Today, Lavazza is one of the most important roasters in the world, a leader in Italy with a 47% share of the retail market (in value, source: Nielsen). It operates in over 90 countries, in the Home and Awayfrom-Home sectors (Foodservice, Vending and Coffee Shop Business). In 2008, turnover exceeded €1,12 billion. The history of Lavazza starts with the small grocery store opened by Luigi Lavazza back in 1895, at Via San Tommaso 10, in the historic district of Turin. The small shop specialised in roasting and selling coffee, and in 1927 it became what is now known as Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. In the early Sixties, Lavazza was the first company in Italy to introduce vacuum-packed ground coffee, an innovation that was nothing short of revolutionary. The possibility of sealing in all the quality and freshness of the product for months helped the Company win over Italian consumers. At the same time, the success of the Paulista blend also led to an increase in production. Consequently, in 1965 a new plant was opened in Settimo Torinese, and it is now one of the most important production plants in the world. Also during this period, Lavazza began to take its first steps in the world of communications. Its TV commercials broadcast in Italy starring the characters of Caballero and Carmencita are memorable, and the slogans uttered by actor Nino Manfredi are unforgettable, particularly the famous “Lavazza Coffee: the more of it you down, the more it picks you up”. The Eighties marked the Company’s expansion on European markets and subsidiaries were opened in France, Germany, Austria, the UK and the United States, followed by Spain during the Nineties and Portugal in 2001. Afterwards, Lavazza turned its attention to emerging markets. The Company opened a subsidiary in Brazil in 2005 and one in India in 2007, where it acquired Barista Coffee Company Ltd. and Fresh & Honest Café Ltd. The year 2008 began with another step closer to Brazil, with the acquisition of Café Grão Nobre, followed by Café Terra Brasil. Since 2002, the expansion to international markets has been coupled with a press and outdoor campaign, created thanks to the creativity of the Lavazza Calendar, that has been going on for 17 years in collaboration with world-famous photographers such as David LaChapelle, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Ellen Von Unwerth, Finlay MacKay and Annie Leibovitz. With its widespread distribution network, today Lavazza reaches over 90 countries around the world, from Iceland to the Americas and on to Australia. It has also embarked on an intense campaign to win consumers in Eastern Europe, with Poland and Romania leading the way. Lavazza’s history is the story of a successful company, but it is also the tale of a family that has worked passionately for four generations, striving to combine quality, tradition and originality. The distinctive values of the Lavazza brand are quality and innovation while respecting tradition. To achieve this, Lavazza has created the Training Centre Network, an international network of 43 coffee laboratories around the world, where all customers, above all in the Away-from-Home sector, as well as journalists and opinion leaders — for a total of 25,000 people per year — can learn about how to make an excellent espresso and study everything there is to know about the world of coffee. Also on the theme of innovation are the coffee-based products created by the Turin Training Centre team in collaboration with Catalan chef Ferran Adrià. In January 2009 Lavazza signed an important five-year agreement deal with the Politecnico di Torino aimed at enhancing its R&D (Research & Development) activities. An international company that feels itself involved daily in strengthening its pact of trust with customers around the world and through every channel, through the creativity that has always set it apart. So that drinking a Lavazza coffee will always be a pleasure. The Board of Directors includes members of Lavazza’s third and fourth generation: Alberto Lavazza, President, Emilio Lavazza, Honorary Chairman, Giuseppe Lavazza, Vice President and Strategic Marketing Director, Francesca Lavazza, Corporate Image Director, Marco Lavazza, Development & Acquisitions Manager and Antonella Lavazza, dealing with the Coffee Shop Business at international level. The Board members who are not part of the Lavazza family are: Chief Executive Officer Gaetano Mele, who also continues to hold the post of General Manager, Alessandro Lorenzi, Corporate Central Director and Tullio Toledo.

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