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OT am “ls ONLY HWA! GreenPlus Option with ENERGY STAR replacement products INCLUDED! Refrigerant PLUS! Easy online ordering, claims and Informational videos! Know the difference. Unlike a homeowners insurance policy that cavers rare occurrences such as fire, theft and severe weather damage, a contract with Home Warranty of America (HWA] pratects you against life's ‘everyday disasters ~ the frustrating home system and appliance breakdowns that disrupt your routine and wreak havoc on your monthly budget. { Pa RY tee eer’ BRU ah eta) DOCU eT eee ate ea cee! Why choose HWA? Home Warranty of America isa nationwide leader in the home warranty industry with two decades of experience helping homeowners feel confident when buying, selling or just plain ivingin their hames. Homeowners and real estate professionals depend on HWA for: Bestin-Class selection of coverage and payment plans Customer service 24/7/385 Mote than 120 items covered Protection against unknown pre-existing conditions FREE Seller's Coverage for upto 180 days 42 months of intial coverage No age restrictions on home Coverage for townhomes, condo iniums and investment properties Multi-year plans ‘Ald-on options for fully customizable plans National network of independent qualified service technicians’ Appliance and home system breskdowns are bound to happen. When they do, ae you covered? ‘hore warranty from HWA affords you 13 months of repair and replacement coverage for a fraction ofthe cost of just one major repait. Typical repair and replacement costs WITHOUT HWA" Oryer | $220 $750 =< aces eee TT | Oven i $200 $1,200 Heating System $455 $6,500 Our customer service organization is unmatched in the industry, With an average of od that whether youneedta report an emergency, dy tohelp, 20+ yearsholping customers, rest ass: make a claim, orsimply ask 2 question, our customer serv e experts ar ‘Toll-free VIP connection to HWA Specialists + Streamlined response to your inquiries + Extended hours during Peak season Home Warranty of America boasts a national netwark af pre-screened independent service contractors wha have the expertise to handle repair requests quickly and professionally. A alae gage Panne