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ERP Presales and Business Analysis

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This is a module part of the Open Source ERP/Executive Masters course conducted by a private university.

Completion status: this resource is ~50% complete.

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ERP Presales and Business Analysis

Educational level: this is a tertiary (university) resource. Subject classification: this is an information technology resource .

Open Source itself is still a new concept to the public and even within IT Departments there is skepticsm and confusion as what embarking on Open Source means. For ERP, there are its own further issues such as application maturity and gaps resolution. Business owners has a checklist of pains and wants that anyone with Open Source ERP has to grasp and respond to.

The objectives of this subject are: To understand the issues facing a prospective customer of an ERP To be familiar with the pre-sales cycle and proposal making To understand the prospect's evaluation process in considering an ERP proposal To grasp the methodology and practice of business analysis for an ERP

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this subject the students shall be able to: Devise a strategy to sell his/her services in the market Go through a pre-sales cycle and identify the issues and address them Introduce a methodology to capture the prospects needs Conduct a scoping and pre-qualification analysis Present a proposal set to the prospect as well as the internal implementing team

This subject brings to the student important business context in which ERP Systems are evaluated before implementation. Starting from the pre-sales process right up to proposal delivery and closing the deal. The prospect has many issues and need to be confident that the would-be implementor can address them.


ERP Presales and Business Analysis - Wikiversity

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Subject Details
Selling ERP
(20 hrs) ^1 - ERP Players in The Market ^2 - Suspect or Prospect? - The prequalifying stage ^3 - People Are Not Free - Selling Services ^4 - Knowing the Territory - and Selling Yourself ^5 - Users Want Functionality First

Pre-Sales Cycle
(20 hrs) ^6 - Setting The Stage - The Call ^7 - Various Roles in The Team - from Sales to Engineering Support ^8 - Initial Meeting - What to expect and prepare for ^9 - Handling opposition and competition ^10 - Understanding the Client

Business Analysis
(30 hrs) ^11 - Preview demo ERP via online or Virtual Machine ^12 - Gathering Preliminary Information ^13 - Interviewing the key personnel ^14 - Drawing up Business and Operatonal Flows ^15 - Calculating Return on Investment

Proposal Making
(30 hrs) ^16 - Setting the costs ^17 - Margin for Error ^18 - Pricing Strategy ^19 - Scoping Phases

OS Sales Strategy
(20 hrs)


ERP Presales and Business Analysis - Wikiversity

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^20 - OS Services Pricing Model Prelim charges for scoping exercise ^21 - Packaging Services Rate card for standard costs and discounts ^22 - Aligning With Friends Level of consultancy and market needs ^23 - Sub Contractor / Consultant

Further Reading ( about what it takes to do ERP

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