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Atmakaraka + Jaimini Yogas (Component 8 & 9)

The Atmakaraka is considered the "King" of the Chart and, according to Parasara & Jaimini, should be given primary consideration in any chart reading. It is determined by the planet in the highest longitude of any of the 12 signs (except Rahu which is determined by the lowest longitude and depends on another planet existing at the same longitude of any of the 12 sign, in which case the 8th chara karaka of Rahu is included). However, some astrologers use 7 and only add Rahu when there are two planets on the same degree and minute (becoming just one karaka) to fill in the vacancy. When this happens more than once leaving two or more vacanies, those of this school of thought, replace Jaimini karakas with the natural naisargika karakas given by Parasara. In trying to understand its significance here, I am considering the Atmakaraka planet to be the main "satellite" planet transmitting the cosmic forces to our earth through to our solar system. And I assume that the planet in the highest 30 degree arc somehow works through the harmonic influence of the Navamsa, carrying the vibration of the Nakshatras through to the 12 signs. Out of speculation, I also assume our solar system to be more governed by the "Brahma" naisargika karakas, whilst the Navamsa relates more to the "Vishnu" chara karakas, carrying out the satwic preservative functions for the relative (Jiva) rather than absolute soul (represented by the naisargika karaka - sun). With the universe so immense, and our milky way lying within it, the solar system rotates around its galactic centre at the milky way's Nakshatra of "Moola", alpha Sagittari. The 27 Nakshatras are each ruled by one of the 9 planets, from Kethu ruling Moola to finally Mercury ruling Jyestha. Thus, each of the 9 planets governs 3 Nakshatras. So again, I consider the Nakshatra lord (in which the Atmakaraka is placed) to reveal the planet through which the cosmic forces are entering into the solar system for the individual jiva or soul. Therefore, when reading the Atmakara, I pay special attention not only to which of the 7 or 8 planets it is, but also to which of the 27 Nakshatras it falls in. I then pay attention to which planets are the Nakshatra lord, Navamsa lord and Rasi sign lord, as well as their positions and relationships in Navamsa & Rasi and their association and aspects.

For example, in a sample chart, Saturn is the Atmakaraka planet and is in Kriticca (Pleadies) Nakshatra, Sagittarius Navamsa and Aries Rasi. Krittica is the ruled by "agni deva" (fire deity), represented by a razor and gives the power of penetrating, purification and cutting away corporeal things. As it is rules the first stage (of the 3 Nakshatras) in nurturing the power of the Sun, I consider the Sun to be carrying the cosmic energy of the Pleadies and look for its relationship to the Atmakaraka Saturn in the Navamsa and Rasi chart. As Saturn is in the Navamsa of Sagittarius, I also pay attention to its relationship to Jupiter and Sun in the Navasma and Rasi chart. My assumption and logic is that the individual (Ascendant/Atmakaraka) and universe (Galaxies/Nakshatras) are reflections of one causal, cosmic consciousness, and with the universe and even our galaxy immeasurably large compared to our solar system, it might be useful to research the astronomical connection from a Nakshatras level to a Rasi level through a deeper application of the Atmakara planet? Anyone's thought on this would be helpful. Thnx shaktis-of-the-nakshatras&catid=8:vedic-astrology&Itemid=2 (need to subtract ayanamsa to arrive at sidereal positions and thereby locate the exact degree and relevant fixed star your Atmakaraka planet falls in. A study of which Sign & Nakshatras these fixed stars fall should assist interpretation). NOTE The Hierachy of Constellational Energy Systems APEX CONTROLLING CENTRE => Between Pole Stars

(Sag-Capricorn Vega MahaVishnu Abhijit Nakshatra and Polaris Ursha Minor/Sapta 7 Rishis) => GALACTIC CENTRE (Sagitarius-Moola Nakashatra -Sakti) => GREATER CENTRAL SUN (Gemini/Sirius-Adra Nakshatra - Siva)=> CENTRAL SUN (Aries/Taurus Alcyone-Pleadies-Kriticca Nakshatra) => PHYSICAL SUN of our SOLAR SYSTEM

MORE ON ATMAKARAKA (thread from lightonvedicastrology forum) Atmakaraka is the indicator of the soul or more closely the "soul material" what kind of soul one is setup with. Each type of planet becoming the Atmakaraka, the native has special qualities - mostly soul level. I'll list out these just to begin with. The planet also reveals the desires, challenges, imprediments and karmic lessons that the soul chooses:Sun - Authoritarian, strong leadership traits, takes to truth and knowledge, self reliant. Challenge/lessons = leadership vs egotism; challenge of fame, wealth and power; lesson of letting go of ego, humility Moon - The native is very compassionate, kind, motherly - may be very social as well. Challenge/lessons = Compassion vs Need; challenge of caring, love, happiness & satisfaction; lesson of understanding unhappiness & diffrence between true and false love, learning compassion Mercury - Adaptability, quick learner, highly intellectual oriented, witty. Challenge/lessons = Speaking the truth & divine communion; challenge of greed

and intellectual superiority; lesson of crossing intellectual barriers, facing the truth Venus - Enjoys luxury, works in earning and enjoying wealth, best things in life. Challenge/lessons = Love vs Lust; chellenge of sex, relationships, luxury & sensuality; lesson of accepting relationships the way they are, avoiding excess Mars - Bestowed with strength, valor, energy, ability to carry out tasks. Challenge/lessons = Drive vs Aggression; challenge of celibacy vs passion, victory, adventure; lesson conceding defeat, patience, unrequited passions Jupiter - Very humble, learned, scholar, very accommodating. Uphold ancient scriptures and knowledge. Challenge/lessons = lack of conviction of ones own community; challenge of children, spirituality, wisdom; lesson of putting children before you, for women - imperfect husbands Saturn - Born to absorb pain and suffering, ability to work hard for long time. Challenge/lessons = Challenge of democracy, duty & discipline; lesson of Loneliness & harsh realisties of life Rahu - Criminal or highly Spiritual. Such natives are capable of defrauding others or get defrauded themselves - be very innocent. Strong spiritual potential. Chellenge/lessons = Challenge of achievement & experience; lesson of dissapointments, fears and doubts More Links on Atmakaraka (including lessons of Ak planet) JAIMINI (AK) RAJA YOGAS 57 Some more combinations for Raja Yogas 1. If the same planet aspects the lagna, rasi & drekkana lagna OR the same planet aspects the 7th to these, then a Raja yoga is caused. 2. If the same planets aspects both the lagna as well as the hora lagna 3. Same number of benefics in 2,4,5 to AK 4. Venus in own house or exalted in karakamsa 5. The 1st & 7th lords of rasi, navamsa and drekkana getting associated 6. A planet in own or exaltation sign conjunct or aspecting the AK 7. If the karakamsa lagna is also the Janma lagna OR rasi OR Jupiter's position 8. The same number of benefics in the 9th to padalagna & navamsa lagna 9. Venus, Mars, Ketu conjunct AK 10. Jupiter or Venus placed in the 7th or the 5th to the lagna lord. 11. Moon or Venus powerfully placed in the 4th to AK 12. Moon's sign depositor getting exalted. 13. The lord of lagna aspecting the 3rd OR 6th to the AK and associated with the 5th lord. 14. Sun, Venus powerful and in karakamsa. 15. Exalted Sun in the 2nd to Karakamsa. 16. Venus exalted in the 2nd to Karakamsa. 17. Powerful Rahu in the 10th to Karakamsa. 18. A powerful Sun aspecting the padalagna. 19. Conjunction of AK and AmK in lagna. 20. AK associated with the lord of 5th to Karakamsa. 21. Sun, Moon, Jupiter associated with the 10th bhava to karakamsa.

For all these combinations, the padalagnathipathi and the upapada lagnathipathi should never be conjunct. If a person has at least 7 of these, then he will have a decent life. (GENERAL) NOTE that jaimini yogas use jaimini karakas (ie. Ak) and should follow jaimini principles (NOT Parasara; eventhough it is often connected to Parasara principles through Rasi lordship or Karakamsa position in the rasi chart or own special planetary aspects, such as Moon with Saturn or Venus). ie. use jaimini sign aspects and sign dasa systems for Jaimini Raja Yogas For example, Moon-Venus or Moon-Saturn conjunctions or sign aspects with chara dasa timing. Thus, Jaimini is a condensed understanding of Parasara principles but has its independent rules for application. Please read the post on the 14 component course material syllabus (ie. Component 9 for the section on "18 steps for reading the Navamsa Chart"). Along with the above, this should help approach Jaimini astrology with its use of Ak and other Chara karakas. For a thorough analysis in reading Navamsa with Rasi chart, several charts are to be considered: i) Rasi chart ii) Navamsa chart iii) Karakamsa chart iv) planets in relation to Karakamsa & Navamsa Lagna (& its lord) v) Tulya Navamsa Rasi vi) Navamsa Tulya Rasi vii) Seed influences (ie. relative distance of planets in rasi sign position to

Navamsa position on house affairs. RASI (PARASARA) CHART vs NAVAMSA (JAIMINI) CHART PRESENTATION Below is a suggestion of how the 2 main charts (in general) can be presented to help identify between Parasara & Jaimini Rules. i) Rasi Chart (emphasis on impersonal "solar" Brahma Naisargika karakas, Parasara Yogas & Planetary Aspects) Presented with planetary symbols, degrees and specific fixed constellations useful for noting orb of aspects between planets, configurations, and conjunction on specific stars within Nakshatras. House numbers from Ascendant placed in empty houses. ii) Navamsa Chart (emphasis on personal Vishnu Chara karakas, Jaimini Yogas & Rasi Aspects) Presented with planetary symbols, vishnu chara karaka symbols, Nakshatra, the pada number & amsa number. Read charts using the above presentation - considering Fixed stars to Harmonics of:a) Nakshatras (27 x 4 padas) = (division by 27) => b) Navamsa = 9th harmonic = (division by 108) => c) Rasi = 1st harmonic (division by 12) Noting relationship between Vishnu Chara karakas in Navamsa to Brahma Naisargika karakas in Rasi. Parasara vs Jaimini Astrology (SEE

Comparing Atmakaraka (Ak), Arudha Lagna (AL) & Nodes (Rahu) NOTE, it is useful to compare Atmakaraka (AK) & Karakamsa (KK) in the

Navamsa (and then Rasi chart), representing the causal soul level (desire) of the person, against the Lagna & Arudha Lagna (AL) in the Rasi chart; ie. the most obvious physical (worldy) and "apparent" level of the person. In addition, Rahu (the node of the moon) and the Moon play a significant role in revealing the astral level of desires, that perhaps connect the causal (AK Navamsa) to the physical (AL Rasi Chart). Its "planetary" (12th, 5th, 7th & 9th) aspects, Rasi aspects to Ak and in Rasi chart, as well as Kethu to Ak in Navamsa, can also reveal much about the soul's desires. Therefore, for a quick assessment of the above, start by looking at the Karakamsa in Navamsa and its relationship to the Navamsa Lagna (their lords, houses, aspects). Then, analyse the position of Karakamsa in the Rasi and its relationship to the Ascendant & houses there. Make a note of planetary relationships to position from Arudha Lagna. Lastly, consider the Moon & its nodes. In fact, the Rasi chart should always be examined first, but for the sake of understanding the atmakaraka, I have reversed it here. Extra point on Atmakaraka & Rectification NOTE that Ak position in Navamsa (Karkamsa) seems to be a crux position for chart interpretation. It's house position relative to the Navamsa Lagna, as well as planets in house positions relative to the Navamsa lagna itself, are very important in revealing natural talents at one's disposal. They (AK & KK) are also important in assisting rectification. See ie.that by changing the Navamsa by one sign (13 minutes), not only do planets change relative to Navamsa lagna (noting, for example, those planets in 1st or 5th for talents at persons disposal), but the Karakamsa position shifts one house in the Navamsa chart (which can reveal a lot about the soul's desire and

incarnation). The integration of Navamsa lagna and Atmakaraka are significant in determining success and satisfaction in life. Example Chart I will use the same example/sample chart as given in the link/post above on rectification (7 steps to reading divisionals):In rasi chart, Sun, Mercury, Mars and Kethu in Leo in the 4th; Venus (Ascendant lord) & Jupiter in the 6th in Libra; Moon with Rahu in the 10th; and Saturn (Atmakaraka) in Aries in the 12 house. In D9 chart, Kethu in Ascendant Gemini; Saturn (Ak), Sun & Rahu in 7th Sagitarius; Jupiter & Venus in 8th Capricorn; Moon in Pisces 10th; Mars in Leo 9th. STEP 1 In this (Navamsa) chart, Atmakaraka is Saturn (retrograde) and in Sagitarius in the 7th house along with AmK Sun (Yoga) and Rahu. Arudha Lagna and Mars are in the 5th and 9th from Karakamsa. Lord of the 5th house (Mars) is in the 9th house of Navamsa and lord of the 9th (Sun) is in the KK. Lord of KK, Jupiter (and Venus), are in the 8th Capricorn which are 2nd from KK and DK Jupiter is parivatana with the Ak(KK) Saturn (Yoga). Navamsa lagna is Gemini with Kethu in it, and lord Mercury is in the 6th Navamsa house; 12th from KK. Lord of 9th (Saturn) & 10th (Jupiter) from Lagnamsa are also involved in the parivatana of the KK. Ak aspects navamsa lagna (Yoga). KK (AK) Sagitarius lord Jupiter aspects Navamsa lord Mercury (Retrograde). In addition KK is hemmed in by benefics (Jupiter, Venus & Mercury). Jupiter and Venus also mutually aspect Mars in the 3rd house (9th from KK). STEP 2 In the Rasi chart, Sagitarius falls in the 8th house. AK Saturn is in the 12th

house, 5th from KK. Lord of KK, Jupiter is 11th from KK, in the the 6th house with Lagna lord Venus. Rahu and Moon (lord of the 3rd in Rasi chart), is in the 10th house and 3rd from KK. Lastly, Mars is 9th from KK (vargotomma) with own house Sun, Mercury and kethu. Considering Tulya Navamsa Rasi, the heavy emphasis is on the 9th from KK, with Mars vargotomma and 4 angular planets in Rasi Leo (4th house). STEP 3 Lagna (Taurus) and Arudha Lagna (Pisces). Notable, are the 4 planets (mainly malefics) 6th from AL in the Rasi chart. Arudha and Lagna lord are conjoined in Libra; 8th from AL and 6th from Lagna. Both rasi aspect Leo and are in opposition to AK Saturn. Mercury is 5th lord from Ascendant (Taurus) and Moon (Aquarius) and forms a Raja Yoga in the 4th house Rasi chart with Sun (4th or 7th lord) conjoined Mercury (5th lord). Leo is 9th from the KK in Rasi. Mercury is the Ishta devata (12th from the KK in Navamsa, also 9th from KK in Rasi). Mercury, Mars, Kethu and Sun are conjoined in 4th house Leo. Lastly, Moon (3rd lord) is conjoined with Rahu in the 10th house Aquarius opposite the 4th house leo in the rasi chart. Both are in Rahu star, Satabishaj. In the Navamsa, Rahu is with the AK Saturn and Amk Sun. The retrograde Saturn reveals a strong desire for the souls birth and Rahu in the 10th with Moon the direction the desire will take. EXPLANATION Taking a look at the above steps, the chart reveals the soul's level from the Saturn in the Navamsa and Rasi. The AK Saturn is in Kritikka Nakshatra, Aries, which is ruled by the Sun. Amk is Sun is in Uttaraphalungini (also ruled by the Sun). The Saturn is conjoined the Sun in the 7th house (Sagitarius)of desire in the Navamsa with Rahu. KK lord Jupiter is in the 8th Capricorn but parivatan with the Saturn (2nd from it). Also, there are 3 malefics are in trine to the Karakamsa (Sun, Rahu & Mars) but Jupiter's benefic aspect is influencing them as well as Navamsa lord Mercury. Kethu is in the Navamsa lagna Gemini and aspected by the Ak in the 7th. All this points to the soul's strong desire

for knowledge in astrology, yantra, mantra, tantra and jyotish. In addition, with Tulya Navamsa Rasi, Jupiter and Venus super-impose onto the 9th house Rasi; KK is in Sagitarius in the 8th house of the Rasi chart; and 4 planets are 9th from KK (also in the Rasi), and these planets are in Leo (with Sun there) in the 4th Moksha occult house. This intensifies the indications for the occult and spiritual knowledge. Ak Saturn is the 9th & 10th lord, and in the 12th house (Aries) in the Rasi chart (effecting neechabhanga due to the lord Mars and exaltation planet Sun being in the 4th house, and angular to the Ascendant and Moon). Note that Ak Saturn is the 12th and lord Mars is conjoined Amk Sun in the 4th. Mars is vargotamma 9th from KK. Also note that all the planets aspect each tother by rasi aspect in the Rasi in air and fire signs (when in perfect "orb" this is called a mystic rectangle in western astrology; Mars is also involved in a Fate/Finger of God configuration with sexstile Jupiter/Venus, mid-point Uranus and apex opposition Chiron/Arudha Lagna) Lastly, the Arudha lord Jupiter is with Ascendant lord in the 6th house, indicating search for wisdom as well as research capacity. The malefics 6th from the Arudha indicate a person who will agressively pursue the 4th house goal of self-knowledge, moksha and self-realisation (Sun in Leo, 9th from Karakamsa). Also, the strong influences on the 6th house, the full Moon with Rahu in Satabishaj (Healing) Nakshatra, the AK with Sun & Rahu aspected by benefics, and the finger of God to Chiron in Pisces, points towards healing interests and capacity. Moon with Rahu in the 10th house Aquarius (Saturn's sign) and aspected by 12th lord Mars also indicates a partial Sanyasi yoga. Note Saturn is in the 12th aspecting Ascendant lord but the mutual aspect of Ascendant lord on Saturn nullifies the yoga to some extent. In conclusion of the above 1. Atmakaraka planet is retrograde Saturn 2. It is in the Nakshatras of Sun 3. Sun is the Amk planet 4. They are both conjoined (with Rahu) in Navamsa in Sagitarius

5. It is in the 7th aspecting the Navamsa lagna 5. Sagitarius is the Karakamsa (Jupiter is the lord) 6. Jupiter is DK and exchanges and aspects KK (Saturn) as well as Mars (3rd malefic in trine to KK)which is 9th to KK. Jupiter & Saturn are also 9th & 10th lords from Lagnamsa Gemini. 7. Karakamsa is in the 8th house Rasi Chart 8. Tulya Navamsa Rasi puts Mars vargotomma 9th from KK 9. Planetary position from KK in Rasi chart (ie. lord Jupiter 11th from KK with lagna lord Venus; 4 planets 9th from KK & 5th from AK) 10. Planetary position from lagna = Atmakaraka 9th & 10th lord in 12th; 12th lord in 4th Leo with final depositor Sun 11. Sun, Mercury, Mars, Kethu in 4th house Leo; other planets all rasi aspect Leo. These 4 planets are 7th from Moon in Aquarius 12. These planets are 6th from Arudha Lagna; and Jupiter and Venus 8th from AL. NOTE analysis from AK planet => Nakshatra lord => Navamsa Karakamsa & Navamsa lagna => Tulya Navamsa Lagna => Karakamsa (its lord + AK) in Rasi Chart => planetary positions from KK, Sun, Moon & Lagna (sudarshan) => planetary positions from Arudha lagna. Thus, in this chart there is a heavy confluence around the planets in 4th house Leo (ie. from AK to AL levels of reading) followed by the confluence of influences on the 6th house Libra. The Kethu (Karmic control planet) reveals, by aspects and depositorship, the soul's past from the 4th house whilst Rahu (karmic distribution planet) reveals, through its conjunction with Moon and aspects with Jupiter and Venus, the direction of the soul's desire. Note that Moon, Jupiter and Venus are in Rahu's Nakshatra whilst Rahu and Kethu are in their own Nakshatras. Similarly, by the above pattern detection, perhaps one can use the example steps above; from analysing Atmakaraka to the Arudha Lagna; to understand their incarnation in the cosmic scheme of things (from the soul level to the worldly).

NOTE: Normally on reading the sample chart, the above 3 steps are reversed. But I approached the reading in reverse for the purpose of focussing on the Atmakaraka. Thus, when reading the above chart in normal order, the obvious first indications would be the 4 planetary (3 malefic, notably Sun) combination in 4th house Leo (7th from Moon) which are 6th from the AL (parakrama). The Kethu in the Navamsa Lagna (Mercury's sign Gemini) would be the next observation, followed by the fact they are part of the combination 6th form the AL. Lastly, the influence of AK (KK) in the Navamsa and then Rasi chart; ie. Saturn opposite Kethu in Navamsa and 4 planet combination 9th from KK (5th from AK) in Rasi Chart. The conclusion of this normal logical approach helps better discern how the Navamsa position (ie. Kethu manifests) in the Rasi. Thus, in the sample chart, the combination reveals that the Kethu operates on a spiritual level and time/work spent on computers (kethu) to do with spiritual matters (AK positions). MERCURY DASA This individual is running Mercury dasa, Mercury bhukti. Therefore, we can use the a look at the involvement of Mercury with the Atmakaraka Saturn down to the Rasi Arudha lagna to reveal the worldly physical expression. NOW that he is running Mercury, Mercury is 12th from AK in Navamsa, 9th from KK in Rasi and a raja yoga (5th 4th lord conjunction) in the 4th house Leo which is 6th from Arudha Lagna. It appears that the Mercury dasa is a period to develop the insight gathered from past life (Mercury conjoined Kethu) and share it with others as per the soul's desire. ie. from analysing the Rahu. Rahu is conjoined AK in Navamsa, and in the Rasi chart, aspecting the sign Leo

from the 10th house revealing the soul's desire to share knowledge through communication (Mercury 5th lord in the 4th) and the internet (opposite 10th house Rahu in Aquarius). This Aquarian vision is expressed through his proposal (book 2005) Brief examples of AK in "Spiritual" Charts 1. RAMANA MAHARISHI (Moon Atmakaraka) D1 (Rasi) = Libra lagna, Venus and Mercury in 2nd Scorpio, Sun, Rahu and Arudha lagna in 3rd Sagitarius, Jupiter in 5th Aquarius, Saturn in 6th Pisces, Mars in 7th Aries, Moon and Kethu in 9th Gemini D9 (Navamsa) = Rahu in Scorpio in lagna, Saturn in 2nd agitarius, Mercury in 3rd Capricorn, Jupiter in 4th Aquarius, Kethu in 7th Taurus, Moon in 8th Gemini, Venus in 9th Cancer, Sun in 10th Leo, Mars in 12th Libra. Moon is in Purnavasu Nakshatra (Jupiter star). Moon is in Gemini in the Navamsa. In Navamsa Jupiter is 9th from Ak (KK) Moon in Aquarius. Jupiter (10th lord) exchanges with Saturn (9th lord) and both aspect the Moon. Kethu is 12th from Ak. In the D1 chart, KK sign is Gemini and Atmakaraka planet Moon is vargotomma. Moon (near full) is in the 9th house and conjoined Kethu (aspected by Rahu to from adhi sakti yoga). Jupiter is also in the 5th house (vargotomma and again 9th from the KK and AK Moon). Saturn is in the 6th but parivatana with the Jupiter in a 9th & 10th raja yoga exchange from the Moon. Arudha Lagna is opposite the Moon with the other luminary, the Sun and conjoined Rahu. The luminaries are with the Nodes in the 3rd-9th spiritual axis of the chart. The greater benefic Jupiter is 3rd from the Arudha lagna. Mars is forming its Mahapurusha yoga in Aries in the 7th and fortifying the Lagna lord Venus with 9th lord Mercury in the 2nd house of Scorpio. Thus, this is an example of the immensely spiritual chart of a Jnani established in the Absolute or a Self-realised Being whom, on an archetypical & relative level, expressed the atributes of a spiritualised Mars (Murugan). 2. SRI AUROBINDO (Atmakaraka Mercury and/or Saturn)

D1 = Jupiter and Mars are in Cancer lagna; Sun, Venus and Mercury in 2nd Leo, Kethu in 5th Scorpio, Moon and Saturn in 6th Sagitarius, Rahu and Arudha lagna in 11th Taurus. D9 = Jupiter in Capricorn Lagna, Sun in 4th Aries, Moon in 5th Taurus, Venus and Rahu in 6th Gemini, Mars in 8th Leo, Saturn and Mercury in 11th Scorpio, Kethu in 12th Sagitarius. Saturn and Mercury are in exact conjunction. Both are in Scorpio Navamsa in the 11th. Exalted Sun, exalted Moon and lord Mars all aspect them. So does Jupiter which is in the lagna with Moon 5th from Navamsa lagna indicated his prolific authorship. In the Rasi chart, Scorpio is in 5th house with kethu there. 9th from KK is exalted Jupiter with neechabhanga Mars in the D1 Ascendant. Jupiter (lord of 9th) and Mars (lord of the 10th) form Karma Dharma Raja Yoga in the Lagna; with Jupiter exalted in a Mahapurusha Hamsa Yoga. Lord of the Lagna, Moon, is in parivatana with the Jupiter, fortifying the Ascendant.`These are 3rd from the Arudha Lagna, everything indicating an extremely high yogi/seer. 3. SAINT ANANDAMAYI MA (Atmakaraka Venus) D1 Chart = Venus in lagna Pisces, Sun exalted in the 2nd, Mercury in the 3rd Taurus, Jupiter in the 5th Cancer, Kethu in the 6th Leo, Saturn in the 8th Libra, Moon and AL in Scorpio, Mars and Rahu in the 12th in Aquarius. D 9 (Navamsa) = Lagna Aquarius, Venus in the 2nd Pisces, Mars in the 3rd Aries, Saturn in the 4th Taurus, Kethu in the 5th Gemini, Sun and Jupiter in the 8th Virgo, Moon and Rahu in Sagitarius, Mercury in the 12th Capricorn. Atmakaraka Venus is in Revati Nakshatra (Mercury). AK Venus is in the 2nd Navamsa exalted in Pisces with lord of 5th Jupiter aspecting it. Navamsa lagna lord Saturnis exalted in the Rasi chart. Venus is vargotomma and exalted in D1 chart's lagna, as well as aspected by exalted lord Jupiter from the 5th. This forms a very spiritual Mahapurusha yoga for Venus and gives great powers of devotion. In addition, with AK 2nd in Navamsa and Sun exalted in the 2nd

house in the D1 chart, with Ascendant lord Jupiter very strong. This gives bliss from Shiva gynan (mystical experiences of the Absolute) and her resulting in her sainthood (from birth). Moon is in Arudha lagna with Sun exalted 6th from it and Jupiter exalted 9th from it. 4. ALBERT EINSTEIN (Atmakaraka Venus) D1 = Ascendant Gemini, Kethu in 2nd Cancer,Arudha lagna Virgo, Moon in 6th Scorpio, Mars and Rahu in 8th Capricorn, Jupiter in 9th Aquarius, Venus/Mercury/Saturn & Sun in 10th Pisces. D9 = Pisces Lagna, Rahu in 2nd Aries, Sun in 5th Pisces, Saturn/Mars/kethu in 8th Libra, Jupiter in the 9th Scorpio, Moon in the 11th Capricorn, Venus/Mercury in the 12th Aquarius. Venus is in Revati Nakshatra (Mercury). In D1 Mercury has neechabhanga Raja yoga. Mercury is in 12th Aquarius Navamsa (with Venus) and exchange with lord Saturn exalted in Libra (9th from the Ak). KK is Aquarius. Navamsa lord is Jupiter. It is in the 9th Navamsa house. In the Rasi, Jupiter is in the KK in Aquarius in the 9th house from Gemini Ascendant. Jupiter exchanges with the Saturn in the 10th forming a very powerful Dharma Karma Raja Yoga. The heavy conjunction in the 10th is 7th from the Arudha lagna. The exalted Venus in the 10th from a very powerful Mahapurusha Yoga for Venus and gave him musical abilities too (violin). Benefic Jupiter is 6th from the Arudha lagna and reveals his pacifist attitude despite contributing through towards the making of the atomic bomb through his theories in physics.