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Oracle DBA interview questions
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A reader subm itted this v ia e-m ail w ithout explanation w hether these questions w ere used for hiring a DBA at Oracle Corp., or w hether it was the Oracle database adm in position that som eone interv iewed for som ewhere else. Updat e: The questions were written by Jam es Koopm an for DatabaseJournal back in 2003 . 1 . Explain t he difference bet ween a hot backup and a cold backup and t he benefit s associat ed wit h each. - A hot backup is basically taking a backup of the database while it is still up and running and it m u st be in archiv e log m ode. A cold backup is taking a backup of the database while it is shut down and does not require being in archiv e log m ode. The benefit of taking a hot backup is that the database is still av ailable for use while the backup is occurring and y ou can recov er the database to any point in tim e. The benefit of taking a cold backup is that it is ty pically easier to adm inister the backup and recov ery process. In addition, since y ou are taking cold backups the database does not require being in archiv e log m ode and thus there will be a slight perform ance gain as the database is not cu tting archiv e logs to disk. 2 . You hav e just had t o rest ore from backup and do not hav e any cont rol files. How would y ou go about bringing up t his dat abase? - I would create a text based backup control file, stipulating where on disk all the data files w here and then issue the recov er com m and with the using backup control file clause.
T h is en t r y w a s post ed in Databas e . Book m a r k t h e perm alink . Pos t a co m m ent or lea v e a t r a ck ba ck : Track back URL.

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2 0 C OMME NT S ON OR A C LE DBA INT E R V IE W QUE ST IONS Technology Question and Answer Website How to dance around the salary -expectation question 1 0 m istakes m anagers m ake during job interv iews ID Maker Stupid interv iew questions How to Answer These Tricky Interv iew Questions the answer about difference b/w truncate and delete can hav e m ore points. eg. Sev en tips for writing an online profile for LinkedIn,

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How do y ou find out from the RMAN catalog if a particular archiv e log has been backed-up? 3 .sql_text() procedures do? 1 6. ev en if the index scan m ay appear to be calculated as m ore costly ? 1 3 . How would y ou edit y our CRONTAB to schedule the running of /test/test. What spfile/init. What is the recom m ended interv al at which to ru n statspack snapshots. eg. How can y ou determ ine w hich shared m em ory and sem aphores are associated w ith which instance? 1 0. You hav e 4 instances running on the sam e UNIX box.com/oracle-dba-intervie… 2/8 .ora file param eter exists to force the CBO to m ake the execution path of a giv en statem ent use an index. how would y ou use the DBMS_JOB package to schedule the execution of a giv en procedure owned by SCOTT to start Wednesday at 9AM and to run subsequently ev ery other day at 2AM. Other than m aking use of the statspack utility . Define the SGA and: †¢ How y ou would configure SGA for a m id-sized OLTP env ironm ent? †¢ What is inv olv ed in tuning the SGA? 5. Assum ing today is Monday . unlike delete operation.sh to run ev ery other day at 2PM? 1 5. what im pact does it hav e on perform ance of an Oracle database and what is inv olv ed in tuning it? 6. Which dictionary v iew (s) w ould y ou first look at to understand or get a high-lev el idea of a giv en Adv anced Replication RSS Feeds All posts All com m ents techinterviews. How would y ou best determ ine why y our MVIEW cou ldn’t FAST REFRESH? 1 8.9/22/2010 Oracle DBA interview questions | TechIn… the answer about difference b/w truncate and delete can hav e m ore points. Can I hav e answers to them ? 1 .sql_txt() and dbm s_standard. In which dictionary table or v iew would y ou look to determ ine at which tim e a snapshot or MVIEW last successfully refreshed? 1 7 . and w hy ? 1 2. How m any m em ory lay ers are in the shared pool? 2. what would y ou check when y ou are m onitoring or running a health check on an Oracle 8i or 9 i database? 7 . How can y ou tell how m uch space is left on a giv en file sy stem and how m uch space each of the file sy stem ’s subdirectories take-up? 4. How would y ou go about v erify ing the network nam e that the local_listener is currently using? 9. delete triggers are not fired for truncate. What is the cache hit ratio. How do y ou tell w hat y our m achine nam e is and what is its IP address? 8. truncate releases used space and has im plicit com m it(ddl opern. 1 4.) My Space or Facebook Video surv eillance Ink cartridges Laptop com puters Affordable life insurance Ink cartridges Ade Posted 8/2/2005 at 11:02 am | Pe rmalink T utorials AJAX Tutorials Dealing with y our job Getting a job Jav aScript tutorials Job interv iew tips from Yahoo! HotJobs My SQL tutorials Retiring from y our job Ruby on Rails tutorials Salary guide for IT jobs Self-em ploy m ent TechInterv iews guides in PDF Understanding pointers XML Tutorials XUL tutorials I saw these questions on a web site. truncate does not generate undo. What do the 9i dbm s_standard. What v iew(s) do y ou use to associate a user’s SQLPLUS session with his o/s process? 1 1 . How does propagation differ between Adv anced Replication and Snapshot Replication (read-only )? 1 9.

determ ines the current date. 27 . display s the date again.how can y ou find what’s causing it? 25. What do y ou do? Your SYS SQLPLUS session IS able to connect. What database recov ery options are av ailable? Database is in archiv e log m ode. What query tells y ou how m uch space a tablespace nam ed “test” is taking up.com/oracle-dba-intervie… 3/8 . What SQL query from v $session can y ou run to show how m any sessions are logged in as a particular user account? 3 5. You create a priv ate database link and upon connection. An autom atic job running v ia DBMS_JOB has failed. How do y ou increase the OS lim itation for open files (LINUX and/or Solaris)? 3 0. You’re getting high “busy buffer waits” . 29 . Prov ide an exam ple of a shell script which logs into SQLPLUS as SYS. 3 1 .9/22/2010 env ironm ent? Oracle DBA interview questions | TechIn… 20. Illustrate how to determ ine the am ount of phy sical CPUs a Unix Box possesses (LINUX and/or Solaris). fails with: ORA-2085: connects to . issues a drop table com m and. how do y ou approach troubleshooting this issue? 23 . Why does Oracle not perm it the use of PCTUSED with indexes? 3 6 . I hav e m y backup RMAN script called “backup_rm an. Database is hung. Which dictionary tables and/or v iews would y ou look at to diagnose a locking issue? 22 . Old and new user connections alike hang on im pact.sh”. How does Oracle guarantee data integrity of data changes? 3 3 . and how m uch space is rem aining? 26 . How would y ou configure y our netw orking files to connect to a database by the nam e of DSS which resides in dom ain icallinc. In what script is “snap$” created? In what script is the “scott/tiger” schem a created? 40. Which env ironm ent v ariables are absolutely critical in order to run the OUI? 3 4 . but y ou know it’s in a script from a specific directory . Know ing only that “it’s failed”. What are the com m ands y ou’d issue to show the explain plan for “select * from dual”? 3 9 . and finally exits. What w ould y ou use to im prov e perform ance on an insert statem ent that places m illions of rows into that table? 3 7 . what UNIX com m and from that directory structure can y ou run to find y our answer? 41 . What is the problem ? How would y ou go about resolv ing this error? 43 . I am on the techinterviews. changes the date form at to include m inutes & seconds. What w ould y ou do with an “in-doubt” distributed transaction? 3 8. If y ou’re unsure in which script a sy s or sy stem -owned object is created. Explain how y ou would restore a database using RMAN to Point in Tim e? 3 2 . Corruption is found scattered am ong the file sy stem neither of y our doing nor of Oracle’s. How w ould y ou extract DDL of a table without using a GUI tool? 24 . How w ould y ou begin to troubleshoot an ORA-3 1 1 3 error? 21 . Database crashes.com ? 42 . 28.

How do y ou recov er a datafile that has not been phy sically been backed up since its creation and has been deleted. how can y ou tell under w hich tim e zone a database is operating? 47 . 45.when w e are taking the hot backup then what is the background process? anilcr techinterviews.9/22/2010 Oracle DBA interview questions | TechIn… target database. khalid Posted 11/17/2005 at 5:58 am | Pe rmalink Thank y ou for sending m e the answers Siva Posted 3/30/2006 at 5:20 pm | Pe rmalink How to calculate the perfom ance of Oracle 9 i Databases in HPUNIX? Venkat Posted 11/16/2006 at 10:17 am | Pe rmalink How to defragm ent in Oracle? Venkat Posted 11/16/2006 at 10:21 am | Pe rmalink How to Start the database thru Com m and Prom pt when oracle is stoped in serv ice? K. Explain the concept of the DUAL table. From the database lev el. What are the w ay s tablespaces can be m anaged and how do they differ? 46 .how to know how m any instance are up? 2. Prov ide sy ntax exam ple. My catalog db is called rm an. where is the conv entional directory structure chosen for Oracle binaries to reside? 49 . How w ould y ou run this shell script from the O/S such that it would run as a background process? 44 . You hav e found corruption in a tablespace that contains static tables that are part of a database that is in NOARCHIVE log m ode. What’s the benefit of “dbm s_stats” ov er “analy ze”? 48.com/oracle-dba-intervie… 4/8 . My catalog usernam e/password is rm an/rm an. How would y ou restore the tablespace w ithout losing new data in the other tablespaces? 50.Chandrasekhar Posted 2/17/2007 at 5:56 am | Pe rmalink 1 . Ty pically .

1 . — when we are taking the hot backup then what is the background process? CKPT background process techinterviews.x to 8i.x.x. — The following com m and will giv e the instance inform ation select * from v $instance. AND use of undo retention policy 3 .entry is m ade in ldf file satya narayana Posted 6/21/2007 at 9:00 am | Pe rmalink hi m y nam e is naray ana i am working one of the m nc com pany but i want answeres of these following questions plz help m e any one 1 . cache hit ratio thank y ou Harish hemant Posted 9/17/2007 at 8:42 am | Pe rmalink The use of undo_retention is that u get inform ation that after how m uch tim e the snapshot too old error will be effectiv e. 1 > In truncate .x Methodologies and steps inv olv ed.x. Migration of Oracle database from 7 . this error depend upon undo_retention. to 9 i.9/22/2010 Posted 4/26/2007 at 2:46 am | Pe rmalink Oracle DBA interview questions | TechIn… the answer about difference b/w truncate and delete can hav e m ore points. We do it by 4 way s: (a) Exp/Im p dum p file (b) Data-pum p (c) by configuring Standby (d) RMAN 2.x. Standby database its configuration and concept 3 .com/oracle-dba-intervie… 5/8 . Dataguard configuration harish Posted 7/1/2007 at 10:23 pm | Pe rmalink i am just confused w ith 1 .no entry is m ade in ldf file (log data file) In Delete.x.we cannot rollback the changes m ade to the tables where as in delete we can rollback the changes 2> In truncate. Mohammed Yacoob Posted 10/16/2007 at 6:08 am | Pe rmalink Hi chandrasekar. Database Replication concept 4.x to 1 0g. w ht is use of UNDO_RETENTION 2.

Variable size and Redo details… –> then connect sy s with sy stem credentail… –> check wether the User credentail has locked… –> if its alter the credentail with unlock…. the abov e com m and list all the archiv elog that has been backup. There are com m and line procesures are there to check the oracle 91 i perform ance….9/22/2010 Mohammed Yacoob Posted 2/25/2008 at 1:54 am | Pe rmalink Oracle DBA interview questions | TechIn… Dear Venkat.com/oracle-dba-intervie… 6/8 . sqlplus /nolog SQL> startup nom ount ORACLE instance started. Nav een techinterviews. Thanks. Moham m ed Yacoob ranjani Posted 4/22/2008 at 8:17 am | Pe rmalink delete: this can be rollbacked truncate:’ this cannot be rollbacked ranjani Posted 4/22/2008 at 8:19 am | Pe rmalink shared pool will hav e library cache and data dictionary cache naveen Posted 6/21/2008 at 3:58 am | Pe rmalink Ans for Question 2 : RMAN> LIST ARCHIVELOG ALL. for Window or Linux. –> This com m and will show the database files details ( Total SGA. Fixed Size. Variable size. Moham m ed Yacoob Mohammed Yacoob Posted 2/25/2008 at 2:00 am | Pe rmalink Dear Siv a. –> Before to test the Oracle 9i find the HPUNIX OS Perform ance counter … Thanks.

y ou can use it to see current date and tim e etc.com/oracle-dba-intervie… 7/8 . raya tharaka ram Posted 1/29/2009 at 8:13 am | Pe rmalink how can y ou perform a baseline backup in oracle dba? POST A C OMME NT Your em ail is never published nor shared. “select sy sdate from dual” the abov e com m and will giv e y ou current sy stem date.9/22/2010 Oracle DBA interview questions | TechIn… T amilselvan Posted 7/3/2008 at 3:11 am | Pe rmalink How m any m em ory lay ers are in the shared pool? There are three lay ers in shared pool i) Library cache ii) Data dictonary cache iii) control structures control structures w ill consists of locks and latches Pradeep Verma Posted 1/27/2009 at 1:01 am | Pe rmalink Ans for question 4 4 Dual table is a dum m y table m aintained by oracle serv er. Required fields are m arked * N am e * Em ai l * Websi te Com m en t Post Com m ent techinterviews.

com/oracle-dba-intervie… 8/8 .9/22/2010 Oracle DBA interview questions | TechIn… Pow er ed by Wo rdPres s . techinterviews. Bu ilt on t h e Them atic Them e Fram ew o rk .

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