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Tzortzis We know the universe couldnt have come out of nothing, because out of nothing, nothing comes!

This is an undeniable philosophical principle, as P. J. Zwart in his publication About Time explains, If there is anything we find inconceivable it is that something could arise from nothing.[8] Tzortzis utilities a quote from zwart to argue the point that Holland something coming from is [8] P. J. Zwart, About Time (Amsterdam and Oxford: North Publishing Co., nothing 1976), pages undeniable 117-19
In the debate between Hamza Tzortis and Lawrence Krauss, Tzortzis essentially summarized his essay the quranic argument for gods existence. Tzortzis appeals to the philosopher Zwart support the claim that something coming from nothing is an undeniable philosophical principle But actually Zwart agrees with krauss. Inconceivable is not the same as impossible. In the same book we find: modern physics has taught us that inconceivable is not the same as impossible Much of what we call inconceivable is not really unthinkable, but only unimaginable. Also consider the fact that the citation is wrong. The quote is not from page 117-19. How could it possibly be? It is a single line. How could it span three pages?What does span these three pages however, is an idea presented by Zwart and referenced in a William Lane Craig essay. WLC The second objection is that maybe the present state of the universe is just a fluctuation in an overall state of equilibrium. In other words, the present energy is sort of like just the ripple on the surface of a still pond. But this objection loses all sense of proportion. Fluctuations are so tiny, they are Itimportant is only in systems where you have a few atoms. In a universe at equilibrium, fluctuations would he imperceptible.31

P. J. Zwart, About Time (Amsterdam and Oxford: North Holland Publishing Co., 1976), pp. 117-19

The quotation Tzortzis uses is actually from page 239. Tzortzis simply copied and pasted the wrong Zwart citation from William Lane Craig (Craig has it on page 240).