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about Virgin Galactic’s mission to take tourists into space (see page 5) reminds me of Neil Armstrong’s famous statement “ ... one giant leap for mankind,” uttered when he first stepped on the moon. Fortunately for us, we work in an industry that takes huge strides forward each and every day. In some cases that means finding new or more efficient processes or products; in others, it means acting on changes in the marketplace. The real-life cases we bring you in this issue of Metalworking World illustrate some of the ways we have helped our customers achieve their goals through our products, knowledge and services. A common theme running through each story is the long-term partnership each customer has with Sandvik Coromant. By focusing on cooperation and common challenges, we can look forward to a future together. At Italy’s Rössl&Dusso, the key to their success is producing custom-built machinery and guaranteeing absolute precision. Meanwhile, with the Spanish economy under pressure, machine tool specialist Bost is focusing outward, developing its export business. At the same time Cane Creek in the United States is looking inward, investing in heavy machinery to answer demands from customers who want local products and suppliers. On page 16 you can read about the company’s strategy and the results it achieved with added value from Sandvik Coromant engineers. Staying one step ahead is of course heavily dependent on R&D. It is well known that at Sandvik Coromant we continue to invest more in this area than other companies in our business.

‘ ‘

Fortunately for us, we work in an industry that takes huge strides forward each and every day.”
Plastic, composite and other lightweight materials offer us and our customers exciting challenges and new opportunities, but at the same time metal still has a key role to play in all kinds of fields, not least in the manufacture of mobile phones (see page 34). There are challenges facing our industry in 2012, but with world-leading products, services and specialist know-how we can face those challenges together with our customers with confidence and from a position of strength. If we all continue to be innovative, forward thinking and creative, not even the sky is the limit. Pleasant reading!

klas forsström President Sandvik Coromant

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Bost: Custom-built progress in an unsteady climate.

Ballooning: Eyes to the sky.


A patented new technique puts Voith Turbo on the map.

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Rössl&Duso generates success.

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Spectrum Turning
A new family of inserts and geometry grades aimed at the mixed production environment, offering a “one insert does it all” capability.

Total solution:

The most flexible way to improve gear milling, using indexable insert tooling.

How can threaded holes be best machined – economically and productively?




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text: geoff mortimore photo: K.J. Historical/Corbis

Life in the fast lane Leena Gade
sports. British-born Leena Gade was hooked on motor racing from the first time she saw Formula 1 on television as a youngster growing up in India. But unlike most fans, she ended up making a career out of it and in 2011 became the first female race engineer ever to lead a team to victory in the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours race. Following jobs in automotive and aerospace engineering, she started her racing career as a part-time mechanic and data analyst and worked her way up – first to assistant race engineer and finally to head engineer for the Audi Sport Team. Finally, last year, Gade’s talent and efforts were rewarded at Le Mans when she guided driver Benoit Treluyer for 2,800 miles, to give Audi its 10th victory at the event since 1999. Treluyer’s vehicle was one of three Audis taking part in the race; the other two failed to finish. As race engineer, Gade’s job is to monitor every aspect of the race – from tire pressure to fuel level, temperature and weather conditions – and guide “her” car (in this case the No. 2 Audi) over the finish line. Gade shares her interest in motor sport with her younger sister Teena, who is also a race engineer and looking to emulate her sister’s achievement by helping Kris Meeke and MINI win their first-ever event in the World Rally Championship. n

Gade led her Audi driver to victory at last year’s Le Mans 24 Hours race.

4  4  metalworking metalworkingworld world

Quicktime Bolt from the blue science. chief executive officer of Virgin Galactic. called The Spaceship Company (TSC). n metalworking world  5 . iTunes Find out more at www. The new factory is 30 miles north of a plant where 1. the only noncommercial artificial lightning lab in the U.” the app will guide you to the correct grade and geometry for whatever specific material group you are working easy to use. will be used to test new materials being used to construct airplanes and could be a vital breakthrough in increasing aerospace safety. turning. for testing composites and other materials used in aircraft construction. To develop the prototype for the new fleet of space liners. programmers and machinists to find the right inserts for drilling. super alloys and hard materials. The number of mobile phones currently being used globally. “We’re moving closer and closer to bringing paying passengers into space. Helping you select the best insert for each job. The mother ship for the project. New app points the right way ipad . n More than 400 people have already paid either a deposit or the full $200.. is a joint venture between Mojave-based Scaled Composites and British billionaire Richard Branson’s space tourism company. Virgin Galactic. “This is a big day for Galactic.” says George out Check ur iPad. nasa image gallery Spaceship factory opens in Mojave space tourism.000 ticket price for a trip on the shuttles being made in Mojave. at the Morgan-Botti Lightning Laboratory at Cardiff University in Wales. nickel-based alloys. is designed to offer the best tools in all machining applications and safe. stainless steel. A new iPad app from Sandvik Coromant will make it easier for engineers. Scientists will be able to use the facility. Scientists at a laboratory in Wales have developed artificial lightning almost as strong as the most violent bolts ever recorded. he then hired Scaled Composites. reliable cutting data.800 workers assembled the space shuttles.3 billion on yo e MW W w in th ble no a il a v a stor e . is currently the world’s largest all-composite aircraft. Based on the principle “easy to choose. n 3. CoroKey. The operation. Space tourism moved a step nearer at the end of last year when California’s Mojave Air and Space Port opened an assembly plant to produce the first passenger spaceship fleet. threading and milling operations. The new app. especially in difficult weather conditions. It provides recommendations for all classifications in steel.” When Burt Rutan won the first X-PRIZE challenge to fly a man into suborbital space without government support he attracted the attention of Branson. who bought the rights to the technology. The last space shuttle made its final voyage in July 2011. a company specializing in developing composite material aircraft. coromant. Scientists will use the facility primarily to test the strength of new components being used in wing manufacturing. will be a primary focus for the construction of new planes. the CoroKey app works with both metric and inch measurements. The discovery. making the Morgan-Botti Lightning Laboratory at Cardiff University a perfect testing ground. WhiteKnightTwo. iron. Safety.

trade shows mmts What advantages does it offer Sandvik Coromant from the supply side? It is our goal to be able to work globally and be able to offer an instant reaction to all user needs around the world. “The combination of the market presence and competence of Sandvik Coromant in cutting tools. What are your Web plans moving forward? We will look to make improvements continually and integrate services more into our offering. Our aim is always to be one click away. 6  metalworking world getty images . IMTS September 10–15 Chicago. People in the marketplace expect to find information and answers to their queries right here. Björn Roodzant. Japan Application Center will help meet Indian demand. Canada Farnborough International airshow DID YOU KNOW? If you cycle regularly. Sandvik Coromant is furthering its linkup with Höfler Maschinenbau to increase presence and business in North America. Germany maktek eurasia October 2–7 Istanbul. is already now taking gear manufacturing to new levels. 1. This will be a huge differentiator with our competitors and further increase the gap in our market leadership. to be a “virtual yellow coat” and deliver the best possible online experience.Quicktime Stronger partnership five questions: Björn Roodzant Höfler. “Höfler enjoys a technology leadership in gear manufacturing. We want to have the best setup to serve our customers and partners in the industry. rather than being dedicated to any particular industry segment. Hampshire. More on page 16. 2. Illinois amb Application Center gets green light productivity. Sandvik Coromant forge stronger link collaboration. equipped with the latest indexable insert tooling solutions. We have to be able to offer support and work with our customers online as well as we do on a face-to-face basis – in short. always keeping our customers’ success in mind. is now available for training. 3. and more and more often online. Sandvik Coromant Manager in India. U. We expect it to have significant influence in terms of support and sales. n May 14–16 Montreal. covering different segments. What will it mean to Sandvik Coromant customers? We want our website to be the best possible meeting place for people to do business and be the best possible partner online for users. We want to make the search for information and decision-making easy and convenient. The new facility will complement an already existing Productivity Center at Pune and will differ from other Application Centers by being more feature-based. The two companies will share facilities and machinery at the Sandvik Coromant Productivity Center in Schaumburg just outside Chicago. and to have best possible dialogue online with them. The collaboration began in 2009. demonstrations and joint activities with North American customers. because our customers will have access to information and support so much more readily. global Web and e-marketing.” n Why was it necessary to relaunch the website? Today’s way of doing business is changing all the time. where a Höfler HF 1000 gear hobbing machine.K. business development manager for gear milling at Sandvik Coromant. on the new website. Sandvik Coromant India has been given the go-ahead by the Sandvik Group to build an Application Center at its plant in Pune.” says Kawal Saigal. senior manager. Turkey jimtof November 1–6 Tokyo. both toward the customer and toward our suppliers. Since then it has developed into several joint activities including successful turnkey solutions delivered to the global market. right now.” says Kenneth Sundberg. you can expect to be as fit as an average person 10 years younger. It will make their purchasing decisions quicker and better. “We are really excited to get this approval as it will enable us to further increase our value services to our customers enabling improved customer relations. n September 18–22 Stuttgart. set to open by September 2012. Brian Lacey Studios 4. 5. along with Höfler’s expertise in gear manufacturing. what results do you expect? The new website is part of the Sandvik Coromant overall global strategy to make it easier for our customers to do business with us. This is the ideal tool for us to be able to do that. In terms of business. July 9–15 Farnborough.

particularly in light of the many wind technology projects funded by the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy program in the past year. Bayer. reducing blade height means less strain is put on turbine components. A new polyurethane-based composite technology that will help create stronger and longer blades for wind turbines has been developed in the United States. which wraps around the base of the blade. Scientists at Bayer MaterialScience LLC discovered that polyurethane chemistry improves fatigue and fracture toughness properties over epoxy-based systems currently used commercially. at the American Wind Energy Association Off-Shore Windpower Conference and Exhibition in Baltimore last year. which will reduce operation and maintenance costs. n Longer blades promise up to 300 percent greater strength and productivity. metalworking world  7 . The power generated by a wind turbine is related to the area swept by the blades. Meanwhile. public sector business. director.” says Mike Gallagher. Making blades longer and lower can have considerable impact on productivity. with the result that a turbine with blades twice the normal length can generate four times more power. Proof that the government is taking an interest in the new material came when Bayer was asked to display a prototype wind-turbine blade root ring. “It’s gratifying for our development to be highlighted.Quicktime text: geoff mortimore photo: getty images Blade breakthrough Turbine technology energy.

“These records are a great way to demonstrate that this airplane is the game-changer we have promised. setting new marks for both speed and distance for the weight class. which traveled 10.325-mile flight (which gave credit for 210–250 passengers in three classes Length: 186 feet Wingspan: 197 feet 787-8 Boeing has established two world records with its 787 Dreamliner.Quicktime text: chi an gramfors ILLUSTRATION: kjell thorsson The Boeing 787 family: Dream machine The Boeing 787 — A composite game-changer one of the most revolutionary leaps in the history of manufacturing. The Boeing 787 is the first fully computerized aircraft. fuselage and interior. From a materials point of view.503 miles in 2002. Composites are used on wings. allowing fuel savings and extended flying range. and now holds the distance record with a 12. the 787 Dreamliner is 11. The former record was held by the Airbus A330. n 787-9 250–290 passengers in three classes Length: 206 feet Wingspan: 197 feet Internal pressure is the equivalent of 6. Bangladesh. 8  metalworking world . tail. Humidity can be increased to 15 percent instead of 4 percent in the passenger cabin. doors. The structure of the 787 is like one giant macromolecule — everything is fastened through cross-linked chemical bonds reinforced with carbon fiber. Also. the humidity in the passenger cabin can be increased. Passenger comfort will improve thanks to the material. The 20 percent fuel reduction results in a 20 percent reduction of carbon dioxide emissions as well. vice president and general manager of the 787 program.” says Scott Fancher.896 miles) from Seattle to Dhaka. Mechanics will now have to be equipped with PCs to work on the aircraft’s computer settings.000 feet.000 feet of altitude instead of 8. The airplane uses 20 percent less fuel than similar-sized airplanes. The use of carbon fiber reinforced plastics in the construction reduces weight significantly. as the internal cabin pressure will be increased.

text: Gea scancarello   photo: maurizio camagna no room for error Vedelago. An ability to custom-design its machines is a crucial part of meeting customer demands. Italy. Italian company Rössl&Duso has shifted into the business of providing power generation equipment — in particular the huge turbines that light up whole cities — to areas where power generation is lagging behind energy consumption. .

Gianni Bordignon. Rössl&Duso 10  metalworking world . production manager.

These turbines are capable of delivering electricity to a city of some 150.” This is where Sandvik Coromant comes in. to design our machines internally to find out which tools were needed. Building such behemoths is no easy task.000 people. “We’ve had to build machines that didn’t exist before. like most others in the region.” says Gianni Bordignon. “Often there’s no other way to do something if you need to be accurate. an area that for decades has been an industrial center. forging a quality-focused policy aimed at responding quickly to customer needs in a demanding and rapidly changing market. “Lathes to perform such tasks cannot be bought. “In the past 10 years. learned everything about energy and turbines. who are among the leading power generation companies worldwide. Turbine half shell He was at Rössl&Duso 42 years ago when the company opened its doors with a few people and orders to deliver heavy industrial components and was still there years later when the company began a strategic shift into new businesses. plant turning department chief. It now has a second workshop in Piemonte. he says.” says Renzo Cecchetto. “You have to make your own. It also serves the global naval. China and India were rapidly evolving into industrial giants. Headquartered in Vedelago in northeastern Italy. steam and hydroelectric turbines available in the world. a family-owned company that serves as a third-party producer for the precision machinery industry.” Bordignon has hands that tell you right away that he. Today it manufactures parts that make up some of the largest gas.001-inch run out. has spent every day of his life working. focuses on precision machinery construction in a variety of fields. steam and hydroelectric turbines. already a supplier to the naval and steel industries. despite two world crises.” he says. lies the municipality of Vedelago. Siemens. The company rapidly began specializing in the production of gas.” Rössl&Duso. from heavy machining to power generation. That was the beginning of the 2000s. “We design our machines. and it was a good bet. with an energy consumption that was outpacing power generation. “We figured we had to throw ourselves into the power generation business. and that required that we have faith both in ourselves and in our partner. metalworking world  11 . above the beautiful waters of Venice and the arcaded streets of Padua. the 42-yearold family company has grown over the years into a 150-person business. with the progressive decline of heavy industry in Europe and the rise of China as an industrial power. “We’ve had to experiment. eolic (wind). General Electric and Bhel. steel and oil industries.” explains Bordignon. in the province of Treviso. machinery that could satisfy the energy appetite of this and other emerging economic giants." He describes a typical challenge: dealing with a 200-ton steel piece that is 30 feet long and 10 feet in diameter. “It’s been and remains a huge daily challenge. Alstom Power Systems. flexible and quick. Croatia. and a third in Pula. The tools have to be up to the job. in Italy’s western region.” says Bordignon. Rössl&Duso shifted toward the production of highly precise CoroMill 390 cutter carrying out milling operations on a shoulder in a compressor half shell. In the late 1990s. where the turning operation must be executed with a 0. who was part of the restructured management group. Rössl&Duso Italian company Rössl&Duso Blueprint check before programming a milling machine. the company has grown from 40 to 150 employees. production manager at Rössl&Duso.nnn In Italy’s northeastern corner. Rössl&Duso acts as a third-party producer for international giants such as Ansaldo Energy. Here you can find the headquarters of Rössl&Duso.

2 feet and 14 inches in diameter. Gas turbines are now one of the company’s primary products. Bringing energy to the world is a tough job.” n 12  metalworking world . sales engineer. Sandvik Coromant has been working with Rössl&Duso for the past 25 years. “You can only achieve success if you’re dynamic and versatile. it looked to Sandvik Coromant for support. “Rössl&Duso was ready to risk its own resources to innovate and adapt to market needs. but we were all anxious.” says Bordignon. so do its tools and machines. Sandvik Coromant was there to support the company and grow with it. Thus when Rössl&Duso took on the daunting task of building a precision drilling machine that could operate at a depth of 8.” Dino Duso. “But you also need technology.” The experiment worked.Mauro Rossi. recalls Sandvik owner Coromant sales engineer Mauro Rossi. but as the industry changes and evolves. showing the new iOS app to Gianni Bordignon (left). “None of us would give up. assistance and 24/7 reliability. Sandvik Coromant (right).

technical insight strong partner Cutting-edge technology. “We work night and day. the more expensive the product and the more important it is to have support from somebody who really knows our business. Sandvik Coromant has fitted all of Rössl&Duso lathes with Coromant Capto (C6 and C8).” Roughing operation in a Christmas tree seat.” says Bordignon.” This in turn has meant decreased costs. Since then Rössl&Duso’s tool changing times have been reduced by 80 percent. Sandvik Coromant’s original coupling system. this is important. having helped to design and build many of them. The more delicate the alterations we make. “Coromant Capto has given us 50 percent more rigidity. Last but not least.” Starting some 10 years ago. metalworking world  13 . Sandvik Coromant specialists and engineers know every machine. Sandvik Coromant has also provided Rössl&Duso with anti-vibrations bars. says Bordignon. In addition. production manager at Rössl&Duso. practically speaking. which means technically that you can increase your working parameters or. essential in precision jobs such as the drilling required on huge gas turbines. reduce the execution time of any part. “and may need assistance at any time. “When you do such delicate work as ours.” explains Gianni Bordignon. “The main reason we picked Sandvik Coromant was that they were always here. extreme reliability and unparalleled support are reasons Rössl&Duso’s management gives to explain its choice of Sandvik Coromant as a long-time partner. it has provided Rössl&Duso with continuous service at the plant.

It makes insert choice simple through a rational tool assortment and meets the needs of secure and predictable production. Spectrum Turn inserts have a large area of overlap. the insert coating supports sustained tool life. When insert cost is important. which provides significant backup capability across applications that span medium roughing and finishing applications. with mixed production and limited time for optimal planning particularly for small batch runs. Spectrum Turn grades are the GC30 and the GC15. especially in finishing applications. To address these broad production needs. In medium roughing. The XF geometry is developed for light cutting action and durability in finishing applications. When used in finishing. reliable and economic production that is suitable for most machining environments. Thanks to developments in both macro and micro geometries. the insert grades are suitable for cutting speeds below 656 ft/min. The GC30 has a tough substrate to machine securely in roughing applications. while minimizing both inventory and setup time often demands a different solution. which encompasses a compact range of inserts and material grades that are suitable across a broad range of materials and turning operations. With a carefully chosen assortment that covers six insert geometries in two grades. the grades have sufficient toughness to cope with the harsh environment. While optimized solutions are always the desired choice. Keep it in the family In a metalcutting production environment. Spectrum Turn can meet the requirements of up to 80 percent of all general turning text: elaine mcclarence Challenge: How to combine flexibility and security in a mixed production environment. it can also be used as a medium cutting geometry by increasing the feed rate. This combination makes the grade very versatile and useful in applications ranging from medium roughing to finishing. GC15 is a versatile grade developed for both stainless steel and HRSA materials. The new range offers a safe. At moderate cutting data it also works very well in steel and in cast iron materials when finish machining/boring. It is engineered to give customers a “one insert does it all” capability. flexible and reliable solution with high security and predictability. In general. the insert can be reused in medium machining applications after it reaches the worn-out criteria for finishing operations. The Spectrum Turn geometries cover both external and internal operations. a versatile yet simple and effective solution that can cut a range of materials from mild steel to the most exotic super alloys has always been on the wish list. Thanks to an open chip breaker design. Spectrum Turn. in these environments the need is for a versatile. Sandvik Coromant has created a new family. solution: Choose Spectrum Turn. the new insert range from Sandvik Coromant. This geometry is suitable to be used either when the workpiece setup in the machine or the machine itself is 14  metalworking world . Its wear-resistant coating makes it more durable and long lasting when machining both stainless and steel materials.

Developments in both macro and micro geometries provide Spectrum Turn inserts with a large area of overlap to give a useful backup capability across medium roughing and finishing applications. One example could be the first cut in a forged stainless material. when extra edge toughness is needed. This geometry can to be regarded as complementary to the XM geometry. That means that this geometry can do both the medium and the finishing cut. ANOther benefit in a mixed-material Summary Spectrum Turn is a new family of inserts and geometry grades aimed at the mixed production environment. such as: •  When machining in such tough materials as Duplex stainless steels or HRSA. giving better total productivity. The cutting edge has a balance between sharpness and edge strength to enhance its performance in the medium to the finishing area. XM is a versatile geometry and the first choice for most applications. Offering a “one insert does it all” capability for safe. this compact range is suitable for most machining environments. weak or when chip breaking is required at lower feed rates. Finally. •  For intermittent cuts in combination with higher depth of cut (above 0. •  When machining workpieces in a forged or cast condition. reliable and economic production that is suitable for most machining environments. reliable and economic production. n metalworking world  15 .08 inches). production environment is that the broad application area reduces setup time between batches and simplifies setup. the XMR geometry is designed to be a medium-roughing insert for tougher machining conditions and materials. Even though the edge strength is increased. •  When there are unstable conditions in the machine or workpiece setup. the cutting action is still lower.The new range offers safe.

Machining parts like the 110 EC49 headset in-house helped Cane Creek reduce costs by 25 percent in the first year alone. 16  metalworking world .

With its own Josh Coaplen. results were so good that the company bought a second machine just a year later. Cane Creek was 200 percent ahead of financial projections. “We can turn things around in three days in an emergency situation. director of research and development.” says Coaplen.” But with a lot of late-night studying and some application advice from Ward and Scarbrough. “We had no idea how to make parts. and support from Sandvik productivity engineer Chuck Scarbrough. a cycle components specialist in North Carolina. Cane Creek made the decision in 2008 to buy a Mazak CNC mill-turn center and learn how to machine its products in-house. Cane Creek. “Prior to the Mazak.text: kip hanson   photo: martin adolfsson two wheels good Fletcher. so we weren’t sitting on so much inventory. It produces high-performance products for cyclists worldwide. we don’t want to make it. took the plunge and made its first machine investment to machine its own parts. Cane Creek. the company did just that. Coaplen explains that in many cases Cane Creek can actually make products cheaper in-house than buying them from Taiwan. North Carolina.” he says. “We were also able to scale back on our production quantities. The results started the wheels rolling. Within five months of buying the machine.” he says.” says Josh Coaplen. Cane Creek’s local Sandvik Coromant distributor. director of research and development at Cane Creek.” Production lead times have also dropped. the company was able to get up to speed quickly. It’s that attitude that drove Cane Creek to begin machining its own products in-house. nnn Cane Creek is a small entrepreneurial company situated deep in the mountains of North Carolina in the southern United States. metalworking world  17 . “We reduced our product costs by 25 percent in the first year. Plagued for years by long lead times and unpredictable quality from its suppliers. With the help of application engineer Greg Ward of JIT Industries. “If we can’t be the best at what we make. we didn’t have a single piece of capital equipment. and they haven't stopped since. The staff at this employeeowned company are passionate about their work. “We ended up being a lot more efficient than we anticipated. In fact. from 90 days to as little as one week.” he says.

Cane Creek has participated in a number of charitable partnerships such as Cycle Youth. employee-owned Cane Creek has made its home in the small town of Fletcher. Over the years. giving it bragging rights to the AER. Cane Creek boasts an impressive number of patents on its technology. produces and distributes a broad range of high-quality products for the performance cycling industry. headsets and braking systems. The company is competitive yet collaborative and has partnered with companies such as Ohlins and Saint-Gobain. The 39 employees share a passion for cycling and enjoy regular group outings and team events that give them a chance to test and use the products they make. Angleset and the 110-series. the world’s first threadless headset. DBair shock on dyno with John Fennell 18  metalworking world . and the Double Barrel twin-tube shock absorber. which allows riders to easily adjust and fine-tune their riding experience. a headset line offering an unheard-of 110-year warranty. seatposts. Early on. Cane Creek’s goal is not only to provide high-quality. Later additions to its product line included such industry-recognized names as Thudbuster. The work environment at Cane Creek is geared toward creativity and honesty. it established itself as a leader in this unique market by developing the AheadSet. Bikes Belong and Trips for Kids — programs designed to support at-risk children and provide a positive impact on young lives. a cutting-edge design that uses a composite Norglide bearing to provide the world’s lightest headset. and individual ideas and contributions are encouraged. cutting-edge products. Situated just south of Asheville in the Blue Ridge mountains. including suspension components.cane creek since 1994. the company designs. North Carolina. but also to make the world a better place via a simple mechanism — a bike.

Cane Creek bike shop. ‘‘ We were also able to scale back on our production quantities. John Fennell (left). Gary Maltby (right).” metalworking world  19 . so we weren’t sitting on so much inventory.

In 2010 it designed and distributed a custom headset for the World Bicycle Relief. rider-tuned damping performance. support fixturing and process efforts and even assist with programming. offering application advice and high-performance tooling. Edge Factor is dedicated to the promotion Getty Images “We’ve already increased our American-made products fivefold.” says Coaplen. Cane Creek now has the ability to quickly introduce prototypes. the DBair is the bicycling world’s first air-sprung rear shock with twin-tube damping. which is partnered with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Educational Foundation. As a result. innovation is capable of. think about the team effort from Cane Creek. Beginning in 2012.” To assist in this new venture. “We bought the new machine with unattended machining in mind. Reality Redesigned is hosted by Edge Factor (www. All this has allowed it to increase sales by more than 20 percent in the past year. Both Cane Creek and Sandvik Coromant are participating in Reality Redesigned. test design changes and build specials for its customers without having to wait weeks and sometimes months as was the case before. and the education of young people about the machining industry.000 in profits to the World Bicycle Relief.S. the company still has time for other things. Cane Creek turned to Sandvik Coromant. “We have a whole new product line because of that equipment.” And even though Cane Creek keeps busy making parts. “but we should probably learn how to run it first. enabling health workers in subSaharan Africa to care for AIDS victims. According to their website.” Cane Creek is a good example of what U. Cane Creek of manufacturing. Cane Creek was able to donate more than $26. especially when it is supported by and can collaborate with knowledgeable tooling experts. a material that Cane Creek was unfamiliar with. Sandvik Coromant and JIT Industries have provided the manufacturing team at Cane Creek with “good tools and great advice. Coaplen is even talking about going lights-out. and be glad they share your passion for excellence. Sandvik Coromant is planning to bring in the local tech team to help spec out the best tooling package. According to Cane Creek. and together they tooled up the machine and turned out 500 headsets. Cane Creek will use the machine to roll out its newest JIT and Sandvik Coromant. the DBair. Cane Creek and others will support Reality Redesigned by first judging and then manufacturing the winning entries. enabling “custom. So what’s next for Cane Creek? Says Coaplen.” he says. Says Coaplen. a design contest with a reality show twist.Peter Gilbert. a nonprofit relief organization.” Coaplen recalls.” As usual. VP of sales.edgefactor. but we still want to bring more and more work in-house. “We had to figure Thudbuster LT Seatpost out how to cut the stuff. equipment. Sandvik Coromant is there to help. The new headset was constructed of LDX2101 stainless steel. n Getty Images 20  metalworking world . So the next time you’re flying down a steep hillside on your mountain bike.

It wasn’t disappointed. The teams from Sandvik Coromant and JIT helped Cane Creek design a tooling system that could machine all of the desired parts with minimal setup. For general turning. the company made it clear it didn’t want to see any tools left sitting on the shelf.c coroma metalworking world  21 Film! . With a PVD-coated up-sharp edge and positive cutting geometry. www. For threading. XS-style quick-change solid carbide tools were recommended for its small boring and internal grooving operations and where frequent tool changes are required.technical insight Tooling up Sandvik Coromant and its Yellow Coat Elite distributor JIT Industries share in the credit for bicycle component manufacturer Cane Creek’s machining success. Sandvik Coromant and JIT have been there to support the company with tooling and application advice — anything from what the letters in CNMG mean to what speeds and feeds should be used to cut 6061 aluminum. Cane Creek uses CoroThread 266 laydown-style tools with GC1125 grade inserts. nt. is about th For more collaboration l fu success out the MWW check p or go to iPad ap ndvik. Sandvik Coromant engineers recommended that Cane Creek use CoroTurn 107 -AL-style inserts. allowing them to cut a variety of threads quickly and burr-free. -AL in grade H13 is specifically designed for cutting low-silicon aluminum. Throughout Cane Creek’s steep learning om/us. When Cane Creek came to JIT Industries for advice on tooling up its first turning center. Since Cane Creek does detailed internal work.

inspiration Hot air ballooning text: chi an gramfors   photo: getty images High management Hot air ballooning requires strategic thinking. an open mind and a love of the unpredictable. You’re high in the sky in a device that you can’t steer. 22  metalworking world . but still you can dictate its direction by reading the wind and weather.

himself a balloon pilot. he says. Smoke coming from chimneys helps. it has much in common with the best business management. In fact. “Everybody involved in the flight has to help. he says. designed a small balloon that can be flown by one person.” Blaser explains. but there are many ways to find out the direction it is blowing at different altitudes. “To see how wind currents move. You can’t actually see the wind. It is also useful in detecting the speed of wind currents. All staff members can join the company-run ballooning club. promoting fast decision-making and the ability to re-evaluate situations in an instant. You look at the sun and how shadows fall on the mountains. it’s a very personal experience that you share together. He has also helped to perfect lightweight balloons that are especially suitable for traveling throughout the world.” Flags on flagpoles may also give clues to how the wind is blowing further down. One moment you are drifting just above the treetops. In the long run this actually increases productivity over the whole line. metalworking world  23 .” says Marc Blaser. Sometimes you have to realize that something is developing differently than planned and that you must take another course to correct it. Peter Blaser. too. “It’s good for company teambuilding. “You need to have a good overall perspective and be able to analyze a situation. you must adapt your plan to reach the desired destination. you have to read the signs everywhere.” says Blaser.Hot air balloons flying over unusual mountains in Cappadocia. His father. Being high in the sky at the mercy of ever-changing weather evolves your way of thinking.” What you learn from ballooning may even change how you approach your company. CEO of Blaser Swisslube. so son Marc was steeped in the sport. “It is only natural that the way we manage the balloon is something that we bring into our company. every flight is unique and magical. This helps determine where to make a turn. and the next you’re 3. You look at the trees to see which way the leaves are moving. “It motivates everyone at the company and strengthens team spirit.” Strategic thinking is key in piloting a balloon. The same thing applies in a work situation. nnn In a hot air balloon. Blaser Swisslube in Switzerland recognizes this commonality and has incorporated ballooning into its business.000 feet in the air with mountaintops at eye level. One trick balloon pilots use is to drop foam and watch how it falls. The only way you can steer it is to climb or descend into wind currents that are blowing in the direction you want to go. When you’re high up in the sky together in a small basket. Ballooning innovation Peter Blaser. started the club in 1988 when he was CEO. which affect the speed of the balloon. Turkey. who led the metalworking fluid company Blaser Swisslube in the second generation from 1973 until 2010. “You need to have an open mind and observe everything around you. If you meet an obstacle or the wind doesn’t exactly blow in the calculated direction. because they’re almost small enough to pack in your suitcase. participating in the ground crew or training to become a pilot.” he says.

The world altitude record for a hot air balloon flight is 69.850 feet. 2005. also in France (in Paris). 1999. Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones set these records when they were the first to fly around the world nonstop. 1783. France. The first hydrogen (gas) balloon flight took place in Paris on December 1. 1783.Ballooning facts The first hot air balloon was built by the brothers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier in Annonay. 24  metalworking world . set on November 26. 21 hours and 55 minutes. a record set on March 21. The first modern hot air balloon was designed and built in the United States by Paul Edward Yost in 1960. The first tethered balloon flight with humans on board took place on October 19. 1783. A print depicting the first manned hydrogen (gas) balloon flight.055 miles. by Vijaypat Singhania. The longest-ever hot air balloon flight was 19 days. 1783. in Faubourg SaintAntoine. The first manned untethered hot air balloon flight took place on November 21. France. At the same time. in 1782. the record for the longest distance ever covered was set at 29.

Every flight is different. and it takes you.” Blaser stresses. “This is something balloonists learn to really “Ballooning is very treasure.” suited to fly a balloon? the envelope inflated.” he says. Has flown balloons as a crew member since 1988. For me.” understanding general trends is most important. “That way of looking at things can intense. Sometimes balloons are flown while still tied to the ground by ropes. Became a ballooning pilot in 1994. The topography on the ground also influences the wind currents.The ground crew help out during takeoff and landing. This is especially common at balloon festivals or other special events.” says Blaser. “It’s one you’re floating with the wind. interaction with everything Bringing this way of relating to things into the work around you. “You able to read the wind and various other signals around need to climb quickly if you come too close. getting evaluate all these combined factors.” Most fatal accidents are caused by collisions with says balloon pilot Marc Blaser.” n Blaser Swisslube Marc Blaser CEO of Blaser Swisslube and a hot air balloon pilot. It is a peaceful in Switzerland. referred to as tethers. You experience so many sensations and different hit the burner before the impressions while flying that have to be processed by balloon starts to react and your mind during and especially after the flight. but you can’t fly because of It’s fascinating. A pilot needs to continuously What kind of person is best Inside the balloon. so the experience is always 30 to 40 seconds after you unique. “An ability to analyze is good. be brought into daily life in every meeting with other “There is constant people.” he continues. can be a blue sky. Armin Graessl metalworking world  25 . They keep in contact with the pilot and report weather changes and other information. The envelope The burner The basket Ground crew members and unique experience. They follow the balloon in a chase car to the estimated landing spot. as the balloon isn’t 100 percent controllable. You use all “In the sky you are completely exposed to your senses. There don’t feel the wind in the basket. minded. Observing the weather all the time and around you. Although most dangers are weather related. space and business management makes strategic though. lube. you get a different unfavorable or rough winds. and even though the weather and the winds. “I think it’s good to be openobstacles on the ground are also something to consider. the biggest danger perception of nature and the world of all. where they prepare for the landing. Has close to 700 hours of flying time as a pilot. you of the most weather-dependent sports. and in your awareness of your surroundings. that is something decision-making and planning a natural part of the High above the Alps positive. climb higher. process instead of a complicated effort. CEO of Blaser Swisshigh-voltage power lines. as you need to be “Power lines are dangerous.

which use gear-milling tools in the form of hobs and disc cutters. as always. spanning over a broad spectrum of components. The InvoMilling method is a combination of slot. is a strong driver of change. This method truly harnesses the flexibility available in multi-tasking machines – such as allowing the machining of different gear modules and sizes with the same cutting tool. including at least one gear element. with module 6. Sophisticated simplicity Gear manufacturing is a relatively complex area. size. To provide the versatility needed for small to medium batches in multi-task machines.and turn-milling. either held at one end or using a driven-arbor head. case study: From complex to simple Helical-toothed drive shafts with gears. The result is a new process for machining external spur and helical gears on multi-task machines. This is achieved by making use of the simultaneous movements available with a 5-axis machine to generate the gear-tooth profile. it is an area where conventional methods have been applied to meet the demands that these factors make. of teeth: 22 Feed rate: 13 ft (158 in)/min Indexable insert: MACL 3 250-T Spindle speed: 637 rpm complete machining time: 23 minutes an innovative solution has now been developed by Sandvik Coromant. enabling the machining of gears with any module and helix angle. Gears are generally made in dedicated gear-production machines.9 in Feed per tooth: text: christer richt Challenge: Improve the flexibility and economics of gear milling.011 in No.and noninvolute profiles. The high-productive solution for large-volume batches normally involves the use of a solid or indexable-insert hob. both involute. for quality and cost reasons. quality and costs are the main factors that determine production methods and machinery. were successfully completed using the following cutting data: InvoMilling cutter: 346 240212R4 Cutting speed: 820 ft/min Diameter: 4. where volume. 26  metalworking world . however. Now. complexity. For components having many features. The development builds on the success of recent advances in gear milling with Sandvik Coromant's new generation of indexable insert milling cutters. the objective of which is to manufacture a range of gear profiles with only a minimum number of tools. combined with broad experience in applying turn-milling to machine complex profiles. solution: Make use of new highprecision indexable insert tooling and multi-axis capability of machine tools. DIN 867. The number of cuts depends on the size of the gear. Moreover. there is an increasing trend toward 5-axis machines capable of multi-tasking.8 inches in material 18CrNiMo7-6. The ability to completly machine components in one or two setups. an innovative approach to method and cutting tools is creating a lot of interest for machining spur and helical gears. having 39 gear teeth and a gear width of 2. the size of the cutter and.

saving time and increasing precision • Standard inserts. Machining of root and protuberance Turn-milling of lower gear tooth profile Slot milling Turn-milling of upper gear tooth profile Finished tooth space on the available machine power. minimizing cutting forces and vibration tendency. for example. The chip cross-sections involved in the method are comparatively small. where 1 to 4. metalworking world  27 . the largest gearwheel milled using the InvoMilling method has a module 18 and a diameter of 32 inches.InvoMilling takes full advantage of the flexibility offered by multi-tasking machines to produce a range of gear profiles with a minimum number of tools. DIN 3962. With the InvoMilling method. can be machined using the same cutter. Applying the latest developments in insert grades has also enabled higher cutting data to be applied. To date. modules and helix angles • Different grinding allowances can be generated • Dry cutting •  Hard machining applications are possible • The whole component can be made in one setup. gear teeth with quality level 6. The method makes use of modern machine controls and the high accuracy of multi-task machines as well as on the precision of the tool. Moreover. as well as different protuberance angles. Summary InvoMilling provides: •  High flexibility and cost savings • One tool for different tooth profiles. or better can be achieved. Each InvoMilling tool covers several module sizes. surface finish better than Rz 3 microns is achieved through the right application of tools in sufficiently rigid machines. n Higher-quality gear teeth and an improved surface finish are achievable by using the PB053225. easily indexed and set outside the machine • Low cutting forces enable high cutting data and ensure accurate profiles for closer tolerance ranges. Chamfers on the outer diameter of the gear-tooth can also be incorporated.

which means “five” in the Basque language. A wind-turbine gear machined by Bost's VTL20C vertical lathe. 2012 is likely to be better. 12 miles from the Basque city of San Sebastián. Bost. is a family company. Bost has been steadily growing over the past five years. with a predicted revenues of $36 to $38 million. crankshafts and cylinder manufacturers. The company’s revenues in 2011 were $32 million.about bost bost is a machine-tool company based in Asteasu. 28  metalworking world . rotary tables. and according to Karlos Aranbarri. As China accounts for 50 percent of Bost's production. It was founded in 1972. expanding its workforce from 74 to 112 and shifting focus to more international business. it has a Beijing office for sales and technical service. Bost CEO and the son of one of the founders. The company specializes in heavy machinery such as vertical and horizontal lathes. The company is currently looking to expand its operations in emerging markets and has a dedicated sales representative working exclusively to create business in Brazil and Russia. drilling machines and boring machines as well as turnkey solutions for railways. in northern Spain.

Poland. Germany. a family company. We offer a complete solution. “But we have been working more intensely with Sandvik Coromant in the past few years. This has long been the industrial heartland of the Iberian Peninsula. “but not at the levels we do now.” The location of this machine-tool manufacturer in Asteasu. thanks to its focus on foreign markets. is going to be the biggest machine tool ever manufactured in Spain. has a 26-foot table and a 33-foot swing and is designed for pieces weighing up to 385 tons. with a high concentration of Spain’s manufacturing and construction companies based in the region. just over 10 miles from the charming city of San Sebastián in the rolling hills of Spain’s Basque Country. as he flips through a presentation of his company. a 23-year veteran of the company. But then the northern part of Spain is markedly different from the rest. but 90 percent of our product is for export. We sell some machines in Spain. Spain. CEO. the 30-year-old CEO of Bost. will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2012. We offer a complete solution.” Aranbarri says. France and elsewhere.text: simon hunter   photo: markel redondo farther horizons Asteasu. Karlos Aranbarri.” says Karlos Aranbarri. Bost is expanding. Bost.” says Bost application manager Antonio Mangas. which.” Currently under construction in the 85. including the tool package and the training. India. “So we like to show them this photo of the factory in winter.” metalworking world  29 . all covered in snow. nnn “When people think about Spain. He explains that the machine weighs 90 tons. particularly emerging markets such as China. “I’ve spent my whole life working with Sandvik Coromant. to show the customer how to get the best out of the machine. It’s found the global partner it needs in Sandvik Coromant.” “Everything we sell is tailormade. is about as far from the stereotype of the country as you can get. the United States.000-squarefoot headquarters is a vertical lathe for a client in France.” Bost already has an office up and running in Beijing and customers in Saudi Arabia.” explains Aranbarri. Spanish machine-tool manufacturer Bost is expanding its business into markets all over the globe. It offers a complete range of milling machines and lathes as well as turnkey solutions for railways. including the tool package and the training. Despite the troubled Spanish economy. With its global focus Bost wanted a global partner. and not just due to its climate. which is a single piece. Bost “Everything we sell is tailor-made. to show the customer how to get the best out of the machine. according to Aranbarri. Aranbarri says. was forged in Germany. “We’ve always exported. they think about sun. “We don’t just sell machines. It turned to Sandvik Coromant. Russia. the beach. flamenco. crankshafts and cylinder manufacturers. “The column. in particular in important turnkey projects such as crankshafts.” says Aranbarri.

With Sandvik Coromant’s global network. the time scales are much greater because they haven’t compared the full range of solutions. the VTL20C. “A machine tool is a very big investment for a customer. it can also be available to offer support on the customer’s end. Sandvik Coromant Customer Operations and Distribution Manager in Iberia. created by Bost for Siemens for the manufacture of wind-turbine gears. wherever the customer might be located. but we can of course manufacture an identical model for a customer. “It’s fundamental. What we recommend is that they spend more time in the planning stage to ensure that production is faster. just watch out for the snow come wintertime. “We used the Coromant Capto C6 system. “That machine is very different from what much of the competition offers.” explains Javier Guerra. We prefer to work with companies like Sandvik Coromant that can help us quickly and get tools to us within 24 hours. Sandvik Coromant is involved in projects at Bost from their inception to ensure that the right tools. “There aren’t many machines of this size in the area. and sometimes we need a fast solution.” adds Mangas. we decided we wanted to use just one system.” he says. without having to be moved to another machine.” he continues. Sandvik Coromant will be there to offer support.” he says. My idea was that if we had a new machine. and thanks to two special headstocks. “That’s why teamwork is so important to us. It is also available for customers’ use.” Mangas says. It takes some years.” The multimillion-dollar investment in the machine provides Bost with a test environment. says the company’s customer operations and distribution manager. In some cases the end product could weigh anywhere from one to 24 tons.” says Guerra. bringing in a specialist from abroad to share our know-how about this tooling system as applied to crankshaft manufacturing. “Most vertical lathes use two different systems. with a robot for quick changes. “When we started thinking about this machine more than two years ago. Bost’s partnership with Sandvik Coromant has been tied to a different vertical lathe. we have been able to create the keyways with great precision. But of course the benefits must be clear from the beginning. It incorporates Sandvik Coromant’s Capto C10 system.” says Guerra. To that end. “I have worked in a lot of countries on several different continents.” Sandvik Coromant has also played an integral role with Bost’s máquina de casa – an in-house vertical lathe with a swing of 20 feet. “which means that when they get to the production phase. but also on an international level. but also very strong for milling. Most recently. It’s very strong for turning operations.” An added benefit for Bost is that once the machine is delivered to the customer. “The return does not come back in a matter of months.” Sandvik Coromant has worked hand in hand with Bost. “We worked closely with Bost on the Coromant Capto system. “Often customers only think about price when they are in the planning stage. n Sandvik Coromant Capto C10 system has had a major impact on turning and drilling jobs. We can’t sell this particular machine.” says Mangas. “That’s all part of the investment work that we do with our customers. we could use the same system for turning and milling. technical insight teamwork works Teamwork is the focus for Sandvik Coromant in Iberia.” So visitors are welcome to check out the Bost máquina de casa any time they like. That’s why we thought about the Coromant Capto C10. Bost needed tools from Sandvik Coromant that could work in difficult-to-reach areas with great precision and could accommodate the varying requirements of each job. This is the advantage of this machine. “We need to coordinate our work not just on a national level. “It’s here for any company that wants to try something out.” explains Mangas. it can be finished in one clamping. processes and time scales are determined from the start.” 30  metalworking world . supporting the manufacturer with time studies and analyzing the impact its products will have on the production process. mostly on the slot machining.” explains Aranbarri. Javier Guerra. We can create an internal slot without a Y axis just using two linear axes.Continuous support from Sandvik Coromant engineers has been vital for Bost's success. “We have worked hand in hand with Sandvik Coromant from the beginning on this. “The aim is that when a piece enters the machine. “The good thing about working with a big company like Sandvik Coromant is that you can find it all around the world.

A vertical lathe for a client in France. which will be the biggest machine tool ever manufactured in Spain. metalworking world  31 .

Factors affecting the drilling include the manufacturing tolerance of the drill. taking into account the workpiece. lubrication. possible within the tolerance range improves the machining economy and minimizes the risk of tap breakage. a hole is best drilled and tapped in the same machine with a single setup. To eliminate any positioning errors. the conditions: material. geometrical and surface finish tolerances. The production of threaded holes requires high quality in both the tapping process and the preceding holemaking stage. obviously. the drill selection follows the conventional path. The workpiece must be securely clamped to prevent 32  metalworking world . Tapping into top taps The manufacture of holes and threads is a critical aspect of modern technology. its sharpness and. stability and cutting data. Various standards. such as ISO 2306. material and machine. The key requirement for tapping a hole is accuracy – in other words. meeting the required locational. This is usually also the most productive solution. Using as large a drill size as The large tool assortment available guarantees hole accuracy. Any errors in position. circularity. As long as these requirements are met. give drill diameter recommendations for holes to be threaded. Even the best of taps cannot save a hole ruined by poor drilling. text: turkka kulmala Challenge: How to machine threaded holes economically and productively? solution: Find a supplier of optimal tools and application knowledge for the highest productivity in a specific job or the best economy in mixed production. The drill should always be sharp to minimize work hardening of the hole walls. and aiming at the best possible productivity and economy. straightness or cylindricity are difficult to compensate for during tapping.

which can easily result in poor thread quality and even tap breakage. Smooth entry into the hole is important to avoid “bell mouthing” – a conical-shaped error at the entry into the hole.500 Number of holes 1.1 catalog supplement features two extensive assortments of taps: the CoroTap family for maximum productivity in dedicated applications and the Spectrum range for mixed production in varying conditions. n Summary A successful tapping operation is based on a balanced. Cutting data must be selected carefully. the recommended feed is 95 to 97 percent of the tap pitch. focusing either on the best productivity or high flexibility.000 500 0 Competitor A vc=60 ft/min CoroTap 370 P Vc=88 ft/min any lateral movement.e. to allow the tap to generate a thread with the correct pitch.500 2. any slight misalignment between the machine spindle axis and the hole axis can be accounted for by a radially floating holder. The cutting speed should be significantly lower than in drilling. Coolant also enhances chip removal. metalworking world  33 .New level of productivity: Field test U. A torque-limiting tap holder is always recommended.000 2. If drilling and tapping in separate settings is necessary. Drilling and tapping are areas of particular emphasis for Sandvik Coromant in 2012 and 2013. preferably in a single setup. When using a floating tap holder.. accurate process from drilling through to tapping. Selecting the correct feed is also important. Material Alloy steel 28–32Rc Blind hole EX03P (M16 x 2. Taps are selected according to criteria similar to those for drills: the type of thread. Cold-forming (i. required tolerances and workpiece material. Finally. In relatively soft materials.0) Thread depth 1xD 3. The tap should always be sharp to have neat thread flanks. particularly in synchronized tapping. due to deformation of the hole walls during tapping. The CoroPak 12. Countersinking the hole entry with a 90-degree tool makes it easier for the tap to enter the hole and start cutting and minimizes burr formation.S.000 1. which may be problematic in blind holes. fluteless taps) requires a larger hole than conventional fluted taps. Using a floating tap holder with a torque-limiting functionality such as SynchroFlex® is always recommended to ensure free axial movement of the tap and to protect the tap from breakage if it should “bottom” in a blind hole. This is always a trade-off between the best productivity and the highest flexibility. a minor diameter lower than the hole diameter may be achieved. The tools must comply with the material and conditions. A fundamental choice is the balance between a dedicated tool for a specific application and a flexible tool for many types of work in varying materials. using large amounts of cutting oil decreases friction and improves the surface finish. The safety clutch must have a correct torque setting.

34  metalworking world .innovation metals in electronics text: Elaine McClarence   photo: getty images Metal bares its teeth in electronics As consumers look for ever better and more durable electronic products to feed their desire to manage their lives digitally while on the move. the electronics industry is turning to metal for solutions.

metalworking world  35 .

consumers appear to have an insatiable desire to own them – and increasingly little compunction about putting them to rigorous use. The increased demand on mobile technology is encouraging manufacturers to rethink the materials used in the devices. companies are turning to more exotic alloys that combine aluminum. in a way that previous generations were not. Aluminum and its alloys are already making inroads in this area. In choosing a casing material. the ability to withstand corrosion. Metals are becoming increasingly desirable for parts where wear resistance and robustness are key attributes. widely used in casings. This in turn is creating demand for improved manufacturing processes to support higher productivity and better quality finishes. particularly in those parts such as on/off buttons that need greater wear resistance. The boom in consumer electronics use. In addition. But. senior manager. In that short time some 250 new models of smart phones will be unleashed on world markets. they have to help make electronic devices not only more long-lived but also more attractive. business developer at Sandvik Coromant. ergonomics and high-quality sealing mechanisms to ensure that the device is water-resistant and that its environmental impact is minimized. copper.” To ensure that people have constant access to the Internet. application development. represent a viable option. and the unibody construction offers a higher-precision. at Sandvik Coromant.” says Magnus Holst.innovation metals in electronics ‘‘ Market forecasts put the demand for digital tablets alone at almost 400 million units by 2015. temperature tolerance.08 inches in depth. titanium and nickel to provide the strength of a metal with Plastics have been the flexibility of a plastic. allowing them not only to function well but also to hold up despite continual use and abuse. says Holst. is driving manufacturers to employ novel materials such as metals. For the user this translates to a notebook that’s exceptionally thin and light yet durable enough to handle the rigors of everyday use. 36  metalworking world . less-complex design with fewer parts. “Market forecasts put the demand for digital tablets alone at almost 400 million units by 2015. including noninterference with wireless functionality. This same company was one of the first to launch computers with titanium casings for another of its laptop ranges.” The casing is the major component contributing to overall robustness. The unibody design covers both the main enclosure and the display.” nnn Whatever name companies give to their latest mobile gadgets. combined with the higher expectations of gadget owners in terms of availability and durability. designers realize that they need to make their electronic devices more robust. One leading computer manufacturer set the standard when it launched a laptop with an aluminum casing less than 0. online shopping and digital books and games (as well as the ability to download applications and make and receive phone calls and text messages). “if metals are to compete with plastics and polymers and live up to consumer expectations. several factors Aluminum and its alloys must be taken into account.” explains Bertil Isaksson. “Stainless steel is another material that is forecast to grow for use in a range of electronics goods. Research shows that consumers are very active users of their devices. “In that short time some 250 new models of smart phones will be unleashed on world markets.

the implementation of modern milling methods and specific processes such as turn-milling developed over the past few years can deliver considerable productivity. The use of carbon-fiber materials pioneered for military aircraft and exclusive sport equipment is also growing in the electronics industry. During its 50 years in the manufacturing industry. At the same time. “Plastics and polymers have been the key casing materials in electronic products. via one of the company’s dedicated Application Centers that are positioned around the globe. “In many respects. research and development is increasingly focusing on providing tooling solutions for the electronics industry. the challenge is not only to incorporate a broader use of materials in their products to meet performance criteria but also to make significant productivity improvements with existing capacity in order to meet high-demand forecasts in a competitive way. including those that support reduced lead times and cost-cutting in the production of stamping dies.The right solution Tools help metal fight back Within Sandvik Coromant. for complex components. The company’s long experience in providing engineering solutions helps manufacturers raise their productivity by offering increased parts production per tool. forging dies and die-casting dies for the sheet-metal forming widely used in electronics. Demand for mobile technology has led to a rethinking of materials usage.” says Isaksson. the material developments [such as titanium alloys] in aerospace provide an insight into the trends that will be followed by industries such as electronics a few years later.” says Holst. n metalworking world  37 . These tooling solutions can be delivered in a number of ways. so many contractors have yet to apply optimized manufacturing processes for the new metal components to meet market requirements. Sandvik Coromant has developed a broad range of tooling solutions. reducing the number of operations and machine cycle time and increasing component quality. While most contractors are equipped with sophisticated production machinery such as 3-axis machining centers. through direct contact with Sandvik Coromant engineers or. cost and quality benefits. For consumer electronics manufacturers. manufacturers need to maintain final product quality to live up to customer expectations.

heavy components back and forth between different machines. Boring head Main milling spindle with cover plate Versatility’s the key Multiple heads A key to the versatility of a modern VTL is its ability to accept many different types of toolholder systems on the end of the vertical ram. due to lengthy tool changes and setups. While always an efficient machine tool. milling and gear hobbing — with less need to move large. Turning head 90° head 38  metalworking world . New technologies are now catalyzing the evolution of VTL to a truly multifunctional manufacturing with extensive possibilities for multi-axis operations — including drilling. boring and 90° milling heads with the main milling spindle permanently in the end of the ram. The attachments are changed automatically and stored in the tool solution text: TURKKA KULMALA Vertical renaissance The vertical turning lathe (VTL) is a time-honored solution for turning large. Hydraulic four-corner clamping or curvic coupling securely holds turning. heavy and/or asymmetric workpieces. Increased demand from industries such as energy and aerospace has pressed the need to remedy these problems. it has been hampered by poor utility rates. much like individual tools.

Want to learn more ? Visit www. The commonly known benefits of an ATC come into play in VTLs as well: minimum downtime and possibilities for tool presetting and unmanned Attachment magazine Tool magazine RAM without Time saver automatic tool changer A firm grip Vertical ram The structure of a VTL is based on one or in large machines two vertical columns carrying the horizontal slideway (X axis) that provides crosswise movement for the vertical ram (Z axis). such as Coromant Capto (sizes C6. metalworking world  39 . The advantages of ATC can be further enhanced by standardizing all tools with a single type of coupling. C8 and C10). The strong oval coupling provides high stability and accessibility in confined workpieces. Four-corner clamping and main milling spindle. The possibility of a high-pressure coolant supply is a standard feature in these tools. Stable choice CoroTurn SL70 The modular CoroTurn SL70 blade and adapter system is a standard solution for most profiling and pocketing operations in complex components. Rigidity in terms of the ratio of ram deflection to its extension is crucial in matching the high power capability of the turning table. often eliminating the need for special or modified tools. Traditional disc magazines are increasingly being replaced by larger chain-type magazines.coromant.

. 24 quick tips for smarter manufacturing Any idea where you can find more than 100 quality films and engaging video clips that are both educational and entertaining? Where can you find CAM programming hints and tips for trochoidal turning. 45 degree entering angle in. Gearmilling of windmill slewing Deep hole machining Roll in technique in milling 10 degree entering angle in...coromant.High pressure coolant Long overhang .com/sandvikcoromant Any application you want us to cover on video? Scan the code and let us Print n:o C-5000:559 USA/01 © AB Sandvik Coromant 2012:2 ..000 viewers know the answer. www. easy to follow practical advice and machining demonstrations? Watch that new tool you just purchased perform some impressive moves or discover neat tips for smarter manufacturing? Well do you? Check out www..optimizing Hobbing technique Grooving trochoidal turning Ceramic milling in super alloy Plunge milling Insert geometry Milling cutter pitches Helical interpolation Milling cutter maintenance Helical interpolation in a.

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