Sentence Connectors

_______________. SC, _______________. _______________; SC, _______________. ______________. ___, SC, ____________.


SENTENCE CONNECTORS at first 1. At first, Wegener's claim attracted little interest, but after his second book many of the world's top experts on geology gradually began to agree with him. 2. He worked in Russia for two years. Then, he was appointed to work in China. 3. In early times natural plant products were used; later, a great variety of synthetic substances became available. 4. The author points out that most people are resistant to being managed. Afterwards, he gives an attractive solution. 5. The epidemic broke out in a small village. Subsequently, it spread to the whole area. 6. I’ll go and visit her in the hospital this evening. Meanwhile, let me send her a bunch of flowers. 7. I have to hand in the report next week. In the meantime, I’ll try to find out more about the company. 8. They worked on the experiment for a long time; but, at last, they were able to obtain significant results.


then later


subsequently meanwhile in the meantime at last


on the other hand

however in contrast

9. Australia has much land relative to its population. On the other hand, Japan has little land relative to its population. 10. The first part of the play was rather boring. However, the second part was a really stimulating. 11. At room temperature, unsaturated fats are usually liquid. In contrast, saturated fats are solid.

Consequently. As a consequence. which is high compared with many poor African countries. 17. many people were reluctant to travel by air. Therefore. 14. one university and no television stations. 19. about 1. his book is well worth reading. Thus.000 athletes participate every year. As a result. Britain came close to defeat. I hope the weather improves. 23. I can't say I'm convinced that he is right. th 20. Zambia's people have a literacy rate of 78%. 13. I hadn’t seen her for 15 years. it has only one library. Hence. For many centuries most people thought the world was flat. Otherwise. 15. During World War II. Nevertheless. . It’s a difficult race. However. I recognized her immediately when I saw her. it hardly deserves the name ‘science’. there should be stricter safety regulations. Following the September 11 terrorist attacks security checks at airports in particular increased. it reads more quickly than many shorter ones. they presumed that if one sailed to the edge of the world one would fall off into space. Nonetheless. Accordingly. Science is now largely dominated by the interests of the industrial world. each needs to be studied separately so that its warning signals can be recognized. Even so. 22. Still. Accidents are rare in this part of the plant. She no longer had the support of the committee.CONCESSIVE CONTRAST however nevertheless nonetheless even so yet still 12. German submarines began to sink British ships far faster than it could be replaced. RESULT therefore as a result consequently as a consequence thus hence accordingly NEGATIVE CONDITION otherwise 25. 16. they are trying to find an alternative project. 21. 24. No two volcanoes are alike. The novel is 720 pages long. Yet. 18. The plan for a bridge across the river has proved unpopular. we’ll have to cancel the match. she decided to resign.

There are several reasons why the Industrial Revolution started in Britain rather than in France. the situation appeals to me. Second / Secondly / In the second place. An explorer attempting to cross the Arctic has to cope with bitterly cold temperatures. the first prime minister of the state of Israel. In addition. which was ready to devote itself to industry. 33. Farmers in the region respect Mr. 27. the country is faced with the threat of civil war. Furthermore. Also. was a notable orator and prolific writer. he was a serious student of the Bible and philosophy. 34. 28. England’s supremacy on the seas had encouraged commerce and thus. a merchant class. Besides. 32. the rate of unemployment is very high. David Ben-Gurion. 29. they know they can trust him. Moreover. Second / Secondly / In the second place. The new service will be considerably more expensive. recent surveys from the region imply little prospect of improvement in the near future. Smithsonian.ADDITION moreover furthermore further in addition besides also what’s more 26. it will only be available in certain areas. I haven’t got any money. 30. What’s more. First / Firstly / First of all / In the first place / To begin with. The economic news from Europe was particularly disappointing in the first half of the year. I think I will accept the offer because it is a first class hospital. there was a new rich class in England. indirectly. 31. industry. Finally / Lastly / Last of all. Third / Thirdly / In the third place. Further. he has to battle with the strong tidal pull on the ice. Britain had the money to finance the larger enterprises. I don’t want to go shopping with you. The country is confronting three major problems. LISTING first firstly first of all in the first place to begin with second secondly in the second place third thirdly in the third place finally lastly last of all . First / Firstly / First of all / In the first place / To begin with. there is the inflation problem to be dealt with.

In this book Wellington is described as a great general but he is also shown to have some human weaknesses. they are needed from outside the body. 41. 44. th 38. but fewer than 18 million live there now. security checks at airports were increased. Similarly. 42. all our power is based on the control of natural sources. Contrary to expectations. In other words. That is to say. I’ll deal with the second issue first. The nutrients that foods supply are essential nutrients. in particular. Following the September 11 terrorist attacks stringent security measures were taken. chemists need short laser pulses to study rapid reactions. Photographers require short exposures to capture fast-moving objects. For example. 37. 43. the changes needed to the curriculum. the writer talks about Wellington's vanity and his unattractive lack of generosity in sharing the credit for his victories. particularly. The whole of society may suffer if its government is attacked. Alsace is one of the most densely populated regions of France. this is true of the fifteen countries of the European Union. That is. 39. likewise. 40. All our sources of power are natural. PARTICULARIZATION in particular particularly specifically EXPLANATION that is that is to say in other words SIMILARITY likewise similarly in the same way . The world's nuclear industry has continued to decline since the 1980s. High inflation usually leads to high interest rates. For instance. more people are now leaving many of the world’s largest urban areas than are moving in. the entire body is harmed if the brain is damaged. 45. interest rates decline when inflation is low. specifically in the Rhine plain. 36. in the same way. the population of Sao Paulo was expected to reach 24 million by the year 2005.EXEMPLIFICATION for example for instance 35.

We can buy a small house with the money. . I’m not looking forward to working under him. Alternatively. 50. 48. He is certainly a fine musician. I regard him as one of the greatest violinists of our time. I’m already scanning the newspapers for job opportunities. 49. 47. Deflation isn’t necessarily a bad thing. REFUTATION on the contrary ALTERNATIVE alternatively 51. we can buy a brand new car. productivity driven deflation is beneficial. I haven’t seen him for almost 15 years. it has increased. I can’t even remember what he looks like.EMPHASIS in fact indeed as a matter of fact actually 46. Indeed. As a matter of fact. The risk of infection hasn’t diminished at all. In fact. on the contrary. Actually.

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