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Test 1. 1. The baby ... because he’s hungry now. a) cry b) cries c) is crying d) was crying 2. Helen ... to me ... more than a month. a) didn’t speak ... since b) hasn’t spoken ... for c) doesnt’t speak ... since d) doesn’t speak ... for 3. I usually ... up at six. a) get c) am getting 4. She ... me to leave at once. a) said c) spoke to 5. What ... to do tonight? a) will you c) do you 6. I ... a woman outside, she ... at us. a) have seen ... was looking c) see ... was looked

b) have got d) will got

b) says d) told

b) are you going d) are you doing

b) am seeing ... looks d) see... is looking

7. If she ... arrive, we ... have dinner together. a) doesn’t ... can’t b) will not ... will not c) won’t ... don’t d) can’t ... wouldn’t 8. They ... dinner ... . a) have finished ... an hour ago b) finished ... an hour ago c) have finished ... since an hour d) finished for an hour 9. I ... a book in the sitting room when I ... some noise. a) was reading ... heard b) have read ... heard c) read ... was hearing d) read ... have heard 10. He’d do it if he ... . a) would want c) wanted to 11. They asked us ... at once. a) to pay c) that we pay 12. I wish I ... his name. a) will know c) knew

b) will want d) ’d want to

b) paying d) pay

b) know d) can know


13. ... she arrive tonight, put her up in the spare bedroom. a) Could b) Might c) Should d) Ought to 14. She won’t come ... invite her. a) unless you c) unless you don’t 15. This tea is too hot ... . a) that I drink it c) for me to drink 16. I’d rather he ... earlier. a) came c) ’ll come 17. It’s no use ... for more. a) ask c) asking 18. They asked Joe ... ill. a) that he is c) whether was he

b) if you won’t d) if you haven’t

b) for me to drink it d) for my drinking

b) comes d) coming

b) to ask d) to asking

b) is he d) if he was

19. What ... if you ... Mrs. Clark? a) would you do ... meet c) had you done ... would have met

b) will you do ... would meet d) would you do ... met

20. John warned us that the plane ... to take off in a few minutes. a) has b) was c) will d) must 21. Jack ... a new job. a) have offered c) has offering 22. She ... to hospital tomorrow. a) is taking c) will be taking 23. He asked her ... the address. a) that how she knew c) if did she know

b) has been offered d) was been offering

b) has been taken d) will be taken

b) how she knew d) whether does she know

24. We must hurry to the station, the bus ... arrive any time. a) need b) had to c) ought d) may 25. I ... about his arrival the day before yesterday. a) have been telling b) had been telling c) had told d) was told


26. You ... work as hard as you ... . a) need ... may c) must ... can

b) may ... have d) needn’t ... mustn’t

27. They asked me ... the window. a) that whether I know who broke b) if I knew that who broke c) whether I knew that who has broken d) if I knew who had broken 28. You ... eat so much or you’ll put on weight. a) haven’t b) mightn’t c) oughtn’t d) mustn’t 29. The results ... announced. a) are just going to be c) are now going to have

b) will have soon d) have just been going to

30. He was standing at the bus stop waiting ... a number 7 bus. a) for b) — c) at d) to 31. You can’t cut with these ..., they’re not sharp enough. a) knive b) knives c) knife d) knifes 32. Do you want a room with a bath or ... ? a) with breakfast b) with a double bed c) a shower d) a balcony 33. You can put this shirt on, it’s ... . a) wet c) too small

b) too dirty d) dry

34. Peter’s homework is ... than John’s. a) bad b) most bad c) worse d) worst 35. It’s time ... . a) that we have break c) we will have break

b) to have a break d) having a break

36. My daughter’s husband is my ... . a) brother-in-law b) nephew c) cousin d) son-in-law 37. Can you give me some money, I can’t pay the grocer’s ... . a) bill b) sum c) payment d) one 38. Mary is in London. I met her ... . a) before five minutes c) five minutes ago

b) since five minutes d) five minutes before


39. His uncle ... small business in London. a) leads b) gets c) runs d) takes 40. I don’t know how old he is. He must be ... . a) fifty year old b) fifty age c) about fifties d) in his fifties


1/c 6/d 11/a 16/a 21/b 26/c 31/b 36/d

2/b 7/a 12/c 17/c 22/d 27/d 32/c 37/a

3/a 8/b 13/c 18/d 23/b 28/d 33/d 38/c

4/d 9/a 14/a 19/d 24/d 29/a 34/c 39/c

5/b 10/c 15/c 20/b 25/d 30/a 35/b 40/d


Test 2. 1. She couldn’t help ... when she heard the story. a) to cry b) cried c) crying d) cry 2. John is the same age ... your daughter. a) with b) like c) as d) than 3. He comes here ... . a) twice a week c) in a week twice

b) for twice a week d) twice week

4. He ... a lot of money by writing stories for the television. a) earns b) wins c) gains d) takes 5. He always goes to the club ... . a) with his father together c) his father together with

b) with together his father d) together with his father

6. The President left ... on Tuesday morning. a) Rome for Paris b) from Rome to Paris c) for Paris in Rome d) at Rome for Paris 7. What do you like doing in your ... time? a) open b) off c) save d) spare 8. It’s very late. Why don’t you ... ? a) get out of bed c) rise from bed

b) get out from bed d) rise from the bed

9. I’m hungry. Can you bring in ... biscuits? a) little b) a little c) a few d) few 10. They never ... for being late. a) apologize c) excuse

b) sorry d) pardon

11. We’ve bought a new house but we can’t ... until 1st May. a) move in b) get on c) take up d) put on


12. He’s good ... mathematics. a) in c) from 13. Has anybody ... the bell? a) ring c) rung

b) on d) at

b) ringed d) rang

14. I can hear you all right, you needn’t ... . a) shout b) to tell c) crying d) speaking 15. The ... in the car is waiting for the car driver. a) dog who is b) dog is c) dog that’s d) dog 16. He hasn’t stopped running ... he left home. a) when b) since c) for d) because 17. He ... his homework when a fire started. a) did b) is doing c) was doing d) has done 18. The man ... hasn’t seen him. a) is drive the bus c) the bus is driving 19. He won’t catch the bus, ... ? a) he will c) won’t he

b) driving the bus d) the bus driving

b) will he d) he won’t

20. The man ... wants to catch the bus. a) who is running with an umbrella c) which is with an umbrella 21. Bus ... wages are low. a) drivers’ c) drivers 22. He has been a driver ... twenty. a) after he was c) since he was

b) with an umbrella running d) who is with an umbrella

b) driver’s d) drivers’s

b) since he is d) after he is

23. He ... about lunch when he went past the man. a) thinks b) thought c) is thinking d) was thinking


24. She looked at six pairs and liked ... . a) both them b) them both c) all them d) them all 25. She’s telling him ... . a) to not look back c) to look not back 26. I might stop smoking ... me. a) if they ask c) unless they asked

b) to look back not d) not to look back

b) unless they ask d) if they will ask

27. I don’t remember ... that hole before. a) to see b) seen c) seeing d) see 28. We must get that man ... smoking. a) stop b) stopping c) to stop d) stopped 29. Can you tell me ... a cup of coffee? a) where b) where to get c) to get d) when get 30. ... my tea when you get off the train. a) To have b) To having c) I’ll be having d) I have 31. If we ... the train was going to be late, we needn’t have run. a) knew b) know c) known d) had known 32. I can’t write ... you give me your address. a) unless b) because c) if d) so 33. I wish trains always ... on time. a) left c) leave

b) to leave d) have left

34. I’m going to tell him ... with his pipe. a) what do b) what to do c) what doing d) do what’s 35. I don’t mind ... it on for you. a) to put c) putting

b) put d) puts

36. „Don’t worry. You ... it”, he said. a) needn’t doing b) needn’t do c) mustn’t do d) mustn’t doing


37. The assistant said he ... put the stamp on. a) would b) will c) would to d) will to 38. He ... playing football before his mother sent him here. a) is b) has been c) had been d)has 39. He wasn’t sure which assistant ... to. a) he goes b) gone c) went d) to go 40. He said, „I’m not sure, but I ... be late home tonight”. a) must b) might c) will d) going


1/c 6/a 11/a 16/b 21/a 26/a 31/d 36/b

2/c 7/d 12/d 17/c 22/c 27/c 32/a 37/a

3/a 8/a 13/c 18/b 23/d 28/c 33/a 38/c

4/a 9/c 14/a 19/b 24/d 29/b 34/b 39/d

5/d 10/a 15/d 20/a 25/d 30/c 35/c 40/b


Test 3. 1. His wife said she ... to ring him. a) had been going c) has going

b) has been going d) is going

2. The assistant ... be talking to his wife. a) ought not b) ought not to c) didn’t ought to d) didn’t ought 3. He ... started telephoning before the old man entered. a) has b) have c) was d) had 4. I didn’t see the old man ... . a) has come in c) come in 5. I ... being so careless. a) may stop c) must to stop 6. I didn’t hear it ... . a) to fall c) fallen

b) to come in d) came in

b) may to stop d) must stop

b) fall d) fell

7. She wondered ... had left it on the counter. a) that she b) what she c) if she d) she 8. I always feel sorry about ... my money. a) lost b) losing c) to lose d) lost 9. I ... more careful. a) must being c) ought to be

b) ought being d) must to be

10. Now she is opening it ... her money. a) to look for b) to look c) to looking d) to looking for 11. The girl at the counter hasn’t got much ... . a) to do b) doing c) does d) do 12. He told the assistant he ... it in 1970. a) has bought b) is buying c) was buying d) had bought


13. The old man uses a stick ... . a) to walking c) it is walking

b) to walk with d) walking

14. The assistant ... to him is very patient. a) listening b) listen c) listened d) listens 15. The woman ... her handbag is leaving the post office. a) that is opening b) opening c) whom is opening d) is opening 16. It is not difficult ... . a) I can read c) for reading

b) for read d) to read

17. We’ve been climbing together ... we first met. a) since b) for c) after b) when 18. ... in the mountains was wet. a) The next day who we spent c) We spent the next day 19. There was ... rain that summer. a) lesser c) few 20. And ... it was dark. a) when we got back c) when got us back 21. We went ... down the mountain. a) quicklier c) more quicker

b) The next day we spent d) The next day in which we spent

b) a few d) little

b) when we back got d) back we got when

b) more quickly d) quicker

22. We picked ... flowers that afternoon. a) least b) a little c) a some d) a few 23. She gave them money and ... did I. a) so b) nor c) also d) too 24. He wanted to know ... . a) were we lost c) if we were lost 25. I looked after it ... in those days. a) more careful c) carefuller

b) we were lost d) that we were lost

b) more carefully d) carefullier


26. ... clean it every week. a) I am c) I will 27. It doesn’t use ... petrol. a) much c) a lot

b) I’ll shall d) I going to

b) many d) lots

28. When she heard ... it cost, she liked it even more. a) that b) what c) which d) who 29. This isn’t the car ... is in the third picture. a) who b) which c) — d) what 30. She hasn’t got a hat on and ... her husband. a) neither does b) so do c) neither has d) so has 31. She wasn’t listening to ... I was saying. a) that b) that which c) which d) what 32. I don’t know who shouted ..., him or me. a) the more loudier b) the more loudly c) loudlier d) the most loudly 33. The man ... got a new job. a) was teaching him c) whom was teaching him

b) which was teaching him d) who was teaching him

34. Swimming was not a sport ... he was good at. a) that b) whom c) who d) at which 35. This is the earliest photo ... he has got. a) whom b) who c) that d) of which 36. The boy has ... fishing. a) be c) been

b) being d) been to the

37. We always ... late in the evenings but today we ... early. a) is working/is leaving b) are working/are leaving c) are working/leave d) work/are leaving 38. We arrived ... the airport in time. a) to c) on

b) at d) —


39. He played well yesterday, ... ? a) played he c) he didn’t

b) isn’t it d) didn’t he

40. ... you, I wouldn’t drink so much. a) I was b) I were c) If I were d) When I were


1/a 6/b 11/a 16/d 21/b 26/c 31/d 36/c

2/b 7/c 12/d 17/a 22/d 27/a 32/d 37/d

3/d 8/b 13/b 18/b 23/a 28/b 33/d 38/b

4/c 9/c 14/a 19/d 24/c 29/b 34/a 39/d

5/d 10/a 15/b 20/a 25/b 30/c 35/c 40/c


Test 4. 1. Today is Wednesday. ... was Monday. a) Yesterday b) Today before yesterday c) Before yesterday d) The day before yesterday 2. Yesterday we ... . a) very worked c) working very hard 3. Open ... door, please. a) this c) this the 4. He watched TV ... . a) today morning c) this morning 5. Please ask ... . a) Joe for the keys c) the keys from Joe 6. Nobody ... hungry. a) is c) aren’t 7. It’s late. You ... . a) have got to get up c) have going to get up 8. What can you see ... the photo? a) in c) at

b) worked very hard d) very much worked

b) these d) here

b) today in the morning d) morning

b) from Joe the keys d) of Joe the keys

b) isn’t d) are

b) has got to get up d) have got get up

b) on d) on to

9. The two ... bedroom is in the other building. a) mens’ b) mans’ c) man’s d) men’s 10. Please ... . a) put off your coat c) put your coat on

b) take on your coat d) take up your coat

11. She is putting the scarf ... her neck. a) to the b) about c) on d) round 12. They came ... . a) early in the morning c) early the morning

b) in early the morning d) in the morning earlily


13. „He works not only on weekdays, but on Saturdays and Sundays too.” „So he works ... .” a) every day b) all day c) all the day d) every days 14. „Have you seen Nelson’s Column yet?” „No, I haven’t ... .” a) seen it yet b) seen it already c) seen it still d) still seen it 15. Sometimes she ... at 11. a) go to bed c) wents to bed 16. He turned off ... . a) the all taps c) every taps

b) goes to bed d) goes to the bed

b) all the taps d) the every tap

17. He isn’t in London now because he ... to the Continent. a) has been b) was going c) will going d) has gone 18. It’s ... . a) a 5 minutes’ walk c) 5 minutes walk 19. You’re happy, ... ? a) aren’t you c) don’t you 20. They won’t take the set, ... ? a) won’t c) will they 21. They ... the bus. a) was waiting for c) was waiting

b) a 5 minute’s walk d) 5 minutes’ walk

b) are you d) do you

b) will they not d) did they

b) were waiting d) were waiting for

22. The old man said, „...”. a) Turn the third taking on the left. b) Take the third turning on the left. c) Turn the left at the third corner. d) Take the treed turning on the left. 23. Give me the pot ... is on the kitchen table. a) — b) that c) who d) what 24. The man ... got a reward. a) was teaching him c) who was teaching him to

b) which was teaching him d) who was teaching him


25. She told him ... . a) which to say it c) what he says

b) what to say d) which he says

26. The assistant ... telephone when there are a lot of customers in the shop. a) ought not b) oughtn’t to c) didn’t ought d) didn’t ought to 27. He asked her ... to have pork. a) that they were c) if they were going

b) if they are d) that they are

28. I’m not sure but I ... be late home tonight. a) will b) going to c) might d) must 29. „How long ...?” „Since 5.” a) did you work c) have you been working 30. Did you see ... . a) to arrive c) when he arriving 31. ... are fond of sports. a) English c) The English 32. After ... I often go to sleep. a) to eat c) eating

b) do you work d) are you working

b) him arrive d) when he was arrived

b) An English d) Englishes

b) eat d) eaten

33. I am ... a phone call this afternoon. a) expecting b) waiting c) accepting d) looking forward 34. ... pay the fares? That’s very kind of you. a) Shall I b) Must I c) Will you d) Can you 35. Why don’t you ... the light? It is dark in here. a) make b) open c) put out d) turn on

36. He ... for England at the beginning of last month. a) leaves b) left c) has left b)had left


37. When I was a child I never ... the cold. a) fell b) feel c) felt d) fall 38. He played the violin all night, ... annoyed the neighbours. a) that b) what c) which d) — 39. I want to ... a book from you. a) lend c) borrow

b) ask d) give

40. She is afraid of ... the same mistake again. a) doing b) making c) having d) acting


1/d 6/a 11/d 16/b 21/b 26/b 31/c 36/b

2/b 7/a 12/a 17/d 22/b 27/c 32/c 37/c

3/a 8/a 13/a 18/d 23/b 28/c 33/a 38/c

4/c 9/d 14/a 19/a 24/d 29/c 34/a 39/c

5/a 10/c 15/b 20/c 25/b 30/b 35/d 40/b


Test 5. 1. He didn’t answer ... my question. a) — c) to

b) on d) for

2. She was so tired she couldn’t ... speak. a) right b) just c) only d) even 3. They had enough money. They ... to borrow any. a) needn’t b) needed c) didn’t need d) need 4. She hopes to get married before she ... thirty. a) is b) has been c) will be d) will become 5. I saw ... take the books. a) take c) him take

b) taking d) he takes

6. The policeman ... told us to take a bus. a) we asked him b) we asked c) whom we asked him d) which we asked 7. He suggested ... a drink. a) me to have c) to have 8. What ... difficult time I had! a) a c) the 9. He arrived ... his car. a) with c) by

b) having d) me having

b) — d) some

b) in d) on

10. He said that everything ... explained when he came back. a) will be b) is c) would have d) would be 11. John and Joe both ... now. a) have their own rooms c) have his own room 12. We had our ... in the stalls. a) place c) room

b) has his own room d) has their own room

b) seats d) sits


13. My father was the first ... the neighbours. a) helping b) having helped c) to help d) to be helping 14. The speaker was ill so we had to ... the meeting. a) call off b) put away c) go on d) hold back 15. You must apply ... the job before the end of the month. a) — b) to c) for d) on 16. ... I can give you is five pounds. a) More c) Most

b) Much more d) The most

17. „Where are you going next week?” „... .” a) I going to the country b) Go to the country c) I do go to the country d) To the country 18. Can you ... a better example? a) bring c) come along 19. I’d like to introduce ... . a) you my sister c) you for my sister 20. I ... my mind to go to Italy. a) made up c) put out 21. She is ... for me! a) enough clever c) too much clever

b) give d) say

b) my sister to you d) to my sister

b) made on d) did in

b) too clever d) very much clever

22. The guests were still there only ... they had missed the train. a) for b) because c) why d) reason 23. I’m seeing them ... . a) tomorrow c) if they come 24. They still ... yet. a) didn’t arrive c) aren’t arriving 25. While I ... I had a strange dream. a) slept c) had slept

b) yesterday d) before you did

b) haven’t arrived d) won’t arrive

b) have slept d) was asleep


26. How old ... when you got married? a) are you b) will you be c) were you d) have you been 27. I wonder what we ... this time next year. a) do b) are doing c) will be doing d) will have been doing 28. You ... and it is getting on my nerves. a) always are contradicting me c) contradicted me always

b) contradict me always d) are always contradicting me

29. I ... to get through for the last half hour but the line has been engaged. a) have been trying b) tried c) had been trying d) was trying 30. Her eyes were red because she ... . a) was going to cry b) had been crying c) cries d) is crying 31. I ... going to write but I lost your address. a) was b) will be c) have been d) had been 32. By the end of the century we ... out of oil. a) are running b) have run c) will have run d) have been running 33. He finished his studies ... . a) the last year c) in last year

b) last year d) in the last year

34. My neighbour is a ... interesting man. a) most b) much c) mostly d) least 35. The weather was ... the poor harvest. a) blamed for b) accused of c) charged with d) criticised for 36. Why don’t you join ... our club? a) to c) into

b) in d) —

37. Wake him in an hour. He ... sleeping for ten hours by then. a) would be b) will be c) will have been d) has been 38. Don’t tell Jane because I don’t want ... . a) her to know b) her knowing c) knowing d) her know


39. The house ... he lives in isn’t far from the station. a) where b) whose c) what d) — 40. It’s the driver ... to blame. a) who c) what’s

b) that’s d) which


1/a 6/b 11/a 16/d 21/b 26/c 31/a 36/d

2/d 7/b 12/b 17/d 22/b 27/c 32/c 37/c

3/c 8/a 13/c 18/b 23/a 28/d 33/b 38/a

4/a 9/b 14/a 19/b 24/b 29/a 34/a 39/d

5/c 10/d 15/c 20/a 25/d 30/b 35/a 40/b


Test 6. 1. ... leave at one o’clock. a) Lets’ c) Let’s 2. ..., you must do all the exercises. a) Too c) In addition

b) Let d) Lets

b) Beside d) As well

3. ... still raining at three o’clock this afternoon? a) Was it b) Had it c) Has it d) Is it 4. My sister is so small ... I can lift her with one hand. a) for b) as c) why d) that 5. His brother is ... he looks. a) younger than c) young as 6. We played a very good ... . a) play c) party 7. I couldn’t agree with all ... he said. a) which c) that

b) younger d) very young

b) game d) cards

b) what d) who

8. Some people don’t approve ... dancing. a) on b) about c) of d) off 9. „How long did you wait?” „... .” a) Before lunch time b) Until six o’clock c) As soon as he comes d) Since this morning 10. I bought a new ... for my son. a) clothes c) cloth

b) dress d) suit

11. In a couple of years she will ... a very good actress. a) turn b) get c) make d) grow 12. He said he would do ... to help them. a) best he could b) his best c) as best as d) so best as


13. I can’t drive and ... my wife. a) so can c) nor can’t

b) neither can d) can

14. There can never be any real friendship between you and ... . a) him b) I c) your d) they 15. If you are feeling tired, you ... to bed. a) better went b) had better go c) better had to go d) had to better go 16. Tomorrow’s Sunday so you ... get up early. a) mustn’t b) haven’t c) didn’t need to d) don’t have to 17. The patient is in the maternity ward, so she ... a baby. a) must have b) must be having c) can have d) can be having 18. The secretary ... be typing but she’s varnishing her nails. a) should b) may c) is to d) had better 19. Short people wear high heels to make them ... taller. a) look b) to look c) looking d) to looking 20. If you go to Japan, you’ll have to ... with chopsticks. a) be used to eat b) be used to eating c) get used to eat d) get used to eating 21. Unless you ... over the money, he’ll shoot. a) hand b) won’t hand c) will hand d) don’t hand 22. ... anyone ring, ask them to leave a message. a) Would b) Should c) Might d) Supposing 23. ... you’re a millionaire, you can’t buy health and happiness. a) Besides b) Except that c) Even if d) In spite of 24. He ... a lot of money on books because he needs them. a) gives out b) spends c) wastes d) makes 25. ... the news good or bad? a) Were c) Is

b) Are d) Have been


26. She was worried because a strange man ... her for two hours. a) has followed b) follows c) is following d) had been following 27. She always goes ... after work. a) to shop c) for shopping

b) shopping d) to do the shops

28. You should apologize ... her for being impolite. a) for b) — c) to d) with 29. I saw your brother when he ... to hospital after the accident. a) being taken b) has been taken c) was being taken d) be taken 30. You had better ... . a) to have your hair cut c) have your hair cut 31. We’re in a hurry. Get a move ... ! a) along c) off

b) to have cut your hair d) had your hair cut

b) away d) on

32. „I’ve made a mistake. I’m very sorry.” „... .” a) Don’t be so b) That’s all right c) That’s no matter d) It is well 33. ... English takes a lot of time. a) Learn c) Learning

b) Having learned d) The learning

34. We wanted to go alone but he ... on coming with us. a) demanded b) ordered c) wanted d) insisted 35. „Your sister isn’t here, is she?” „Well, she ... .” a) might be b) had c) ought d) used 36. I’ve worn ... two pairs of shoes this year. a) up b) out c) on d) off 37. a) How cold your hand is! c) How cold your hand! b) How cold is your hand! d) How cold your hand it is!

38. A new novel by Malamud ... . a) has just published c) just been published

b) just published d) has just been published


39. The old man, together with his dog, ... walking slowly along the street. a) are b) were c) was d) have been 40. They are ... friends that they share all they have. a) such good b) good c) so good d) so very good


1/c 6/b 11/c 16/d 21/a 26/d 31/d 36/b

2/c 7/c 12/b 17/b 22/b 27/b 32/b 37/a

3/a 8/c 13/b 18/a 23/c 28/c 33/c 38/d

4/d 9/b 14/a 19/a 24/c 29/c 34/d 39/c

5/a 10/d 15/b 20/d 25/c 30/c 35/a 40/a


Test 7. 1. This is ... idea than the others he has presented. a) a more interesting b) an interesting c) a very interesting d) quite an interesting 2. I ... a strange dream yesterday. a) had c) took

b) have had d) saw

3. How much did you pay for the ... ? a) bill b) book c) account d) sum 4. His new book ... five chapters. a) holds c) consists

b) takes d) comprises

5. She was very tired because she ... a lot. a) is working b) has worked c) had worked d) has been working 6. I must go ... before the shops close. a) to shopping b) for shopping c) shopping d) shop 7. We hurried ... direction of the fire. a) to the b) at the c) in the d) the 8. He asked me ... sheep were in the field. a) how much b) what great number of c) what a lot of d) how many 9. Why didn’t you let her ... the piano? a) playing b) to play c) that she could play d) play 10. You ... to work if you were rich. a) shouldn’t c) mustn’t

b) wouldn’t have d) needn’t

11. All the walls were painted ... green. a) — b) in c) into d) at 12. We didn’t want to enter ... his room because he was working. a) into b) in c) to d) —


13. The delegation left Hungary ... England. a) to b) in c) for d) into 14. That’s a nice car. My brother’s got one ... . a) like b) like it c) so d) such 15. I think you are doing that job in ... possible way. a) worse b) the worst c) bad d) the worse 16. „John’s seriously ill in hospital.” „... .” a) How painful b) I’m ashamed c) I’m sorry to hear that d) It is sorry 17. Your car is very difficult to get into ... . a) it b) or out of c) inside d) one 18. Someone else paid for you, ... ? a) isn’t it c) did anybody

b) didn’t it d) didn’t they

19. If you had sent the details earlier, your reservation ... made last week. a) would be b) could have been c) might have d) had been 20. The key ... is missing. a) that opens the office c) opens the office

b) that opens the office with d) it opens the office

21. Not one of my friends ... how to repair such a thing. a) is knowing b) have known c) know d) knows 22. „Who will make the tea?” „... .” a) Me will c) I will

b) It will be d) It is

23. We succeeded ... breaking down the door after trying for half an hour. a) with b) in c) on d) to 24. Make it ... you like; it’s all the same to me. a) some day b) any day c) the day d) day 25. I haven’t seen him ... . a) this morning c) this night

b) today morning d) today evening


26. We shall begin to work after ... breakfast. a) a b) one c) little d) the 27. Do you think you ... ready by the time I come back? a) have been b) are c) have made d) will be 28. This boy is even more intelligent ... . a) than his clever friends b) of all his friends c) from his clever friends d) than his friends are most 29. I know she is very ... on music. a) fond c) mad

b) keen d) interested

30. Why don’t you ... your hat? It’s very cold. a) put b) put on c) take on d) take down 31. I have a few books, but I’d like ... more. a) much b) too much c) a lot d) plenty of 32. The boss said that I .... invited to the reception but he was wrong. a) will be b) would be c) have been d) have 33. ... I ask them to come tomorrow? a) Shall c) Have

b) Will d) Am

34. I like this room but I’ll have to change ... . a) the furnitures b) some furnitures c) a few furniture d) the furniture 35. I haven’t met ... these people before. a) — b) with c) together d) together with 36. I wonder why ... . a) has she come c) didn’t she come

b) she hasn’t come d) hasn’t she come

37. I ... getting up early. a) used to c) am used to

b) got used d) used


38. The film is worth ... . a) to see c) being seen

b) to be seen d) seeing

39. Could you please pass me ... lying on the table. a) a book b) book c) the book d) a few book 40. For her birthday he gave her a lovely ... of flowers. a) bunch b) dozen c) box d) parcel


1/a 6/c 11/a 16/c 21/d 26/d 31/c 36/b

2/a 7/c 12/d 17/b 22/c 27/d 32/b 37/c

3/b 8/d 13/c 18/d 23/b 28/a 33/a 38/d

4/d 9/d 14/b 19/b 24/b 29/b 34/d 39/c

5/c 10/b 15/b 20/a 25/a 30/b 35/a 40/a


Test 8. 1. I don’t think the film was ... interesting. a) such b) this c) some d) so 2. „She’s just spoken to the receptionist.” „... .” a) So I have b) So have I c) Also have I d) Me also 3. She asked ... me where the money was. a) for b) from c) — d) to 4. I don’t mind ... with you, but I have to come home early. a) to go b) going c) go d) for going 5. One of my ... in a hospital. a) sister works c) sister work 6. Where do you have your car ... . a) to wash c) to be washed

b) sisters works d) sisters work

b) being washed d) washed

7. He ... regularly, but now he never swims. a) used to swim b) was used to swim c) use to swim d) swims 8. He is ... as he looks. a) cleverer c) less foolish 9. „Is she very busy?” „I think ... .” a) it c) so

b) not as foolish d) more foolish

b) that d) like that

10. I like this room because it’s very ... . a) quiet b) silent c) peace d) soft 11. It’s nine o’clock. We ... the last train. a) just miss b) had just missed c) were just missing d) have just missed 12. He can’t move because he’s absolutely ... . a) severe b) exhausted c) quiet d) solid


13. The wine ... much sooner than the beer. a) drank b) was drunk c) had drunk d) was drinking 14. Please reply ... my letter soon. a) on c) to

b) for d) —

15. I’d like to ... some words about my plans. a) speak b) talk c) tell d) say 16. This house was built ... after the war. a) right b) following c) next d) past 17. „Would you like a cup of tea?” „Yes, ... .” a) I do b) please c) I do, please d) I please 18. How is your brother getting ... his studies? a) onto b) on with c) together with d) by 19. He’s so tired today, I ... disturb him. a) ’d prefer not b) wouldn’t rather c) ’d rather not d) wouldn’t prefer 20. ... that he didn’t come surprised everybody. a) — b) Because c) As d) The fact 21. We thanked him ... all his help. a) — c) to

b) for d) about

22. ... way is the nearest underground station? a) What b) Which c) On what d) In which 23. She is rich ... to buy that expensive house. a) very much b) rather c) enough d) quite 24. He has a very interesting ... at a research institute. a) emloyment b) job c) occupation d) position 25. He ... hard the whole morning and is very tired now. a) had worked b) is working c) works d) has been working


26. How often ... the engine checked: a) do they have c) had they got

b) are they d) do they do

27. ... they start at once they may miss the train. a) Except b) Without c) Unless d) If 28. They are listening ... the news. a) for c) to

b) on d) —

29. It is much ... here than in my room. a) warm b) warmer c) more warm d) warmest 30. A new hospital ... at the corner of the road. a) is building b) is being built c) has built d) was building 31. They warned ... the wire. a) us not touch c) us not touching

b) us not to touch d) not touch

32. The man ... car you borrowed needs it tomorrow. a) that b) his c) whose d) what 33. It was always my ... helped me most. a) father who b) father, which c) father, that d) father whom 34. The examination was ... no one passed. a) very hard that b) so hard that c) as hard as d) so hard as 35. „I’d like to go to France.” „... I’d like to go, too.” a) Where’s that b) That’s where c) It is to where d) It is there 36. He used to hate Beethoven but now he ... his music. a) quite likes b) has liked c) is liking d) didn’t like

37. He’d better ... the first plane. a) took c) taking

b) to take d) take


38. He was ... person I had ever met. a) the kinder c) a kinder 39. He says he is not afraid of ... . a) nobody c) anybody

b) the kindest d) a kind

b) none of you d) none

40. The train arrived ... Budapest at seven o’clock. a) — b) to c) in d) for


1/d 6/d 11/d 16/a 21/b 26/a 31/b 36/a

2/b 7/a 12/b 17/b 22/b 27/c 32/c 37/d

3/c 8/b 13/b 18/b 23/c 28/c 33/a 38/b

4/b 9/c 14/c 19/c 24/b 29/b 34/b 39/c

5/b 10/a 15/d 20/d 25/d 30/b 35/b 40/c


Test 9. 1. She seems ... her keys. a) to lose c) lost

b) to have lost d) losing

2. I ... this coat for very long. It still looks quite new. a) wasn’t having b) haven’t c) haven’t had d) hadn’t 3. My friend ... car you saw lives in the country. a) which b) that c) who’s d) whose 4. The girl ... has not arrived yet. a) I spoke to you about c) who I spoke to you 5. It depends ... you. a) from c) by

b) I spoke to you about her d) whom I spoke to you

b) on d) —

6. She ... angry with me even when I am late. a) is never b) was never c) wasn’t ever d) is never being 7. We soon found out ... . a) to do it c) how to do it

b) how should do it d) that how to do it

8. „Your friend speaks English very well.” „... ?” a) Is he really b) Oh, he really c) Does he d) Is that really 9. Wait ... . a) till he doesn’t come c) until he doesn’t come

b) till he comes d) till he hasn’t come

10. In case he ... leave the door unlocked. a) will come b) will have come c) came d) comes 11. How long ... this ear? a) have you had c) have you got

b) do you have d) have you

12. I’ve put my money on two horses. If ... of them wins, I shall make a fortune. a) either b) neither c) both d) any


13. He ... abroad five times in 1979. a) has been c) is

b) was d) had been

14. Can’t you see the ... ? It says „No Parking”. a) table b) note c) notice d) signal 15. She ... the meal when we arrived so we were about to start eating. a) already prepared b) is already prepared c) has already prepared d) had already prepared 16. I’m going to the party and ... Joe. a) also is c) so is

b) as well d) too

17. „Would you like some milk?” „No, ... .” a) please b) thank you c) I would, thank you d) I wouldn’t, please 18. The letters ... tomorrow. a) will be delivered c) will be delivering

b) will deliver d) will have been delivering

19. On the day of the excursion everyone hoped ... good weather. a) on b) — c) about d) for 20. Here’s our room and that’s ... . a) their c) the children’s

b) theirs one d) the children’s one

21. They didn’t say they ... come the following day. a) will b) would c) want to d) have 22. Old people often complain about the behaviour of ... . a) young b) the young c) youngs d) the youngs 23. They have a ... appartment. a) five-rooms c) five-room’s 24. I didn’t want to arrive ... late. a) to home c) home 25. There will be two meetings ... . a) the next week c) in the next week

b) five-room d) five-rooms’

b) at home d) into home

b) on next week d) next week


26. It ... they who helped us. a) was c) have been 27. ... are such books called? a) How c) What way

b) were d) had been

b) Which way d) What

28. Don’t hurry because there’s ... time. a) plenty of b) a plenty c) plenty d) a plenty of 29. He could make himself ... . a) understand c) understanding

b) understood d) to understand

30. We’ll have to ... the meeting till next month. a) put off b) put up c) put away d) put by 31. Tell him to put it in the garden. It ... more appropriate there. a) is seeming b) was seeming c) would seem d) has been seeming 32. ... United States is Washington. a) The capital of c) Capital of

b) The capital of the d) Capital of the

33. „Could I borrow your pen, please?” „... .” a) Certainly b) Surely you could c) With freedom d) You could 34. ... in Japan? a) How does the weather like c) What like the weather is 35. You must follow him ... he goes. a) where c) in spite of

b) What kind of weather is d) What’s the weather like

b) wherever d) even

36. When she heard the news she burst ... tears. a) to b) out of c) into d) for 37. I have two brothers over thirty, ... is married. a) of whom neither of them b) who neither of them c) neither of whom d) of them neither of whom 38. It’s ... you can do for him. a) the least c) the leastest

b) the less d) a least


39. When I was in Paris, I met a great friend ... . a) they b) her c) me d) of yours 40. He ... at the same office for twenty years by the end of 1986. a) has worked b) will have been working c) would work d) will be working


1/b 6/a 11/a 16/c 21/b 26/a 31/c 36/c

2/c 7/c 12/a 17/b 22/b 27/d 32/b 37/c

3/d 8/c 13/b 18/a 23/b 28/a 33/a 38/a

4/a 9/b 14/c 19/d 24/c 29/b 34/d 39/d

5/b 10/d 15/d 20/c 25/d 30/a 35/b 40/b


Test 10. 1. Will you ... it into the other room? a) approach c) take

b) fetch d) hold

2. You won’t find him here. He doesn’t live here ... . a) yet b) already c) any longer d) still 3. Nowadays his brother ... to work by car. a) has gone b) went c) uses to go d) goes 4. I can’t tell you ... . a) how I am glad c) I am how glad

b) how glad am I d) how glad I am

5. The number of books you read ... not sufficient. a) is b) have been c) are d) were 6. You can write it ... ink. a) with c) on

b) in d) at

7. I never discuss money ... with my wife. a) business b) cases c) matters d) things 8. Her bag was full ... apples. a) with c) in

b) of d) by

9. John is a hard worker. He works ... than me. a) hardly b) more hard c) harder d) hardier 10. You can enter now. It’s your ... . a) turn c) queue

b) line d) row

11. When I mentioned her name I noticed ... . a) him smiling b) he to smile c) him to smile d) he smiling 12. Listen! I think there’s someone ... the door. a) before b) at c) in d) to


13. This is an expensive watch. How much is it ... ? a) costing b) priced c) value d) worth 14. There ... a big crowd in the street. a) have been b) are c) was d) were 15. He gave me ... interesting book that I was reading it all night. a) a such b) so c) so an d) such an 16. I am not as ... the works of Shelley as you are. a) knowing b) knowing of c) memorable for d) familiar with 17. By next December he will ... here for 5 years. a) have been lived b) be living c) live d) have been living 18. Have you read the book ... I lent you? a) whose b) that c) whom d) what 19. If you ... to understand this problem, read these books. a) want b) wanted c) will want d) wanting 20. I cannot make you ... it. a) do c) to do 21. He wishes ... there yesterday. a) to have been c) he had been 22. Bread is made ... wheat. a) by c) of

b) doing d) are doing

b) he would have been d) he was

b) from d) out of

23. I was so late I couldn’t see ... the last act. a) either b) even c) neither d) still 24. You should buy some more food because there is hardly ... left. a) anything b) other c) little d) something 25. I’m sure I ... him five years ago. a) have met c) met

b) am meeting d) will meet


26. You can open a bank account ... your name. a) from b) for c) on d) in 27. The children ... by their aunt. a) were looking after c) will look after 28. It’s no good ... there now. a) to go c) go 29. Some of the boys ... didn’t come. a) whom I invited them c) whose I invited

b) have been looking after d) were being looked after

b) going d) for us going

b) I invited them d) I invited

30. „I’m changing my job next week.” „Oh, ... ?” a) actually b) is it so c) really d) will you 31. He says he came here ... me. a) for seeing c) so to see

b) seeing d) to see

32. What’s the name of the hotel ... ? a) you usually go to it b) you usually go to c) that you usually go d) you usually go 33. Five thousand people have seen the exhibition ... it opened last week. a) from b) while c) until d) since 34. „Can you come with us?” „I ... .” a) hope so c) want

b) hope that d) want and I hope it

35. Don’t worry. There’s no need ... . a) for anxiety b) to upset c) to be interested d) for problem 36. Do be quiet! I ... to hear what he is saying. a) have tried b) try c) am trying d) tried

37. This soup ... superb. Did you make it yourself? a) is tasting b) tastes c) has been tasted d) has been tasting


38. Nobody knew if he ... at that moment. a) would have worked b) was working c) is working d) has worked 39 He says he isn’t going to give us ... explanation of the matter. a) no b) any c) on d) not any 40. He has ... time to do it than I have. a) no b) most c) the d) no more


1/c 6/b 11/a 16/d 21/c 26/d 31/d 36/c

2/c 7/c 12/b 17/d 22/b 27/d 32/b 37/b

3/d 8/b 13/d 18/b 23/b 28/b 33/d 38/b

4/d 9/c 14/c 19/a 24/a 29/d 34/a 39/b

5/a 10/a 15/d 20/a 25/c 30/c 35/a 40/d


Test 11. 1. What is this ... meeting about? a) urging c) urgency 2. I understood exactly what he ... . a) meant c) was meant

b) urge d) urgent

b) was meaning d) has meant

3. You ... return the book, if you want to read it. a) needn’t to b) don’t need c) need d) needn’t 4. My sister hasn’t visited me ... last May. a) for b) until c) since d) from 5. He was left ... . a) lonely c) in alone

b) only alone d) all alone

6. Great progress has been made in this field during ... . a) the last years b) the last few years c) last years d) past years 7. Do it ... now. a) right c) quite 8. The news ... several times a day. a) are broadcasting c) is broadcast

b) just d) once

b) broadcasts d) have broadcasting

9. He says he ... chess every evening nowadays. a) played b) had been playing c) plays d) was playing 10. Do you like ... in the river? a) go swimming c) swim

b) going swim d) swimming

11. Come and meet Paul. He is a good friend of ... . a) our b) ours c) ourselves d) us 12. He speaks ... he knew everything, but he doesn’t. a) as if b) how c) as d) so as


13. That girl takes ... her mother rather than her father. a) of b) before c) for d) after 14. I don’t like him because he let his friend ... . a) away b) down c) off d) up 15. The record player I ... in 1970 is still good. a) buy b) bought c) have bought d) would buy 16. I cannot come at the time ... you suggested last week. a) when b) what c) at what d) — 17. My car broke ... when I was a long way from the garage. a) down b) out c) away d) off 18. We couldn’t ... him to come with us. a) convince b) agree c) insist d) persuade 19. The little girls were ... tired to listen to the story to the end. a) quite b) too c) enough d) such 20. Please ... your bill before you leave the shop and make sure that it is correct. a) control b) check c) prove d) count 21. „Does he see her often?” „... .” a) Yes, he often c) No, but he used to

b) Yes, he often sees d) No, he doesn’t see

22. She got ... her illness in a few weeks. a) off b) out c) up d) over 23. She ... the picture on the wall. a) hung c) hanged

b) hang d) hunged

24. I didn’t buy it because it was ... funny colour. a) a such b) such c) so d) such a


25. Since the beginning of the year, we ... a lot of new books. a) are buying b) buy c) will buy d) have bought 26. a) The first man we met was an English. b) The first man we met was English. c) A first man we met was an English. d) First man we met was English. 27. You should always do ... you are told. a) as b) like c) how d) so 28. The car was going ... speed of 40 miles an hour. a) at the b) with the c) at a d) by a 29. He ... the audience with a long speech. a) turned b) addressed c) applied d) went on 30. ... that hat when I first saw you? a) Have you worn c) Were you wearing 31. These roses smell ... . a) sweet c) sweety

b) Did you wear d) You wore

b) sweetly d) sweeting

32. ... at a higher temperature than water? a) Has milk boiled b) Is milk boiling c) Does milk boil d) Was milk boiling 33. I ... arrived home when the telephone rang. a) did hardly b) had hardly c) hardly had d) hardly 34. Would you ... me to open the window? a) to help b) helping c) help d) will help 35. He explained it in ... better than I could. a) the English the b) English the c) the English d) English 36. The conference was put ... until next week. a) away b) off c) over d) on


37. ... her a surprise. a) Let’s to give c) Let give us

b) Let’s giving d) Let’s give

38. He won’t be long. He will be here ... . a) shortly b) in short time c) in short d) minute by minute 39. My ... lives in the country, is 60 years old. a) mother, who b) mother that c) mother, that d) mother who 40. „Do you often go to the mountains?” „... .” a) No, I do never b) No, never c) No, never I do d) Never, no I do


1/d 6/b 11/b 16/d 21/c 26/b 31/a 36/b

2/a 7/a 12/a 17/a 22/d 27/a 32/c 37/d

3/d 8/c 13/d 18/d 23/a 28/c 33/b 38/a

4/c 9/c 14/b 19/b 24/d 29/b 34/c 39/a

5/d 10/d 15/b 20/b 25/d 30/c 35/d 40/b


Test 12. 1. As it was hot, he took ... the coat he was wearing. a) — b) down c) off d) of 2. He always drives his car very ... . a) fast c) in fast way 3. „Who’s that?” „... .” a) That’s mine c) That’s my car

b) fastly d) fast speed

b) It’s my brother d) That’s my brother’s

4. Nowadays his wife ... to work by car. a) went b) uses to go c) has gone d) goes 5. Why did you ... this cake? a) have make c) make 6. Do ... he tells you. a) like as c) similar 7. I ... just as he gave the signal. a) will start c) am starting 8. Let’s buy ... . a) some new furniture c) a new furniture

b) have made d) made

b) as d) as how

b) started d) have started

b) piece of furniture d) new furnitures

9. „Would you like to go to the cinema?” „... .” a) I’d rather stay at home b) I preferred to stay at home c) I better stay at home d) I’d stay at home 10. Do you mind ... ? a) to open the window c) open the window 11. He didn’t come yesterday. He ... . a) must forget the address c) had to forget the address

b) me opening the window d) if opening the window

b) must have forgotten the address d) must have been forgotten the address

12. If you come to Budapest, you can stay ... . a) at my sister b) by my sister c) at my sister’s d) with my sister’s


13. „She had a very good time.” „... .” a) So did I b) So had I c) So was I d) So am I 14. You’d better ... the dictionary. a) consulting c) consulted 15. I think my watch needs ... . a) to clean c) being cleaned 16. You ... me I already knew. a) mustn’t tell c) should have told 17. What ... money you have got! a) plenty c) much

b) to consult d) consult

b) to be cleaning d) cleaning

b) must have told d) didn’t need to tell

b) a great deal d) a lot of

18. A candidate for the post ... at the moment. a) is interviewing b) is being interviewed c) was interviewing d) was interviewed 19. „I can’t understand him.” „... .” a) Nor do I c) So can’t I

b) So can I d) Nor can I

20. You have a lot of friends but I have only ... . a) not many b) few c) any d) a little 21. He had a bad headache and ... he couldn’t come. a) sorry b) sorrily c) unfortunately d) pity 22. A book of that kind is of no use now, but it ... useful for next year’s course. a) has been b) will have been c) was being d) would be 23. She drinks ... day. a) the pint of milk the c) pint of milk a

b) a pint of milk a d) a pint of milk the

24. This wine is very good, why don’t you ... some? a) test b) prove c) try d) attempt 25. „She won’t need that book.” „Neither ... .” a) I will b) am I c) I will need d) will I


26. This ... are very modern. a) teachers’ methods c) teachers method’s

b) teachers methods d) teacher’s methods

27. My brother plays ... football every Saturday. a) in b) — c) at d) with 28. At the moment he ... to be getting better. a) is seeming b) seems c) seemed d) had seemed 29. The course will be over ... two weeks. a) after b) past c) in d) until 30. If he comes here tomorrow, I ... him the news. a) gave b) will give c) have given d) am giving 31. Have you seen the photographs ... in London? a) I took b) that I took them c) took d) I took them 32. What ... you talk! a) nonsenses c) nonsense

b) a nonsense d) the nonsense

33. The classrooms ... during the holidays. a) will clean b) clean c) will be cleaning d) will be cleaned 34. I don’t like ... . a) this habit of yours c) your habit of this

b) this your habit d) this yours habit

35. I saw ... people in the street that I thought there was a demonstration. a) many b) much c) plenty d) lot of 36. If I could have asked him, he ... something about it. a) could do b) could have done c) had done d) did 37. He drives much ... than he used to. a) carefully b) careful c) more careful d) more carefully 38. „Excuse me.” „... ?” a) How c) How do you do

b) Yes d) Please


39. Can she play ... ? a) the piano c) on piano

b) piano d) on the piano

40. You’ll have to look ... this matter more thoroughly. a) up b) for c) into d) after


1/c 6/b 11/b 16/d 21/c 26/d 31/a 36/b

2/a 7/b 12/c 17/d 22/d 27/b 32/c 37/d

3/b 8/a 13/a 18/b 23/b 28/b 33/d 38/b

4/d 9/a 14/d 19/d 24/c 29/c 34/a 39/a

5/c 10/b 15/d 20/b 25/d 30/b 35/a 40/c


Test 13. 1. The doctor ... get up after a week in bed. a) let him to have b) let him c) to let him d) let him to 2. He worked in India ... . a) the year before last c) in the year before last 3. „Have you got a cold?” „Yes, ... .” a) I’m ill of it c) it’s not well with me

b) a year before last d) a year before the last

b) I’m not feeling at all well d) it’s sickening me

4. It is a well-known fact that ... likes his pint of beer. a) an English b) Englishmen c) the English d) an Englishman 5. They were ... very well at the police station. a) behaved b) enjoyed c) experienced d) treated 6. They wanted to go ... no one would ever look for them. a) at where b) to where c) somewhere where d) the place 7. All the children in this family are small, but this one is ... of all. a) the small b) the smallest c) the least d) littler 8. ... a doctor? a) Should we of calling c) Should we have been to call 9. Do you know the ... they live in? a) town, which c) town 10. „We’ve all got colds.” „I ..., too.” a) did c) got one

b) Should we call d) Have we call

b) town where d) town, that

b) have d) have it

11. I think you ... to visit your parents more often. a) ought b) must c) should d) could 12. Most of Dickens’ novels have been translated ... Hungarian. a) to b) in c) for d) into


13. ... is more important than what you say. a) What b) What you do c) What do you do d) Doing 14. He ... some interesting things. a) talked c) said 15. He wasn’t ... to lift the box. a) strong enough c) such strong

b) spoke d) enquired

b) so strong d) too strong enough

16. There was ... food at the party for everyone. a) enough b) too many c) too much d) a great deal 17. ... he hadn’t come? a) What did he say why c) Why did he say 18. Let’s go to a pub, ... ? a) do we c) shall we 19. Cheese is made ... milk. a) of c) from 20. The woman he married is ... . a) daughter of the headmaster c) a daughter of headmaster

b) Why did he say it that d) Why he said

b) are we d) let we

b) out d) by

b) the daughter of headmaster d) the daughter of the headmaster

21. I spent ... money on books last week. a) a great b) a lot of c) much d) many 22. He likes that house, but he can’t afford the ... . a) hire b) loan c) rent d) wages 23. Fred is the best dancer ... . a) which I’ve ever met c) that I’ve ever met him

b) that I never met d) I’ve ever met

24. My neighbour was knocked ... while crossing the road. a) down b) off c) on d) away 25. I don’t think he knows about it, ... he may say. a) if b) although c) whatever d) because


26. My colleague has been ... for a year. a) taken sick b) fallen ill c) sickened d) ill 27. I’m sorry that we ... and so we can’t send you any. a) haven’t little paper b) haven’t much paper c) have a little paper d) have a few papers 28. Are you going to ... your flat while you’re abroad? a) let b) hire c) sale d) rent 29. The examination was so difficult that ... . a) only a few failed b) few people failed c) little number of people passed d) few people passed 30. He lost his ... and threw a book at me. a) mood b) temper c) patient d) mode 31. „Are you going out tonight?” „I ... .” a) don’t think so b) don’t think c) don’t think that d) am not thinking 32. My father, who is a lawyer, always has plenty of ... . a) customers b) clients c) audience d) patients 33. You were lucky because you came ... the right moment. a) at b) with c) on d) from 34. I have worked at this factory ... . a) for last year c) last year 35. She asked ... to the next station. a) how far was c) how far it was

b) during last year d) for the last year

b) it was how far d) how it was far

36. One of the water ... burst during the recent cold weather. a) pipes b) conductors c) tubes d) channels 37. I ... him only one letter up to now. a) send b) was sent c) was sending d) have sent 38. He was operated on ... appendicitis. a) from b) because c) for d) due to the


39. In my ... he won the competition. a) surprise c) mind 40. ... men live on the first floor. a) Either c) Both

b) opinion d) astonishment

b) All of d) Every


1/b 6/c 11/a 16/a 21/b 26/d 31/a 36/a

2/a 7/b 12/d 17/c 22/c 27/b 32/b 37/d

3/b 8/b 13/b 18/c 23/d 28/a 33/a 38/c

4/d 9/c 14/c 19/c 24/a 29/d 34/d 39/b

5/d 10/b 15/a 20/d 25/c 30/b 35/c 40/c


Test 14. 1. My brother’s son is my ... . a) nephew c) younger brother

b) cousin d) niece

2. I like all the books but I can take only ... . a) these ones b) these two ones c) two ones of these d) these two 3. He ... not to smoke, but he went on doing it. a) had been told b) tells c) is being told d) has told 4. We had a long talk ... the film when we got home. a) of b) above c) about d) over 5. „Do you like this music?” „Yes, ... .” a) I like b) like it c) I do d) I do like 6. You should wait ... me here. a) to c) on

b) — d) for

7. These houses ... by the end of the year. a) will build b) will have built c) will have been built d) will be building 8. I don’t need ... a bus to get to work. a) take b) to take c) taking d) taken 9. I have other books ... these. a) except c) besides

b) than d) from

10. They ... the teacher about the party. a) spoke b) talked to c) said d) told to 11. When the bell rang everybody stopped ... . a) from moving b) to move c) that they moved d) moving 12. He died after a two ... illness. a) months’ c) months

b) -month d) month’s


13. Don’t disturb her. She must ... . a) be asleep c) is sleeping 14. He was very tired and so he ... . a) sat himfelf c) set

b) have slept d) to sleep

b) seated d) took a seat

15. During my ... stay in London I went to the theatre every day. a) five-days b) five-day’s c) five-day d) five-days’ 16. I should have thanked her, ... ? a) didn’t I c) haven’t I

b) shouldn’t I d) should I

17. I’ve never had ... trouble with my new TV set. a) no b) much c) hardly any d) all 18. There were such ... people at the cinema that we couldn’t get in. a) many b) numerous c) a crowd d) a lot of 19. He ... when I go to see him. a) was always working c) has always worked

b) always worked d) is always working

20. My friend told me about him. He ... he was a doctor. a) told b) said c) told to me d) said me 21. a) Biology is interesting me. c) I am interested in biology. b) I interest biology. d) Biology is interested in me.

22. She ... a telephone call when the manager entered. a) is making b) was making c) maked d) has made 23. How many times did the clock ... ? a) strike b) beat c) knock d) hit 24. This information ... as soon as possible. a) will release b) will be releasing c) will be released d) releases

25. Help me to look ... the money I’ve lost. a) after b) for c) at d) to


26. He’s not been very well ... . a) finally c) lately 27. A network of rivers ... the map. a) covers c) cover

b) lastly d) newly

b) are covering d) have covered

28. She works as slowly and carefully ... I do. a) how b) as c) as if d) as how 29. ... of the two boys is older? a) Which c) Who 30. Everyone ... him. a) afraid of c) fears 31. a) How big it is! c) How big it is this!

b) What d) What kind

b) fears of d) is fear of b) How big is it! d) How this is big!

32. I’m sure you’ll ... the film. It’s very good. a) entertain b) amuse c) enjoy d) delight 33. Dinner will be served ... but we have time for a drink. a) actually b) currently c) suddenly d) immediately 34. This method seems ... the other one. a) to be successful as b) better successful than c) to be the most successful d) more successful than 35. He ... be at home. I saw him in the pub. a) mustn’t b) hasn’t c) can’t d) could 36. The Whites haven’t decided yet ... to go to Spain or Italy. a) how b) whether c) whenever d) if 37. I’d like to know ... . a) what she said c) what said she

b) what did she say d) what had she said

38. I wish I ... to bed earlier last night. a) would go b) would have gone c) have gone d) had gone


39. In ... ten years man will probably have reached Mars. a) the b) more c) another d) next 40. I ... him only one letter up to now. a) will send b) have sent c) am sending d) send


1/a 6/d 11/d 16/b 21/c 26/c 31/a 36/b

2/d 7/c 12/b 17/b 22/b 27/a 32/c 37/a

3/a 8/b 13/a 18/d 23/a 28/b 33/d 38/d

4/c 9/c 14/d 19/d 24/c 29/a 34/d 39/c

5/c 10/b 15/c 20/b 25/b 30/c 35/c 40/b


Test 15. 1. She was very charming. ... . a) She liked c) She was liking. 2. They soon found out ... . a) doing it c) how to do it

b) Everyone was liked. d) Everyone liked her.

b) to do it d) that how to do it

3. The new cinema is just ... the road. a) across b) against c) between d) round 4. It’s rather late. Do you think we’ll ... the 12 o’clock train? a) have b) catch c) arrive d) pick up 5. Tommy is a ... boy. a) very little clever c) very clever little

b) little very clever d) clever very little

6. He said good-bye and left ... the room. a) from b) — c) out d) out of 7. This room needs ... . a) painting c) in painting

b) being painted d) to paint

8. „Have you ever read this book?” „Yes, I ... .” a) read b) did read c) have d) will 9. She has lived in Australia ... . a) for a long time c) for a long time ago

b) since long d) long ago

10. Can I go ... to the station from here? a) direct b) directionally c) directing d) directive 11. I ... your book this week but I won’t finish it until next weekend. a) have read b) had read c) have been read d) have been reading 12. Jane married ... my brother last year. a) to b) — c) with d) together


13. I like to sleep ... . a) the evening c) during the day 14. She was standing ... her sister. a) beside c) next

b) noon d) night

b) besides d) together

15. You should drive very carefully on your ... to the lake. a) road b) street c) way d) highway 16. I phoned the doctor ... as I realized what had happened. a) as soon b) soon that c) immediately d) so 17. Let me know if you ... of anything. a) need b) are in need c) are need d) are at need 18. I knew his name but I can’t ... it now. a) remind b) memorize c) remember d) reflect 19. This dress is ... as the one I had before. a) very same b) plenty the same c) much the same d) very similar 20. Every time I ... him, he tells me a joke. a) am seeing b) have seen c) saw d) see 21. She gave ... . a) to me a book c) for me a book 22. We were shivering ... cold. a) from c) of

b) a book me d) me a book

b) with d) by

23. Have you ever seen him ... football? a) play b) to play c) has played d) played 24. The police ... the cars to arrive soon. a) is expected b) are expecting c) expects d) was expecting 25. By tomorrow afternoon this work ... . a) will complete b) has been completed c) will have completed d) will have been completed


26. Many people are ... the plan. a) across c) opposite

b) against d) over

27. The theatre was crowded. I’ve never seen so many ... . a) humans b) people c) peoples d) public 28. Neither David nor George ... here regularly. a) come b) have come c) are to come d) comes 29. They left everything in ... disorder that we couldn’t find anything. a) so much b) as much c) such much d) so a 30. ... do you think will be chosen? a) Whom c) Who 31. Her work is ... yours. a) good as c) better as

b) Why d) When

b) as good as d) as good than

32. My friend never met him, but I ... . a) met b) didn’t c) did d) did meet 33. They promised they would return the books ... could. a) as soon as they b) soon they c) as they soon d) soon as they 34. ... people will agree with me. a) The more c) Most 35. French is not easy ... . a) to be learnt c) learning

b) Mostly d) Most of

b) to learn d) learned

36. Can you help me? I wouldn’t like to ... the same mistake again. a) have b) make c) do d) keep 37. I think she is very good ... making Chinese food. a) in b) at c) with d) on 38. If you paint that picture, they ... it in the exhibition. a) will hang b) would hang c) will have hung d) hung


39. When he dropped my pen he said: „... .” a) Excuse me b) Pardon, please c) Sorry d) I am afraid 40. Aren’t you going to send the letter ... air mail? a) over b) across c) by d) with


1/d 6/b 11/d 16/a 21/d 26/b 31/b 36/b

2/c 7/a 12/b 17/b 22/b 27/b 32/c 37/b

3/a 8/c 13/c 18/c 23/a 28/d 33/a 38/a

4/b 9/a 14/a 19/c 24/b 29/a 34/c 39/c

5/c 10/a 15/c 20/d 25/d 30/c 35/b 40/c

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