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BUSH. AFTERNOON The Girl is walking behind the Man and Woman. CHARLIE (V. CHARLIE a 13 year old boy from SHERINGHAM.O.KITCHEN . BOB.) I know GOLCONDA . INT & EXT. She looks bored.) Golconda is across the MERSEY River here sorry. Last thing we need here are these fuckin’ Burn Victims. OVER 2 DAYS BURN VICTIMS . MORNING A child narrates slowly with a heavy rural Australian accent. Heaps far away. BURN VICTIMS . Charlie walks around the backyard in no particular direction. Laying back on an old couch.BURNT LAND. Their eyes are red from smoke.40) and GIRL (11).BACKYARD. CHARLIE (V. WOMAN (20 .O. BURN VICTIMS . Their skin is black from ash. It’s the only possession they carry apart from a backpack the man wears.1. DUSK Charlie reads an old CRICKET BOOK. her parents. should we? CHARLIE .their home and shit burnt down. CHARLIE (V.BUSH.) But we shouldn’t be the ones that have to save ‘em. LIZ.LOUNGE ROOM.) I mean SHERINGHAM is already full. It’s not easy here. CHARLIE.O. His mother LIZ (40) hangs clothes up on the line. MORNING Three distant figures trudge through over the ash covered landscape.. CHARLIE (V.O. CHARLIE & LIZ . LIZ AND CHARLIE EAT DINNER . Over the water and over the mountains. Up close it’s easy to see a MAN.. EVENING The Girl runs from her father who is chasing her with a smile. BURN VICTIMS & BOB. as she often is. She’s fiddling with a broken TOY. completely careless. The Girl is surprised by her mother who grabs her and tickles her to the ground.

he’s a man with great concern for his town and family. Charlie uses his fork to push broccoli around on his plate in disgust.O. Rough. Over the water and over the mountains.O. .BUSH The Family sleep sitting up. but now we see a few locals from SHERINGHAM stumbling about. and yells some more at him. MORNING Sheringham used to be a noisy town. melt the mountains. 2. SHERINGHAM STREETS. BURN VICTIMS SLEEPING . Liz and his father BOB sit on either side of him eating their FOOD without fuss. I can’t remember anyways.) But nobody had actually heard anythin’ from up there in ages.) When we had TV and Australia apparently life was a bit better.2. CHARLIE (V. Liz yells in response.) Golconda is across the MERSEY River here sorry. MERSEY RIVER. CHARLIE (V. EXT.) People here have always been talkin’ about how fire was gonna roar up there and melt everythin’. The worn and tattered roads were once new. CHARLIE (V. Heaps far away. Bet my Dad and the other adults would have cared more if they knew what was gonna happen. unhealthy and angry looking. Shelter is provided to them by a huge tree. Bob is about 40 years old.O. Sheringham’s silhouette looms in the distance on one side of it. much easier they say anyway..O. I don’t know if I was even there. like as a baby or what? I’d have to ask Mum.. LATE AFTERNOON The Mersey river’s banks are long and dried up. leaning on each other. Also a clumsy man.. People used to walk on them. in the now empty factories and warehouses on the outskirts. not just burn it. They used to make things here. Bob asks Liz to pass him a dish of POTATOES. CHARLIE (V. the birds and everythin’ else too.

BOGAN #1 (CONT’D) That was my bomb.) It’s really just so fuckin’ borin’ here now. All I know is it’s shit for fishin’ and its OK to swim in.O. CHARLIE (V.) The Burn Victims snuck in just fuckin’ today. We’re not stupid.) Dad reckons the river used to run too strong to cross. Water comes up to the Man’s chest as he walks through it. CHARLIE (V.O. The Bogans see the Burnt Man in the water. CHARLIE (V. BOGAN #1 (CONT’D) YES! The Woman and the Girl are still hidden. Three BOGANS (20s) from Sheringham armed with SPEARS patrol the river on the opposite side to the Burn Victims. But he talks shit I guess. PIECES of the Man splash. Through the Mersey. The Woman and Girl hide up on land away from the river. But the people here wont ever let Sheringham burn. Two SPEARS stab into him. I made it! BOGAN #2 Cunt we gotta bolt! The Bogans run away. One has a home made BOMB strapped to it. or any of that shit. BOGAN #1 FUCKIN’ BANG! The BOMB explodes.3. *** POINT OF VIEW CHARLIE . They launch their SPEARS at him. flood. every day you know there’s gonna be nothin’. sometimes.O.

. Nearly everything Dad bowls lands right in front of him. batting. BOB (CONT’D) See you later then boys. BOB (CONT’D) Be back before dark CHARLIE.. He’s wearing his stupid jogging TRACKSUIT. I don’t know. I can’t be bothered replying to him. I can see my Dad running towards us from down the road. We play cricket here every afternoon with the same old gear. DUSK I bowl it to one of my mates. FREAK IN FRONT YARD (distant yell) SEND ‘EM BACK TO THE BUSH BOBBY!! . I turn around and walk to get it. BOB (CONT’D) Charlie!? CHARLIE Ok.. My bowl. stops. so I get it. EXT. 3. CRICKET GAME ON TATTERED ROAD. He’s all cheery like he did good. dribbles a bit.. I throw the ball towards him and stay out wide to field. Dad throws the ball. My mate batting cracks it to the side about fifty metres away. it goes past me to the side of the road. Dad picks up the ball after his over. I walk back to the road with the old cricket ball. The FREAKS who live here are sitting outside watching the street and stuff. Green and gold. The other is behind him keeping. jogging home. I walk back to my mates and can see Dad up the road now. A few freaks whistle and call out as he passes. I’m busy picking up the ball he can’t throw properly. BOB Time for my over boys! (to Charlie) Throw it here mate.4.

I dropped the kindling onto my feet taking off.S. I open the door and walk inside slowly. 4. I keep the kindling with me. I walk after her out the door..5. There isn’t much light. NIGHT Mum is in the kitchen on the other side of the house reading a BOOK and yelling at Dad . CRASH! Inside the shed. a clothesline and shed. People.Me and Dad are on the other side of the house. 5.) For fuck’s sake Bob. A voice? I walk to the shed. INT/EXT. Black people? Burn Victims! I run out of the shed.. She seems nervous. blow and adjust the wood in the fireplace. She stops in the middle of the yard. It doesn’t contain much apart from firewood. Two sets of eyes. CHARLIE There’s Burn Victims in the shed! LIZ (stands up) Now! Are they still there? Mum walks over and puts a hand on my head. Our backyard is rocky and bare like most land here. LIZ (O. NIGHT I trip over running back inside the door. We both light. Mum is still reading. KITCHEN/BACKYARD .CONT’D. Something fell over? Another noise. LOUNGE ROOM/KITCHEN/BACKYARD. I’m freezin’! BOB Can you go get some kindling? I leave and walk down the hall through the kitchen.. INT/EXT... past Mum who is still reading her BOOK and out the back door. . CHARLIE In the shed! Two! TheyMum walks outside. I walk to the firewood and pick up bits of kindling.

The girl just keeps looking at me. BOB Are we OK out here!? SHIT! BURN VICTIMS! (Raises SHOVEL) LIZ We’re fine. What I can hear but is noise from inside the house. LIZ I’m just fuckin’ pointin’. Here we go. LIZ (CONT’D) Fuckin’ get out! (hits shed) Two black shapes come out of the shed. Burn Victims. He busts out the back door wearing his dickhead HELMET LIGHT and carrying our old SHOVEL. BOB Don’t touch them Liz! (waves SHOVEL) Shit. except the girl has a doll covered in dirt. Yep. Mum picks up a rock from the ground. BOB HOUSE Charlie get Uncle JANET. (points at Burn Victims) But they aren’t. LIZ Whose there? Get out please! Nothing. A girl and a woman. LIZ(CONT’D) What are you two doin’ here then? (silence) Come on? The Burn Victim woman murmurs something.. Dad putting on his boots. I doubt mum can hear her either. They can’t really stand straight. They don’t have anything. . Creepy. She throws it at the shed.6. (little STOMP) Quick! LIZ Wait! We got to help ‘em first. look at ‘em. Dad stops and looks the Burn Victims over. like it’s a sword or something.. Real slow.

BOB She’s fine now. KITCHEN/FRONT DOOR. They’re on the other end of the table scoffing their food down like pigs but. Liz. She looks sick again. NIGHT I’m eating with the Burn Victims. BOB (CONT’D) Why wont they talk aye? I don’t trust them. . Mum’s walks to the Burn Victims.7. Mum turns around to Dad and opens her mouth to speak. Fucking weirdo. but the woman is holding her up a bit anyway. BOB The rules. just carrying on... Dad lowers his shovel. The girl collapses... she puts her dirty looking doll on the table near me. LIZ Are you ok? (silence) Helloooo? BOB You’re being too nice. 6. The girl has finished eating already. BOB We will. Mum and Dad circle around the kitchen. You know that. CHARLIE What? She just looks back down at her plate. He looks stupid. Just hits the ground. INT.. It’s time for BIG JAN! LIZ Just wait. The girl is wobbling or something.. She keeps looking at me. but just incase. Mum wants to make friends with them I swear. LIZ Are you that scared of these two that you need your fuckin’ brother? BOB It’s protocol.

From the front door.. Really? Why? . LIZ NO! BOB! Just go. LIZ Let’s leave it until later tonight. I’m going to bring him inside... please. BOB Janet could get Dr.. Mum was getting all razzed up. LIZ Oh shut up! Idiot. I’m still eating. The girl is groaning at her Mum and rubbing her stomach in pain. DAN over in two minutes.he said he was going to need me before the meeting. BOB (CONT’D) Talk to me babe. LIZ (CONT’D) Who is that? BOB Big Jan .. BOB Why! Where will we leave them? They could be spiesLIZ Please?KNOCKING. Just wait. Liz. BOB What!. (takes a breath) Liz. BOB What? (scoffs) You don’t mean after the meeting??? LIZ They need a fuckin’ rest.. She’s looking around the kitchen in the cabinets for something. Mum doesn’t reply.8. LIZ Fuck ‘em! BOB The reasons for the rules.

what are you gonna do with them people from Golconda Janet? BIG JAN Not sure yet.. LIZ (Barges in) Janet! Everything OK? BIG JAN I just asked Bob that question. nothing . Dad responds by walking to the door. afterwards.. INT. Listen.. I follow her. I got a sort of planWe’re still walking... LIZ It was nothin . Big Jan is fat.60). They talk a bit now. More KNOCKING. (begins to leave) LIZ If you fuckin’ do anything. Moving through the house I can hear my Uncle at our door. Dad’s older brother: JANET or BIG JAN (40 .9. NIGHT I watch Mum try talk to the Burn Victims again. KITCHEN. BOB I can’t. LIZ Oh why? BIG JAN Heard you inside barking away at the poor fella. just around the corner from them.) Nahhrrp. That’s what I need to talk to him about. LIZ Please Bob. 7. Please.. more than they were before anyway. Louder.. but he’s really tough.S.it’s been quiet since then. BIG JAN (O. . Mum fidgets at the sink for a second before she walks out to the front door too.

NIGHT I’m outside in the hallway waiting for Mum. . to the side opposite Dad. Mum pours alcohol from a BOTTLE on the Woman’s shoulder. they did have to leave. INT. TOWN MEETING. Dad’s standing off to the side with a few other old men. So yeah. We’re cramped in tight. She’s picking out clothes for the Burn Victim woman. BIG JAN (V. BIG JAN (CONT’D) Little kids and oldies got left behind in Golconda to burn. But now they wont leave here! We have our own troubles already!. Uncle Janet is standing up in front of the crowd. onto a burn she has.SCENE 11) (CONT’D) Our town .SCENE 11) As you all know we had 94 Burn Victims from GOLCONDA sneak in here today.O. BIG JAN (V. usually it’s half-empty at these things but. NIGHT The old town hall’s dusty LIGHTS are on. it’s kind of hard to see him.SCENE 11) Yeah.. to starve or something! I can see my two cricket mates right at the front. I’m standing with Mum near the back of the hall. or just left in the bush on the way here. . Heaps of the town are here. Don’t we!? (BOGAN YELLING FROM CROWD) 9.O. INT. I don’t care if it’s out of line for me to say so. the hall is small. She nearly cries. . Golconda burnt down a few days ago. she doesn’t care. BIG JAN (V. She’s focused on the stage but.Sheringham! It bloody pisses me off. BIG JAN Some of these Burn Victims even abandoned their own family members.O. I tap Mum to let her know I’m going to watch with my friends. . LIZ AND BOBS BEDROOM. 8. he’s at the crowd’s level. We’re going to be late..10.

Fed them. given them medical care. We got to stay strong and stay together. and we gave them sleeping quarters too. BIG JAN (CONT’D) Personally I just can’t stop thinking of my loved ones.11.his wife Liz and cute little Charlie. My brother and fellow member of the Sheringham council Bob. BIG JAN (CONT’D) Do you want these people living next door to you? And do you really want more of them to come later? We got to give ourselves a fair go too don’t forget! A bunch of people here clap and whistle to that. most are. BIG JAN (CONT’D) But we’ve helped them all without thought. BIG JAN (CONT’D) The people of Sheringham will help anyone out if they are under hard times. . I can see Mum amongst all the other faces. The noise dies down but one woman’s only just started making hers. this is just the beginning. I walk over to the side of the stage. There’s a few hundred people here. A few drunk blokes are yelling a lot. By the end of next week you all get to decide what exactly we’re going to do with them. But we got to remember. People in the crowd nod and whistle. towards my mates. and his little family . I guess in times like these that’s what really matters. (Claps. It’s Mum! At the front of the crowd. the crowd clap too) I’m clapping a bit too. BIG JAN (CONT’D) We are going to vote about the Burn Victims of course. willy nilly. She is moving forwards towards the stage. But we just can’t afford to keep doing that. we always have.

LIZ You dickheads don’t care! BOB Just wait for the debate! LIZ You heartless cunts will want to chuck ‘em back in the river or something. waits. near Uncle Janet. LIZ You’re takin’ advantage! You got ‘em locked up but your talkin’ as if you put ‘em in a hotel! BIG JAN You’re embarrassing yourself Liz. But Bob and myself will actually be proposing a policy to bring the Burn Victims into Sheringham. Would you just calm down? BIG JAN Strong decisions will have to be made. LIZ Why are ya tryin’ to make ‘em scary? They’re fuckin’ people like us! BOB Liz please. I’m still at the side of the stage. BOB The town debate is on Thursday Liz.12. Dad walks to the front of the stage. LIZ (CONT’D) Janet is full of shit! He’s up to somethin’! Dad stands up at the council table. LIZ (Yelling . .repeating self) The beginning of what? Everyone quiets. Fuckin’ cunts you are! BOB This is a family event! BIG JAN We didn’t want to announce this tonight.

RANDOM CROWD MEMBER THE FUCKIN’ BACK DOOR! BIG JAN We just can’t simply let these Burn Victims in here then can we? A lot of places close to here are going to sink. more soon. We have to decide who comes to this town and what happens when they do.O. Louder than before. Think of Charlie! Think of your son! I walk over to Mum on the other side of the stage.. argued and fuckin’ argued and fuckin’ argued. and more later. burn and just blow away. but they will eventually. We were unlucky. Bob comes in afterwards and kicks the THINGS Liz knocked onto the ground as he passes. Everyone claps. NIGHT Liz barges in through the front door knocking over objects or pulling them down as she passes them. LIZ See! Takin’ advantage! You know this makes ya real popular Jan! Let ‘em in or let ‘em go! BOB They wont be staying here for free.13. Some have.) Mum and Dad argued. But they didn’t know anything up in Golconda. BIG JAN Don’t you all remember the last lot we dealt with? Nobody else tried to get in here until tonight. because they knew we’d turn them back. INT.. BOB AND LIZ FIGHT AT HOME. Uncle Janet has let go of Dad too. *** POINT OF VIEW BACK TO CAMERA 10. argued. The crowd’s quiet. She just stares at Dad. Janet is right. we can’t sell out Sheringham. Mum’s still staring. CHARLIE (V. Mum is pissed off. .

. CHARLIE (V. 12. touching him. I don’t get it really. Liz kneels in front of Charlie pleading with him. and the Burn Victims too? Charlie enters last. CHARLIE (V. just strangers now. upset and confused. But I know that my Dad is going to keep me safe. she doesn’t care about us anymore. NIGHT. He throws it at the Burn Victims and Liz and yells ferociously. Liz walks into the night with the Burn Victims. EXT. He yells at her and walks inside the house. They’ve only been around one day and have already messed up shit here. MERSEY RIVER. CHARLIE (V. CHARLIE (V.) She thought I would go with her.14.O. FRONT OF HOUSE/KITCHEN. THE END .O. 11. This is just the beginning.) Why couldn’t the Burn Victims just take care of their fuckin’ homes. EXT/INT.) They were all surprised when I told her to fuck off.) You see. I don’t know. and cleaned up. he’s afraid. Charlie runs out the front door with the girl’s doll. SHIT DAY.O.O. RAIN. Dressed normally now. Bob and Charlie fish together. and strange shit.

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