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Executive Board Message

Dear Members and Alums, I recently read an article on BBC titled, What if Women Ruled the World? It was a very short piece that explored the value that women add to organizations on all types of levels. The takeaway is: women are fundamentally different from men. This means that the way we analyze problems and interpret situations is different as well. This diversity in opinions, perspectives and experiences helps organizations make better decisions. The writer emphasized that empowering women isnt about political correctness, its about improving outcomes. With more women in critical decision-making roles, the world can be a better place. For years, ambitious women have been urged to think like a man, and act like a man if you want to compete with men, however, this is not the correct way to think, ladies. This is what I love about the article and I feel it truly aligns with what USWIB is about. USWIB is dedicated to empowering women. Our goal is to help you unlock your potential. Our events this semester reflect our commitment to providing our ladies (and a few gentlemen) with a variety of opportunities to explore careers and form meaningful connections across industries. Our What is Investing Panel?, JP Morgan CDP Round Robin, KPMG Office Visit and the annual Anonymous Panel introduced traditional accounting, finance and consulting careers. Continuing our Necessary Conversations from last year, we invited FoodtoEats CEO, Deepti Sharma to speak about her entrepreneurial experiences and success. USWIBs Mentorship Program underwent some changes as well, shifting to a mingling and office hours focused set-up. This gives members the opportunity to form meaningful connections with many different passionate and successful upperclassmen. Successful professionals at our Mentorship Panel helped us recognize how important connections are in our career. This network is also a prevalent theme of our 2nd Annual USWIB Conference: Unlock Your Potential, Explore, Collaborate and Engage. Held on February 22nd, the event featured informative panels, helpful workshops, interactive coffee chats and inspirational keynotes. In total, we had more than 50 professionals from all types of industries and more than 150 girls from 26 different schools. To get an inside view into the conference, be sure to take a look at the photo essay in this issue. Thank you to everyone who came out! USWIB is a club that celebrates the uniqueness of individuals. Our goal is to foster a warm community for all who want to be involved. As we are nearing the midpoint of our second semester, I strongly urge all members to continue your involvement. As we emphasize time and time again, the relationships you make now are the foundation of your long-lasting network. Thank you for your support so far, and I look forward to a great rest of the year. Warm Regards, Serena Lu USWIB President






The 2nd Annual USWIB Conference took place on Friday February 22, providing a forum for undergraduate women across the Northeast to unlock their potential by exploring, collaborating and engaging in the unique resources New York City has to offer. The USWIB Conference featured keynote speakers, panel discussions and networking opportunities for over 150 attendees.

I learned a lot from this conference. It was inspiring to see so many successful women in the same room. I learned something from every person I spoke to. There was a lot to learn from them, and the informal setting made it possible to learn about them on a personal and professional level. Pooja Adani, NYU Stern 2016

"The USWIB conference was my first experience going to a conference or speaker series like this. It was inspiring to see how varied career paths can be - especially Susan Jurevics and Julie Silver - and how hard they worked and the unique opportunities they had to take advantage of to get where they are today Natasha Mathur, NYU Stern 2016

The "swag bags" were unbelievable and so generous. Thank you for allowing non-NYU students to attend such as myself! A+ overall. Congrats USWIB you truly did a phenomenal job! Salma Mohamed, CUNY Baruch 2016




Susan L. Jurevics was the opening keynote speaker for the conference and her speech changed my perspective on being in business, being a woman, and being a good person. Her final words of encouragement that stuck with me were, "Be Kind. To yourselves and to others." There is a lot of weight behind those words, because at the end of the day no matter how successful you become, kindness is what keeps everything moving forward. Ayesha Ruparell, NYU CAS 2016
I would come back, because I met so many amazing people, both speakers and the attending women Anna Saeyoung Kim, NYU Stern 2015

I spoke to Professor Farley, one of the panel moderators, as I was setting up her room. She is a marketing professor, and I major in accounting. Our paths could not have been more different within the business field yet we connected over a discussion about considerations a woman puts into building her career. What happens now that there is no clear path to follow? What will our long-term professional lives look like? All of the women invited to the conference have made decision on topics we have only vaguely thought about thus far: being successful in the workplace, switching careers, getting promotions, and forming families. In addition to the networking opportunities that are open to everyone, the conference offers the chance to learn from established women like Professor Farley, Susan Jurevics, and Julie Silvers who can share their valuable wisdoms on what tomorrow might look like and how to get there. Yin Yin Mai, NYU Stern 2013
Photos are courtesy of Diana Zarowin and Adebunmi Onitiri



Women In Need (WIN) Community Service

By WICY WANG and PRIYA KAMDAR USWIB kicked off the community service with a trip to Women In Need (WIN), a shelter for homeless women and children, on March 1. The volunteers, organized by Community Service Chair Katina Mountanos, held a leadership workshop centered on personality types. Attendees took a personality test that characterized them as a color (blue, gold, orange, and green), and read over the description for the color type before convening and discussing the strengths and weaknesses of their personality type. The group also talked about how to translate this knowledge into the daily livestheir relationship with social workers, their job searches, interactions with family, etc. USWIB member Priya Kamdar connected with one of the attendees, Ms. Joseph, over their love for helping others and working on teams while recognizing their quests to find themselves. Everyone agreed that the trip provided much-needed insight into charity organizations and awareness of different personality types.

Mid-Semester Updates
By NATASHA MATHUR & KATHERINE GANG The Dow Jones closed at its highest level ever, on March 5, 2013. It rose to 14253.77 with an intraday surge of 125.95 points, surpassing the previous record set in October 2007. The rise in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, an index of 30 currently significant stocks, overcame the loss due to the financial crisis. On Monday, March 11, 2013, the book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead written by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, was published and has since elicited a lot of controversy over ideas about working women. This book, described as a feminist manifesto by Sandberg herself, explores what Sandberg believes women should do to succeed in their careers. Apples market value went below $400 million on March 4, 2013, for the first time since January 2010. Currently, its stock price is 426.41. It was at its highest in September, at 702.10, and the last time the Apple stock was below 400 was in December 2011. On February 5th, 2013, Dell Inc. signed an agreement under which its founder, Chairman, and CEO, Michael Dell, would partner with technology investment firm Silver Lake Partners to acquire Dell. The agreement is worth approximately $24.4 billion.

Office Depot and Office Max merged on February 20, 2013. The office supply retailers announced their merger accidentally and prematurely, and the resulting lack of details caused stock prices to fall. The two companies still disagree on many essential decisions, unusual for such a merger.

Nasdaq and SharesPost announced on March 6, 2013 that they would team up to create a new market for unlisted companies--companies that are too small for investors--thus offering a platform for these businesses to trade their company shares.



Interview Spotlight: Diana Zarowin

Stern junior extraordinaire, Diana Zarowin, tackles school with an impeccable outfit and a big smile. In addition to majoring in both accounting and management, Diana is involved in a variety of activities on and off campus.

By PRIYA KAMDAR 1) Where have you interned so far? How did you get these internships? The summer following my freshman year (summer 2011), I interned for Ramona Singer of the Real Housewives of NYC. Last summer (summer 2012), I interned at Time Inc.s InStyle Magazine. Many people have asked me, how did you get these internships? The way I think about it is: Unless you ask, the answer will always be no! It was a dream of mine to intern on the business side of InStyle. Although I was young for the program, I convinced them that I was passionate, driven, and committed to being part of the InStyle world. The same goes for Ramona a simple email regarding one of her makeup lines products resulted in an email chain culminating in an interning opportunity. 2) Did you just naturally fall into more fashion centered positions, or did you always know you wanted to go into that field? Ive always had a love for crazy patterns and eclectic style, and a closet filled with a zillion pairs of shoes to prove it. To me, fashion is about being bold and exciting and making your inner tastes an outward reality. Its all about selfexpression. But when it comes down to it, Im a numbers girl with a business oriented mind! This coming summer, Ill be interning in PWCs assurance practice, and I couldnt be more excited! Rest assured, Ill be sure to Diana -fy my businesswear. 3) What kinds of skills have you learned from these positions? As long as you keep your eyes and ears open, you can learn new things every day at your internship no matter if youre working at a desk or walking the red carpet. Ramona gave me the opportunity to handle her expense reports, even though I was only a freshman! I learned how to do inventory and cataloguing as well as how to be a second pair of eyes and ears at events. At InStyle, I sat in on meetings with the publishers, learned how to do market analysis, construct market research reports, file reimburseme nts, and more. Of course, many of the interns tasks are routine, but I feel that you can learn from everything you do I learned as much from running showroom errands for Ramona as from preparing the September issue PowerPoint for InStyles Editor-In-Chief. Its all about having the right perspective and appreciating every task as an opportunity to acquire new skills. 4) Do you have any tips for underclassmen looking for internships? a. Be Passionate! I cant stress this enough. Be passionate about whatever it is you want to do!! If you love what you do, it wont feel like youre working. b. Talk to Upperclassmen were your biggest cheerleaders! I love when freshmen and sophomores reach out and ask for advice and assistance. Im grateful for the mentors Ive had in my life, and enjoy filling that role for others. If theres a way an upperclassman can help, he/she will! c. Network, network, network! This is the age of social media, and its impossible to overemphasize the importance of networking. If you meet someone at a panel or event, be sure to ask for a business card or email address and ask if you can stay in touch. You never know who might come up again in the future, and the larger your network, the easier making new connections will be.

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