R12 AP Batch Payment Process

Covers Electronic and Check Payment

Author : Subrata Dutta 16-Apr-2010

1. Enter a Name for the invoice batch and provide the organization information also. . Navigate to CITI US AP INVOICE ENTRY -> Invoices -> Entry ->Invoice Batches 2. Save the data.

The data would be stored at ap_batches_all table. Invoices are linked with invoice batches by batch_id that get stored in ap_invoices_all.3. ap_invoice_distributions_all. Here select the payment terms as “IMMEDIATE”. Enter line and distribution (with a valid code combination). Save the data. The data would be stored at ap_invoices_all. Click on the “Invoices” button and enter invoice details. . ap_invoice_lines_all. 4.


To check the backend entries. The accounting in R12 is quite complex. Navigate to CITI US AP INVOICE PAYMENT PROCESSING -> Payments -> Payment Manager . first of all get the accounting_event_id from ap distributions table 6.5. Validate the invoice and Create Final accounting.

” . Click on “Payment Process Request” tab and select on “Submit Single Request Button.7.

8. Paymet Document and Payment Process Profile setup will be discussed in a separate document. . This cycle is being done for Electronic (EDI or EFT) Payments. Bank. Enter details as mentioned in the screenshot below.

The selected invoices will be stored in ap_selected_invoices_all. .9. click on the submit button. Once you entered all the parameters.

Once the process is complete you can see the details of amout_paid from invoice screen. . Please have a look at the sequential screenshots for the detailed steps. In backend some more tables will be updated We would have a line in ap_payments _all table 11.10. For Check printing the process will be similar with some minor differences.

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