by Paul Henrickson, Ph.D.

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This is a document describing a current threat to civilized ideals and a betrayal of moral concepts having been evolving over millennia. Because facts are stated, rationals explained, and individuals identified the forces which provided the incidence for this occasion may retribute and this example may be the last flowering of THE CREATIVITY PACKET.

Be warned, this report references several roots all of which appear to spring from the same main tap. I have not figured out what the cause might be but divinity students might attribute these outrages to satanic influence. One commonality among these outbreaks is the victimization of individual effort and compelled submission to a single authority is the method, and in the process principles be damned. I shall try to clearly separate the parts and identify the junctures. After many months of mental torment because the structure of the world , these days at any rate, was turning out other than what I had, as a child, sort of come to expect. Aside from what the teachers at

school, the police and the existence of regulations for driving a motorised vehicle despite these there was the fellow who delivered our vegetables still using his horse and cart -my parents tried to convey the understanding that there were always two ways...the right way and the wrong way but you must be prepared to know that not everyone will take the right way... AAgh Oh oh...someone did a “no no”.these days some decades later.. and a big “no..NO!! when. trusting my one-time Internet Service Provider (Melita.plc,aka Onvol) to provide the service I paid them a heafty percentage of my social security income to provide in an effort .in this somewhat advanced age. to keep my spirit up and mind functioning. I find that they, the Melitaplc.aka.Onvol have not done so and, rather have used me as some sort of play thing which pays them to jerk me around, libelling me to Malta government agencies, telling falsehoods, stealing from me by accepting and encouraging double payments and then serrupticiously cutting off my paid-in-advance ccntact with the outside world. It turns out that Onvol, in a strong effort to cover up its deficiencies in the customer service area will twist the facts to make it appear the customer is at fault. This is a very adolescent approach to solving real problems and these people upon whom rests the future of the internationally accepted believability of this country seem unaware of the seriousness of their errors. The two checks shown below represent my payments to Onvol for their services in the hosting of my website One of the (on the right) was made out in December of 2010 for service over a two year period in response o a choice provided me. Forgetting I had done that I responded a second time to a reminder notice received in the Autumn of 2011. This means that I had paid twice for the same service and there was no correction received by me, or notice of an error received by me. Rather, beginning in July of 2012 I began receiving indications people wanting to access my site were getting the notice that it was “under maintenance”. At the time I was under the impression the word “maintenance” meant maintenance and not, as it has turned out, a cut off of services. As I understand this issue having paid for service which were intentionally not delivered constitutes corporate theft and normally should deserve prison sentences. Having this matter tried in court here in Malta is useless as indicated elsewhere in this document. I am informed that as seen by representatives of the EU Onvol has not broken any of its laws by which, I assume, that such regulation is reserved for the individual member state . I am, therefore, as you can see, in the absence of properly functioning civil services bringing the matter to the attention of the public

Now, at the outset, I should make it clear that my contact with the Government in Brussels for The European Union one . Christian Bulzomi has never, in his contacts with me, ever behaved unprofessionally, but I will also have to state that it took me sometime to realize, once again, that concepts of what are legal and what are not are not universally the same. Do that what may be against the law in one place may put you in jail. the same act, someplace else may have no consequences whatever .And such it seems to be with the EU and Malta. The problem comes in when one realizes that in Malta what once was, and still may be technically but not in practice, be unlawful like corporate theft of client‟s property is, in Malta, now defacto government policy...its O.K. to do it...most especially , as one local business woman stated to me after I called to her attention that she was overcharging me by 30% “You speak English you can afford it.” To top the insult off, the product in question, a pair of small batteries were dead. Aspects of the above anecdote are amusing but in the one which follows here there are few of those characteristics in the following report. It concerns, primarily the behaviour of one Lucy Bonello , a woman hired to represent the interests of the concerns for Malta‟s Ombudsman‟s office. It begins with my email to her complaining of one of her comments.

To Lucy Bonello: After a few days of ruminating on the matter I decided a polite disregard of your comment questioning my relationship with someone who assists me to negotiate would be counter-productive.

The discussion we were having started out on the topic of my present and unresolved issues with Enemalta, but when I indicated that a meeting at Arms with Mrs. A. Grech would also involve the availability of a friend you asked whether my role with him was that of “a substitute wife”.

The question did take me aback some, for it certainly was not consistent with the original topic and additionally, not one someone discusses with strangers...if it is discussed at all.

The question was indiscrete and libellous. At the very least it certainly casts a doubt or two on the appropriateness to fill the position you do.

Although in your penultimate email you unilaterally close this matter with Enemalta/Arms I have not closed it.

You also state, as I have already refuted, that Arms has fully explained the issues involving its book keeping. Let me be fully clear with you. Mrs. Grech may have claimed so to you, or you, in your haste, have chosen to believe they have, but the issues the issues may be more clarified than they had been....but solved they are not. As Ombudsman you are required to be aware of the difference.

One of these remaining problems concerns a check endorsed by Arms and not credited to my account. This concerns a check dated on April of 2008 for Euros 412.63 an amount which seems to have been added a second time to my account thus, seemingly, doubling this obligation. Since Enemalta/Arms has had the use of these funds for 4 years I expect and demand the full legal interest to be paid me.

Also, in regard to payments, I also demand that my services as business consultant forced upon me by these anomalies of Enemalta’s book keeping be paid me according to the present scale when these matters are mutually agreed upon to have been satisfied.

Although it may concern my problems only partially the check identified by Mrs. Grech as having been dated December of 2010 for the amount 0f 21.15 Euros be incontestably identified.


From: Paul Henrickson [] Sent: 29 November 2012 09:05 To: '' Subject:

Ombudsman: I have prefaced this email with a copy of your legal “Mission Statement” as a guide to my following comments. I have highlighted your statement which I found particularly pertinent and commented in red for clarification.
 

as an independent and impartial institution, to investigate and resolve citizens' grievances about government departments and public bodies within jurisdiction with fairness and in a timely and effective manner;

to promote the right to good public administration and the right to complain against maladministration as fundamental rights of all Maltese citizens; Is this qualification meant to imply that non-citizens living and owning property in Malta are excluded from these “fundamental rights”?

to contribute towards an of improvement in the quality Maltese public administration; and

to promote a positive attitude among the Maltese public service towards the award of equitable redress for justified complaints. What is equitable redress?+

One week short of four months have passed since the November 29th email was sent to the Ombudsman’s Office. I have received no reply. It does appear the ombudsman’s office, as well as possibly other civilized governmental agencies in Malta are a sham…a stage set for a democratic theater piece run by a tyrannical director
From: Mrs Lucy Bonello [] Sent: 21 November 2012 17:02 To:

Cc: Subject: Case No. L0417

Case No. L0417 21 November 2012 Mr. Paul Henrickson Sir, I refer to your complaint indicating that you had not received “the data relative to” your “electric and water accounts” from Enemalta to which you had made your request a year before. Following the intervention of this Office and the great co-operation of Ms. Angelita Grech, the senior Administrator ARMS Ltd you have now been provided with all the required data.......This is not a true statement Therefore, this Office cannot help you any further

? and your case is being

closed by the Ombudsman. It is clear that there had been established a close cooperation between Mrs. Bonello and Mrs. Grech and that a final agreement had been established between them apriori regarding what evidence to accept and what to eliminate…for example the fact that only partial documentary evidence was sent me by Mrs. Grech even after the Ombudsman’s office had demanded it be sent me. The fact that Mrs. Bonello is either easily influenced by others or unfamiliar with the expectations of her office can be seen in the rather dramatic reversal from demanding Mrs. Grech send the requested documentation ( so that I might check their book keeping) to rejecting any further Ombudsman assistance. In retrospect it appears that since Mrs. Grech is of the two the only one to have seen me and my friend Kurun Vella who assists me where I am unable to function, it would seem that Mrs. Grech may have been the inspiration for the expression Mrs. Bonello made to me over the telephone that the function Mr. Vella served in my life was that of as she expressed it;”a substitute wife”. These incidents are, thus far, the major ones suggesting that both women may be ill-suited for their positions although it must be said

that Mrs. Grech gave a convincing performance during her long meeting with us she still managed to obscure what happened to one of the two checks made out for the same amount and only one seems to have been credited. Yours faithfully

......ooooohh! a lady with a sardonic sense of

humor PL L Bonello
Senior Investigating Officer

The most immediate issue prompting this communication is embodied in an email sent me by Mrs. Lucy Bonello. I quote it below:

From: Mrs Lucy Bonello [] Sent: 27 November 2012 11:01 To: 'Paul Henrickson' Subject: RE:

Sir, I think you are making a serious mistake as to who must have passed a remark as the one you are mentioning. I am sure that I never as much as referred to any other topic apart from the case you had with us and kindly do not insinuate anything that was never said or mentioned. My Interest in the case was purely professional and of course never personal, especially so since I do not know you from Adam and what you do is definitely none of my business. Therefore, this is where my correspondence with you ends since I have nothing to add to what I last wrote in my previous e-mail to you. Yours faithfully PL L Bonello It occurs to me that there is something peculiar in an agent of a government office cutting off, rather than resigning herself, an official investigation on the grounds she had been accused if inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour. The refusal to continue in the investigation would seem to be the proof of her unprofessional mind set and the absence of appropriate oversight in that office. Perplexed and frustrated by these developments , especially as the only other ostensibly technically equipped ISP also revealed itself to be duplicitous in its dealings with clients , that is, aka “Go” with the compliance of the Malta Judiciary cf: one truly is compelled to face the truth as outlined by the novel “1984” by Orwell.

Paul Henrickson


I have always been entranced by the meeting of land and waterand how the sun casts shadows

My image of he anguish of Innocent III and wonder about George W. Bush

And I am just one individual, among millions, who possess the urge to learn who they are, why they are who they are and what lies in their power to “self actualize” as Maslow expressed it. But this emerging of the single self seems to be seen by the “personhoods” of corporations as a threat to their

agenda of controlled production ,a la Monsanto and sectionally rationed social consumption , a program which, regrettably, places the power of life and death into the hands of aborted embryonic mindsets such as that of Lynndie England of Abu Ghraib fame

Lynndie England,cf:

The Empress Elizabeth of Austria

Kurun, an associate, remarked that both women suffered the impositions of social expectations and neither were ever free from the influence others placed on them One difference is that Lynndie despite social reproofs from sources other than the military retains the impression that he behaviour was justified because the Iraqis were the enemy. Elizabeth , who had been generous with material goods and, apparently compassionate of other‟s difficult situations was assassinated by someone who wanted to make a point of his dislike of the aristocracy and stated that to him it made no difference who of that social class it was. My point on this matter is that had Lynndie been shown alternative ways of response and Elizabeth experienced a more relaxed protocol she might have experienced what she indicated she missed...a chance to find out who she was...other than the Empress of Austria. It is in this context that the values of a non-algorythmic educational approach along the lines of Jean Piaget and John Dewey become apparent even if one were callous enough to overlook their humanistic values. At the end of the day Elizabeth may have been unhappy, but Lynndie has been destroyed. The attempt to palm her off to her community as a homegrown war hero fortunately failed and speaks rather well for the perceptions of some Americans. Along these lines of the influence of social pressures, of whatever kind, altering the direction of personal pursuits dictated by innate intuitions were this factor to have been incuded in Ariely‟s analysis we might have detected a comment to the effect that while the observation is true that “we all lie to not hurt another‟s feelings” it should have been noted that such a lie has little to do with creative pursuits and that, even more significantly, such lies or deceits certainly thrive in most organizational structures. Therefore, it would be expected that a junior member might keep silence in the face of a senior member‟s intellectual fixation. I have seen it, I have experienced it, I have suffered it. The below quotation has been lifted from Mark Runco‟s publication from way back when he was at the California State University at Fullerton and, by now, his concepts may have least some of them may have done. He seems to still believe that creative kids should be taught to be discreet and to sense when to be creative and when not. I wonder whether he realizes the near impossibility of recognizing, in one‟s self, the onslaught of pubescence . It just happens to you buster, it just happens! However, at this juncture it is important to note that the expectation of discreet behaviour in a child is one dependent upon

training imposed from without (unless the child is unusually responsive to the effect his action has on the well-being of another) and are not those which are motivatingly driven from within. And it is this difference which makes all the difference between a creative individual and one who is not. The following statement might help to clarify my approach: humanist thinkers feel that psychoanalysis and the behavioral analysis approach focus on the tragic or the disturbing elements of experience and the subject‟s consequent retreat from pain which places the subject in the position of being “subject to”, and thus being a victim rather than considering the role of investigative choice which would be more characteristic of one employing the creative mode as one way of determining one‟s limits If adaptability to the social environment is the measure, which places the subject in the position of being a potential victim if he fails to adapt , but it fails to provide for a reward if the motivation is curiosity and it is the former which seems to be the focus with Runco, then the statistics he published informing us of his growing public notice should certainly validate his teachings, with the one important exception that creative ideas are slow to be merged with the general public‟s (educated or not) mind set and it might be remembered that authority figures yend more often to rely on their authority as a guiding measure rather than a patient curiosity. Creativity and Education
Education should support various kinds of thinking. Critical thinking is good, and creative thinking probably even better. Education should be clearly tied to theory, and good educational theories in turn validated with rigorous research. The best educational theories are not speculative, not mere opinions. They might begin there Teachers should not be experimenting with their students but should rely on tried and true theories of education. Which are? the red highlights are mine

From my perspective the uneasy collaboration between Amabile,Runco, Ariely and Debono (check out Steven Nordby’s “An Essay on Edward De Bono”) and centered, it would seem, at The Torrance Center at The University of Georgia. The University might be content to realize that it is not the first of top level educational institutions to have made inappropriate choices. We have as examples, Kent State,where the government is the sponsor of the murder of four students and the University of Wyoming with the bruhaha over the installation of a conceptual work of art (“Carbon Sink” by Chris Drury) the President of the University is symbolically seen on his knees before the industry‟s PR representative. a Mrs.Loomis, in, to use the language of the street, an attitude of cunilingus; and where the state‟s Senator announces he will introduce a bill in Congress that will eliminate federal funding for the institution, and then, later he said was attempting to deceive the people....HHhhmmm...since he lies, like the common man, he must, according to Amabile, Ariely, Runco and DeBono be creative as well. It would seem that, like certain “Occupy” efforts have been usurped by spying moles intent upon changing the direction of an initially humanitarian effort. In any event, for whatever worth it may have, Torrance made a point of describing the character of the creative personality as “sincere” and knowing him to some extent, I believe that that is

exactly what he meant. Although not speaking from his personal experiences but tallying the responses from others he had serious questions about de Bono‟s sincerity and judging from unsolicited comments from observant and critical students at the University of Malta Torrance is not alone ...although we all know , these days, that the talents of word smiths abound thrivingly.

As part of his search for selfhood Henrickson embarked on a genealogical research project that had been spurred originally by the Norwegian genealogist Finn Asbjorn Wang and Henrickson feels the process has been as informative as a doctorate in European history. From this, and in the spirit of private amusement in Malta where there is a very socially active group of titled individuals who are not at all shy using them in their business operations although there may be a not very convincing show of modesty there are a few who are quite blatant about it. The blue owl is a totem which attracted Henrickson when he was about 10 or 12 years old and had become aware that “ex libris” stickers in one‟s books were a practical as well as a decorative device. The rest of the symbolism has its exact origins but they are left to the adventurous to decipher. In any event it is another form of finding out who one may be...and alot of fun as well.

Purely by circumstances much (but not entirely) beyond my conscious control I I found myself in the year 2000 on the archipelago of Malta. A small nation (now) of barely a half million, but with the reputation of being the most crowded per square kilometre as well, historically, the spot of refuge for Odeyseus, Dido and Paul of Tarsus. It was largely because of the intense local interest in aristocratic genealogies (cf: ) and flag flying (those colourful bits of cloth that moved by universal winds are so visually entertaining. I designed my own which is intended to tell the world I am who i am and I belong to me . It is, after all, just another form of self-expression. But getting back to the lessons of my parents about some people‟s behaviours, they had never specifically told me who they would be so it was always a matter of surprise and accidental discovery and, then, after finding myself the victim of critical abuse for not having been more worldly-wise, more, as some say,...political At this point it may be a good time to shift gears for a short resume of the politics of business in Malta; The history of my affair with Maltacom, the other large ISP in Malta is quite well detailed in the document “Government below is a section of a developing document on the other large ISP in Malta Melitaplc aka Onvol. If there is one tactical manuever Maltese business associates are very good at it is scaming the client by sliding off the topic to make the client look stupid and feel guilty such as when the legal representative of Melitacom (the other ISP) ridiculed me for not remembering a telephone number they had cut off seven years earlier and asking me if I could identify a list of random numbers presented as a list of telephone numbers. I find such very bewildering behaviours.

From: Paul Henrickson [] Sent: Sat 10/15/2011 9:44 AM To:; Stivala Mark at MCA; Fair Trading at OPM;;;;; Attard Marthese at MCCAA;;;;;; Borg Joyce at MCCAA;; Cc: Subject:

I am addressing this email to all who have had something to do with the initial problem and their later responses to this problem. If Mr. Aaron Barbara is correct and, at this time, it appears he is, the only pertinent question seems to be why has it taken the system [read as Melitaplc] so very many months to respond to a client who cannot reasonably expect to possess the technical expertise of Mr. Barbara? Isn‟t this the reason structures are created? supply the chain of command and information transmission necessary in an intelligently run and smooth-functioning business organization.? In the event that this point might be lost on Malta‟s presently functioning Prime Minister. smoothly and intelligently functioning Maltese organizations would probably be found most attractive by what Malta calls Aliens. Earlier emails to the Prime Minister on this subject failed to elicit acknowledgments. Until This relationship between the „ and the proper sending of emails was found it was I, Paul Henrickson , who was found by nearly all concerned to be the culprit. The matter was seen to be my fault and my fault alone. So much was this the case that Cleaven Camilleri found it a good move to involve the universities of the world in their condemnation of me as a spammist [which nearly everyone knows is a social pariah] this allowed him to transmit this “opinion” to Maltese government employees in his attempt to place blame onto me and remove the responsibility from his desk to my conscience. Witches have been burned in the past for such lies as this. In my records of complaints there are several which refer to the absence of response from Mr. Camilleri‟s office to the reported expectation of those “technicians” to whom one speaks when there is a problem to report to the telephone number 27270270. When these lower level techies cannot solve the problem they turn it over to Mr. Camilleri and inform me that a supervisor will return the call. But Mr. Camilleri fails to return the call, or, at least, none are received on my phone. One can only wonder what the relationship between Mr. Camilleri and Mr. Barbara might be since it has demonstrably taken months for us to arrive at the seeming solution. And a reminder, once again, that it is not reasonable to expect a paying client of an ISP to solve technical problems for that ISP. Someone, or some several people, somewhere along the chain of responsibility is NOT doing their job. One of the greatest talents perfected among the vast majority of office holders [some listed in the address section of this email] are the responses designed solely to intimidate an innocent, trusting, and perplexed public who may often be silenced into submitting to fraud with the implication that if they, the public, cannot understand what others call “the obvious” they are unintelligent....The technique of intimidation works, but it shouldn‟t and it is this adoption of techniques of intimidation to silence awkward petitioners which is the best analysis I can offer for the who styles herself not an internet technician as this matter required, Director General for Consumer Affairs a MCCAA t Joyce Borg‟s turning over an internet technical question to Dr.Stephanie Zarb, a lawyer for Melitaplc, who can only repeat Cleaven Camilleri‟s results from a non-test. It should be clear that her LLD did not, expectedly, prepare her to make a judgment on internet electronics, which, in turn, forced her to rely on Cleaven Camilleri‟s bogus research

The explanation for Ms. Borg‟s referring a technical matter to a lawyer is seen as a childish attempt to intimidate a client and to get the rest of the crew, as well as herself, off the hook for not doing their jobs. The ultimate end for Malta for this kind of mindset is a very unattractive picture and should clue any politician into what the society requires for a smooth operation. Until Melitaplc restructures its personnel there are none of its clients who can be assured of intelligent operation. Sincerely, Paul Henrickson Dear Mr. Henrickson, Reference is being made to the email below. This below email has been received once. Kindly note that by adding „ to the email address, the email address is not being recognized. Thus kindly refrain from adding „ to the receipt‟s email address. n.b. the „ „ which Mr. Barbara mentions are NOT added by me, but appear, as per the instructions which are part of the computer program used by the ISP when the client attempts to cut and paste an address. The client is not aware of evidence suggesting they do not belong. Blaming the customer is much used Maltese trick to get the technically uninformed client on the hook and the Melita employee off. Thank you,
------------------------------------------------ Aaron Barbara The above incident is a relatively mild example of the shell-game techniques nearly universally employed in opposition to the residents of these islands. It works here largely because the greater portion of its residents are uneducated and over the centuries accustomed to being “owned “ by others, whether Turks, Carthaginians, Greeks, Spanish, Normans, German rule under the Holy Roman Empire, French or English who granted them the right to place the emblem of the St. George Cross on their national flag for their brave resistance to the Germans during World War II and more recently it was here that the USS Liberty was repaired after being so brutally attacked by the Israelis. Under such strenuously trying sets of circumstances over centuries it is understandable that some of the more consistently civilized behaviors may have escaped development.

My message to employees of Melitaplc would be that being stupid, that is, not using one‟s intelligence, (intelligence one claims to possess) increases automatically when there is not attempt to alter the situation. Blaming a non-expert , projecting guilt onto a client,, who pays you to help him, is an ingredient for future annihilation. ...and the future of Malta is in your hands.
Now, back to the civilized world of the United States where we should not be surprised to identify a different approach to subterfuge but it is still one that focuses if not a real difference between the common man and social leadership but on one they seem intent upon creating . It was in 1970 when my reort “The perceptive and Silenced Minorities” first came out.

Daniel Ariely of discusses dishonesty as though it were an inevitable ingredient of the human psyche and a more or less acceptable expression of social intercourse. He does not seem aware that acts of dishonesty while perhaps inevitable in a morally corrupt society and even necessary for survival within such a society it still stands in opposition to the more personally moral behavior of a creative thinker when he is action which may, likely, contribute to psychological well-being....his own as well as that of society in general. If deceit is recognized as acceptably normal behaviour ( which it is demonstrably evident in Malta) the downfall of a worthy human society is inevitable. Ariely discusses:” what makes dishonesty rear its ugly head and how we cheat for our own benefit while maintaining a positive view of ourselves—a facet ofour behavior that enables much of our dishonesty. Once we explore the basic tendencies that underlie dishonesty, we will turn to some experiments that will help us discover the psychological and environmental forces that increase and decrease honesty in our daily lives, including conflicts of interest, counterfeits, pledges, creativity, and simply being tired. Just how does being creative decrease honesty? The creative

personality cannot but be honest in his responses to his medium of creative bahavior and it may be coincidental that there seems to be among the undergraduate population a negative correlation between estimates of creativeness and lie scores. We‟ll explore the social aspects of dishonesty
too, including how others influence our understanding of what‟s right and wrong, and our capacity for cheating when others can benefit from our dishonesty. Ultimately, we will attempt to understand how dishonesty works, how it depends on the structure of our daily environment, and under what conditions we are likely to be more and less dishonest. In addition to exploring the forces that shape dishonesty, one of the main practical benefits of the behavioral economics approach is that it shows us the internal and environmental influences on our behavior.” In all of this on wonders why the role of dishonesty

seems to dominant and honesty not mentioned at all. Is there some reason, perhaps, that the subject of honesty is not discreet? Is the intention to condition the mind of the reader to neglect its importance? Has no one of his colleagues pointed out to him that that in collaborative matters there are many opportunities to be dishonest, but when you work alone, honesty cannot be deferred else the effort utterly fails
The above by Ariely points up the need for a creative person to work in isolation and underscores the Theresa Amabile misleading research which made the claim that creative people lied as much as non-creative. It should be apparent that when one selects a population

of merchandisers whose entire motivation is monetary profit the path to which will often involve sophisticated and deceitful ploys one gets a seriously scewed result. In short what I have tried to describe in this document is a set, or several sets. of public relations faux pas which appear to be sufficiently wide spread among the national organizations involved as well as in a disturbing number of organizations within the United States to present the appearance of an international wide mega business- virus quite nearly definable as a rush of adrenalin involving immanent suicidal results.
The following taken from a document describing Jung‟s understanding describes the situation as I see it very well indeed Global sociopolitical life mirrors this condition (including deeply ingrained conflict, the will to live and depression). Systemic global problems are mirrored in each of us. So are collective delusions. But our collective hearts are increasingly crying out for something beyond that myopia.


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