Robi Balance Transfer
What is Robi Balance Transfer Service? Balance Transfer service allows Robi customers to transfer airtime balance to any Robi Prepaid customer’s account. There is an existing Balance transfer service. Why the new one? - Consumer friendly solution – easiest in the country! - “Request for balance” feature – even with minimum balance - No keyword, registration is needed Then what will happen to the old system? To facilitate the existing users of the service, the old system will be in service for a certain period of time in parallel to the new system. How to transfer? Just type the amount (For example, 20) in a text message body and send SMS to 1212018XXXXXXXX (where 018XXXXXXXX is the balance recipient’s number). How to request? Just type the amount (For example, 25) in a text message body and send SMS to 1211018XXXXXXXX (where 018XXXXXXXX is the balance donor’s number). Can I access through USSD? You cannot get the service through USSD at this phase. However, by dialing *140*6# you will get an instruction SMS – how to transfer balance in the new system. Can I transfer from postpaid connection? Yes, you can transfer from a postpaid connection. Do I need to register first? No. You will be auto registered after the first transaction. I have got a PIN after the first transaction. What to do with it? Please use this 4 digit PIN for future transactions. Send SMS <Amount> <Your PIN> (for example, 25 4548) to 1212018XXXXXXXX (where 018XXXXXXXX is the balance recipient’s number). Can disable the PIN? Yes. To disable the PIN, send SMS, off <Your PIN> to 1210. If I type Tk. 50 instead of only amount, what will happen? The service works with various keywords. Only the amount or Tk. 50 both will work. I have received a balance transfer request, what to do? - To accept the request, reply the SMS with Y. - To discard the request, reply the SMS with N. - To block the requestor, reply the SMS with B. How much the minimum amount a subscriber can transfer? Both for prepaid & postpaid subscribers have to transfer minimum BDT10 in a single transaction. What is the maximum amount a prepaid subscriber can transfer daily? A prepaid subscriber can transfer maximum BDT 100 daily.

Will a refill barred subscriber able to send request? No. Who can receive balance? Any Robi prepaid customer having the conditions Active / De-Active / Expired 1 – can receive balance. What is the minimum balance required to request for balance? BDT 0.50 (+VAT) What is the daily maximum number of failed requests for a MSISTDN? You can have maximum 3 failed requests to a particular number and in total 5 requests in a day. After that you will be blocked to use the request feature. can I transfer now? No. For subsequent usage PIN is required. What happens if the donor does not reply to a request within 15 minutes? The request becomes a failed/ auto rejected after 15 minutes. After the first transaction.What is the maximum amount a postpaid subscriber can transfer daily? A postpaid subscriber can transfer maximum BDT 100 daily. your earlier validity will be applicable. requester does not need to register. How much can I receive daily? A prepaid customer can receive maximum BDT 200 daily. you will be registered automatically and be assigned a 4-digit PIN. What is the recipient’s balance after receiving transfer? Recipient’s balance would be Existing Balance + Transferred Amount – Charges How can I register for the service? You don’t need to register for the service. In reply you will receive your PIN. Does the requestor need to register? No. . it will not be changed. I have lost my PIN. What is the maximum amount a subscriber can transfer monthly? Both prepaid and postpaid subscribers can transfer maximum BDT 1000 monthly. I have a new SIM card. Can a refilled barred subscriber avail this service? No. How much I need to have in my account after transfer? You need to have at least BDT 5 available in your account after transfer. you can transfer the amount equivalent to 50% of your existing balance after deducting SMS fee. Will the validity period for the sender change? No. Can I transfer all I have in my account? No. you have to use the SIM card for at least one month after activation to be eligible to transfer. If you have more validity than the transferred balance. How can I recover it? Type PIN and send SMS to 1210. a refill barred subscriber cannot get receive balance. What is the validity period when I receive a balance? The validity period would be as per existing refill rule.

BDT 2 (+VAT) will be deducted from the transferred amount.BDT 2 (+VAT) to transfer and . BDT 0.50 (+VAT) is required in requestor mobile . How can I block a number from requesting me for balance? Type BLOCK <Mobile number> (for example BLOCK 01812345678) and send SMS to 1210. How can I enable my PIN? Type ON <Your PIN> (for example ON 1452) and send SMS to 1210. What are the charges applicable for the service? . please call 123 or SMS HELP to 1210. Example: 4512 4589.How can I change my PIN? Type <Old PIN> <space> <New 4-digit PIN> and send SMS to 1210. . How can I see my block list? Type BLOCK and send SMS to 1210.For requesting balance.BDT 2 (+VAT) for sending SMS to 1210 How can I get more information of the service? For details. How can I unblock a number to request me for balance? Type UNBLOCK <Mobile number> (for example UNBLOCK 01812345678) and send SMS to 1210. Robi reserves the right to change any of the above rules at any point of time .

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