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B785 - Cyborgs: More Than Machines
Coming April 11th, 2013 Genre:Science Fiction / Futuristic / Cyborg Romance

When cyborg intelligence meets sensual robotics, circuit boards sizzle.
Einstein was probably the only cyborg in existence with no interest in the opposite sex, until he discovered B785. With her sensual nature and quirky sense of humor, she draws this cybernetic geek out of his scientific shell and teaches him the one thing he’s never understood – passion. Tired of being a slave to the military, Bonnie went to sleep one day with the intention of never waking up, but she didn’t count on a cybernetic prince charming bringing her back to life. Coming to terms with her past isn’t easy, but harder still is the realization that even a bionic princess can fall in love. However, all fairy tales have a villain, and despite the fact the military wrote them both off as a loss, they soon discover they’ll need to fight to have their happily ever after.

Coming April 11th, 2013 Coming March 29th, 2013

Mated To The Devil
Genre: Paranormal/Werewolf/Interracial Romance

Not all pleasures are a sin...
Mina wants to put her seduction by a golden-eyed devil behind her, but the birth of her son, Jacques, renders that impossible. She tries to forget the only man who ever roused her passion, but when she notices her son exhibiting strange behavior—and less-than-human characteristics—she must face her past and learn to trust, and love, again. Howling drunk, the one thing Remy clearly remembers is seducing Mina. A pity he didn’t think to get her address, especially since he marks her as his mate. When she disappears, he’s got plenty of time to regret, but he doesn’t get a chance to atone until she comes back into his life with an unexpected surprise. Thrust into the role of father, Remy works to bond with his son while gaining forgiveness. But will he get the chance to truly make Mina his mate before danger threatens their fragile happiness?

arch again, the months go by quick. Time to leave the cold months and head over to spring. March was full with exiting releases like the last book by J.R. Ward but we also are bussy scheduling two new book tours for the fabulous authors GABRIELLE BISSET and J.T. BOCK. April has some exciting new releases for us, as you can read in this issure. We have added this month a new feauture to our e-magazine. A pinterest page from one of the authors we are following. This month we will begin with the Pinterest page of Michele Hauf. And on request from our readers I have added a contents page. Guess I forgot it the last issue.


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Michele Hauf We have borrowed one of her pinterest boards for our first pinterst piece of this magazine. Nalini Signh Just because we adore her and coudn’t stop ourself mentioning someting about her new release Wild Temptation. Keri lake With a fanatstic character guest post from her new release SOUL AVENGED the first installement of the Sons of Wrath Series. Jessie lane The girls have made a fantastic new cover for Big Bad Bite . Who are we to keep that from you :)

Big Bad Bite by Jessie Lane

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20 Crave the Darkness by Amanda Bonilla 20 Eddie’s Prize by Maddy Barone 22 Lover At Last by J.R. Ward 22 Moon (New Species #10) by Laurann Dohner 24 Kiss Of Temptation Sandra Hill 24 Deadly Sting Jennifer Estep 25 Wolf With Benefits Shelly Laurenston 25 Only Lycans Need Apply Michele Bardsley

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3 Eve Langlais 13 Surrender Your Love J.C. Reed 28 Soon on tour: Renhala by Amy Joy Lutchen 32 This Wicked Magic by Michele hauf

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21 ABOUT PARANORMAL CRAVINGs 23 PEOPLE DO JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER 23 J.T. BOC -X- MAN WITH A HEAVY DOSE OF ROMANCE! On tour: APRIL 22TH - MAY 17TH 2013 23 Gabrielle Bisset - On tour: 5/13- 5/24 . 27 Give Your Book the Publicity It Deserves? 33 Latest pre-made book covers 33 Latest Book Cover/digital art

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simelarities of the werewolf and the vamp it is hard to think different. Neverless an enjoyable read. Keri Lake has made from Ayden a fantastic main character. I really loved her. Ayden happy world ended abrupt on the day that Lycans killed her family. She made the choise by errasing the memoties of her previous life. The life before the attack. Now she is this fierce, kick-ass slayer with a smart mouth and slim body in a tight outfit, who know exactly what she wants. And with the good looking Demons, The Sons of Wrath in her service it’s just makes it more exciting to read about. Each Demon has its own character, flaws and looks with differences that you don’t need to read the name to know about who your reading. With as extra the leader of the Demons Devin who can cause a lot of tension in the story. Hot tension! I don’t want to spoil to much, but by bringing in the just turned fresh werewolf Kane in the nest of the Demons she doesn’t make herself very populair! The minor point of the story was the hate Ayden felt for Kane was a little on the heavy side. She hated him because he is a Lycan and it reminded her to much of the killing of her family. And because it


Keri Lake has done a fantastic job by creating the ultimate world full with our loving paranormal beings. This is really a thrilling read. With the worldbuilding and

the real characters it is a joy to read this book. I was reading this book like it was nothing. I kept watching the pagenumbers at the bottom of my readers hoping it would slow down. But once you start this Soul Avenged There is no holding back! Because I like to compair books, I have to say that this book feels to me a bit like a mix between the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward and the Movie Underworld. Maybe it’s the cover of the book I have made a image in my head like that. But also the

6 March 2013

Book Reviews


took so long I alsmost started to wish for a relationship between Gavin and Ayden. Still following me? You just have to read it your self. I don’t know if the next book will be about Ayden again or that each book will be about a other Demon Brother. But all I know I will put it on my to -read list. And if your a Urban fantasy lover, I think you should do it too.


Of course Kate had other feelings about that and will do anything to change that. I specially liked the character Kate. Debra did a fantastic job creating her. Kate is strong woman especially with all the events and her husband’s recent death. The only thing I coult think of that would make it more intersting to read about if Kate would have taken a little bit more of time to get back together with Xander again. She just had to keep him work for it a little longer to make it perfect


The Keeper of the Key is a great paranormal romance full with your favorite paranormal beings like vampires and werewolves.
This story starts with Kate a strong woman that owner a book store who received a letter from her deceived

husband that send her out on a mission to find Shangri La. She follows the clues her husband left her in the letter and finds herself in the hands of the seductive vampire Xander. Although the romance is high and the sex hot, Xander is scared he will drain her so he decided that he will continue to search with Kate but has to but a hold on their romance.

The Keeper of the Key is a thrilling story full of romance, snarky comments and a kick-ass woman who knows exactly what she wants. I can’t wait to read more about Kate or from Debra Smith! I recommend this book to al paranormal romance fans. Rating: 4 of 5 stars

More info and author links. 2013 7 keeper-of-the-key-by-debra-smith/

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Cover reveal

Expected release: August 27th 2013 by HQN Books Hunters of the supernatural, the Execution Underground are an elite group tasked with protecting humanity… but what happens when danger collides with desire? Jace McCannon has one loyalty: the Execution Underground. In his search for a sadistic killer, Jace finds himself face to face with a stunningly seductive packmaster…and longing for a night with his mortal enemy. Nothing can stop Frankie Amato from defending her kind– or catching the rogue responsible for killing women. For that, she needs Jace’s skills more than she wants to admit. But as their investigation exposes evil truths, need burns into a passion that dare not be fulfilled. For to do so will have deadly consequences for them both…

8 March 2013

Book Reviews



ROMANCE SERIES 2013 – list. End this year all readers will be able to vote on their favorite. What would it be like to live in a world where you are considered abnormal to those who are above the norm? Like I said Big Bad Bite has everything you need to be your favorite ADULT paranormal Romance book. I say ADULT with CAP because of the hot and bloody scenes. ’Jessie Lane’ Jenna O’ Conner the main character is a kickass woman with a snarky attitude who has been taught her whole life to hide from everyone. She’sbeen smothered by her over protective family so that no one learns what she truly is. Although she is not hundredrd procent Human she is also not a supernatural Other. But kind of a in-between. But certanly one who nows what she wants and with who . Jenna obtains her dream job as the newest member on the Wilmington Police Department’s SWAT Team. Where she meets the mouthwatering wolf, Adam McPhee. Adam is more animal than man and is determined to figure out exactly what Jenna is.


This NEW Adult Paranormal Romance series is a MUST read!
(Nominated for Paranormal Cravings BEST NEW ADULT PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES 2013) Crystal Leo & Melissa Pahl! Wow… what a fantastic series is this. HOT, with a kickass heroine, two gorgeous man and lots of action and thrilling scenes. The first thing I did when I was halfway reading through this book, was

checking out GoodReads to see what other readers thought of this book, how long ago it was published and why I haven’t heard of it before and I certainly didn’t understand why I hadn’t read it earlier. I love Paranormal Romance Series. I write all about it. But Big Bad Bite was an instant add on to my automatic buy list! And I have to say with the many paranormal romance books on the market now. It is not easy to get on that list. That’s why Big Bad Bite is the first book we have added to the Nominations - BEST NEW ADULT PARANORMAL


March 2013 9

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Book Reviews

A group of extremist Shifters who think humans are cattle are causing trouble in paradise. Jenna has to find a way to shut them down, but in the process of trying to do that, discovers things about herself that even she never thought was possible. I don’t want to spoil to much! You just have to read Big Bad Bite yourself! I have checked if I could find the parts where Crystal Leo started or ended and Melissa Pahl began. But I coudnt find it! only some parts where the alinea’s where bigger for a few pages than others. But noting in writing! They recently decided to do a cover makeover. Above you will find the new cover. More mature that the previous one. And they have a new editor who changed a few tiny bits like info dumps that were cut down and the girls added a tiny scene to this book! I have to warn you Book #2 of the Big Bad Bite Series, Walk On The Striped Side is scheduled to be released late 2013/ beginning of 2014! That is a long wait for your fix with this new addicting series

As much as her brain tells her that pushing him away is exactly what she should do, the rest of her body isn’t getting the message. No, her traitorous body is craving the same kind of explosive sex that the song is still droning on about in the background. Adam’s warm breath fans her face as he leans over until their lips are just skimming the others. He growls. “I’ve wanted to do this since the moment I saw you pointing that gun at me.”
More info and to read an excerpt go to: review-big-bad-bite-by-jessie-lane/

10 March 2013

Cover reveal

Release Date: March 15th, 2013 Formats: E-book Once upon a time, a common boy fell in love with a princess. It was a hopeless, forbidden love, grown in a world where sorcery and magic rule over all. Now, dark times are brewing, and destiny will bring them together, while fate works to keep them apart. Extraordinary battles will be fought, and extraordinary choices made. Join the author of The Alexa Montgomery Saga for the beginning of a tale of star-crossed lovers and magic, of hope and love and loss, of desperate wishes made on stars.

March 2013 11

Paranormal Cravings


Book Reviews


Angelfire is about a place on each that is out of reach for mortals beacuase of kind of shield that makes people turn around and never find out this strange place. Ruled by the Elders living by The Code: obey your Elders, kill all demons, eliminate Rogueangels, protect the mortals, remain hidden. Their warriors are working in flocks and are the ungifted earthborn angels armed with blades and the ‘borrowed magics’ that is embedded in there body in form of the blood tattoos thy wear on arms and other body parts. Alyxandria (Alyx) is a young warrior with dreams about a mysterious man Israel. When Alyx saves Israel she discovers they have a Guardian-bond and that she bound to protect him at all costs. Together with their enemies, the romance and a third man named Jordan.


Angelfire is the first installment of the Dark Angel series written by Hanna Peach. I am still figuring out if this is an adult paranormal

/ urban fantasy or YA. Although there was a tiny romance scene, I still had to use my imagine about what happens in that night between the main characters Alyx and Isreal. But first things first. Hanna Peach has done a fantastic job writting this first installment. The world building is fenominal, its like entering a new world. Angelfire kind of reminded me somhow of the Guardians of Ascension Series by Caris Roane with a strange mix of the movie “the game”. Paranormal beings, a kick-ass heroine, action and games. What more can you wish for!

Of course there where some parts where I thought the romance could have come a little bit more in the beginning of the book, maybe when she was having her visions or was dreaming about Israel. And there where some dictionary parts/ explaining some of terms from the book at the beginning of a chapter that interrupted to much

12 March 2013


Book Reviews


and therefor pulled me out of the story. Overall I enjoyed this book. Is a great read for the YA fans. There is lots of action and when you least expecting it, Hanna gives it an extra notch that keeps you suspended till the end. Let me know what you think of this book!

“You’re being here is no coincidence, is it?” His eyes narrow. “What are you?” “What a silly question,” Alyx says, trying not to let her panic show. “I’m a mortal just like you.” He grins. Alyx feels like an animal that has just been caught in a trap. “Firstly,” he says, “ a real mortal would never call herself a ‘mortal’. And secondly, real mortals don’t come falling out of the sky to land delicately on the ground. No, real mortals break bones doing things like that,” he says this last sentence in a mock hush as if he was revealing some great secret. “Just keep that in mind when you try to pass yourself off as one of us next time.”

A man who doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. A woman afraid to surrender to love.
Surrender Your Love
Release date: March 15th, 2013 Meeting Jett was like lightning. Dangerous. Better left untouched. And better forgotten. But lightning always strikes twice. Brooke Stewart, a realtor in New York, doesn’t do relationships. When she’s sent to a remote estate to finalize a real estate deal, she discovers her new boss is no other than the guy she left naked in bed. Sexy, dangerously handsome, and arrogant Jett Mayfield attracts trouble, and women, like a lightning rod. But the night he meets Brooke he gets more than he bargained for. The green-eyed millionaire playboy isn’t used to taking no for an answer, and he isn’t about to start now. When he proposes two months of no strings sex, Brooke is intrigued and accepts his proposal. Little does she know Jett’s determined to claim the one woman he can’t have, pulling her deeper into his dangerous world. Two lives that are about to cross…and secrets laid bare.

March 2013 13

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anthology. But never less I really enjoyed them and loved to read them again. This anthology contains 4 stories. 2 stories from the DarkRiver Den and 2 stories from the SnowDancer Den(PsyChangeling 0.5- Beat of Temptation, 3.5 – Stroke of Enticement, 9.5 – Declaration of Courtship and Psy-Changeling 10.5 – Texture of Intimacy).


Are you still waiting for Heart of Obsidian to be released in june? Nalini has made it al little easier for you by releasing Wild Invitation.

Wild Invitation is an fantastic anthology. I browse regularly on the Nalini’s website and blog posts to see if their have been posted new free reads or a peak preview for one of her books. So I’am already familiar with two of the stories from this

Wild Invitation gives you your fix for your Psy – Changeling cravings!

This story is about Tamsyn the pack healer of DarkRiver. Gives us a little inside information about a character who made a couple of appearances in the Psy-Changeling books. Tamsyn and Nathan are always described as the loving children with their twins. In Beat of Temptation we get to read how they became a couple.

14 March 2013


Book Reviews


Tamsyn has always had a place in her heart for Nathan, a blooded DarkRiver sentinel. But is she ready for the fierce demands of the mating This is a new story and bond? never before released as short story or as free read on Nalin’s site. A DECLARATION OF COURTSHIP is a short story about Grace, a shy The O-so Sexy Zach submissive wolf from who have set his eys the SnowDancer Den. on the young teacher Being a submissive of his nefew. Annie wolf she kind of is skeptical about expected to find a not love after witnessing to dominant mate. But the marriage of her what she gets is really mother and father. But the opposite. Nalini arousel winnes. Zach has come up with must now prove his the hot and sizzling affections are true and Cooper. Grace finds let her now he never herself pursued by lets her go. the last man she ever would have imagined. He like to teach her where her claws are and how he likes her to use them on him DECLARATION OF COURTSHIP one of the best short stories ever written bij Nalini Singh.

Second story about the SnowDancer Den. Another healer story just as the first story from this anthology. If you have wondered how it is with Laura and Walker from KISS OF SNOW here is your chance. I loved to read how this happily mated couple is doing after the KISS OF SNOW story. Lara discovers the searing joys—and unexpected challenges—of being mated to quiet, powerful Walker, a man used to keeping his silence. I highly recommend you read this book before you going to start with .. Nalini Singh gives you a sneak preview to possible future pairing such as Tai and Evie. Nalini Singh is absolute one of the best authors of her Genre and one of my favorites. I don’t think she can do anything wrong. even if she would write about the Den’s 2013 playingMarch Hide Seek all day I 15 would still love it!


4 out of 5 stars

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From our authors

Posted: 04 MAR 2013 Zayne stared out the window in the back seat of the Range Rover, listening to Zeke sucker the female he’d picked up into wearing the blindfold. Gavin’s rule. All female bar-strays had to wear one on the ride to and from the mansion. Too many breeds—demon, Alexi, lycan—would have killed to be privy to their whereabouts. “I don’t like not knowing where I’m going,” the female argued from the passenger seat.

Et ex exer summod
SOUL AVENGED (Sons of Wrath, #1) By: Keri Lake Release Date: February 6, 2013 Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance/Dark Urban Fantasy ISBN: 978-0-9848517-3-7 Number of pages:
http://www.kerilake. com

“Baby, it’s not my rule. It’s my brother’s and he’d kill me if I defied him.” Zayne rolled his eyes at the plea in his brother’s voice. A leather skirt and stilettos never failed to pussy-whip. The click of the door signaled her sudden retreat and Zayne’s attention swung forward. Zeke reached across the space between the two chairs. “Wait!” He pulled her back to him and whispered something in her ear. The woman’s shoulder rolled back and a giggle followed. Dimples formed in Zeke’s cheek as he spoke. “Okay.” That annoying trill to her tone grated on Zayne’s nerves. The buzz of the alcohol he’d consumed had begun to dull in these moments of ‘he begged, she begged’. He’d need something else quick or risk being dropped back into his reality. “Get on with this.” The woman’s eyes met his as she gave a demure glance back. A flash of blue flickered in them and Zayne’s muscles stiffened. What the hell … He fought through the lingering drunkenness to make sense of what he’d just seen. Human? She seemed to be—everything he’d read inside of her at the bar told him she was. Shitty thing about being a soul reader—nobody’s secrets were safe with Zayne. It’s why his twin brother, Zeke, always dragged him along on the bar runs. Sure as fuck wasn’t for Zayne’s company— since Shey’s death he’d come to loathe socializing, always in search of his next trip to crunkedville. Had he missed something in this female? His eyes locked on her. She turned back around in her seat and leaned to the side, allowing Zeke to secure the blindfold. The eyes held the secrets of the soul and in one good stare, Zayne could get spill-happy if he wanted. All he’d found earlier the female was some guilt from a drunken one-night stand she’d had two weeks ago, the usual nasty


keri Lake is a married mother of two living in Michigan. She writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy and loves a good, tragic love story. Though novels tend to be her focus, she also writes short stories and flash fiction whenever distraction manages to suck her in to the Land of Shiny Things. When she isn’t toiling away on plots and protagonists, she enjoys reading, music and travel. If she could create mystical powers for herself, she’d have the ability to flash to anywhere in the world. And if she could flash to anywhere in the world at this very moment, she’d be staring at the ocean from her adirondack chair on the shores of North carolina.

16 March 2013

From our authors


remarks between family and friends over the years, and her first time smoking weed—a discovery that had actually won her some clout in Zayne’s eyes. After tuning the radio to some stab-me-in-the-eyeballs-with-a-toothpick R&B, Zeke fired up the Rover and pulled forward out of the parking lot. Zeke listened to the shit whenever he wanted to preheat the ladies for the night ahead. Zayne glanced behind through the back window. Could it have been flicker of headlights he’d seen? Just seemed stronger. Like the blue of flames dancing in her eyes. “Would’ve been nice for Amber to have someone to talk to.” Zeke peered at him through the rear-view mirror. “Might’ve put her at ease, right beautiful?” He shifted his gaze toward the female. “Actually,”—she threw her blindfolded head to the side—“I wouldn’t mind having both of you for myself.” Zeke snorted. “I’m sure you would. Too bad my brother’s a lame ass these days.” Yeah, always the same bullshit. A nice trip down fuck-my-life avenue every time he left the bar without a female. Problem was, no female could ever come close to his fallen mate, Shey. And why should he force himself? Not like a bastard ever died from abstinence. The city passed by in long streaks of reds and whites. Zayne had pounded shots of Elysia—one of the strongest liquors in the demon realm. Though why the hell it had any association with paradise, he couldn’t figure out. “Pull off.” Zeke’s eyes appeared in the rearview mirror again. “What? Are you shitting me?” “Do it.” “Fuck man, I told you to stay away from that stuff.” The vehicle jerked across lanes to the shoulder of the road. Streets were empty at that hour, including the highway. “What’s … what are we doing? Where are we?” The woman’s voice carried an edge of urgency. “Why did we stop?” “My brother can’t handle his liquor,” Zayne heard Zeke say as he climbed out of the back seat and opened the door to the humid summer air. He punched Zeke’s shoulder on the way and slammed the door behind him. It may have been the Elysia tickling his stomach, but Zayne had a feeling it was his senses blowing up like an alarm, teasing his oh-shit sensors the way they did when something just didn’t feel right. As he leaned against the car, clutching his stomach, muffled voices rose from inside the vehicle. Zayne concentrated on them and could hear Zeke trying to calm the female. Her voice battled back until it came into a crisp pitch at the same time the passenger door flew open. Zayne straightened.

March 2013 17

Paranormal Cravings


From our authors

“What are you trying to pull here?” She’d removed her blindfold and stalked toward him—slow-like . The blue flames returned to her otherwise brown eyes and danced like rattlesnakes. Green scales popped up through her skin while horns protruded from her head. You gotta be fucking kidding me. Zeke had circled around the other side of the vehicle and sidled up beside him. “Of all the fucking females in the place, you had to pick up a Dzafolite dragon?” Zayne asked. “You’re the goddamn soul reader, you didn’t happen to see a big, green fucking monster somewhere in that shit?” Zayne turned only a second to cast a glare toward his brother, then fixed his gaze back on the transforming mess in front of them. Her eyes had bulged like a cartoon figure, black orbs too big for their sockets clinging to whatever kept them anchored to her head. Her body was covered in those scales and a long, red forked tongue slithered past her lips. In a matter of seconds, her size had doubled, black skirt in tatters on the road. Haunch claws burst through the dainty stilettos. Backing along the highway, side-by-side, Zeke grabbed himself. “Jesus, Zayne. This bitch is going to make me piss myself.” “I hope she goes after you first. Asshole.” In the demon realm, only two things could tighten a demon’s nuts—the torture prison, also known as Obsidius, and a Dzafolite dragon. A roar signaled the last burst of her change, and the cue to run like the motherfuckin’ wind. Both brothers spun on their heels and took off down the empty highway. Like landmines exploding behind them, the sound of destruction trailed their steps. “I got a plan,” Zayne said, on a short pant of breath. “Sharp left.” “Over the wall?” “Yeah, you’re going to lead her away. “Like some kind of dangling carrot? Fuck that. You’re not using me as bait this time.” Thuds pounded toward them, getting closer. Zayne chanced a quick glance behind to see concrete broken in the dragon’s wake. She bounded toward them like a lizard after a snake buffet “Sharp left. Now!” Both brothers leapt against the concrete wall, about ten feet in height. They grabbed hold of the top and scaled like their lives depended on it. Hell, it did. Zeke pulled himself over the top first, twisted to a kneel and yanked Zayne upward. Heat licked Zayne’s ass as cinders flew over his head. “Ah shit!” He patted the flames that’d caught on to his leathers. Dragon’s fire. Brown claws gripped the edge seconds before those black orbs peered over.

18 March 2013

From our authors
“Get up!” Zayne yanked his brother’s arm and they pushed to a dead run toward a shitty-looking neighborhood with half-burnt houses like it’d been in a war. “Run that way then round back behind the houses! Toward the factory! Don’t stop.” Zeke gave a nod and zipped off in the opposite direction as the two separated. The earth rumbled and faded the faster Zayne ran—the dragon had clearly gone after Zeke. He pulled the small chunk of chalk that most demons carried from his inner pocket. Like a nickel for a phone booth. At the end of the block, he reached the abandoned factory, run down and covered in graffiti. Perfect. In the darkness, weaved carefully between the gang art, Zayne drew a large circle. He placed his hands in the center of it, dropped his head and spoke an ancient chant. The circle shifted, undulating like waves. A blast of heat hit his face and he wiped the instant perspiration that’d formed on his cheek. The portal to the underworld.


Winners: Entry #1863Nicoleta D. Entry #2020Lisa A. Entry #2126Antane A.
Grand Prize: (Valued at approximately $280) 1-Kindle Fire HD (approximate value $199) 1-Signed Paperback Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath, #1) 1-Sons of Wrath t-shirt 1-Sons of Wrath coffee mug 1-Soul Avenged Notebook 1st Runner-Up: (Valued at approximately $75) 1-$25 iTunes giftcard 1-Signed Paperback Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath, #1) 1-Sons of Wrath t-shirt 1-Sons of Wrath coffee mug 1-Sons of Wrath notebook 2nd Runner-Up: (Valued at approximately $35) 1-Signed Paperback Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath, #1) 1-Sons of Wrath t-shirt

March 2013 19

Paranormal Cravings

Where are we waiting for?
Here you will find a small collection of the best paranormal reads that are scheduled to be released in the next few months. Every month we are browsing all book and author sites for the latest releases. Here are some books we wanted to share with you! Maybe you know them, even when your a fanatic reader of fiction books and their series. There is always one book that slips your radar! Here are some reminders.

Urban Fantasy
Crave the Darkness (Shaede Assassin #3) by Amanda Bonilla (5 star review from Paranormal Cravings) Mass Market Paperback, 336 pages Expected publication: March 5th 2013 by Signet Eclipse

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20 March 2013

Eddie’s Prize (After the Crash #4) by Maddy Barone Published March 18th 2013 by Lquid Silver Books

Paranormal Cravings was founded in 2010 and we moved to this domain in 2013: Here we feature reviews on Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy books. We also run posts on books in the following genres: • PARANORMAL ROMANCE • URBAN FANTASY • YOUNG ADULT (Mature) • CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE • HISTORICAL ROMANCE • EROTIC ROMANCE • SCIENCE FICTION OUR SERVICES In addition to book news and reviews, we offer several first class author services. These services include Virtual Book Tours, Cover Designs, Book Formatting, and Social Media Designs. We also enable authors to give away freebees to our blog readers and bloggers promoting their work, including free books and book banners. Don’t forget to bookmark us or add us to your RSS feed. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Pinterest. PS: If you have any questions, or input or ideas for the website, please drop me a line at:

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In a world a magik and danger two must choose to follow the gods’ rules or follow their hearts.

March 2013 21

Paranormal Cravings

Lover At Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood #11) by J.R. Ward Expected publication: March 26th 2013 by NAL Hardcover

Moon (New Species #10) by Laurann Dohner Expected publication: April 30th 2013 by Ellora’s Cave

Do we really have to wait?
22 March 2013


Book Cover Designs

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We love books at Paranormal Cravings. And while we know that the story is the most important part of the book, it is often the cover that attracts a customer to buy. Most fiction readers visualize a good fiction book as they read. It creates a movie in their mind. So a well designed book cover is your chance to give them a taste of what is inside.
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We understand that publishing is competitive, and independent fiction writers need to do everything possible to get their book noticed. And as we are avid fiction readers at Paranormal Cravings Book Designs, we know how important your book cover is. So we work with you to create the best visual representation of your work. Whether you are publishing a traditional book, or an e-book/kindle, we can create you a unique, attractive cover at a surprisingly low cost. And we work with

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March 2013 23

Paranormal Cravings

Kiss Of Temptation Sandra Hill Deadly Angels #3 Expected publication: March 26 th by Avon Deadly Sting Jennifer Estep Elemental Assasin #8 Expected publication: March 26, 2013

24 March 2013

Wolf With Benefits Shelly Laurenston Pride Series Expected publication: March 26, 2013 by Kensington Only Lycans Need Apply Michele Bardsley Expected publication: April 2, 2013 Featuring: Moira Jameson

March 2013 25

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Gabrielle Bisset
Paranormal Cravings has planned a tour for Gabrielle Bisset. Dates are 5/13- 5/24 .

Book #4 of the Sons of Navarus series
I am everything you fear. I am vampire. As the two Sons chosen to decipher the Prophecy of Idolas, Ramiel and Thane journey to find the key to defeating the Archons. Together with Noele, a born vampire, they confront their fates as they fulfill their duty to their world. Along the way, they’ll find love, but death and betrayal lurk in the shadows, threatening everything dear to them. Descended from the gods and warriors all, each Son’s loyalty will be tested. Every action has consequences, and the choices they make now seal their fates. Alliances as old as the vampire world itself are reforged, and the Sons’ duty is clear. Stop the Archons. Or die trying.

Post Options: Promo Only Promo + Giveaway Book Review + Promo Author Interview + Promo Guest Post + Promo (limited) Info & Tour Schedule on the tour page! For the bloggers: If you like to join this tour go to http://www. scheduling-new-book-tour0317-0412-a-surefire-way-by-byj-t-bock/ to sign up!

Info & Tour Schedule on the tour page!

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Give Your Book the Publicity It Deserves?
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Paranormal Cravings

Kailey Rooke, timid accountant, dedicated to philanthropic work, finds herself spiraling into a deep depression after she suffers a horrifyingly odd and humiliating assault, to only discover more of these freakish assaults occurring across the globe. A chance discovery leads Kailey to a meeting with elderly Gunthreon, actual master of persuasion. Gunthreon, who seems to know too much of Kailey’s history for her liking, opens Kailey’s eyes to a coexisting realm she never knew existed: Renhala, while entrusting her with the knowledge of her newfound power as karmelean, serving as a beacon to the Higher Ones. Kailey slowly starts revealing new talents, and Gunthreon is fascinated with what she starts achieving. She soon discovers that Renhala is in danger, and this danger has been leaking into her own realm. As she uncovers secrets within herself, and attempts to toughen up, she fuses with an unlikely band of fellow travelers (including a dragon, woodsprite, sixhundred-pound greble, her faithful female canine companion, and a “giver”), falls into an unexpected love triangle, deals with her sexy and flirtatious best friend’s “issues,” and finds the courage to master a new deadly weapon.


Amy Joy Lutchen Series: Renhala #1 Publication: September 27th 2012 Genre: Adult Fantasy Renhala, will be on an upcoming tour May 13-18th with Xpresso Reads. http://www.xpressobooktours. com/2013/03/tour-sign-up-renhala-byamy-joy-lutchen.html Renhala will be coming to print by early May, AND the second book of the series will be out within the next four months. Renhala is currently on sale for .99 !!
28 March 2013

On her mission to save Renhala, Kailey will find herself running from life-threatening disasters, such as greble Tartarin, who likes to remind Kailey that when he catches her, he plans on eating her brains with ice cream; she’ll run from the deadly meeples: small cute bunnies with talons and an undeniable thirst for imposing self-destruction on others. Kailey will also run into the possibility that a centuries-old Renhalan rumor is true, that advanced technology existing in Kailey’s realm shortens all life spans. As blood is shed and puzzles near completion, Kailey pulls from deep within herself, conjuring up mystical qualities that enable her to astonish as once predicted at her birth, but despite the newfound strength, Kailey will discover that monsters not only come in ugly packages, but can be easily disguised as those she has come to love and trust.Renhala is currently on sale for .99 !!

Cover reveal

EXPECTED PUBLICATION: AUGUST 2013 BY KENSINGTON BOOKS When Trish Muffet is attacked at a grisly crime scene, the last person she expects to come to her rescue is Nicky “Little Boy” Blue. But since walking away from everything two years before, Nicky’s been doling out vigilante justice as “The Spider,” taking on the vicious predators of the night in hopes it’ll lead him to his ultimate target – Vlad Dracula. And he needs Trish’s help. Although Nicky’s renegade style goes against everything Trish stands for, she’ll do what she must to bring Dracula down. With danger stalking her, Trish knows the only person she can count on is the one man who has the power to leave her breathless. There’s no way she’s letting this spider frighten her away…

March2013 29

Paranormal Cravings

Guess! which book belongs to this pinterest Board?
Many of our favorite authors have their pinterest pages filled with intersting boards about their books but also photos as inspiration for their characters. The first Pinterst special is about a book from Michele Hauf! Guess from witch book this board is.

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30 March 2013

Book Reviews


Certainly & Vika from...
March 2013 31

Paranormal Cravings

Certainly & Vika from

This Wicked Magic by Michele hauf
- RTBookReviews Top Pick! Certainly Jones has pushed his dark magic too far this time. Gnawing and clawing at his soul are the demons he unknowingly carried back from his quest into Daemonia. Weak and exhausted, the dark witch gazes down the dim, cobbled street at his only hope—a striking woman illuminated by the moonlight Vika St. Charles senses CJ before she sees him. The good witch with emerald eyes and fiery red hair has never dabbled in dark magic. But one look at CJ turns her life upside down. Soon Vika is lured into his dangerous world...and his powerful arms. A few sultry kisses are not enough to save CJ from his demons—it’s going to take some seriously potent sorcery. And some Wicked Magic.

Michele has been writing romance, action-adventure and fantasy stories for over nineteen years. France, musketeers, vampires and faeries populate her stories. And if she followed the adage ‘write what you know’, all her stories would have snow in them. Fortunately, she steps beyond her comfort zone and writes about countries she has never visited and of creatures she has never seen. Michele blogs all over the internet. Check the Blog page to track her. But don’t forget her Pinterest:
32 March 2013


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Our latest Digital Cover Art what we can’t find with stockimages we make ourself

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