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Upgrade for E-solutions in industrial applications

Built-in speed control designed to make a difference

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Go for complete control and ultimate flexibility

The E in E-solutions is synonymous with electronic control and energy savings. And you are guaranteed instant system improvement when you go for an E-solution. The unique all-in-one solution, pump, motor and integrated frequency converter, is packed with intelligent features that make installation, operation, and service exceptionally easy and performance much more efficient and reliable. The compact, integrated design comes with one drive for the entire world and complies with all international standards.

Supreme speed control

Speed control is an essential part of the supremacy of an E-solution. The frequency converter simply adjusts the pumps speed according to the actual demand to offer a variety of benefits: >  Energy savings Speed control reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions. >  Increased comfort Speed control can reduce the noise from the system and the soft start feature eliminates water hammering. >  Reduced total cost Speed control can replace regulating valves, sensors and process equipment, and the quick installation contributes to bringing down the total cost. >  Longer life Reduced speed decreases the stress on the motor and prolongs the systems life as does the advanced integrated protection of pump, motor and electronics.

Go green with E

The reasons for choosing Grundfos E-solutions in industrial applications are many. The advanced functionality offers extensive possibilities for complete process control just as significant energy savings can be gained by controlling the pumps speed according to demand.

Sustainability is at the very heart of Grundfos and our full line of E-solutions is just one of many contributions to a greener world. Using E-pumps in your system, combined with correct sizing and the right control strategy, you can achieve significant energy savings depending on your load profile up to 60% because the pump is performing according to demand. We were the first pump manufacturer in the world to market a pump solution with builtin frequency converter and we continue to use our experience to break new ground in E-pump technology. To offer you the most valuable solutions.

Customisation your way

With an E-solution your pump can be perfected to suit even very detailed requirements. The customisation options include choice of materials, connection options and special software. The latest advances in software allow our designers to target your specific challenges very, very specifically.

Challenge High ambient temperature Radio interference Power supply irregularities Tough environment Targeted functionality Dedicated user interface Limited space Commissioning advanced systems Energy savings

Solution Grundfos motors can operate in 60C ambient temperature. If the max. allowed temperature is exceeded the motors can continue with reduced performance. All E-motors have full EMC filters built in as standard. No extra filters are needed. The drive can handle high supply imbalance, industrial voltage spikes VDE160 and lightning induced interference. Delivered in IP55 and can handle high humidity, large temperature cycles and rough environment. It can be modified for special environments. Each motor is designed for pump use and can be further trimmed for special applications. E-motors can be delivered with a variety of operating panels, digital and analogue input and output, bus communication and a high tech PC operating tool. E-motors are compact and designed with easy handling and limited space in mind. Pre-configured pumps and custom-defined set-up remove the inconvenience of studying manuals, programming and testing during commissioning. The built-in frequency converter adjusts pump speed to actual demands to reduce energy consumption

Grundfos Blueflux is the best solution within energy-efficient motors and variable speed drives (MG motors, MGE motors and CUE drives). Grundfos Blueflux either meets or exceeds legislative requirements, such as the EUP IE3 grade.


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Your challenge Your solution

Whatever your requirements Grundfos has got them covered. Choose a standard E-product, let us adjust the standard product to suit your specific requirements or include us in the development process from the very beginning to get a fully customised solution for your system.
System upgrade with standard pumps
Virtually any conceivable application can be upgraded with a standard pump from Grundfos comprehensive range. The pumps can be built to specification, thanks to the large variety of sizes, materials and designs. Whether the system is intended for heating, air-conditioning, water supply, pressure boosting or industrial processing you are guaranteed to find a pump that will successfully improve both control and cost effectiveness. On the following pages we go into more detail with selected applications but naturally our E-solution programme is compatible with a much wider range of applications.

Customise to go further
If a standard product is not enough to cover your specific needs customised software is available to take your system upgrade even further. Customised software enables you to embed exactly the functionalities you want in your pumps and to change the way they perform: > Pump curves can be stretched and bent > Inputs and outputs can be dedicated > Advanced functions and set-up can be selected > A variety of user interfaces can be chosen > Plus much more.

PC tools at your disposal

If you wish to carry out adjustments yourself we provide a dedicated PC-based programming and monitoring tool. This gives you full access to optimising your software in any way you want. We are also more than happy to provide customised code if you prefer to leave the programming to us. Backed by decades of experience we know the challenges you face and are able to provide you with solutions that will meet them.

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Temperature Control
E-solutions are the obvious solution to a variety of challenges encountered in temperature control applications, where regulating temperature is often crucial to ensure efficient processes. In addition to peace of mind, the E-solution may provide you with significant energy savings.

Regulate speed to stabilise costs

>  Constant operation temperature E-solutions are ideal, for example in moulding tool applications where temperatures need to be constant in order to maintain the material flow and short curing times. >  Constant feed temperature E-solutions ensure a constant feeding temperature, for example for heat exchangers or in assisting chemical or biological processes. >  Constant return temperature E-solutions can help ensure that boilers and heat exchangers do not operate below recommended operating temperature.

Increase pressure as you wish

In washing and cleaning applications customised software allows the pumps RPM to be practically doubled. The increased speed, also referred to as over-synchronous operation, translates into greatly increased pressure and means you will get the high pressure you need from a significantly smaller pump. This can be achieved because the pump does not need to perform across the full pump curve. Instead, the software lets the pump operate only within the necessary band with perfect precision.

Washing & Cleaning

Run at power limit

>  Makes it possible to boost the pressure at lower flows by increasing the frequency >  Makes it possible to use the motor 100% over the full pump curve.

E-solution benefits in temperature control

> R  esistance to high temperature and humidity > Reliable, low maintenance durability > Energy-efficient system operation > Rapid response > Intelligent control

E-solution benefits in washing and cleaning

> Compact solution >  Resistance to high temperature and humidity > Reliable,low maintenance durability > Energy-efficient system operation > Rapid response > Intelligent and integrated control

>  Regulating differential temperature Set the E-solution to regulate the differential temperature across a heat exchanger, hydronic heating system or cooling tower to maintain a constant temperature for secondary regulating devices. >  Constant flow regulation E-solutions keep the flow constant to optimise the performance of the heat exchangers when attached to other regulating equipment.

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Boiler Feed

Removes the need for regulating valves

Stable steam generation is vital in any boiler feed application. This requires a constant water level in the tank, which can be maintained efficiently by means of an E-solution. With a combination of sensors and customised software it is possible to maintain the water level. The pump speed is automatically adjusted to keep a constant level in the tank which in turn ensures optimum steam generation.

Industrial Booster
Compensate for unstable pump curves

Add the E to boost your entire system

E-solutions are ideal for optimisation of industrial booster systems, enabling both parallel and serial operation of speed-controlled E-pumps. By means of an add-on card integrated in the MGE terminal box the entire system can operate with no need for an external panel. Communication between the pumps is carried out via GENIbus.

E-solution benefits in boiler feed

> Steady steam production > Fast response to changes in steam consumption >  Resistance to high temperature and humidity >  Reliable 24/7 performance >  Energy-efficient system operation > Intelligent control

The unstable part of the pump curve needs to be eliminated. The control compensates for pressure drop at low flow. Regulating loop can work as expected.
Hm 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Q m3/h

E-solution benefits in industrial booster systems

> Compactness > Reliable, efficient operation > Resistance to high temperatures and humidity > Rapid response to huge load variations > Intelligent operation and regulation

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Covering the entire cycle with dedicated know-how

Grundfos sensors, control unit, monitor and bus communication are dedicated to pumps and guaranteed to optimise performance and reliability across the entire cycle. On its own every product and function are excellent. Combined they are outstanding.

Control unit The frequency converter efficiently controls the pump speed and adapts it to actual demand. The result is stable operation and reduced energy consumption. Choose between the wall- mounted CUE frequency converter or Pump protection The LiqTec sensor prolongs the pumps life by checking the temperature around the shaft seal and for presence of liquid. In case of dry-running the LiqTec function automatically shuts down the pump before any damage is done. the MGE variant which is integrated in the pumps motor.

Monitor Through reliable monitoring and supervision of critical parameters the intelligent CR monitor is able to predict pump and system failures long before they occur. This reduces costly downtime to an absolute minimum and increases your peace of mind.

Bus communication Motor protection The electronic motor protection, MP204, protects the motor from overload, no load, overvoltage, undervoltage and other variations in the power supply in order to avoid expensive downtime. Grundfos industrial BUS communication interfaces enable connection to standard fieldbus networks, allowing you to minimise the time spent on reporting and data collection. The interface is compatible with any SCADA, PLC and Building Management System.

Flow Grundfos VFI flow sensor successfully combines the established vortex principle with our patented Silicoat technology, enabling direct contact between the sensor and the media to allow for fast response times. The silicone properties also offer extreme resistance to corrosion and make for flawless operation even in aggressive media.

DP + T
Differential Pressure & TEMPERATURE The DPI differential transmitter comes in a high grade stainless steel housing, or for very demanding applications in a titanium version. The Grundfos transmitters require no configuration upon installation, but simply need to be mounted and plugged in to begin reliable operation. The sensor comes in a version combined with temperature measurement two sensors in one!

P + T
PRESSURE, DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE & TEMPERATURE Benefit from very accurate measurement in almost any liquid with the RPI pressure transmitter. The sensor comes in a version combined with temperature measurement two sensors in one!

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Meet the energy challenge

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