Theoretical Framework Max Weber’s ideal type was to be derived inductively from the real world of social history

. Whatever the content of the ideal type, be it an ethical, a legal, an aesthetic, or religious norm, or a technical, an economic, or a cultural maxim or any other type of valuation is the most rational form possible, it has only buy function in an empirical investigation. Thus in order to produce accurate ideal types, researchers had first to immerse themselves in historical reality and then derive the types from that reality. These are not mirrors of the real world, but are mere-one-sided exaggerations of the essence of what goes on in the real world. These constitute the theoretical building blocks for the construction of a variety of theoretical models to be used to analyze specific historical developments. On the other hand, ideal types are not static because society is constantly changing. It is necessary to develop new typologies to fit the changing reality, inclined with Weber’s view that there can be no timeless concepts in the social sciences. The ideal type was used as the "researcher's construction", as "utopia" constructed by composing and enhancing certain aspects of social reality. The lesbian identity and the politics behind this is a manifestation of a feminist idea or perspective. It is not simply sexual but is a matter of resistance to patriarchy. A lesbian is a woman who acts in accordance with her inner compulsion to be a more complete and freer human being than her society cares to allow her. She has not been able to accept the limitations and oppression laid on her by the most basic role of her society. Lesbianism in this view is about rebellion (Phelan, 1993). From this, an ideal lesbian feminist desires to free herself from a heartrending and an oppressive relationship between a man and a woman. She conveys the restlessness of women as mere sexual beings and questions the basis upon which love relationships between men and women are forged. These will be reflected on her everyday actions and on her social relationships. An ideal lesbian feminist goes beyond the looks, open for sharing of gender roles and practices equal power in any relationship. A lesbian goes beyond the looks but it does not follow the common notion that lesbians should wear men’s clothing, instead they wear clothes that are more comfortable whether it is distinguish by what actually a male and female would wear. Lesbians choose clothes that suited their looks, and do not actually thought how they were perceived by people around them. Lesbian feminist were open for sharing gender roles, women also belongs to the corporate world and men could also do domestic works, it just depends on who could do so much better at a particular task. They practices equal power in decision making when it comes to relationship.

the characteristics are put together into a consistent. logical whole guided by the constructed ideal type. Highlighting the underlying assumption that the way women look is more important than what they do. . the particular experiences of the lesbian respondents will be identified and differentiated from each other. and make up into a trash can (Freeman. It can be related to the current situation of lesbian feminists in a specific area in various ways. what they think or even whether they think at all.Conceptual Framework In order to conceptualize in a proper way. Ideal types: Weber’s model as a framework for conceptualisation. bringing together what they messages loud and clear from the conducted interviews. Next is Integration. Weber’s work depends on the construction of ideal types because Weber believes this was the most appropriate way to give order and coherence to the phenomenon analyzed. Differentiation is a process of becoming aware of details in what was up to them an undifferentiated general experience. a process by which characteristics of reality are separated from particular instances or specific objects and recognized as qualitative aspects. it is necessary to start by clarifying the method that in our understanding will help the researchers make the most from the variables in question which is Weber’s model of ideal types. such as bras. 1975). Ideal types in this study will be conceived as a conceptual tool with which to approach to reality. From this. false eyelashes. high heels. putting together systematically parts of earlier feminist experiences by looking at the historical background of Lesbianism and the development of feminist ideas. To emphasize the general characteristic rather than specific details. from the methodological point of view. Generalizations the process involves picking out of a large number of experiences the significant common meanings that persist and seem not to be changed by additional experience. throwing “oppressive” gender artifacts. girdles. And finally. Then Abstraction.

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