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Kopak Shipping Company The group was founded by Mr S.

M Shafi Baghpatee (late) who started the commercial activities of the group in 1956 from Lahore (Pakistan). The group sponsored KOPAK shipping company in 1992, one year after the government of Pakistan deregulated shipping industry in 1991 and allowed the private sector to own and operate ships under the national flag. KOPAK's associated company Messrs Tristar shipping lines was the first private sector ship owning company in Pakistan and was the proud owner of the following Handymax and Panamax vessels between 1992-1998.

KOPAK Performance/COA's In Hand

- 1.5 million tonnes (45,000 MTS parcels) of Bulk Wheat/Barley from US-Gulf-Australia into PG area. 2 million tonnes (50,000 MTS shipments) of Iron Ore from India to Pakistan 1 million tonnes (50,000 MTS shipments) of Coal Ex Australia, Canada to Pakistan 500,000 MTS Steel Coils/HR and Cold Rolled Coils from Black Sea to PG 200,000 MTS CLINKER (35,000 MTS Shipments) from Egypt to Spain. 1,000,000 MTS Sulphur (30,000 MTS Shipments) FROM Persian Gulf To Med/China/South 500,000 MTS Urea from Persian Gulf to Thailand/South Africa/Pakistan

matters. For a nominal agency fee, we also provide you with line up positions of vessels at the related port with berthing prospects, daily discharging reports and timely guidance to masters on ISPS and other relevant matters. Stevedoring Our stevedoring department is equipped with their own fully modern apparatus handling equipments which consist of modern vacuators, hoppers and bagging plants. KOPAK stevedoring has handled numerous handysize and handymax fertilizer, wheat, rice, coal, canola seed vessels and specialize in providing with most competitive stevedoring rates to our various close clients. We are also actively conducting stevedoring operations for some of our local prestigious factories, importers and government organizations which have regular Dry-Cargo Commodities coming to Bin Qasim and Karachi Port. Following operations Stevedoring Dept. are undertaken by our


The growing success of KOPAK in the early years was also recognized by the government of Pakistan and a special award and trophy was presented by the president of Pakistan to the chief executive officer of KOPAK Mr. Masood T. Baghpatee, whose far sighted vision and entrepreneurial skills are widely known and acknowledged in the local business community. KOPAK had entered into a joint venture with Messrs STX Panocean in 1992 and has since then been doing business with them and has carried millions of tons of dry bulk cargo in collaboration with them till date. Brokerage Department KOPAK Chartering Brokerage Dept has a team of 15 young and qualified professional shipbrokers who are primarily concentrating on the dry cargo sector and are closely and directly working with various European and Far-eastern charterers, owners and operators. Due to our geographic location, our brokers largely concentrate and specialize in Middleeastern/ Far-eastern charterers and our team here is regularly booking contracts and spot fixtures with the likes of Al Tuwairqi (Saudi Steel Mill Group), Adnatco, Kuwait Petroleum Company, SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries), Libra Shipping (Dubai charters), Samson Freight (Egyptian charters), Pakistan Steel Mill, Saudi Aramco, GCT (Tunisia), Tracoisa (Spanish charters), ISPAT Industries, Oxbow, Interacid, Tata steel etc. Till date, we have booked millions of tonnes of cargo for our clients and our team here is designed to give individual attention to the needs of each charterer and our low over head costs here enable us to be more professional and efficient then our competitors elsewhere. Among the ship owners, we are regularly fixing spot requirements and contracts with the likes of STX Panocean, STX Gulf Co. Ltd - UAE, HBC (Hamburg), COSCO (Hong Kong), Persian Gulf Shipping (PGSC) UAE, Norden, Western Bulk, Bulkhandling (Norway), Daeshin, Molax (Korea), Felicia Navigation, Martrade (Germany), Samsun (Korea), etc and are working directly with these reputed owners/operators since a number of years. Our reputation and our performance can be cross referenced with any of our clients mentioned above and we are confident that our team gives minimum cause of complaint to any of our clients as our primary focus and commitment is to provide efficient and quality service to our respective clients. This is the reason we are proud that our clientele list has only been growing since we started our operations. Needless to mention that many COA's of Dry-cargo Bulk Cargoes have been performed through KOPAK and many are in hand for current year, including steel mills of the region and European steel mills and some of the COA's are as under :-

Apart from above COA's, our brokers are regularly fixing competitive tonnage and enquiries on time charter and voyage for our above mentioned clients as well. Agency Department Our agency dept was established in 1992 and since then has been active in providing agency services to all the reputed ship-owners and charterers, who have imposed their trust and confidence in our abilities. We provide full range of ship-agency services at Port Bin Qasim and Karachi Port. Our professionally skilled and experienced agency staff is well capable to provide a wide range of quality services as required by masters, owners, owners representatives, both in commercial and technical fields. Our agency office is staffed with qualified superintendents, port captains, insurance & claim managers and competent staff, being at the services of our principals, vessels and owners. We have been the exclusive agents for Messrs STX Panocean for over 10 years and are attending all their vessels calling Karachi Port and Bin Qasim. Our agency dept handles around 150-200 vessels a year and is one of the oldest, most active and efficient agency depts. in Pakistan. Some Of Our Clients We Represent Are As Follows:

Bulk Handling Bagged Cargoes Terminal Operations Trucking Arrangements

Other Services Available: Consultants Ship Owners Charterers Ship Operators - Despondent Owners Ship Brokers Ship Agency

Pakistan Cargo KOPAK is also proud to be extensively involved in the shipping of cargoes exported out of Pakistan and due to its strong local presence in the business community; KOPAK has a competitive advantage and a stronghold on these cargoes. Pakistan's Captive Cargoes per Annum: million tonnes of bulk Fertilizer Dap, NPK, Urea Etc 1.00 million tonnes of steel scrap 5.00 million tonnes of crude oil from Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait) 10.00 million tonnes of petroleum products (Petrol, Diesel, Furnace Oil etc) 1.20 million tonnes of bagged rice from Pakistan to various destinations mostly to African ports 1.50 million tonnes of Coal from Australia and Canada

STX Panocean (Korea) Setaf Saget (France) Hamburg Bulk Carriers Geden Lines (Turkey) Golden Union (Greece) Oldendorff Carriers Daeshin Shipping (Korea) V Ships (U.K)


Pakistan's Main Exports: Cotton, Textile Made-Ups, Cargoes, Rice, Wheat etc Pakistans Main Imports: Sugar, Oil Seeds, Steel Products, Ship for Scrap, Palm Oil, Petroleum and Non Petroleum Products Note: ARND 3 million tonnes of bulk wheat per annum used to be imported by the Government of Pakistan till 1999, however since 2004; Pakistan is not importing any wheat due to good wheat crop in Pakistan. However, 500,000 mts of wheat is still being imported for Afghanistan every year. Molasses, General

1. Agency/Husbandry - Vessel attendance - routine and other


- Prompt berthing/ dispatch of vessel through coordination with port/stevedores/ transporters Repairs technicians, shore jobs, gyro, compass etc Crew repatriation/joining, purchase of air passage Surveys, stevedoring, tally at very reasonable rates Ship chandling, supplies deck/ engine Most competitive disbursement accounts, keeping expenses at the lowest possible

2. Owners Protecting Agents

We also offer our services as "protecting agents" to oversee the quick dispatch/ operations of the vessel and coordinate with the port agents and expedite smooth handling of owner's related