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1.11 135873858. (for example. Does Your Current System have valid project and tasks? How are they validated? How many Time Reports are submitted a week? If employees submit Time Reports on-line.8 1.1 1.1.9 1.1. what software and hardware are used? Do employees submit timecards or expense reports on paper? Are costs that are associated with "borrowed" employees.1.1 General Time Entry Describe you time entry process.1.6 1.10 1.1.5 1.1.3 1.1.4 1.1. or by the user before entry? What rules are used for system calculated overtime? 1.2 1.1. employee from Group A works on a project managed by Group B) attributed to lending or project organization? Who approves timecards? Do you enter overtime? How is overtime charged? Do you bill overtime? Is overtime calculated by the system.1.No Question Answer Revisit 1 1.doc Page 3 of 7 .7 1.

1.12 1. Are any accrual or miscellaneous costs charged to a project? Are there any allocations to projects? How do you ensure that all time has been entered for a week? What happens if an employee misses the cutoff? How are corrections done and what types of corrections are allowed? (i.13 Question Which organizations are charged for labor costs? How do you account for borrowed/lent labor resources for timecard purposes? Please diagram how labor costs are accounted? Include cross charges.e. What up-front validations does Your Current System have? Can anyone charge to any project with approval on back-end or are there limitations built into Your Current System? Are all policy reviews done by accounting on back-end or are some handled by Your Current System? Do all employees have access to Your Current System? What reports are used for T&E? Corporate and Project reports. etc.1.19 1.doc Page 4 of 7 .18 1.1.17 1.1..20 1. Who has access and who uses each type of report? Are subcontractors utilized by Your Company? If so. transfers. direct and indirect charges.15 1.1.No 1.21 1.14 1. how are their time and expenses tracked and paid? Is this through AP or through a time tracking tool? How are their hours billed – the same as employee hours Answer Revisit 1.16 1.1. additional costs. burdens.22 1.23 135873858. hour changes.

2.7 1.1 1.10 135873858.9 1.2. what software and hardware are used? Do employees submit Expense Reports on paper? How many Expense Reports are submitted? What is the current process to generate expense payments to employees? How frequently are employee expense claims processed? Are these expense claims assigned a special pay priority .8 1.2.3 Expense Entry Please provide an overview of the expense entry process.2.2.high or low? (Before/after other vendor payments for example.No Question or handled differently? Answer Revisit 1.2. Is there a standard employee expense claim form? If employees submit Expense Reports on-line.1.2.4 1.2 1.2 1.doc Page 5 of 7 .24 Are there any government/tax requirements or reporting handled by Your Current System? 1.5 1.) What is the current procedure for employee advances? Do your employees have company credit cards? 1.2.

1 Security Do you have any security policies around access to Time and Expense Entry? Is this documented? Please describe a security schema for your time and expense entry system (i.11 Question How are company credit cards handled? Answer Revisit 2 2.2.2 3 3.e.1 2. what levels of access.doc Page 6 of 7 .) 2.1 3.2.No 1.1. what roles.1. etc.1 Miscellaneous What else needs to be discussed? 135873858.

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