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Matthew Price 3/8/2013 Dr.

Camper Federal Government or State Government There are many regulations, rules, and decisions that the federal government and/or state government have to make decisions on and run every day. The problem with these regulations, rules, and decisions are that some of the federal governments authority should be handed down to state government; while the state governments regulations, rules, and decisions should be handed up to the federal government. There are four regulations that should be reconsidered on whether state or federal governments should be running: Speed limits, minimum wage, and same-sex marriage. In 1966, Congress passed a law that required all traffic control devices on public roadways in the nation be based on sound engineering principles, practices and have a common basis in fact determination, appearance and application... (Dornsife) This law goes on to say in many codes and regulations that speed limits are decided by the state. I know this would be a waste of time for the federal government, but I do believe the state government should at the most contemplate the speed limits with the federal government. This opinionated decision is based on a recent road trip I went on to Wilmington, NC. While on the way, speed limits dramatically dropped from 70-80 miles per hours to 45-50 miles per hour. There were not one sign showing the driver the dramatic speed drop. Without these signs, car wrecks are at a very high percentage rate of happening every day. If the federal

government would look into the speed limit decisions and the warning sings showing drivers that speed changes are about to dramatically drop, I believe that the wreck percentage would drop at a staggering level. In 1938, the federal minimum wage was signed into law (National Employment Law Impact) So you see that the federal government decides what the minimum wage is going to be for the whole country. I personally do not believe that the minimum wage should be decided by the federal government, because each state is different in so many ways. If someone was to live in California, minimum wage should be higher, because of the area the prices of objects and possessions are higher than if you lived in North Carolina. If the state government not the federal government would decide the minimum wage, the states minimum wage would match the prices of merchandise for that state. According to Obama, I continue to believe that this is an issue that is going to be worked out at the local level, because historically, this has not been a federal issue, whats recognized as marriage (Davis). What Obama has said, I do not believe in. I may have a biased view, but I truly believe if the federal government, not the state government would decide whether gay marriage is legal, people would not believe that one state is better than another. I, like many people believe that it is not fair that some states allow it, but others do not!

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