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+ Folgen Souls of Distortion Awakening by Jan Wicherink von Earnest Coutu am 23. Oktober 2011 996 Views The things you are about to read in this book are the discoveries made by many.. .

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Souls of Distortion Awakening by Jan WicherinkDocument Transcript Vincit omnia veritasJan Wicherink Souls of Distortion Awakening First Edition 21st December 2004 Second Edition 31 st January 2005 Third Edition 10th March 2005 Fourth Edition 16th June 2005 Fif th Edition 4th July 2005 Jan Wicherink 2004-2005 Editor :Neil HaddonThank you Ne il for your kindness and spontaneity, you ve been a great help in editing this boo k.Like you said, we are travellers on the same road.All information contained wi thin this book has been compiled from other author ssources. The author does not c laim any originality and or copyrights on behalfof the subjects discussed within this book. If any omission of a reference to thecopyright holder on any of the subjects should be missing please contact: If you li ke to respond to this book please send your comments to the above mentioned e-ma il address. I do appreciate your opinion and or suggestions. Website: www.soulso 2 Souls of Distortion Awakening Table of contentsPROLOGUE ........................ ................................................................................ .. 6CHAPTER 1 EARTH CHANGES .................................................... .............. 9 PROPHECIES .................................................... ....................................................... 10 CROP CIRCLES ........ ................................................................................ ................ 11 RECAPITULATION.............................................. ....................................................... 12CHAPTER 2 THE FOUNDATI ONS OF SCIENCE ARE SHAKING 13 NEWTONIAN PHYSICS ................................ ............................................................... 13 RELATIVITY TH EORY ........................................................................... ...................... 15 QUANTUM PHYSICS ...................................... ............................................................ 15 STRING THEORY .. ................................................................................ .................... 19 CHAOS THEORY ........................................... ............................................................ 20 RECAPITULATION.. ................................................................................ ................... 22CHAPTER 3 SCIENCE AND CONSCIOUSNESS....................... .......... 23 THE QUANTUM BRAIN ................................................ .............................................. 24 HUMAN INTENTION .............. ................................................................................ .... 29 HADO EFFECT ............................................................ ............................................. 30 MEDITATION AND PRAYER ......... ................................................................................

32 THE HEALING POWER OF THE MIND .............................................. ............................... 33 COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS .................... ............................................................... 34 PSI EXPERIMEN TS ............................................................................. ....................... 35 MORPHIC FIELDS ...................................... ............................................................... 36 CONSCIOUSNESS THE GROUND OF ALL BEING........................................................ ....... 37 RECAPITULATION....................................................... .............................................. 38CHAPTER 4 THE ZERO POINT FIELD .................................................. 39 THE INVISIBLE FIELD ...... ................................................................................ ......... 39 A SEA OF ENERGY.................................................... ................................................ 40 SONOLUMINESCENSE ........... ................................................................................ .... 40 HARVESTING THE ENERGY .................................................. ....................................... 41 HUTCHISON EFFECT .................... ............................................................................. 43 DISCLOSURE PROJECT ............................................................ .................................. 45 RECAPITULATION............................ ......................................................................... 46CHAP TER 5 THE REVIVAL OF AN ANCIENT SCIENCE ................ 47 FLOWER OF LIFE ..... ................................................................................ ................. 48 PLATONIC SOLIDS ........................................... ........................................................ 52 TORUS .............. ................................................................................ .................... 54 GOLDEN MEAN ............................................ ........................................................... 55 FIBONNACI SEQUENC E............................................................................... ............... 56 MUSIC ....................................................... ............................................................ 57 SQUARING THE CIR CLE ............................................................................ ................. 59 VITRUVIAN MAN ............................................. ......................................................... 59 LET THERE BE LIGHT ................................................................................ ................ 61 NOTRE-DAME DE CHARTRES ..................................... ................................................ 62 RECAPITULATION.............. ................................................................................ ....... 64 3 Souls of Distortion AwakeningCHAPTER 6 ETHER VIBRATIONS......................... ................................. 65 THE ETHER ................................. ............................................................................ 66 WAVE STRUCTURE OF MATTER ....................................................... ........................... 67 SUB-QUANTUM KINETICS ............................ .............................................................. 68 VORTEXES IN TH E ETHER ........................................................................ .................. 70 CYMATICS ................................................. ............................................................. 70 IMPLOSION PHYSI CS ............................................................................. ................... 72 UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLE ..................................... ......................................................... 79 ETHER AND THE ZERO POINT FIELD .................................................................... ......... 85 CONSCIOUS ENERGY .................................................. .............................................. 85 PHI AND LOVE ................. ................................................................................ ....... 87 THE LOVING HEART..................................................... ............................................. 88 TORSION WAVES ................. ................................................................................ .... 91 AKASHIC FIELD .......................................................... ............................................. 96 RECAPITULATION................. ................................................................................

.... 99CHAPTER 7 ATLANTIS AND THE EARTH GRID .............................101 TH E EARTH GRID.................................................................... ................................101 THE EARTHGATE PROJECT ...................... ..................................................................103 LEY LINES AND MEGALITHIC STRUCTURES....................................................... ............105 THE LOST CONTINENTS............................................. ...............................................107 PYRAMID POWER ............... ................................................................................ .....110 RECAPITULATION......................................................... ...........................................112CHAPTER 8 THE GIZA PLATEAU ....... ...................................................114 THE MATHEMATICAL CONSTANT S .............................................................................. .116 LOCATION OF THE GREAT PYRAMID ............................................. ..............................117 THE GIZA PLATEAU AND THE INNER PLANETS........ .......................................................118 INITIATION .......... ................................................................................ .................121 A BIBLE IN STONE .......................................... ........................................................123 KING S CHAMBER AND DNA ............................................................................... ......125 RECAPITULATION........................................................ ............................................126CHAPTER 9 THE MYSTERIOUS DNA..... ..............................................127 HUMAN GENOME PROJECT.......... ..............................................................................12 7 JUNK DNA ..................................................................... .......................................128 DNA PROGRAMMING ..................... ..........................................................................129 EM OTIONS ......................................................................... ...................................129 BIO WAVE COMPUTER ....................... .......................................................................130 INTEL LIGENT DESIGN................................................................... ...........................131 RECAPITULATION................................... .................................................................134CHAPTER 10 S PIRALLING EVOLUTION ...........................................136 UNIVERSAL BAL ANCE ........................................................................... ...................136 CYCLES IN TIME .......................................... ...........................................................137 AURIC TIME SCALE ................................................................................ .................139 TIME WAVE ZERO ............................................ .......................................................143 SOLSTICE GALACTIC ALI GNMENT ......................................................................... ......144 COSMIC INFLUENCE ..................................................... ...........................................145 CHANGES IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM ..... .........................................................................146 4 Souls of Distortion Awakening RECAPITULATION.................................... ................................................................149CHAPTER 11 SC IENCE AND THE SCRIPTURES.............................151 THE BOOK GENESIS ...... ................................................................................ .........151 THE BOOK EXODUS ................................................... .............................................154 THE BOOK OF NUMBERS ........... ...............................................................................1 54 GEMATRIA..................................................................... ........................................156 THE BIBLE CODE...................... ..............................................................................15 8 THEOMATICS ................................................................... ......................................159 SACRED GEOMETRY ...................... ..........................................................................161 RE CAPITULATION.................................................................... ................................163CHAPTER 12 AWAKENING......................... .............................................164 REWRITING HISTORY ............. ................................................................................

.164 REVIVAL OF ATLANTEAN KNOWLEDGE ............................................ ............................166 ONENESS ........................................ ......................................................................168 THE LA W OF ONE ....................................................................... ............................171 THE RETURN OF THE PROPHET ...................... ............................................................177EPILOGUE......... ................................................................................ ................180REFERENCES................................................... ................................................185INDEX ....................... ................................................................................ ...........190 5 Souls of Distortion AwakeningPrologueThree hundred years ago, French philosopher Ren Descartes (1596-1650) tookthe liberty to divide our world into two domains, a material domain and a spiritualdomain. The spiritual domain became the subject of religion and the materialdomain was allotted to science. It was the start of an independent journey of ascientific community of scholars freeing themselves from the hithertodogmatically established scientific facts dictated by Christian ity with the Bible intheir hands as the only source of holy truth.Now after thre e hundred years since Descartes introduced the segregation ofscience and religio n, science seems to come full circle; in a small but growingscientific community science has entered the domain of spirituality! The bridgebetween science and s pirituality has already been crossed!When quantum physics in the 20th century co uld no longer rule out the possibilitythat human consciousness has a real effect on physical reality at the sub atomiclevel, scientists started to discover thin gs about our reality that seemed tocorroborate the tenets held by esoteric teach ings. Esoteric teachings have beenkept alive in spiritual traditions such as the Vedic scriptures, the Jewish Kabbalah,and in secret Gnostic circles such as the Freemasonry, who counted many famousleaders and scholars in their midst.( )The things you are about to read in this book are the discoveries made by manyleadin g scholars in various fields of science, among them celebrated professors offamo us universities. I have come to believe that the revolutionary scientificdiscove ries that were made in the last decades of the 20th century, of which onlya frac tion will be discussed in this book, will ultimately change our currentscientifi c paradigms and along with it our societies.Changes may not go fast, since scien ce has become just as dogmatic as thereligious roots it departed from! However i n an ever-increasing speed of ourevolution, social changes happen much faster th an three hundred years ago inthe time of Descartes. The Cartesian materialistic worldview, the blind belief thatthere is only a material cause for everything in the universe is the inheritance ofscience and has dominated our Western beliefs about our reality for hundreds ofyears. However I believe our current worldview will eventually be replaced by anew vision that is dawning in a small community of scientific pioneers.This new scientific vision seems to come in a time that we desperately need newanswers to the problems we re facing. Humanity has come to a crossroad. If wecontinue to travel the road we re on, we may not survive the end of the 21stcentury. We re facing immense ecological problems and the climate chan ges thathave become apparent seem already irreversible. There is upheaval in eve rycorner of this globe and the trend seems to be that this violence gets more an dmore extreme as the years pass. World cultures have become divided,polarization s between clashing religions tend to radicalize groups within oursocieties. The threat of terrorism poses a real danger to the world s stability. Weare perfectly able to destroy ourselves if we do not take a different course.Globally the pres sure is building to make some radical changes and head for adifferent course. Is there still hope for humanity? 6 Souls of Distortion AwakeningAt first sight the idea may seem preposterous given the situation sketched above,but spiritual sources believe that Gaia, Mother Ea rth is currently in the process ofa transformation now she is moving from the Ag e of Pisces into the Age ofAquarius ending a 75,000-year evolutional cycle. All leading world religions haveend-time prophecies and we ve had many prophets procla iming them, JesusChrist, Mohamed, Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce to name a few. The transformation the Earth is supposed to undergo was given many names such asthe S

econd coming of Christ , the new Jerusalem , Ascension .Our current time bears many of t he hallmarks of these prophecies, could it be weare indeed in the midst of these transformational changes right now? Many New-Age researches believe that this i s exactly the case. The transformation on Earthis supposedly to have started som ewhere in the eighties of the previous age andshould culminate around 2012.When I first heard of such claims I dismissed them out of first hand, you willprobabl y too if this book is the first one you read about the subject!After reading and studying a lot of material that supports these claims, I ve lost alot of my skept icism and have come to believe that we live in a very speciallifetime indeed. Th e topic itself vibrates with my core being. For as long as I canremember I have felt that things could be so much different in our world and ithas finally broug ht me to write this book. It s my little contribution to a betterworld by sharing this information with you such that it could make a difference inthe world that needs it so badly in these troubled times.This book is not about the end of the w orld , the Armageddon ; on the contrary,it s about the end of the old world that you an d I know today and the birth of abrighter new one.For the most part this book is based on sound scientific proof that maycorroborate the claims made above, it is not based on popular New Agemetaphysical ideas. However I will introduce in the final chapter some unorthodox sources such as the channeled work of the Law of One th at maynot appeal to you. I included this source since for many it may be verycon vincing.I invite you to use your intuition as well when you absorb the material discussedwithin this book. Many of the things you re about to read in this book ar e noteasily accepted by our materialistic brainwashed minds. In the Western civi lizedworld we ve come to rely only on scientific facts (left brain male logic), wh ereas inthe East it is said to be true if it is personally experienced (right br ain femaleintuition). I invite you to use both and find out what s true for you!I can perfectly image you re very skeptical about the subject of this book and theth ings you re about to read. Skepticism is a sound mechanism while evaluatingnew con cepts. However I d like to give you also the suggestion that skepticismmay be used as a defense mechanism by the ego to protect us from being wrong.By being a ske ptic we accept the world as it is, it is a safe haven, a status quo. Ifwe don t le t in any new believes, we cannot be affected in our core existence andcan go abo ut our business as usual. Skeptics are often in good company sincethey join the masses. However skepticism may also be a hindrance that stops usfrom learning. I t takes courage to allow yourself to ponder the new concepts inthis book. In thi s respect this book is not an easy read and it will require an openmind. 7 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe majority of the material in this book is inspir ed and based on the works ofDavid Wilcock. We ll come to discuss him as we progres s with this book.I think David Wilcock plays a vital role in the unfolding of a new scientificawareness, a global shift in consciousness, for he is much more th an just anotherscientist, we ll reveal that later! He has written three important books availablefor download on his website His work is ge ttingrecognition in scientific circles.The author of this book does not have a p rofessional scientific education and orbackground and therefore there may be err ors in this book, my ownmisinterpretations of complex scientific matters. Howeve r I invite you to get thebroader picture and not get stuck in the details of my little mistakes if such werethe case.This book will also focus into the propheci es of Edgar Cayce (1877 - 1945), thelast great prophet who in the last century s o accurately predicted the Worldchanges that I have come to believe are now unfold ing.I hope this book will bring some hope and light in this world that needs it sobadly. Personally, I have come to believe that there s a shining and bright futu rewaiting ahead of us, but it takes our belief and faith to shape it!I hope this book will fire a spark of wonder and curiosity in you such that you willgo out and find the truth for yourself!Jan Wicherink, 25 June 2004 8 Souls of Distortion AwakeningChapter 1 Earth changesOur dear mother Earth, Gaia is suffering under the stress of human endeavorsthat have become unbearable as t he world population keeps growing at anunfathomable rate. The present world popu lation counts 6 billion souls and willgrow to 10 billion by 2030 and 20 billion by 2070 if the present growth rate ismaintained.Humanity alone already consumes 40% of the net primary production of food andenergy that the Earth has available

for its entire species on Earth. In the lastthirty years alone more than a thir d of the natural resources were destroyed dueto human endeavor. Our rivers are p olluted and our oceans are dying.Gaia is no longer able to cope with the beating s she s had and we are going toexperience the results rather sooner than later, it s only a matter of time.We no longer have to believe scientist who claim that glob al warming cannot beproven and that Earth is doing well. Everyone with eyes to se e and ears to hearshould have noticed by now that our climate is changing. By th e end of thiscentury the poles will have melted away, our oceans will be pollute d to the core,the rainforests the lungs of our Earth will have gone and two thir d of all animalspecies on Earth will be extinct!Even in this alarming state the most of us seem more bothered about our annualcompensation for inflation and the results of our favorite soccer club in thechampion s league than about the acid r ain that s falling on our roofs. If we havea glance in the newspapers every day, w e may get the impression the word isgetting more violent by the day. The Middle East is in a state of turmoil, and thethreat of terrorism after 911 has become s o imminent that it affects the lives ofmillions already. The polarizations and i ntolerance between world cultures andreligions are rapidly increasing.Many are a lso experiencing dramatic changes in their personal lives. Intimaterelations and marriages seem to break up more easily and frequently than everbefore in the pa st. Our good old nine to five jobs that seemed to guarantee us aneasy passage to retirement are gone and job rotation has become the buzzword!Burnouts among man agers are commonplace and we see many drop outs in thisrat race.Our Western econ omies that were so very stable for decades seem veryimbalanced these days and em ployment in the West on a large scale is lost infavor of the developing countrie s that are waiting for their economic boosts!Economic developments seem to take place in an ever-increasing speed; the timeto market for new products has become unbelievably short. In many cases theproduct is already outdated before its int roduction on the market. And then thereare these billion dollar state deficits o f our world economies that have become soheavy that they may collapse under thei r own weight.Even our political structures, the established parties that once we re the cornerstones and glues of our society have become unpredictable. New part ies withradical political ideas arise out of the blue and take on loads of follo wers in theirwake, much to the horror and surprise of the establishment. 9 Souls of Distortion AwakeningOn a large scale corruption and money laundry scand als seem to surface in whichprestigious global multinational companies are invol ved.Our world is changing, and it is changing fast, it even feels as if time its elf isgoing faster isn t it? What is going on in our world today and what is it le adingtoo?PropheciesThe world has known many prophets and many of them predicted destruction anddespair at the new millennium which seems such a magical time for the world toend. This has not only been prophesised for the second millennium b ut it wasprophesised for the first millennium as well and as we all stand to tes tify, thiscatastrophe did not come to pass.Then there are other seers such as No stradamus (1503- 1566), who prophesisedthat mankind by the year 2000 would eithe r suffer an apocalyptic holocaust orwould see unprecedented change and the birth of a new global consciousness.( )Madame Blavatsky (1831-1891), mystic and found er of the Theosophical Societypredicted that at the closing of a 5200-year perio d, the present Kali Yuga or DarkAge would be succeeded by an age of light.So the re is still hope!The most prominent seer of the last century undoubtedly is Edga r Cayce (1877-1945). He is the best-documented clairvoyant ever. Edgar Cayce, kn own as thesleeping prophet has performed 14.306 readings while asleep in an altere d stateof consciousness all of which were documented. Edgar Cayce became veryfam ous for his medical readings , since he could with an almost hundred percentaccurac y diagnose the ailment of his patients. In most cases he would evenmention the n ame and address of the physician to consult! All of this while in astate of tran ce knowing only the name of the patient whom he never met! In thelatter days of his career he began to pass on information about past civilizationssuch as about t he Egyptian and Atlantean culture and also foretold events of thefuture of this planet that became known as the Earth changes . Edgar Caycehimself founded the Assoc iation for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) topreserve his own legacy. This or ganization still exists today and is very active.Edgar Cayce has been studied at

length, more than three hundred books werededicated to this mystical man alone. ( )Today Edgar Cayce still puzzles many people because already a great number of his predictions were proven right and a lot of scholars mostly archaeologists an dEgyptologists have learned to take his information very seriously and use it as abeacon in their scientific endeavors.Cayce suggested that the years between 19 58 and 1998 would be of a greatglobal transformation, however these changes woul d not lead to the end of theworld but to the dawning of a New Age. One of the st rongest arguments thatCayce used often was that the future is not predetermined and that muchdepends on human intention to shape the future. In this respect he left roomopen for other outcomes of his own predictions. 10 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe sleeping prophet also glimpsed into the past of human history and gavedetailed information about ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian. Hundreds ofhis readings discussed the lost continent of Atlantis t hat submerged in theAtlantic Ocean 10,500 years B.C. during a global cataclysm, a flooding caused bythe shifting of the Earth s poles. He described the Atlantean civilization as themost advanced civilization of human history. Cayce also menti ons the Hall ofRecords, a library of Atlantean knowledge that was saved after th e inundation bysurvivors of the sinking Atlantis in two places on Earth, one of them should residebetween the left pawn of the Sphinx and the Nile at the Giza p lateau and theother place is Mexico s Yucatan Peninsula of the Mayas. According to Cayce theGreat Pyramid (pyramid of Cheops or Khufu) at the Giza plateau in Egyp t, wasbuilt 10.500 BC by Toth the Atlantean also known as Hermes Trismegistus by theGreek and the high priest Ra-Ta both survivors of Atlantis. They built the G reatPyramid in order to preserve the Atlantean culture. Edgar Cayce explained th at hehimself is the reincarnation of Ra-Ta, the high priest who joined in thecon struction of the Great Pyramid.According to Cayce most of modern-day science and technology is simply arediscovery of technologies that once belonged to the Atl antean culture. And aswe will demonstrate in this book, indeed an ancient knowle dge is resurfacingagain shedding a whole new light on science and is helping to shape a new etherscience. Bits and pieces of the Atlantean knowledge have been s ecretly preservedin secret societies such as the Freemasonry. A lot of the origi nal knowledgehowever was lost, but the fundamentals of this new science has been preservedin an old art of science known as sacred geometry that now has beenrecon structed.Leonardo da Vinci was a member of such a secret society who throughout modernhistory of man preserved the art of sacred geometry in his art forms. The RomanCatholic Church forbade this pagan knowledge since the Holly scriptures of theBible was all that was required and allowed.The subject of Leonardo da Vinci s secret society membership has receivedworldwide attention since Dan Brown wrote a book about it called the Da VinciCode . Although the book is mostly about the sup posed marriage of Jesus andMaria Magdalene and their offspring, it also hints at the fact that Leonardo daVinci stressed the importance of the Golden Mean, Phi. In this book we will showyou that scientists are using sacred geometry, the geo metry of Phi, to create awhole new physics based on the importance of the Golden Mean, Phi! The HolyGrail that is being discussed in the Da Vinci Code I believe is neither about aphysical object, the cup used at the last supper of Jesus nor his royal blood line( sang real ) but in fact is about the preservation of sacred geome try and thesignificance of the Golden Mean that humanity is now rediscovering!Cr op circlesAmong all above-mentioned Earth changes taking place in our tine of hu manhistory an almost neglected strange and ridiculed phenomenon is happening; th eappearance of crop circles all around the globe in the last two decades. To dat esome ten thousand crop circles have been reported and cataloged. Many claimthem to be hoaxes and indeed many of them probably are as the infamous coupleDoug & Dave misled the world in 1991 flattening the crops with their woodenplanks.Howev er the abundance of crop circles appearing all over the world cannotpossibly be the joke of a few hoaxers alone. Crop circles have been thoroughly 11 Souls of Distortion Awakeninginvestigated and the real circles show no signs of crop damage only light burns atthe stem as if bent by some unknown energetic for ce. Studies have revealedchanges in the electromagnetic field surrounding the cr op circles. Whoever orwhatever made these crop circles is irrelevant to the impo rtance of the messagethese crop circles are conveying. Crop circles are demonstr

ating to us theprinciples of sacred geometry!The elegant and often fractal shape s of crop circles contain sometimes obvioussometimes hidden geometry. Crop circl es are portraying the knowledge that waspartly preserved in ancient traditions t hat can still be found today in the Buddhistand Hindu Mandela, the architecture churches and cathedrals and many art formssuch as in the paintings of Leonardo d a Vinci.RecapitulationOur last century has been a busy one and especially in the last two decades manychanges occurred that seems to create disharmony and insta bility on social levelsand in political systems. It also has become obvious that our climate is changingand there is mass starvation of species many of them bec oming extinct. EdgarCayce predicted in the thirties of the previous century many of the events thatare now unfolding. He also predicted that science eventually would restore thescientific knowledge of the legendary lost continent of Atlanti s.Now something definitely is going on this planet and surprisingly Edgar Cayce hasforecast these events that came to be known as the prophecies of the Earthchan ges .Along with all of these Earth changes, as predicted by Cayce also a new scien tificawareness is being born on this blue planet. Its birthing took place in a s mallcircle of scientist mostly outside the ring of mainstream science. This circ le ofscholars is expanding rapidly; among them are professors of famous universi tiesin the fields of physics, biology, and neurophysiology. These scientist pain t awhole new scientific vision that is breathtaking to say the least, however th ere islittle public awareness of this new emerging vision since our newspapers a nd thelate evening news hardly cover them. Of all the scientists that ever popul ated thisEarth, 99 percent of them now walk the face of the Earth, no wonder the re arebreakthroughs!The new vision reveals a wondrous universe in which human co nsciousness playsa far more important role than ever fathomed. It also reveals t hat our civilizationmay not be the pinnacle of evolution after all, it is becomi ng more and more clearthat other great and highly advanced civilizations must ha ve preceded our currentcivilization. Atlantis is rising as Edgar Cayce predicted !Our knowledge seems to be speeding up so fast, that if we don t change theschool system, we will be teaching our kids history only in school! Probablysometime in the future, the history books will mark the end of the 20th centuryand the begi nning of the 21st century as the epoch of a scientific renaissance. Solet s procee d and see what it is that science has to say. 12 Souls of Distortion AwakeningChapter 2 The foundations of science are shakingThe way we think about almost all subjects in our society today is pretty muchinflu enced by our scientific understanding of the world we live in.Darwinism has had a major impact in our belief that life is about the survival ofthe fittest. We s ee this belief reflected in our capitalist system where companiesstruggle to be the fittest to survive. The competition, the struggle for life is themotivating factor for companies to ever strive forwards.Our society, by definition is alway s lagging behind scientific understanding. Ittakes a long time before old worldv iews, old beliefs and old habits die. Howeverat the turn of the century Darwinis m itself is dying. Biologists like Lynn Margulisno longer believe in the surviva l of the selfish genes, others are already callingDarwinism the biggest blunder of science ever.In this chapter we will see that the fundamentals, the paradigm, the holysacraments of science itself; causal determinism and objective reality, can nolonger be defended. Science is firmly rooted in the belief that for every effectthere is a cause. The effect is preceded by a cause that can be determine d byscience, this concept is called causal determinism . Science also rules out the possibility of a God consciousness being a causal factor in nature! Another holy sacrament is the strict segregation and independence of object and subject. Thes cientist (subject) by studying nature does not influence nature (object) itself byhis observations. This concept is called objectivity .These very roots of science objectivity and causal determinism have affectedour way of thinking about our world immeasurable. Science has annihilated thepossibility of the existence of a God consciousness in nature altogether and hasdriven us into a blind belief of mater ialism.Now let s delve into the history of physics and see how these very old and firmconvictions of science started to tumble to give way for a much grander visi on.Newtonian physicsIsaac Newton (1642-1727) is regarded as the founder of moder n western sciencethat prevailed for at least 200 years until the early 20th cent

ury when Einsteinfinally ended the hegemony of Newtonian physics with his genera l and specialrelativity theory.Ren Descartes who bifurcated our world into the do mains of spirit and matterlater inspired Isaac Newton. Due to man like Ren Descar tes and Isaac Newton,the view that God was the only causation of physical phenom enon in the outerworld was finally abandoned and a science devoid of the burden of theologicaldogmas was born.The premise of Newtonian physics is causal determi nism. What this means is thatit is assumed that the physical world can be studie d and determined just like westudy the working of a machine. Let s say we want to understand how a clockticks, the thing we need do when we want to know all there is to know about theclock is to examine every cogwheel of the clock and finally we will understand the 13 Souls of Distortion Awakeningworking of the entire clock. This is how nature was studied in the days of Newtonand thereafter.In Newtonian physics, the atom is r egarded to be a limited point particle in space.If we want to understand its inn er structure we must take it apart and study theinner parts. When we re done and d iscovered the last smallest sub particle, thesmallest cogwheel of the clock so t o speak, we will have finally come tounderstand all there is to know about the a tom.Science has followed exactly this approach. They have built huge particleacc elerators such as the one at CERN, the European Organization for NuclearResearch in Switzerland to study matter and take it apart. In the particleaccelerator ma tter is bombarded with particles that are accelerated to close lightspeed. After an atom is hit by an accelerated particle, it breaks like fine China,rendering debris of smaller particles that are studied in a vapor trail chamber toreveal t he inner structure of the atom.Science has discovered a whole bunch of particles that make up the atom, wehave the electrons, the neutrons, the protons, in term neutrons and protonsconsist of quarks. The long list of particles goes on an on , and seems limitless.Physicists are still discovering new particles in their pa rticle accelerators; thesediscoveries don t make headlines any more! They have dis covered and catalogedaround three hundred sub atomic particles already!According to Newtonian physics, the outer physical world is strictly objective,meaning th at scientific experiments are not dependent of the observer performingthe experi ment. In this sense science formulated a protocol under which allscientific expe riments must be performed before they are accepted. The protocolstipulates that experiments must be reproducible by other scientists anywhere inthe world.Newton ian physics states that all phenomena in the outer physical world musthave a mat erial cause; measurable forces or fields of energy interacting with thephysical object must cause them.Consciousness is also believed to have a material cause. In Newtonian physicsconsciousness is the epiphenomenon or secondary effect of th e chemical andelectrical processes going on in the human brain. Hence it is simp ly a by-productof the physical brain, it has no cause in itself.The worldview th at is sketched above by Newtonian physics is by many still themost popular view today; it is how the majority of the modern western worldviews their world at la rge. No wonder since Newtonian physics applies perfectly tothe macrocosmic world of material objects that can be experienced by the humansenses. It is how we ex pect the world to function when we wake up in themorning and open our eyes to go about our daily lives.Newtonian physics is the physics that most of us were tau ght in secondary schooland it is still valid for the macroscopic world. For inst ance, the orbital laws of theplanets by Johannes Kepler are still used today by NASA to calculate the orbits oftheir spacecrafts and are based on pure Newtonian physics. 14 Souls of Distortion AwakeningRelativity theoryIn 1905 Albert Einstein changed th e prevailing worldview of Newtonian physicsfor good with the introduction of his special relativity theory, followed in 1915 bythe general relativity theory.He proved that the Newtonian laws of physics were by no means static, but thatthey are relative to the observer and the observed. Depending on the differencein spe ed between the observer and the object under observation, space starts toeither shrink or expand and time starts to slow down or speed up.Strict objectivity of the physical reality that was a premise of Newtonian physicsis maintained if the relativistic effects are taken into account that play a rolebetween the observe r and the observed.Einstein concluded in his relativity theory that space and ti

me cannot be seen astwo separate things any longer, but that they must be regard ed as one unifiedthing. He called it the space-time continuum.Relativity theory supports the principal of locality, which means that all physicalphenomena must take place in a limited time and in a limited space. Actions at adistance take t ime to travel as no material thing or force can exceed the speed oflight.Quantum physicsThe founder of quantum physics is Max Planck. In 1900, he studied the sp ectrallines, the colors of heat emitted by a blackbody. A blackbody is an object thatcompletely absorbs all heat radiation, reaches a temperature equilibrium an d nextradiates the absorbed heat again. Planck discovered that heat radiated by theblackbody was not a continuous flow of energy but that the energy wastransmit ted in equal and finite bursts of energy packets with a distinct frequency.Planc k assumed that the vibration of the atoms was the source of the radiation.The di screte lines in the energy spectrum could only be explained if the atomswhere ex cited into a higher energy state due to absorption of heat send to theblack body . Next the absorbed energy is released again and radiateselectromagnetic energy packets when the atoms return to their ground state.These energy packets are cal led quanta and the energy of the packet isproportional to the frequency of the r adiation.Planck s concept of energy quanta conflicted with the classical electroma gnetictheory of Maxwell that predicted that electromagnetic energy moves in wave sthat could assume any small amount of energy and was certainly not quantified.I t took years before the impact of Planck s discoveries were finally fully accepted and grasped. Planck always expected that someone else would come up with abetter explanation for the quanta than himself, however Einstein confirmed thequanta o f electromagnetic energy radiation in experiments with the photoelectriceffect a nd called the light quanta photons. What Einstein proved was that lightconsists actually of particles, the photons. He received a Nobel prize for his workon the photoelectric effect.In 1905 Rutherford discovered the nucleus of the atom and in 1913 Niels Bohrwho had been working with Rutherford, proposed a model of the atom similar toa miniature Solar System in which the electrons orbit the nucleus like our planetsin the Solar System. The electrons like the planets orbit the n ucleus in sphericallayers called the electron shells at discrete distances from the nucleus. The 15 Souls of Distortion Awakeningelectron shell was Bohr s answer to the discoveries m ade by Max Planck, heconjectured that an atom could exist only in a discrete set of stable energystates. He explained that electrons can only orbit the nucleus in a given shell butthey are free to make a quantum leap from one shell to anoth er. When theelectron jumps (quantum leap) from a higher shell to a lower shell a photon of adistinct wavelength is emitted. The electron does not travel through the space inbetween the shells, it can only leap frog from one shell to another .Bohr explained the mystery why electrons don t crash into the nucleus by sayingth ere is a lowest shell that cannot be trespassed. To this day quantum sciencehas never been able to explain why the electron is forced to orbit in a given shell, they simply say it s the magic of quantum science!Louis de Broglie in 1924 raised the question in his doctoral thesis Recherches surla thorie des quanta (Research on the quantum theory) whether electrons couldactually be waves as well? It was th e introduction of the wave-particle duality inquantum physics. De Broglie propos ed that particles (electrons) could beobserved as solid objects and in other cas es behaved like waves.Quantum physics was able to mold this strange dualistic be havior of matter into aconsistent mathematical model, however they were never re ally able to explainhow an electron or photon for instance can behave like a par ticle in one situationand as a wave in another. When the particle, an electron o r photon is observed asa particle it is contained in a confined space, however w hen observed as a wave itis everywhere since the wave spreads out in space. Try to imagine this foryourself it s utterly impossible! They came to call this wave-p article like atomicmatter wavicles indicating their dualistic nature.Quantum phy sics is the weirdest of physics that ever faced this world. It wasdiscovered tha t at the level of sub atomic particles nature seized to bedeterministic. Up unti l this time Newtonian physics assumed that all propertiesand behavior of our phy sical reality could be determined, since it was assumedthat all physical reality at all levels abides to well known physical laws of whichthere are no exception

s.Quantum physics proved this assumption to be wrong for elementary particles, a tthe microcosmic level. At the microcosmic level, nature starts to behave fuzzya nd is by no means deterministic anymore. Absolute certainty about the exactstate and properties of a particle cannot be determined any longer, it can only becal culated in terms of a statistical probability. This principle has become known a sthe Heisenberg uncertainty principle, named after Werner Heisenberg.It is param ount to understand that the non-deterministic nature of sub atomicparticles is n ot due to the lack of accuracy of measuring instruments but aninherent property of nature itself. At the quantum level, electrons jump intohigher orbits of elec tron shells in the atom for no apparent reason at all. Whenthey fall back to the ir ground state, a photon (electromagnetic light energy) isreleased. This behavi or is noticeable in all of our electronic equipment such as anelectronic amplifi er as noise. The random behavior of nature at the quantum levelshocked and puzzl ed scientist since they had always believed in the Newtonianaxiom that nature ab ides to well predictable laws. Physicist now had to live upwith the uncertainty principle of quantum physics. Einstein who couldn t believe itsaid; God doesn t play dice!What was causing these quantum fluctuations of energy at the quantum level thatcannot be predicted? 16 Souls of Distortion AwakeningErwin Schrdinger determined the equation to determin e either the speed(momentum) or the exact location of an electron in an electron cloud,determining both speed and location at the same time according to theunce rtainty principle is not possible. You either know the position of an electronan d its speed (momentum) becomes uncertain, or you have determined its speedand it s location will be unsure.To solve the enigma of the dualistic nature of a wavic le, a particle that can beboth a particle and a wave, quantum physics explained this paradox by sayingthat the particle only exists imaginary as a superposition of all possibilities with awave like probability distribution when it is not be ing observed. As soon as anobserver, in most cases the scientist in his laborato ry, measures the particle, thequantum state of the particle, the superposition o f all possibilities, is said tocollapse into just one physical state, one physic al reality. In other words theparticle does not exist in the real world before t he observer observes it. Beforeobservation it exists in a transcendental realm o f possibilities. When it is beingobserved it freezes in just one of those possib ilities.This has become famous as the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physi csand was proposed by Niels Bohr. The Copenhagen interpretation says that the ac tof conscious observation by the observer is causing the collapse of the quantum wave, the quantum super position of all possibilities. Hence what quantumphysics is saying is that our physical reality is subjective, the observer plays anacti ve role in what nature is manifesting. In the quantum realm of sub atomicparticl es we are co-creators of our own reality!Einstein once said I m not sure the moon i s still there when I turn my head .What he meant by this is that quantum science a ssumes that our physical realityonly exists when it is being observed (particle state) and that matter returns topure energy when no one pays attention (wave st ate).Quantum physics meant the end of the Newtonian objective and causaldetermin ative reality since the conscious observation of the scientist plays anactive pa rt in physical observations.Today this knowledge is being used to develop quantu m cryptology forinformation transfer. The interception of a message can be detec ted by the act ofobservation alone since the unauthorized reader will have chang ed the contentsof the message by his mere act of conscious observation.Quantum s cience predicted the existence of so called non-local effects. Non-localeffects are effects that take place instantaneously between physical objects thatare sep arated in space-time. There is no time involved between the cause andthe effect. This is strictly against Einstein s theory that nothing can exceed thespeed of li ght in the universe. Einstein when he first learned that quantumscience predicte d the existence of non-local effects called these effects spookyaction at a dista nce . He just didn t believe it.In a paper released in 1935 by Einstein, Podolsky an d Rosen, together theyproposed the so-called Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) corre lation for quantum-entangled particles. Two particles are entangled when the qua ntum states of theparticles are coupled. Quantum entangled particles react as on e body, thereseems to be no separation. When the quantum state of one particle c

ollapsed intoa classical state, so does the other in exactly the same state. In order for this tohappen it requires that the communication between the two parti cles isinstantaneous in other words non-local. In the EPR proposal however Einst eintried to disprove the non-locality of quantum entangled particles stating tha t 17 Souls of Distortion Awakeningquantum science must be incomplete and he came up w ith and alternative of local hidden variables . In 1964 John Bell in theory proved t hat the non-localeffect of quantum-entangled particles was real after all and th is became known asBell s theorem.So communication between the entangled particles was again assumed non-localand thus instantaneous. If the state of one entangled particle changes, so doesthe other to reflect the same state.Engineers at IBM a s of 1993 have been working on quantum teleportation usingquantum entanglement a s their corner stone. Quantum teleportation is a featwhereby matter is demateria lized in one location and faxed in a quantum stateto another place to be reassembl ed locally. Although we re not expecting StarTrek science fiction scenes in the ne ar future where Scotty is beamed up to themother space ship U.S.S. Enterprise, t he phenomenon is real.What the researchers at IBM are working on is not the actu al teleportation ofmatter itself, but its quantum state properties. Teleportatio n was long consideredimpossible since the measurement, the scanning of the origi nal would cause thecollapse of the quantum state and hence destroy the original, degrade it to aclassical state. However, the IBM scientist proposed a trick in which scanningtakes place not fully in the quantum state but in a half classical , half quantumstate such that the quantum uncertainty principle is not violated. In April 2004 the BBC News reported breakthroughs in quantum teleportationthat w ere achieved by researchers in Austria. They successfully teleportedquantum enta ngled photons over a distance of 800 m across the Danube Rivernear Vienna using fiber-optic wires. This was the first time that quantumteleportation was proved outside of the laboratory.Quantum teleportation is a major feature that is requi red in the development of anew super type computer using quantum computing. Our current computers usebinary states in memory called bits to store data. A bit ca n take on the value ofeither one or zero. In quantum computation the classical b its are replace byquantum bits or qubits. Qubits when in their quantum state tak e on thesuperposition of both the one and zero value at the same time. While in thequantum state the computation takes place. Quantum teleportation is the featu reby which data (qubits) is moved form one place in memory to the next, just lik ewhat happens in our current computers. At the end of the computation thequantum state of the computer s memory collapses into a classical state. Allqubits in mem ory now will have a classical bit value of either one or zero! Theadvantage of q uantum computers, provided they can be constructed will be thatthey can achieve an almost infinite degree of parallel computing that will renderthem extremely e fficient and fast.Non locality and quantum entanglement only existed in theory u ntil Alain Aspectof the Institute of Optics at the University of Paris in 1982 f irst proved the veryexistence of these effect is his laboratory. He managed to p roduce a series of twinphotons that were send in opposite directions. The quantu m entangled twinphotons traveled in their quantum state, meaning they have an in finite number ofspin directions all at the same time as a quantum possibility. W hen one of thephotons was intercepted and measured, the quantum state of spin of the photoncollapsed into a classical spin state that could be determined. At ex actly the sametime with zero time difference, the other twin photon was measured , the photoncollapsed in exactly the same classical spin state as the first phot on, no matterthe distance between the two photons. The experiment proved that a non-local 18 Souls of Distortion Awakeningcommunication must have taken place between the two photons, how else wasthe twin photon to know the exact spin of it s other twin?Th is discovery rocked the scientific community to the core. If non-local effects a rereal than there must be either other hyperspace dimensions, other physicalplan es of existence outside our physical world where this non-localcommunication is taking place, or Einstein s assumption is wrong that no localeffect in our univers e can travel at a speed greater than light speed.( )After Aspect s discoveries, un iversity of London physicist David Bohm came upwith a completely different expla

nation. What we see as two separate photonsmay be illusionary; the photons may b e united at a hitherto unknown differentlevel as one. He assumed that our univer se could be holographic in its nature. Heexplained this beautifully with an anal ogy. Suppose we place to cameras near anaquarium, one in front and one at the si de. Suppose we show the separateimages of the two cameras recording a swimming f ish to a spectator on twoseparate video screens. What our spectator may conclude after studying theimages from the two screens intensively is that although he s ees two fishswimming, their moves are synchronized (entangled) since the other f ish reflectsevery move of the first fish. What David Bohm is suggesting with thi s analogy isthat at a deeper level of reality the two photons may not be separat e after all. Heproposed an implicit order of the universe, a oneness at a deeper level that isfolded outwards as separate things.( )The implication of quantum p hysics have been mind boggling, it is showing usthat we are co-creators of our o wn physical reality at least at the microcosmiclevel of reality since the observ er plays a part in what is being observed. NielsBohr, cofounder of quantum scien ce once said, Every one who s not shocked byquantum physics, didn t understand it .We w ill provide abundant prove in this book of the fact that the effect of humancons ciousness in quantum physics is not limited to the microcosmic realm, butalso ap plies to our macrocosmic world. Human thoughts, emotions and intentionhave a far greater effect on reality than ever assumed possible.Quantum science is still t o this day a prevailing science; it can explain manyphysical phenomena, except f or gravity!String theoryIn an attempt to unify both Einstein s relativity theory a nd quantum physics,according to mainstream physics, the Holy Grail of physics to day is stringtheory . String theory should deliver Einstein s unification theory that is supposedto bind the four existing force fields (strong and weak nuclear forc es,electromagnetism and gravity) into one unified theory of everything (T.O.E). Instring theory, the building block of matter is a vibrating string that can eit her be aloose end or a one-dimensional closed loop. Depending on the various spi ns andfrequencies of the vibrating string, different sub atomic particles manife st. Instring theory there is only one fundamental cause, the vibration of a stri ng, but itis the note that is being played on the string so to speak that accoun ts for thedifferent type of particle. 19 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe string itself is so small that it is impossible to imagine its existence! Now Iwant you to think in ratios; the string is said to have the size of an atom, ifpresumably the atom had the size of the Earth! Th is means the string isunbelievably small. If the theory ever works, it s a questio n if scientists will everbe able to prove the existence of these strings in thei r laboratories!Non-locality in quantum science suggests that there must be highe r planes ofexistence, other dimensions besides our physical world since no infor mation cantravel faster than the speed of light in our dimension. String theory predicts theexistence of at least 10 or more dimensions. Physicists all over the world nowagree that this physical dimension alone cannot explain our physical r eality.The problem with string theory is that there is more than one string theo ryneeded to get the model working and these string theories have become socomple x that only a few of the most brilliant scientist are able to understand it,such as professor of physics at Princeton University Edward Witten.Chaos theoryIn th e seventies of the 20th century, a new science emerged out of the blue,chaos the ory! Where quantum science revealed that at the nuclear levelobjectivity doesn t h old true, chaos theory went even one step further indisappointing Einstein who b elieved that God doesn t play dice.Chaos theory revealed that the unpredictability , the uncertainty of quantumscience is also true for what was believed to be pre dictable events. According tochaos theory scientists had been fooling themselves for centuries! By ignoringsmall deviations in measurements, calling them measur ement errors, they hadmissed the point all together! Predictable systems that co uld be fully explainedwith Newtonian physics such as the swinging of a pendulum of a clock and theorbits of the planets apparently behaved chaotic instead of pe rfectly predictable.The reality revealed by chaos theory is that there is chaos, unpredictability evenin the swinging of a pendulum! Our universe does not abide to strict laws ofphysics at all. Physical laws only operate within certain flex ible boundaries ofchoice, giving them a degree of freedom. Chaos theory showed t

hat our universeby no means is deterministic; it is creative and eternally evolv ing. Chaos in Greekmythology is the cosmic force that creates form from emptines s, nothingness.Physical laws themselves may not be static but evolve over time. In this respect abetter term for physical laws would be physical habits, the nat ural habits thathave evolved in billions of years to become just the way the uni verse works. Theuniverse is just an evolving system of habits. Physical laws are more or less auniversal memory of how to do things.Chaos theory continues to ex plain that although events may seem totally randomat first sight, there still ex ists order at a deeper level! Examples of random eventswith chaotic order are th e irregular dripping of water drops from a tap, thecrystallization of ice crysta ls.Although the sequence of drops that will be falling from a water tap is compl etelyunpredictable even by chaos theory, there is still a deeper order, a patter n to bediscerned! Ice crystals are all similar but not identical, it s impossible to predictwhat the ice crystal will look like, however chaos theory is able to d emonstratethat they have a hidden order. 20 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe founder of Chaos theory is Benoit B. Mandelbrot . Employed as amathematician at IBM in New York, Mandelbrot discovered that ther e is a hiddenmathematical order in the seemingly random order of market price fl uctuations.He studied the price of cotton, a commodity with a vast amount of pri ce data,dating back hundreths of years. Mandelbrot found a pattern in the pricef luctuations that was quite revolutionary. It baffled the economist, who couldn tbe lieve that something like the price of cotton could be predicted. WhatMandelbrot discovered was what he later termed a fractal.A fractal is a recursive geometri c pattern that is repeated at different scalesindefinitely. The most famous frac tal is the Mandelbrot fractal. Fractals are oftenused in screen saver software o f computers. They keep on repainting the screeneternally with an increasing comp lexity of geometric patterns.The order in the Mandelbrot chaotic fractal is quite simple it s a formula: z -> z + c, whereas z is a complex number and c is a constan t.The formula is recursive; each new value of z is fed into the formula again an ddetermines the next value. The initial value is 0. Z is a complex number thatco nsists of a real part and an imaginary part. The real and imaginary values of zc an be plotted in an x-y diagram rendering these amazing pictures. Differentvalue s for c will render different fractals and gives the fractal its degree offreedo m.Fractals were found everywhere in nature, for instance in the arteries and vei ns inthe vascular system of the body and the bronchi of the human longs. Plants havefractal symmetry; broccoli is a beautiful example and so are mountains When wezoom into an object that is fractal, we see the pattern of the object at macro levelrepeated at the micro level, no matter how much we zoom in.Chaos theory ha s discovered the existence of four basic cosmic attractors, thepoint, cycle, tor us and strange attractor. We will not go into detail about thedifferences but me ntion that an attracter can best be described as the force innature that creates order out of chaos. The chaos is drawn to the attractorcreating a hidden order. The four types of attractor work at every level of reality, creating our univers e outof chaos. The world is not totally organized by fixed physical laws as form allybelieved but it is self-organizing and the fourfold type of attractors organ izes it.Chaos theory also makes an end to a centuries old physical law, the seco nd law ofThermodynamics, the law of entropy that states that all order in the un iverse willeventually decay to disorder. The attractors of chaos theory prove th atnegentropy (negative entropy) creating order out of chaos must exist in theuni verse. In fact it seems to be the rule and not the exception!The attractors of c haos theory completely reverse the idea of cause and effect.Causality is based o n the idea that every effect must have a cause that in time isprior to the effec t. However in chaos theory, the cause is the attractor, theunseen force in the f uture that draws the effects, the current and past timeevents to it.The attracto rs in chaos theory is a force that Greek philosopher Aristotle calledentelechie, the goal that draws the events of change to it.( ). 21 Souls of Distortion AwakeningRecapitulationAt the turning of the millennium it b ecame more and more obvious that science isloosing it s very foundations objective reality and causal determinism.The illusion of objectivity was removed by quant um science hat showed that theinfluence of human consciousness plays a role in t

he quantum realm of subatomicmatter. Quantum scientist have always had problems with the Copenhageninterpretation of quantum science. The idea that consciousnes s has a measurableeffect on reality just didn t fit in the established framework o f science. Descartesand Newton founded science with the assumption that consciou sness doesn thave any effect on reality; consciousness itself was shoved aside to the domain ofreligion! This has lead to a blind belief that the universe could b e explained likeclockwork, a blind faith in materialism. No one ever doubted it in the 19th century.It was believed that everything in nature could eventually b e explained by sciencein mechanical terms, the universe was regarded as one huge mechanical clock.Causal determinism already damaged by quantum science s uncertai nty principlein the quantum realm was finally tackled by chaos theory! Chaos the ory simplystates that all events in nature are chaotic and unpredictable and tha t physicallaws can only operate within confined boundaries giving them room for creativityand spontaneity. Cause and effect are reversed whereas the fractal att ractor asthe cause draws the effects towards it. Chaos theory lends credit to th e idea thatthere must be purpose in the universe!But how strong is really the ef fect of consciousness on reality?Is it limited to the quantum realm of sub atomi c particles such that is remains forever hidden for our personal experience or d oes it also play out in themacroscopic world of our daily experience as well? Le t s have a look at whatscience has to say about consciousness in the next chapter. 22 Souls of Distortion AwakeningChapter 3 Science and consciousnessOn his return tr ip from the moon on the Apollo 14 mission, astronaut EdgarMitchell stared out of the window and had a peek at our blue planet Earth. At thatmoment something pro found hit him. All of a sudden he was hurtled out of hisnormal consciousness and felt an intense oneness, a connectedness with planetEarth and in fact all of th e universe. Never before had he had such an experience.His ego and the separate world outside of him merged. There was no differenceto be discerned any longer, he was the universe! His thoughts seem to have aneffect on the outer world and t he outer world seemed to have an effect on histhoughts at some deeper level. He was fully aware of the fact that the separationof his ego and the universe at la rge does not exist. It is the experience describedin quantum scientific terms by David Bohm whereas the observer is the observed!Many people in all walks of lif e throughout the ages have reported suchexperiences; it is called a mystical exp erience. In a flash of higher consciousnessa higher truth is revealed that drama tically changes the life of the person whounderwent the experience. And such was the case with Edgar Mitchell.After his save return on Earth, he founded in 1973 a nonprofit organization the Institute of Noetic Sciences aimed at studying the na ture of humanconsciousness.( )After Descartes had called for a divorce between s cience and religion,consciousness and science were never close friends. Science simply ignored therelevance of consciousness. Science is supposed to be an objec tive study ofnature and holds no interest in the subjective conscious experience of individualhumans. To science, these are just two separate things. Anyway how is science tostudy nature if our personal experience plays a significant role i n it?Psychic phenomenon, such as telepathy, precognition, extra sensory percepti on(ESP), out of body experiences (OBE), lucid dreaming and near death experience s(NDE), that were reported by so many people time and again, were simplydismisse d into the realms of myths and parables. Now from a scientific point ofview wher e science is supposed to study every aspect of our existence, that is avery unsc ientific approach! The skeptic attitude adopted by science has created ataboo in our western society that still prevails today. People who underwent theseexperi ences often feel misunderstood and are not taken seriously. Many scientistseven today are afraid to even consider examining these phenomena, afraid ofjeopardizi ng their career since some who have tried were cast out of the scientificcommuni ty.Fortunately quantum science has forced scientists to change their minds about the subject and a more positive attitude has emerged in the last two decades. As cientific taboo seems finally broken and thanks to people like Edgar Mitchell,co nsciousness has become a serious subject for scientific scrutiny after all.In th is chapter we will provide some very interesting scientific insights in theenigm a of human consciousness. 23

Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe Quantum BrainMaybe the most difficult question raised in science ever is called the hardproblem . It is also referred to as the bin ding problem . It is the problem of howthe immaterial world of our thoughts and fe elings interfaces with the materialworld of our body. Emotional states caused by our thoughts and feelings(immaterial world) are immediately reflected in the ph ysiology of our body(material world).For instance, when an immaterial thought po ps up in your brain to raise yourhand, immediately your brain starts to produce neurotransmitter messengers thatare carried along the nervous system. Electrical impulses are sent to the musclesin your hand that will finally respond to your initial thought.Now how is this possible? How can something immaterial as a thou ght have a realnoticeable physical effect? It happens all the time in your body! Since Descartes decided that there is a split between body and mind we are notli kely to get answers from Newtonian physics. Then how can the bridge betweenthe i mmaterial world of the mind and the material world of the body be crossed?Maybe we can get some answers from quantum physics?All of our outer reality that is pe rceived by the brain comes from the five senses,hearing, smell, taste, touch and visual perception. According to philosophermmanuel Kant (1724-1804) we should ma ke a distinction between the noumenalworld, the world in itself (da Ding an sich) and the phenomenal world, the worldas we perceive it. What Kant meant is that i t is impossible to directly perceive theworld; we can only perceive it through o ur senses. What outer reality really isnobody knows, because we can never direct ly perceive it. The question may evenbe raised if there is a physical reality at all? However Kant believed that physicalreality, the source of our perceptions is real. Immanuel Kant stated that what weknow of the world at large is an inter pretation made by our brain. To appreciatewhat Kant is saying, try to count the black dots in this picture:Don t tell me you failed! Of course you did because the re are no black dots in thepicture! Your brain imagined the black dots that you saw jumping back and forth!The translation your brain makes from the external st imulus of the visual cortexto the picture that you hold in your head is all from external electromagneticwave patterns. You may never have thought about it this way, but the colorgreen does not exist! The color green like the black dots in the picture above areonly a translation, a representation that makes sense to yo u. The color green is asubjective construction of what is no more than an electr omagnetic wave with adistinct frequency, amplitude and phase. A honeybee has a c omplete differentsubjective representation of the very same color that you call green, since it is 24 Souls of Distortion Awakeningcolorblind and can only see in black and white. You don t even known how yourfellow humans perceive this color!This is what Immanuel Kant meant when he said that we cannot possibly see thenoumenal world, the world in itself, we only see our personal version, ourinterpretation of a reality tha t is out there. By default it is restricted since we onlyinterpret a few percent ages of the whole spectrum of electromagnetic energy thatexists.We learned in sc hool that our brain is a kind of super computer with loads ofneurons firing at t he synapses, processing the vibratory information receivedfrom the five senses. Our thoughts are personal and supposedly no one hasaccess to them but us! Our me mories are engraved into gray cells that constitutethe brain. That s what the majo rity of people were taught in school and stillbelieves today.Science has progres sed quite a bit from the time of the dusty old raggedschoolbooks and now uses qu antum science to explain consciousness.In 1920 Wilder Pinfield believed that mem ories were stored as engrams at aspecific location or address in the brain, just as a computer stores its data in aspecific memory location. Karl Lashley on the hunt for these engrams found byexperimenting on rats that memories are not stor ed at dedicated locations insidethe brain at all. Memories seemed to be disperse d all over the brain and each partof the brain seemed to contain the whole memor y. Since memory storage isdistributed all over the brain and each part contains the whole memory, it mayexplain why people with dysfunctional areas in the brain still hold on to theirmemories.The concept of the part contains the whole aspect of the brain s memoriestriggered Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram when he l earned aboutholography in 1960. He came up with a new explanation for memory sto rage andbelieved that the brain stores memories as a wave interference pattern l

ike ahologram. A hologram is three-dimensional picture that is stored on a twodi mensional photo as a wave pattern. It is constructed by splitting a coherentlase r beam into two beams using mirrors. These two beams are recorded as awave inter ference pattern on a photosensitive plate whereas the subject beingphotographed diffuses one of the beams and the other the reference beam isaimed straight at t he photosensitive plate. When viewed in normal daylight thehologram doesn t make s ense, it contains a lot of blurry circles! However when alaser beam is shone thr ough the hologram, a three dimensional picture emergesthat can be viewed from mu ltiple angles. The three dimensional picture seems tobe floating in the air.Now the brain s memories are thought to be stored in the same manner as thehologram st ores a picture. Holographic memory storage can also explain the hugestorage capa city of the brain of the order of 10 billion bits of information in anaverage hu man lifetime. Holograms are also very good at explaining how thebrain manages to access and remember things very fast from its huge repositoryof information. In a blink of an eye we recognize a face of someone we haventseen for many years e ven if the facial expression of the person has aged.Holographic images can easil y be compared and matched even when they are nota 100% identical.Pribram showed that not only our memories but all our cognitive processes,smell, taste, hearing and seeing may be explained by holographic principles. 25 Souls of Distortion AwakeningLet s take visual perception as an example. The curre nt view of science is that thepicture of the world is projected through the lens of the eye onto a canvas, theretina in the back of the skull and that this pict ure is somehow digitized by thebrain and its pixels stored.Pribram proved that d edicated nerve cells in the eye respond to certainfrequencies of electromagnetic waves that hit the eye. The picture is viewed as aset of frequencies and not as individual dots or pixels. Now how can a picturecontain frequencies you may ask ? Well in a process called Fourier transformation,spatial information can be tra nslated into a frequency spectrum. Jean Fourierproved, that any kind of waveform could be constructed from pure sine waves.When multiple sine waves of different frequencies, phase and amplitudes aresuperimposed, any kind of waveform can be constructed. The process ofdetermining the constituents of the wave is called sp ectrum analysis and ismathematically described by the inverse Fourier transforma tion. The inverseFourier transformation is used to create the original wave from the spectrum ofsine waves. Now Fourier transformations can also be applied to 2 D spatialinformation. What Pribram found was that the cortex of the brain conduc ts aFourier transformation on the visual image in the eye and distributes thecon stituent frequencies of the picture all over the neurons in the brain. So thepic ture is actually internalized and memorized as a wave interference patternamong neurons, just like the hologram stores the picture.The original memory of the pi cture can be reconstructed from the holographicrepresentation by the inverse Fou rier transformation creating a visual imageinside our head.The construction of a n image from a spectrum of individual sine frequencies is thetechnique used in t he MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner used inhospitals. The MRI scanner al so uses Fourier transformations to construct aholographic image of the scanned b ody from the excited hydrogen atoms in thewater molecules in the body. This tech nique has been developed by WalterSchempp who later contributed to the quantum b rain theory stating thatmemories are not actually stored within the brain itself but in the fabric of space,the physical vacuum. The brain is simply a store and read out tool to write to andread from the physical vacuum where the holographi c memory is actually storedas wave information.( )When we combine Karl Pribrams holographic theory of the brain with DavidBohms theory that our universe as a wh ole is just a giant hologram, we get aninteresting view of reality, called the h olographic paradigm. In the holographicparadigm, the universe is seen as just a huge repository of frequencies encodingmultiple levels of reality.The brain, usi ng Fourier analyses, decodes one channel out of a blur offrequencies in the univ erse and from this constructs our inner representation ofreality. Our brain is l imited to receiving only a limited range of frequencies fromthe outside world an d hence receives a limited scope of reality. We could say thatthe brain tunes in to reality much like a radio, but we can only tune into onestation.We think we m ove through a solid world of images that are perceived by thebrain but the funda

mental truth could be that we simply decode just one realityout of many parallel worlds. 26 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe holographic paradigm solves many mysteries invo lving paranormalphenomenon since individual brains are just a part of the whole, the universalbrain. All brains are infinitely connected and paranormal informat ion (telepathy)can easily flow from one brain to another.Stuart Hameroff and Rog er Penrose contributed to the quantum brain theory bypresenting a model of the b rain based on quantum computing. They believe thatour brain processes informatio n from the neurons not only in classical states butmay be using quantum states a s well. Quantum states within the brain were longbelieved to be absolutely impos sible since the brain was too big, too wet and toohot to sustain quantum states that were hitherto only observed in the laboratoryin isolated and controlled sit uations at the sub atomic scale. However Hameroffnow believes he has found the b uilding blocks, the qubits for quantum computingin the brain. He identified the tiny tubes called microtubules that comprise thecytoskeleton of the cell. The cy toskeleton is the skeleton that gives the cell itsstructure; it s the scaffolding of the cell. Besides giving structure to the cell, themicrotubule is also a tran sportation pipe for all sorts of chemical compounds usedby the cell. Hameroff po ints out that the cytoskeleton may also have a neuralfunction and that they may even be more advanced than neurons themselves.The neural function of the cytoske leton may explain why a single cell organismcan perform intelligent tasks. Altho ugh the single cell organism does not have aneural network, no neurons and no br ain, it has some primitive form ofconsciousness since it can perform intelligent tasks such as swimming, eating andmating!Now for humans, we have a brain consis ting of neurons that are interconnectedby dendrites and synapses that make up th e central nervous system. Inside theneuron cell we find a cytoskeleton build for m microtubules. The microtubule itselfis constructed from tubulins, hexagonal st ructured proteins. It is the tubulinwithin the microtubule within the neuron tha t Hameroff has identified as the qubitof the brain.The classical interpretation of neurobiology has been that concentrations ofvarious ions carry impulses to an d from the central nervous system and areresponsible for all the information pro cessed by the nervous system as a whole.Hameroff however noticed that the microt ubule contains highly coherent light(laser like light) and that this light might play an important role in the informationprocessing by the brain. Fritz Popp ha d already discovered the emission of biophotons by the human body. Popp found th at weak emissions of bio photonscould be detected emerging from not only the hum an body but from all biologicallife forms and suspected that the source of these bio photon emissions is relatedto DNA.Hameroff found coherent bio photons insid e the microtubule in a quantum state.In other words the bio photons were coheren t and quantum entangled. Themicrotubule is filled with water molecules that are highly ordered, they arestructured in a coherent way and Hameroff believes that the function of thisordered water plays a significant role in the conductance of the bio photonsthrough the microtubule. When the bio photons pass through the m icrotubulethey are sent to the synapses of the neuron and then move over to the nextneuron. In this way the microtubules acts as a wiring system for the coheren tlight in the brain and in fact all of the rest of the body. It is referred to a s theinternet of the human body connecting not only the nerve cells but every ce ll inthe body. It allows for quantum information interchange between the brain a ndthe rest of the body. The implication is that consciousness is not restricted to thebrain itself but that all cells of the body share in the same conscious aw areness. 27 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThis may explain the holistic nature of consciousne ss whereby our thoughts andfeelings act in unity in the body. Think what happens when you re infatuated andthe person you are in love with suddenly jumps in front of you. All of your bodyand brain will respond instantaneous and in unity! Your eyes get wider, yourheart starts to pump faster, you breathe faster, your adren alin level goes up andyou feel butterflies in your belly while your knees start to shake, all of this inunison. The unified response of the body in a single mom ent is sent over thebody s neural internet through the microtubule wiring as a coher ent wave oflight connecting all the cells in the body.Hameroff s companion, mathem

atician Roger Penrose developed a newalternative for the Copenhagen interpretati on of quantum physics, the collapse ofthe quantum wave by conscious observation. Penrose proposes an objectivereduction (reduction is a synonym for the collapse of the quantum wave ).Objective reduction (OR) calls for the collapse of the quant um wave withouthuman conscious observation but just happens when a certain thresh old of whathe calls quantum gravity is reached.The quantum computation that goes around in the brain uses a feedbackmechanism from the organism s sensory input and that s why the collapse of thequantum state maintained in the microtubule is call ed an Orchestrated ObjectiveReduction (Orch OR). The classical state of the sens ory input, orchestrates,manages the quantum computation. It is a feedback loop.N ow Hameroff s quantum brain model makes a point of mentioning thatconsciousness, o ur thoughts and feelings are a result of the objective reduction(OR) of a superp osition of all possible thoughts and feelings taking place in thequbits inside t he microtubulus inside the neurons of the brain. In other words ourpersonal thou ghts are just a collapse of the universal thoughts.The quantum brain model state s that the universe itself has fundamental protoconsciousness properties!It is t his proto consciousness, or universal consciousness (thoughts of allthoughts) th at collapses into our individual consciousness in the qubits of thebrain. This h appens at an average rate of 40 collapses per second correspondingto the 40 Hz b rainwave frequency. Our awareness of internal thoughts andfeelings are construct ed like the movie frames in a motion picture at the speed of40 frames per second from a universal consciousness.Hameroff and Penrose point out that their Orches trated Objective Reduction(Orch OR) model for quantum processing in the mind is consistent with thespiritual teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism and Kabbalah that a ll teach theexistence of a universal mind.Now what we have here is model of the brain that states that consciousness isnot the epiphenomenon, the result of brai n processes but that the brain must beregarded as a big antenna or receiver of a universal consciousness that iseverywhere in the universe!Now the quantum brain theory has many opponents and is still in its infancy, butit has already drawn a lot of attention and may one day be widely accepted asexactly the way the brai n works.( ) 28 Souls of Distortion AwakeningHuman intentionDr. William Tiller is a professor em eritus of Stanford University and cofounder ofthe Institute of Noetic sciences a nd the Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine.For the majority of his career he had been a professor in the department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Stanford University and his manysubjects were metallurgy, crystal growths, semic onductor materials etc. Howeverin the sixties he started out a whole new career in a subject that had alwaysinterested him, the study of the paranormal and unex plained areas of humanconsciousness. His attempts were aimed at bridging the gap between science andspirituality. Therefore he adopted a strict scientific proto col in his studies suchthat he may seriously attract the attention of other scho lars.He became interested in studying subtle energies, energies such as Reiki en ergyused in human healing by spiritual inclined people that can currently not be explained by our scientific understanding.He developed an ultra-sensitive kind o f Geiger counter device to measure thesubtle energies emitted by the hands of th e Reiki masters and demonstrated theexistence of an energy field that is not in the electromagnetic spectrum. Thisexperiment was a positive stimulus for the Rei ki community, they now got ascientific confirmation that the Reiki energy fields are real and that they can bemeasured. In his studies professor Tiller noticed that the healing intention sent tothe hands by the Reiki practitioners had a cru cial effect on the energy outputmeasured. From these experiments he concluded th at the human intention viaour thoughts and feelings have a measurable effect on physical reality.He also tested Qi Gong Masters and found that their hands had a healingmagnetism equivalent of a 20,000 gauss magnet and their palms emitted a beamof infrared radiation (1 to 4.5 microns in wavelength) that had healing bene fits.Tiller conducted a series of experiments to study the possible effect of hu manintention under the strictest of scientific protocols. He built a dedicated d evicecalled an Intention Imprinted Electrical Device (IIED) that radiated a very weakelectromagnetic energy of less than a millionth of a Watt. He asked four tr ainedhumans who went into a deep state of mediation to imprint the intention of

theupcoming experiment onto the IIED.Next the experiment itself was conducted wi th two identical IIED devices, oneimprinted via the meditative process and the o ther left untouched. The IIEDdevices were placed in separate rooms in front of t he subjects.The following changes (statistical random change p < 0,001) were obs erved: - The acidity (PH) of water could be intentionally raised or lowered by o ne PH unit. - The activity of a human liver enzyme could be increased by 15 to 3 0 % - The larval growth pace of a fly could be increased by 25 %.The results mea sured were highly significant, the possibility of occurrence bychance were less than one in 1000. With these experiments William Tiller hadproved once and for a ll that our human intentions have a real measurable effecton physical reality. 2 9 Souls of Distortion AwakeningAfter continuous testing for 3 to 4 months, he noti ced that the intentioned effectsof the experiment continued even when the IIED d evice was removed from theroom. Somehow the room of the laboratory in which the experiments wereconducted had become conditioned. The IIED device was no longer needed tohave the same effect in the experiment.William Tiller s experiments may b e an indirect indication that our prayers have areal effect and are answered. He thinks that places where people gather withtheir positive intentions to pray fo r better times, may get permanentlyconditioned after years and years being impri nted with the same intention andbecome sacred places.He explains the effect that he measured by stating that at a fundamental levelthe state of the physical vac uum in the room where the experiment wasconducted had somehow changed. In its no rmal state the physical vacuum of theroom is energetic, chaotic and random. Howe ver by imposing our intentions theorder in the physical vacuum can be significan tly and permanently changed. (Formore information on the physical vacuum and the energy contained within it, seethe next chapter)( )Hado effectJapanese research er Dr Masuru Emoto, chief of the Hado institute in Tokyo,demonstrates with scien tific means probably the most convincing and startlingeffect that human consciou sness has on our outer reality.Dr Emoto has discovered an effect on water that w as given the name the Hado effect. He describes it as follows, quote: Hado is the in trinsic vibrational patternat the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is theenergy of human consciousness .He wrote a book that was issued in 1999 called The Message from Water thathas sold millions of copies alre ady around the globe and has been translated inmany languages. He s lecturing and holding seminars around the world and alsoconducts live experiments where he dem onstrates the Hado effect on water. Theword Hado is now a buzzword in Japan. People use it to express the vibrations ofa place or person, this place has no Hado or He is low on Hado today !And all this upheaval is about crystallized frozen water? Wh at is it that he hasdiscovered? Ice crystal of water photographed by Masuro Emot o 30 Souls of Distortion AwakeningDr. Masuru Emoto has performed a series of experime nts in which he proves thatour thoughts and feelings affect our physical reality . Water was his subject ofstudy and he started out studying the shape of water i ce crystals. He used allsorts of water from all different places all over the wo rld and studied how theywould form ice crystals. He noticed that water from heav y polluted rivers did notcrystallize at all and that clean mineral spring water would give beautiful icecrystals when being frozen.So far so good, it is a resul t that may be expected. However to his amazement hediscovered that the crystalli zation of the water molecules was somehow related tohis mood. He started experim ents in which he used clean tap water and sent allkinds of human emotional thoug hts and feelings to the water samples beforefreezing them. To his astonishment t he water reacted to his intentions. Whennegative thoughts and feelings were used , the ice crystals were imperfectlyshaped, were chaotic in form or did not cryst allize at all. However when he sentloving thoughts and feelings to the water bef ore freezing it, the most beautifuland regular highly organized crystals formed. In following experiments he putstickers on the bottles of water and labeled the m with words like Love, God and Hate and Devil and again the ice crystals reflected t he intention of the words putonto them. Adolph Hitler Mother TheresaNext he expe rimented with all kinds of music to test the effect. Music is the mostexplicit f orm of vibrations we know and it was no longer a surprise that thevibrations of

lovely classical music versus aggressive angry hardrock music werealso reflected in the ice crystals. Bach s Air Heavy metal 31 Souls of Distortion AwakeningDr. Emoto s Hado theory postulates that, since all phe nomena is at heartresonating energy, by changing the vibration we can change the substance . Sowhen we want to change the internal vibration of let s say polluted w ater, we canuse our positive intention to heal the water!And that s exactly what D r. Emoto and a long list of followers are now doing. Allover the world Hado cleans ing rituals are held to clean our rivers, seas andoceans. The first time he demo nstrated the effect of Hado in public, he gathereda crowd of 350 people around J apan s most polluted lake, Lake Biwa on the 25thof July 1999. The foul water smell ed horrendous caused by the algae Kokanada that yearly covered the lake! In the gat hering organized by Dr. Emoto a criticalmass of people projected their positive intentions like a laser beam onto thepolluted waters.Water samples of the lake s w ater were taken before and after the ceremony anda dramatic improvement of the s tructure of the water crystals was detected. Amonth after the ceremonial, a news paper article appeared in the influential KyotoShinburn newspaper. The article s tated that this year the spread of the wateralgae condition had improved and that the foul stench had disappeared .( )Meditation and prayerMaharishi Mahesh Yogi te aches transcendental meditation (TM), a form ofmeditation that brings the spirit ual seeker into higher states of consciousness. Hispresent residence is situated in the woods of Vlodrop in the Netherlands. He hasselected this place because a ccording to the Maharishi, this place has positivevibrations. The followers of M aharishi count an increasing number of well-scientifically educated people. They have come to accept the teachings of theMaharishi that meditation has a positiv e effect on world peace. Science has driventhem to compare notes with eastern sp iritual teachings and given them a newconviction.Transcendental Meditation, (TM) , has become very popular all over the worldespecially since the Beatles visited the Maharishi in the sixties. Scores of businessmanagers have been inspired to use TM as a stress-relieve method.Extensive studies conducted on the effect of T M showed that when practiced by acritical mass of people they could substantiall y drop the crime rate in a large city.When the group discontinued their TM, the crime rate went up again to theaverage level. This effect has become known as th e Maharishi effect and multiplestudies have proven that this effect is real.Many people pray for their loved-ones when they are seriously ill. They hope thata d ivine force will hear and respect their request and cure the patient. Otherspray by using their inner powers and believe that they can heal at a distanceusing t heir sheer intention to help the patient. Three medical researches of theUnivers ity of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio published their resultsof a sc ientific investigation about the role belief plays in prayer in the summer of200 4.A group of 86 people were, without their prior knowledge of the experiment,ass igned to a prayer treatment or to a control group. The volunteers that prayed 32 Souls of Distortion Awakeningonly new the names and health concerns of the peopl e that were assigned tothem. Eight volunteers from a local prayer group prayed t wice a day for a periodof at least 3 minutes.After a month, the results were com piled for publication. Here is a summary: Pain scores were significantly lower i n the prayed for group than in the control group. Patients with the most intense belief in prayer had the best improvements in physical functioning in contrast to the control group. Patients in the intervention group with a lower belief in the power of prayer had a significantly worse physical function outcome.Now thei r research showed two things: Prayer has a real measurable effect on the patient being prayed for. The patients faith that treatment by prayer can be establishe d has a measurable effect on the effect of the prayer itself.( )The healing powe r of the mindIf anyone in the last decades has had a major impact in the holisti c healingcommunity it must be Doctor Deepak Chopra. Born in India he had his med icaleducation and training in the Unites States. It was after a personal meeting withthe Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that he was persuaded to study the 4000 year oldt raditional Indian medical art called Ayurveda. Ayrveda is Sanskrit for the thesci ence of life . After his meeting with the Maharishi he went to take the trainwhere he met a friend who handed him a book about Ayurveda. One and onemakes two and

Deepak new there was a message here. After reading the book,he became convinced that there was more to Ayurveda than commonly believedin the West. Doctor Deepak Chopra had become frustrated in his medical careerabout the fact that he could do so little for his cancer patients. A patient ofDeepak diagnosed with lung can cer got medical advice to quit smoking and theman replied: Thank you doctor, my m other in law can give me that advice, butshe don t charge me 50 bucks! In his book Qu antum Healing, exploring the frontiers of mind/body medicine ,Doctor Chopra explai ns the relation between quantum physics and Ayurveda.Ayurveda teaches that all i s spirit and that the body is created by the mind. Inthis respect the mind must have all the power to heal the body. Notice that thereis no hard problem to be sol ved in Ayurveda, there simply is no bridge to crossbetween the immaterial and th e material world since there is no duality in mindand body.According to Deepak C hopra our deepest thoughts and feelings play a significantrole in the healing of the patient that has been seriously underestimated inwestern medical practices. The body is constantly recycling every atom in everycell. In a year s time the bo dy is completely renewed and every atom in every cellhas been replaced. Then wha t exactly is it that keeps that tumor in its place if thewhole body is rebuilt e very year? Deepak explains that the blue print for thephysical body is the more subtle quantum mechanical body. Diseases appear inthe quantum body before they m anifest in the physical body. As long as thedisease is not removed from the quan tum body, the blue print, the body willcontinuously reconstruct the body along w ith the tumor. 33 Souls of Distortion AwakeningAccording to Deepak the mind has the capability to produce every drug thatHofman La Roche sells only at no expense, in the purest f orm and in the perfectdose.The ability of the mind to heal the body may explain the well know placebo effect,the effect whereas a patients is cured by his own s uggestion since he has beenadministered only a dummy. The ability of the mind to heal the body could alsobe at cause in the miraculous spontaneous remissions of cancer that have beenreported so often in the medical files but for which there is no medicalexplanation. The nocebo effect is the opposite effect of the place bo effect; it isthe negative effect that the doctor s diagnoses have on the cure o f the patient.Therefore the doctor-patient relation is of a crucial importance i n the healingprocess. It is a western ethical code that the patient has the righ t to know hismedical condition in all cases, however the drawback is that when a doctorstraightforwardly gives a patient the diagnoses you have an incurable canc er sir ,he has actually given his patient the death sentence. The diagnosis incurab le kills the patient s last hope for a cure and along with it his mental abilities t o healhimself, besides that he will probably go into a mental shock as well.( )C ollective consciousnessDoes something like a collective conscious, a conscious s hared by all humansexist? Carl Jung has speculated that we all share a common su b-consciousness.But could such be proven by science?At the prestigious Princeton Anomalies Research Institute (PEAR) they areconvinced that a collective conscio usness does exist, in fact they are monitoring itall over the world right now wh ile you read these words! At Princeton for sometime now, Professor Robert Jahn a nd his colleagues have been conducting aseries of laboratory experiments trying to prove or disprove the existence ofpsychokineses (PK for short), the ability o f thought to affect inanimate objects.PK has become popular by stage performer a nd spoon bender Uri Geller. AtPrinceton they took PK very serious and wanted to test whether or not thephenomenon was real.They used RNG machines to do this. A RNG is a random noise generator, a devicethat generates according to the uncerta inty principle of quantum mechanics atotally random noise. This noise is transla ted into a binary state, a 1 or 0. Nowsince the noise is random we expect a 50-5 0-chance occurrence of both ones andzeroes produced by the RNG device. Participa nts in the experiments conducted atthe PEAR institute were asked to mentally inf luence the outcome of the RNGnumber generations. The participants were ordinary people and had no priorknown psychic abilities whatsoever. However at the PEAR i nstitute it was proventime and again, that mental abilities of mind over matter ex ist since the 50-50change RNG outcomes could be substantially altered.They condu cted tests for more than a decade, tested hundreds of subjects inthousands of tr ials when they finally concluded that PK was real. They evenconcluded that PK ab

ilities are common to everyone to some extent. Theirsubjects did not have any pr ior known paranormal abilities. At Princeton theyhave become so convinced that P K is real that they are now searching for atheoretical explanation. Dr. Jahn s quo te from the Sunday Telegraph 16thNovember 1997: 34 Souls of Distortion Awakening"We dont see much point in continuing the collectio n of yet more data," he said."Were setting up experiments to get a better compre hension of thesephenomena."If you re interested and want to test your psychic abil ities on-line on the Internetyourself here s the Internet address:www.parapsych.or g/online_psi_experiments.htmlAt some odd 30 universities all over the world RNG devices have been installedand are connected over the Internet. The next thing P EAR wanted to test with theRNG devices was whether a human collective consciousn ess exists. The projectwas called the Global Consciousness Project and the RNG mac hines were used tosend their results over the Internet to a central computer at Princeton.The investigations proved that the RNG devices could register shocking globalevents that moved the masses in unison. A few of these events are the fun eral ofPrincess Diana, the verdict in the Simpson case and more recently the 911 attacks in New York.All of these events showed measurable and significant deviat ions from theexpected 50-50-chance pattern. In case of the 911 attacks on the tw in towers,the RNG devices even registered deviations before the actual attack! R NG registration on the day the twin towers came downPsi experimentsRussel Targ a nd Harold Puthoff in the seventies conducted a number ofexperiments to find out if telepathic transmissions of thoughts and imagesbetween individuals are possib le. They used a sender and a receiver and putthem in electro-magnetically sealed chambers. The sender was submitted to alight that flashed at regular intervals. Both the sender and the receiver wereattached to devices that registered their brainwaves, their electroencephalogram(EEG). The flashing of the light was refle cted in the electroencephalogram of thesender, as was expected. Next the receive r was asked to receive the images ofthe sender. After a while the receiver start ed to pick up the light flashes thatwere admitted to the sender. The same patter ns showed up in the receiver s EEG,although he was in a separate and electro-magne tically shielded room.Russel Targ and Harold Puthoff reproduced the earlier test s of Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum of the National University of Mexico. He perform ed more than fiftyexperiments over five years. Jacobo Grinbert-Zylberbaum placed his participantsin shielded Faraday cages. Prior to any tests, the participants were asked to 35 Souls of Distortion Awakeningmeditate for twenty minutes. After this period they were placed in the Faradaycages and also connected to EEG measuring equipment. The sender wassubjected to a series of at least a hundred stimuli ranging from i ntense lightflashes to hard sounds and electric shocks applied to the index and ring finger.Grinberg-Zylberbaum proved that in 25 percent of the cases the stimu li admittedto the sender were transferred to the receiver and showed up in the l atter s EEGas a potential that was coherent with the potential in the sender s EEG. Similarresults could be replicated with the same participants in later experimen ts. Whenthe same test was conducted with an infatuated couple, the brainwaves in theEEG of both lovers showed a remarkable coherence even when no stimuli weread mitted. The couple themselves said they had a strong feeling of connectednessand oneness.These experiments proved that feelings of connectedness have a physical representation in the separate brains of separate individuals. If we can reallyc onnect to another person such that our own brainwaves show up in the otherperson s brainwaves, we may start to ask questions about our own individuality,our own s eparate ego. Where does it start and where does it end?These experiments seem to underpin Hameroff s quantum brain theory of protoconsciousness that is received i nstead of being produced by the brain. Thequestion hence is do we have a separat e ego or is it some kind of an illusion?( )Working for the Defense Intelligent A gency (DIA) of the U.S.A, Russel Targ andHarold Puthoff later conducted a great number of psi experiments in intelligencearea that was coined remote viewing . The objective of remote viewing is to spyon enemies by means of psychic protocols. Tar g and Puthoff impressed the DIAwith the results they obtained with the famous ps ychic Ingo Swann. It is a publicsecret that the intelligence departments of the U.S.A and Russia have been usingremote viewing techniques for some decades now h

owever just recently seventythree thousand pages of secret documents about extra sensory spying has beendeclassified by the United States. The CIA now states ope nly that they have beenusing remote viewing as a means of espionage.( )Morphic f ieldsThe Japanese monkey Macaca fuscata, living on the island Koshima of theJapa nese coast had been a subject for study for at least 30 years.In 1952 researcher s fed the monkeys sweet potatoes that they dropped in thesand. The potatoes were dirty and the monkeys although they liked thesweetness of the potatoes, obvious ly disliked the dirt. A young baby monkeyfound the solution and washed the potat oes in a nearby stream and handed it toher mother. Once she had taught this tric k to her mother gradually more andmore monkeys mastered this trick.Between 1952 and 1958 a critical group of monkeys estimated to be a hundredthhad learned the trick of washing the potatoes, now monkeys are slow learnersaren t they? 36 Souls of Distortion AwakeningHowever after the supposed hundredth monkey learned to wash his potatoes, allof a sudden the whole tribe on the island mastered thi s trick. Even moresurprising colonies of monkeys on other islands and on the mai nland all of asudden began to wash their sweet potatoes.For some unexplained rea son, the ability was transmitted to other monkeys onremote locations. Although t he exact count, the critical mass that was needed forthis phenomenon to happen i s uncertain, it has become famous as the Hundredthmonkey phenomenon .Studies were c onducted to see if the effect is also applicable to humans and theyrevealed that also humans share knowledge unconsciously as if we share acommon storehouse, a common database. When certain puzzles were taught tosingle members of a group, t he puzzles could be solved significantly easier andfaster solved when the hundred th monkey of the group had learned the trick.According to cutting-edge out of the established framework-reasoning biologistRupert Sheldrake, our consciousness is connected to unseen collective fields thathe calls morphic fields. Every member of a group contributes to the morphic fieldand the total awareness of the morph ic field is accessible to the whole group.There are countless morphic fields, at least one for every species.Sheldrake also believes that the morphic fields con tain the information, thebuilding plan of a living organism. Although it is comm only believed that DNAcontains all the information required to build an organism , this is certainly nottrue. The DNA contains only the information for the const ruction of the materialsthat are required to build the organism; it does not con tain the assembly planitself! In the first stage of the embryo all cells are a 1 00 % identical anddifferentiation takes places after the fifth cell division (32 cells). But where doesthis information come from, what cell is to differentiate into what, what part ofthe embryo is to become a head cell and what a tail cell ? The information cannotpossibly come from the DNA itself, since the cells can t d iscriminate amongthemselves, so what is orchestrating the embryo growth? Rupert Sheldrake thinksthat this information is stored in an external morphic field.It may also be the explanation of the rather strange phenomenon of generecovery dis covered on fruit flies. Biologist had removed the genes that wereresponsible for visual eyesight from a colony. The flies all went blind, howevermiraculously af ter a few generations the genes were restored in the DNA and theflies could see again! It is now believed that the information of the missing geneswas recovered from the morphic field of the DNA of the fruit fly.Consciousness the ground of all beingProfessor of Physics at the University of Oregon, Amit Goswami, author of TheSelf Aware Universe , Quantum creativity , Physics of the Soul and TheVisionary Wi dow , is the founder of a whole new brand of science called sciencewithin conscious ness . He believes the paradoxes imposed by quantum sciencecan only be solved if a n opposite view is adopted about consciousness. In thecurrent worldview consciou sness is regarded the result, the epiphenomenon ofbrain activity. Consciousness is simply the result of the chemical dance ofmolecules and electrical fields of energy that go around in the brain. This causaldeterministic view of consciousne ss is called upward causation and claims thatour free will is illusionary. All h uman behavior is simply determined by ourchromosomal makeup and the sum of mecha nical, electrical and chemicalprocesses that happen in the body. Following this concept, humans are just 37 Souls of Distortion Awakeningcomplex machines without free will. Amit Goswami ho wever believes in adownward causation for consciousness and that consciousness i

s the ground of allbeing. He has a very simple reasoning: how can consciousness b e the result ofthe physical world, if the physical world by grace of the collaps e of the quantumwave requires consciousness observation? Consciousness cannot be both its owncause and its own result at the same time! The chicken and egg para dox is solvedif consciousness is seen as primordial.Amit Goswami s religious Hindu background taught him that the mind of Brahmanis the only cause for the univers e, however from his scientific skeptic backgroundhe refused to believe it. Final ly he gave in and accepted that his religion mayhave been telling the truth all along.He is trying to teach that our material realism, the belief that our mater ial worldis the only reality there is, is false and that the ground of all being isconsciousness.( )RecapitulationIn this chapter we have seen that consciousnes s has a far greater impact in ourdaily experience of the world than ever believe d before. The impact ofconsciousness is not restricted to the quantum realm of q uantum physics alone, itplays a significant role in the world at large that we l ive in.The centuries old idea of a strict separation between body and mind sugge sted byRen Descartes is false. Our thoughts and feelings are not limited to our b odilyinternal experiences of reality but have a measurable and provable effect o n theouter world. Science can no longer claim that consciousness is solely the d omainof spirituality and that there is a strict borderline that should not be cr ossed.It has brought quantum physicist Amit Goswami to believe that we have held theworld upside down. It s not that consciousness is an effect of the materialist icworld; no it s the very cause of it. But if this is true, if consciousness creat es thephysical world, what does it create it from?At least consciousness should involve some form of energy, a spiritual energy forthat matter that is required to create anything at all. If the quantum brain theoryis right that consciousnes s is everywhere in the universe and not restricted to thebrain, then this energy should be found anywhere in the universe as well. In thenext chapter we will se e what quantum scientist have discovered about the empty space in the universe, the space between planets and stars, but also thespace between the electrons and th e nucleus in the atom.It doesn t seem to be empty at all but it contains an abunda nt amount of energy! 38 Souls of Distortion AwakeningChapter 4 The zero point fieldThe invisible fieldQu antum science in the 20th century revealed the presence of an all-pervasivebackg round sea of quantum energy in the universe. Cambridge University s Dr.Harold Puth off was one of the first to measure this energy of the universe. Thisenergy was measured at zero degrees Kelvin, the absolute lowest possibletemperature in the universe equal to minus 273 degrees Celsius. At thistemperature according to New tonian physics all molecular and atom movementshould have seized and no energy s hould be measured at all! Instead of findingno energy, as was expected, he found what he called a seething cauldron ofenergy and henceforth it was given the name zero point energy (ZPE). HaroldPuthoff proved that the physical vacuum is not de void of energy at all and thatinstead of being a vacuum, space it is actually a plenum.( )In quantum electrodynamics the background sea of quantum energy is now usedto explain the uncertainty principle that was discovered by quantum physics , theunpredictable behavior of sub atom particles. The jiggling of sub atomic pa rticlesis believed to be caused by the zero point field. Randomly virtual photon s jumpback and forth between the zero point field and our physical world. They c ollidewith and are absorbed by sub atomic particles that will be excited into a higherenergy state. After nanoseconds the energy is released again by means ofan other virtual photon that returns to the zero point field. The photon is called avirtual photon since it comes and goes from the zero point field and is not her e tostay in the real world. It is only used in the energy exchange between the z eropoint field and the material world.Not only photons but also all sorts of ele mentary particles come into our physicalreality from nowhere at all. They seem t o come from the zero point field, maketheir appearance in our physical reality f or only thousandths or millionths of asecond to disappear once again in the void . These forms of mystical particleswhere called virtual particles since they wer e not stable enough to stay around inour reality. The zero point field is a quan tum foam of virtual particles andphotons. Our universe is never at rest not even in empty space!Even in a pitch-dark room where absolutely no light from the out

side world canpenetrate, scientist can still measure the presence of virtual pho tons.The existence of the zero point field has been known in the quantum science community for a long time, but most scientists simply ignored its relevance.They simply nullified the effect of the zero point field energy in their scientificc alculations since it only bothered them. As a result they annihilated the effect ofthe zero point field because they believed the effect was insignificant!Howev er a small but growing number of scientists now take the zero point fieldvery se riously, among them are many professors of note and they are now takingon a radi cal different view of our reality. Their scientific discoveries and theoriesare controversial in the eyes of the established science community who areholding on to the old paradigm that our world can and eventually will be fullyexplained by a mechanical model of the universe. 39 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe zero point field is becoming popular to a large r public thanks to scientificjournalist Lynn McTaggert who wrote the book The Fie ld . She created greaterawareness of the zero point field that may otherwise not h ave been disclosed tothe public at large. I strongly recommend this book to anyo ne interested in newzero point discoveries and the astonishing role human consci ousness plays in thisfield. For paranormal and psychic phenomenon, there is now a scientific basis forstudy.( )One of the first magazines covering the zero poin t field at length is Ode whichappears in the US and the Netherlands The article about the zero point fieldappeared in the November 2003 issue, nr 61.( )A sea of energyPrinceton University s John Wheeler and Richard Feynman valued the zero poi ntenergy. They calculated that a cup of zero point energy is enough to bring all theoceans of the world to boiling point. The equivalent in matter of the zero p ointenergy using Einstein s famous equation of E= m * c is 10?4 gram/cm! This ismore matter per cubic centimeter than the total mass of the entire universe!Contrary to what we have always believed matter is not a condensed substancebut a diffus e form of energy.( )Now how is this possible, we seem to live in a huge sea of e nergy and we don teven notice it? We re like fish submerged in water but never ever aware of thefact that there is water all around them.Haisch and Rueda contribute d to the zero point field using Hal Puthoff s work, byproving Newton s famous law of inertia which states that inertia is the product ofmass and acceleration, F= m * a. This old law that Newton took as anassumption, an axiom in his Principia, t he holy Bible of classical physics, couldnever be proven in 300 years! But by ta king account of the zero point field,Rueda and Haisch proved that inertia is sim ply the resistance, the drag thatobjects experience when accelerated in the zero point field.SonoluminescenseThere exists a very weird phenomenon in nature that is called sonoluminescense,it is the transformation of sound waves into light e nergy! It is well knownexperiment in mainstream physics.In the experiment a smal l spherical glass, filled with water is resonated byharmonious sound waves of 20 KHertz originating from sound speakers. Next avery tiny air bubble is blown int o the center of the spherical glass flask. When theair bubble is exactly centere d in the flask it starts to rhythmically implode andemit light. The light is emi tted in ultra short light flashes representing trillion-foldconcentrations of th e original sound energy. Temperatures within the center ofthe bubble reach an as tronomical height of 30.000 degrees and the pressure isimmense. 40 Souls of Distortion AwakeningMainstream physics is still having problems with th is experiment and arespeculating about cold fusion, others think that there is n o other explanation thanthat the abundant light energy comes from the zero point field! Thesonoluminescense effect has stimulated the imagination of Hollywood f ilmmakers,and they featured a whole film about this physical phenomenon, the fil m is called Chain Reaction .Further investigations about this natural phenomenon may lead into what iscalled sonofusion, a kind of cold fusion that physics has been seeking for so long. Sonoluminescense experimentHarvesting the energySince the word of zero point energy was out in the world, a new breed of golddiggers was b orn. Many inventors are on the hunt for this zero point energy sinceit is free e nergy. The story goes that even Michael Faraday and Nicola Tesladiscovered the a pplication of free energy. Once you know how to delve it you cantap it from the vacuum in an abundance that is inexhaustible. Image this, your TVset having no p ower cable since it is running just on energy it receives from thevacuum? Can yo

u image that, do you know what this means? Bye bye to oil,maybe now you get the hunch. In a world that is heavily dependant on oil, manypeople in power today wi ll not be so pleased since they will lose all their powerand wealth.It is for th is reason and the possible military applications that these inventionshave been suppressed globally in the last few decades. The United States ofAmerica prohibi ts pending patents to be exported outside the USA if they arebelieved to have da ngerous military applications. However retired army lieutenantTom Bearden has pa tented an over unity free energy device called the MotionlessElectromagnetic Gen erator, the MEG. The device is an over unity device andBearden claims that it pr oduces a 100 times more energy output than the energythat is put into it to keep it running. It is a perpetual motion machine in the truesense of the word, howe ver it is not in conflict with the laws of energyconservation, the second law of thermodynamics, since it simply taps the energyfrom the vacuum. Bearden has red one 19th century James Clerk Maxwell s work,the founder of the classical electrody namics theory. He says the interpretation ofthe original work of Maxwell is seri ously flawed and has been misinterpreted andsimplified by Lorentz and Heavenside for better understanding. Bearden 41 Souls of Distortion Awakeningdiscovered that the original quaternion equations o f Maxwell were overlookedand, as a result, so was the possibility of tapping fre e energy from the vacuum.Bearden is in good company about this statement since i t was Max Planck thefounder of quantum physics who had always suggested that the validity ofMaxwell s equation should be re-established.In lay terms Bearden s Meg d evices is fundamentally a charged dipole, consistingof two charged plates. He ex plains that the physical vacuum creates a virtualphoton flux of electromagnetic energy that sustains the electrical dipole potential.The dipole potential is act ually the equilibrium between the discharge andreplenishment by virtual photons from the vacuum. Hence, the static electric fieldis not static at all, it only a ppears to be so, much like a waterfall, which from adistance looks like one stat ic wall of water, but when studied at close rangeproves to be a constant flow of water. The secret of the Meg device is not todischarge the charge of the dipole in the same circuit of the dipole but in anotherseparate electrical circuit. Af ter this the vacuum will automatically replenish thedischarged dipole to seek eq uilibrium. The charge that flows in the other circuit issaid to deliver real ele ctrical power.In this way zero point energy is extracted from the vacuum and dis charged in anelectrical circuit. Bearden says that all our current sources of el ectrical energysuch as batteries, dynamos and power plants all have one problem in common.When the electrical current is fed back to the source that created the electricalcurrent to begin with, it will kill the source of the virtual photon flux with thevacuum. Unknowingly we ve been taking buckets full of zero point ener gy fromthe river but were unintentionally throwing it straight back into the riv er.Tom Bearden also made a very important new discovery concerning a new typeof e lectromagnetic energy . According to Bearden the four Maxell equations usedin toda y s electrical engineering are simplified versions of Maxwell s original work.Accord ing to Bearden it was Oliver Heaviside who removed the scalar part of thecomplex numbers in Maxwell s equations leaving only the vectors in Maxwell sequations for e asy calculation.This is why science today only knows the classical electromagnet ic wave that is atransverse wave. In the transverse wave the electrical and magn etic fields of theelectromagnetic wave oscillate perpendicular to the propagatio n of the wave.Bearden says that by removing the scalar part in Maxwell s equations we missedthe fact that energy can also propagate as a longitudinal wave at supe r-luminalspeed (faster than the speed of light). Longitudinal waves are akin to soundwaves and oscillate in the same direction as their propagation.According to Bearden the internal longitudinal wave in the electromagnetic waveis the fundam ental wave and comprises all known electromagnetic fields of anyform or shape. T he scalar component of the electromagnetic wave can be createdfrom two opposing electromagnetic waves, a wave and its anti wave. Both waves 42 Souls of Distortion Awakeningwill cancel each other s electrical and magnetic fiel d components when the wavesare in phase spatially but 180 degrees out of phase t emporally. Another way ofsaying the same thing is that the anti wave is moving b ackwards in time from thefuture and into the past cancelling the forward in time

moving wave. The result isa scalar wave. Scalar waves are very different from e lectromagnetic waves; forone thing they can travel over immense distances with n o loss of energy. Anotherimportant difference is that scalar waves travel at sup er-luminal speed (fasterthan light).In the early 20th century Nicola Tesla was t he first to discover the scalar wave. Heused induction coils to create these sca lar waves. He had conducted manyexperiments while sending scalar waves around th e Earth proving that scalarwaves propagate over long distances with no loss in f ield strength. Unlike ourcurrent familiar electromagnetic wave that dissipates a nd looses its energy at arate equal to the square of the distance from the sourc e, Tesla s longitudinalwaves could travel any distance with practically no loss of energy.Tesla in his time believed in the existence of the ether and that it cou ld beharnessed for free energy that could be the salvation of humankind. Headdre ssed the American Institute of Electrical Engineers in 1891 with thesewords; .. w ith the power derived from it, with every form of energy obtainedwithout effort, from stores forever inexhaustible, humanity will advance withgreat strides, it is a mere question of time when man will succeed in attachingtheir machinery to the wheelwork of nature .Tom Bearden s scalar waves have also been discovered by Rus sian scientists,however Russian science refers to scalar waves as torsion waves. We will learnmuch more about torsion waves later. As a former military man, Bea rden isconvinced that the Russians used this technology to create an arsenal of scalarwave weaponry during the Cold War.Bearden s theory, which he has put in writ ing in a book called Energy from thevacuum, concepts & principles , is proven by th e first marketed power devicecalled the Patterson Power Cell , an innovative over u nity energy device.The Patterson Power Cell is developed and patented by James A . Patterson,scientist of the Clean Energy Technologies in Dallas. It is a glass enclosure filledwith thousands of tiny palladium coated spheres that serve as th e electrodes. It sruns on heavy water. When started with a small input power of 1. 4 Watts, the cellputs out an enormous amount of heat, hundreds of times the ener gy input.Claims are that the US Patent Office has tested it and four patents hav e beenawarded. It s being studied at different universities worldwide and is taken veryseriously: now the dispute seems not to be if it works but how it works!( ) Hutchison effectThe Hutchison effect is a collection of phenomena that were disc overed by theflamboyant John Hutchison in 1979. John Hutchison lives in Vancouve r Canada inan apartment that he has completely stuffed with electronic equipment .Hutchison has been experimenting in his apartment with scalar waves using Tesla coils and a Van de Graff generator. Using radio wave interference of low energyi nput but of high voltages of hundreds of kilo Volts, he discovered amazing effec tsranging from: 43 Souls of Distortion Awakening - levitation of heavy metals - fusion of dissimila r materials - anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent material - fr acturing metals in a strange way.He has documented all of these effects on video and has demonstrated hisdiscoveries to many qualified scientists and famous peo ple who are nowsupporting him financially. He shows his Hutchinson effect movies on-line on theInternet ( In his movies we s ee objectsfloating in space, metals vibrating as if they are puddings. He even l evitates aheavy canon ball. He is also able to demonstrate the fusion of dissimi lar objectssuch as wood and metal. The wood simply submerged into the metal and whenthe Hutchinson device was switched off, the wood remained as if it had beenp erfectly glued into the metal! In the same way he has melted coins intoaluminum bars.His experiments defy all common laws of nature! His anomalous waves havinga nti-gravity abilities seem to alter space-time itself.He is able to melt metals without any burn marks or obvious heat radiation.Materials such as wood held in the same place where the metal is melted werenot burned! This simply defies the laws of thermodynamics whereas a heatradiation should at least be noted. Somehow his device seems to dissociate thenormal organization of the atoms in a materia l. It is as if the Van der Waalsforces that bind the atoms in the material are s hut off and the atoms are free tobe molded into a new configuration.John Hutchin son has also developed a self-sustaining battery that recharges itselffrom zero point energy, so he claims! The battery generates 18V at 250mA! Hesays he got he lp from Tom Bearden with this one! John Hutchison with his self-charging battery

44 Souls of Distortion Awakening Unexplained fractures and fusions of coins and woo d in metal( )Disclosure projectSteven Greer has made a career out of disclosing the truth about free energy inhis Disclosure Project. He is pressing politicians in the United States to comeforward with the truth. According to Greer, the nuc lear arms race and the ColdWar with Russia has created a political climate in th e United States in which top-secret projects were launched to develop advanced m ilitary technologies. Theseclassified projects were executed under the strictest of secrecy and only on aneed-to-know basis few were informed about these progra mmes. Graduallythings have become so complex and out of control while illegally consumingbillions of US government budget dollars, that congressman and the even thepresident himself have lost total authority over these projects.Greer claims to have found several hundred whistle-blowers in the military,scientific and co rporate community who can deliver documents, physical proofand testimonies of th e deliberate suppression of advanced technologicalinformation. The military and intelligence are preventing public access totechnologies that can definitely rep lace conventional oil, coal and nuclear energysources. These technologies have b een developed inside the United States formilitary applications, but when peacef ully applied they can shape a totally non-polluting civilization and save our bl ue planet Earth.( )We could make an end to all poverty in the world by tapping i nto the free zeropoint energy from the vacuum. It could be locally used by the d evelopingcountries since the infrastructure of an energy grid would not be requi red. Withthe abundance of local energy it would be possible to create fresh wate r fromsalty sea water for irrigation in areas that are now suffering from draugh t. 45 Souls of Distortion AwakeningRecapitulationEmpty space is not empty at all! The vacuum is actually a plenum. It contains anabundant amount of energy, the zero p oint energy. There is a cosmic dance ofenergy back and forth between the physica l realm and the zero point field, aconstant creation and destruction of matter f rom the void. The continuous flow ofenergy in and out of the material world rese mbles what Eastern Hindu cosmologydescribed about our universe as the cosmic dan ce of Shiva.Could it be that what scientists are observing as the zero point ene rgy is in factour own collective consciousness and that we are creating the phys ical world fromthis energy? If consciousness is indeed the first cause of physic al reality and notthe effect of it in our universe, at least we have identified a candidate for therequired spiritual energy!In the next chapter we will see how an ancient science that has been secretlypreserved throughout history is now be ing reconstructed by modern science. Thisancient knowledge is called sacred geom etry and for some reason it was veryimportant to be preserved for future generat ions. In antiquity it was taught in themystery schools of the Egyptians and the Greeks. On penalty of death, initiateshad to keep this knowledge secret througho ut history. In the West this knowledgewas preserved in Gnostic circles and secre t societies of Freemasonry.Sacred geometry claims that everything in our univers e has an underlyinginvisible geometric structure following a fundamental princip le. Contemporaryscientists now use sacred geometry to explain how the physical d imension isconstructed from the omni present and all-pervasive background energy in thephysical vacuum. 46 Souls of Distortion AwakeningChapter 5 The revival of an ancient scienceAt the o ther end of the scientific spectrum of contemporary science an ancientscience is being restored. For ages it has been preserved carefully. It is more orless an art form and it is called sacred geometry . Why sacred, what is so sacredabout geom etry? In spiritual mystery-schools of the past it was taught thatsacred geometry has been used by God to create the universe. We now know thatsacred geometry co ntains many mysterious elements that elegantly describemany things such as the g rowth of plants, the proportions of the human body,the orbit of the planets, lig ht, the structure of crystals, music. The list goes onand on. We ll give a few exa mples in this chapter.Now why do we introduce sacred geometry in a book that is about contemporaryand ground-breaking science? The reason is that sacred geometr y seems to bethe key to a new post quantum physics that is emerging that better explains theexistence of the zero point field. The new physics that is emerging

is a revival of19th century ether physics and it is discussed in the next chapte r.The archaic science of sacred geometry can be traced back to the Egyptiancivil ization but may well be a heritage from an earlier Atlantean culture and we llprov ide sufficient clues in this book to sustain this fact. Sacred geometry contains elements that are crucial in understanding ether physics introduced in the nextc hapter.Surprisingly enough sacred geometry also shows up in the many crop circle s thathave been appearing in the last two decades all over the world. Someonesom ewhere must be teaching us a lesson that must at least have some relevance.I wil l not go into detail about the source of crop circles whether or not they areext raterrestrial; I personally think it they are, however the fact cannot (yet) bep roven.What is far more interesting is that crop circles contain intelligent embe ddedgeometry. The fact is that hundreds, thousands of crop circles appear each y earand that their design is of a much higher intelligence than that of people wh o mayhave found it interesting enough to create hoaxes! There is abundant eviden cethat apart from the very few crop circles that were indeed identified as hoaxe s,the majority of crop circles are genuine. It was proven that the stems of the cropsare bent in a peculiar way by an excessive heat produced by a hitherto unkn ownenergy source since no burning marks were found. Strong energy fields can bem easured hours after the crop circles are formed in and around the crop circle.In my opinion the significance of crop circles is that contemporary scientists are getting hints by means of crop circles to seek for more understanding ofgeometry in physics and their discoveries of the zero point field.In the ancient teachin gs of sacred geometry it is believed that the sacredness ofeverything in the uni verse can be described in terms of geometrical patternscoming from the hand of G od. As unbelievable as that may seem, it can beillustrated with ample examples t hat indeed many unexpected things have ahidden geometry that is not obvious at f irst sight.It is now believed that the Egyptians applied sacred geometry in the constructionof the Great Pyramid and many other monuments. The Egyptians had two mystery-schools; one was called the left eye of Horus. This school taught the 47 Souls of Distortion Awakeningfemale principles of creation, about love and compa ssion. The other school wascalled the right eye of Horus and taught the intellig ent male principles of creation;sacred geometry was a main subject. Right eye of HorusSacred geometry has also left its traces in other cultures such as in the gothicarchitecture of European churches and cathedrals (Chartres), the Parthenon inAthens, paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and the Hindu classical dance. Sacredg eometry has been preserved in circles of Freemasonry in utmost secrecy.( ) Freem asonry symbolThe Freemasonry symbol is a carpenter s square and a compass, the two onlyinstruments needed in sacred geometry. It is a rule that if you have to use anyother instrument than these two to prove something applies to sacred geometr y,it may be geometry but it is definitely not sacred!Thanks to people like Rober t Lawlor, Bruce Rawles and Drunvalo Melchizedek, theart of sacred geometry is no w being restored and thanks to the enormous successof the book the Da Vinci Code b y Dan Brown that became very popular in theyear 2004, the awareness that seeming ly important knowledge has been secretlypreserved throughout history is now with in the public domain.Now let s take a quick course in this sacred art form and I ll show you someamazing things in the end.Flower of lifeNow this is a very importan t figure in sacred geometry: Genesis pattern. Crop circle, Tegdown Hill, 22nd Ju ly 2003 48 Souls of Distortion AwakeningIt is called the genesis pattern. We must remember that what we see here is atwo dimensional representation of what are actually th ree-dimensional spheres!Depicted in the picture you also see the hexagram formed by the two equilateraltriangles, it s the Jewish symbol known as the star of Davi d. The star of David inthis picture is actually, in 3D, a star tetrahedron or in terlaced tetrahedron. It isformed by two interlaced 3 sided pyramids, one pointi ng upwards and onepointing downwards. If you re looking for an example of a star t etrahedron have alook at the cover of this book.Now the next creation story was taught in the right eye of Horus mystery schoolsand is also the basis of the Her metic tradition (the wisdom of HermesTrismegistus alias the Egyptian Toth). This creation story was most likely alsofamiliar in Freemasonry circles.In the begin

ning the universal mind of God created from a total void ornothingness from the focal point of God s awareness a single central sphere. Thefirst sphere was all ar ound God on the first day of creation. The next day Godcreated another sphere, t he center of this sphere is located on the surfaceanywhere of the first sphere. The intersection of the two spheres is called theVesica Pisces: Vesica Pisces Cr op circle, Ashbury Oxfordshire, 1996 Symbol of ChristianityDid you ever see the above symbol? You see them often as a bumper sticker oncars, the symbol is obvio usly derived from the vesica pisces.The Holy Bible mentions that God created the light on the second day, the vesicapisces as we will explain at the end of this chapter is now believed to be thegeometry of the photon- the particle state of light!God s creation continued for 7 days, each time the center of a next sphere i sprojected on the surface of the previous sphere. Now count the number ofspheres in the Genesis pattern, they add up to 7, exactly the number of days it 49 Souls of Distortion Awakeningtook God to create the world as mentioned in the fi rst book of the Bible, Genesis.This is why it is called the Genesis pattern.If w e continue God s creation in the very same way but just a little longer than 7days , we get the following figure: The flower of life Crop circle based on the Flowe r of Life. Silbury Hill Koch formation 1997This figure is called the Flower of L ife, note the double outer circles that wereadded here, this figure is found all over the world, decorated on ancient buildingsand sacred monuments. It has been found in temples in Egypt. No symbols werefound that continued the creation pro cess beyond the Flower of Life pattern,that s why the outer circles were added. So mehow in ancient times, the ancientswanted to limit this creation pattern to the Flower of Life, maybe they wanted tohide something?So let s joyfully continue thi s creation pattern and look for what is hidden in thesepatterns that was discove red by Drunvalo Melchizedek.( )Let s add the just the next outer round of spheres. What we now find is called theFruit of Life, I marked the significant spheres t hat make up the Fruit of Life red todistinguish the pattern, remember that what we see is actually a threedimensional picture of spheres: 50 Souls of Distortion Awakening The Fruit of Life Crop circle, Wiltshire, 22nd Jul y 2003Now the Fruit of Life is called a female form because it only contains rou ndedforms, spheres, just like a female body that is curved. The male counterpart canbe constructed if straight lines are used to connect all the centers of all thespheres in this picture. The result is called the cube of metatron. Cube of M etatronThe cube of metratron is very important since it contains the solid geome tricalforms that have become the focus of a new ether physics that we will descr ibe inthe next chapter!Philosopher Plato described these forms that we find in t he cube of metratron 400years BC, hence they are called the Platonic solids.In f act the Platonic solids can be found in the metatron twice, the smallerversions of the solids are repeated in the inner 7 spheres. One of the five Platonicsolid s is the well-known cube. If you will, you can try and find the cube in themetat ron. I will help you a little bit with this one, here it is: 51 Souls of Distortion Awakening Cube in the Cube of MetatronThe green spheres are the corners of the cube. One corner in the back is hiddenfrom view though.Platon ic solidsThe five Platonic solids are named after Greek philosopher Plato who fi rstdescribed them 350 years BC in his book Timaeus. Here they are: Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron. Crop circle, West Overton, 24th June 1999 octahedron projected in 2D layout. 52 Souls of Distortion AwakeningAll of these five forms are in the cube of metatron , it may take a little while todiscover them but they are all in there. The Plat onic solids have very remarkablecharacteristics, for one they all fit perfectly within a sphere. The vertices of thesolid are on the surface of the circumscribi ng sphere! Also they perfectly fit insideeach other and can be perfectly nested. Al forms have a double, an opposite formthat can be created from the other. The cube and the octahedron are doubles forinstance. If we take the centers of the faces of the cube and connect all the linesbetween these centers we get the octa hedron. The same process can be reversedcreating a cube from an octahedron. The tetrahedron has itself as the double. Thedodecahedron and icosahedron are double s. Every line, face and angle in aPlatonic form is identical to every other line , face and angle within the same form.In other words the Platonic solids are ext

remely symmetrical!Another puzzling symbol that is derived from the progression of the Flower of Lifeis the Tree of Life. The Tree of life is central subject of study in the mysticalJewish Kabbalah. The Tree of Life can be overlaid with the Flower of Life and theywill perfectly match. It is an extraction from the Flowe r of Life, leaving out anumber of spheres of no interest. Tree of Life pattern J ewish Kabbalah Tree of Life. Crop circle, Barbury Castle Wiltshire, may 1997 53 Souls of Distortion AwakeningIn the next picture we show that the Tree of Life a lso perfectly overlays with theGenesis symbol. Do you start to grasp the geometr ical beauty of symmetry thatis involved in all these symbols and how all of them evolve from a simpleprogression of the Genesis symbol? Tree of Life overlaid by the Genesis symbolThe Tree of Life is the mystical symbol used in the Jewish es oteric Kabbalah. TheTree of Life is mentioned many times in the Bible as the tre e next to the Tree ofKnowledge of Good and Evil in the center of the Garden of E den. Ancienttraditions thought that these geometrical patterns were very importa nt andpreserved them in mystical esoteric sciences.TorusThe torus is also a very important geometrical 3D form and we ll bring it up herebecause it is the buildin g block of matter in ether science. It is best comparedwith a doughnut or the sm oke ring from a cigar.Here s it is: Torus 54 Souls of Distortion AwakeningIt is a sphere, curving inwards on top and bottom, such that it has a hole in themiddle! It also resembles an apple. The torus is t he result of rotating the Genesispattern 360 degrees around the center.Golden Me anAnother important subject of sacred geometry is the Golden Mean. The GoldenMea n is a very special ratio and is expressed by the Greek letter ? called Phi.It e quals ? = * v5 + = 1.618Phi like Pi is an irrational number, meaning you can nev er calculate its exactvalue, you can only approximate it.The Phi ratio is expres sed in the Golden Section. The Golden Section is a thelength of let s say a rope w hen it is divided such that the ratio of the longer partof the rope to the whole is exactly the same ratio as the shorter part of the ropeis to the longer part. When the Phi ratio is applied to a rectangle whereas B = 1 and A has length ,the r ectangle is called a Golden Rectangle.The Golden Rectangle can be used to create a spiral, the Golden Spiral. Startingwith one Golden Rectangle, a second Golden Rectangle can be attached to thefirst using the longest side of the rectangle, side A as the shortest side B of thenext rectangle. To this end the second recta ngle is constructed 90 degreesperpendicular to the first rectangle. If this proc ess is continued, called thespiralling of the Golden Rectangle, a curved line ca n be drawn through thecorners of the rectangles that will create a Golden Mean s piral. The spiralling ofthe Golden Mean spiral continues indefinitely in inward and outward directions,it s getting smaller and smaller spiralling inwards and get ting bigger and biggerspiralling outwards. 55 Souls of Distortion Awakening Golden Mean spiralA variant of the Golden Mean spi ral is the Fibonacci spiral. The difference with theGolden Mean spiral is that i s does not spiral in indefinitely but starts with aGolden Rectangle of which one side has length 1 and the other length Phi.Gradually when the Fibonacci spiral, spirals outward, there will be no distinctionnoticeable any more between a true Golden Mean spiral and the Fibonacci spiral.The Fibonacci spiral is based on th e progression of the Fibonacci sequence. Crop circle, fractal spirals, Milk Hill , Wiltshire august 12th 2001Fibonnaci sequenceLeonardo Fibonnaci (1175 AD), a gr eat mathematician of the Middle Agesdiscovered the Fibonnaci sequence by studyin g nature. He studied the growth ofrabbit populations, plants and flowers and how they grow their leaves and petalsand discovered a well-defined mathematical seq uence in all of this.This is the Fibonnaci sequence:1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 , 55, 89, 144 etc.Each number in the sequence is the sum of the two preceding nu mbers startingwith the root number 1. The Fibonnaci sequence progresses towards the GoldenMean if we divide two successive numbers in the sequence.1/1 =12/1 = 2 .03/2 = 1.55/3 = 1.6678/5 = 1.60.144/89 = 1.618 56 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe Fibonnaci sequence propagates towards Phi () but never reaches it since itis an irrational or transcendent number.Fibonacci spir als and Golden Mean ratios appear everywhere in the universe. Thespiral is the n atural flow form of water when it is going down the drain. It is alsothe natural flow form of air in tornados and hurricanes. Here s another beautifulexample of a

Fibonnaci spiral in nature, it s the Nautilus shell and every bookabout sacred ge ometry contains one: Nautilus shellThe Golden Mean ratio is all over the human b ody, in the ratios between thebones, the length of your arms and legs. The Golde n Mean is also the ratio in thedistance from the navel to your toe and the dista nce from your navel to the top ofyour head. Leonardo da Vinci has beautifully hi dden these Golden Mean ratios inhis paintings: Leonardo da Vinci and the Phi rat ios in the human handMusicGreek philosopher Pythagoras discovered a wonderful ma thematical relationbetween the harmonic notes in music. He noticed that by depre ssing a string indifferent positions on the fingerboard of a guitar like stringinstrument thatharmonic sounds were created. Some notes sounded better than othe rs. At eachdepression of the string the string is divided in two different lengt hs and the ratiobetween these lengths were measured by Pythagoras. He marked dow n all theratios that sounded harmonically well together. In this way he found th e followingratios: 57 Souls of Distortion Awakening1:1 (open snare)1:2 (depressed at 1/3 of the length of the string)3:2 , 5:3, 13:8, 21:13, 34:21What Pythagoras had discovered is ca lled the Diatonic musical scale, named afterthe fact that the string is divided into two lengths (Dia = two, tonic = tones)These ratios correspond with the freq uencies of the notes produced by the whitekeys of the piano when attuned in the Diatonic scale. After the 7th note the octaveof 8 notes is repeated only this ti me the first and the eighth note are doubled infrequency! The next 7 notes of th e white keys on the piano follow the exact sameratio!Now if you have been paying attention you may already have noticed that themusical ratios discovered by Pyt hagoras are the same ratios of the Fibonaccisequence! Simply take a number out o f the Fibonacci sequence and its successorand you have the musical ratio found b y Pythagoras.The Fibonacci sequence is the sequence that gives us these harmonic s in music.The diatonic scale is not the only musical scale, there are many more , in fact nopiano today is tuned in the Diatonic scale. But the principle relati on betweenharmonics in music and mathematical progressions of numbers defined by theFibonacci sequence is real.Now let s pretend that we ve tuned a piano in the Dia tonic scale and that we haveextended the piano s keyboard with keys to provide for 49 octaves! That would beone hell of a piano and it would certainly no longer f it into your living room!But suppose that we could actually play on this piano. When we play the notes inthe last two highest octaves, the keys on the far most right side of this piano,they will correspond with the frequencies of the colors of light!There are seven keys in the highest two octaves that are the frequenci es of the 7primary colors of the spectrum of light, the 7 colors of the rainbow! So not only does the Fibonacci sequence define the ratios of harmonics in soundb ut also in the electromagnetic domain of light, it defines the 7 colors of thera inbow! Octave Note Color F INFRA-RED G RED 48 A ORANGE-YELLOW B YELLOW-GREEN C G REEN D GREEN-BLUE E BLUE-VIOLET 49 F VIOLET G ULTRAVIOLET Music and color, the s ame harmonic ratiosWe now know that many musicians like Beethoven, Mozart, Chopi n, Bartk,Shubert and Debussy used the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Mean rati odeliberately not in the keys but in the composition itself. For instance Beetho venused the Golden Mean in his famous Beethoven s Fifth. His famous opening motto 58 Souls of Distortion Awakeningnot only appears on the first and the last bar of t he symphony but also on the barthat represents the exact Golden Mean point of hi s symphony! Bela Bartk usedboth the Golden Mean and the Fibonacci sequence delibe rately in his compositionsusing the measures 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 and 89 to intr oduce new instrumentssuch as strings, cellos, percussion etc. The question is wh y did these composersadd sacred geometry into their music? Maybe they were not o nly famousmusicians but also Freemasons?Squaring the circleA classical mathemati cal problem dating all the way back to Plato is called squaring the circle . In the last three thousand years mathematicians have triedto come up with a solution us ing only a compass and straightedge on how theconstruct a circle and square such that they have the same perimeter. In 1882Lindemann proved that there is no sol ution to this problem. Since Lindemann sprove is rather complex, we will show in s imple terms why the circle cannot besquared. The circumference of the circle wit h a radius of one is 2 * p and p (Pi) isan irrational number (a transcendent num

ber, p can never be measured only beapproximated!). But when Pi is irrational an d cannot be measured so is thecircumference of the circle! However the square s ci rcumference is a real numbersince it equals 4 times the side, and the side is a real number that can bemeasured. Hence the circumference of both circle and squa re will never be equalin the mathematical sense, however they can become infinit ely close.Vitruvian man The Vitruvian man by Leonardo da Vinci 59 Souls of Distortion AwakeningNow here s an interesting drawing from Leonardo da Vi nci. What he is showing inthis sketch is that the human body squares the circle . W hen man stretches hisarms and holds them horizontally, man s body will perfectly f it into the square.On the other hand, when he spreads his legs and raises his ar ms as in the sketch,man s body can be perfectly circumscribed by a circle. The cir cumference of thesquare equals that of the circle.A lot has been written about thi s sketch alone, it contains a whole lot of hiddensacred geometry. We will not go into all the details here, but I want to show yousome very amazing things. Anci ent wisdom, the Hermetic tradition tells us thatthe human body can be regarded a s a blue print for the universe by means of allthe ratios that are found within the body. This may indeed be true. Lets have alook at the following picture:This is the same picture as above, in the picture there are now two red circlesadded . The biggest red circle fits perfectly and is inscribed by the square. Thesmall er red circle s center is on the outer circle and tangentially touches the innerre d circle.Much to our surprise, the upper red circle represents the moon and the lower redcircle represents the Earth! In mathematical terms: The ratio of the di ameter ofthe smaller red circle to the bigger red circle r / R equals the ratio of the diameterof the moon to the diameter of the Earth! Now lets prove it:( )Ra dius of the moon :rRadius of the Earth :RSide of the square is : 2RThe perimeter of the square is :8RRadius of the outer circle is :r+ RThe circumference of the outer circle is :2p (r+ R)Now squaring the circle makes the perimeter of the squa re equal to the circle:8R= 2p (r+ R)8R -2p R =2prR (8 2 p) = 2 p r 60 Souls of Distortion Awakeningr / R = (8 2 p) / 2 p = (4 p) / pEarth radius = 6,3 70,973 mMoon radius = 1,738,000 mMoon to Earth ratio = r / R = 0.27279977r/R = ( 4 p) / p = 0.273239544 (p = 3.14159265)There is another mysterious relation to b e discovered in the sketch of theVitruvian man by Leonardo da Vinci. The Great P yramid at the Giza plateau inEgypt called after the pharaoh that is supposedly b uried there named Khufu(Cheops in Greek), holds a perfect geometrical relation t o the squaring of thecircle and the Vitruvian man as depicted by Leonardo da Vin ci!Look at the picture below: Great Piramid at Giza in relation to Vitruvius man The triangle in the picture is the exact geometrical proportion of the GreatPyra mid at the Giza Plateau near Cairo, Egypt. The angles between the base andthe ap ex (top) of the pyramid are exactly 51 degrees and 51 seconds. (51 51 ).( )The Grea t Pyramid and in fact the complete layout of the Giza plateau with all itspyrami ds, sacred temples and the sphinx contains a lot of hidden sacredgeometry of whi ch we will reveal more in this book. The point I want to makehere is that the Eg yptians were aware of the art of sacred geometry and how itrelates to the univer se, as the Giza plateau and in particular the Great Pyramidproves.Let there be l ightWhile explaining the Genesis pattern of sacred geometry we mentioned that on the second day of creation God created the vesica pisces and that the vesicapisc es is the geometry of the light particle the photon. The Holy Bible mentionsthe second day of creation as the creation of the light. By the way did you noticeth at the vesica pisces has the shape of the eye? 61 Souls of Distortion AwakeningIt was discovered by Buckminster Fuller, who did a lot of the groundwork inreestablishing sacred geometry, that the geometry of the photon must be twotetrahedrons joined at a common face.Now the geometrical shap e of the double tetrahedron are perfectly circumscribedby the vesica pisces wher eas the vertices of the tetrahedrons neatly touch theface of the vesica pisces. This has been confirmed by Drunvalo Melchizedekanother sacred geometry architect !( )The tetrahedron is also the hidden geometry in the electromagnetic wave (wav eform of light) itself. The electrical and magnetic fields are perpendicular to eachother and a spiral can be drawn connecting the electrical field with the mag neticfield that exactly traces over a tetrahedron!Tom Bearden, the inventor of t he REG machine has proof that James ClerkMaxwell must have known this but that O

liver Heaviside removed the knowledgeof the hidden tetrahedron in the simplified version of electrodynamics.( )Notre-Dame de ChartresThe knowledge of sacred geo metry has been preserved in the architecture ofchurches and cathedrals all over Europe. The cathedral of Chartres is famous forits sacred geometry that was used in its design. Sacred geometry can be foundfor example in the layout of the gro und plan and the stained glass windows thatcontain the Phi ratio. West rose wind ow of the Chartres Cathedral and ground planIn the Gothic nave of the cathedral we find an enigmatic labyrinth on the floormade out of white stone and set withi n dark marble. The labyrinth measuresalmost exactly one tenth of the interior le ngth of the cathedral and it is used asthe central point, the focus of the whole geometric construction of the cathedral.Obviously the designers thought it to b e very importantThe diameter of the labyrinth measures exactly the size of the w est rose windowshown in the picture above. At the same time the distance from th e center of thewest rose window to the floor is the same distance as the distanc e from the 62 Souls of Distortion Awakeningcenter of the labyrinth to the west portal wall of the cathedral. In other words thewest rose window and the labyrinth form a perfe ct equilateral triangle. Labyrinth on ground floor of the naveI personally visit ed the Chartres Cathedral a few times. During my last visit, inthe summer of 200 4, I noticed a young couple, a boy and a girl. The girl kneeleddown at the cente r of the labyrinth and went into a meditation, hands held highinto the air. The boy sat beside her. The couple were totally undisturbed by thecrowd that passed by although they drew a lot of attention! I was intrigued.Obviously the couple k new something more about the sacredness of the labyrinthand they had chosen this spot for their meditation. But what could it possiblymean?If we meander through the labyrinth we have to make these alternating left andright turns. At the sam e time we turn inwards and outwards until we enter thecenter. According to Danie l Winter, whose physics we will study in the nextchapter, the labyrinth is the 2 D symbolic projection of the Phi spirals that makeup a torus. The torus is assum ed in his ether physics to be the building block ofmatter. The labyrinth accordi ng to Winter is a symbolic projection of the twistsand turns the Phi spirals of light take while centering into the nucleus of theatom.The Chartres cathedral se cretly encoded knowledge of sacred geometry; howeverit took many ages before it was discovered. Sacred geometry was used in manymore cathedrals and churches thr oughout France such as the ones of Reims,Sens, Arras, Amiens, St Quentin, Bayeux and Toulouse to name a few. All ofthem contained labyrinths quiet similar to th e one in Chartres. The labyrinthobviously was very important.France was the home of the Merovingian Kings a bloodline that were believed tobe the descendants of Jesus Christ. Many authors now claim that Jesus hadchildren with Maria Magdalen e and that the Catholic Church kept this fact secretfor many ages. The idea has gained a lot of public awareness since the book the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown was released in the summer of 2004. Thedescendants of Jesus are the bloodline of the Holy Grail. Traces of this bloodlinelead to Rennes Les Chateaux in France and R oswell Chapel in Britain, thehomeland of the Knight Templars and king Arthur. Th is secret of Jesus hismarriage to Maria Magdalene and his offshoot was carefully preserved in secretsocieties.It is now believed that these secret societies als o preserved scientific and Gnosticknowledge that can be traced back to the mytho logical Atlantis. The Atlanteanknowledge is supposedly passed on to the Egyptian s and from the Egyptians tothe Greek Hermetic tradition. In modern times of hist ory it was preserved insecret circles of Freemasonry that have existed throughou t the ages. Leonardo da 63 Souls of Distortion AwakeningVinci was a member of such a circle that gave him a ccess to the science of sacredgeometry and his membership explains why he used i t in his paintings. Theimportance of sacred geometry especially the meaning of t he Golden Mean hasbeen used in many art forms in modern history, from the painti ngs of Leonardoda Vinci to the architecture of churches and cathedrals and in mu sic like in theFifth of Beethoven.( )RecapitulationThis chapter was a lecture in sacred geometry. I would not have introduced it inthis book if it didn t play suc h a significant role in a new physics that is unfolding.Science is discovering t he geometrical and fractal patterns described by sacredgeometry in our physical

universe, the gravitational and electromagnetic energyfields of the Earth, the s tructure of the atom, the energy fields of the humanbody.In chapter 3 we showed that the separation once suggested by Ren Descartesthat there is a strict segrega tion between the physical and the mental dimensionsis false. The human mind is v ery powerful and has powers of mind over matter.Quantum physicist Amit Goswami s uggested that consciousness is primordial andthat the physical realm is created from it.In chapter 4 we discussed the zero point field that was discovered by qu antumscience. The zero point field is an unlimited inexhaustible energy field th at ispresent everywhere in the universe. We suggested that the zero point energy might be the spiritual energy required to sustain Amit Goswami s claim.In this cha pter we studied sacred geometry an ancient science that is beingrediscovered by contemporary scientists.In the next chapter we will use sacred geometry, the zer o point field and ourunderstanding of consciousness and show how scientists toda y assimilate it into anew model of physics, a theory of everything that explains both the physical andthe mental domain. We will also see that contemporary scie nce is rediscoveringwhat Plato 2350 years ago suggested: that the world of the a tom is constructedfrom the Platonic solids and discover the importance of the Go lden Mean inwaveforms. 64 Souls of Distortion AwakeningChapter 6 Ether vibrationsQuantum physics that has been around for some hundred odd years now is stillmainstream s most accepted phys ics. Although quantum science has revealed thepresence of the zero point field w ith all its virtual sub atomic particles andphotons that jump into existence fro m apparently nowhere to return to oblivionnanoseconds later, there is still is n o reasonable explanation as to how and whyparticles and photons appear and disap pear just like that.Also the quantum probability wave is still hard to grasp and visualize. Quantumphysics may have proven to be a mathematically correct scienc e; for lay peoplethe wave-particle duality of quantum science it is still very h ard to grasp. How dowe visualize particles that can be both waves and solid litt le marbles?Another difficult thing to understand and accept is the atom model pr esented byNiels Bohr where electrons fly in well-defined shells around the nucle us. Sincethey continuously radiate energy why don t they eventually collapse into theshell? Where does this energy come from? Quantum science has accepted thequan tum states of the electrons (distinct shell within the atom) for a fact howeveri t cannot give a satisfying answer as to why the electrons only occur in discrete shells within the atom and why they don t eventually crash into the nucleus.Even t hree hundred years after the discovery of gravity by Newton, science stillhas no theoretical explanation for it.This is exactly why science is moving forward to find new theories that can betterexplain the anomalies of quantum science. Toda y mainstream science s best shotis the string theory. However, a small group of sc ientists is now taking acompletely different view, and their new thinking is tak ing them back to ancientbeliefs.For thousands of years brilliant physicists and philosophers have tried torepresent our world in mathematical models of particle physics that state that ourphysical world is made of matter of which the smalle st part is called the atom .Atom is an ancient Greek word meaning undividable; it i s supposedly the smallestpart of matter that cannot be divided anymore! Quantum mechanics howevernoticed that particles in some cases behaved like waves and lat er introduced thewave-particle duality.Some quantum scientist already suggested in the past that the quantumpossibility waves could be real waves after all, exi sting in the physical domain.They did not believe the particle wave duality was real. As long ago as 1937Erwin Schrdinger wrote that what we observe as material b odies and forces arenothing but shapes and variations in the structure of space itself .In the end even Einstein rejected the idea of discrete particles and belie ved thatparticles were in fact part of a continuous field.A growing number of po st quantum physicists are discovering what Einstein andSchrdinger already assumed ; physics may have been on the wrong track allalong, misled by the idea that the material world exists of separate hard particles!They are suggesting now that w e may live in a wave-based universe. Matter issimply the focal point of a vibrat ion in an energy sea called the ether. 65 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe etherIn Greek antiquity, the Greek scientists a nd philosophers believed that natureonly counted four elements; earth, water, fi

re and air. The atoms were believedto be the building blocks of these four eleme nts of the universe. Aristotle addedthe fifth element ether and postulated that planets and stars were made of etherstuff. Greek philosopher Plato, 350 years B. C., described these five elements andadded that matter is created from the five Platonic solids that he described in hisbook Timaeus. He equated the tetrahedron with the element fire, the cube withthe earth, the icosahedron with water, the octahedron with air and thedodecahedron with the ether, the stuff of the planets and stars. We now know ofcourse that there are far more elements in nature than the ones known in Greekantiquity. However, it is a well-known fact that the Pla tonic solids play a role inchemistry as the internal organization structures of molecules in many materials.For instance the Platonic solids show up in the orga nization of molecules innatural crystals.In this chapter we will present a new t heory about matter that agrees with Platothat the atoms are constructed from the Platonic solids. Some scientists nowbelieve that the ether is a subtle energy t hat flows through all material things likesome liquid, creating the material wor ld from it. The Platonic solids are believedto be the geometrical internal struc tures of the atom. Hence the new ether theoryuses sacred geometry to explain our physical existence.In the 19th century the luminiferous ether was well accepted by science! It wasthe medium through which the electromagnetic wave was suppose d to propagate.In those days physicists believed that matter and the ether were two separatethings. The ether served as the carrier medium for radiant energies such as lightand was believed to transmit force fields between material objects in the universesuch as gravity. James Clerk Maxwell, the founder of electrodynam ics and hiscontemporaries didn t have any doubt that the ether existed. However in 1881Albert Michaelson and Edward Morley conducted an experiment to prove theexi stence of the ether. At the time light was thought to be a compression wavethat propagated as a longitudinal wave just like sound waves through themotionless an d stationary ether. While the Earth itself is spinning, the Earth musthave a rel ative motion with respect to the motionless ether. It was reasoned thatwhen the speed of light is measured on the surface of the Earth it should givedifferent r esults when measured clockwise or counterclockwise with respect to therotation o f the Earth around its axis. However the Michelson Morley experimentproved that the speed of light had the same constant value no matter in whatdirection the sp eed of light was measured. From this experiment it was concludedthat the ether d id not exist. Physics has abandoned the ether theory ever since.However today sc ientists believe that the results of the Michaelson-Morly havebeen misinterprete d.So now after a hundred years the ether is back in physics. In the new emerging physics, the Newtonian particles and quantum mechanical particle/wave duality is abandoned. In ether physics there are only waves!The ether is the medium of the electromagnetic waves and it is assumed that theether is a non-material fluid-li ke medium, a subtle energy substance thatpermeates the entire universe. It is a well known fact that waves require amedium to wave in: without a medium, sorry t here can be no waves. Soundrequires the air. For water waves it is the water tha t waves. But for some 66 Souls of Distortion Awakeningunexplainable reason ever since the Michaelson-Morl y experiment supposedlydisproved the existence of the ether, physics accepted th e fact thatelectromagnetic waves can travel through empty space without any medi um atall. How absurd, if there is no medium, then what is waving? How is light t opropagate as a wave phenomenon if there is nothing to propagate in? Physicsacce pted that light could travel through absolute nothingness only because theMichae lson-Morly experiment failed.An astonishing premise of the revived ether physics is that there is no dualism,no distinction between a material and immaterial th ing; it s all energy sinceenergy is all there is! Matter is not a fundamental prop erty of the universe; it isthe form not the substance that shapes matter. Now we finally can take Einstein sfamous formula E=m * c, one step further and really sta rt to understand whatthis formula implied!It is not that energy and matter can b e interchanged; no, matter = energy,period!In this sense matter is an illusion o f solidness and separateness. Eastern spiritualtraditions have always claimed th at our world is Maya, illusionary. What theymeant by this is that separateness d oes not exist; there is only the unity at thefundamental level of existence, the

unity of Brahman. Now we may see Easternwisdom corroborated by modern day scien ce!This is how ether physics is best described:Our universe is multi dimensional and it is made of one substance and onesubstance only! This substance is called ether and it is a vibrating fluid-likeenergy that permeates the physical vacuum . Matter as we know it is createdmoment by moment as a standing wave, a vortex i n the physical vacuum. It isthe condensed center of these vortexes that creates the illusion of a separateparticle. All matter in the universe is interconnected since the particle fieldsextend to the far corners of the universe.Wave Structu re of MatterA precursor of ether physic is the Wave Structure of Matter theory b y Milo Wolff.In 1986 Wolff formulated a theory that he called the Standing Wave S tructure ofMatter (abbreviated to WSM theory). Independently Geoff Haselhurst cam e tothe same conclusion about a standing wave theory for matter and they arework ing together as of 1998.The WSM theory is relatively simple. It proposes that ma tter is the focal point of astanding wave the result of two interfering waves. O ne is an inward wave movingtowards the center and the other is an outward-bound wave moving away fromthe center. The waves are spherical waves in the fabric of space. The wave centerof the two spherical waves is the point particle center. As simple as the axiom ofthis theory is, the properties these standing waves can as sume seem to beimmense.Whereas almost all physical laws both in Newtonian and qu antum physics wereempirically derived by experiments, Milo Wolf says he now has theory that apriori, from theoretical principles, allows the laws of both relati vity and quantumphysics to be derived! 67 Souls of Distortion AwakeningIf he is right the origin of the physical laws and the properties of charge, massand gravity, for the first time can be understood. Mainstream physics could neverreally explain these; for one thing we still don t know what gravity really is: wehave known the physical laws of gravity since New ton, however we don t knowwhat is causing it!String theory is trying to accomplish exactly what the WSM theory has done, tointegrate quantum physics and Einstein s relativity. String theory is mainstreamphysics best shot and hope for a theory o f everything (T.O.E.)A wave structure of matter had already been proposed 130 ye ars ago by WilliamClifford, he declared that all matter is simply undulations in the fabric of space .Unfortunately, his colleagues never took his work seriously.I n the WSM theory matter is just the interference pattern of in and out waves.The in-waves of a given particle are the out waves of another particle. In this way all matter in the universe is sustained and mutually dependent. In and out waves tie all the matter in the universe together.( )Sub-quantum kineticsPaul la Viole tte has developed a general system ether theory called subquantumkinetics. He be lieves that science is wrong about many aspects in physicsincluding the Big Bang theory that tells us how the universe came into existenceafter one big cosmic e xplosion. According to the Big Bang theory, the universeinflated from what is ca lled a singularity, an infinitely compressed point in space,into a volume of sev eral hundred million light-years in diameter in just 10 seconds!This event require d that all known laws in physics, including the laws ofThermodynamics, Einstein s relativity laws (nothing can exceed the speed oflight) were disabled for the hap py occasion, the birth of all matter and energyfrom complete nothingness. After this briefest of moment of time, the holy lawsof science were re-enacted and eve r since the universe does not allow energy andmatter to be created from the same nothingness any longer (first law ofThermodynamics). At its birth, the universe showed its highest degree oforganisation and physics dictates that this order e ventually will decay intocomplete chaos again (second law of Thermodynamics). Sc ientists call this theincrease of entropy. Paul La Violette does not contradict these laws, on thecontrary, he simply doesn t believe that these laws were disable d for just thissplit second during the Big Bang. In his book Genesis of the Cosmo s hementions many more problems with the Big Bang theory such as the explanationf or the observed red-shifts of stars that cosmologists use as proof that ourunive rse has been expanding ever since the Big Bang. The red-shift of the stars isbel ieved to be caused by the Doppler effect as stars move away from our point ofref erence. Cosmologists never took the alternative tired light explanation forthese red-shifts seriously- that is, the fact that light travelling over billions of lightyears may be absorbed by intergalactic material resulting in a loss of ener

gy andan increase of wavelength.La Violette believes that the cosmology of the a ncients is a better alternative thatdoes not suffer from the Big Bang s singularit y problems. According to manyancient cosmologies, the universe evolved over bill ions of years as a result of a 68 Souls of Distortion Awakeningcontinuous process of matter and energy creation fr om a supposedly fourthdimensional realm, the ether. This creation process has ne ver ceased and stillcontinues today according to La Violette. To sustain his cla ims, he explains thatthe universe at heart is not a closed but an open system an d is able to receiveenergy and matter from a fourth dimension without contradict ing the laws ofThermodynamics.The ether is supposedly an unobservable metaphysic al realm, a non-equilibriumtransmutable medium that continuously fluctuates. Whe n fluctuations reach acritical threshold they are able to spawn stable waveforms in our observablephysical universe. It was only in 1973 that system theorist le arned aboutchemical solutions that were able to create self-organising chemical wavepatterns in solutions that spontaneously started to oscillate. These chemica lreactions such as the Belousov-Zhabotinski reaction periodically spawned so-cal led chemical or reaction-diffusion waves. The cross chemical reactions involvedo scillate between low and high concentrations of the chemical compounds thatdrive the reaction. Let s assume that the first reaction chain uses compound X tocreate compound Y, then the second reaction will be exactly the inverse of thefirst an d use compound Y to create compound X again.There is a constant diffusion of the compounds from areas of high to lowconcentrations, hence the reaction-diffusion wave. These chemical waves willspawn beautiful Mandela like wave patterns when put on a Petri dish. Tounderstand how the chemical reaction actually starts to o scillate let s use themetaphor of the predator-prey system. Suppose we have a popu lation of rabbitsthat has an abundant supply of lettuce. Since rabbits breed lik e hell, theirpopulation will grow fast. However in our little closed habitat the re are also foxesthat feed on the rabbits, limiting the growth of the rabbit pop ulation. Since therabbit population grows fast, so does the fox population. Howe ver, since there isa feedback loop in our system, balance will be restored in ou r habitat; when thefoxes eat too many rabbits, they will run into a food shortag e, reducing thegrowth of the fox population and allowing the rabbits to survive. The fox-rabbitpopulation will oscillate between two extremes, a minimum and max imum, aperfect example of a wave oscillation.From these observations, Paul la Vi olette reasoned that the ether may likewisespawn wave patterns from two ether st ates, two different etherons, thatcontinuously mutate from one state into the ot her and visa versa. In normalcases, the ether maintains its equilibrium state du e to the second law ofThermodynamics, however under critical conditions these et her transmutationslike the predator-prey waves may become self-organising and fo rm stable wavepatterns. These wave patterns will become observable in our physic al universe aselectromagnetic energy, light.His theory has been tested in a simu lator model called the Brusselator and usestwo X and Y etheron states to prove t hat under critical conditions, self-organisingoscillations may spontaneously com e into existence. The actual ether reactionused just a few more intermediate eth er states but for the sake of simplicityetherons X and Y are the only ones menti oned here.The transmutation ether model of Paul La Violette brings to mind thetr ansmutation of the Chinese Yin and Yang energies mentioned in the I Ching, theBo ok of Changes. The I Ching mentions physical creation as the result of cyclicmut ual transmutations of Yin and Yang energies. The female Yin energytransforms int o the male Yang energy and vice versa in an eternal process ofphysical manifesta tion. 69 Souls of Distortion AwakeningPaul La Violette s sub-quantum kinetics perfectly des cribes how the ether realmspawns waves that we observe as light in our universe. Since this light forms astanding wave that is eternally replenished by the ethe ron transmutations, this iswhat we finally observe as quantum particles of matte r.Sub quantum kinetics yields a better alternative for the required in and out w avesof Milo Wolff s Wave Structure of Matter theory. As we progress in ourundersta nding of how matter is actually shaped from the ether, we will see in thenext se ctions that the vibrations created from the ether must be organised invortex sha pes in order to shape the atom.( )Vortexes in the etherDavid Thomson and Jim Bou

rassa both founded the Quantum EtherDynamicsInstitute and are independently deve loping an ether based model integrating,quantum mechanics, relativity theory and string theory. The model describesmatter as a sub atomic whirlpool or tornado, a vortex in the ether. They call thisvortex the Toroidal (A)ether Unit (TAU). Wh en combined in sphericalconfigurations they form the nucleus and electron shells of the atom. QuantumEtherDynamics mentions that the ether has both mechanical a nd electromagneticproperties. The mechanical property is what gives matter its m ass; it s theangular momentum of the whirling ether energy. Mass is simply the ine rtiacreated by the ether vortexes much like the inertia that is created by a spi nningtop.The eternal spin of the ether vortexes that is to be maintained for the stability ofall matter in the universe is called the mysterious Gforce or God F orce.EtherDynamics defines it as an enormous force with no known cause. I quotef rom their website: The Gforce is a tremendous force that is beyond comparison to a ny other force inthe universe. It may not be what physicists are hoping to find (and I believe thisis why this model hasnt been proposed before), but the Gforce appears to be aprimary force that gave rise to the entire universe. If one were to liken it to theForce in Star Wars, they wouldnt be far off. If one were to c haracterize thisGforce as God, or Supreme Being, or Great Architect of the Unive rse, theywouldnt be far off, either. Whatever this prime force is, it appears to be a livingthing and the source of all things animate and inanimate. ( )CymaticsS acred geometry plays an important role in the ether physics that we arepresentin g in this book. The reason is rather straightforward. When the universeis shaped from one substance and one substance only, then the only way to givethe physica l world a seeming separate appearance of individual material things isthrough fo rm, since substance by itself cannot discriminate. Hence the geometryof the ethe r and how it is structured is the crux in creating the material world. 70 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe relation between vibration and geometry is beau tifully described by the workof Swiss medical doctor and natural scientist Hans Jenny (1904-1972) in ascience called Cymatics . Dr. Hans Jenny s Cymatics research, vib ration of a fluid with colloid showing a star-tetrahedronThe late Buckminster Fu ller (1895 - 1983) however was the first to discover thata relation between musi cal frequencies (The Diatonic scale) of vibration andgeometrical forms exists. H e used a balloon submerged in blue dye and vibratedit with audio frequencies fro m the musical scale (the 7 white keys from thepiano): as a result of wave interf erence, marvelous two dimensionalarrangements appeared on its surface.Dr. Hans J enny carried on the work of Buckminster Fuller and tested thesestanding wave vib rations in spherical volumes of fluid. Much to his surprise all ofthe Platonic s olids, named after the legendary philosopher Plato, showed up asgeometrical patt erns. What you see in the picture above is a star-tetrahedron, itis also on the cover of this book! If you examine the picture carefully you mayhave noticed the two equilateral triangles, one facing up and one facing down.Together they form a symbol that is known as the Jewish Star of David, butremember in 3D reality t he two triangles are tetrahedrons, three sided pyramids. Star of DavidThe white curved and straight lines in the photograph are the places where thevibration is cancelled, these are the nodal points, the still places to which thecolloid par ticles dissolved in the fluid take refuge when the fluid is vibrated. Thegeometr ical patterns are the result of wave interference. When the outgoingwaves from t he center of the sphere meet the reflected waves from the surface ofthe sphere, standing waves are formed. 71 Souls of Distortion AwakeningPlato explained in his book Timaeus that the Platon ic solids are the basic formsthat construct matter and that this knowledge came from the legendary Atlantis.We now have proof that humanity knew about the Plato nic solids even beforePlato. In the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford they preserve all of the 5 Platonicsolids and some additional semi-regular solids that were descr ibed by Pythagoras.Carved out of stone the Platonic solids are dated at least a thousand years beforePlato! These stones were found in Britain and belonged to t he Neolithic peoples, aculture that according to our current understanding did n ot have themathematical ability to understand these forms - nonetheless they car ved themout of stone!Now isn t this surprising that a vibrated fluid can create fo rms such as these andthat these forms have been described by Plato some 400 year

s BC?The secret of Sacred geometry is not about geometry per se, it s aboutvibration s that take on geometrical patterns!Sacred geometry was preserved throughout his tory in Freemasonry circles sinceit was believed to be important knowledge revea ling the secrets of our universe!Contemporary scientists now tell us that in fac t all of creation is the offspring ofether vibrations just like the Eastern Hind u cosmology has always talked aboutthe Ohm sound of Brahman as the vibration tha t creates the physical world.The experiments of Cymatics are now interpreted by Daniel Winter and DavidWilcock to show us how the Platonic Solid interference pa tterns also occur withinthe ether and that it is these interference patterns tha t really shape the atom.The Egyptians called matter frozen music and if indeed m atter is the result ofmusical vibrations of the ether just like the cymatics exp eriments demonstrate,we can now appreciate why.Implosion PhysicsDaniel Winter pr esents a physics model called Implosion Physics . He concludesthat the entire unive rse, the material world is created from one non-materialsubstance, the ether. Th e ether is a kind of super conductive fluid that flows rightthrough all physical objects. The ether vacuum is an extremely dense nonethelessfrictionless medium. The best comparison for the ether being non-material innature is the super-cond uctive state of helium. When helium is cooled down totemperatures below 2 degree s Kelvin it becomes a super-fluid, which means thatobjects can move through this fluid with no friction at all.Daniel Winter now believes that vortexes, little eddies or tornados in the fluid-likeether are the basic building blocks of matte r. Since the ether is some kind of afluid, it follows the well-known physical la ws of hydrodynamics.Interestingly, in 1895 two clairvoyants by the name Charles Leadbeater andAnnie Besant published an article in a magazine titled Occult Chemi stry whereinthey explained the internal structure of Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitroge n. Usingclairvoyance as the only instruments in their scrutiny, they revealed th e internalstructure of the above-mentioned elements. The clairvoyants had no sci entificbackground whatsoever, however they pictured the following torus shapes a s thebasic building blocks of the atom: 72 Souls of Distortion Awakening The AnuThey called these torus-like flow forms the Anu and mentioned that the atom isshaped from the ether using the Anu as a flow f orm.( )Daniel Winter supports the idea of these two clairvoyants and uses the to russhape from these observations along with the Platonic Solids to construct the atom.According to Daniel Winter the ether creates vortexes, little tornados of w hirlingand spiralling energy in the ocean of ether, our universe. The vortexes i n theether are like the little eddies in a river. The vortex is nature s natural f low formfor fluids. The same vortex flow form is created every time we pull the plug in ourbathtub!When two of these ether vortexes join their funnels they form a torus: Single ether vortex Double vortex = Torus 73 Souls of Distortion AwakeningNow the torus is a unique flow form in hydrodynamic s, it allows fluids to spiralinwards and outwards on the same surface of the tor us. It is a very stable flowform.If the universe is essentially created from one universal substance, the ether, itmust be form that is used to create different and separate things out of thisuniversal energy. The torus is nature s perfect fl ow form to create a seeminglyseparate entity in the formless ether that is stabl e enough to last.The torus flow form is similar to the rings created by the smok e of a cigar. Thecigar smoke whirls inwards on top of the smoke ring and comes o ut again on thebottom of the ring. It is constantly folding inwards to come arou nd on the otherside flowing outwards. The torus is often compared with the shape of a doughnutor an apple. It s a spherical form folded inwards at the poles to fo rm a small holein the middle.The individual ether torus doughnuts can be nested inside each other. Nestingtorus doughnuts requires that the vortex cones of the torus are aligned with thefaces of the Platonic solids.The flat bottom of a vort ex cone should touch the face of a Platonic solid.As an example we show the cube that contains 3 vortex pairs or 3 torusdoughnuts aligned perpendicular to each other in a cube and 5 nested torusdoughnuts in a dodecahedron. Cube (3 doughnuts ) Dodecahedron (5 doughnuts)Now we may remember from the cube of Metatron that t he Platonic solidsthemselves can be nested, they fit into each other. Let s take t he cube, whenlines are drawn to interconnect all centres on the 6 faces of the c ube, they formthe octahedron. The octahedron is fully circumscribed by the initi

al cube. Thesame process can be repeated now with the octahedron by interconnect ing thecentres of the faces of the octahedron. The result is a cube now circumsc ribed bythe octahedron. This process can go on and on forever, creating smaller andsmaller Platonic solids perfectly nested into each other, it creates a fracta l, arepetitive geometric pattern. 74 Souls of Distortion Awakening Nested Platonic SolidsThe nesting of the Platonic solids is not restricted to the cube and octahedron. AllPlatonic solids can be n ested into each other. It is the nesting of the Platonicsolids that creates the electron shells of the atom. Similarly however at a muchsmaller scale the nucleu s of the atom is formed.The electrons in the electron shells correspond with the vortexes that are nestedin Platonic symmetries. According to Daniel Winter, phy sics has mistaken thesevortex waveforms for electron particles. Within the atom, the electrons orbit thenucleus at a fixed distance from the nucleus. The sphere that describes the orbitalplane of the electron is called the electron shell. T here are different types ofshells in the make up of the atom that were given the names s,p,d and f shellsand they contain respectively 2, 6, 10 and 14 electrons maximum.Each vortex pair in the doughnut corresponds with 2 electrons and when thedoughnuts are organized inside the Platonic Solids we get the equivalent of a nelectron shell. Here s the correspondence:1 vortex pair (1 torus) corresponds wit h the 2 electrons of the s shell.3 nested vortex pairs in a cube correspond with the 6 electrons of the p shell.5 nested vortex pairs in a dodecahedron correspo nd with the 10 electrons of the d shell7 nested vortex pairs in an icosahedron c orrespond with the 14 electrons of the f shell. 75 Souls of Distortion Awakening Table of the elementsSo matter is the stable flow form pattern emerging from the ether. It takes ongeometrical shapes from a forml ess energy, creating the illusion of separateelectron particles in the electron shells and the particles that make up thenucleus.Mainstream physics has never be en able to explain why the atom has these random numbers of 2, 6, 10 and 14 electro ns in its electron clouds, the orbitalshells around the nucleus. Daniel Winter s m odel of the atom now explainsexactly why these number show up in the period tabl e of the elements! Thesenumbers are related to the geometrical properties of the Platonic Solids! Also forthe very first time we have an explanation as to why t he electron does not crashinto the nucleus and how it s radiated energy is repleni shed. Electrons are notparticles that encircle the nucleus in stead they are sta nding wave patterns atdiscrete distances from the nucleus! The ether simply repl enishes these standingwaves eternally. 76 Souls of Distortion AwakeningAnother way of looking at the torus shape is regard ing it as a form that can beperfectly described by a set of Phi spirals. Phi spi rals in nested doughnuts Phi spiral on the doughnut s surfaceEach Phi spiral is ac tually a series of pure sine waves. It is a well-known principlein physics that any complex wave shape can be created from the sum of simplerpure sine waves wit h different frequencies and amplitudes. This principle is calledthe Fourier prin ciple. The Phi spiral is constructed from a series of harmonics withwavelengths that comply with the Golden Mean version of the Fibonaccisequence:1/ ? 1 ? ? ?0.61 803 1.00000 1.61803 2.61803 4.23606?= 1.6180339887498948482045868343656381177203 09180When pure sine waves with wavelengths of 1/ ?, 1, ?, ? , ? etc. are addedtog ether, they will form a perfect Phi spiral.When these Phi spirals circle around the torus they meet and interfere. As aresult of this interference two new addit ional waves will be created. What is 77 Souls of Distortion Awakeningimportant to notice is that both new waves will hav e wavelengths that are againin the Fibonacci series. This allows that the interf erence will be non-destructivelysince the interference will simply result into m ore harmonics in the Fibonacciseries.Whilst destructive interference is the norm in wave interference, the onlyexception in nature is when the waves interfere w ith Golden Mean ratiowavelengths! In other words, the Phi spiral can re-enter it self around the torusshape without destroying itself. So the Phi spiral is the u niverse s only possibleway to nest and become self-organizing. This is how stable matter can be formedfrom electromagnetic energy as a form of pure wave interfere nce.Electromagnetic energy in a straight line is what we usually call light. Whe n thissame light chases its own tail around the surface of the torus shape we ca

ll itmatter. In other words the atom is pure electromagnetic energy in a coil, t hat weno longer perceive as light but as matter, or to put it in Daniel Winter s o wnwords; So now we have this dualism that waves in a line are energy and wavesin a circle are mass, and because we don t know how the wave got into a circlefrom th e line and out, we conceive mass as separate from energy. E=MC^2simply said that yes loop the speed of light back around on itself, and you mademass of energy .Th e Golden Mean spirals of the torus shape eventually spiral into a perfect zerost ill point in the nucleus of the vortex that coincides with the nucleus of the at om.So these sine waves implode inwards into increasing smaller wavelengths. Thei mplosion of the Golden sine waves into smaller and smaller wavelengths not onlyi ncreases the frequency of the waves but also increases the speed of the wavesto become super-luminal waves (travelling faster than light). According to DanielWi nter, this is what gravity really is, the cascade of Golden Mean electromagnetic sine waves that gain an ever-increasing velocity breaking the speed barrier ofli ght. Einstein had always assumed that electromagnetism and gravity wererelated a nd Daniel Winter explains us how this connection is established. 78 Souls of Distortion AwakeningWhen doughnuts are nested to form the electron shel ls of the atom, the onlyrequirement to continue this form of non-destructive int erference is that thesedoughnuts align according to the Platonic Solid geometrie s.When these nested doughnuts inside the atom are arranged according to thePlato nic solids symmetries, all waves will rush into the center of the atom,creating repetitive, recursive or fractal patterns that not only shape the electronshells but also the nucleus. Eventually the fractal patterns disappear into a zeropoin t in the nucleus of the atom. The implosion of the electromagnetic waves intosho rter and shorter wavelengths is what gravity really is. In a way the torus is am iniature black hole that attracts the light into itself creating gravity.The har monious wave cycles that follow the Golden Mean ratio, the Phi cyclesmay be the origin of the word physical (Phi cycle). Physics would be simply thestudy of Phi cycles!( )Universal principleThe repetitive patterns of the Platonic solids tha t fit into each other form fractals.A fractal is a repetitive pattern that can b e scaled to any size. The scale maychange but the ratio is held constant.Now the fractal patterns that shape the atom, according to Daniel Winter alsoshape our planets and stars, in fact the universe.A fractal has self-similarity at all sca les, it s the same geometric pattern repeated.The inner structure in a fractal is reflected in the outer structure. Fractal meansfraction of the all, indicating t hat each piece is part of the whole. It is the basicidea of a hologram and this is why according to Daniel Winter the universe atlarge is just a super-hologram. The fractals of electromagnetic energyinterconnect everything with everything a nd are the basic building blocks of thishologram. The fractal repetitive structu res of electromagnetic energy weave agiant cobweb throughout the universe.The wa velengths of planets and stars are huge in comparison with thewavelengths of the atom, however when their wavelengths fit into the Fibonaccisequence of the Gold en Mean, they interfere non-destructively, they implode andform a fractal attrac tor that we call gravity! This is how the planets and stars areconnected by mean s of imploding electromagnetic waves that we experience asgravity.So if the univ erse is in essence a hologram and there is only one principle thatshapes everyth ing from atoms to planets stars and the universe at large, weshould find proof o f these Platonic Solid and doughnut structures in all parts ofthe universe.This holographic principle of the universe was first mentioned by the ancientGreek He rmes Trismegistus and written down in his emerald tablets as one of theseven Her metic principles As above, so below, as below, so above . What Hermesmeant was that there is a correspondence between the different planes ofexistence, the macro-c osmos and the micro-cosmos. This Hermetic principle tellsus that what we see out there in the universe, in the galaxies, stars and planets,we should also find o n a smaller scale inside the atoms. 79 Souls of Distortion AwakeningSo is there any proof that may corroborate the vali dity of this Hermetic principlein our universe?Surprisingly enough, NASA in the summer of 2004 released new informationabout discoveries that were made with the European Space Agency observatoriesthe INTEGRAL and XMM-Newton. They discovered that so-called black holes inour universe are actually doughnut shaped torus fo

rmations! Black holes areobjects that exist in our universe with an unfathomable mass. They have thedensity of millions to billions times the mass of our Sun an d the gravitationalforce of black holes is so strong that nothing can escape fro m it, not even light.Everything in the environment of a black hole is attracted to the core of the blackhole. NASA s doughnut shape of the black holeThe similarit y between the macroscopic doughnut torus shape of the black holeand the microsco pic doughnut torus shape of the atom is apparent. The blackhole s basic characteri stic is that its gravitation is so immense that even lightcannot escape it. Acco rding to Daniel Winter the vortex structure of the doughnuttorus structure is ac tually an implosion of Golden Mean waves that is no less thanthe equivalent of g ravity. It is light that is attracted into the core, just like whathappens insid e the Black Hole.( )Astrophysics is still trying to find out the right cosmologi cal model for ouruniverse. The current accepted idea has been around since the s eventies and isthe idea that the universe has been created in one giant blast ca lled the BigBang. Ever since the universe has been expanding, the cosmological m odel of anexpanding universe is called the inflationary model. One of the founde rs of theinflationary model Dr. Robert P. Kirshner of Harvard University now bel ieves thata cyclic model can better explain the latest discoveries made about ou r universe.In the cyclic model the universe is re-birthed in an eternal cycle of bothexpansion and contraction. Recent discoveries have shown that the universe notonly expands, but also that this expansion is accelerating. The only source t hatcould explain this acceleration is an invisible energy that permeates the ent ireuniverse! Astrophysics has termed this mysterious energy dark energy!Remarkab ly a cyclic model is the cosmological model that corresponds with theancient Eas tern cosmology. According to the spiritual Eastern scripture of theUpanishads th e universe is recreated eternally from the breath of Brahman bybreathing in and out the Prana of the universe.( ) 80 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThere are now a number of astrophysics theorists wh o have launched the ideathat the universe at large has the shape of a giant doug hnut torus. One of thesetheorists is Professor Joseph Silk of the Department of Physics, Oxford University.The most common used method by scientists to model th e shape of the universeis to measure and determine the geometry of the cosmic mi crowave backgroundradiation of the universe, the primordial residual energy of t he Big Bang thatcreated the universe and it is from these measurements that thes e new ideas ofthe universe stem.( )If we assume that the universe is indeed in a perpetual cycle of birth and deaththen the doughnut torus shape can perfectly e xplain and model this behavior.Just suppose that all planets, stars and galaxies move through space in this hugedoughnut shaped universe. The center of the doug hnut represents the moment ofthe Big Bang. The center like the center of the bla ck hole is a singularity where allspace and time are infinitely compressed. Thin k of this zero point as the eternalnow. Now when we leave the zero point of the doughnut and move outwardsthrough the funnel over the surface of the doughnut, s pace emerges and starts toexpand, time starts ticking. We ve left the white hole of the universe whereplanets, stars and galaxies are birthed. While traversing over the surface of thetorus, space keeps expanding until we cross the equator, the middle plane of thesymmetrical torus. Next space starts to shrink again and all space is attracted tothe black hole opposite pole of the doughnut where everything will collapseagain to the zero still point within the doughnut. We ve completed o ne completecycle of birth and death! The eternal cycle of the universe would be such thateverything is being birthed from a singularity, (The Big Bang), the whi te hole ofthe universe. After the universe s birth we move for billions of years t hroughspace to end up where we started to be attracted again into a huge black h ole.From there on the next cycle is started.( )Recent discoveries made by astrop hysics have also shown that the Platonic solidscan also be found in the clusteri ng of galaxies. Octahedron clustering of galaxies in the universe 81 Souls of Distortion AwakeningIn our galaxy, the zodiac with its twelve signs act ually has the geometry of adodecahedron with its 12 faces corresponding to the 1 2 houses or signs of thezodiac!Platonic Solids also show up in the Earth s energy fields as will be demonstratedin the next chapter. The aura of the Earth is a dode ca-icosohedron grid (nesteddodecahedron and icosahedron) that is referred to as

the Earth grid for short.Richard Hoagland together with David Wilcock have point ed out that there areplanets in our Solar System that show geological stress poi nts at exactly 19.47degrees latitude. Examples are the Great Red Spot on Jupiter , the Great Darkspot of Neptune, the Sun s area of the largest sunspots. The 19.47 degreeslatitude stress points can be explained if we consider the interlaced te trahedronenergy structures to be present in the sphere of these cosmic bodies. I nterlaced or star tetrahedron in the planets( )The correspondence principle of t he Hermetic principle as above, so below isvalid also for the Platonic solids in t he aura, the energy field of the human body.Science in the nineties has actually corroborated the existence of the bio energyfields of the human body that were already known to the Chinese for thousandsof years, know as the Chinese meridian system and the seven chakras in thebody. The eastern Chakra systems of the body have been identified as nodes inthe human body where vortexes of subtle energy from higher dimensionsinterfere with the physical body.Many ancient traditions m ention that the etheric energy counterpart body of thephysical body as the vehic le of the human soul. Supposedly the energy structureof the human aura contains the wave interference patterns of the Platonic Solidsespecially the star-tetrahe dron (Star of David). 82 Souls of Distortion Awakening Meditation in Lotus position and the MerkabaThe en ergy body in ancient Egypt was called the Merkaba. (Mer=rotating light,Ka=spirit , Ba=human body). It was believed that the spinning light of theMerkaba could ta ke a person from one dimension into another. It was the lightthrough which the s oul descended into the human body and that can also be usedto ascend to higher p lanes.The Merkaba energy field of the human body is an interlaced tetrahedra (do ubleinterpenetrating tetrahedra, one pointing upwards and one downwards, see the cover of this book). The Merkaba is mentioned in many religions such as in theJe wish Kabbalah, which describes it as a counter rotating energy field that affect sboth spirit and body.In the Bible Ezekiel called the Merkaba the vehicle of lig ht. This vehicle of lightallowed the soul to travel between parallel dimensions. Kings 2:2 tells the story ofprophet Elijah and Elisha who crossed the Jordan ri ver at Beth-El when all of asudden a Merkaba of fire appears and Elijah disappea rs in the whirlwind. Elijahhad vanished from the face of this Earth and ascended from the physical plane.The Merkaba is also preserved in Islam in the ancient I slamic mysticism ofSufism. The dervish Sufi dancer expresses the Merkaba by spin ning in a counterclockwise dance his robe, creating two spherical discs that exp ress the toroidialshape or torus shape of the Merkaba. Sufi dancer creating a Me rkaba 83 Souls of Distortion AwakeningIn our modern times, sacred geometry researcher Dru nvalo Melchizedek has putmuch effort in reconstructing the significance of the M erkaba, he mentions thatthe human body creates the Merkaba as an electromagnetic energy field aroundthe body. Ananda Bosman has launched a whole new science tha t he has coinedVortexiajah. Vortexiajah stands for a physics of vortexes within vortexes thatperfectly corresponds with Daniel Winters phi-physics. Ananda expla ins that theMerkaba or the Light Body Star Ship as he mentions it is the vehicle between thethird dimension and other higher planes of existence. He claims to b e able totravel out of body using his Merkaba. His first outer body experiencess pontaneously occurred after a serious accident where he almost lost his life! He claims to be in contact now with a higher intelligence helping him to shape hisn ew physics Vortexiajah!( )Sacred geometry patterns of electromagnetic energy als o occur in the energyfield radiated by the heart. The human heart has an electro magnetic field in theform of a doughnut toroidial field (perfect torus) triggeri ng the 7-layered musclesin the heart to beat. This toroidial energy field is the animator of the heartaccording to Daniel Winter.Another example is the geometry of DNA. DNA has the geometry of teninterpenetrating dodecahedra spiralling alon g the helix. It requires ten Phi spiralsto create the top view of DNA. The basic geometry of DNA is that of adodecahedron. Since Daniel Winter assumes that the universe is one huge superhologram and that everything in the universe is connec ted with everything elseby means of Golden waves, he believes that DNA is electr o-magnetically coupledwith the Earth grid and the Zodiac by means of the fractal dodecahedron shapesof energy. DNA, Earthgrid and Zodiac coupling 84

Souls of Distortion AwakeningEther and the zero point fieldBut how does the ethe r relate to the zero point field that quantum scientists havediscovered? Are the y one and the same thing? The only difference I believe ishow these fields are b eing described.Both fields describe energy that is everywhere in the universe. Q uantum physicshowever describes the zero point field as the collective energy th at is released(virtual photons) by all of the sub atomic particles in the univer se when they fallback from their excited state to their ground states of energy (called the Lambshift after Willis Lamb). The sum of all this energy is what cre ates the zero pointfield. On the other hand the sub atomic particles borrow ener gy (virtual photons)from the zero point field pushing them into a higher energy state. The give andtake of virtual photons of energy is what shapes the zero poi nt field. In this wayempty space, the vacuum is actually a plenum of electromagn etic energy (virtualphotons) spanning all frequencies in the electromagnetic fre quency domain.In contrast with quantum physics the ether theories state that the re are noparticles only waves. The zero point in the ether theory of Daniel Wint er is theperfect stillness, the alpha and the omega of creation. The zero point is perfectstillness and infinite movement at the same time. It s the same thing. H ow canthis be? The cascade of Golden waves creates an infinite series of higherh armonics and when all the waves are added up using the Fourier principle itcreat es a flat wave of zero Hertz, perfect stillness!Now think of a glass of water, i f you start to vibrate it slowly, you will quiteclearly see wave fronts in the g lass. When we increase the frequency, it will beharder to notice the water surfa ce is vibrating. If we add in all possible vibrationswith frequencies ranging fr om extremely low to indefinitely high, the sum resultof all these vibrations wil l turn the water into a smooth surface again. The waterhas become calm again. Th is calmness however is illusionary since the water isboth at rest and shaking li ke hell all at the same time!That is what the zero point field in essence is; it s complete stillness (zero Hertz)and filled with an infinite cascade of Golden ha rmonics all at the same time.The waves that create matter and that by means of f ractals move into thenucleus in an increasing cascade of Golden waves, speed up and exceed the lightspeed. But where do they go? They center into the zero point , back from wherethey came. In this sense, the zero point is the alpha and omega of creation!The zero point is perfect stillness and unimaginable abundant activ ity at the sametime! They are two sides of the same coin, it s like a snake biting it s own tail.Conscious energyScientist like David Wilcock, Daniel Winter take th e notion even further, they saythe ether energy has properties of consciousness, they conclude that there is nodualism in the physical and the mental realm.The ether energy is pure consciousness energy and since it shapes our entireuniverse , the universe itself must be a living intelligent being. 85 Souls of Distortion AwakeningSo if this fact can be proven ether physics seems t o be a scientific corroborationof the tenets held by many Eastern spiritual trad itions that the source of ouruniverse is a life force energy, a spiritual energy called many names like Prana,Ki, Chi, Akasha to name a few.In this chapter we ll present some proof of this startling conclusion, althoughscientist take different notions to come to this conclusion. For instance DavidWilcock refers to Russian studies that have revealed the very existence of torsionwaves that travel as spi ralling impulses through the ether medium at a billiontimes the speed of light. They are caused by many types of events such as themovement of physical objects but also surprisingly enough by human consciousthought! Russian discoveries reve aled that our thoughts and feelings extend farbeyond the body and travel through the universe!Quantum physicist David Bohm also believes that the universe is ho lographic innature and that there is an undivided wholeness of all things, it is useless to thinkin terms of separate particles since they are like little whirl pools in the river, youcan t tell where the whirlpool starts and the river ends. B ohm goes on to say thatlife and consciousness are not only present in animate li fe forms but also ininanimate matter such as rocks since, energy, space, time an d consciousness arenot separate things according to Bohm.Amit Goswami says that consciousness must be the ground of all being to solvethe ambiguity of the Copen hagen interpretation of quantum science. So it mustbe consciousness that is prim ordial and shapes the physical. Amit Goswami is theauthor of the book The self-aw

are universe .Daniel Winter explains consciousness as follows; wherever the ether waves foldback upon themselves to become fractal or recursive, they turn around to meetthemselves creating not only gravity but also self-reference or self-awar eness inthe process. Self-reference is the principle of being self-aware and is thedefinition of consciousness according to the ancient Vedas.The Golden waves i n the fractal geometrical patterns are attracted to the zeropoint, the focal poi nt of the atom. The zero point acts as a fractal attractordrawing into it all th e electromagnetic waves that can be shared to ride the rollercoaster of the casc ading Golden waves. In a sense it s a miniature black holeattracting the light int o itself meanwhile creating not only gravity but also self-awareness.But if recu rsive electro-magnetic waves forming fractals is the true nature ofconsciousness , it means that consciousness is not restricted to life forms only butalso inani mate objects must have a kind of consciousness. All material things inthe univer se must be self-aware!Indigenous tribes like the native Indians of America and t he Australian aboriginalsfor instance have always claimed that everything from t he raindrops to rivers,from rocks to mountains are alive. Conscious life is not restricted to animate lifeforms that dwell upon the land; the Indians believed t hat every material thinghad a soul, including the land. To these people all of c reation was alive and partof the whole; they worshipped the mountains and the ri vers, the moon and theSun just as much as the animals and plants. Our western cu lture regards theancient religions as primitive since they worshiped the stars a nd planets as theGods of the Heavens. Maybe they didn t have such a primitive and poor conceptof reality after all? Maybe it is us who have some catching up to do ? 86 Souls of Distortion AwakeningIt is now dawning in science that the universe may be self-aware. This impliesthat all atoms, planets, stars, etc, are self-aware a nd have some form ofindividuality. We can no longer speak of consciousness that is restricted toorganic life forms alone; consciousness can reside in many forms including starsand planets. The universe itself may be one conscious being that we humans area whole part of.This makes every single focal point of waves an in dividual consciousness that ispart of the universal consciousness. Human individ ual consciousness focusing inthe human body is simply a piece of the whole pie o f consciousness. The brain ismerely the antenna tuned to receive the individual consciousness from theuniversal consciousness just like the quantum brain theory suggests. Eachindividual mind however must also have access to the universal mi nd.It would explain how the universal consciousness was accessed by so manygeniu ses like the greatest philosophers, scientist, artists and musicians that havein spired us throughout the Ages. If we grasp and accept this, then within thisholo graphic concept of consciousness our separate egos must be illusions.A growing n umber of physicists today believe that the universe indeed is self-aware. Why is it that almost all of the world religions associate God sconsciousness with light ? The Bible tells us that God is the Light of the world!Daniel Winter s Implosion Physics now tells us that it is conscious light thatcreates the material world! Could this universal consciousness that many like torefer to as God be the zero point in the ether, the still point, the fractal attractorin chaos theory that d raws all the light of the world into itself where all is One?The zero point coul d be regarded as the source and destination, the alpha and theomega of creation. Daniel Winter tells us that it is this universal consciousnessthat focuses the waves into the zero point and keeps it spinning, it can becompared with the Gfor ce mentioned in EtherDynamics!But wasn t God also associated with unconditional lo ve? If God is really to beassociated with conscious light then where is the love in all of these Goldenwaves?Phi and LoveManfred Clynes, a former concert pianis t studied the relation between music andemotion. During his many performances he learned that certain parts of hisplaying moved people more than others. He want ed to find out what it was inmusic, what pitches and notes touched people more t han others. He started ascientific career to find out.He studied the wave shapes that were related to human emotions. The tenderhugs and caressing between peopl e seemed to follow predictable envelopes ofpressure that were universal. His stu dies showed that they were not related tocultural, religious or racial backgroun ds. All over the world people seem to followthe same recipe for creating emotion

s in waves.Expressions of anger and hate where people push and jerk the other al so followpredictable wave paths of pressure. Amazingly the emotion associated wi th loveis Golden Mean related! If we re hugging our loved one and we express thefe eling of love, the maximum pressure in the hug is at exactly the Golden Meanrati o with respect to the total duration of the hug! 87 Souls of Distortion Awakening Relation between emotions and wave envelops.Daniel Winter concluded from Manfred Clynes material that love must be GoldenMean rela ted!So it seems there is only one way the universal consciousness of the univers e cancreate. It requires the loving non-destructive interference bending of ligh t intofractal structures of geometries that allows the waves to stand and interf ereeternally. The higher harmonics in the Golden Fibonnaci sequence are all base don the longest Phi wave, the carrier wave. The cascade of electromagnetic waves all braid on this Golden wave with the longest wavelength, the long Phi wave orl o-Phi wave, the love-wave!Is lo-Phi the origin of the word love?So it seems only love creates and we can now appreciate that the loving wavesthat interfere with each other is what creates the material world. If the interferingwaves did not maintain the Golden Mean ratio in wavelength, destructiveinterference would be t he result and the material world could simply not exist.Isn t it true that love ca n move mountains and that hate and anger destroyseverything? We can see the same principle expressed in waves that lovinglyconstruct the material world! When th e waves hate each other, they compete andkill each other!Light in a straight lin e is energy, loving light bended around a focal point createsmatter and it s the u niversal consciousness that keeps the waves centered! If theuniversal mind of th e universe, God is the light and love of the world, like theBible has always tol d us; we can now appreciate it from a scientific perspective!The loving heartDan iel Winter is a member of the Heart Coherence Team that has developed aHeart Tun er . The Heart Tuner is a heart/brain biofeedback system that is ableto measure t he coherence between the heartbeats (Electrocardiogram ECG) andthe brainwaves (E lectroencephalogram EEG) of an individual. It is used by 88 Souls of Distortion Awakeningtherapists and researchers but is also suited for i ndividuals to establish balancebetween the heart and mind.For the first time in history we re able to really measure human emotions such ascompassion, empathy, lo ve, anger and frustration. The Heart Tuner uses theelectromagnetic waves of the heart and the brain and is able to determine if thereis harmony between them, in other words if there is coherence between heartand mind. What the Heart Tuner d oes is that it checks whether our feelings andthoughts are balanced.For ages we ve believed that the heart is the home of our feelings and emotions,it is expresse d in almost any popular love song, however human emotions cannow really be measu red and they stem from the heart indeed. Emotions arereflected in the waves of t he ECG.Also our thoughts leave a fingerprint in the electromagnetic field of the brain, ourbrainwaves recorded in the EEG. The Heart Tuner picks up the signals of theheart and the brain and is able to detect phase locks between the waves of theECG and the EEG.When a phase lock is detected, not only do the frequencies i n the heart signalmatch up with the frequencies of the brainwaves, also their ph ase matches, thewaves are harmoniously connected! In technical terms the signals are said to becoherent! What really is happening is that the person involved is balancing hisfeelings and his thoughts and he s experiencing peaceful, joyful fee lings, bliss.The Heart Tuner has proven its therapeutic benefits: It stimulates the immune system Balances emotional and physical health Is a feedback tool for stress release Improves a person s learning abilities Can be used to eradicate add ictions. Is a good aid in conflict solving by measuring coherence between two pe rsons (it s a lie detector that never lies!)Now how does the Heart Tuner work and what is really happening in thefrequency spectra of the heart and brain?First of all, the sonic sounds of the heart, the heart beats are translated intoelectrom agnetic pulses by the thymus of the heart and the glands in our bodythat act as piezo-electrical devices translating sonic pressures intoelectromagnetism. This is how the heart creates an electromagnetic field that canbe measured as an ECG. Daniel Winter discovered that people who are experiencing true feelings of lovel eave a signature in the frequency spectrum of the heart, the ECG.What happens is that the frequency components in the spectrum become GoldenMean related (Phi)!

Surprisingly also the brainwaves can become entrained,phase locked with the hear tbeat waves! Brain and heart waves beat in the samepace and in the same phase co nnected by the Golden Mean (Phi).The result is our by now familiar cascade of Go lden electromagnetic waves justlike we ve discussed before that is happening insid e the atom. 89 Souls of Distortion AwakeningAccording to Daniel Winter, the cascade of Golden e lectromagnetic waves ends upas blue light in the DNA of our body! The DNA is a k ind of a lens attracting theelectromagnetic energy into itself.So how does the h eart and brain waves that have long wavelengths connect andlock with the much sh orter wavelengths of the DNA? It s the Golden Mean ratiothat bridges the scale of the long wavelength of the heart and brain waves to theshort wavelength of DNA. When our thoughts and emotions are attuned to love, acascade of Fibonacci series of harmonics is created that links the energy of thehearth and mind to our own DNA.So emotion is really energy, it is energy in motion, e-motion. Emotion is li ke aroller coaster conveying the emotional energy from the heart to every cell i n ourbody into our very own DNA. The energy of our emotions moves between theses cales of long waves to short waves and is finally delivered to our DNA. Fritz Po phad previously discovered the bio photons, the blue light in the body andassume d that it was somehow related to DNA, Daniel Winter explains us the wavecoupling mechanism of how the energy of the mind and heart is delivered to ourvery own D NA.When the heart expresses the emotion of love it creates a cascade of GoldenMe an electromagnetic waves, in fact it creates gravity just like the atom doeswhen it attracts by Golden Mean braiding electromagnetic waves into the zero stillpo int. Why have we always associated love with gravity? Why do we use wordslike I m attracted to you, like the moon is to the Earth, when we re in love withsomeone? W hy has our emotion always been associated with weight? Why are weheavy in love? When Isaac Newton saw the apple fall from the tree, he justdiscovered gravity. H e ran off to tell others and explained the principle of gravityto others by sayi ng that the apple is attracted to the Earth. The people stared andlaughed at him , the whole idea seemed preposterous, how could an apple beattracted to the Eart h? Are they in love? Only people in love are attracted to eachother. It took New ton a long time before people started to get used to the idea ofgravity as a for ce of attraction. In those days, Newton would have done better totake another wo rd to explain the principle of gravity. However taking DanielWinter s theory of gr avity literally, the word attraction seems just fine, it nowseems appropriate to say that the Earth and the moon are in love and that it isgravitation that is d rawing a man to a woman!Daniel Winter also used his Heart Tuner on a trained yog i who went into a deepstate of meditation. Formerly he had instructed the yogi t o focus on a tree and tosend loving thoughts to the tree. He placed an antenna n ear the tree and linkedboth the yogi and the antenna near the tree to his Heart Tuner.The antenna under the tree picked up the Earth s electromagnetic Schumannwav es. The Schumann waves named after German Professor W.O Schumannwere discovered in 1952. The Schumann waves are a result of the Schumannresonance, a frequency r esonation of about 8 Hertz that occurs between upperlayers in the atmosphere and the Earth s crust. It is called Gaia s heartbeat.The Schumann resonance is somehow related to human consciousness sincebrainwaves operate in a frequency domain tha t includes the 8-Hertz Schumannfrequency. Spacecraft of NASA are all equipped wi th a device that simulates thenatural Schumann resonance frequency. From early s pace travel NASA learnedthat astronauts get disoriented and distressed when they are shut off from theSchumann resonance. As a human being we depend on it. 90 Souls of Distortion AwakeningDaniel Winter demonstrated that the trees in the wo ods act like huge antennathat pick up the Schumann frequencies and amplify it. W hen hooked up to theHeart Tuner he noticed first of all that that the yogi s ECG a nd EGG were coherentas expected from earlier experiments. However he also found that the yogi sbrainwaves and heartbeats had become coherent with the Schumann res onanceof the Earth!What he demonstrated with his experiment is that when we feel love we tune intoand become one with nature itself. Daniel Winter now believes that all biologic lifedepends on the Schumann resonance as the carrier wave, the long Phi wave tobraid electromagnetic Golden waves. Humans can link up to biolo gy and tomother Earth itself for that matter. The heartbeat of this planet is th

e Schumannresonance. It may be the explanation why a walk in the woods is so ref reshingand why people like to spend time in nature. Being completely shut off fr om theSchumann resonance on high altitudes in a plane where the fuselage acts li ke abig Faraday cage, is now believed to contribute to the effects of jet leg.Da niel Winter warns us of the hazards of electromagnetic smog in our biosphere,it destructively interferes with biology itself and finally causes cancer. We veshiel ded ourselves from the natural Schumann resonance and the Earth gridenergies by hiding in concrete buildings and by destroying the green forests ofthe globe, th e antennas that amplify the Schumann resonance. The power grid inthe United Stat es that drains current into the Earth causes the worst case ofelectromagnetic po llution and this activity should be stopped immediatelyaccording to Dan Winter!( )Torsion wavesNikola Tesla around 1900 was the first to experiment with two spi ral coils(caduceus shaped). He fed the two coils with opposing alternating curre nts suchthat they would create electromagnetic fields that would be self-cancell ing.Although the electromagnetic fields were cancelled out, he demonstrated that hisTesla coils were nevertheless able to transmit energy over long distances. H e hadactually discovered a new form of energy. Remarkably Tesla s waves did notloo se its energy at the inverse square of the distance as normal electromagneticene rgy does, even over long distances there was no loss of energy to be noticed.Tes la s work on this revolutionary new form of energy was almost forgotten inhistory. It retrospect it seems his work was too revolutionary to be accepted bysociety in the last century, especially its application of free-energy. This is whyhis w ork nearly disappeared without trace. Fortunately the same form of newenergy was independently rediscovered in the nineteen fifties during the cold warbehind th e Iron Curtain by Russian astrophysicist Dr. Nikolai A. Kozyrev (1908-1983). Koz yrev s discoveries were kept secret by the Soviet Union during the coldwar. It was only after the fall of the Iron Curtain that Kozyrev s discoveries wereslowly rev ealed to the West. In the Soviet Union thousands of academics havedelved into th is subject after Kozyrev s initial discovery of this new form ofenergy. Kozyrev pr oved the existence of the ether once and for all.This new energy is neither elec tromagnetic in nature nor does it relate to gravityas it stands on its own. The new form of energy discovered by Kozyrev is aspiralling non-Hertzian electromagn etic wave that travels through the vacuum atsuper-luminal speeds, a billion time s (10? C) faster than light. Due to thespiralling nature of the wave, the wave i s called a torsion wave since it traces a 91 Souls of Distortion Awakeningspiralling path! According to independent researche r David Wilcock the torsionwave also traces a perfect Phi spiral! Torsion waves are called non-Hertzianwaves since they do not obey the classical theory of Hert z and Maxwell.Einstein and Dr. Eli Cartan predicted the existence of static tors ion fields in 1913in a theory that became known as the Einstein-Cartan Theory, o r ECT for short.Torsion fields never got very much interest in physics until Koz yrev discoveredtheir actual existence.We have already discussed torsion waves in chapter 4 about the zero point field,where we mentioned that Tom Bearden discov ered that the fundamental wave inthe electromagnetic wave is a scalar wave. The scalar wave is the wave thatremains when two opposite electromagnetic waves inte rfere cancelling out theelectric and magnetic field components, just like Tesla did. The result is a hithertounrecognized component in the electromagnetic wave, a longitudinal wavevibrating in the same direction it is travelling. (Classical electromagnetic fields aretransverse waves, vibrating perpendicular to its prop agation). Scalar waves andtorsion waves are just synonyms for the same wave.Tors ion waves now seem to play a significant role in explaining our physicalreality. Although torsion fields are very weak they can be measured using torsionbeam ba lances that were first developed by Kozyrev. Torsion waves createminute forces i n matter and that s how they can be detected.Torsion fields can be either static o r dynamic. Static torsion fields can take on theform of vortexes like the one me ntioned in the Implosion Physics of DanielWinter. These static vortex torsion fi elds in the fabric of the vacuum space canstay in one place for a very long peri od of time. Kozyrev discovered that torsionfields can also propagate through spa ce as torsion waves at tremendous speedsat least one billion times the speed of light (10? C).He noticed that all physical objects both absorb and radiate torsi

on waves. Byshaking, vibrating, deforming, heating and cooling physical objects they generatemeasurable torsion waves. Even the displacement of an object genera tes torsionwaves that can be measured. All movement therefore from the vibration s ofatoms to the orbits of our planets and stars leaves their traces in the form oftorsion waves in the ether.A very remarkable phenomenon that Kozyrev discover ed by rotating gyroscopesis that they lose very small but measurable amounts of weight. Also firmlyshaking objects could make objects lose weight. Now from our currentunderstandings of physics this is quite impossible! It violates all physi cal laws,how can solid matter lose weight when it is spun at high speeds or shak en? If westill believe that matter is made of little hard marbles called particl es, yes thiswould be a great mystery! However Kozyrev showed that the gyroscopes shedmore torsion waves when shaken or spun, so that etheric energy that sustain sthe object was shed back into the background sea of the ether. The momentarylos s of ether energy accounted for the weight drop.Dr. Harold Aspden of Cambridge U niversity discovered a related phenomenon. Heattached a powerful magnet to a gyr oscope and spun it at high speeds. Hemeasured the amount of energy required to a ccelerate the gyroscope to fullspeed to be a 1000 Joules. Now to his surprise wh en he stopped the gyroscopefrom spinning and restarted the gyroscope to spin aga in within 60 seconds after itstopped, it required 10 times less energy to spin t he gyroscope to the samespeed. The spin of the gyroscope had added extra spin to the ether that sustainsthe gyroscope that lasted for a while before it wore off , rather like the momentum 92 Souls of Distortion Awakeningstored in the tea of a teacup after stirring it wit h a teaspoon. We now know thatspinning magnets are strong torsion wave generator s.Another violation of the laws of Newton with respect to torsion fields comes f romBruce DePalma. He conducted experiments where he catapulted two identicalstee l balls at the same speed under the same angle into the air. The onlydifference between the balls was that one of the balls was rotating at 27000revolutions/min ute and the other was not. The spinning ball reached far higherinto the air than the non-spinning ball. By the spinning of the ball torsion fieldswere created t hat caused a slight change in the total mass of the ball.Kozyrev discovered that stars also radiate torsion wave energy and postulatedthat these torsion waves w ere generated due to the spinning of the stars. Fromhis astronomical observation s of stars using dedicated telescopes to measure thetorsion wave radiation, he n oticed that the star radiated this torsion wave energyfrom a location in the sky that must be the true position of the star whereas thevisible light of the star reveals the position of the star many years ago since ittook many light-years b efore this light reached the Earth. From this observationhe concluded that the t orsion wave must travel at super-luminal speeds. He evennoticed that torsion wav e radiation was received in a location in the sky thatrevealed the future positi on of the star! Since torsion waves travel at super-luminal speeds, they can cro ss the time barrier and move into the future.Since the Earth also radiates torsion waves and this torsion radiation is muchstronger near the poles, Kozyrev s experi ments are geographical locationdependant. He also noticed that his effects could only be measured during thecold periods of the year. In the summer the intense solar torsion waves interferedwith the torsion waves of his experiments. Our Sun is the greatest torsion wavegenerator in our Solar System.( )Torsion waves flow in and out of all physical matter and atoms are basically alltorsion wave gener ators.The counter rotating Phi spiralling electromagnetic waves in the Implosion Physicsof Daniel Winter that spiral into the nucleus of the atom, likewise canc el theelectromagnetic components of the electromagnetic waves and results in ato rsion wave. Phi caduceus scalar wave 93 Souls of Distortion AwakeningRussian science has actually many names for Daniel Winter s electromagneticenergy vortexes such as spin fields, torsion fields and ax ion fields, they are allvacuum spin fields. The doughnut and vortex structures o f spiralling Golden Meanwaves described by Daniel Winter are forms of static tor sion fields. The spirallinginto the zero still point of the electromagnetic vort ex creates the following effects: It accumulates infinite energy due to the implos ion of the waves into smaller and smaller wavelengths. The shorter the wavelengt h the more energy is contained in the spiralling wave. Like the tornado accumula

tes energy and focuses it into the eye of the tornado, the electromagnetic vorte x accumulates energy into its still-point. Notice that it is the extreme spinnin g of air molecules in the eye of a tornado that gives it its immense destructive power. A spin field of electromagnetic energy stores inertia (the resistance to movement). The more spin, the more inertia is stored. The same inertia effect i s demonstrated by spinning tops and gyroscopes that resist any change to their m omentum.If we appreciate these two effects created by torsion fields, we may sta rt tounderstand why matter and energy are interchangeable (Einstein s famousformul a E=m* c^2) and what it is that gives matter its solidness.If we organise vortex spin fields of electromagnetic energy in the organisationpatterns of the Platon ic solids we call an atom, we may now understand that: Matter is a dense form of accumulated energy Matter internally has properties of inertia that gives it ma ss.So in reality, there is really nothing solid about matter. Mass is the illusi on of asolid thing, its the maya of the material world mentioned by the Tao. Thi s illusionis sustained by the stored inertia in the waves and has tricked scienc e to maintaina false concept of inertia. We ve always believed that inertia is an inherentproperty of mass, but the truth is just the opposite, the stored inertia of spinningelectromagnetism in a local region of space creates the effect we ob serve asmass!There is little known in Western science about torsion fields creat ed by matterspun at high speeds. NASA has just recently launched a satellite in April 2004 toinvestigate the spin fields of the planets in our Solar System. Sin ce mostscientists believe that the spin field is a property of matter, they fail to recognisethat it is the torsion field that creates matter in the first place . Bruce de Palma sspinning gyro experiments proved that gyroscopes actually lose w eight. Thisphenomenon is totally unexplainable within the current scientific par adigm,however if we understand that by spinning an object we change the overalle lectromagnetic spin stored in the object, we may see why it has a feeble butmeas urable affect on its mass.We can now also start to see why Haisch & Rueda, discu ssed in chapter 4 TheZero Point Field , were able to prove Newton s famous law of ine rtia F=m * a.They proved that inertia is the effect caused by accelerating mass through thezero point field. Well since the electromagnetic vortex within the at om stores bothzero point energy and inertia, we re not surprised to find a correla tion here.Static torsion fields in the form of vortexes in the ether and the spi ralling torsionwave travelling at super-luminal speeds are getting more and more attention inWestern science. According to some, torsion waves are the missing l ink in thesearch for a final theory of everything , Einstein s unified field theory. It seems 94 Souls of Distortion Awakeningthat electromagnetism, gravity and torsion waves ar e all members of the samefamily; they are just different forms of ether vibratio ns.The most astonishing fact that may prove that a theory for everything is within reach, is the fact that Kozyrev discovered that human thoughts and feelings areg enerating torsion waves as well. He has been able to measure torsion wavesthat w ere caused by sudden human emotional changes. So what Kozyrev provedwas that:Con sciousness is related to ether vibrations.Our very thoughts and emotions create torsion waves that travel at super-luminalspeeds to the far ends of the universe .Torsion waves may be the physics for telepathy, the ability of mind readingbetw een two individuals. Since torsion wave can physically affect matter, it mayalso be the explanation for psycho kinesis or PK, the ability to mentally changephys ical objects. Stage performer and spoon bender Uri Geller has alwaysdemonstrated these abilities in front of large audiences. Although many still thinkhe was a conman, he has been subjected to scientific scrutiny but they couldnever disprov e his ability. During the cold war Russian scientist haveexperimented a lot with psychics because they believed that their abilities weregenuine.Now we may reme mber from chapter 3 Science and Consciousness the researchprograms of Dr. William Tiller into the effects of human intention. He used testpersons to imprint their intentions into his IIED device and asked them tomanipulate the outcome of an e xperiment, for instance the lowering of the acidityof water. The IIED device was placed in a room for extended periods of time andthe effect of lowering the aci dity of water could clearly be measured.After a while the IIED device could be r emoved from the room and the effectcontinued. The room had somehow become condit

ioned. Now the conditioning ofthis room may be explained by the presence of stat ic torsion fields that wereimprinted in the physical vacuum of the room by human intention! These torsionfields created by means of human intention are able to create subtle changes inmatter.In 1984, Dankachov showed that static torsion fie lds could also be memorized inwater. Water proves to be a good medium for storin g static torsion fields. Thelate French biologist Jacques Beneviste has proven t hat water is able to memorizethe constitution of chemical compounds that were di ssolved in it. Somehow atorsion field can be created in water that is a fingerpr int of the chemicalsdissolved in the water. After diluting the water a great num ber of times such thatno possible molecules of the original chemical compounds c ould be found, theheavily diluted water still maintained its properties as if th e original compoundswere still in there. What had happened is that although no m olecular traces couldbe found in the water, there was still the imprint in the w ater of the originaltorsion field of the chemical compounds. Beneviste also demo nstrated that bysimply placing a second bottle next to the first one he could xe rox the propertiesof the water from one bottle to the other. The torsion field o f the first bottle ofwater was induced into the second!Prof. Dr. David Schweitze r is able to photograph this memory effect of water. Hehas a fairly simple metho d to measure the water memory effect of water and theimprint they leave behind i n the water. He takes a water drop and allows it to dry 95 Souls of Distortion Awakeningup at a tilted angle. Next he investigates the drie d up water drop under amicroscope and shows how interesting light structures bec ome visible.The memory effect of water may be a physical explanation for homeopa thy. Manypeople are very sceptical about homeopathy because how can clear water thathas been diluted so many times such that all chemical compounds are gone sti llhave a medical effect? Pure water can t have a healing effect can it? However th einvisible torsion fields that are present in the water may be the reasonableexp lanation for this phenomenon.( )The imprint of human intention into the ice crys tals of Dr Masuru Emoto is yetanother example that can be explained by torsion w aves radiated by humanthoughts and emotions. The torsion fields created by human intention are simplymemorized in water. At an invisible level the internal stru cture of water haschanged. After freezing the water these changes become manifes t to the nakedeye in the different shapes of the ice crystals.At Sound Energy Re search they create torsion field imprints in water using scalar(torsion) wave te chnologies. They treated distilled water with a scalar waves anda coil developed by Dr. Glen Rein. The result is structured water called scalarwave structured w ater . They sent samples of this water to Dr Masuro Emotowho froze the water sampl es and studies the crystals. They formed perfectgeometrical hexagonal structured ice crystals. This is yet another example thatindirectly proves that consciousn ess and torsion waves are related since bothhuman conscious intention and scalar waves seem to produce the same results inDr Masuro Emoto s experiments with ice c rystals. Scalar wave Structured Water , ice crystals created by Dr Masuro EmotoSou nd Energy Research sells their programmed smart water in bottles in threedifferent flavours. By using different intentions they added different programmingto the water. The water is said to have relaxing and healing properties.( )Akashic fiel dTorsion waves are very remarkable waves as they never wear off, they propagatet o the far corners of the universe without losing their momentum and in thisrespe ct they have eternal life. Torsion waves as they travel through the physicalvacu um do not encounter any friction; therefore they maintain their energy. Astorsio n waves traverse the universe they interfere with other torsion waves. Over 96 Souls of Distortion Awakeningtime they weave a tapestry of the history of all th at has ever happened within theuniverse from the movement of the smallest sub at omic particle, to the revolutionof the planets, and the expansion of galaxies. R emember that torsion waves aregenerated by many phenomena such as the vibration or displacement of matter,electromagnetic energy and our conscious thoughts to n ame a few.Torsion fields are therefore information fields as they encode everyth ing that hasleft its traces in the form of torsion waves in this universe. This boils down to therecording of every little thought that was ever thought and eve ry little move thatwas ever made. The interference patterns of the torsion waves form a hugehologram that permeates the whole of the universe.Just like the wave

s of the seas form an interference pattern that in theory allowsus to decode the movement of the ships that stirred its surface, likewise torsionwaves theoretic ally allow us to decode the history of our universe. The onlydifference between the waves at sea and the torsion waves is that the sea waveseventually loose the ir energy as they crest at the shores. The superposition oftorsion waves and the ir memory capacity however is limitless and eternal.Torsion waves allow for info rmation transfer across the universe, connectingevery atom in the universe with every other atom and since torsion waves travelat super luminous speeds they cou ld be the explanation of the non-local effectsthat were predicted in theory and discovered by experiment in quantum physics.The information field created by tor sion waves in the universe allows for acoherent whole of the universe, connectin g every little atom in the universe withall other matter in the universe informi ng it of its whereabouts and activity. Infact scientists are discovering a very high state of coherence in our physicaluniverse that can not easily be explained if the universe is a bunch of singleindividual parts of atoms, molecules, plane ts and stars that only maintain contactby separate forces such as gravity acting upon them. Quantum entangledparticles keep their coherent relation eternally an d are not bothered by anydistance separating them whether it be a few millimetre s or the distance of agalaxy. These relations can only be explained if an invisi ble field permeates theuniverse that interconnects them.The information field de scribed above is termed the A-field by Professor EmeritusErvin Laszlo. Laszlo in the last four decades developed an integral theory foreverything; instead of sp ecialising in one particular field, Laszlo has studied manyfields of science and finally developed an integral system theory. According toLaszlo the A-field is more fundamental than energy and matter in the universe.It s this primordial infor mation field that is the ground of our universeinterconnecting everything with e verything rendering our view of separateentities in this universe useless. In hi s system theory there are no separateentities at all; separate entities that we ob serve in our universe are allembedded in one seamless interwoven net of connecti ons.The A-field of torsion waves may be new to science, its existence has been k nownfor thousands of years in the East. The only new thing about it is that it i s beingrediscovered by western science. Eastern spiritual tradition has named th is fieldthe Akashic field. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning radiating or shinin g, it s theequivalent for ether. Akasha is the womb of creation bringing forth eve ry physicalaspect that can be perceived with the senses according to eastern tra ditions. Inancient eastern spirituality the history written within the Akashic f ield are calledthe Askashic chronicles, the book of life that records everything that has everhappened or will happen in the universe. The Akashic chronicles or Akashicrecords contain the story of every soul that ever lived on this planet. 97 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe Akashic records, are holographic torsion fields of individuals that embed inlarger holograms of groups of peoples such as natio ns. The holograms of nationsweave the hologram of humanity on Earth and resemble s what Carl Jung calledthe collective mind of man. The A-field or Akashic field can explain the psychicabilities reported by many people to see into the past an d know about events thattook place in this world that were not perceived by any personal cognitiveconscious experience. The Akashic records are the storehouse o f information thathas been consulted by all great seers throughout the ages incl uding Edgar Cayce.The author of this book, personally testifies that psychic gif ted people are able toread the Akashic records. In the past I have been consulti ng a paranormalpractitioner for a long time. Being born as a very sceptical pers on, my disbelief inthe paranormal however eventually melted as I was confronted with manyunusual cures that I could not explain. I also shared many experiences with otherclients of this practitioner during the long waiting hours in the wait ing room.During one of my consultations I handed him a photograph of someone clo se tome without disclosing any prior details about the person in the picture, no t asingle word. I simply asked if he could help this person. He held his hand ab ovethe picture to sense it while he started to reveal to me what had happened to thisperson in clear details and quiet explicitly explained the situation this p erson wasin. The information hit me right in the face for I knew he was right. I

was totallyflabbergasted by the experience since there was no way he could know thedetails he was revealing to me! From this moment on I knew with absolutecert ainty that there was something fundamentally missing in my understanding ofwhat I believed to be my materialistic reality.To me this personal experience changed my scepticism about the paranormalonce and for good. I can therefore from my ow n experience testify that psychicabilities to read the Akashic records are real and that indeed everything that hasevery happened in this world must be written in the vacuum fabric of space andtime. Human consciousness is able to read this book of life.I think everyone of us at least has had one or more experiences in his life wherehe or she suddenly had access to information not perceived by the senses. Whatwe call intuition, a sudden insight or feeling that informs us about a situation,may be explained by moments of unconsciously tapping into the Akash ic field andhaving access to information we can t logically explain. Sometimes we just knowthings!Twins who are emotionally very close often keep a telepathic con tact andunconsciously know about each other especially when the other twin half is indistress. Twins often have an ability called twin-pains, they are able to s ense thepain of the other half in cases of, for instance, a severe toothache. Ow ners of adog know that their dogs are often mysteriously able to sense their bos ses returnhome after a long day at the office.Animals in nature are able to sens e a pending Earthquake. Hours preceding theactual quake animals start to respond very nervously as if they sense somethingterrible is about the happen. Earthqua kes are accompanied by a tremendousrelease of torsion waves as a result of the f rictions that occur in the Earth crustprior to the quake itself. These intensifi ed torsion waves are most likely sensed bythe animals consciousness and may expla in their nervous behaviour inanticipation of the quakes. Humanity has somehow lo st its paranormal abilitiesthat are still common in animals. During the tragic e vents of the tsunami thattook place on the 26th December 2004, rescue workers in the aftermath of theEarthquake were amazed to found an almost complete absence of dead wildlife 98 Souls of Distortion Awakeningalthough there were so many human casualties. The r eason may be that animalsused their 6th sense and felt the impending disaster th at caused them to flee tosafer places in the higher mountains.It seems our curre nt understanding of psychic abilities and the paranormal isfinally catching up. Explanations for psychic abilities have now come into thedomain of science that for the first time in history is able to give a rationalexplanation for these ab ilities that have been ignored, ridiculed and dismissed outof hand for so long i n the West.( )RecapitulationFor the first time in recorded human history we may have a unified theory ofeverything (T.O.E.) within reach that not only explains our physical universe butalso connects it with consciousness, closing the gap be tween science andspirituality once and for all, 300 years after Descartes.The em pty space of the universe is not empty at all. It contains a spiritual energytha t modern day science has rediscovered as the ether but this energy has beenknown for thousands of years in many ancient spiritual traditions by names suchas the Chi, Ki, Prana or Akashic energy of the universe.This energy not only shapes th e physical world moment by moment, it is alsorelated to consciousness. Contempor ary science is revealing that the firm belief ina distinction between the materi al and the spiritual word is false. There is noduality, the universe is construc ted from one and one substance only and boththe physical and mental world spring s forth from the ether. Amit Goswami, DanielWinter and David Wilcock are a few o f the scientists who have crossed the bridgebetween science and spirituality and who now believe that the primordialconscious energy of the universe is the firs t cause of creation.The ether energy can arranges itself into basic geometrical wave patterns thatwere named after Plato, the Platonic solids to form matter. Al most 2,500 yearsago, Plato wrote that the physical world was constructed from th e Platonic solids.The Platonic solids arrange themselves in what chaos theory ca lls fractal patternsweaving a matrix in space interconnecting atoms with the sta rs. The scales of thePlatonic solid shapes are different but the ratios between them are still the same(following the Hermetic principle as above so below).The suggestion coming from quantum science that the probability waves are realwaves is now believed to be true. This finally solves the enigma of the waveparticle d

uality of quantum science. There are no particles in the universe, onlywaves. Wh at we see as a particle is in fact the focal point of vibrations.The idea that G od is the light and love of this world as mentioned by many worldreligions can b e taken literally after studies of the work of Daniel Winter. Matter iscreated f rom pure light (electromagnetic and torsion wave energy) and as wehave demonstra ted there is a distinct relation between love and the Golden Meanratio (Phi) tha t is required to sustain matter. Since the focal point of these wavescreates con scious awareness, every atom in the universe is conscious and theuniverse itself is One conscious being. The universal consciousness, God is all thatis, he s omni present and omnipotent. He s aware of all things going on in theuniverse because h e s the universal consciousness and all that is. 99 Souls of Distortion AwakeningMatter in the universe is attracted by means of Gol den Mean braiding of wavestowards to the zero point, the alpha and omega of crea tion. It is the love in thosewaves that creates the gravity. The late and legend ary R. Buckminster Fuller thesubject of the Beatles song Fool on the Hill , discove rer of the importance ofsacred geometry, used to put it this way: Love is metaphy sical gravity .If there wasn t any love in the waves that shape matter they would st art todestructively interfere and the universe would collapse into a great void. God isthe Gforce in Ether Dynamics and the fractal attractor in chaos theory, a ttractingall waves towards the center where all becomes One.Russian scientists r ediscovered Tesla s new type of non-electromagnetic energythat travels in spiralli ng ways and called it torsion waves. Scientists now believethat torsion waves ca n be regarded as information carrying waves rather thanenergy waves. It was prov en that torsion waves are linked to humanconsciousness and are created by human thought and emotions. Torsion wavesare the interface between the mental and the physical world although we mustkeep in mind that in reality there is no duality between them.Torsion field physics is the promising physics of psycho kinesis an d telepathy andshows us how the universe creates a hologram that resembles the a ncientinformation field of the ether better known as the Akashic field. The Akas hic fieldis the book of life that keeps a record of all that has ever happened i n thisuniverse and all that will ever happen in the future. 100 Souls of Distortion AwakeningChapter 7 Atlantis and the Earth gridThe vibrating ether energy that shapes the atom moment by moment also shapesthe planets, the s tars and all the rest of the universe in the very same way. ThePlatonic energy f ields at the quantum level should therefore also be found at themacroscopic scal e of our own planet Earth. The scale of the wavelengths may bedifferent but the ratio of the interfering ether wavelengths are the same, the ratiois inherently fixed by the geometry of the Platonic solids. Another way of sayingthe same thin g is that atoms, planets and stars are interconnected by the fractalpatterns of the Platonic solids. We will demonstrate in this chapter that thePlatonic solids also create an energy matrix around the Earth that scientist nowcall the Earth g rid .The Earth gridA number of scientists have been working on the Earth grid mode l, but the firstone was Ivan P. Sanderson. Sanderson found that the twelve Devil s Graveyards around the world were geometrically spaced from one another. The Devil sGr aveyards are the triangular areas in the world where physical anomalies havebeen reported such as the mysterious disappearances of ships and airplanes forno appa rent reason. The most famous of them is the Bermuda triangle; secondbest known i s Devil s Sea east of Japan. There have been many reports of timeand space dilatio ns that were accompanied by loss of compass, altimeters,artificial horizon, loss of radio contact and other strange phenomena that manyairplane pilots experienc ed while flying over the Bermuda triangle. There havebeen reports of planes that after arrival seemed to have travelled through adifferent time zone since all w atches on board were late by exactly the sametime! Sanderson noticed that there are five Devil s Graveyards in the NorthernHemisphere, five in the Southern Hemisphe re and two at the poles, twelve intotal forming the exact vortices of the icosah edron! Devil s Graveyards and the icosahedronThree Russian scientists, Nikolai Gon charov, Vyacheslav Morozov, and ValeryMakarov made the next step in the construc tion of the Earth grid. They startedwith Sanderson s work and added the dodecahedr on to the grid pattern. 101 Souls of Distortion Awakening Icosa Dodecahedron gridBruce Cathie discovered ind

ependently the octahedron and cube in the subtleenergy fields of the Earth and t his was later given the name the Cathie grid.Husband and wife scientists William Becker and Bethe Hagens finally put thecomplete Earth grid symmetry together. B ecker is a Professor of Industrial Designat the University of Illinois, Chicago, and Bethe Hagens is a Professor ofAnthropology at Governors State University. S tarting from the icosa-dodecahedron grid they added a special polyhedron develop ed by sacredgeometry explorer R. Buckminster Fuller. The official term of their final Earth gridis the Unified Vector Geometry 120 Polyhedron, or the UVG 120 al so called the Earth Star .The Earth grid has been studied at length and it shows man y amazing facts sinceit perfectly outlines the shapes of the continents, mountai n ridges, tectonic cracksin the Earth s crust, ridges at the bottom of the oceans, places of volcanoes,ocean current patterns. All of these geological effects and many more can bemapped onto the Earth grid. The grid pattern of the Earth is at tributed to thetorsion waves that rush into the Earth. Although torsion waves ar e very subtle,collectively they become very strong and are able to create real g eological effectsthat are discernable in our Earth s crust.The Devil s Graveyards are all situated on the vertices of the icosahedron of theEarth grid. In these place s abnormal ether vortexes can occur during rareinterplanetary alignments taking place within our Solar System.According to David Wilcock the different densities of the ether in the universecreate many different physical dimensions. Basicall y there are eight dimensionsrelated to the octave; however every dimension itsel f can have again eight sub-dimensions. This subdivision can go on and on renderi ng infinite dimensionswithin our universe.The airplanes and boats that mysteriou sly disappeared in the Bermuda trianglewithout any wreckage ever found can be ex plained by these time and spacewarping vortexes on the vertices of the icosahedr on. The planes and boats mayhave literally disappeared into another dimension.On e such a vortex location on Earth where physical anomalies can be experiencedis the Oregon vortex in the United States. The Oregon vortex is open to the publica nd is famous for its space and time warps. Strange effects such as the shrinking and expansion of human beings depending on the location within the Oregonvortex can be personally experienced. 102 Souls of Distortion Awakening Oregon vortex, two people trading places also chan ge sizesWhat happens in the Oregon vortex also happens in the Bermuda Triangle o nlythe effects are far stronger and can make planes disappear from this plane of existence.( )The Earthgate projectDutch researcher Saskia Bosman has conducted a number of experiments withregard to the Earth grid. She s developed a device name d the Earthgate that isable to pick up the torsion wave energy of the Earth grid . The design is verybasic, it consists of a four-sided pyramid in the top with a n elongated invertedpyramid beneath it, along with 4 other tetrahedron shapes at the bottom all madeof copper wires .She has used brass spheres soldered together w ith hollow brass pipes. The wholeconstruction is a wire frame of 1.8 m high with a base of 1.10 x 1.10 m. 103 Souls of Distortion Awakening Earthgate device of Saskia Bosman showing orbsThe whole idea about the Earthgate is that the Platonic geometries that areincorpora ted in the wire frame are geometrical forms that resonate with thespiralling tor sion waves of the Earth grid s energy. The whole construction is akind of antenna that is tuned to torsion waves. Saskia Bosman herself calls it the acupuncture nee dle punctured in the earth s energy grid.In multiple trials, the device was fired u p by a group of people projecting theirloving intentions towards the Earthgate i n a state of meditation. Additionalsounds were used as well! When the device was activated, anomalous lightspheres, called orbs started to emerge that could be viewed with the naked eyeand have been photographed with both normal and infrare d photography. Thelight spheres were translucent and seemed to float in the air. Magnetometers picked up a strong signal at 3m distances from the Earthgate inthe ELF frequency range (extra low frequencies 0-100 Hz). A strong base signalwas f ocused around 7.8 Hz, the frequency of the Schumann resonance along withhigher h armonics.Clairvoyant people that were invited to witness the Earthgate experimen texplained that the Earthgate links up with the energy grid of the Earth when th eEarthgate was activated and aligned to the North-South axis. Activation of theE arthgate caused cosmic energy to come down from the universe while the sameenerg

y moved up from the Earth to flow through the device, according to thesepsychic observers.Saskia Bosman was able to measure a toroidal energy vortex around theE arthgate; the vortex was measured in a horizontal plane around the Earthgate.She explains that the scalar waves or torsion wave fields that are omnipresent inth e physical vacuum cause the anomalous effects created by the Earthgate. Shealso believes that the Earthgate works really like an acupuncture needle and thatit e nhances and balances the Earth grid.( ) 104 Souls of Distortion AwakeningLey Lines and megalithic structuresThe amazing trut h of the matter is that mankind has known about the existenceof an Earth encompa ssing energy grid for at least thousands of years. The Earthgrid has simply been rediscovered in the 20th century. We now have irrefutableproof that the primitiv e cultures of the past, the ancient cultures that had such a limited understanding of physics knew about the subtle energies of the Earthand its grid pattern!The fa ct is that the Earth grid itself is laid down in stone all around the world. The Earth grid lines are the Ley Lines that we find all around the Earth. Ley Lines aremanmade line markings carved out of stone in the countryside and includedolme ns, menhirs and stone circles. Megalithic structures are found all over theworld depicting the precise location of the Earth s energy lines. These Ley Linesinclud e many sacred places such as Avebury and Stonehenge in the UnitedKingdom.Ley Lin es are found all over the world and many cultures in the past havereferred to th e Earth s energy lines in various ways, the Chinese called them thedragon currents in the old art of Feng-shui, the art of balancing and harmonizingthe land. By b uilding pagodas, temples and stones structures they believed that ithelped to he al the Earth. Feng-shui is to the land what acupuncture is to thebody, it regula tes the flow of Chi, the invisible etheric life force.The Australian aborigines referred to energy grid lines as the dream lines thatcould be experienced in the ir dreamtime (a state of heightened awareness).When the Earth grid was finally i n place it was discovered that all pyramids andziggurats (flat topped pyramids), sacred temple complexes and stone circlesaround the world were placed on the vo rtices of the Earth grid. We mention thetemples of the Mayas in Yucatan, the pyr amids at the Giza plateau and the whitepyramid in Tibet. The Great Pyramid at th e Giza plateau, the pyramid of Khufu(Cheops in Greek) is the most important of t hem all because it is situated exactlyon the north pole of the Earth grid matrix . The reason why the ancients havechosen the Giza plateau for the Great Pyramid is the location of the world sstrongest ether vortex.Most people know pyramids onl y from the ones in Egypt and Mexico, butpyramids are scattered all over the worl d in China, Japan, Ecuador, El Salvador.Mexico (Chichen Itza), Guatemala, Peru ( Machu Picchu). Some archaeologistsbelieve that pyramids can be found in Europe a s well. They have identifiedanomalous structures in hills covered by earth that have the shape of a pyramidin England at Silbury Hill, in Italy in Montevecchia (3 possible pyramid shapes)and Germany.( )Carl Munck was inspired by the work of Edgar Cayce, who when asked whethermankind would ever understand the pyramids r eplied that in order to understandthe pyramids man must first understand the math ematical precision of the Earth Munck single-handedly managed to derive a mathemat ical model that preciselymatches up with the Earth grid nodes. He was able to pr ove that the PrimeMeridian of the Earth was once not located in Greenwich but wa s situated atexactly the spot where the Great Pyramid at the Giza plateau in Egy pt is built. Soin ancient times the Great Pyramid of the Egyptians marked the ze ro longitude 105 Souls of Distortion Awakeningline. The zero latitude line was the same in ancien t time as today and is theEarth s equator.The place where the Great Pyramid is bui lt is unique, it is the only place on Earthwhere the longest stretches of landma ss are found in relation to water. When theEarth is circumscribed by a circle dr awn through the Great Pyramid, then the totalcover of land on the circle exceeds the cover of water far more in this place thanin any other place on Earth. This was probably recognised in ancient times and itwas for this reason that the zer o degrees meridian, the Prime meridian wasmarked by one of the most amazing stru ctures, the Great Pyramid.Carl Munck cleverly discovered that all ancient struct ures of pyramids, stonecircles, ziggurats and other Earthworks encode in their s tructure their longitude orlatitude with respect to the Earth grid. The exact po

sition of all ancient structureson Earth is based on a 360 degrees meridian grid system with the Great Pyramidas the Prime meridian (0 degrees longitude). The r elative position in latitude orlongitude was engraved into the structure in a lang uage that would survive allfuture languages on Earth, the eternal universal lang uage of mathematics. Munckproved that if the visual aspects of an ancient monume nt such as its number ofsteps, terraces and faces that were used in the construc tion were multiplied theygive a number that is exactly the same as the product o f the degrees, minutesand seconds of the exact longitude or latitude of the stru cture with respect to theEarth grid.As an example we mention the longitude of th e Mayan Kukulkan pyramid atChichen Itza, Mexico. Kukulkan pyramid Chichen ItzaTh e pyramid is constructed in 9 terraces (layers), has 4 sides with 4 staircaseswi th a total of 356 steps. (91 steps in each staircase with a common top step) Ifw e take these visual markings and multiply them we get the number:9 terraces x 36 5 steps x 4 sides x 4 staircase = 52.560The modern day longitude of Kukulkan is 88 degrees, 34 minutes and9.71620648 seconds. If we adjust this longitude to the ancient Earth gridlongitude we need to add to Kukulkan s longitude the longitude of the GreatPyramid at the Giza plateau, since Kukulkan is West of Giza. The lon gitude of theGreat Pyramid is exactly 31 degrees, 42 minutes and 10.51620648 sec onds. 106 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThis gives the ancient longitude for Kukulkan as 11 9 degrees, 42 minutes and10.51620648 seconds.If we multiply 119 x 42 x 10.516206 48, guess what it equals to 52.560! StonehengeStonehenge is just another example . It contains 60 stones in a 360 degreesround circle. Now multiply these two fac ts and we get the number 21.600. Thelatitude of Stonehenge is exactly 51 degrees , 10 minutes and 42.3529411seconds. If we multiply the numbers in the latitude o f Stonehenge we get thevalue:51 x 10 x 42.3529411 = 21.600Munck has proven his t heory to be correct for a vast number of ancient structuresand we now have proof that the ancients could determine the longitude andlatitude of these structures with a precision that is equivalent to our own globalpositioning system (GPS) u sing satellites.Carl Munck elegantly proved that all ancient structures were des igned to encodetheir position based on a uniform principle that was once commonl y knownworldwide. The ancients simply left their messages in stone for future ge nerationsto be discovered!( )The lost continentsEdgar Cayce was very sure about the fact that Atlantis was not a myth and hepredicted that proof of the mytholog ical continent of Atlantis would eventually bediscovered. Atlantis according to Edgar Cayce was destroyed in three majorperiods of inundations spreading over th ousands of years. The third and finaldestruction was a cataclysm, a pole shift o f the Earth that caused the last of theremaining empire of Atlantis to sink in a bout 10.500 BC. Besides Atlantis, EdgarCayce also mentioned the existence of the civilizations of Lemuria and Mu innowadays Asia. Mu like Atlantis was a very hi ghly civilized culture that collapsedaround 50.000 BC. Survivors of the catastro phe fled to countries like China andJapan. 107 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe current consensus by historians is that the fir st civilizations that emerged areof Sumerian and Babylonian origins. These civil izations quite suddenly and in arelatively short time span emerged some 5000 yea rs ago from the Stone Age. Ifremains of Atlantis were to be found, these discove ries would certainlyrevolutionize our world and we would be forced to rewrite hi story books.Edgar Cayce was by no means vague about Atlantis, in 1933 he quite p reciselypredicted that the first discovery of remains of Atlantis would be found in 1968 or1969 near the coast of the United States. He pinpointed to Bimini, an island in theBahamas where eventually remains of temples would be found under t he muddysand of the ocean. According the Cayce, Bimini was once part of the lost empireof Atlantis named Poseidia, the name of the sea God mentioned by Plato.Ca yce s predictions came to pass when in 1968 a civilian pilot flying over thewaters of Bimini discovered an underwater structure that became later known asthe Bimi ni Road. The Bimini Road is man made road with a length of severalhundreds of me ters and has been studied by the University of Miami ProfessorManson Valentine w ho revealed this news to the media. Ever since ProfessorValentine s discoveries we re made public, flocks of researchers have swarmed tothe Bahamas and Cuba to get their fair share in what may be the Atlanteandiscoveries.Researchers today are

looking for the remains of the lost mythologicalcivilizations of Atlantis, Mu an d Lumeria all over the world and some of them havealready reported some very ast onishing findings. The Association for Researchand Enlightenment (A.R.E.) that p reserves Edgar Cayce s legacy, have formed ateam of experts who are diving for the remains of Atlantis in the waters aroundCuba and the Bahamas. They found a larg e underwater platform near AndrosIsland in the winter of 2003. The discoverers h ypothesised that they had foundthe remains of a huge ancient port structure.In t he waters near Mexico s Yucatan Peninsula in the summer of 2000 a researchgroup he aded by Russian researcher Paulina Zelitsky found mysterious megalithicstructure s at depths of 600 to 750m which they called MEGA. In October 2004the same group headed back to the same location to research what they believeto be the Mayan A tlantis. In 2001 colleagues of Zelitsky working for the samecompany discovered a nother huge land plateau in the same region betweenYucatan and Cuba in a deep tr ench with sonar technology that showed clearshapes of roads, buildings and pyram ids. Using undersea robots they also madevideo images of white sands with in the middle clearly distinguishable large sizedman made structures.( )While conventi onal research is being performed by divers looking for the lostcontinent under w ater, a total new field of archaeology has emerged, theapplication of satellite imagery from space. Satellites have discovered undulationson the ocean floor nea r the Bahamas the size of mountains that are spaced ingeometrical patterns that may well be pyramids. These discoveries were made bya company named Satellite Dis coveries . This company helps archaeologists andother researchers in their archaeo logical quest. The company publishes an e-zinemagazine Mysteries Unsealed Online Magazine on the internet that keepsupdates on the progress of their work.Satellit e pictures made off the coast of Florida, show straight lines on the floor ofthe ocean that are hundreds of kilometres long and are like trenches in perfectstra ight lines. These lines must be artificial because of their impossible length an d 108 Souls of Distortion Awakeningstraightness. It is highly unlikely they were cause d by tectonic Earth platemovement, because they found Earth cracks that even run perpendicular to theselines. Similar lines have been found near the coast of Af rica, South America, TheAzores and Europe. It seems there is a huge megalithic u nderwater network thatis interconnected with super megalithic structures (pyrami ds). The constructionsmay have been above water in ancient times and could well be the remains of thelost civilisation of Atlantis. Digitally enhanced satellite pictures possibly reveal thestructures of underwater super sized pyramids, plac es that appear to be citiesand other large megalithic structures. Further invest igations are required but if infact it can be proven that these structures are a rtificial it seems that Atlantis isrising. Satellite Discoveries are raising fun ds and inviting scientists to investigatethese underwater constructions further. ( )In 1995, off the coast of Japan near Okinawa large underwater structures were found that could be the remains of a castle. The architecture resembles thearchi tecture of nearby castles still on land. The sites are under research byProfesso r Masaki Kimura, marine biologist of the University of Ryukyus inOkinawa. Profes sor Kimura believes that the structures must be manmade by alost civilisation. T hey even found roads underwater that prove they must havebeen manmade.Professor of Geology Teruaki Ishii at the Tokyo University suggest that thestructures must be dated back to 8,000 B.C. Others believe that they are mucholder and may well be 12.000 years old. Structures in the waters near Okinawa, JapanIn March 1995 in another location in the waters of Okinawa divers found theremains of an ancie nt city spread over an area of hundreds of square kilometres.They found streets, boulevards, arched structures, staircases carved out of stoneand welded togethe r. A few months later off the shore of the island Yonaguni,300 airmiles south of Okinawa in shallow water they even found a hugeunderwater pyramid! 109 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe news about the underwater city and the pyramid made headline news formore than a year in Japan but this striking news fact has been totally neglectedoutside of Japan. Speculations are that the remains that a re found are remnantsof the legendary civilization of Mu.( )On the 15th November 2004 the discovery of Plato s Atlantis City made Europeanheadline news when an Am erican expedition team lead by Robert Sarmast held apress conference claiming to

have found its remains. Robert Sarmast says he hasfound the city with its circu lar canals just like Plato has described it. The citysupposedly lies 1.5 km belo w sea level covered under meters of sea sediment, 80km southeast off the coast o f Cyprus. After a 6 days expedition and sonarscanning of the area, he returned w ith proof of manmade structures, including a3 km long wall, deep trenches and me andering riverbeds. Sarmast says hecompared 50 clues derived from the books of P lato with the actual site anddefinitely identified this site as the city of Atla ntis with its Acropolis Hill. Hisexpedition counted members who also joined in t he expedition that recovered thewreckage of the Titanic. Being very sure of his case from the preparations madein 2003 leading to the expedition in 2004, he wro te the book The Discovery ofAtlantis the startling case for the Island of Cyprus ( Origin Press 2003) that hasbecome a bestseller among tourists on Cyprus already. ( )Researcher John Mitchell author of the book New view over Atlantis believes tha tall of these structures both on the land and under water belonged to a geomanti ctradition that was once universally known all over the Earth. Mitchell states i n hisbook We live within the ruins of an ancient structure whose vast size has hi thertorendered it invisible .The major regions where pyramids are found are in the Earth grid s 0 degreeslongitude zone (Egypt, Giza plateau), the 120 degrees longi tude zone (Kukulkan,Meso America, Maya and Aztec pyramids) and the 240 degrees l ongitude zone(Japan, underwater pyramids). These three zones are not coincidenta l; they markthe strongest energy lines of the Earth grid that are defined by the Platonictetrahedron shape, the three-faced pyramid!The most likely explanation for all the pyramids that are found under water andon the land is that they are the legacies of the lost civilizations of Atlantis Mu andLemuria. These civiliza tions must have had knowledge of the ether and the Earthgrid.Pyramid PowerWhat i s so special about pyramids? Why are they found all over the world andwhy over t he Earth grid?Egyptologists would tell us that the Egyptians built the pyramids in Egypt servingas burial sites for the pharaohs. However at the Giza plateau no mummy wasever found in the Great Pyramid that was named after Khufu, the Pharao h thatsupposedly has been buried there. In later Egyptian times pyramids were bu ilt ofa far lesser quality than the enigmatic Great Pyramid at the Giza plateau andthese pyramids have certainly been used as burial sites. However a number ofa rchaeologists now believe that earlier pyramids such as the one at the Gizaplate au served a totally different purpose. 110 Souls of Distortion AwakeningTo find out what pyramids are for, 20 large pyramid s were built in 8 differentlocations in Russia from 1990 onwards. They were buil t near Moscow and in theUkraine. All pyramids were constructed from fibreglass; the largest in size has aheight of 44 meters and weighs 55 tons. Research has be en conducted for morethan a decade now on these pyramids under supervision of Al exander Golod,director of a Defense Enterprise in Moscow. Many Russian scientist s from famousRussian academies in the fields of medical science, biophysics and physics wereinvolved in the pyramid studies. Russian pyramidThey have collected a lot of data indicating that the pyramids exhibit a hithertounknown pyramid powe r . Studies revealed that pyramids can increases theimmune system of organisms lea ding to a better health. Agricultural seeds thatwere placed inside the pyramid f or 1 to 5 days yielded a better crop increase of30 to a 100%. The Russian milita ry measured a column of energy right above thepyramid extending for several kilo metres into the air. Amazing enough the ozonelayer improved over the area of the pyramids and seismic activity in the regiondiminished. A nearby oil well yielde d a better production since the oil had becomeless viscous (lighter). The report s were confirmed by the Russian academy of Oiland Gas.Another amazing effect of pyramid power is the effect it seems to have on humanconsciousness. Experiments were conducted with 5000 criminals in jails in Russiawho were secretly fed pyram id energy induced salt and pepper in their food.Studies showed that within month s crimes inside the jails had almost disappearedand that the overall behavior of the inmates had improved.Also medicines were tested after being exposed to the pyramid power, theirpotency increased and the side effects diminished.Test were also conducted with radioactive waste from nuclear power plants, testshowed a re duction in the level of radioactivity after being exposed to thepyramid power in side the pyramid.Ordinary water did not freeze even at 40 degrees below zero and

it retained in itswatery state for years. Synthesized diamonds turned out harde r and werepurified!Now all of these effects prove that the pyramid power is real and the Sovietswere so convinced about its effect that Alexander Golod succeede d in convincing 111 Souls of Distortion Awakeningthe Russian government in 1998 to take samples of c rystalline substances thatwere energized inside the pyramids onboard the MIR spa ce station for the good ofthe space station in particular and the entire world i n general!Another amazing report on pyramid energy comes from Mr Kirti Betai. In AgraIndia, Mr Kirti Betai has created 36.000 small pyramids and put them into a special configuration forming a pyramid energy healing system. He has foundedthe Daya Dhaar Self Care Center, a non-profit organization. Pyramid treatment isfre e of charge and without reservation available to anyone.Mr Betai has already hel ped ten thousands of people who have visited his center.He has claims of miraculo us healings from ailments that are incurable and he isinviting scientist to come and study his work.He built the pyramid construction to heal himself from a live r and kidney failurethat was the result of a wrong drug administration. Among hi s patients he alsocured his wife who suffered from chronic Asthma. He claims to have healed awoman diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy with treatment lasting two years.When she entered the program she couldn t stand on here own feet, but after twoyears she was able to stand up for as long as 45 minutes. Blood samplesindica ted that she was cured from the disease.( )RecapitulationThe Greek word for pyra mid is pyramidos and is contains the word pyr meaning fire and amid meaning in the midd e . So pyramid really means fire in themiddle . Russian research has shown that the p yramid s power is indeed a fire inthe pyramid s interior.The pyramid s shape seems to ac ts as an antenna for the spiralling torsion waves.It is assumed that a pyramid f ocuses torsion waves from the Earth grid into itscenter. The megalithic stones a nd structures placed on the meridians of the Earthgrid are the acupuncture needl es in the energy body of Gaia, just like SaskiaBosman has demonstrated with her Earthgate device. Supposedly the megalithicinfrastructure was built by highly ad vanced ancient civilizations to protect us fromcosmic influences and used to sta bilize the aura, the ether energy fields of theEarth.There is now circumstantial evidence to suggest that the megalithic infrastructurewas used by the Atlantean civilization to stabilize the tectonic plate movementsthat caused Earthquakes a nd volcanic activity around the world. However theycould not prevent a pole shif t that eventually led to the destruction of Atlantis.Carl Munck proved that the ancients engraved the exact grid location into themegalithic earthwork structures with an accuracy that is stunning. We can onlyspeculate that their motivation to do this was that it would eventually bediscovered by future sophisticated and t echnically developed civilizations likeours. It would allow this future generati on to reconstruct the megalithicinfrastructure that once was used to stabilize t he aura of the planet.All of the discoveries mentioned in this chapter show us t hat we drastically needto re-evaluate and rethink every book that has been writt en about human history. 112 Souls of Distortion AwakeningIf you re still not convinced that highly civilized c ultures pre-dated our currentcivilization just have a look at these hieroglyphs that were found on the Egyptiantemple wall at Abydos. Wall of the Egyptian Abydo s TempleIt doesn t take much imagination to see from left to right a helicopter, a submarine, below the submarine, a UFO, and an airplane. Now what do we reallykno w about the Egyptians? Let s have a look in the next chapter at the mostintriguing and mysterious construction every made by man, the Great Pyramid atthe Giza pla teau and see how scientist have started to unravel this enigma.Indications are t hat the Great Pyramid must not be attributed to the Egyptiansbut to the Atlantea ns. 113 Souls of Distortion AwakeningChapter 8 The Giza PlateauOne of the seven world wo nders is the Great Pyramid at the Giza plateau by theside of the Nile near Cairo . It has been the subject of studies and explorationssince the dawn of modern hi story. Piles of books have been written about theenigmatic Great Pyramid alone. Many of these books stem from Egyptianarchaeologists. Egyptologists haven t change d their view about the Great Pyramidvery much in the last hundred years. Pyramid ologists date the construction of theGreat Pyramid back to 2589 B.C. and it is s

upposedly created as a burial site, thetomb of pharaoh Kufhu (Cheops in Greek). Leading expert in the field is Dr. ZahiHawass, chairman of the Supreme Council o f Antiquities (SCA) in Egypt, whofiercely adheres the tomb theory of the Great P yramid. Although there is asarcophagus inside the King s chamber of the Great Pyra mid, no mummy hasever been found inside the pyramid. The sarcophagus must have b een madeinside the pyramid since due to its size it cannot be removed from the K ing schamber any more.In the last decade scientist have started to doubt the age a nd purpose of theGreat Pyramid. Gradually as more and more secrets of the Great Pyramid arebeing exposed, the tomb theory becomes less and less acceptable. Indi cationsare that the Great Pyramid must have been built by a highly intelligent c ulturethat must have had a scientific understanding and access to techniques suc h asour own.The Great Pyramid consists of two million limestone blocks, has the height of aforty-story building and the width of two and a half football fields. The foundationof the pyramid is bedrock chiselled with a precision of only 2 ce ntimetres offperfect level. Even today with all our technical know-how and laser precisioncraftsmanship according to specialists we are not able to build a stru cture like theGreat Pyramid which such precision! We simply do not have the mech anicaltechnology available to carve the stones that construct the pyramid with t heprecision that has been used! The stones are so perfectly carved and the morta rjoints are so terribly thin that you can t even get a sheet of paper in betweenth em! The mortar joints are terribly strong, far stronger that the mortar that weu se nowadays. The stones seem more or less glued or fused together. Thesmallest b locks weigh a ton. The average block however weighs 2,5 tons up toeven 70 tons. How could they lift these very heavy blocks with such precision tothe height of a forty-story building? Although there are some theories, we simplydon t know for sure. The massive construction of the pyramid is aligned with aprecision of only one degree off perfect alignment to the 4 cardinal points.The Giza Plateau cont ains three pyramids along with a number of satellitepyramids around the bigger p yramids. We also find the famous Sphinx statue onthe Giza Plateau. The three big pyramids are named after the Pharaohs thataccording to the Egyptologists ordere d for their construction as a mausoleum: The Great Pyramid of Khufu The pyramid of Khafre The pyramid of Menkaure 114 Souls of Distortion Awakening From left to right, Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure wit h its satellite pyramidsIt has become more and more obvious that the Great Pyram id in particular andthe Giza Plateau in general has been designed to encode soph isticated scientificknowledge at multiple levels, there seems to be no coinciden ces. Everydiscovered detail has a meaning than we ve just started to unravel.Archa eologists got stuck in the single and only explanation for its purpose andmade u s believe that it serves as the burial site of the Pharaohs such that wemissed t he whole point! For centuries the Giza plateau has been studied throughthe eyes of archaeologists and historians but in the last two decades that has nowchanged .Originally the pyramids were covered with a 144.000 white granite casing stones ,giving them a smooth polished surface. In ancient times the reflections from th eSun must have been noticeable from miles away. The Egyptians called theirpyrami d Ta Khut which translates into The Light . Muslims in later times robbedthe Great Py ramid of its casing stones to build the mosques in Cairo. The onlyremains of the casing stones are found at the base of the Great Pyramid and thetop of the pyra mid of Kahfre. It is from these stones that the exact dimensions ofthe Pyramids have been determined. The capstone that should seal the top ofthe Great Pyramid is missing.In this chapter we will just show a few facts that underpin the claim s that thepyramids must have been built by a highly advanced civilization that h ad accessto a technology better than our own! According to Edgar Cayce eventuall y theGreat Pyramid will reveal all of its secrets when the Hall of Records is op ened andproof will be found of its Atlantean origin.The Hall of Records is suppo sedly a large storage room hidden somewhere underthe Giza plateau that is believ ed to contain advanced Atlantean equipment. Someassume that the missing capstone is a miniature version of the Great Pyramidwith all the interior details. The c apstone is supposedly buried in the Hall ofRecords too. Edgar Cayce gave directi ons to the location of the Hall of Recordsand hinted at the left paw of the Sphi nx where the entry to the Hall of Recordsshould be found. Investigative archaeol

ogist Howard Middleton-Jones now claimsto have found the exact location of the H all of Record. He also claims that the Arkof the Covenant, the tabernacle that c ontains the 10 commandments that weregiven to Moses on Mount Sinai is buried ins ide the Great Pyramid. The entranceto the Ark of the Covenant should be in the G reat Gallery at the junction thatleads to the Queen s chamber on the one hand and to the King s chamber on theother. He came to this conclusion after carefully stud ying the book Exodus inwhich God explains in detail to Moses the construction of the Ark. HowardMiddleton-Jones is quite sure that what is actually described in the book ofExodus is the staircase interior of the Great Pyramid known as the G rand Galleryleading up to the King s chamber. Now if Howard Middleton-Jones is rig ht we reheading for some interesting discoveries. 115 Souls of Distortion Awakening( )But just let s not be drawn into speculations abou t the Great Pyramid instead let shave a look at some very provable mathematical fa cts.The mathematical constantsThe pyramid encodes the mathematical constants for Pi and Phi and the naturallogarithm e! These three constants play a very signif icant role in mathematicsand physics. The origin of these constants has for cent uries puzzledmathematicians and scientist and it still remains a mystery, but th e fact is thatthese mystical constants show up everywhere in nature. All of the three constantsPi, Phi and e have been incorporated into one and the same struct ure, the GreatPyramid! This in itself is a very remarkable fact and proves the i ngeniousness ofthe builders of the Great Pyramid.By no means is it possible that these constants show up accidentally by piling upsome rocks. The values for Pi and Phi were easily found, however in 2003 Rick D.Howard eventually discovered t he value for the natural logarithm. He developed atheory called the Triple-Trian gular-Theory (TTT) that mathematically underpinsthe presence of all three consta nts in the Great Pyramid.In the picture below are the dimensions of the Great Py ramid in royal cubits. Theroyal cubit is an ancient length measure used by the E gyptians. Dimensions of the Great Pyramid in royal cubits.The mathematic value o f Pi defines the ratio of the circumference to the diameterof a circle and is fo und in the pyramid. Pi can be found taking twice the base length of the pyramid divided by its height: Pi = 2 * 440/280 = 880/280 = 22/7 approximating Pi = 3.14 159.The Golden Ratio or Phi is found in the pyramid in the following way: Phi is found when the length of the slant length of the pyramid is divided by half the base length of the pyramid, Phi = 356/220 = 1.618 (220 is the half of the base of the pyramid).I ve left out the proof for the value of e since the Triple-Triang ular Theory israther complex. 116 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe fact that the pyramid encodes Pi and Phi and e, the most profound constantsin nature shows that the builders of the pyramid mus t have had a mathematicalunderstanding of the importance of these constants.( )L ocation of the Great PyramidThe location where the Great Pyramid has been built is very remarkable to saythe least, it seems to be cleverly chosen to relate to the speed of light! The speedof light is exactly 29.9792458 x 10.000.000 meters per second. (Roughly 300thousand kilometres per second)Ten thousand kilometres i s by definition the distance from the North Pole to theequator, it is simply how the meter has been defined in the SI system. Now if wedivide the speed of light by the distance from the equator to the North Pole, weget the number: 29.979245 8. This is the latitude of a line at half the distancebetween Khufu and Khafre o f exactly 29.9792458 degrees North.Now the chance of the location of the Giza Pl ateau being chosen by chancewithout the intent to represent the speed of light s eems unlikely.Another indication that the builders of the Great Pyramid knew the speed of lightis found in the number of casing stoned that were used in the con struction.From the discoveries made by Bruce Cathy, the one who discovered theoc tahedron and the cube in the Earth grid, we know that there is fascinatingcoinci dence between the speed of light, the Gematrian value for light and thenumber of casing stones of the Great Pyramid. What Bruce Cathy did is that heexpressed th e regular value of the speed of light in another measurement. Hecalled it the gr id speed of light; the speed light takes to travel along the Earthgrid lines. In order to prove his fact, Cathy proposed a different time unit. Heintroduced the grid second as a replacement for the current second as a unit oftime. Instead o f there being 3 * 8 hours in a day, he proposed a 3 * 9 = 27 gridhours in a day.

He also used a different measure for distance; he used a radialdisplacement, th e radial arc bow on a circle of 360 degrees. Next he recalculatedthe speed of li ght as the number of arc minutes (1/60th of a degree) light travelsalong the 360 degree circle (the Earth) per grid second (supposing there are 27grid hours in day). Much to his surprise he found the grid speed of light to be thevery harmon ious value of 144.000 grid arcs per grid second.So the harmonic value 144.000 fo r the speed of light matches with the number ofcasing stones that were used to c over the Great Pyramid. If we add in the factthat the Gnostic Kabbalah equates t he Gematrian value for light to the number144, we can safely assume these number s that are showing up are nocoincidences and that the builders of the Giza Plate au most likely new the speedof light!Another coincidence is the fact that the long itude of the Great Pyramid may berelated to the Mayan long count calendar. The M ayan long count calendar predictsthe end of time at the 21st of December 2012. T he longitude of the GreatPyramid is exactly: 31 07 48 East which equals 31.13 degree s East in thedecimal system. Now scholars have determined that the last Maya Gre at cycle ofthe long count calendar started on August 13th, 3113 B.C. We will dis cuss theMayan calendars and the end date prophesies in Chapter 10 Spiralling Evol ution . 117 Souls of Distortion AwakeningSo the location of the Great Pyramid may also be a hint to the Mayan long countcalendar.Remember also the facts that the location o f the Great Pyramid is the exactlocation of the North Pole of the Earth grid and that it is the unique location onEarth where the maximum of landmass in relatio n to water is found!The Giza Plateau therefore is a unique location on Earth and it is therefore hard tobelieve that this fact has gone unrecognised by its desi gners!( )The Giza plateau and the inner planetsThe dimensions of the Great Pyram id are the first strong indications that thebuilders hinted at representing the dimensions of the Earth. The Earth is not aperfect sphere, the radius from the p oles to the centre is smaller than the radiusof the equator to the centre. There fore the Earth is flattened like a football that issquashed when someone sits on it. This is attributed to centrifugal forces, a resultof the Earths spinning on its polar axis. These imperfect spherical dimensions ofthe Earth are perfectly reflected in the Great Pyramid. The perimeter of thepyramid represents the equat orial radius of the Earth. The perimeter of thepyramid equals to half a minute o f Earth s equatorial longitude. In other words ifwe take the perimeter of the Grea t Pyramid and multiply it by 2 * 60 * 360 =43.200 we get the circumference of th e Earth along the equator in kilometres.This proves to be correct from satellite measurements with a 99,5 % accuracy.The height of the Great Pyramid represents the polar radius of the Earth. If wetake the height of the pyramid and multiply it by the same value of 43.200 tomaintain ratio we get the polar radius of the E arth with an accuracy of 99.3 %.So it seems more than reasonable to assume that the Great Pyramid was indeeddeliberately designed to represent the Earth. These facts cannot be dismissed asbeing purely coincidental.( )The height of the Great Pyramid also seems to be a reference to the distancebetween the Sun and the Ear th! The height of the pyramid is 280 royal cubits.The distance between the Earth and the Sun measured in kilometres is 147 x 106Km and equals 280 x 10? royal cu bits! So the distance between the Earth and theSun is exactly a billion times th e height of the pyramid. In the chapter aboutsacred geometry we also demonstrate d that the Great Pyramid expresses theratio in size between the Earth and the mo on by squaring the circle .From these examples, we may get the impression that the Great Pyramid isindirect proof of the existence of harmonic geometrical relation s between theEarth, the Moon and the Sun. Jean Martineau in A little book of coin cidence indeed has proven that such harmonic relations exist between all the celes tialbodies of our Solar System. With the aid of sacred geometry he explained all theorbits of the planets of our Solar System and showed that they are based oni ntrinsic harmonic principles. Johannes Kepler the great astronomer had alwaysbel ieved that the orbits of the planets could be explained by geometry, in fact heb elieved that the Platonic solids were the key to the mysteries of the orbits. Wa sKepler a Freemason? It would explain why he was so obsessed with the Platonicso lids? 118 Souls of Distortion AwakeningIn 1994 Robert Beauval in The Orion Mystery proposed

a now popular theorythat assumes that the three pyramids on the Giza plateau are aligned to the threestars of the Orion constellation. The Nile according to Bea uval corresponds to theMilky Way. The pyramids on the ground represent the posit ions of the three starsof the Orion constellation at 10,400 BC (As above so belo w). The date of 10,400BC perfectly corresponds with the date for the constructio n of the Great Pyramidgiven by Edgar Cayce.While the popular and well known Orio n alignment of the Giza plateau is stilldebated, there is also a less popular co smic relation that we will demonstrate inthis book that can be proven relatively easily and beyond any doubt. This theoryagain assumes that the Great Pyramid wa s built to represent the Earth.It seems that the three Pyramids on the Giza plat eau cleverly correspond with thefour inner planets of the Solar System, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars with theemphasis on Venus. But how can three pyramids cor respond with four planets?The correlation between the pyramids and the planets i s as follows: P1 : The Great Pyramid of Khufu relates to the Earth P2 : The pyra mid of Khafre relates to Venus P3 : The pyramid of Menkaure relates to both Mars and Mercury Aerial photo of the Giza plateau, on the right depicting the planet sThe correspondence of the middle pyramid with Venus to my opinion may be ahint to the origins of the builders of the Giza Plateau. We will reveal that later.No w the three pyramids relate in ratio with the four inner planets of the SolarSys tem in three different ways: The base of each pyramid corresponds with the diame ter of their corresponding planet The angle between P1-P2 and P2-P3 relates to t he solar orbital time differences between Earth and Mars. The distances between the pyramids relates to the relative distances between the planets. 119 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe smallest pyramid P3 corresponds to the average diameter of both Mercuryand Mars. The builders of the pyramid probably used two kinds of colours in thecasing stones to discern the dimensions of both Mars and Mercury in onepyramid. The central pyramid P2 corresponds to Venus and, the Khuf u pyramid(P1) corresponds to the planet Earth.We must keep in mind that the dime nsions of the pyramids are related to thediameters of the planets and that the r atios that were calculated are within anaccuracy that requires the exact measure s of the planets that science has onlybeen able to achieve by using satellites! And here we have a structure in themiddle of a sand pit that demonstrates the ra tios between the dimension of theplanets and base lengths of the pyramids with t he same accuracy!The three pyramids are not aligned in a straight line; they act ually make an angleof 191.6 degrees. (180 degrees would be a straight line). Rem ember that this isthe angle between the Earth and Mars/Mercury.Planet Earth orbits the 360 degrees around the Sun in 365.25 days. Planet Marshowever requires 686. 98 days. Now let s calculate how much of the 360 degreesof a full circle Mars has covered when the Earth has completed its revolutionaround the Sun:The angle woul d be: 365.25 / 686.98 * 360 = 191.4 degrees!This is the exact angle between the three pyramids!The relative distance between the planets was also taken into acc ount when thepyramids were situated on the Giza Plateau.The distance in a straig ht line between P1 and P3 is 36857 inches.The distance in a straight line betwee n P1 and P2 is 19169 inches.The exact ratio between the two distances isP1-P3 / P1-P2 = 36857 / 19169 = 1.92Now measuring the corresponding distances between th e planets is not such asimple fact. The distance between the planets is not cons tant, due to the ellipticalorbits of the planets around the Sun. Johannes Kepler discovered the ellipticalorbit of the planets four hundred years ago but the an cients that constructed theGreat Pyramid must have known about it too.They cleve rly used the distance between the Earth and Mercury when Mercury isfarthest away from the Sun. In this case the distance between Earth and Mercuryis 79.76 x 10? m. The distance between Earth and Venus is 41.39 x 10? m.The ratio now in dista nce between Mercury and the Earth and Earth and Venus is79.76/41.39 = 1.92This i s the exact same ratio in distance between the planets that has been used inthe distances between the pyramids on the Giza plateau! The accuracy is juststunning !There are other clues that indicate that the Great Pyramid corresponds with the Earth. The length of the Earth s solar year is perfectly reflected in theconstruct ion of the Great Pyramid in two ways! The first reference to the solaryear is re flected in the length of the base of the Great Pyramid that is exactly 120 Souls of Distortion Awakening36,524.22 Primitive Inches in length or 365.2422 sa

cred Egyptian cubits inlength!The second reference to the length of the Earth s so lar year is found inside thepyramid where we find a small room in between the Ki ng s chamber and theGreat Gallery called the Ante-chamber. When a circle is drawn inside this roomtouching all the walls, the circumference of this circle is exac tly: 356.25 inches, aperfect reference to the number of days in a year! The tota l length of a year is356 days and 6 hours hence 356.25 days! The dimensions of t he Ante-chambermust have been deliberately chosen to depict the number of days i n an Earthlyyear.( )InitiationThe Great Pyramid s purpose may well be that of a bi g crystal harnessing thetorsion waves of the Earth. It is situated at the exact North Pole of the Earth gridwhere the most powerful torsion waves arise from the Earth. According toDrunvalo Melchizedek, the Great Pyramid has been placed such that the apexesof the pyramids are exactly in the course of a Phi spiral. In fa ct all three pyramidsare aligned to this Phi spiral: Pyramids and the Sphinx per fectly aligned to a Phi spiralWe now have reasons to believe that a primary func tion of the pyramids couldhave been to stabilize the Earth grid and protect the Earth from earthquakes,volcanic activity and maybe poles shifts.If the Great Pyr amid was used to harness the torsion waves of the Earth, weshould not forget tha t the torsion wave energy is also conscious energy. Fromsources such as Edgar Ca yce, David Wilcock and Drunvalo Melchizedek the storygoes that the Egyptians use d the Great Pyramid as an instrument for spiritualinitiation, healing and awaken ing.Prior to the final initiation in the Great Pyramid, initiates went through t he secretteachings of the right eye of Horus and learned about sacred geometry a nd as Ihave come to believe also about the ether physics of creation. The Egypti ansbelieved that creation all arose from the primeval waters, the Nun (ether).Pa ragraph 1146 of the Pyramid Texts relates the story of a primeval cosmicserpent Iru-To who emerged from the primeval waters to create the physicalworld. These a re Iru-To s words from the Pyramid Texts: 121 Souls of Distortion AwakeningI am the outflow of the Primeval Flood, he who emer ged from the waters. I amthe Provider of Attributes serpent with its many coils. I am the Scribe of theDivine Book which says what has been and affects what is ye t to be.What I believe is being described here is a combination of the ether phy sics ofboth Paul La Violette and Daniel Winter. The torsion wave (Phi spiral ser pent Iru-To) spontaneously emerges from the ether (primeval waters) to create fo rm ( theattributes ) out of the formless ether. The torsion wave is the Scribe of th eancient Akashic records, the equivalent of Ervin Laslo s A-field, the torsion wav einformation field that permeates all of space. (See chapter 6 Ether Vibrations )An other interesting fact is that the serpent Iru-To is depicted with two heads. Th iscould symbolise the fact that the torsion wave can be created from two opposit eelectromagnetic waves as has been suggested by Tom Bearden. Metaphoricallythe t wo-headed snake could also symbolise the duality that came into existencefrom th e Oneness when Iru-To emerged from the primeval waters. When the firstforms wher e created from the Oneness of the ether, the wholeness of creationwas separated. In spell 321 of the Coffin Texts, the cosmic serpent Iru-To continues:I extended everywhere, in accordance with what was to come into existence, Ibent right aro und myself. I was encircled in my coils; one who made a place forhimself in the midst of his coils.If this isn t a perfect description of a static torsion field, the doughnut torusexplained by Daniel Winter then what else is? The fact that th e serpent made aplace for himself in the centre could indicate that this form is also the focal pointof awareness, the place where consciousness dwells.The serp ent also plays an important role in the ancient Egyptian caduceussymbol; the win ged staff with two serpents twined in seven turns around it. Itwas the symbol ca rried by Toth or Hermes Trismegistus. According to EdgarCayce and other sources, Toth was the builder of the Great Pyramid. Thecaduceus is a beautiful example o f the spiralling-in of the torsion wave in a vortexshape. The caduceusSo finally the Egyptians that had passed through the schools of the right eye andleft eye of Horus got their initiation into higher truths inside the Great Pyramid.They w ere placed inside the sarcophagus, the big coffer inside the King schamber. The co ffer was placed in the focal point of the pyramid (pyr amid = fire 122 Souls of Distortion Awakeningin the middle!) such that the strong torsion wave e nergy changed the consciousstate of the graduate undergoing the initiation proce

ss. The former mentionedsources reveal that the Egyptians could create self-indu ced out of bodyexperiences in this way. An out of body experience is an experien ce whereby theindividual s consciousness is no longer bound by the physical body b ut is free totravel any place it likes even inter-dimensionally. Many people hav e experienceda near death experience (NDE) a temporary form of outer body experi ence (OBE)while on the operating table. Although many patients have reported suc hexperiences the whole subject is still a taboo in our civilized Western society !If the initiation was successful the graduate was awakened and returned withChr ist-like abilities to heal and perform wonders. According to the Edgar Cayce sread ings Jesus is the reincarnation in a later era of the builder of the GreatPyrami d, Hermes Trismegistus, the Thrice Greatest, also known as Toth theAtlantean. To th got the help from an Egyptian priest by the name Ra-Ta who laterreincarnated as Edgar Cayce himself! Hermes, the Thrice Greatest alias Toth andJesus, meticul ously designed a device for his future awakening as the historicalJesus of Nazar eth who by his initiation in the Great Pyramid awakened to theChrist consciousne ss according to Cayce readings. There are many biblicalhistorians who now claim that Jesus indeed spent a long time in Egypt.Most people think that Jesus and th e Christ are just synonyms. However theChrist is the perfect awakened man, he wh o has attained universalconsciousness. Jesus of Nazareth is just one of many pro phets like the Buddha,Mohammed, Zoroaster, Chrisna and many others in history wh o had attained thisstate of consciousness. I believe that the essence of Jesus s t eaching is thatChrist consciousness lies dormant in each and every one of us.A B ible in stone 123 Souls of Distortion Awakening Interior of the Great PyramidIn June 30, 1932 Edga r Cayce gave a reading about the Great Pyramid.Here s a quote from his reading on that day:All changes that came in the religious thought in the word are shown th ere, invariations in which the passage through same is reached, from the base to thetop or to the open tomb and the top. These are signified by both the layer a ndthe color and in what direction the turn is made.What Edgar Cayce s is saying he re is that the Great Pyramid precisely encodesthe history and future of religiou s turns that are taken in the world. In otherwords it is a giant Bible in stone. From the base to the top of the pyramid theinternal passages in the pyramid enc ode the rise and fall of spiritual awarenessby means of the turns in the passage (ascending or descending angle), the kindof rock that is being used and the roc k s color.Peter Lemusier discovered just exactly what Edgar Cayce had been describ ing inhis reading on June 30, 1932.According to Lemusier, the Great Pyramid has been meticulously designed tomark all historical events from the last 4000 years into our present time.Lemusier found that an inch in the passageway corresponds to the length of ayear. The Enoch circle in the Ante-Chamber was the perfect ke y for thetranslation of length (an inch) into time (a year).The start date was f ixed by Lemusier and proven by means of two Scored Lines that were marked in the de scending passageway close to the entrance of thepyramid. Lemusier proved that th ese lines aligned on the spring equinox with thePleaides star cluster in 2141 BC . From this rare conjunction the start date of thetime line that the pyramid enc odes could be determined to be the summersolstice of 2623 BC.The height of the s pace between the floor and the ceiling of the passageway isalso an indication of the progress in spiritual awareness. If the height increases itmeans progress, if it decreases it means decline.From the entrance of the Great Pyramid (BC 2623 , reign of Pharaoh Khufu) thereis a descending passage all the way to a subterra nean chamber underneath thepyramid. Halfway the descending passageway we find an intersection with anascending passage that leads to both the Queen s and King s cha mber. Theintersection of the descending passage and the ascending passage is the time inhistory that corresponds with the Exodus (1453 BC) of Moses and the Isra elitesout of Egypt. It was marked as a time of great spiritual progress. Accordi ng to theBible, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai and instructe dhim to worship only one God. In history this event marked the transition frompo lytheism to monotheism. At that time Moses people lived in Egypt where theyworshi ped all the neters (Gods) of the Egyptians and followed a polytheisticreligion.I nside the Grand Gallery coming from the ascending passageway, all of a suddenthe space between floor and ceiling rises immensely. The entrance to the GrandGalle

ry demarcates the Ascension of Jesus of Nazareth. (33 BC 1st April). By theway t he pyramid encodes Jesus birth date as exactly 27th Sept 2 BC. 124 Souls of Distortion AwakeningAt the end of the Grand Gallery there is an elevati on known as the Great Step.The Great Step puzzled Peter Lemusier and he didn t kno w what to make of it.When Edgar Cayce was asked at the time what the Great Step signified heexplained that it marks the period of 1958 to 1998 the 40 year perio d indicatedby Edgar Cayce as the time of the many Earth changes that would take place (seethe epilogue of this book).Edgar Cayce predicted his own return in 199 8 as well! He didn t say he wouldreincarnate in this year but he simply mentioned to be back by this year. We willlater reveal that indeed he returned in this yea r. According to Edgar Cayce theKing s chamber symbolizes our present era. It is th e end of the timeline indicatingthe time of immense progress, a spiritual revolu tion, the time of a globalAscension. The King s chamber may well be related to the 2012 predictions, theend of the Mayan calendar and the time of great change. Wh at this book is tryingto prove is that we live in an extraordinary time in which science and spiritualityare merging. What kind of an immense progress in spirit ual terms would that be?If the Great Pyramid is indeed a Bible in stone we may s tart to understand thatour current spiritual advancement is reflected in the Gre at Pyramid by the King schamber. The builders of the Great Pyramid may have left i t as a gift to ourcurrent civilization to be decoded. Only by means of our curre nt scientificadvancement do we now have the capacity to really fully understand thismysterious pile of rocks that has puzzled mankind for ages.Maybe the greates t mystery of all, if the pyramid has a timeline that perfectlypredicts the futur e, how were the builders of the pyramid able to see into thefuture? Did they use induced outer body travelling as a means of time travelling?( )King s chamber and DNASonic experiments performed in the King s chamber showed that the King schamber has a series of acoustic resonance frequencies that correspond withperfect music al notes! The coffer inside the King s chamber for instance has aperfect resonance frequency of 440 Hz, the ground note A, the frequency of atuning fork.Four othe r resonance frequencies were found in the King s chamber. Thesecorrespond with the musical notes F#, A, C# and D#. These notes are the notesof the F sharp major s cale (F#). Indian Shamans tuned their ceremonial flutes toF sharp because they b elieved that it is a frequency that is attuned to motherEarth.Now we may remembe r from the Cymatics studies that the Platonic solids emergefrom the perfect soun d frequencies of the diatonic musical scale. So it would beno surprise if pure t onal frequencies were found in the Earth grid frequencies.The amazing thing is t hat the resonance frequencies of the King s chambercorrespond with the resonance f requencies that were found in the 4 bases of theDNA molecule. DNA is a spirallin g helix of three billion base pairs. This amazingstructure only has 4 basic buil ding blocks, the DNA bases adenine (A), cytonsine(C), guanine (G) and thymine (T ). Each base pair is a combination of 2 out ofthese 4 bases sequenced to a strin g of three billion base pairs. 125 Souls of Distortion AwakeningProfessor of Chemistry and Biochemistry David W. De amer of the University ofCalifornia, Santa Cruz measured with infrared light the resonance frequencies ofall the 4 bases of DNA. Each base resonated to an avera ge of 15 frequencies, 60frequencies in total. Next they used a technique that is commonly used in musicand transposed the higher octave frequencies of light dow n to the octave ofsound. (Remember from our chapter about sacred geometry that t he colors of therainbow are the 7 keys in the diatonic scale transposed to the 4 8th octave)They fed the 60 transposed DNA frequencies into a Yamaha DX7 programm ablesynthesizer. The pitches were not perfect musical notes, however after a few weeks of tuning they found that the frequencies were centered around 4 puremusical notes. The notes that they found, you guessed it, are the sameresonance frequen cies of the King s chamber in the Great Pyramid!They even recorded DNA music playe d on the DX7 synthesizer on a CD titled Sequencia . People that listened to the CD r eported feelings of connectednessand familiarity.Now this discovery lends much c redit to the claims made by Edgar Cayce andothers that the Great Pyramid was use d for healing. It seems an unimaginablecoincidence that the same resonance frequ encies that were used in the King schamber correspond with the resonance frequenci es of the DNA bases.( )RecapitulationThe more we know about the Great Pyramid, t

he more wondrous the seventhworld wonder becomes. Egyptologist are still holding on to the idea that the GreatPyramid was built for no other reason than to serv e as a burial chamber forPharaoh Kuhfu, however this idea has become just ludicr ous. The pyramid ismuch older than claimed and must have been built by a culture far more superiorthan the Egyptians. Even today we simply don t have the technolo gy to build anedifice like the Great Pyramid. The reason why Egyptologists cling on to their ownarchaic theories is that they have no other choice but to defend them. The vastmajority of Egyptologist are Muslim and the Koran simply states t hat the Earth isno older than 4000 years. So they simply don t buy any theory that may date theGreat Pyramid to a time frame before the established date of constr uction 2589B.C.The Great Pyramid and the Giza complex can be regarded as a gift of an ancientculture to a future generation provided that they had developed to a scientificlevel of understanding such that it could unravel all its hidden sec rets. As moreevidence is accumulated it becomes more credible that Edgar Cayce w as rightabout the pyramid s purpose for spiritual initiation and healing. Another purposecould be that is served as a balancing instrument for the Earth s energy gr id.In the next chapter we will further delve into the mysteries of the human DNA .The builders of the Great Pyramid must have had a thorough understanding ofthe human DNA if they were able to attune the King s chamber to the DNAfrequencies. Is it possible that something as simple as sound frequencies can beused for DNA he aling? Let s hear what Russian science has to say about thesubject today. 126 Souls of Distortion AwakeningChapter 9 The mysterious DNAThe DNA double helix as the template of all life forms has been around in sciencefor some odd fifty yea rs now since their discovery by Crick and Watson. Ourknowledge about DNA since t hen has dramatically increased. DNA stores thechemical molecular instructions fo r cellular reproduction. It is a blueprint for thereproduction of all the protei ns that are found in the cells of an organism. Thehuman body contains an estimat ed 70.000 to 90.000 different proteins.The DNA helix is a twisted double string. Each string is made of around 3.1 billionnucleotides. The nucleotides are all l inked together to form this immense chain.There are only four different base nuc leotides used in the chain. These bases aredenoted by their initial character ad enine (A), cytonsine (C), guanine (G) andthymine (T).Three of these bases in a c hain form a triplet or codon. There are only 4 = 64different types of codons in t he DNA chain. Each triplet or codon is the geneticequivalent for one amino acid, the building block of a protein. One proteinconsists of some hundred amino acid s, so it takes the same number of codons tocode one protein. The sequence of cod ons that encodes a single protein is calleda gene.Nucleotides form base pair bri dges between the two DNA strings. One of thenucleotides of a base pair is in one of the DNA strings, the other in the oppositeDNA string. In this way the base p airs form a bridge, a chemical bond betweenthe two DNA strings tying them togeth er in a twisting staircase like double helix.Of the complete chain of triplets i n a complete DNA string only 5% is used for thecoding and reproduction of protei ns. The other 95% is called junk or dormantDNA; it seems to be a senseless repet ition of triplets that western science simplydoesn t know what to do with it. For a very long time scientists believed that the95% non-coding part of the DNA is c ompletely redundant. There is now strongevidence that the non-encoding DNA is no t useless after all but in fact may bemore important than the encoding codons. R evolutionary new discoveriesrevealed that the idea that the inherited genetic ma ke up of an organism cannotbe changed is wrong. It has been proven that the sequ ence of the DNAmolecule s codons can be reprogrammed!Human Genome projectThe most profound study ever performed on the 5% encoding triplets of thehuman DNA string was conducted in an international joint effort called theInternational Human Ge nome Project. The task of the Human Genome Projectwas to identify the complete s tructure of the human DNA and map its triplets andgenes. Since the human body co ntains at least 70.000 different proteins, it wasexpected to find at least some 100.0000 genes in the human DNA, 70.000 toexplain the physical reproduction of t he human body (protein encoding genes)and some 30.000 different genes to explain the differences in personality andcharacter. When the first draft version of th e human genome was finished in 2001and the final version in 2004, the high hopes and expectations of biologist in theworld were shattered to pieces when only 30

.000 genes were found in the humanDNA. Thirty thousand genes in the human genome is only three hundred more 127 Souls of Distortion Awakeningthat it takes to build a mouse. The Human Genome Pr oject also revealed that weshare 98 percent of our genes with chimpanzees!All ou r assumptions about DNA as being the sacred book of life containing all thetext to write each chapter in biology now have to be re-evaluated. The DNAdifferences between a human being and a primate that we evolved from aresimply too small to account for the differences in appearance let alone theimmense difference in co nscious awareness and intelligent abilities. On the DNAlevel we have more in com mon with dolphins than with apes.Junk DNAWhile western science invested in the I nternational Human Genome Projectfocusing on the 5% of the encoding triplets of DNA, in the Soviet Union in 1990 agroup of Russian scientists of the Russian Aca demy of Sciences was formed tostudy the complete human genome. This research was led by Dr. Pjotr Garjajev,member of the Russian Academy of Sciences as well as the Academy of Sciencesin New York. The Russian research was taking a wide angle and held an openview in their studies. The research team included bio physicist s, molecularbiologist, embryologist and even linguistic experts. Their research revealed thatthe supposed junk DNA that has been completely neglected and forgot ten bywestern mainstream science, was no redundant leftover of evolution at all. Linguistic studies revealed that the sequencing of the codons of the non-codingD NA follow the rules of some basic syntax. There is a definite structure and logi cin the sequence of these triplets, like some biological language. Studies furth errevealed that the codons actually form words and sentences just like our ordin aryhuman language follows grammar rules.Scientists have conducted many studies o n the origins of human languages andthe origins of the grammatical rules that ar e so essential to all human languages;however they have always failed to find th e source. But now for the first time inhistory the origins of language may be su rprisingly attributed to DNA. Thelanguage of the genes is much, much older than any human language that wasever uttered on this globe. It even seems more likely that the DNA grammar wastaken as the blueprint for human speech.Whereas the wes tern Human Genome Project deciphered the machine language code of the DNA molecule, the structure of the DNA bits formed by the sequenceof nucleotides, Russian schol ars discovered the high level language present inDNA. Another amazing fact that Garjajev s group discovered was that the DNA isby no means a closed book of life. He discovered that the text of the DNA bookcould be altered. The codons of the D NA string can be rearranged in differentsequences. In other words the software o f the human genome our DNA moleculecan be reprogrammed! Studies revealed that th e junk DNA seemed to be jumpingDNA. Triplets of the DNA string were able to exch ange places.Since the DNA was found to have a syntax and semantics akin to our h umanlanguages, it was proven that our currently restricted perception that DNA o nlyserved for the coding of the reproduction of the proteins for the chemical ma keup of an organism, is only half of the story.When DNA in vitro test tubes were exposed to coherent laser light, the laser lightspiralled along the DNA helix a s if it was guided by the structure of the DNAmolecule. The most amazing effect was noticed when the DNA itself was removedand the laser light kept spiralling! The vacuum of the space that was justpreviously occupied by the DNA had changed and something caused the laser 128 Souls of Distortion Awakeninglight to keep spiralling. These effects have been m easured and remained for quitesome time. The effect is now becoming well known a s the DNA phantom effect.Vladimir Poponin and his team of Russian Academy of Sci ences repeated the workof Garjajev at the Hearthmath Institute in the U.S.A. Pop onin concluded againthat a field structure was formed in the physical vacuum eve n when the originalDNA was removed. We ve seen similar examples of vacuum changes before thatcould be attributed to torsion fields.( )DNA programmingThe most asto nishing experiments that were performed by Garjajev s group arethe reprogramming o f the DNA codon sequences using modulated laser light.From their discovered gram matical syntax of the DNA language they were able tomodulate coherent laser ligh t and even radio waves and add semantics (meaning)to the carrier wave. In this w ay they were able to reprogram DNA in vivo (inliving organisms) by using the cor rect resonant frequencies of DNA. The mostprofound discovery made so far is that

human linguistic words can be modulatedto the carrier wave with the same reprog ramming effect. Now this is a bafflingand stunning scientific discovery! Our own DNA can simply be reprogrammed byhuman speech, supposing that the words are mod ulated on the correct carrierfrequencies!Whereas western science uses complicate d bio chemical processes to cut andpaste DNA triplets in the DNA molecule, Russi an scientist use modulated laserlight to do exactly the same thing. The Russians have proven to be verysuccessful in repairing damaged DNA material in vivo!Lase r light therapies based on Gajajev s findings are already applied in someEuropean academic hospitals with success on various sorts of skin cancer. Thecancer is cu red without any remaining scars.( )EmotionsDaniel Winter and his heart coherence team have found proof that humanemotions can reprogram DNA as well. The sonic b eatings of the heart in rhythmwith our feelings, our emotions, are transformed i nto electromagnetic energy inthe body s glands that act like piezoelectric coupler s creating smallerelectromagnetic counterpart wavelengths of the emotional sound s of the heart.The emotion becomes energy in motion, e-motion, sending it right down to theDNA of every cell of our body as blue coherent laser light that is ab le to modulatethe DNA codons just like the lasers of the Russians did.On close e xamination from the top view of the DNA it has a dodecahedron shape.There are te n Phi spirals required to create the dodecahedral helical shape of theDNA spiral . The DNA molecule as a wave shape is attuned to the heart and ableto receive it s sonic emotions. Daniel Winter explains the implosion of long wavesinto short w aves as the mechanism that conveys the emotions of the heart to ourDNA. The scal e (wavelength) is different but the ratio of the wavelengths is thesame maintain ing the Golden Mean ratio. Not only emotions feed our DNA withblue ultraviolet l ight, also cellular metabolism the consumption of food is all aboutcreating shor t wave blue light that feeds our DNA. Plants receive this light directly 129 Souls of Distortion Awakeningfrom the Sun using chlorophyll in their leaves and use a process calledphotosynthesis to bind the photons of the Sun. Animals consu ming these plantsget these bio photons indirectly from plants, the accumulation however hasbecome less effective. This coherent light of the Sun is stored as bi o photons inthe organism. The purpose of the metabolisms in both plants and anim als is tocreate highly coherent ultraviolet laser light inside our DNA that driv es cellreplication.Many studies have revealed that there is a clear relation bet ween our mental andemotional state and our health. People who suffer from depres sions and negativeemotions for long periods will eventually suffer damage to the ir physical health aswell. Have you noticed that the one who talks the most abou t a disease is the onewho eventually gets it? Fear is a very negative emotion th at does not benefithealth. Scientific studies have proven that no matter how wel l babies are fed,when they lack the caressing and loving touch of their mothers they eventuallydie! The loving hugs of the mother are sent right down to the DNA of the baby!Daniel Winter makes it abundantly clear that our emotions program o ur DNA andshape the immune system of our cells, creating strong health. Negative emotionsdestroy the coherence of the immune system while positive emotions enha nce it.According to Winter the healthiest thing to do is to have as much bliss a ndecstasy as possible in our lives since it is the healthiest emotion, which in thelong run gives us longevity.Bio wave computerThe wave processing and modulati ng properties of DNA have revealed a total newpurpose for the DNA molecule. For a long time we have believed that the onlypurpose for DNA was that it serves as the carrier of genetic information for thereproduction of life. This now seems t o be only half of the equation.Gajajev and others in a paper titled the DNA wave Biocomputer postulates thatDNA is no less than an intelligent biological computer , it s an intelligent apparatusthat is able to store and retrieve biological infor mation from all the cells of thebody, connecting the chromosomes of all cells in to a holistic continuum, a kind ofbiological internet inside the body. The DNA c hromosomes acquire unlimitedinformation from the metabolisms that occur in each and every cell and in turnproduce regulative electromagnetic signals as a feedba ck. All of the billions ofcells that make up our body are in instantaneous commu nication with each other.In quantum mechanical terms, they are non-locally conne cted. This allows forcoordination of the countless complex biochemical events th at take place insideour body to be regulated in a coherent way. Information exch

ange in the body bymeans of the nervous system and the intercellular biochemical moleculardiffusions are processes that are way too slow to explain the instanta neousresponse our body is able to give to external stimuli, nor can it account f or thestunning coherence with which all of our bodily functions act in unison.Ot her proof that our body is a single super coherent operating bio system comesfro m Cleve Backster. He has been able to prove that cells isolated from thehuman bo dy still remain in communication with our body even if they aretransported far a way from the body. He used two lie detectors, one wasconnected to a volunteer, t he other to cell samples that were taken from hismouth and stationed twelve kilo metres away from this person. He was able toprove that changes in the emotional state of the person being tested werereflected in both lie detectors simultaneou sly, the one attached to the person sexperiment is that all of our bodily cells ar e connected non-locally no matter how 130 Souls of Distortion Awakeningfar they are apart and that this connection remains even when cells are isolatedfrom the body.( )According to Gajajev, the genomic information of the organism is also stored non-locally, this means that it is no t restricted to the DNA molecules itself. The DNAmolecule merely acts as a stora ge device that is able to read and write thegenomic information from a non-local distributed field. DNA acts like a fractalenvironment that stores the coherent blue laser light in a holographic way. Thisgenomic hologram can be read using ei ther electromagnetic or acoustic fields.Now here s a quote from the paper:DNA acts as a kind of aerial open to the reception of not only the internalinfluences an d changes within the organism but to those outside it as well.Indeed we regard t his as one of our primary findings, which in view of quantumnonlocality of organ isms extends not only to the organisms local environment,but also beyond it to t he extent of the entire universe.Remember from chapter 3 Science and consciousnes s , paragraph morphic fields that biologist Rupert Sheldrake had already proposed the morphic field. Morphicgenetic fields encode genetic information that is shared by all members of aspecies. The DNA bio wave computer model proposed by Gajajev and his groupshed a whole new light not only on where and how the genetic inform ation isactually stored but also where it initially came from. If genetic inform ation isactually stored in morphic fields in the fabric of space and time, we ma y also startto re-evaluate Darwin s evolution theory.( )Intelligent DesignDarwinis m has received a lot of criticism in the last decade since althoughDarwinism has been around since 1859, it is still unable to answer manyquestions related to t he evolution of the species. For one thing Darwinism isunable to explain is the explosion of sudden new life forms that appeared some530 million years ago on th is planet. The abundant new higher life forms thatcame into existence with a hig her level of biological complexity than previous lifeforms, required all sorts o f new proteins and corresponding genes in a relativelyvery short time span. The explosion can hardly be explained by a spontaneousincrease in the number of natu ral mutations of genes. It is also hard to imaginehow a complete new species dev elops from its predecessor, since it requires anabundant amount of coherent spon taneous mutations taking place all at the sametime to create all the new feature s of a new specie. It is also hard to conceivethat nature was able to create suc h biological complex systems such as the eyeby merely tinkering about a bit with the codons of the DNA molecule. Allbiological systems such as the organs, the i mmune system and the senses are fartoo complex to have come into existence by me re chance alone. The problemwith these complex biological systems is that they d id not gradually develop overmany prototypes ; these prototypes are missing in the fossil records all together.Many new biological functions such as eyesight were spontaneous creativeinventions in the evolutionary process. When more and more f ossils were found inthe quest to find the missing links in the fossil records, p aradoxically more and 131 Souls of Distortion Awakeningmore evidence was being collected that evolution to ok place in quantum leaps ofspecies such as from invertebrates to vertebrates.Th e development of new species requires the involvement of many new biologicalfunc tions coherently at same time. For new species such as birds to emerge it isnot enough to just develop fethers, it also requires lightweight bone and musclestru ctures. If a mutant only developed fethers, these mutants would not render abiol

ogical advantage and natural selection would eventually eliminate the new lifefo rm. We humans supposedly stem from the apes, but evolutionists were neverable to really prove these assumptions.Mathematician Fred Hoyle came up with a beautifu l and credible analogy to proofthat evolution can hardly be considered a lucky r oulette game. He used theanalogy of the three dimensional puzzle called the Rubi k cube. Each face of theRubik cube is constructed from a matrix of 9 smaller cub es per face. Each of thethree layers in the face of the Rubik cube can be pivote d around both a verticaland a horizontal axis. When the puzzle is solved, all th e Rubik cube s faces willhave the same colour.Suppose we give a Rubik cube to a bl ind man and ask him to solve the puzzle.Hoyle calculated that the blind man requ ires an expected 5 x 108 turns to solvethe puzzle. Suppose he makes one turn per second then it will take him 5 x 108seconds = 126 billion years to complete the p uzzle by chance. This is longer thanthe age of our universe! Now suppose we help the blind man by advising him on ayes or no for each turn he is attempting, the n the puzzle can be solved in only120 turns requiring 2 minutes to solve the puz zle.To solve the Rubik cube we only need to align 9 * 6 = 54 smaller cubes, howe verto solve the puzzle of life, it requires 3.1 billion nucleotides to be perfec tly alignedin the DNA strings!Now do we still believe that evolution was the wor k of a blind man?Cambridge University Professor of evolutionary biology Simon Co nway Morrisbelieves that there must be a divine cause for our evolution. His uno rthodox viewof a divine cause is not very popular among his colleagues. Although he does notbelieve that man is the splendid accident of evolution, he makes it crystal clearthat he doesn t adhere to the vision of creationists whose only truth it is that Godcreated the world in seven days. He brings up some new and very i nterestingarguments. According to Morris evolution has come up with the same sol ution toproblems many times. For instance the camera like solution of the eye ha s been invented at least 6 times by completely different species that did not pass thissolution on by means of exchanging genes. Simon Conway Morris shows thatther e are abundant examples in nature of identical convergences of biologicalfunctio ns, identical solutions that emerged completely independently withindifferent sp ecies. He says that environmental factors such as oxygen, watersunlight and grav ity probably narrow the possible solutions down to only a fewrestricted solution s. So if there is convergence in the development of biologicalfunctions, it mean s these convergences were no coincidence.( )Another difficult question for Darwi nists to explain is the sudden leap inintelligence and consciousness that occurr ed to the Neanderthals some 35.000years ago. From hunting, cave living Neanderth als they made this enormouscultural and intelligent progress. By tool making, fa rming and animal keeping, 132 Souls of Distortion Awakeningmankind for the first time in evolution made life a lot more comfortable, now thatchasing animals in the wild was no longer the onl y option.One of the most important pillars of Darwinism is that gene mutations t ake placeirrespective of external changes in the environment. The reason why the adaptedspecies survives the changes in the environment is because they are coinci dentally better equipped to survive. Natural selection takes care that thesebette r-equipped mutants will survive; this selection process is called the survivalof the fittest.Dr. Bruce Lipton however disagrees with this axiom of Darwinism com pletely andsays that cells themselves have the ability to perfectly rewrite thei r own DNAwhen the external environment demands it. Harvard geneticist John Kearn sdelivered proof for Dr Lipton s hypothesis in 1988. He placed bacteria that could not digest milk sugar (lactose) in an environment that only contained lactose, s oit was their only possible source for food. Instead of dying off these bacteria wereable to reprogram their DNA such that they were able to survive and feed on thelactose. So here s another source claiming that DNA reprogramming is possible! ( )The last thing in Darwin s theory that may become extinct is most likelyDarwini sm itself, the scientific criticism is growing and alternative evolutiontheories are emerging. The most radical opponents to Darwinism are thecreationists who s imply believe in the literal text of Genesis in the Bible andfiercely debate tha t it was God who created Adam and Eve and all other life onEarth some eight thou sands years ago. Of course this simplistic ratherfundamentalist blind belief in the Bible cannot be taken serious as the fossilrecords contradict it altogether.

In 1995 however a new more serious evolution theory emerged the ntelligentDesign th eory. The founder of the Intelligent Design theory is Michael Behe wholaunched h is evolution theory in a publication titled Darwin s Black Box . TheIntelligent Desig n theory states that life on Earth is the result of an intelligentdesign instead of by an unguided process of trial and error. The Intelligent Designtheory adhe rents, unlike the creationists, acknowledge that life on Earthdeveloped in both stages of gradual progress of small adaptive changes followedby spurts of evolut ional leaps that can only be explained as the result of andintelligent design.Qu antum physicist Amit Goswami is his book The visionary window believes thatthe qua ntum leaps in the development of species may be explained by quantumscience. A n umber of quantum scientists have created the foundation for whatthey call quantu m evolution.The basic idea of quantum evolution is that gene mutations take plac e in thequantum state and not in the classical state of Newtonian physics. Quant umsuper positions of gene mutations do not manifest immediately in the phenotype of the organisms but accumulate in the gene pool of the species over millions of years. Goswami mentions that morphic genetic fields could be the storage spacefo r these quantum mutations that take place within the species.Quantum mutations a llow for an endless number of possible gene combinationstaking place at the same time. Only changes in the genome of a new life formthat makes biologically more sense eventually collapse from the quantum state tothe classical state. He ment ions that consciousness must be involved to triggerthe collapse of the quantum s tate before the new specie emerges. 133 Souls of Distortion AwakeningQuantum evolution could explain why transitional li fe forms were never found inthe fossil records, since the transitional life form s only virtually existed in thequantum realm and came into existence in quantum leaps. After new specieshave come into existence, nature uses the natural select ion process to selectthose genes that are available in the gene pool of the new specie that best fitsthe environment. However these adaptive changes of the spec ie to newenvironmental situations have always been available in the collective g ene pool.So quantum evolution embraces Darwinism in the sense that it believes t hat thenatural selection mechanism is a pressure that allows for species to adap t in themetastasis period in between quantum leaps of new species.Unlike Darwini sm believing that there is no purpose in evolution, Goswami stheory states that th ere is a discernable direction in evolution from simple tomore complex life form s. He believes that the consciousness choice for thecollapse of the quantum pote ntial of genes to create new species is in accord witha greater plan.A fundament al question indeed is why did life on Earth develop from primitivesingle unconsc ious cellular life to complex human beings that eventually becameself-aware? Wha t could be the purpose of self-awareness if evolution is onlyabout Darwin s surviv al strategies of selfish genes?( )The new discoveries outlined in this book of a n intelligent all pervasive cosmicenergy that is omnipresent in the universe and that also serves as a recordingmedium for information such that it can act as t he storage device for morphicgenetic fields of DNA preserving the genetic inform ation of species, seems tocontradict Darwinism and lends credit for the Intellig ent Design and quantumevolution theories.Also the physics of chaos theory seems to support the Intelligent Design theory ofMichael Behe. The fractal attractors of chaos theory raise the philosophicalquestion if there is purpose in the unive rse. Are we pulled towards a final goal? Isevolution a pulling process towards a finite end point somewhere in the future orare random mutations by chance in Da rwinism still pushing us? Chaos theoryseems to favor the first option.Recapitula tionDNA s purpose is not to serve solely as a chemical memory device for thereprod uction of proteins. Russian research has revealed that we underestimatedthe inte lligence of DNA as it acts like a bio computer and is able to store andprocess b iological information of the metabolisms that take place in our body aswell as g enetic information. Most astonishing, the codon sequences of DNA can bereprogram med by coherent frequency sources such as modulated laser light,radio waves and human emotions. We have just started to discover the gatewayfunctions of DNA to information fields, the bridge to what Rupert Sheldrake calledthe morphic geneti c fields of life. Morphic genetic fields may be the true drivingforce behind bio logical evolution as opposed to the random mutations of thegenes by chance and t

he natural selection process that was proposed by Darwin.These new discoveries s how how little we still actually know about DNA.Notwithstanding the fact that we apparently still have a very limited knowledge ofDNA in the West that is accept ed by mainstream science, we nevertheless took 134 Souls of Distortion Awakeningthe liberty to start playing around and modify the genome of crops and organismsas we please. These enterprises could be very hazar dous to the biosphere and thevery survival of life on Earth since restructuring of the DNA molecule destroys thewave characteristics of the DNA that took nature millions of years to perfect.Until we can speak the language of DNA, we should not seek to rewrite the bookof life; I think we have been led astray and are on a dangerous road. 135 Souls of Distortion AwakeningChapter 10 Spiralling evolutionDarwinism has become a dogma, a kind of religion all by itself and is still todayfiercely defended. The reason why is quite understandable from a scientific pointof view. The axiom s of science itself are at stake.Adherents of Darwinism defend it so fiercely be cause they are afraid that sciencewill eventually lose its very foundations if i t can be proven that indeed evolutionis not random at all and that purpose and d irection must be accepted as a reality.The door to a possible Divine force in na ture would be opened again that wasshut closed hundreds of years ago. It was Fre nch mathematician Simon Laplacewho finally closed it after Descartes. He replied to Napoleon, who had questionedwhim why he had left out God in his books as the causal force for the movementof the Heavenly bodies, saying that he no longer n eeded the hypotheses of God.Science is firmly rooted on the premise that all rea lity can be explained byreductionism and determinism, casting aside all divine c auses to the domain ofreligion. So the real issue that is being debated is not a scientific issue it s aspiritual issue: should science admit God, when he s knockin g on the door!Universal balanceIn his last book the Cosmic vision , Ervin Laszlo br ings an interesting point intothe discussion. While Neo Darwinists like Richard Dawkins and Intelligent Designadvocates fight over the legitimacy of Darwinism, Laszlo points out that thediscussion is narrowed down to biological evolution on ly; he says we should lookfurther and include the evolution of the universe as a whole in the debate.According to Laszlo, the real question is how did the unive rse evolve to a statesuch that biological evolution could take place at all?Our universe evolved from plasma into elementary particles, atoms, molecules,planets stars and galaxies that eventually created the conditions on Earth thatwere jus t perfectly fit to quicken lifeless matter into life. The real miracle ofevoluti on is that the universe s physical constants and laws are coherently finetuned suc h as to allow for the universe to evolve and bear life forms as we knowit today. If the perfect coherence of all these physical laws and constants wereonly slig htly different, there would be no universe as we know it today nor couldthere be life on Earth. If the expansion rate of the universe had been only abillionth l ess the universe would have collapsed soon after the Big Bang. Howeverhad it bee n a billionth more, the universe would have evaporated into coldgasses. If elect romagnetism and gravity were not coherently tuned there wouldbe no hot stars and no planets for life to evolve on. If electrons and protons didnot have exact op posite charges there would be no atoms and no DNA. Allphysical constants seem to be miraculously balanced. If any of these constantwere just slightly off, you w ouldn t be reading these words.And yet here we are! There must be a plan behind ev olution of the universe andlife, the chances of the universe coming into its own being as it is today is utterlyinconceivable without an intelligent guidance.Er win Laszlo has developed over the last 40 years an integral system theory. Theth eory started off from the work of naturalistic philosopher Alfred NorthWhitehead who developed a metaphysical work called organic metaphysics. He 136 Souls of Distortion Awakeningdeduced that our reality is composed of undividable interwoven organic entities.Living organisms are just one of the many ways natu re has found for itself toexpress these organic entities. Life in the cosmos evo lves as a whole, a networkof seemingly separate entities but which mutually affe ct each other. Whiteheadconcluded that reality is a process, an integral evoluti onal process. Laszlo tookWhitehead s metaphysical framework as a basis for his int egral system theorythat explains how the evolution of our universe takes place a

s an integral processof individual but not separated systems. The physics of tor sion waves weavingthe A-field is the physical foundation underpinning his evolut ionary systemtheory.( )There is another way to explain that creation cannot be t he result of a luckycoincidence. One of the most intriguing laws in nature is th e second law ofThermodynamics that states that the universe and all known proces ses within itwhether it be physical chemical, or biological processes all strive to a lowestpossible state of energy and order. In physical terms, we say that s ystems innature strive to a higher degree of entropy (disorder). Astrophysics te lls us thateventually over billions of years the universe as a whole will decay into theprimordial state of chaos once again. The second law of Thermodynamics s tatesin plain language that eventually every ordered system will return to a cha oticsystem. We see this principle manifested in our world everyday. If we don t pu tenough energy into conserving the things that we created, eventually everything will break down. So evidently we experience that dying is a natural thing that isa ll around us on a daily basis, whether it is your car breaking down, your houset hat requires new paint or the cat that just died. Nothing is eternal andeverythi ng is subjected to entropy unless we put our effort and energy into it tokeep it alive!However if we look with different eyes into the same world we see life ma nifestedeverywhere as well, a very high degree of order. Everything that we see aroundus has been created out of a primordial state of pure chaos, the early uni verseseconds after the Big Bang. Science states that when order is achieved in a system, disorder must be created elsewhere since the second law ofThermodynamics does not allow order to increase.However creation itself seems to be abundant p roof that the total order in theuniverse from its early conception did increase and hence that negentropy mustexist as well (negative entropy). The life force w ithin every living plant animaland human being on this planet is a force that co nstantly counteracts the effectsof entropy.So besides the second law of Thermody namics that tears everything down, theremust be a creative force in nature as we ll that created order out of chaos just likethat.Cycles in timeScientists in the last century discovered many cycles in many natural phenomenasuch as biology, n ature, stock market prices, population growth, economy, etc.that are somehow lin ked to planetary movements and the activity of the Sun. Theamazing thing about t hese completely independent and separate phenomena isthat they act in coherence. They are harmonically connected as if some unseenforce connects them by means o f resonance. Currently science is not able to 137 Souls of Distortion Awakeningexplain these coherences, since how are we to expla in resonance betweencompletely different separate and independent phenomena if t here is no knownenergetic effect or force that connects them. Only an omnipresen t energy fieldsuch as the ether may eventually explain how independent phenomena such asthe Sunspot cycle and economical cycles are interconnected by means ofre sonance.Scientist Ray Tomas has developed a theory called the Harmonics of theUni verse . For many years Ray Tomas had been working for customers developingeconomic models to forecast developments in stock market prices of all sorts ofcommodity . Eventually he discovered cyclic behaviour in these stock marketprices that wer e harmonics of the planetary periods. He also found musical ratiosin the harmoni cs involving fractions of 3/2, 4/3 and 2 and proportions of 4:5:6:8that formed m ajor cords in the musical scale. His theory now suggests that manycyclic events occurring in nature such as biological, physical, and economicalcycles have harm onics that are interrelated much like the notes in music. RayTomas has found tha t many economic cycles are pure harmonics of the Sun srotation, its solar rotation period at the equator of 25.8 days and of the Sunspotcycle of 11.07 years. The Sunspot cycle is the cycle in the Sun s activity thatdecreases and increases in cy cles to culminate to a solar maximum every 11.07years. Ray Tomas believes that t he cycles that we find in our Solar System areharmonics of even larger cycles th at occur in the Milky Way, our galaxy. Allgalactic cycles eventually are believe d to be harmonics of a single universalcosmic cycle. Vedic tradition has always explained that the universe is the resultof one primordial resonating vibration, the Ohm sound of creation. In a sense wecould say that our universe is one big song, it s a uni-verse (one song).( )Ray Tomas found a very harmonic ratio 34560 t hat miraculously seems to be theratio that by scale connects everything in the u

niverse from the quantum realmto the universe at large. For instance if we were to take the average distancebetween moons and multiply it by 34560 we get the av erage distance betweenplanets. If again we multiply this value by 34560 we get t he average distancebetween stars etc. The ratio 34560 seems to scale all of the following sphericalobjects from small to large: nucleons, atoms, cells, moons, p lanets, stars,galaxies, universe.Daniel Winter who learned about the miraculous ratio of Ray Tomas discoveredthat if we compress the speed of light by a factor of 34560 we get the speed ofsound. If we compress the speed of sound by a factor of 34560 we get the speedof heat.The number 34560 according to Ray Tomas is the seed number for many cyclesin the universe.Another astonishing fact is that a S umerian clay tablet named after its findingplace Nineveh has been found that con tains a cosmological constant with a valueof 70 * 60^7 (seventy times sixty rais ed to the power of seven).The Nineveh constant, after being decoded by NASA astr ophysicist MauriceChatelain, perfectly described all the orbital times of our pl anets down to asecond if whole fractions of this number are taken. For example P luto has aperfect 25000 cycles in the Nineveh constant and Halley s Comet has 81.0 00cycles. Since the Nineveh constant s measure is the second, it equates to a cycl etime of roughly 6.2 million years. Starting from the Nineveh constant, research erDavid Wilcock discovered a galactic constant that he named the Wilcock constan t 138 Souls of Distortion Awakeningthat equals 0.7 * 60^9. This constant is exactly 36 times the Nineveh constantand according to Wilcock will harmonically connect al l orbits of all objects in ourgalaxy.( )Since we learned in chapter 6 Ether Vibra tions that scientists discovered that ouruniverse is constructed from an all-perv asive vibrating energy, we are notsurprised to find resonance in the universe be tween many seemingly independentcycles of independent phenomena. Eastern Vedic t radition has always suggestedthat our evolution takes place in four Yugas or Wor ld Ages. According to Easterntraditions, the cosmos develops in cycles of dawn ( sandhya) followed by cycles ofdusk (sandhyansha). Each of these periods of dawn and dusk is one tenth of theYuga and there are four Yugas in total, Krita, Tetra , Dvapara and the Kali Yuga,our current Yuga that is presently ending. The four Yugas add up to the GreatCycle of cosmic evolution.Throughout human history ther e have been periods of dawn and periods of duskwithin the current Kali Yuga. Eas tern traditions tell us that in periods of dawnthere is a rise in consciousness awareness, whereas in times of the dusk, humanconsciousness falls asleep and los es its spiritual awareness and connection to itsDivine source. At the end of the second millennium Eastern traditions prophesisedthat humanity would finally be heading to a new period of dawn, the new Agecoinciding with the Age of Aquarius. Auric Time ScaleCould Eastern spirituality be right about the existence of cosmi c cycles ofevolution? There is now evidence to suggest that the evolution of the universeindeed moves in cycles with a forward motion tracing a spiral along its path. Whatthis means is that events from the past are linked to events of the f uture likesome form of resonance between these events is taking place.Russian sc ientist Dr. Nikolai A. Kozyrev who discovered the torsion wave, thespiralling wa ve that moves through the ether, was the first to suggest the relationbetween to rsion waves and the phenomenon of time. He called the torsion wavethe wave of ti me. Independently Tom Bearden also suggested that a relationbetween scalar waves (torsion waves) and the tick of time exists.Could it be that evolution is not r andom at all but is occurring in recurring eventsthat add more complexity to the development of the universe and life on Earth ateach turn of the spiral? The pr evailing idea of Darwinism rules out any possibilitythat some energetic force co uld guide evolution. Evolution is simply a completelyrandom and unbiased process according to Darwinism. However there is nowevidence that this may not be the c ase.The coherence that scientist started to discover between many unrelatedpheno mena in biology, nature, economy and history now seems to indicate thatthese eve nts are linked and somehow resonate.This is exactly what Dr. S.V. Smelyakov and Y. Karpenko are suggesting and saythey can prove. Professor Sergey Smelyakov is ISAR s international vice presidentand member of the Golden Fund of Cyclic Science in Russia. Yuri Karpenko ismember of the Astrological Research Society Hamburg S chool and Astrovita. 139

Souls of Distortion AwakeningTogether they published a remarkable scientific pap er in 1999 called The AuricTime Scale and the Mayan factor .In the paper they sugge st that planetary revolutions, the 11 year solar cycle,trends in demography, the epochs of the coming of Great Teachers for humanity,geological, economical and other cycles in nature and society are allinterconnected and synchronized by the Golden mean number, Phi (?) and theFibonacci series!Even more remarkable Smelya kov and Karpenko claim that all of these cycles arerelated and synchronized with the Mayan Long Count Calendar the mysticalcalendar that ends on the 21st of Dec ember 2012. There is general consensusthat the start date of the Mayan Calendar is the 11th August 3114 BC and that theend date is on the 21st of December 2012, covering a time span of 5125 years.We now know that the ancient Mayas new the d uration of the average solar yearwith a precision of several digits behind the d ecimal. Their calendar for Venus wasaccurate to within only 2 hours per 500 year s! As amazing as these accuraciesmay be, the most mystifying of their knowledge is no doubt their Mayan LongCount calendar. The Mayas associated the expiring of the Mayan Long Countcalendar with the end of time. I stress to say that the May ans did not mentionthat it would be the end of the world!To prove their hypothes es, Smelyakov and Karpenko first of all establishedscientific proof that the Sol ar System, planetary evolutions, solar rotation and theaverage solar activity pe riod of 11.07 years are harmonically related. Resonancetakes place in two domain s, the harmonic linear domain and the exponential non-linear domain. Linear reso nance is the resonance that takes place if resonatingcycles are whole fractions of the source cycle. Ray Tomas and others had alreadydiscovered these harmonic l inear cycles of the planetary revolutions. Also theNineveh constant accounts for a linear harmonic resonance since it is the seedcycle number for planetary line ar harmonics. If whole fractions of this number aretaken, the revolutions of the planets of our Solar System can be calculated with aprecision of a second.Howev er Smelyakow and Karpenko also discovered the non-linear resonance thatoccurs no t only between the planetary revolutions but also with the solar activitycycle, the solar rotation cycle and the Asteroid belt revolution cycle. Now theseexpone ntial increasing or decreasing resonance frequencies are most remarkablythe Gold en Mean fractions of the source frequency. The resonance frequenciescan therefor e be described by the following series that was given the name theAuric Time Sca le series denoted by the following discrete set of time periods:F = { ?-2, ?-1, ?0 =1, ?1, ?2, }Now we may recognize this series as the Golden Mean version of the F ibonaccisequence. It is the same sequence that by means of wave implosion in the Implosion Physics of Daniel Winter is responsible for the creation of gravity,co nscious awareness and the recursive nesting by Golden Mean ratio of thePlatonic wave shapes that create matter.By means of the same principle Smelyakow and Karp enko now state thatevolutionary time (not physical time) itself is imploding by a Golden Mean ratio.Evolution is supposedly occurring in decreasing cycles of ti me, each successivecycle being a Golden Mean fraction shorter than the previous one. If this is indeedthe case then evolutionary time itself should be imploding and exponentiallyculminate to a crescendo, an end time. What we should expect a t this end time isopen to speculation; it could be a transformation, a quantum l eap in our evolution 140 Souls of Distortion Awakeningprocess, who knows? The end time of the Auric Time scale supposedly coincideswith the predicted end time of the Mayan calendar.The speed of our evolution is no doubt increasing rapidly. For millions of years weh ave walked the face of this Earth dressed in animal hides with spears in ourhand s. Then 35.000 years ago we suddenly started to make more use of ourbrains and t ransformed from hunters into farmers and toolmakers. In the lastmillennium and i n the last century in particular our evolution has speeded uptremendously. It ha s been only a hundred years ago that we discoveredelectricity and the electromag netic field and see how it has revolutionized ourworld in such a short time comp ared to the total time span of humanity sevolution. In the first half of the last century we industrialized our globe; thesecond half could be characterized by an information revolution. Today computersare running our daily business in all ar eas of our society. The birth of a worldwideweb, the Internet as a globally shar ed encyclopaedia of all conceivable intellectualand scientific knowledge ever co

llected by humanity, took less than 10 years. Inthe new millennium we re anticipat ing nanotechnology and quantum computing torevolutionize our world. The speed of our technological and scientific developmenthas become unimaginably fast. Socie ty cannot catch up with this speed and thepurpose of this book is to demonstrate that the philosophical interpretations ofhumanity s major scientific achievements are dramatically lagging behind since,for the masses, our prevailing outdated N ewtonian-Cartesian worldview hasn tchanged a bit in the last century. So it is mor e than evident that our evolution, interms of scientific and technological achie vements, is developing faster in ever-shorter cycles. Therefore it seems like:(t he amount of new knowledge) (time of obtaining this knowledge) = constant.But is there proof for the hypotheses that our evolution takes place in decreasingcycl es by means of the Golden Mean? According to Smelyakow and Karpenkohumanity s evol ution is spiralling into a bifurcation point that coincides with theend of the M ayan Calendar.To prove their hypotheses, first of all the harmonic relations bet ween the orbits ofthe planets, the solar activity cycle, the solar rotation cycl e and the revolution ofthe Asteroid Belt were mathematically structured in a mod el called the Solar-planetary synchronism (SPS). In this model the longer revolu tion cycles ofJupiter, Uranus and a hypothetical planet Proserpine were taken. T he planetProserpine is a hypothetical planet. The planetary period of planet Pro serpine isthe minimal period for which all other periods are harmonics. Within a n accuracyof 0.1% all planetary revolutions of the Solar System, revolution of t he AsteroidBelt, the solar activity cycle and the solar rotation cycle could be proven toresonate with Jupiter, Uranus and the hypothetical planet Proserpine. T hecalculated revolution cycle time for the hypothetical planet Proserpine is 510 .9years, this hypothetical planet seems to be balancing point in the resonance.N ext in the SPS model the Auric Time Scale harmonics were tested and for 9 ofthe considered periods the periods fell well within the specified accuracy. TheAuric Time Scale can be centred on any cycle period. For instance if we take theEarth year as the centre cycle of ?0=1 year than the solar activity cycle is ?5 =11.0 89 which is within the defined accuracy close to the established value of11.07 y ears. In other words, the solar activity cycle is the fifth Phi harmonic ofthe E arth year.The Auric Time Scale hypothesis most interesting aspect is when this ti me scaleis superimposed upon the Mayan Long Count Calendar. This calendar starte d on 141 Souls of Distortion Awakeningthe 11th August 3114 BC and ends on the 21st of Dec ember 2012. The Long Countcalendar comprises 13 Baktuns of 144.000 Kins (days) t o a total length of13 144 000 = 1 872 000 (days) = 5125.3661 (years).Smelyakov a nd Karpenko artificially divided the Long Count calendar in 12intervals that dec rease in length by means of the Golden Mean ratio, the AuricTime Scale series. T he separation epochs of these 12 time intervals are: 3114 BC,1146 BC, 71 AD, 823 , 1287, 1547, 1752, 1861, 1929, 1971, 1997, 2012.The epochs that were found quit e perfectly seemed to correlate with: Clustering of global natural cataclysms su ch as severe Earthquakes, volcanic activity, space phenomena such as supernovas. The coming of great Teachers to this Earth as well as outstanding philosophers and scientists; we mention Buddha, Zoroaster, Pythgagoras, Plato, Lao-tzu, Confu cius, Quetzalkoatl (Kukulcan) Originating of calendar systems such as those of C hina, India, Iran, Babylon, Egypt, Maya. Demographic trends in the population of China, as an indicator of world trends Forming and interaction of worldwide rel igious/philosophical systems and statesThe Auric Time Scale epochs were also ext ended before the start of the MayanCalendar giving the years 11.449 BC and 6298 BC. These are both interestingyears since together with the start of the Mayan c alendar 3114 BC they allrepresent the times of the last known geomagnetic invers ions of the Earthmagnetic field, a pole shift where the north and south poles sw itch polarity. As weknow 11.449 BC perfectly matches with the date given by Edga r Cayce for thedestruction of Atlantis by a worldwide catastrophe, floods and in undations as aresult of the pole shift. It s also the date of the sudden ending of the last ice age.The date 6296 BC corresponds with the epoch given by Plato for the finaldestruction of Atlantis.The start of the Mayan Calendar, 3114BC coinci des with the emergence of the first civilizations on Earth, the Sumerian and Babylo nian civilizations according tohistorians.Variations in strength of the geomagne

tic field of the Earth seem to correspondwith the Mayan Calendar. Since the time of Jesus Christ the Earth s protectivemagnetic field has decreased in strength an d is now at a bare minimum at thesecond millennium. The magnetic field is so wea k that the natural wobbles of thenorth-south magnetic axis of the Earth has beco me rather instable in the lastdecades. Many scientists believe that these effect s are pre-cursors of a comingnew pole shift. The start and end date of the Mayan calendar correspond with theminimums in the geomagnetic field strengths, wherea s the maximumgeomagnetic field strength centers around the time of Christ, hence correspondswith the Auric epoch 71 AD.The Mayas that left us their Long Count C alendar still mystify many all over theworld. The Mayas mysteriously vanished fr om the face of the Earth leaving notraces in about 830 AD. What happened to the Mayas and why their civilizationabruptly ended as if they collectively ascended from this planet as was speculatedin the famous book The Celestine Prophecy by Jam es Redfield, remains a 142 Souls of Distortion Awakeningmystery. The miraculous disappearance of the Mayas in 830 BC is moreastonishing taking into account that it quite nicely correspond s with the Auricdate 823 BC.( )Time wave zeroSmelyakow and Karpenko are not alon e in their reasoning that evolution isspiralling in towards the end time of the Mayan Calendar. Years before the enddate of the Maya Calendar was finally establ ished in the nineties by JoseArguelles, Terrence McKenna and his brother Denis d eveloped a Time Wave zerotheory. The Time Wave zero theory explains that time is recursively implodinglike a fractal to an end time that mysteriously is the exa ct same date as given forthe Mayan Long Count Calendar, the 21st of December 201 2. It is important tonotice that the brothers McKenna derived their Time Wave Ze ro end date longbefore Jose Arguelles established the end date of the Mayan cale ndar.Terrence McKenna in a hallucination got a vision that he should study thema thematical principles of the legendary and mysterious Chinese book of the IChing . The I Ching, or the book of changes, is a book used for many centuries asan or acle to predict the flow of changes. It consists of 64 hexagrams in a matrixof 8 by 8 that can be used to predict the change of yin and yang energymanifesting i n the world. The book is said to predict the flow of changes in theuniverse. Whe n there is too much yin energy it will be eventually compensated byyang energy a nd visa versa, like a rhythmic change constantly balancing betweentwo extremes. In 1973, Researcher Martin Schonberger claimed that the 64hexagrams of the I Chi ng are somehow related to the 64 codons of human DNA.The brothers McKenna howeve r believed that the I Ching worked because the yinand yang energies are real and create a time wave in the universe that isresponsible for all changes in evolut ion. Terrence McKenna deduced amathematical fractal function from the I Ching s lo gic. The fractal supposedlyrepresents the changes in our world that take place i n terms of novelties andhabits. They matched their time wave function with the p eaks and troughs ofhistory and found by applying a best-fit approach that the ti me wave ends at the21st of December 2012.The peaks on the vertical axis of the t ime wave function indicate a strongincrease in novelties (time of great evolutio nary advancement) as evolutionproceeds along the horizontal axis. The frequency of novelty increases asevolution proceeds.The time wave zero function seems to s upport the idea that has been postulatedby Smelyakov and Y. Karpenko that the am ount of knowledge obtained in ourevolution rapidly increases to a maximum as we near the Mayan end date sincethe novelty rate of the time wave function converge s to a singularity.According to the time wave theory in the last 384 days there will be moretransformations than in all of history before. Eventually in Decembe r 2012 thenovelty wave implodes and novelty itself becomes infinite. What it cou ld mean isonly open to speculation. Maybe it is a time of a great transformation , a time ofenlightenment?The brothers McKenna published their theory in the Invis ible Landscape that waspublished in 1975. It was only years later in 1987 that Jo se Arguelles published 143 Souls of Distortion Awakening The Mayan Factor after decoding the Mayan Long Count calendar and arrived atthe very same end date.( )Solstice galactic alignmentWhat is so special about the date 21st of December 2012? Does it have a cosmicmeanin g?The Mayan Long Count calendar duration of 5125 years is a fifth of the time it takes for our Solar System to revolve around the galactic centre of the MilkyWay

, 25.625 years. There are other estimations going around for this revolutiontime such as 25.920 years that happens to be Plato s perfect harmonic number.Our galax y the Milky Way is a flat spiral containing billions of star systems suchas our own Solar System. Just like our Earth revolves around the Sun, our SolarSystem a s a whole revolves around the centre of the Milky Way. The movementof the Earth around the Sun therefore is not a perfect circle but a spiral since wealso revol ve around the galactic centre.The Earth s rotation axis makes an angle with the ec liptic, the plane the Earthtravels through around the Sun in one year s time. Whil e we also travel aroundthe galactic centre, the Earth s axis, the inclination with the ecliptic slightlychanges in a circular motion as we travel the 25.920 years it takes to completethe galactic Great Cycle. The variation in the inclination of the Earth s axis ofrotation with the ecliptic over these long stretches of time is called precession (ofthe equinoxes). Precession is the reason why stars in t he heavens, for instancethe pole star and the big dipper change position over th e centuries. The Egyptianssaw the pole star in a completely different area of th e heavens than where we seeit today. What causes precession is still unknown alt hough there are sometheories. The effect may be related to the Galactic centre.I f we divide the Earth s precession cycle of 25.920 years into 4 we get the time of the 4 Yugas of the Vedic tradition.What happens on the 21st December 2012 is tha t a very rare alignment will occurin the precession cycle of the Earth. Although the perfect date is hard to establishby scientists, somewhere around the ending of the Mayan calendar, the Earth, theSun and what is called the dark rift in th e galactic center will perfectly align. Thisalignment is very unique in the prec essional cycle. Since it presumably occurs atthe dawning of the solstice Sun on the 21st December 2012 it is also often calledthe winter solstice galactic align ment.The exact date for the alignment is very hard to determine precisely since it ishard to determine what the exact location of the galactic center is. Scient istcalculated that this alignment could already have occurred on the 10th of May 1998. In Chapter One we mentioned that Edgar Cayce predicted that the time ofthe changes on Earth would take place between 1958 and 1998. So maybe thealignment has already taken place?According to John Major Jenkins author of the books Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 and Galactic Alignment, The transformation of Consciousness accor ding toMayan, Egyptian and Vedic Traditions , the Mayas new about the precession o fthe equinoxes and chose the end date to coincide with the winter solstice galac ticalignment. As the title of his latest book suggests, the Mayas believed that itwould be a time a great transformation in consciousness. John Major Jenkins sa ys 144 Souls of Distortion Awakeninghe has found proof that the phenomenon of precessio n must have been known inthe past by the Mayan sky watchers. According to Jenkin s, the alignments of theMayan temple complex in Chitzen Itza, the pyramid of Kuk ulcan and the Izapancomplex were all built to aim at the precessional alignment with the Galacticcenter around the year 2012! Jenkins also found proof that many other ancientcultures such as the Egyptian and the Vedic traditions understood thephenomenon of precession.( )Cosmic influenceIf it is true that some unseen fo rce drives evolution within predefined cycles, whydoes it seem to relate to plan etary movements and cosmic alignments? If the2012 predictions are true and human ity supposedly will go through atransformation process of consciousness, what ar e the mechanisms that triggerthese events?David Wilcock explains us that the con scious ether energy of the vacuum isresponsible for all the Earth changes that w ere predicted by Edgar Cayce. Planetsand stars throw off abundant torsion waves as they revolve and constantlyrewrite the fabric of the ether. As we travel on t his spaceship called Earth aroundthe galactic center in a round trip of roughly 26000 years we enter different zonesof ether densities. Wilcock s claim are backed up by Cambridge University Dr.Harold Aspen who mathematically proved that the e ther has varying levels ofdensity that he calls space domains .In 2000, Russian bio physicist Dr. Simon E. Shnoll published his 30 years life workin a famous Russia n physics journal that proves that planetary motions createdisturbances in the v acuum that affects both living and inanimate processes onEarth. He found that fl uctuations in biological, chemical and even radioactivedecay of many materials o ccurs in cycles that correspond with the celestialmovements of our planets. Scno

ll studied the noise data in the histograms ofmany phenomena and discovered that this noise was not random at all and thatthese fluctuations kept pace with the celestial orbits of our planets. The coherentnoise in totally unrelated phenomen a seemed to indicate that there is a collectivecause for all these fluctuations. It s important to notice that mainstream western science cannot explain howtotally independent processes such as biological, chemical and physical processescan be simultaneously reacting coherent to outside influences that correspondwith the motion of our planets. If we accept that physical matter is not made outof hard marbles called atoms, but in reality are vortexes in the ether, the samemedium t hat our torsion wave travels through, we can start to see andunderstand how tors ion waves are able to affect many things in our materialreality. Torsion waves o riginating from our planets, the Sun and the cosmosaffect biology and life on Ea rth. The Sun is by far the strongest torsion wavegenerator in our Solar System a nd all by itself has an immense influence.David Wilcock even believes that torsi on waves may be responsible for thespontaneous extinctions of existing life form s and speciation of new ones on Earththat took place many times in evolution, ca using these quantum leaps inevolution and the missing links in the fossil record s. The torsion field maybe thetrue carrier of DNA information, the morphogenetic field proposed by RupertSheldrake. David Wilcock suggests that the DNA s morphoge netic field wasalready present in the vacuum even before the life forms that eme rged from 145 Souls of Distortion Awakeningthem existed on Earth. He believes that the morphog enetic fields are theprecursors of biological evolution. This raises the questio n whether the massextinction of so many species that occurred in the last centur y can be attributedto humanity s destructive exploitation of nature alone or if th ese extinctions mayhave been caused by changes in the ether density in our regio n of the galaxy aswell.Since torsion wave energy is pure cosmic consciousness en ergy it also has aneffect on our collective and individual consciousness and our spiritualdevelopment. The different ether density zones in our galaxy correspon d with thedifferent World Ages of the Vedic traditions. There are zones in our g alaxy thatcall for spiritual darkness and zones that call for spiritual awakenin g. We are justleaving the Kali Yuga, the Age that engulfs us in the darkness of materialism andloss of spiritual awareness. Our Solar System is now entering a z one in ourgalaxy that signals the end of the Kali Yuga and the start of the Age of Aquarius.Esoteric traditions have kept this cosmic knowledge alive for centur ies but in theWest we have just started to decipher its significance.( )But if o ur Solar System has entered a different zone in the galaxy that is moreenergetic ally charged, are there any measurable effects that can substantiate thisclaim?C hanges in the Solar SystemA little known fact to the public but well known to or ganizations such as the NASAis that the Earth is not the only planet in our Sola r System that is experiencingglobal warming! The public at large presumes that g lobal warming is caused byindustrial pollution and carbon dioxide exhaust. But t his cannot explain the globalwarming of Pluto our far distant planet that is dri fting even further away from theSun. NASA however does not officially relate the global warming of Earth to theglobal warming of other planets in the Solar Syst em.Professor of Geology Dr. Alexey Dmitriev of the Siberian Department of Russia nAcademy of Sciences has studied these phenomena and concluded that changesthat are taking place in our Solar System are caused by highly charged materialnow en tering our Solar System in this region of the galaxy. Here s a briefoverview of th e recent changes that have taking place in our Solar System thatDr. Dmitriev is referring to: Uranus and Neptune have endured polar shifts A change in the inten sity and brightness of Neptune by 40% Doubling of the magnetic field of Jupiter Brightness increase in Saturn A growth of the dark spots on Pluto Auroras on Sat urn Venus is showing reversals of areas of dark and light and is becoming bright er overall The moon is growing a sodium potassium atmosphere 200% growth of the atmosphere of Mars that is getting thicker. Dramatic climate changes on Mars suc h as the melting of the icecaps An increase in the Sun s solar activities (solar f lares) A growth of the heliosphere (magnetic field of the Sun) by a 1000%!All of the anomalies mentioned above occurred in the last two decades alone! 146 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe Sun s heliopsphere is a magnetic field in the sha

pe of an egg that extends tothe outer space of our Solar System. It is like a te ardrop, with the tail of this droppointing in the opposite direction that our So lar System is travelling. It is like theblazing trail of a comet. The leading ed ge of the heliosphere is showing glowingplasma energy. This plasma energy in 199 0 used to be 4 to 40 astronomical unitsdeep (an astronomical unit is the distanc e from the Earth to the Sun, 93 millionmiles). The heliosphere now has a layer o f plasma energy that is a 100astronomical units deep. That is an enormous increa se that cannot be easilyexplained by western science.NASA reports have also show n that there is a 400% increase in speed of solarparticles that are emitted by t he Sun as they travel through interplanetary space.The conductance of the interp lanetary space has somehow increased.( )Researcher Michael Mandeville in 1998 pr oved that the number of earthquakeshas increased since 1973 with a staggering 40 0%; in 2000 he proved thatvolcanic activity between 1875 and 1993 has increased by almost 500%.Another independent researcher Will Hart who also investigated th e matter comesup with figures that show that there were 2119 earthquakes reporte d in the 19thcentury. However in the year 1970 alone, 4139 have been reported. N ow that s atremendous increase. According to Hart s investigations the largest earth quakeshave occurred since 1960. After 1960 many dormant volcanoes began coming t olife, like Mount Popocatepetyl in Mexico that started erupting in 1990 after be ingdormant for centuries. He also registered the increase in tornados in the las t fewdecades: 1950s 4796 tornados 1960s 6813 tornados 1970s 8580 tornados 1980s 8196 tornados 1990s to date 10.000+ tornadosDr. Dmitriev in 1997 already showed that between 1963 and 1993, the overallamount of natural disasters like hurrican es, typhoons and mud slides, tidal wavesetc has increased by 410 percent. Accord ing to Dmitriev the energetictransformations that are taking place in our Solar System changes theatmosphere s outer layer the ionosphere and the magnetic field o f the Earth.These energetic changes in our solar system are also causing changes in thewether patterns on Earth.The United Nations International Strategy for Di saster Reductions agency (UN-ISDR) released a report in September 17th 2004 indi cating that globally there hasbeen an overall increase in natural and manmade ca tastrophes. The number ofvictims of natural disasters tripled since 1990. A Swis s insurance company andthe Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters at the University ofLouvain in Belgium drew similar conclusions.And then we have the El Nino phenomenon that cannot be explained by globalwarming due to the Sun . Only massive heating of the ocean itself can only causethis affect. David Wilc ock believes that the Earth s core is warming due to ahigher influx of ether energ y and that the core s heating is causing the warmingof the oceans. Dr. Dmitriev ha s proven that the temperature changes in theoceans are directly related to the c hanges in the earth s magnetic field. So there 147 Souls of Distortion Awakeningis a common cause for these changes that can be exp lained by the fluctuations inthe ether.( )Dramatic changes are also happening to our Sun. The Sun s activity seems to beincreasing. Solar activity manifests in tw o phenomena, solar flares and coronalmass ejections (CME). Sunspots are magnetic fields that extent from the surfaceof the sun, they are responsible for creatin g solar flares. Solar flares radiateenormous amounts of energy in the form of Xray radiation that reach Earthwithin eight minutes. The Sun has a sunspot cycle with an average of 11 years.At the end of this cycle the magnetic polarity of th e Sun reverses, it is a pole shiftwhere the North Pole becomes the South Pole an d visa versa. Strangely enoughthe corona, a sphere of pure plasma extending some 2500 kilometres from theSun s surface is much hotter that the surface of the Sun itself. Whereas the Sun ssurface has a temperate of 5700 degrees Celsius, the coro na can havetemperatures up to two million degrees Celsius! How this is possible is a mysteryto orthodox science, since we would expect that temperatures drop wh en wemove away from the Sun s surface; instead temperatures increase toastronomica l heights!CME s are explosions of plasma taking place in the corona. It takes one to threedays before the CME s charged particles reach Earth. Both solar flares and CME scan cause damaging effects to our satellites and disturb radio communication s.In 1989 a powerful CME hit the Earth that disabled many satellites and the pow ergrid of Hydro-Quebec in Canada cutting off electricity supply to seven million people. However the all time solar activity record was set in the year 2003. Ont

he 21st October 2003 warnings went out about raised solar activity and on the28t h the biggest sunspot ever was observed. Soon after the third strongest solarfla re ever was fired. On the 4th of November, the all time record was set, thegreat est solar flare ever measured was followed by a CME that fortunately justmissed Earth.The most alarming fact however is that the strongest CME ever measuredoccu rred two years after the last solar maximum of February 2001. So our Sun indefin itely out of pace and behaving extraordinarily. The next solar maximum yearhappe ns to be in 2012!( ) Solar flares of 4th November 2003 (NASA) 148 Souls of Distortion AwakeningAnother impact on the Earth s etheric stability was c aused by the Venus transit ofJune 8th 2004. This rare alignment of the Sun, the Earth and Venus last happedon the 6th December 1882.The day after the Venus tran sit the Ijen Volcano in Java became active to befollowed by an eruption of the B yzymianny Volcano in Russia on the 29th of June.July was a very heavy month with in total eight eruptions of volcanoes around theworld. In September of the year 2004, fifteen eruptions occurred including MountEtna in Italy. The impact of th e Venus transit on the Earth s volcanic instabilitycan only be explained by an eth er theory. Orthodox science cannot explain how apassing planet can have all thes e affects on planet Earth.However if we believe the ether is real we can start t o see how planetarymovements change the influx of ether energy into the Earth. D avid Wilcockexplains that the internal core of the Earth contains plasma instead of the currentnotion held by science that the core contains molten iron. The et her influx heexplains has a direct impact on the volume of the plasma core that increases withthe extra ether influx. This plasma tries to find its way to the s urface where itcools down to lava causing volcanic activity and earthquakes.Venu s transits happen in tandems with an eight-year interval. The next transit isdue June 6th in 2012!Researcher Will Hart is convinced that the Mayan priests new a bout the Venustransit and the solar sunspot cycle and how they cause the catastr ophes we arenow experiencing. Because the Mayas knew that both the sunspot cycle maximum and the Venus transit converge in the year 2012 they choose 2012 asthe E nd date of their Mayan calendar system according to Hart.The Mayas understanding of the Venus transits and its impact were demonstratedby the Mayan priests who predicted the return of the god Quetzalcoatl in the year1518. The god Quetzalcoa tl was associated with both the planet Venus and abearded man that would eventua lly bring civilization to Mexico. The man to bring civilization to Mexico was Juan de Grijavlva who discovered Mexico in the year1518. So it seems the Mayas antici pated his coming. The amazing fact is that theyears 1518-1526 happened to be Ven us transit years! Eventually HernandoCortez set foot on Mexican soil in 1519 and conquered the Aztec empire.Unfortunately for the Mayas it only brought destruct ion to the Mayan culture.Years later it was Cortez who became the impersonation of the Quetzalcoatl.( )RecapitulationNow there is abundant proof that our own So lar System is undergoing dramaticchanges in the last decades. Strangely enough w hy is NASA ignoring it anddeliberately keeping the public unaware of these chang es? Russian scientists aredoing a much better job and dare to draw definite conc lusions. Then why doesn tthe USA take global warming seriously? If they did they w ould have showed up atthe Kyoto conference about climate control measures and ca rbon dioxidereductions, wouldn t they? Economic interests are most likely the moti vatingfactors behind both denials; it seems they don t want to create panic that c ouldharm their economic interests! 149 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThere appears to be convincing scientific evidence to suggest that life on Earth isundergoing a transformation that is caused by en ergetic changes occurring withinour Solar System. Scientists have discovered tha t biological, chemical, physicaland even economic trends are related to the move ments of our planets and theactivity of the Sun. This suggests that evolution is taking place within the confinesof well-defined cosmic cycles. The most importa nt cosmic cycle seems to be ourrevolution around the Galactic Centre. This cycle of 25.920 years correspondswith the precession of the equinoxes.Esoteric Vedic cosmology pictured humanity s evolution going through stagescalled the World Ages or Yugas that neatly fit in the Great cycle of 25.920 years.According to Vedic c osmology we now enter a new era in the evolution ofhumanity called the Golden Ag e.Entering the Golden Age also seems to be related to the Mayan calendar endtime p

rophecy for the year 2012. John Major Jenkins has found abundant cluesshowing th at ancient cultures and spiritual traditions around the world hadknowledge about the Earth s precession. He believes that the ancients left usartefacts and myths all over the world that tell us about the importance ofprecession and the solsti ce galactic alignment taking place around the year 2012.The year 2012 seems to b e a convergence of the galactic alignment, the solarmaximum and the Venus transi t.Throughout the book we have indicated the relations that exist between ancient Eastern wisdom and today s scientific discoveries about our cosmos. The ancientEas tern traditions were not the only traditions that kept a cosmology alive thatour scientists are now starting to corroborate. In the next chapter we re going tohav e a look at the Bible and discover that ancient knowledge was preserved in itas well. 150 Souls of Distortion Awakening Chapter 11 Science and the Scriptures While scores of theological scholars both in the past and present have been studying the lit eral meaning of biblical phrases and the historical facts mentioned therein, lea ding to an endless stream of interpretations that are just as eternal as the flo w of a river, others have studied the scriptures and discovered by scientific pr ovable facts hidden meaning within these scriptures. Along with our rapid scient ific evolution, our understanding of the significance of ancient scriptures such as the Vedas and the Upanishads is growing. Now we re not only discovering the sc ientific significance of Eastern spirituality but also that of the Bible! Fascin ating facts have been discovered about the Bible that are often dismissed or ign ored by official religious institutions, our churches, because these findings do not fit in with the established dogmas and so the best strategy is to completel y ignore them.However unlike theological discussions, scientific facts can neith er be ignored norcan they be debated, they can either be proven right or wrong, there is no inbetween. The Book Genesis Maybe one of the most complex and least understood books of the ancient past is the book Genesis, the first book of the Holy Bible. In the last two decades scholars have discovered that this book alon e encodes hidden knowledge that must have been put into it deliberately. Only no w at the turn of the millennium have we reached a level of scientific understand ing that allows us to grasp the multiple levels of knowledge hidden in these boo ks. The biggest secret of creation is hidden in the first sentence of Genesis. I n the original Hebrew version of the Bible, Genesis starts with the word Be-resj iet meaning at first or in principle . It has been translated in modern versions of t he Bible into in the beginning . Everyone knows the starting phrase of Genesis howe ver only few know that the whole essence of creation was put into that first wor d. We now know thanks to Stan Tenen s work into the origin and nature of the Hebre w alphabet and Daniel Winter s additional research into the significance of the Go lden Mean spiral, that the sacred Hebrew alphabet was designed with a very clear intention to convey the very essence of creation and to teach later generations what the Be-resjiet, the principle of creation really is. Independently Stan Te nen and Daniel Winter noticed that the Hebrew alphabet, the characters of the al phabet, are projections of a seed form on the faces of a tetrahedron seen from d ifferent angles! However it was Daniel Winter who pointed out that this seed for m is actually the Golden Mean or Phi spiral. 151 Souls of Distortion Awakening The Phi spiral describes the surface of the torus, the basic element of matter. Now if we put the Phi spiral inside a tetrahedron and then slowly revolve the spiral around a pivot axis, and shine a light from b ehind the Phi spiral, Hebrew characters will show up as the shadows on the face of the tetrahedron. All of the Hebrew characters will show up in a natural progr ession by turning the Phi spiral inside the tetrahedron. Stan Tenen called the s eed form in the tetrahedron The flame letter in the tent . Flame letter in the tent and the first verse of Genesis.Now isn t this amazing, the authors of Genesis qui t deliberately wanted to conveythis knowledge to future generations. But we need ed to evolve to a level ofscientific understanding that would sooner or later re veal the significance of thescripture. But what does it mean?( )According to Dan iel Winter, the angles needed to project the Phi spiral onto thefaces of the tet rahedron and create the Hebrew alphabet are the same angles weneed to rotate the doughnut torus such that they can be nested into each otheraccording to the sym

metries of the Platonic solids. This is exactly the recipe forconstructing matte r from torus shapes as described in the chapter 6 EtherVibrations , paragraph Implos ion Physics !Even more remarkable is the fact that the actual sound of a Hebrew ch aracterwhen vocally expressed has a frequency shape (frequency spectrum) that is similar to the character on paper itself. Both Stan Tenen and Dr. Hans Jenny(Cym atics) independently proved this fact. Hans Jenny used the recordedexpression of the letter on a plate with sand. The vibrations in the voicepronouncing the Heb rew letter caused the sand grains to take on the actual shapeof the Hebrew chara cter!This hi-tech knowledge has been deliberately preserved in the Bible for fut uregenerations to discover. The Hebrew alphabet is a cookbook for creating matte r;it is a sacred language that has been intentionally designed. The third book o f theKabbalah the Sephir Yitzirah mentions the story of God taking letters from th ealphabet to create the world. For centuries we have ridiculed this idea andbeli eved it to be a myth, but only now that we have reached scientific maturitywe ma rvel at these words, as indeed the Hebrew alphabet seems to be the blueprint for creating matter.We can now also make sense out of the first sentence in the gos pel of John thatstates: 152 Souls of Distortion Awakening John 1-1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Wor d was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God; 3 All things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was mad e .Given the fact that basic keys for the construction of matter are given in the firstsentence of Genesis, we may now have another look at the mythical story ofA dam and Eve contained within Genesis. Lets look at the basic building blocks ofm atter once more: Left, the double vortex creating the torus on the right!It take s some imagination but have a look at the double vortex on the left,doesn t it loo k like a tree? The bottom vortex are the roots, the top is the foliage.Is it the Tree of Good and Evil in paradise? If we have a look to the right picture itis rather easy to see the apple, the torus is an apple shape. The snake thatseduced Eve to eat the apple from the tree is the Phi spiral that perfectlydescribes th e torus.The story of Adam and Eve, could well be references to the way the mater ialworld is constructed from the ether. The fall from paradise started when from theOneness of the Creator his eternal consciousness, the ether, the first torus shapewas created. The first step in creation was at the same time the separatio n fromOneness. The fall from paradise could be explained as the separation fromO neness into the illusionary physical world of seemingly separate parts.( )Now it is obvious that the authors of the book of Genesis possessed a thoroughscientif ic understand that we are just starting the rediscover. But who were theauthors of Genesis?Archeologist Howard Middleton-Jones is convinced that the authors of the book ofGenesis and the builders of the Great Pyramid are one and the same. H ediscovered that the authors of Genesis must have had a thorough understandingof the interior of the Great Pyramid. Howard Middleton-Jones discovered thesignifi cance of the persons mentioned in Genesis along with their ages. Fromthese two f acts he was able to draw a vector plot! The lineages of Adam, Seth,Enoch, Kenan, Mahalalel and Jared can be translated into a vector plot when theirages mention ed in Genesis are translated into angles!Adam is the reference point of this vec tor plot. He is placed at zero degrees of a360 degrees circle. Genesis verses 132 are about Adam who was 130 years oldwhen he had a son named Seth. Adam lived another 800 years for a total of 930years. The numbers 130, 800 and 930 are tran sposed into degrees. Each turn indegrees forms a new vector, the concatenated ve ctors create a vector plot. 153 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThey used a CAD (Computer Aided Design) program to draw these vector plotsfrom the text of Genesis. For every lineage mentioned in Genesis Adam, Seth,Enoch, Kenan, Mahlalel and Jared a vector plot was created in this way. Whenfinished they projected the completed vector wire frame over the Great Pyramidand surprise, surprise, the vector wire frame perfectly matched wit h the airshaftsinside the Great Pyramid. The airshafts are very small pipes insi de the GreatPyramid that originate from both the King s and Queen s chamber and runo utwards to the outer surface of the pyramid. Official Egyptologist would explain that the airshafts are the ascending paths for the Pharaoh s soul when the soullea ves the tomb on his voyage to the hereafter.Howard Middleton-Jones has now prove

n that the exact angles of these shafts areall mentioned in Genesis. Now the que stion again is who wrote Genesis?Is the author the architect of the Great Pyrami d?( )The Book ExodusA very interesting fact is that archaeologist Howard Middlet on-Jones claims hehas found the entrance to the Arc of the Covenant, the shrine that contains theTen Commandments given to Moses by God. According to MiddletonJones, theentrance is to be found in the Great Pyramid at the Giza plateau.The e ntrance to the Ark of Covenant supposedly faces the south end wall of theGrand G allery of the Great Pyramid. In his book Giza-Genesis, the best keptsecrets he giv es exact details on how the door to the secret hidden passage maybe opened.He di scovered this entrance by studying the biblical book Exodus in which Godgives de tailed instructions to Moses for the constructions of the Ark of theCovenant as the storage place for the Ten Commandments. He discovered that inminute detail t he construction and materials used for the Grand Gallery of theGreat Pyramid wer e actually being described in the book of Exodus! HowardMiddleton-Jones however does not believe that the Ark of Covenant contains theTen Commandments, he has c ome to the startling conclusion that it could be acrystal of Atlantean origin pl aced deep beneath the Giza plateau for thestabilization of the Earth grid.( )The Book of NumbersMany believe that the author of the books Genesis, Exodus and th e Book ofNumbers is actually Moses. The Book of Numbers deals about the forty-ye ar timespan after the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. There are an awful lo t ofnumbers mentioned in the Book of Numbers, hence its name. The numbers seemto have relevance.Physician and America s leading herbalist Dr. Joseph S. Puleo was inspired tostudy the Book of Numbers for healing frequencies. He says he was spi rituallyinspired to do so after some mystical experiences, and the book revealed to himthe musical tones destined to be sung by the gathering of a critical mass of a144.000 people that would hail in a 1000 year lasting peace as mentioned in theHoly Bible. Eventually he did find 6 sound frequencies in the Book of Number schapter 7, verses 12-89. 154 Souls of Distortion AwakeningThe frequencies found are 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 6 39 Hz, 741 Hz, and 852 Hz.These frequencies are the frequencies of a very old mu sical scale called theSolfeggio scale. It was used in Gregorian and Sanskrit cha nts. The syllables usedto denote the tones are:Ut-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La, they are take n from the medieval song Ut Quent Laxis, aGregorian chant in Latin written for J ohn the Baptist.Ut queant laxis Resonare fibrisMira gestorum Famuli tuorumSolve polluti Labii reatumSancte IohannesTranslation: In order that the slaves might r esonate (resound) the miracles(wonders) of your creations with loosened (expande d) vocal chords. Wash theguilt from (our) Polluted lip. Saint John.The text in U t Quent Laxis is suggesting that these notes open up a channel ofcommunication w ith the Divine that renders speech useless.In a vision Dr. Joseph S. Puleo was s hown to use a number reductionmethodology used by Pythagoras. It is a very simpl e reduction method chuckingbig numbers into a single digit. The values of all di gits in the number are addedup. When after the first addition the number still c ontains more than one digit,the process is repeated. Here s an example:456 reduces to 4+5+6 = 15, that next reduces to 1 + 5 = 6. So the number 456reduces eventua lly to the single digit 6.Jopeph Puleo found repetitions of a single issue or su bject in the Book ofNumbers that was brought up. The first thing he found was th at of thementioning of the number of the day, the first day, the second day, the third dayetc. The first day was referenced in verse 12, the second day was ment ioned inverse 18 and the third day in verse 24. The last reference to a day was in verse78. All day references are found in verses with a verse increment of 6 s tarting atverse 12.The Pythagorean reduction of these verse numbers is:12 = 1 + 2 = 318 = 1 + 8 = 924 = 2 + 4 = 630 = 3 + 0 = 336 = 3 + 6 = 942 = 4 + 2 = 6Do yo u see the repetition now of 396, 396 etc this keeps going on until verse 78is re ached! This is how the first frequency corresponding to the Ut tone wasfound.The other frequencies were found using other repetitive issues found in the textand all matched up with the Solfeggio scale.The Solfeggio scale after a while was f orbidden by the church and changed intoour current popular Tempered scale. The U t was changed into a Do and its 155 Souls of Distortion Awakeningfrequency changed, also the seventh Ti note was add ed. The total harmony of thescale was gone.( )It is now believed that the freque

ncies found by Puleo have healing properties.The frequency of 528 Hz supposedly has healing effects on DNA. The frequencyseems to have an effect on the water mo lecules that surround the DNA helix.Glen Rein of the Quantum Biology Research La b in New York has performedexperiments with in vitro DNA that was exposed to dif ferent recordings of musicstyles. He used a technique to modulate the music into an audio scalar wave. Heused two phase opposite sound fields from the same musi c to self-cancel thewaves and create scalar audio waves. In the experiment a CD player, an amplifierand a spiral like self-cancelling coil were used. Four style s of music were playedto test tubes containing in vitro DNA. The absorption of U V light of the DNA testtube samples was measured after an hour.Gregorian chants had caused a 5 to 9.1 % increase in the absorption of UV lightdue to the unwindi ng of the DNA helix. Sanskrit chanting caused a similar 5.8%to 8.2% effect. Rock (0-1%) and classical music (0-1.1%) had little or no effect.Glenn Rein finally concluded from the experiments that the audible sound wavesof the Solfeggio scal e can cause resonance in DNA and can have healing effects.( )The question is who put the frequencies into the Book of Numbers, was it themedieval monks that cre ated the Solfeggio scale and did they deliberately createit because they new of its healing properties? But how were they to know, was itkept in Gnostic circles perhaps as an Atlantean heritage? Or could it be that themonks simply discovere d what Puleo had discovered. But then how were theyable to tune the scale to the exact frequencies mentioned in the Bible since theyhad no means to actually mea sure the exact frequencies? It remains a mystery,but the fact is that musical fr equencies are mentioned in the Book of Numbersthat have scientifically measurabl e effects on DNA. It has been suggested thatthese frequencies have DNA healing p roperties.GematriaGematria is an ancient old science that studies the Bible in a different way. Ittries to find meaning in the Hebrew text by studying the numer ical values of theHebrew letters and words. In Hebrew every character has a uniq ue value, muchlike the binary ASCII code in modern computers that is used to rep resentcharacters. The values of the characters in a word can be added up to then umerical value of the word, words can be added up to the value of sentencesetc.T here are a few direct references to the Great Pyramid in the Bible. One of themi s in the book Isaiah: Isaiah 19:19-20 At that time there will be an altar for the LORD in the middle of Egypt and a monument to the LORD at the border of Egypt. This will be a sign and a witness to the LORD All-Powerful in the land of Egypt. When the people cry to the LORD for help, he will send someone to save and defe nd them. He will rescue them from those who hurt them .The altar in the middle of Egypt and the monument at the border of Egypt is most 156 Souls of Distortion Awakeninglikely a reference to the Great Pyramid residing ne ar the Nile delta. The GreatPyramid is the only monument that is located in the centre of old Egypt and is onthe border (of the Nile) at the same time.If the of ficial Hebrew text of the same verse of Isaiah 19:19-20 is taken, wediscover a v ery interesting fact. When the Gematrian value is taken from thisverse of Isaiah it adds up to the value 5449. In inches this is the height of theGreat Pyramid! Remember that the Great Pyramid was covered by 144.000 polished casingstones. Br uce Cathy who recalculated the speed of light relative to the Earth grid,found t he harmonic value for the speed of light to be a 144.000 arcs per gridsecond. Th e Gematrian value for light also happens to be a 144.Again we find proof that th e authors of the Bible must have had profoundknowledge of the Great Pyramid and most likely also about the speed of light.This is knowledge that the ancients sh ould not have possessed at the time theBible was written at least not if we stil l believe in a linear evolution of humanitywhere it is believed that our current civilization is the pinnacle of evolution on thisplanet!( )So what we see here is that the harmonic grid speed of light corresponds with theGematrian value 144 for light! This seems to be no coincidence. It may be thatthe ancient authors o f the Bible new about the harmonic grid speed of light anddesigned the Hebrew wo rd for light such that it represents the value 144! If theywere able to design t he whole Hebrew alphabet from the projections of the Phispiral in a tetrahedron, why not add a Gematrian significance to the words aswell?( )The most baffling e xample of Gematrian knowledge and wisdom comes from GregBraden and is explained in his latest book The God Code .The four bases (A,C,T,G) that form the DNA of our

cells are all made of the fourmost common elements on Earth hydrogen, oxygen, ni trogen and carbon. Bradendiscovered that the atomic mass numbers of these four e lements as given by theperiodic table of the elements match with the Gematrian v alues for the Hebrewletters Yod, Hey, Vav and Hey, that spell YHVH or Jehova, th e Hebrew name forGod.Why do the atomic mass numbers of the four life bringing el ements hydrogen,oxygen nitrogen and carbon that are the corner stone elements of organicchemistry and thus of life on this planet correspond with the Gematrian valuesthat spell out the name of God? Again this can only be explained if the He brewlanguage was intentionally designed to do so. According to Braden all rootla nguages such as Chinese, Arabic, Latin, Greek, Coptic, Sanskrit and EgyptianHier oglyphics share the same relation to the periodic table of the elements.Furtherm ore he believes that the DNA contains a language in readable formatthat science has not yet discovered. Braden may not be aware of the Russianresearch of Garjaj ev s group who has already discovered that the DNAsequencing follows the rules of grammar and that all our human languages arebased on this universal grammar!( ) 157 Souls of Distortion AwakeningIn this section we just gave three examples of the application of Gematria and itsdeeper significance that rises above the literal Biblical text. Gematria raisesquestions about who actually wrote the Bible? How did the authors of the Bibleknow the measurements of the Great Pyramid and is it possible that they indeedknew the speed of light? And then we have the name of God, Jehova written inthe code of life our own DNA. Could it be that the Hebrew language has beenintentionally designed by a civilization far more superior than our own? Did theauthors of the Old Testament add a deeper level of significance to the literalHebrew words in the Bible, tempting us most of all to read betwee n the lines?Perhaps the Old Testament was meant to convey and conceal an ancient sciencethat we re just starting to rediscover?The Bible CodeA lot of upheaval has been caused by the revelation of the alleged Bible codesthat were discovered wi thin the Old Testament. In 1958 a Rabbi discovered someunusual patterns encoded within the book Genesis. He believed there were secretmessages hidden within the Bible. In 1988 mathematician Eliyahu Ripps of theHebrew University took the cla ims of the old Rabbi seriously and incorporated thecomplete text of the Old Test ament into a computer. He and his team developedan analysis method to scan the w hole text of the Bible looking for hidden Torahcodes. The simple algori