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Cold Chain in Pakistan Scope General Idea Structure Categories Products Some facts Type of Equipment Vendors Prices

General Idea A cold chain essentially ensures that and item that needs to be refrigerated is kept at its required temperature throughout its transportation process. Many items, particularly food and pharmaceuticals, need to preserved within precise temperature ranges or else they become spoilt. Electricity shortage is the single biggest hurdle in the growth of the cold chains in Pakistan. Pakistan loses an estimated 40% of its production of fruits, vegetables and dairy products due to the lack of an adequate cold supply chain, according to figures released by the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade. Pakistan gets, on average, only 41% of the international price its food exports owing to weak cold chains in the country Ahmed Malik, Agility. Its a good business unless cost is maintained Cost extensive Keep pace with new technology for equipment. Careful selection of equipments Risk management Retail is very tedious due to Electricity on

Electricity shortage is the single biggest hurdle in the growth of the cold chains in Pakistan,

Equipment regular and proper maintenance is as important as the product itself.

Structure Three actors Owner Distributor Manufacturer Importer

Cold Storage Provider E.g. Venus, Arcticzone (sana industries) Ice Pack

Supply Chain i.e. logistics Agility Third party vendor

Product is transferred in Reefer containers (either imported, or from manufacturer, farms etc) It is kept in Cold Rooms with appropriate temperatures

The product is supplied to market by vehicles of appropriate size and demand to market or other metros for further distribution. Categories Generally there are two categories Products The products are mostly Ice-cream Manufacturers and their distributors Frozen Foods Frozen between -20 to -30 Degrees Chilled 0 to +4

Meat Fries Ice Fresh Vegetables and Fruit exporters

Both local and imported

Some facts Its a 24/7 service, as once temperature is lost, product is expired High cost factors are Electricity Fuel High depreciation of logistic equipments

High initial investment and thus low ROI Half of the trucks capacity is occupied by reefer over it Good margins are offered, and cost is maintained by binding it to cost factors like fuel, electricity and vehicle depreciation Smart Vendors look for service quality NOT COST as one big mistake can destroy the whole stock in one go.

Types of Equipment 2 types Eutectic Heavy Chilled Plates Need Electric power for charging Air Cooled Lighter Normal Air Cooled Mechanism Unit maintains temperature run-time

Limited, need re-charge and vehicle go idle Cost and time saving, within metros and 8-10 hr duty Declining temperatures, high when started and gradually lower down.

As above Saves time for long distances, as no need to recharge Static temperature

Vendors Vendor ArcticZone Venus Star Foods ICE Pack Eximpo Gondal Reefer Vendors TSSC Kold Kraft Scope Cold Rooms Cold Rooms, Reefers Cold Rooms Cold Rooms, Reefers Cold Rooms, Reefers Cold Room Locations KHI,LHR,ISB KHI,LHR,ISB LHR,ISB KHI,LHR, ISB KHI KHI