Seretsi Khabane Lekena

A Dual Perspective
Theirs, ours… One vision – Morehouse
This is my platform for the position of Junior Board of Trustees member. As I define it the position of JBT: is not just a liaison or messenger but a board member acting on the interests of the student body using a dual perspective to further enhance the student agenda from within the ultimate governing body of the college. From the definition above the platform then develops its roots and expands to augment the perspective from both sides into one vision, theirs - the board, and ours - the student body. Students don’t want a Morehouse that struggles with the same problems that current alumni faced as students when they were studying here. Graduates should never have to say that it is better to be from Morehouse than it is to be at Morehouse. The third additions to these ever expanding and resourceful perspectives are my abilities and talents that will be used to complete the job of JBT as stated above.  Leadership – this position requires leadership to execute. For the past two years I have been in a position to teach the basic concepts of leadership as defined by current leaders of today as a mentor and as an instructor. I am building a Cathedral: something for the coming classes of future men of Morehouse to enjoy. The Problems of today no matter how big or small cannot be the troubles of tomorrow CO-founder of Youth Basketball Network, an organization that aims to spread the mindset of leadership through the game of basketball. In this position I had the privilege of working with the President and the Vice President of NBA Africa. After working with top executive leaders, I had accumulated experience working and communicating with a board of likeminded professionals and peers.

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Plans of actions:  Alumni buy-in – to increase alumni donation we will initiate an investment buy in to be eligible as active alumni recognized by the college to whom alumni privileges are afforded. This would gradually create a culture of reinvestment and increase the endowment of the school. This can be achieved perhaps by giving reward that come with an outward display of commitment to school like membership paraphernalia that displays level of re-investment in the college alumni has made. Board of Trustee day – a day where the board of trustees would engage Morehouse. Sit in a few classes, enjoy lunch meet the students and talk with the staff and faculty while they do it. This

would give them a real sense of the present day Morehouse for the students today. Showing them firsthand the things Morehouse gets right and the things its gets wrong. Open conversation with the student body would be a great way to communicate with them and get a real feel for the atmosphere on campus as opposed to the atmosphere perched at the top where the board sits. Student Run Business – Morehouse seems to be riddled with needs that student are waiting on Administration to solve. By creating a student run business program on campus not only can the needs of students be solved by the students but they can be done with much greater efficiency as specific businesses aim to stay viable by solving these needs creating a constantly evolving method of solution generation. Not only is this a great problem solver but it also make Morehouse a much more appealing recipient of donations from companies as these business start even becoming something really big, perhaps the next Blackberry will arise.

Many of the above initiatives inherently make Morehouse a great organization and school to sponsor. Creating impact making leaders of today, companies would love to stamp their names behind great initiatives that take off. These initiative can only take off if they are created.