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Name : Weina Agnestya Fauline S.P.

NIM : 0912150002


Once upon a time, there was a boy who lived in a small village. He lived with his parents. They were poor. His parents were a farmer. The boy was greedy. He loved chocolate so much. He often fought with his friends to take their chocolate. His parents were rich. They used to have the biggest chocolate factory in town. They always gave chocolate to their son. Therefore, the boy loved chocolate a lot. But their business got bankrupt because the cocoa garden got pest. The chocolates became not delicious. People didnt want to eat it. They became a poor family. They moved to a small village and work as farmer by planting fruits. One day, the boy saw his friend was eating chocolate. He really wanted it. Give me your chocolate! the boy said. No, this is mine! I wont give my chocolate to you! The boy kept forcing. He took the chocolate from his friend, and then hit him. His friend cried but he didnt care. He ate the chocolate greedily. Hahaha. No one can prevent me to eat chocolate. I love chocolate so much. His friend told it to the teacher. Then the teacher punished the boy. The boy had to clean up all windows in the class. This is not the first time you hit your friend to take his chocolate. Do you know that what you did is not good? said the teacher. Yes, maam. Im sorry. said the boy. I dont know another way to cure him. thought the teacher. Then, the teacher called his parents and told what was happened. Your son disturbed his friend again. The parents were so sad to hear that. They advised the boy. You should not disturb your friend. I did not disturb him! I just took his chocolate! said the angry boy. But you force him. said his mother. I dont care. All I want is chocolate! The boy ran to his bedroom. He closed the door and threw everything in his room, so the room was in mess. He was really angry, so he hit the pillow while thinking, I wish everything I touched turns to chocolate, so I dont need to take it from my friends. The fairy heard that. The fairy thought that this greedy boy needed to learn a good lesson. Your hope will come true. When you wake up tomorrow, everything you touch will be a chocolate. said the fairy then disappeared. The boy went to sleep and thought, I will be the king of chocolate someday. If it happens, I will not share my chocolate to anyone.

The boy woke up in the morning. He was very surprised. He touched his blanket and it turned into chocolate. He touched the pillow, the bed, the curtain, the table, everything in his room turned into chocolate. Wow! This is very cool! Everything I touch turns into chocolate. He went down through the stairs. The stairs turned into chocolate. He saw his dog and touched it. It turned into chocolate. Oh my God, it changed to chocolate! He wanted to tell it to his father. He ran to his father and touched him from the back. The father turned into chocolate immediately. Oh my God, what did I do? said the boy. He was very shocked to see his father became chocolate in front of his eyes. He cried very loudly. His mother heard that and ran to him. Whats happened? asked the mother. His mother wanted to hug the boy, but the boy prevented it. Unfortunately, it was too late. His mother touched him and she turned into chocolate. The boy cried more loudly. I want my parents back. I dont want to lose them. said the boy. He called his parents and touched them many times. He hoped they could turn back into human, but nothing happened. He looked around. He saw everything in his house changed into chocolate. Now he understood that chocolate couldnt always make him happy. Chocolate is not everything. My parents are. This is a punishment for me cause I am greedy and spoiled. I always force my parents and my friends to give me chocolate. said the boy sadly. I promise I will not be a greedy boy anymore. I will not force my parents and my friends to give me chocolate. I realize that chocolate not always give me a happiness. Im really sad without them said the boy desperately. The fairy heard his wish. I think this boy have learnt a good lesson. The fairy felt compassion. I will make his wish come true. I will make his parents back into human. said the fairy. The fairy swung his stick, and everything was back to normal. The things in his house turned back like its before. The parents were alive again. They turned back into human. The boy felt so happy. They were hugging each other. The next day, he met his friend in the school. His friend was afraid to see him, but the boy called him and apologized to his friend. Im really sorry for taking your chocolate by forcing. I promise I will not do that anymore. said the boy. Would you be my friend? asked the boy. His friend smiled and forgave him. Yes. I would. I will keep your promise. They were shaking hand and walking together. The boy was not greedy anymore. He became friendly. He had a lot of friends. He also respected his parents. He understood that become greedy made him felt alone because no one wanted to be his friend.

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