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Title: A Better Man Author: drcjsnider Rating: PG-13 Word Count: 656 Notes/Warning: For labor day challenge

prompt 66. Headmaster Beauxbatons. Brace yourself for fluff. Ms. Weasley As you well know, Mr. Malfoy, I reverted to my maiden name after my divorce. Hermione replied with visible strain.

Ah, quite so. Well, then, Ms. Granger, youve spent your entire career working in Englands Ministry of Magic, why would you want to become Head Mistress of Beauxbatons Academy? Ive always been interested in magical education. Some of my earliest duties in Magical Law Enforcement included dealing with educational regulations, as well as violations to the code for the Reasonable Restrictions of Underage Sorcery. Moreover, since my children have begun school Ive found myself even more interested in how the next generation of witches and wizards is being trained. He nodded. Why Beauxbatons and not Hogwarts? Frankly, I am surprised that

you are willing to leave England. Isnt everyone you love there? Hermione narrowed her eyes. Actually, I think it would be refreshing to get out of England for a while. Weasley giving you a hard time? Draco was now smirking. No. Ron and I get along very well. He sighed. I wish the same could be said of me and my ex-wife. Our relationship tends to be unusually loud and contentious. I remember. He sighed again. Hermione, come back

home. Why would you want me back? You accused me of having an affair with Ron! Well, you did attend that event with him. It was a parent teacher conference, you prat! Just because I can be in the same room with my ex-husband without hexing his bollocks off, does not mean I want to get back together with him. I know, love. I really do. I try not to be jealous, but its still hard for me to believe that you want to be with me, especially considering my past. Draco, Ive told you a hundred times that

it is the man you are today that I care about, not what you did two decades ago. But if you cant accept my feelings for you, if you cant trust my love, then maybe it is better that we end our relationship now. No! Draco No! Hermione, I refuse to allow you to end the best thing that has ever happened to either of us Excuse me? To either of us, he repeated with a wink. You will return to England, youll sell your depressing bourgeois flat, and

youll move into the Manor with me. As soon as arrangements can be made, well be married. M-married? she stammered, looking stunned. He nodded. Ill wear white to symbolize my rebirth as a do-gooder and youll wear as little as possible to symbolize how Im leading your down a path of sexual depravity. Hermione laughed. Now I know you arent serious. I am! Return with me. Marry me. I cant have you running off to take a job in another country every time I act like a

jackass. Soon youll run out of countries to which to flee. She smiled at him, tears of joy welling up in her eyes. I love you. Whats not to love? he grinned before drawing her into his arms. Im so sorry, darling. She nodded against his chest. How did you know I was here? she asked several minutes later. I bought my way onto the school board several years ago when I was considering sending Scorpius to Beauxbatons so he could avoid having my reputation follow him through school.

So why is he now at Hogwarts? Draco shrugged and looked embarrassed. He told me he would be proud to go to the same school I had attended. And that he didnt want to be friends with anyone who would hold his fathers past against him. Hermione smiled more broadly at him. He too recognizes the good man youve become. Draco bent his head down and lightly kissed her lips. With people like you and my son by my side, how can I fail to be a better man?