup The project focuses in creating a software & hardware tool for automatic setup of test enviroment preconditions. be proactive and and repair tools.Basic knowledge of the IT . redundancy which impacts performance but does not improve safety/ correctness.Basic knowledge in development tools .Basic knowledge in answers. configure and maintain SW .Proactive.conti-online. search for documented answers. open .

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